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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  April 7, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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it. >> look who are on the rules committee. this is their a last stand too. >> susan, beth, thank you for joining us. we'll be back tomorrow with more "mtp daily." "with all due respect" starts right now. i'm john helemann. >> i'm mark halperin. with all due respect to bernie sanders and hillary clinton, the voice of the new york subway system has a public service announcement, especially for you. >> coffee in your left hand, metro card in your right hand. one quick easy swipe. no tokens. here is how it goes. i'm in. there is more from bloomberg's charlie and his favorite voice of god, later in this episode. we commuted today to kansas city, where we sat down with the city's mayor, who is also a hillary clinton super delegate. we'll have that conversation
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later. but first, stand clear of the closing doors, bus it's running express. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are now in a high speed spat over who is qualified. things kicked off on tuesday, where the clinton campaign has a new three part strategy to beat sanders. one disqualify him and three, unify the party, later on. then clinton went on morning joe yesterday and asked about sanders interview with the new york daily news editorial board. >> do you believe this morning that bernie sanders is qualified and ready to be president of the united states? >> well, i think the interview raised a lot of really serious questions. >> let me just say in response to secretary clinton, i don't believe that she is qualified. i don't think that you are qualified if you get $15 million
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from wall street through your super pac. i don't think you are qualified if you have voted for the disastrous war in iraq. >> i don't know why he is saying that. but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz any time. >> secretary clinton thinks, you know, just because i'm from a small state in vermont, we're going to come to new york and pennsylvania, they're going to beat us up and go after us in some kind of really uncalled for way, we're not going to fight back, we've got another, you know, they can guess again. that's not the case. this campaign will fight back. >> i think it's kind of a silly statement, but he is free to say whatever he chooses. >> the devil wants his money in the end.
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that's the kind of campaign she's running. >> i'm hopeful that reasonable minds will prevail today and that senator sanders and his campaign will look at the headlines and realize they went too far yesterday. >> bernie sanders decided not to be a punching bag for that kind of campaigning. if that's the kind of campaign they want to run, that's the kind of campaign they're going to get. >> they're getting increasingly desperate here. they're flailing. in spite of the recent victories, the delegate math is daunting. new york is a must win for them. >> as we say on batman, pow, zap, boom. hillary clinton tweeted this quote from bernie sanders, circa 2008. clinton is one of the brightest people in congress and she would be an excellent choice. all right, so john, this dustup has gotten out of control. is this fight good for either clinton or sanders? >> i think the fight is a little
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better for clinton than sanders right now. >> we're in the disagreement zone. >> i think it's the case that he -- he went further than was merited. he got a little misled by the headline on the "washington post." she did not go as far as to suggest he was unqualified. she made it -- by implication, she was suggesting there are questions about his qualifications, and begged the answers. but she did not go all the way to say bernie sanders is unqualified. i think one of the things you have to do if you're running an inner party primary, one of the rules according to hoyle, you don't say things in that could be used in and ad. the things bernie sanders said last night could be used against hillary clinton. he went too far given the level of provocation in question. >> scored that way, yeah, but the whole point is to win the nomination fight. bernie sanders is behind. he needs to shake things up. he needs to inspire his supporters, who are pretty easily inspired by him and
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create a different dynamic in the race. he is as close to criticizing that his advisors wanted him to do. he is still behind, but this makes it a brawl in new york. a brawl in new york is what he needs to win new york. >> your argument is essentially although he twisted her words an went further than was really merited or justified, it's good for him because he needed to do that he can't just get on the path that he is is on. >> yeah. >> he has to do something unfair in order to get in the race. >> the folks in the clinton campaign, twisted word, we can go back to bernie sanders wanted to get rid of single payer. >> of course. >> i'm sorry, union vertical coverage. >> the clinton campaign has been guilty throughout the campaign, on that question, same, ridiculous thing, the coke brothers. >> they can get rid of their crocodile tears. this is good for him, because he is standing up.
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this a rough, tough dynamic. it doesn't mean it will help him win. it may backfire. but, but she is an experienced fighter. he needs to show he can take her on. >> let's, again, this is a good topic. there is a lot of actual subtlety and nuance. she again, by implication suggested that obama was not qualified to be president, although again, she didn't say it out loud. >> barack obama was not mentioned. >> i agree. we're saying the same thing. the place where she benefits from this is it does allow her to get up where she gets the moral high ground. they're crocodile tears, but it allows her to claim, trolling him all day on twitter. neither one of us nor does bernie sanders that she is is not qualified to be president. it's never a good look that's not true. >> we're going to talk to tad devine in just a couple of
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i'm late for an important function. saving humanity from high insurance rates. donald trump announced changes to his campaign today. main one, give power player, paul manafort in overseeing trump's delegate operations. trump is opening up a washington, d.c. office next week. there have been some less than flattering stories about the wrangling team. infighting and reduced role for embattled campaign manager, corey lewandowski. my question, mark, is today's news about manafort, is that an evolution of a front-runner's campaign, or a mid course correction happening here. >> a long overdue acknowledge that there simply aren't enough people working for the trump campaign. they don't have enough hours in the day, particularly since they
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always travel with trump. you know, there is not a lot of efficiency. on the road, you can't be as efficient, even with hand-held devices. they need to expand. this was in the works, and contemplated long before corey lewandowski legal troubleless, even before trump in wisconsin. this is a smart move, assuming trump manages the process and makes everybody's role clear. when you go to one moderately bigger, there are bound to be fights over roles. >> whatever you think of corey lewandowski skills as a manager, the idea that he spends as much time as he does with trump on the road, it is sort of ridiculous. a constant road presence, they should be out managing a multi-million dollar, maybe a billion dollar operation. the idea that trump is taking advice to be more presidential, building out a real operation. if you are going to fight at a contested convention, you're
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going to need people, dark arts of delegate fighting. that's not corey lewandowski for that. >> welcome to goth tham city yesterday. the texan toured a matzo factory in brooklyn with the headline inspired by stewart smally, cruz's attacks on donald's attacks two months ago. in an interview with george today, he wasn't talking about all new yorkers during the caucuses, just the politicians they elect. >> let me be very clear. the people that i was talking about are the liberal new york democrats have w.h.o. hawho havs state, people like mayor bill de blasio, people like governor cuomo. >> donald trump you're saying.
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>> who has funded them all. >> trump criticized cruz last night for talking to me about new york values with scorn on his face, with hatred of new york, end quote. today, trump posted an instagram video saying new yk values are american values. the super pac that backs john kasich called new day for america is out with a new tv ad. >> when you smear new york values in iowa for votes, we remember that too. now, you come here and convenely say you love new york. forget about it, ted. >> all right, so how vulnerable is cruz now from that tack from iowa. a big mistake that will cost him in. >> even if he hadn't done this, he wouldn't beat donald trump in new york. it's a dumb thing to say. you don't think the new york primary will matter. i will also say it's the kind of thing, the reason he was saying, he wasn't talking about liberal
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democratic. he was talking about evangelicals, and donald trump with his three marriages, complicated personal life, that's what ted cruz was talking about. he is now living to regret it to some extent. it could hurt him outside of new york, because it's seen post 9/11 as a whole someplace. >> given he will not do well in new york, and i think plays well as a dog whistle as least to people on the right, he is finessing it fine, this is not a big problem. it is taking a lot of the conversation, because the new york press is obsessed with it. >> if ted cruz wanted to do anything in new york, have any kind of presence, the fact that he is still in the state, at least he is trying to pick off some delegates. i don't think it's like the worst thing in the world and it's not going to get him when you get to california. but it was a dumb, thoughtless thing to say. not thinking you're going to be fighting this late in the process in new york. >> he is turning it to talk
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about trump support for people like elliot spitser and a good way to come back. >> weighing in on what we're calling the qualification quarrels. clinton's political director and sanders' senior advisor, tad devine, join us next. one crest 3d white smile... all it takes... turn the tables. crest 3d white toothpaste... ...removes 5 times more stains...
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is qualified, talk about the latest back forth and amanda renteria. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> a lot of democrats saying the back and forth between your candidate is not great for the party. is this a bad thing they're having this back and forth or it doesn't matter? >> people will look at who is going to get things done, who is talking about the issues. and you know, we hope that at the end of the day, the conversation is one that we can unify the party when that time is right. >> amanda, earlier in the show, we were talking about this, and mark used the phrase crocodile tears. is this the kind of thing when you see bernie sanders and his team going after you this hard, do you take genuine offense at, or is this the kind of thing you think to yourself, we're going
3:18 pm
to make hey with this. >> when you look at unqualified, when you're talking about the secretary, you have to wonder what's going on on the other side. what's going on on the campaign, where they've reached that level. and so we look at it and understand it, but we also recognize that at the end of the day, we've got to be talking about the issues that people care about. we've got to make sure that we have got to win this election against what's happening on the other side in the republican party. so we've got to make sure we're bringing people together, staying on message, and you know, this is a campaign. it's tough. we know that too. >> if you've got to focus on the issues and we're delight today have you on and we're asking you about this, why doesn't your campaign ignore him and say that has nothing do with issues, right. >> it has to do with the work the secretary has done her entire career. i've been there, middle of the night, she is asking the tough questions about the policies, about the proposals, and all
3:19 pm
that time that she has spent not just in her career, but now as well as we've started this campaign, you know. a lot of people talked about she was spending too much time on policy, she was spending too much on this issue or that issue, not talking directly to the people. well, she spent a lot of that time because she believes in governing, having policy solutions. so something like not qualified is a real big deal to her, because it is who she is and what she is about and bringing solutions and that's having the kind of proposals, the kind of experience that really she brings to the table. >> amanda, part of what started all this was the bernie sanders interview with new york daily news, editorial board where he answered a variety of queens, some on foreign policy and signature issues where a lot of people found wanting. hillary clinton went on morning joe and was asked whether she was qualified, she said that the interview that he gave raised a
3:20 pm
lot of questions. what questions do you think were raised by the interview that senator sanders gave? >> i think when you're talking about what you're going to do for the country and you have no policy or path on how to do it, that's a big question. you know, throughout this campaign, we have talked about it's not just about saying, you know, fwrree college tuition, breaking up the banks, how are you going to do it. certainly, the secretary, whenever approximate she she is question, she dives deep and has the answers. that's different with senator sanders and the secretary. she can bring to the white house and the vision she has for our country, and so when the secretary said that, i think there is a difference here. we have put out, she has put out a lot of time into her proposals on how she'll get things done. i think both candidates need to be asked that question, and the fact that, you know, senator
3:21 pm
sanders couldn't answer that question is important for people to know. >> would bernie sanders make a good vice-president? >> you know, we have got to make sure that we are winning the primary. we're here in new york. we're excited. we're ready to go and we're taking one contest at a time, earning every vote at a time. >> would you expect now fully that there is any reason to think that this contest won't go until june, in other words, bernie sanders will be contesting with a lot of money, every primary, all the way through june? >> it feels like it's going to go a while. we're planning for that. we're working really hard in every single state. we want to make sure we win by big numbers in new york. we're trying to make sure we get to alldifferent. the last time i was with you, that's exactly what i said. we've got to make sure we're in it all the way to the end and try for every single fledgpleng
3:22 pm
pledged delegates, excitement around the country. >> amanda, just a yes or no answer to this. is senator sanders qualified to be president or not? >> senator sanders has brought a lot of issues to the table. at the end of the day, we would not say senator sanders is not qualified. that's never been where this campaign has -- this campaign has said. what the secretary has said. i don't think you'll hear any of us say that. >> okay, thank you, a man dachlt joining us now, great to have you. joining us from washington for the other side of the argument, another qualified individual, tad devine. tad, senator sanders seemed to last night be keying off of a newspaper headline that said that secretary clinton said that he was not qualified to be president. or questioned whether he was qualified to be president. she did not actually say that in that interview.
3:23 pm
>> that's right. >> is your sense that she is questioning his qualifications. >> it certainly is. just hearing amanda's answer. hillary clinton yesterday had three opportunities to answer a simple question. does she believe bernie sanders is qualified to be president with joe scarborough. she refused to do it three times. the interview with matt lauer tomorrow, she was asked a straightforward question. amanda gave the house answer, to say, you know, they refuse to answer a very simple question. is he qualified. let me tell you why they're refusing. because they decided after wisconsin that they were going to run a negative strategy, they were going to disqualify bernie sanders. they were going to defeat him. then they'll worry about putting the party back together. they disqualify strategy through surrogating attacking bernie from guns to foreign policy, through the secretary, refusing to answer a simple question
3:24 pm
about his equalatioqualificatio. i saw bernie frank three or four times say bernie in that news day editorial board, he was wandering, he didn't seem to understand what's going on, okay. you know, we understand what's going on with their campaign. they're trying to question bernie sanders' capacity to be president of the united states. they're trying to say that he doesn't, you know, that he is not qualified to be president of the united states, by refusing to answer that question. let me tell you something. we're not going to go into new york and let them run that kind of campaign against bernie sanders. they may they because he is from very month, it's a small state, he cannot handle the rough politics of a new york primary, but we'll find out who can handle and who can't. >> tad, which is worst for the democratic party? you've got one candidate saying the other candidate is not qualified and the other candidate saying it's up to the voters. which is worst? >> you know, i'll tell you, mark, the decision of the clinton campaign to launch this
3:25 pm
negative campaign in new york against us is the worst decision, okay. that's what is worst. bernie sanders -- >> i'm sorry. you're not responding to what i asked you. >> right. >> you're taking great umbrage that they won't say whether they're qualified. your candidate is saying she is not. that would be more divisive. >> no. >> more negative. >> sure, listen. what bernie is doing reacting to an attack, which they launched against him, and his qualifications to be president of the united states. i mean, it is, you know, these guys wanted to have that tack. they wanted to have an opportunity to go against him and the hard but subtle way that they do. i went to law school a long time ago, and i think secretary clinton learned the same thing i did in law school. how to answer a question without saying the words, okay. she is very good at it. that's why they don't say the word qualified, okay. but the truth is, we know exactly what they're doing. we would love to have a debate on the big issues, a rigged economy held in place by a corrupt system of finance.
3:26 pm
that's the fundamental issue. if she wants to debate it with us, we look forward to that debate. >> tad, your colleague, jeff weaver said that secretary clinton has made various deals with the devil. what are those deals and who is the devil? >> a colorful way of expressing the fact. hillary clinton has decided to rely on a corrupt system of campaign finance. the super pacs that are raising tens of millions of dollars on her behalf. spent millions of dollars for super tuesday to pump up her totals are part of that system. i think that's what the reference jeff is making. they're relying on bundlers. we have no idea where the money from that, you know, every citizen counts super pac, which published reports have said have raised over $25 million.
3:27 pm
we have nowhere tidea where the money came from. special interests which pay for campaigns, and then owing the special al interests when you get elected to office. he is absolutely right in that reference. >> yes or no, does hillary clinton owe the families who lost loved one in the iraq war an apology. >> what bernie was suggesting if we're going to question his -- >> okay. >> great differences. >> appropriate suggestion. >> we've got to go to a break. thanks very much, tad devine. we'll be right back. (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. our next guest tonight is two guests tonight. kasie hunt, carrying bernie sanders for msnbc, an joins us from 30 rockefeller center. "washington post," great to see you both. kasie, let me start with you. do you think the sanders campaign is -- was looking for a
3:31 pm
fight here, and that's part of the reason senator sanders reacted the way he did and went as far as he did? do you think he is genuinely angry? >> i think it's both, john. i mean, you know, you've covered sanders enough to know that so much of this is driven by him. he is people around him that have been pushing him to go more directly at hillary clinton for months now. he is resisted and resisted. we've seen kind of an evolution, right. he went from last year, calming down any boos that ever happened, not going after hillary clinton, over the course of this intensifying primary, we've seen him take sharper jabs, mostly on policy. this sis the first time we've seen him go all out that is c e character type of attack. it was very deliberate, with a crowd of thousands of people at
3:32 pm
temple university. he did what he usually does when it was clear that the reporters at the press conference. he said first, i want to talk about the topic, trade. we'll get to political gossip later. then he sort of says okay, now that we're on political gossip. let me give you this tirade that includes a new line of attack on this. essentially, you heard him say i don't want to be dismissed. i'm not going to be this guy from a small state that you can walk all over. you could really sense the personal frustration on his part with the turn that this has taken. now, that said, it's undoubtable that he has discussed this with his inner circle and certainly is a sense that he needs to do something to push back harder as we go into new york. it's hard to over estimate how much of this is driven by sanders and his personal feelings about how the campaign is going. >> abbey, you just heard what kasie had to say from the point of viewing covering the sanders campaign. from the point of view of
3:33 pm
covering the clinton campaign, do you think they like this fight or entering it unwillin y unwillingly. >> definitely a lot of anger about this line of attack. it seems to really be at the heart of something that they have started to get incredibly annoyed with the bernie sanders campaign about. he is going after her in a deeply personal way, in a way they think is unfair and unfounded. but at the same time, the clinton campaign has been trying for months to get bernie sanders to a place where democrats can finally see him for what they say that he is. which is just a standard politician, someone who is willing to lodge personal attacks, when it benefits him politically and someone who is willing to say things that they believe are untrue. so i think that this actually kind of helps them do that. it comes across, they believe, to her supporters as just factually inaccurate. they're happy to make the point that president obama has said that hillary clinton is incredibly qualified. and that by criticizing
3:34 pm
clinton's qualifications, he is also criticizing president obama as well. so i think they're happy to have this fight. it helps them make a point that they've been trying to make about bernie sanders for a really long time. and my colleague, john wagner, spoke to senator sanders earlier this afternoon, and he kind of characterized this as like self-defense, where he believes that the clinton campaign has been ratcheting up their attacks on him and he is not going to take it lying down. so there a lot going on here. this may be a case where the sanders campaign is strategically decided to go further. it remains to be seen whether it will help them. i think the clinton campaign, you've heard from her allies today, are prepared to make the case, this is a little sexist, bernie sanders saying she is not qualified enough, has some sexist undertones that they think could hurt him. >> kasie, everybody agrees conventional wisdom, right in
3:35 pm
this case, new york is must win for sanders. why he is off in pennsylvania? why isn't he in new york for the next two weeks. >> well, he is hunkering down in new york. we're back in new york city now. if you look at the schedule of events that they're planning over the next 48 hours, it looks like he may hit most of the boroughs, queens, manhattan, a couple of different places in manhattan and you can expect to see him in upstate new york, a place people forget, they know him pretty well, because some of those media markets in vermont do bleed into upstate new york. i think you're going to see him functionally camping out in new york over the course of the next ten days. >> abbey, is the clinton campaign, do you think worried about losing the state or trying to finish him off? >> i think they're worried that the state might slip under the radar. i think what kasie just mentioned about the vermont
3:36 pm
media market is actually pretty important. that's one of the reasons why hillary clinton is spending a lot of time upstate in western new york and those types of places. places where there is not a huge amount of population, but where bernie might have a chance to make some inroads among, you know, white working class voters and people who are geographically closer to the vermont border. they want to make sure nothing, no voters are kind of slipping under the radar for them. >> kasie, this is the way things are going to start, we have almost two weeks before the new york primary will start, will they take their feet off the accelerator at all, or go deeper and deeper over the next, as i say, about two weeks? >> that was my question going into the press conference this morning, john, was whether or not we were going to see him having reacted to seeing the way the media reacted to just this small change, relatively small change in his stump speech,
3:37 pm
considering his stump speech is so long, that he had a chance to back off this morning, and it's pretty clear from the way he leaned into it and if anything, you know, said more than he said previously, tells you what their attitude is about the next couple of weeks. i think they are all in in new york. i think, you know, what you're saying about the idea that it's must win for them is true. i think they know that, and i think they feel like they've got the money, they've got the time, he has the background. they're going to give it all they've got. i think that's probably what is driving a lot of concern among the clinton campaign. >> abbey, kasie mentioned, as true, senator sanders talking to his traveling president still a fair amount. hillary clinton has done some tv interviews, but does she talk to her traveling press. >> this morning, secretary clinton took the subway, and before that, she took some questions.
3:38 pm
she did focus more on her new york media, some folks that she is pretty familiar with after two senate runs, and you know, i mean, i think she is making a concerted effort. in a recent interview, she talked a little bit about paying more attention to her traveling press. i think us in the traveling press would love to see more of that. i think she certainly does talk to the media in general, her traveling national media less than bernie does. her campaign is focused really on local and state media. >> which is smart. >> indeed. >> all right, abbey phillip, kasie hunt, you're both great and thanks for coming on. coming up, royal treatment in kansas city today. paris of the planes, mayor sly james. if you're watching us in washington, d.c., always remember, you can listen to us as well on bloomberg 99.1 fm. we'll be right back.
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3:41 pm
john and i put our personal values to the test earlier today. as nice as we are, would do at this point. we sat down with one of the world's biggest kansas city royals fans, mayor sly james, of kansas city, missouri, even after his team beat the mets on opening day. after we were done talking baseball, we talked politics, the super delegate in the track
3:42 pm
tured state. >> we came out here from new york city, where both democratic candidates are now looking down the barrel at two weeks headed into the new york primary. things are getting heated in that primary. i know you're clinton supporter, we're going to talk about the super delegate situation in a little bit. given the escalation and rhetoric we've seen in the last few hours, neither one is qualified to be president, does that -- so far this race hasn't gone down that path. are you concerned that it will get bitter now. >> i think that it has the potential to do that. i hope that it does not. the one thing that had separated the democratic primary season from the republican season had been the tone of the rhetoric, and the fact that the democratic contenders were focused on the issues. offering solutions and substance. and talking about things that they had actually had experience with for the most part.
3:43 pm
that was not true on the other side. and that's unfortunate. the main thing that i'm concerned about is that the american people deserve to have leaders who are able to articulate the issues, and offer reasonable pragmatic doable solutions. i also understand the real challenges of campaigning. i don't think people really understand how difficult and how tiring and exhausting it is to be on and on stage every single n minute for a year or a year and a half. it takes a toll on you. when people are tired, we know they get testy. i'm going to write this up to being testy, being near the end and fighting for every single vote. but at the end of the day, bernie sanders and hillary clinton will find a way to get together on these issues, and support each other, because it is in the best interest of the people of this country that they do. >> let me give you an opportunity to maybe bring them together as a hillary clinton supporter. i saw you said you like some of bernie sanders' ideas.
3:44 pm
which of his ideas do you like. >> it's impossible to not like a concept of free college tuition at state universities. or to do something about student debt and stewed departmeudent l. those are all admirable. it would be nice to work towards those. i'm also cognizant of the fact that this isn't being done in a vacuum. this is the same republican congress that has been there trying to thwart president obama there is no reason to think they're going to swallow such a radical idea. i'm looking for things we can actually get done. it's nice to say great things about free tuition, et cetera. that's a whole different deal from actually making it happen. >> hillary clinton had a great march. she pretty much built a delegate lead than president obama had over her in the pledged delegates, and yet he continues to raise tens of millions of dollars and on a winning streak, just winning in wisconsin.
3:45 pm
what's going on with your candidate that he is being out raised. >> i think it's obvious, frankly. i think bernie sanders talking about the issues that he is talking about is going to attract a certain type of voter. it's going to attract the younger voter, an idealistic voter, a voter who loves listening to those really good lofty idealistic approaches and things about life and government in this country. hillary clinton has been around for a long time. she is, i'm not going to discount the fact that she a woman. i think that people are often very much harder on women and minorities, than they are on white men. i also think that one of the issues is that hillary clinton has been in the public eye, in the spotlight for decades. and i don't care who you are. in this game of partisan politics, they're going to find a spot here and a spot someplace else. they're going to blow it up as big as they can.
3:46 pm
the good news is, she is still standing. she is pragmatic. she served on so many different levels, she brings a huge amount of experience to the table that nobody else is going to be able to duplicate. so although it's great to march behind bernie and do those things and that's one of the nice things about it, it's aspirational, it's good, everybody likes to feel good. it's great he has brought people into the system that way. the reality is we have to do something, and hillary clinton is the best person to actually do things. >> let me ask you this question about your role as a super delegate. first, what do you see, what does that mean to you? what does it mean to abe super delegate? what is the role and responsibility in that job. >> i like at it very simply. first of all, to support my candidate. secondly, to try to help convince others to do exactly the same. because i believe that this is a pivotal election cycle for this
3:47 pm
country. i'll be doing everything i can to convince other delegates, and make sure super delegates are holding the line that those of us who support hillary clinton are loyal to that support. >> so it's easy to be a super delegate if the candidate you're in favor of us ahead in the pledged delegates and you're ratifying the will of the people in some sense. the tougher thing, the other candidate happens to be ahead. so let me ask you this hypothetical situation. the unlikely scenario was ahead of hillary clinton in the pledged delegate count and you went off to philadelphia, would you still feel, own though you come from a state that was split down the middle, equal number of delegates, the vote was she won by a few votes basically, would you still feel comfortable being with hillary clinton if bernie sanders had the lead in pledged delegates at the convention.
3:48 pm
>> my support of hillary clinton had nothing to do with the number of delegates. it has to do with her vast years of speeshexperience and my belit she will is the best president for this country. that's not going to change on the delegate count, whether bernie sanders is ahead or hill vee ahead. i will remain a super delegate for hillary clinton until she releases me from that obligation. >> so the argument that some would make, antidemocratic, the notion you would be overturning the will of the democratic populous, you would just say look, that's my job as super delegate, i'm going to stick with my woman. >> the system has worked in the past, i don't see any reason for me to be the guy that wants to jump in and change it. i don't think it's antidemocratic at all. these rules from established by the democratic party. all of the people who are delegates and super delegates and people in the party have tied into and participating and making those rules. as long as it's within the rules and allows me to be loyal to my
3:49 pm
beliefs as to who i believe would be the first and best president, i'm going to stick with that. i don't believe just because the numbers change, you ought to change what you believe. i think we do that too often in politics. >> just to finish the news of the day of the tension between the two democratic presidential candidates, if you were on a phone call, just the three of you, what would you say to them today. >> i would say let's go have a drink and calm down and talk about this. shake hands, and ratchet down the rhetoric a little bit. and remember, that we're all on the same side, trying to get to the same place. regardless of who comes out at the end of the meat grinder here, we'll need each other's support. i'm not in favor of any of the republican candidates. they're far too volatile. it would be better to have somebody who is either aspirational and able to look at those types of things, and on somebody who is also aspirational but able to
3:50 pm
implement them. again, i think that's hillary clinton. >> we've got justin bieber, the start of baseball season, everything is up-to-date in kansas city. >> you better believe it, brother. you better believe it. >> thank you so much. thanks to mayor sly james. you can find more of the interview about baseball and urban youth academy project. it's a great project on bloomberg all of gotham city is here to help hillary clinton and bernie sanders with their subway problems. we'll be right back. why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service
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3:54 pm
somewhere between eating pizza with a fork, or not tipping a cabby. the voice of the new york city subway system, our man and colleague, bloomberg radio host, charlie pellet. >> ah, the new york city subway, a hyper fast metropolitan might, 24 hours clause stro phobic millions of sub terrain yan souls over of the years. >> stand clear of the closing doors, please. >> thank you for riding with mta, new york city transit. >> in a way, it's like running the government. you've got to be quick. you've got to be desize i have, but most importantly, you've got to know where you're going. that simple. >> some of us who have circled the city in these tubes for decades, we may forget now and
3:55 pm
then, exactly how it works. >> how do you ride the subway today? >> what do you mean? >> how do you get on the subway today? >> token, you get in. >> wrong. >> that's why every passenger needs a golden ticket to run this train. a metro card. even if sometimes we need a little bit of practice. nope, too slow. almost. here, let me show you. >> all right, just show you know, it is this easy, coffee in your left hand, metro card in your right hand, one quick easy swipe. no tokens. but here is how it goes. i'm in. the next stop, april 19th. the new york primary. the city may not extend a red carpet to every candidate. wow. that's rough. as a token of good will, let me give the presidential candidates passing through this metropolis one final piece of advice.
3:56 pm
just remember, courtesy is contain ju contagious. stand clear of negative attacks please. >> our thanks to charlie pellet. coming up, which campaign surrogate dropped the ball this week and how it will affect your weekly commute, after this. she said "jen, go pro with crest pro-health advanced." advance to healthier gums... ...and stronger teeth from day one. using crest toothpaste and mouthwash makes my... ...whole mouth feel awesome. and my teeth are stronger too. crest-pro health advanced... superior to colgate total... these 5 areas dentists check. this check up? so good. go pro with crest pro-health advanced. mom's right...again!
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3:59 pm
time for everyone's favorite segment. you had one job. >> this week, ben carson, surrogate for donald trump. easy job. just go on cnn and say your candidate is the man. he's the best. absolutely no one better. dr. carson, take it away. >> you think there are better people out there than donald trump. >> obviously there is always going to be someone at virtually anything. it doesn't mean you're not good. >> it does mean that you're not the best. come on, ben carson.
4:00 pm
trump surrogate, you had one job. >> until tomorrow, thanks for watching. we'll be back from gotham city, thanks for watching. we'll see you then, sayonara. coming up, "hardball" with chris matthews. hillary doesn't love bernie. let's play "hardball." good evening oor, i'm chris matthews in washington. heavyweight bought in new york. accusing her of accusing him of not being qualified to be president. he is saying she accused him of being not qualified, because of a "washington post" headline. she is saying it wasn't her word. it was the "washington post" word. any way, this is, as you can tell, only the first round in what promises to be a 15 round bought between now and the tuesday after next, when both de


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