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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 8, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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york may be the center of the political universe. this is a live picture. we'll take you there in a moment to explain why many of those people in that room could impact donald trump's future in a big way. we'll check in live with our delegate hunter jacob soboroff in a few minutes but first, what may have been the most provocative 48 hours of democratic rhetoric in the 2016 primary so far. secretary hillary clinton, former secretary hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders escalating attacks over who is and who is not qualified to be the next commander in chief. and today, both candidates made their case and updated their comments on nbc. >> on her worst day, she would be an infinitely better president than either of the republican candidates. >> she's qualified. >> of course. >> here's what i believe. i believe that voters will be looking at both of us, but i
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will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz anytime. >> we will have much more of those interviews that certainly have made headlines throughout the day. plus, on the republican side, donald trump and ted cruz bracing for a big battle. cruz's campaign is a record $32 million first quarter fund raising haul. while the trump campaign is shaking things up at the top. who does what on the front-runner's campaign now? which right now is certainly an interesting situation, with the front-runner being off the campaign trail and not set to be back before a potential voter until this weekend. >> are you the boss' boss now? >> i work directly for the boss. >> one guy? >> i have one man whose voice is louder than everybody else's. >> the one guy you have to listen to is trump. >> correct. >> why that man there is so important but let me bring in
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someone else important to our coverage, nbc's jacob rascon covering trump campaign in new york. we heard from paul manifort the individual sending to consolidate power but while this is happening with trump's team, trump yet again is not on the campaign trail. he took a break during wisconsin and right now, he's tweeting out that he has a business to run and he's focused on that as well as the campaign. >> reporter: often the case, you have two sides or more to the country. paul manifort, the convention manager takes on new responsibilities in charge of everything with the delegate process, cleveland convention and overseeing the washington, dc office outreach to congressional folks and elsewhere and you have him saying he reports only to the boss, only to trump. then you have senior campaign officials telling nbc news as
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well, look, this is just a natural outgrowth of the campaign. what you have is now we're entering a new phase where we're going to have to do arm twisting with the delegates. we needed somebody with experience in that and the campaign manager, corey lewandowski is in charge of the overall look and the general election outlook. mr. trump said that specifically in the release yesterday. so you have these two sides and it's clear that the incredibly small campaign run by trump is expanding and looking more conventional. some would argue it's too late and some say it's going to work and still on the path to 1237 delegates. tamron? >> they say that but katrina pierson said they're confident they'll reach the delegates by june. going to go to colorado in a few this hour and trump has cancelled appearances out west and great questions about the ground game in colorado and seem
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to all but given up and get a delegate out of what's playing out there. >> reporter: right, and you heard paul manafort saying he was asked about cruz's sophisticated campaign on the ground and said, look, cruz is running a very clever campaign and we're going to do our own delegate stealing in the weeks ahead. and sign seasoned operatives and say they're on the game and getting on it now. >> thank you very much, jacob rascon and more on the republicans later in the hour but now back to the democratic race. it was once cordial and now it's taken a different tone. the question is how long will it last? this tone that we've heard the past few days. hillary clinton sat down for an exclusive interview with "today show's" matt lauer. the state of the primary race and the e-mail investigation that continues to hang over her presidential bid. here now is that interview.
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>> when you look at the calendar eight months ago and say, april 19th, could you have imagined back then that this would be anything but a finish line and it's kind of turned into a firewall? >> i said from the beginning, matt, this is going to be a tough contest all the way through. and i did it because i remember '08. i went the distance with then senator obama. and that's the way primaries develop. whoever it is that is going to make it through the preliminaries of debates and early contests, you're going to keep moving and i said to everyone, new york is going to be a place where i'm going to fight hard because i feel so strongly about it. i never expected anything else. >> it means so much more right now because you have lost seven of the last eight contests. and you can tell how much is at stake because the exchanges and you talked about him.
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things he really hadn't understood. do you think in some ways senator sanders proposed some things early in this campaign he didn't think he would stick around long enough to actually have to defend? >> you'll have to ask him, but what i was referring to there was the very long interview that he did with the new york daily news and i think a lot of people were quite taken aback that on key issues, that he has been promoting during the entire campaign. >> breaking up banks. >> breaking up banks. foreign policy issues. that he did have some questionable answers. and look, that's fair game. i've been in the bright hot spotlight for a long time. i understand how that works. but i feel good about where the campaign is. we have a big popular vote lead about 2.5 million over senator
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sanners a sanders. >> heard what you said. whether you intended it to be cutting or biting or not, he said this about you in terms of whether you're qualified to be president. we've heard this. i don't think you're qualified if you get $15 million from wall street sent through your super pac and now i'm paraphrasing. if you voted for the disastrous war in iraq and if you support trade agreements that cost millions of jobs to americans. you don't have to read between the lines there. he said he doesn't think you're qualified to be president. >> well, that will be up to the voters of new york and the other states that be be passing judgment in the weeks ahead. i think it's kind of a silly statement, but he's free to say whatever he chooses. here's what i believe. i believe that voters will be looking at both of us, but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz anytime. they pose real threats to our
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values. to groups of americans, some very large groups like women, but so many people are hearing what's going on on the republican side and wondering, what is this about? how can we tolerate it? >> i want to get to that, but senator sanders in your opinion said or done anything in the course of this campaign or during the course of his career in the senate that disqualifies him from being president of the united states? >> i never said that about him. >> i know, i'm asking. >> i never said that about him. his response to me was misrepresentation of what i've said but also kind of a historic amnesia because on all of those issues, he supported president obama. he supported joe biden, as our vice presidential candidate and john kerry, according to to him, not qualified but i think in the heat of the campaign, people say a lot of things. i want to stay focused on the issues. there are contrasts between us and i think that's fair game. >> wisconsin was earlier in the
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week. i want to talk to you about the exit polling and i think some of the things repeat after certain contests. bernie sanders got 82% of the votes from people under the age of 30. 89% of people said they thought bernie sanders was basically honest. 58% said that about you. and this struck me. you are running to become perhaps an historic candidate. perhaps the first woman to be elected president. >> right. >> if you look at wisconsin, you've basically split the women's vote with senator sanders. when you lay in bed at night, how do you get your arms around nah? >> i just think about it from a much broader perspective. i lost wisconsin to senator obama and knew i would have a tough fight going in and i came out pleased with the number of delegates. i'm confident that if i'm so
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fortunate to secure the democratic nomination, we will unify the democratic party, all parts of it. and i know that young people have been really caught up in senator sanders campaign and i think that's terrific because the more young people we can bring into the process, particularly into the democratic primary process, the better. >> let me share conversations i've had with republicans. and if i say to somebody on the republican side, aren't you nervous about what's happening with this campaign and this division and what might happen in the convention, do you know what i hear a lot? they are clinging to the hope that the way they'll be able to deal with that is that some point between now and the election, and they say this, that they will get to see hillary clinton in handcuffs. >> oh my goodness. >> based on your prooivate e-ma server. >> i know they live in the world of fantasy and hope because
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they've got a mess on their hands on the republican side. there's not even the remote chance that is going to happen. but they've been after me for 25 years. and they have said things about me repeatedly that have been proven to be not only false but kind of ridiculous. >> but you're a lawyer. so how do you see this and do you think the fbi and the justice department write you a letter and say it was a misunderstanding? we're sorry, carry on? >> we're certainly going to carry on. i think it's a security review. it is a security review. and there are lots of those that are conducted in our government all the time. and you don't hear about most of them. you hear about this one because it does involve me. so that's why it gets so much attention. but i will tell you sitting here in the bronx in this cafe, we're moving forward. the republicans' fondest wishes will not be fulfilled. >> while in the predicting mood, sitting here in new york,
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famously back in 1969, a guy named joe neemoth said we will win the super bowl. will you declare right now that guaranteeing you'll win the primary? >> i never make predictions but i'm really filie fooeeeling goo will happen. >> we find nbc's kristen welker covering the clinton campaign in buffalo, new york. kristen, what's the latest from the rally there? >> reporter: hey there. secretary clinton is going to be talking about jobs and the economy here in buffalo. the upstate is going to be a key part of her focus in terms of her trying to win new york. she's trying to confirm whether she's qualified by senator sanders but some of the top aides still fuming about the remarks by senator sanders and some top democrats are concerned
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that it could become foder for the gop in a general election. if she does, in fact, win the nomination. earlier today, our own msnbc' a alex and whether there are different standards. take a look at how the former president responded. >> i think she would be the best president. it's obvious and it's all that matters to me. i think there are some different standards. some of them are subconscious. >> reporter: meanwhile, there is a fierce battle going on here in new york. let's take a look at some of the latest polls, tamron. they show secretary clinton with a fairly comfortable double digit lead. 53% to 43% and the latest poll, 52% to 42% but if you rewind several weeks ago, that lead was about 20 points. so i am told by our campaign officials, shes going to be
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campaigning vigorously here from now until the time voters go to the polls. >> kristen welker live for us in buffalo, new york. thank you, kristen, and for today's microsoft pulse question. do you think hillary clinton and bernie sanders war of words will divide the democratic party? the pulse is live at we'll keep an eye on the results. up next, we'll talk to sanders supporter and former clinton labor secretary robert reich but first, the vermont senator with some fun with the 1% on seth myers last night. >> the 1%. hey, 1%, what do you need all that money for? if i didn't know any better, i'd think you were trying to compensate for something. how is it possible that some of you are paying a lower tax rate than your secretaries? that makes less sense than the plot of batman versus superman. 1%. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday,
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the end of a long week of bitter words with hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the vermont senator came to the tv set where the feuding started here on msnbc. it was wednesday on "morning joe wrjoe ." she wouldn't say but pointed out to a daily news interview in which sanders appeared to falter when answering questions about how he broke up the nation's largest banks. that set off a fire storm from the sanders camp. today, senator sanders visited "morning joe" and one question raised by the daily news. >> how would you go about breaking up the largest
10:19 am
financial institutions in the country. >> are you ready for the answers? do it in a couple of ways. use section 12 1 of the dodd frank legislation. number two, better, and i would prefer this, pass by legislation and with my legislation, the legislation i've introduced says that the secretary of the treasury will have the authority to investigate and determine which banks pose systemic risk to our economy. ie, if they're too big to fail, they could bring down a significant part of the economy and then within a period of time, the secretary can break them up. three out of the four largest banks in this country today, are bigger because they were too big to fail. that's point number one. point number two is that when you have six financial institutions that have assets about 58% of the gdp of this country, they issue two-thirds
10:20 am
of the credit cards and one-third of the mortgages and don't you think that's a hell of a lot? >> no one will let them go under. >> i don't disagree. the great papers question, what does it look like? >> after they've broken it, that's their decision to reconfigure how to do it. on this one, i guess i'm conservative. and i believe in old fashioned boring banking. you make a deposit and make a loan. and consumers want to buy a home and a car, that's my definition of what banking should be about. >> university of california berkeley economics professor, robert reich served as labor secretary, bill clinton administration supporting bernie sanders. secretary reich, thank you so much for joining me again. >> hi, tamron. >> you heard that.
10:21 am
why couldn't he have given it to the daily news when originally asked that question? >> i read the transcript of the daily news interview and he did say in that interview that he, when asked, does the fed have the power to do it alone? he said he didn't know and he's not alone. most experts are really confused whether the fed does have the power to close down a bank loan on its own and said he would do it as a president and referred to the legislation and also his power over the appointees of a group. he didn't refer to the name of the group. under dodd frank, the group is the federal financial stabilization oversight board. but any president would have a lot of power over that board with regard to decisions as to whether a bank had to be broken up. so i don't know where this kind of tempest came from, cameron. candidates for office, whether they be bernie sanders or hillary clinton or to a much larger extent the republicans
10:22 am
don't specify in every little detail what regulatory agency and how they do what and where and even breaking up the big banks, bernie sanders has been very specific on how to do that. >> i think it's not as egregious as rick perry saying he wants to shut down three departments and could not name the three during the infamous debate moment. when you're bernie sanders and this is 95% of your message, this is your dominant message and you don't have more specific answers, that i believe is why we got here and now fast forward a couple of days, he doesn't say to joe and mooe karica. he fills in the holes. why not do that in the daily news interview? >> my point is that he did with regard to his answer on dodd frank. the only thing he didn't know with whether the federal reserve board, which is an entirely different organization.
10:23 am
that's irrelevant to a president's authority to shut down banks and that's where the kerfuffle became incomprehensible to us who live in the real world and not just breaking up the big banks but bernie's plan to have a single payer health care plan which is very, very central to his overall vision and to provide tuition-free higher education for public universities and mainly to get big money out of politics. this is what's fueling the entire bernie sanders campaign. >> you mentioned the words real world, and in discussing how much of this people digest. when bernie sanders said he wants to go back to what he defined as boring bank when you go, get a loan, the simplest forms of banking, is that a pie in the sky description base on what you know as former labor secretary and the complexities of banking and this nation's economy, do we really believe that that is the future of
10:24 am
banking, is that a pie in the sky unrealistic answer to what we can do to reform banking in an effective way, but in a real honest way? >> no, we used to have something called the glass steel act. that separated investment banking from commercial banking. bill clinton in 1999 with the advice of some of his advisors, not me certainly, i wasn't there then, joined republicans and got rid of the glass steel act that allowed banks like city bank to become citigroup, these gigantic commercial banks that allowed them in turn to start gambling with money. that got us into trouble. the glass steel act did a good job for 50 years after the great depression. should have kept it. and i don't understand why hillary clinton is so much against resurrecting the glass steel act. bernie sanders has said from the beginning he wants it resurrected. i think that's an important first step.
10:25 am
>> the heart of my question goes back to also the idea of free tuition. you have many saying this notion of a basic boring bank. this notion of a free tuition. that these things are not just idealist or ideal thinking, it's not realistic when you look at the impact that free tuition would have on, for example, some of our nation's historic black universities. would dismantling the banks to the quote, boring systems, not only do to the economy but noted by matt lauer in the interview but the millions of people, thousands of people who work for banks, not at the top executive level but in the banks. i'm just asking you. >> you're not getting rid of the banks. just breaking them up. it's like when the government told at&t they had to break up into 15 smaller bills and there were not fewer jobs. in fact, each of the small bells, regional bells did better than the big mob bell was doing. it's the same thing. not getting rid of big banks.
10:26 am
what bernie sanders is break them up because their economic power and their economic power to do ill, as well as their political power and we haven't talked about that. i was in washington. i know the power of wall street and washington. it is unparallel. you've got to do it. before 1999 when the glass steel act was basically got rid of by republicans, we did have a much more boring banking system and going back to tuition free higher education public education, that's the direction we were going in the 1950s, '60s, early 1970s here at the university of california and berkeley, actually tuition-free in 1968 and 1969. why can't we go back to the road we were on which made a lot of sense because k through 12 public education was the idea behind the great american value of education but as more education is needed, we should
10:27 am
go from k through 12 to k through 16. >> former labor secretary, always insightful to speak with you. thank you for making time for us on this friday. up next, reaction from the clinton campaign to several days of pretty rough and tumble rhetoric. what will the next week bring? we'll be right back. americans. we're living longer than ever. as we age, certain nutrients become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12 and more vitamin d.
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10:31 am
be an infinitely better president than either of the republican candidates. >> she's qualified. >> of course. but the point is i would hope we get away from these attacks, by the way, the media likes very much, and start focusing on the real issues impacting the american people. >> do you worry that as this campaign goes on and on, the damage is being done or damage is being done to whichever of you becomes the eventual nominee? >> no, again, that's media stuff. here's the real stuff. people are here wanting to know why they're working longer hours for low wages and why they're graduating college $50,000 or $70,000 in debt and why there's so much income and wealth inequality. the world of what the media is interested in and what the people are interested in is day and night. >> communications and political outreach and senior spokesperson for the hillary clinton campaign, thank you for joining
10:32 am
us. we now, i think, can officially put this behind us. both of the candidates agree that they are qualified or the opponent is qualified. however, bernie sanders' wife, jane, made the point that the clinton team says, listen, we are on the same page. there are distinctions between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. she makes the point that bernie sanders and hillary clinton are not on the same page. if elected, they would take the country in different directions. >> they do have different ideas, but i think in terms of the core values, difference between where bernie sanders and hillary clinton are is night and day from ted cruz and donald trump. in terms of -- >> that's fair. >> but not shutting down planned parenthood funding and secretary reich about it. when you talk about breaking up the banks and wall street reform, hillary clinton agrees absolutely we need to do that, but her point is we need to go farther and deal with systemic
10:33 am
risk in the system because glass steel is not the reason that we have the crash. he keeps talking about the need to bring back glass stigle. but college affordability, $25 billion investment in hbcus, you raised that but also says we need to not just, not free for everybody. we don't want to pay for donald trump's kids to go to college, but the state has a role, the federal government has a role and the student has a role. but she also believes you have to have a mechanism in there that actually gives an incentive for colleges to reduce their cost. if it's free, why would i reduce my cost? and believes you've got to let students refinance that debt. some kids have 18% or 14% of the loans. there's differences. i think they want to go to a similar place.
10:34 am
>> going back to what jane sanders says. this country would be different if her husband is elected and for the point that you make regarding just education, hillary clinton made the implication saying his ideas are not attainable and his supporters certainly believe they are. >> and here's what i would say to that. there have been a number of independent analyses that said time and again, the numbers don't add up. so when you look at his health care plan. that is a very big difference. he wants to do single payer. hillary clinton said let's build on the system we have now because there is a practical reality. i guess one of the things i take issue with is it's not -- she is aspirational in terms of wanting to do big things. equal pay for women is a big idea. building on what the president has done with the criminal justice system and/or when we
10:35 am
talk about education, those are big ideas. but there are some real differences. i say guns is one of the areas where it's very, very different. >> the campaign bill said you're on the same page, is that just a soft pitch to bernie sanders supporters if she gets the number needed and gets the nomination, she knows she will need these supporters, so to sell this idea, we're on the same page gives her a chance to bring them in more easily. >> i don't think we've said across the board we're on the same page but i think we said our values are similar. where we're trying to go is similar and the difference. there are real differences, for example, she does not agree with giving liability. giving broad, the gun manufacturer e shie manufacturer, shielding them for liability. voting against the brady bill. no question, real differences. but the point we've tried to make is that there are similarities and i think that is something that no matter who is
10:36 am
the nominee, members of our party will have a comfort that whoever is our nominee, i hope it's hillary, has the right values, the right progressive values to move this country forward. that's why she's upstate talking about jobs. because at the heart of it, what people want to talk about. >> hillary clinton is upstate new york. ahead though, donald trump's rocky mountain sized challenge. we are live at the colorado republican convention where a lot of decisions by a small group could be made and i understand we now have video coming in of the villanova victory parade. there you have it. the ncaa champions, the buzzer beater heard around the world, at least the world that tunes into college basketball. they're in the great city of philadelphia. sad it wasn't the temple owls but we'll give love anyway to villanova. congratulations to them. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. i'm tamron hall. let's get you caught up on where the presidential candidates are today. let's start with the democrats. hillary clinton has an event scheduled in buffalo, new york, less than an hour from now. and then later today, she'll campaign in rochester. as her campaign continues its focus on upstate new york ahead of the primary. bernie sanders will spend his day in hometown of brooklyn, new york, holding rallies at 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. eastern time. john kasich wrapped up an event in fairfield, connecticut. his next event at 6:00 p.m. eastern time in syracuse, new york. as for opponents, donald trump and ted cruz both don't have any public events scheduled for today. right now in colorado, a complicated fight under way. a whole slew of meetings and speeches from each of the 600 delegate hopefuls. state republicans pick 37 people to represent them at the national convention in july and
10:41 am
joining me now from colorado springs, msnbc's own delegate hunter, jacob soboroff. there needs to be a theme music if we're going to have that title. but you're hunting down the trail of delegates. those who certainly will be the talk of cleveland if things proceed the way they have. >> reporter: it's unbelievable. tamron, so first of all, i'm sitting in people's seats. i'll get up so i can show you what's going on here. i will take the theme music if we can get some. and go ahead, it's an extraordinary process. the center of american politics. these could put donald trump over the edge if he falls short or have ted cruz stop him or help get to 1237. we're looking at the end tale of a process giving 20 second speeches why to be one of three delegates to come out of congressional district 3 right now. everybody takes a ballot and
10:42 am
drop in these boxes and tally them up and announce them. one of the delegates endorsed is this nice woman right here. hi, cay. jacob soboroff from msnbc. you went up there and gave your 20 second speech on the ted cruz slate. why should people vote for you to go to the republican national convention? >> because i'm pledged to ted cruz and i'm going to be working very hard to elect ted cruz. i think he's going to be a fabulous president for us. i'm very excited. >> reporter: what cay said here is an important distinction, thank you very much, by the way, she's pledged. some are unpledged and making up their minds at the convention this july which is a source of a little bit of let's say discontent in the party particularly with the campaigns that may not benefit from that. >> this is absolutely fascinating. it's a big more into the rules and all of the things you'll be chewing on and debating at the dinner table with your family, i'm sure.
10:43 am
let's bring in ari melber standing by. i feel like we have to take notes every time we enter some of these experiences no matter how long you've covered politics. the view that jacob just gave us is one that's mesmerizing. this is our process. and even more rules that can change. >> more rules can change. it is our process because there are states like colorado that basically decided they weren't going to hold the old fashioned primary we think of or new york has next week to go out and vote. they hold the kind of meetings they saw a peek of and that's how the delegates are determined. we can show you the headlines. it's 13 unbound but you look in louisiana, in north dakota, and in the first rounds of colorado over the past couple of days where jacob and ben gji reporte. what does that mean? number one, he has some sort of organic or authentic support because you can't do this if there's nobody to recruit but
10:44 am
then, number two, he is organizing and returning that support into those kind of people we just saw who want to show up and go in front of people and in many cases, say not only vote for me as a delegate, i'm a nice person and been to the state conventions, but that's part of it. people talk about the military service or volunteers for the state party and make a state appeal and in closing, say i might vote ted cruz or will. that's why you should vote for me. >> rari, you've been reporting n the turmoil inside donald trump's campaign. we spoke with jacob rascon outside of trump tower. he's not on the trail. he took a slight break on the weekend but his team is making the headlines at this point. >> reporter: his team is making the headlines. paul manafort taking over larger duties. as you and i know from covering, a lot of times, people don't care about the convention that much. this year, it could be the whole
10:45 am
enchilada. >> thank you very much. i wasn't expect yoing you to enn that note. breaking developments overseas. a belgian man arrested in connection with the brussels terror attack. what we know about his identity and those details coming up after a short break. is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap. breaking news to report this hour. there have been several arrests in belgium in connection with the attack in brussels. nbc foreign correspondent ayman mohyeldin joins us. >> we expect a press conference this afternoon from the federal prosecutor to shed more light on exactly who was arrested and we know according to the federal prosecutor, several arrests were made. the identities of those who have been arrested has not been released by any official agencies. what we are hearing and this is according to belgian media, this is not confirmed independently by nbc news but belgian media is reporting that the man has been arrested. one is an individual named mohammed abrini, one of europe's
10:49 am
most bantwanted individuals, fos involvement in the attacks back in paris in november of last year. they believe abrini was driving a car used in the attacks and had a close association with salah abdeslam and one of the officials that the belgian prosecutors arrested for his involvement in the paris attacks. again, that's according to belgian media, not independently verified by nbc news. one important piece of information, the belgian police look for that man in the surveillance video at the time with the suicide bombers. it's not clear if mohammed abrini that has been arrested was also that man. we'll certainly learn a lot more in the coming hours. tamron? >> there's a news conference expected later today and we'll carry the latest developments in that investigation and those arrests. thank you. now to john kasich in fe
10:50 am
fairfield. >> we yet. i talked to people in nevada saying, hey, i hope you think about me. this is a varied operation when it comes to the convention. i would like to think, by the way, that we would want to have transparency, and we would want to be open. i think these guys -- are they for open or are they for closed? it depends what day it is. is that how it works now? if it suits them, they're for closed, if it doesn't suit them, they're for closed? >> short remarks from john kasich. he has said that a similar line when asked about the delegate math, it certainly seems impossible for him to reach the number of delegates needed, but he is banking his luck on a
10:51 am
contested convention. governor kasich on the campaign trail in connecticut. he'll be focused on new york as well at some point later today. moving on. former president bill clinton pretty fired up in philadelphia yesterday, engaging with black lives matter protesters. today mr. clinton is back on stage and he's taking on the controversy again. >> i did something yesterday in philadelphia i almost want to apologize for, but i want to use it as an example of the danger threatening our country. the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ jack knocked or a candlestickck, onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him
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bill clinton is back in pennsylvania today campaigning on behalf of his wife. it comes on the heels of clinton being interrupted by protesters. at his event in philadelphia yesterday over the opposition of the crime bill that he signed while he was in office. today the former president addressed their concerns over the bill, but also used it as an opportunity to say we should take the time, he points out, to
10:55 am
sten to each other. >> i'd rather vigorously defend my wife, as i'm wont to do, and i figured out that i was talking past her the way she was talking past me. we have to stop that in this country. we have to listen to each other again. >> msnbc's alex seitz-wall is in erie, pennsylvania. this has been ongoing and just heated up yesterday. >> reporter: right, tamron, and black lives matter protesters have been a fixture on this campaign. very unusual yesterday, they engaged in a back and forth with bill clinton over that crime bill welfare reform. today he acknowledged he didn't handle it as well as he could have, saying he was as guilty as
10:56 am
they were talking past each other, not listening to each other and not having a full dialogue. one other issue that came up today. i spoke with bill clinton on the rope line quickly about this going back and forth with bernie sanders after he said that hillary clinton was unqualified. i asked bill clinton if he thought a male candidate with hillary clinton's resume would have that same charge. take a look at how he responded. >> i think she would be the best president, and i think it's obvious by a country mile, and that's all that matters to me. yes, i think there are some different standards. some of them are subconscious. >> reporter: now, bernie sanders did walk back that comment this morning on the "today" show. he said, of course hillary clinton is qualified, they just have major differences, tamron. another exciting day and a lot of moving parts to keep track of. you've dane great job. thank you, alex. that wraps up this hour. thomas roberts will pick up the
10:57 am
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hi, everybody, i'm thomas roberts. let's get to it. after two days of near nuclear rhetoric in the democratic race for the nation, bernie sanders detours the conversation back to what would qualify as a more civil tone. now, we are awaiting hillary clinton expected to appear at any moment in a campaign event in buffalo, new york, the former secretary moving her campaign operation upstate today. this is just hours after rival clinton and sanders had separate interviews, each engaging the state of the race. first hillary clinton sitting down with "today"'s matt lawyer. >> he doesn't think you're qualified to be president. >> well, that will be up to the voters of new york and the other states that will be


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