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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  April 6, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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more than a year about doing things that he obviously hadn't really studied or understood and that does raise a lot of questions. trumping trump. ted cruz puts a dent in the billionaire's armor setting the stage for what could be that contested convention. >> tonight is a turning point. it is a rallying cry. it is a call from the hard working men and women of wisconsin to the people of america. we have a choice, a real choice. >> and home field advantage. can bernie lay claim to the empire state? new york's former senator says not if he does the math. >> i remember back in 2008 i had a series of spring victories but president obama had an insurmountable lead and it
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stayed that way. and good day. i'm andrea mitchell in new york, the center of the political universe for the next two weeks. after ted cruz trounced donald trump and bernie sanders defeated hillary clinton it didn't take long for things to get nasty. trump responding by blaming the republican establishment, the party, conservative talk radio hosts and his rival referring to him again as lying ted cruz. bernie sanders won the night but netted only ten additional delegates and welcomed by a front page daily news headline today. opening him up for a quick attack from hillary clinton. >> i think the interview raised a lot of really serious questions and i look at it this
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way, the core of his campaign has been break up the banks and it didn't seem in reading his answers that he understood exactly how that would work. that means you can't really help people if you don't know how to do what you are campaigning on saying you want to do. >> joining me now covering the clinton campaign and peter alexander. alex, take a look at the democrats. we have bernie sanders winning and winning decisively. he gets ten more delegates and he is welcomed by the new york media market famously negative with the new york daily news tabloid headline today. how does this matchup work? >> what a welcome to the new york primary which is absolutely critical make or break for bernie sanders. 247 delegates and the only way he can stay on the path to the
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nomination is by doing well there. the issue here why hillary clinton is making such a big deal of this interview, they copied and pasted the entire thing into a fundraising e-mail. it plays into a lot of her pre-existing narratives she has been trying to push on bernie sanders. as you saw on "morning joe" he is unprepared. on guns which is big in and of itself that will help with black turnout in new york city. they are saying that he took this position in favor of this law to prevent gun manufacturers from being sued for political reasons and under cuts the idea that he has been true to ideals. a final point on this. he is being attacked in the jewish press in new york for comments made about israel and the war in gaza. so a lot of key demographics in the new york primary off to a kind of rough start for bernie sanders in the first day of the real road to new york.
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>> and also with his politico podcast where she says he is new to being a democrat he has been apparent about being a democratic socialist. this is a closed primary and being a democrat matters more in new york state than elsewhere. >> i just got off the phone with a volunteer who has been working to register voters for the sanders campaign. she told me her inbox gets flooded every day for people who want to vote for bernie sanders and realize they are not going to be able to. the deadline if you are registered as an independent and wanted to switch to democrat closed on october 9th. he broke even with clinton last night but won in large part to success among independents. >> and then when we turn to the republicans here you have the stop trump movement, a meeting
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in new york, big money people. now they are looking to the fact that ted cruz won so decisively and the collapse of kasich. where do they turn? >> you are exactly right. they have a victory to hang their hats on after what happened in wisconsin last night. this is a state they thought would cater to the effort. there was a meeting here. donald trump's backyard where high dollar donors and business leaders got together to talk about making sure they have resources going forward. people within that group tell me the priority is less about winning states. they say we don't need to win new york or california. it's now less about votes than it is about delegates. with one real exception they circle indiana on the map. 57 delegates outright winner takes all. they think, the anti-trump forces believe it is similar to like iowa or wisconsin, a state where they believe they can do
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well going forward. they feel confidently that they will be able to deprive donald trump of the 1,237. >> they are still within the trump camp discomfort, disagreements, allegedly threatening to take a walk if they don't fall in line. we saw just how nasty trump's response was last night. >> trump's response i think we talked a lot about this that they were going to sort of reorganize the way he presented himself going forward. that was not a concession speech statement put out referring as you said to ted cruz as lying ted called him a trojan horse for the party bosses and establishment. you are referring to paul manfort, the operative hired to try to coral the delegate effort. reporting suggesting he may be at odds with the insiders in the
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group right now. the campaign manager that the two of them may have a difference in opinion to put it mildly in terms of what the division of labor will be. a lot of people watching how does donald trump respond to adversity if the concession speech statement was indication it doesn'took like donald will change being donald. >> this was a crushing defeat, his worst defeat yet for donald trump yet if he wins new york his home state he is back on top. >> the demography and geography are so important. donald trump has the ability to more than make up what he ended up losing in wisconsin. if he ends up getting close to the 95 delegates that he can maybe be able to win winner take all in new york if he is able to get more than 50% statewide and all of new york's congressional districts. if he does that all of a sudden his path to getting to that
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magical 1,237 number to clinch the republican nomination is doable. as the math stands he needs to win 58% of all remaining delegates which is possible but certainly a little bit daunting. but if he really cleans up in new york two weeks from now he pushes that 58% to 53% which is a little bit more manageable. >> and hillary clinton only needs 33% of the remaining delegates to reach the magic number? >> that is including super delegates and does show the daunting math that faces bernie sanders. he ended up netting just ten overall delegates on the pledge front last night despite the 14 percentage point win in wisconsin. as it goes forward there are just few skpr fewer delegates left remaining and hillary clinton needs to just win 33% of them. on the other hand bernie sanders needs to win 67% and that is
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where he doesn't need to just win but has to win big particularly going forward in states that might not necessarily favor him like new york and california and pennsylvania. >> hillary clinton brought her conversation right back to the new york daily news front page drilling down on the gun issue. >> front page of the news which is one of my biggest contrasts with senator sanders that he would place gun manufacturers rights and immunity from liability against the parents of children killed at sandy hook is unimaginable to me. >> tad divine jones me now. welcome to new york. here it is. new york daily news. the media market here is rough as hillary clinton learned some time ago.
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how do you respond to the questions, the sandy hook families holding a conference call with reporters, sister of one of the victims tweets from last from the daughter of the principal of the school. this is a long held view of bernie sanders on that immunity issue. he was consistent to it last night and in the daily news interview. how do you handle this facing not only new york media market but connecticut votes the week after? >> what i would say is they should take a look at bernie sanders' record on the issue of gun violence. he lost the first election for congress because he said in vermont he would support a ban on assault weapons. he has a d minus lifetime rating from nra on issue of manufacturing liability he signed on as co sponsor to legislation. they should take a look at his record. i would say that on the gun issue look back at 2008 when hillary clinton said when she was running for president that
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what works in new york city doesn't necessarily work in montana. her position on this issue has evolved since then. i would ask them to take a hard look at someone who represented a rural state and on issue after issue when it comes to gun violence has been correct. sometimes he has voted for that legislation and currently he feels in light of circumstances that he would support it and has signed on to the legislation currently in congress. >> and, tad, she has just gone after him at the labor meeting in philadelphia today. he is in philadelphia tonight. pennsylvania april 26 you know the stakes there. she is just going after him again on some of the things he said about the banking industry not seeming to know how he would break up the banks. >> bernie sanders and i have real differences about how we would go about achieving our goals as president. and like a lot of people, i am
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concerned that some of his ideas just won't work because the numbers don't add up. others won't even pass congress or they rely on republican governors suddenly having a conversion experience and becoming progressives. in a number of important areas he doesn't have a plan at all. now, sometimes i'm accused of spending too much time -- >> there she goes after him on not being pragmatic, not being practical and able to get stuff past congress. she is trying to undermine his credibility as you guys face off in new york. >> when hillary clinton was a member of the united states senate in eight years she didn't pass a single amendment to a single piece of legislation. in 12 years bernie sanders passed more amendments than any member of congress at a time when republicans controlled congress. if she wants to have a debate about effectiveness we welcome that debate.
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bernie sanders has been enormously effective in his political career. he helped lead into law a fundamental reform in the veterans administration which supplied more resources than any bill in a generation. if she wants to argue that we welcome the argument. >> what is the response to her criticism of what he said about how he would break up the banks but not knowing who would have the authority and how a president would accomplish that, what the impact would be on new york if he were to not have a jp morgan chase. >> the response is we are seeing a lot of it today that what bernie said in that interview is absolutely correct. the best way to break up big banks is through legislation before congress calling on a cap on the size somewhere between 2% and 3% of gdp. the other means would be through authority of the secretary of
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the treasury. and as to the issue of the federal reserve authority where he said he wasn't sure there was a reason he would say he wasn't sure because most are not sure the federal reserve when it comes to breaking up the big banks. everything that bernie said in that interview is absolutely correct. i understand what it is going to be like in new york and i understand that tabloids take you on and people take what you say and try to twist it. what bernie will do is talk about his message. there is a rigged economy in america held in place by a corrupt system of campaign finance. we believe that will resonate in new york the way it resonated in wisconsin. >> and, tad, with the delegate math how do you fight the delegate math? >> i have been doing delegates for a long time. i spent the whole decade of the '80s counting delegates. the way we do it is just one state at a time.
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we have wyoming and new york after that. there is enough delegates if we succeed all the way through california and the district of columbia to win more pledge delegates than hillary clinton has. it will be hard and difficult but we can do it because bernie has a much better message. i think it will resonate in places like california. i think we can beat her in new jersey. i think we can take her on in new york. that is how we do it, one state at a time, one step at a time f. we get ahead and win most states even super delegates would have to admit that bernie sanders would be the stronger candidate to be the nominee of our party. >> thanks for being with us today. coming up, fight club after a blow in wisconsin can the republican front runners squash the growing turmoil? trump spokesperson joining me. with's free cancellation,
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even in defeat donald trump didn't waste time sharpening his attack against ted cruz. he released a statement saying not only was he propelled by the super pack spending millions of dollars on false advertising but coordinating with his own superpacks which is illegal. ted cruz is worse than a puppet. he is a trojan horse being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination by mr. trump. katrina peerson is here now. what proof do you have that there was actual coordination between ted cruz and the super
9:20 am
pacs? >> i think that is why mr. trump mentioned that and my colleague mentioned the idea of having an event and the senator speaking there. there is obvious coordination there. they didn't accidently happen to be at the same place at the same time with the same goal some surrogates two weeks before milania trump was attacked. more importantly this is really about the establishment using the cruz campaign at this point to try to stop mr. trump from becoming the nominee. >> ted cruz has denied involvement with the attack, the ad. in defeat last night could donald trump have shown as he did when he was in florida shown grace, shown what he would call
9:21 am
being more presidential? instead you all came up with this lying ted cruz attack line which was rather dissonant with trying to be above the fray and move on to the next fight. >> i think it is subjective. i think mr. trump was being honest with the way he felt things went particularly in wisconsin and wisconsin was not in our bucket of delegates we were counting. the fact that we won delegates in wisconsin says a lot. senator cruz needed to win the entire delegation from wisconsin and did not which means donald trump is the only candidate moving forward that has a reasonable plausible pathway to the nomination prior to the convention. >> how do you get to the magic number? do you think you can get more than 50% in new york and get enough delegates to be back on the path towards avoiding a contested convention? >> we do. heading into new york we are very confident in new york. the polling in other
9:22 am
northeastern states show mr. trump is doing very well. we are confident we are going to win the states and heading into california we still have a very good chance of winning the nomination prior to the convention. >> there is a report from robert costa that mr. trump is meeting with paul manifort and there are issues and disagreements over how to manage it and what tone to take. can you shed light on that? >> we have been hearing these types of rumors since the beginning. at first mr. trump didn't have a ground game, didn't have a team. we won every state in the south and proved otherwise. this is just another one of those rumors trying to count mr. trump out. this meeting is simply moving forward we are putting together a team not only just for delegates but preparing for the general election. there is a reason why hillary clinton is running ads against donald trump today. >> and the exit polls show a
9:23 am
third of the voters last night said they would aband the party if either ted cruz or donald trump were the nominee. how do you deal with that? >> i think that further goes to show what mr. trump is talking about with senator cruz being the trojan horse. the establishment leaders said they don't want trump or cruz. it seems senator cruz is the only pathway to try to force the convention that they want to put their own person in. we have millions more voters than the rest of the candidates going to the convention with the most delegates and we will be ready for that fight. >> thank you very much. >> and coming up, the new yorkers, the next big primary, a homecoming for trump, clinton and sanders. if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. we will ask new york city's first lady and clinton supporter joining me next. you both have a perfect driving record.
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too many voices out there. too many people trying to divide americans against americans. i wish they would all come to new york and spend time and the fellow from new york i wish he would get out of one of his towers and walk the streets and spend time with the people of this city. >> hillary clinton at a town hall in brooklyn yesterday sharply criticizing her top republican rival and fellow new yorker donald trump. clinton is fighting a tough fight against bernie sanders in new york. winning her delegate rich home state on april 19th will be key for clinton moral. what a pleasure to have you here. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> tell me about this fight between hillary clinton and bernie sanders because it's really a fight within the party
9:28 am
for the soul of the party. where do progressives go? progressives have long embraced bernie sanders. >> i think it's becoming increasingly clear that hillary clinton is the real progressive candidate. it's important to have vision, important to have a good vision but you have to have a plan on how to get the work done. i have great faith in hillary's ability to actually do the work. i know that she'll stand up to the nra. she has the best plan to fight the gun manufacturers. i know she will hold world seri series -- wall street accountable. hillary has the best plan. >> how do you respond to sanders criticisms that she is too close to big money and takes donations and had a fundraiser last night, $10,000 a head.
9:29 am
she can't credbly stand up to wall street if taking their money. >> she has a much better plan for addressing wall street. it was testified that she will protect dodd-frank. she will rein in the shadow banks and make sure the banks will not endanger our economy. she has such a long track record of fighting for working families and making sure that there's fairness in our country. >> why do you think there is so little passion in the crowds? 18,000 people in the south bronx for bernie sanders last week. that is enormous and a diverse crowd, different from the kinds of crowds we have seen in other states. >> i have to say i'm very heartened and excited that so many people are engaged and
9:30 am
participating in our democracy. it shows that the candidates have the people's attention. that is so important because we want people to get out and vote. but there is no enthusiasm gap for hillary clinton. if you could have been in that room last night in brooklyn and seen how packed that auditorium was and the line going down the block. we had to turn people away because there was not room enough for them. they were so enthusiastic. young women, young men, people of all ages. it was electric. >> jane sanders told casie hunt that she is not sure that their supporters will be able to transfer their support, their donations to hillary clinton because they are not monolithic. she can't answer for them. will there be a problem bringing the party together given how
9:31 am
nasty this primary has become? >> i don't think so and i don't think it has been nasty. i was in iowa. i travel all across the city. i don't hear that. i hear people saying we have two great candidates. it's about who can get the work done. who is the true progressive who is qualified and knows how to achieve what we need to get done for this country. >> there are some who suggested that you and your husband took a long time to endorse hillary clinton. what went into that decision making? why did it take so long? >> it really wasn't a long time, first of all. and if you were to say that you're going to run for president tomorrow it would take us a long time to decide, not a long time, but time to hear what you stand for and even though you are a friend. we want to know what your
9:32 am
platform is going to be and have good understanding of it because when we go out for a candidate we go out 100%. we want to make sure we have full understanding of everything that candidate stands for. >> can she win new york? >> she can win new york. she is a fighter and an achiever. i know that she is going to win the nomination. she is going to beat trump and she is going to be our progressive president in the white house. >> it's a great pleasure. thank you for being with us today. >> thank you. and coming up, the pennsylvania crisscrossing that state today. what will it take to win pennsylvania. one crest 3d white smile...
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when you think about success,? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous udent? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. hillary clinton is in philadelphia today firing up a crowd at the afl-cio convention.
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she and bernie sanders launching campaigns in pennsylvania today. pennsylvania votes on april 26th a week after the all-important new york primary here. joining me now former pennsylvania governor, former democratic national chairman ed ran dell. thank you for being with us. >> good afternoon. >> hillary clinton lost wisconsin. how big a deal is that especially considering that the exit polls show that nine out of ten voters trust bernie sanders to be honest and trust worthy, only six out of ten trust hillary clinton? >> i think hillary clinton's feeling the blows of 23 years of negative attacks mostly by republicans against her and bernie sanders is very fortunate no one has run a negative ad against him yet. that is somewhat to be expected. i think this campaign is run in cycles. bernie sanders has won six out of the last seven. people forget before that
9:37 am
hillary clinton in one day took five very big states in florida, north carolina, ohio and missouri. it runs in cycles the calendar much better for hillary. >> how important is it for bernie sanders to do well in new york, to win new york even? >> i think he has to start not only doing well and certainly did well in wisconsin. he has to start winning by bigger margins. wisconsin was a very nice victory for senator sanders but only picked up 13 delegates. secretary clinton is ahead. you are not going to chip away at that lead of pledge delegates. we are not talking about super delegates. you are not going to chip away at that lead with those type of margins. he has to have much bigger margins. i think hillary clinton is likely to win maybe the next eight straight primaries. >> at the same time he has so much money.
9:38 am
he is taking it in online. he has beaten her in fundraising and doing it with small donations. he is not going away. he will be in this all the way through california on june 7. that means he will keep -- let's say she is likely to be the nominee but she is going to be battered and bruised nominee. >> she will be somewhat battered and bruised. probably nothing compared to the eventual republican nominee. look, it would come with ill grace if we were angry at senator sanders for staying in until the end. as you know i was one of the last and leading voices for the secretary. we fought right to the last primary which was south dakota so i think senator sanders is doing nothing different.
9:39 am
i would hope that both sides would tone down the rhetoric. i would hope that senator sanders would tone down the rhetoric because i think secretary clinton will be the eventual nominee. i think the clinton campaign should turn down the rhetoric. we need a large percentage to be for secretary clinton in november. i hope both sides get away from these personal attacks. >> have you told her that? >> i have communicated that to several people in the campaign. i hope that happens. having run for office i ran for office 17 times. i understand the frustration that can happen in a campaign. as a candidate you feel you are being maligned and you feel that people aren't being fair to you and trusting the truth. your instinct is to fight back. i think we have to curb those because we want to respect senator sanders. what he has done is pretty
9:40 am
remarkable. he brought a lot of new people into the system and into the party. we should be respectful of him sp he should be respectful of the secretary. she has been an outstanding public servant in every bit of the capacity. i think senator sanders wants her to win. >> not so sure about that part of it. >> he would like to win himself, but if he can't win himself i think he prefer she wins more than anybody else. >> thank you very much. thanks for being with us today. and coming up, ticket to ride, bernie sanders little outdated understanding of how to ride the subways here. that is the least of his problems from the interview with the new york daily news.
9:41 am
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>> when was the last time you rode the subway? >> we rode the subway, mike, when we were here? about a year ago. >> do you really? how do you ride the subway today? how do you get on the subway today? >> wrong. you jump over the turnstile? >> wrong. >> we would like our photographer to be there. >> bernie sanders who grew up in brooklyn showing his lack of new york street cred today. i would like to be there to see someone jumping over the turnstile. joining me now for our daily fix founder of the fix file and
9:45 am
jonathan capeheart. you first took on yesterday the transcript. what were the big take aways for you? i know the daily news headline was all about sandy hook. wall street was also a big headline. >> wall street was a big take away. his discussions about middle east and foreign policy were big take aways. let's talk about wall street. we can quibble over whether my former colleagues at the daily news editorial board whether they knew what they were talking about. the fact is that bernie sanders when asked specific questions and many questions trying to drill down into how he would break up big banks and what authority he would have and what about the legal implications, he has been running on this for a year now and this is a core belief of his and yet he could not answer the questions. that to me was something that stood out. and then on foreign policy an area where we all know bernie
9:46 am
sanders, senator sanders is not very strong on. he talked about the arab israeli conflict and talked about the middle east in a way that was amateurish. the middle east and arab israeli conflict demands a certain amount of finesse. you can't get that unless you know the issues inside and out. in that conversation back and forth alone he showed his foreign policy depth is nil. >> and you have also been going through this transcript. how big a deal is it to you the charge he did not do his homework on issues other than core issues and even on core issues. >> i think the point about the wall street exchange is relatively close to the top. you can go through that quickly. i would say that was the most
9:47 am
problematic for sanders and here is why. it shows some of the surface knowledge, rhetorical knowledge but not sort of an okay what then? this is the dog who caught the car. that is what they are calling him on -- they being the editorial board saying what authority do you have to prosecute these people? what would you do with the many thousands of people who work for jp morgan chase if you said it had to be broken up? do you or does anyone in the government have the authority to break up a private industry? that stuff he flounders around a bit there and struggles and tries to claw back but this is what the clinton folks had long said privately and now publicly about sanders which is it sounds good, free college for everyone, health care. all of those sorts of things but
9:48 am
when you kbet down to the details, how does it work? can you do these things if you happen to be elected president it falls apart. i think there was definitely crack showing in sanders' logic. >> and in terms of it being competitive in new york how much does this matter? he still has momentum and a lot of passion and a lot of really excited supporters. >> he has a lot of passion, a lot of momentum and to be honest a lot of supporters in new york, certain laly in brooklyn and ne york city. when he takes his economic message to upstate new york which looks politically a whole lot different than down state new york he could get traction. it's been said on air many times but the longer bernie sanders spends on the ground in a state
9:49 am
the better he does. and so new york will be a big, big test for bernie sanders. it will be a big state with a diverse population where if he wins that will be a first for him. and the bigger point is if he wins in new york that means that hillary clinton, former senator from that state, two term senator who was elected by big margins, certainly the second time, will have lost. that will call into question her candidacy. right now the latest polls i have seen she is up by double digits. we have two weeks before new yorkers start to vote and i wouldn't be surprised if we saw those numbers start to shrink. >> two weeks a lifetime as we know here in new york politics. thank you both so much. and a perfect end to a perfect season. uconn women's basketball team record fourth straight national championship with a blowout win overseercuse capping off an
9:50 am
undefeated season. the huskies were led by senior breanna stewart and unprecedented four times. her fellow seniors were ever men or women to win four titles. coming up, the backlash, mississippi's governor signing the most sweeping anti-lbgt law yet in the name of religious freedom. what does that mean for other states trying to do the same and those trying to stop them. just ahead. stay with us. >> definitely two steps backwards for mississippi. i have a lot of friends that this will personally effect. i can definite le see people want to jump ship and not want to live in insist ms anymore. if you don't feel welcome in the place you call home, what's the point in calling it home? age pee and to connect us with the wonderment of nature. with the tiger image, the saliva coming off and you got this turning. that's why i need this kind of resolution and computing power. being able to use a pen like this
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♪ mississippi governor phil bryant signed a religious freedom so-called bill into law tuesday allowing businesses to refuse service to lgbt people
9:54 am
based on religious objections. >> if a baker or photographer says my deeply held religious views says i cannot participate in a religious ceremony like a wedding the state cannot fine you. the state cannot discriminate someone because of their religious views. >> the human rights campaign quickly condemned the law and the governors minnesota, washington and new york have all banned nonessential travel to mississippi. joining me now is pete williams from washington. is this going to be challenged? >> no question about it. there's already a lawsuit over the north carolina bill. this will be challenged as well. the law does several things, andrea. first of all, it says if you're a religious institution, you don't have to perform a same sex marriage. you don't have to hire gay couples who are married. the law gave many of those protections any way without having passed this separate law. it goes further, it says government officials can refuse to provide services to same sex couples or gay couples seeking
9:55 am
marriage licenses for example. says the state can't refuse to give them that service, if the individual employees of the government don't want to do that, somebody has to step into their shoes to do it. it says as the governor just said, companies, bakeries, flour i florists, don't have to serve couples who want to get a same sex marriage. the protection in other words, andrea applies to government employees and private businesses. that makes it the broadest of these laws that have yet been passed. others are under consideration, but any time these laws get passed, they're going to be subject to lawsuits. this will be probably a couple of years to play out before we see the end of these. >> growing trend, indeed. pete williams, thanks so much. and that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." remember, follow the show online on facebook and on twitter @mitchellreports. craig melvin is up next right here on msnbc. ♪
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god bless the great state of wisconsin. so let me just say, hillary, get ready. here we come. the facts are pretty clear. we have a path toward victory, a path toward the white house. when you build something, you build it right and you deserve a president who will work as hard as you do, who will get results the way you do everyday and who will always have your back. good wednesday, everyone, i'm craig melvin. today on msnbc live, a huge win in wisconsin for ted cruz. he picks up momentum in the midwest. now what? for hillary clinton another loss, but so what. her team insists the map and math are both on her side for all the candidates, their focus now shifts east on the
10:00 am
republican side, the first term texas senator celebrating that impressive win in the badger state. he scoops up almost all of that states 42 delegates. at the moment, donald trump still has a hefty delegate lead and a major test is in trump's backyard. the next one, that is, new york where the stakes are high. 95 delegates up for grabs. trump planning a rally where thousands are expected later today. a live look there right now. it will be the first time we've heard from him since that walloping in wisconsin. ted cruz also here today campaigning in a bronx neighborhood in new york city. he's expected to take the microphone any moment now. he will be taking questions as well. when that happens, we'll bring it to you live here on msnbc. also coming off a big win tuesday, vermont senator, bernie sanders, who narrowed his delegate deficit against hillary clinton but still has a steep hill to slog to the nomination. our political team


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