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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  April 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the damage was limited. they made up and got together easily than their staffs did. >> they did. that's all in for this evening. rachel maddow starts now. good evening. thanks to you at home for staying with us for the next hour. happy friday. there's lots going on tonight. we have great show planned for tonight. we're looking ahead to the wyoming caucuses tomorrow on the democratic side. bernie sapnders has turned out o be really, really good at caucuses. there's been 12 so far on the democratic side. of the 12, hillary clinton won the first two in iowa and nevada. since then, bernie sanders has won ten straight caucuses. senator sanders is favored to win in the caucuses tomorrow in
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wyoming. we'll be keeping an eye on that. we have footage from spacex as they landed their rocket engine on a ship. we've got some interesting rock and roll news tonight. there's good political news tonight for real underdog in republican politics. we've got some unexpected political news tonight. it's making a lot of democrats a across the country really happy, really relieved including our jane sanders interview. lots going on. it's nice to have you here. we start tonight with news that has what i consider to be a grand canyon effect. ever been to the grand canyon? everybody says it's smau. everybody says it's amazing. it will blow your mind. you've seen pictures like these pictures. yes it looks very pretty.
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very impressive. here's the thing about the grand canyon, though. no matter how much you have heard about how great it is. no matter how prepared you are to be wowed or overwhelmed by your first view of the grand canyon in person, when you actually go there for the first time and look at it in person, it turns out, i promise you, that you are not prepared for what you're about to see. there's nothing you can say in any language to prepare a person for their first view of the grand canyon. it's so much more amazing than anybody can describe to you in words or show you in paia pictu. it's better than what anyone says. honestly, if you've never seen it and you have any ability to get yourself there in your lifetime, go see it. make it a plan between now and the end of your life to go. it's so much better than you think. and, so, the grand canyon effect. did you see these headlines
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today? this paul ryan video looks a lot like a 2016 campaign ad. pall ryan's campaign ad. paul ryan for president. election video spurs rumors. did this prove he's an undercover candidate for president? if you looked at the news, you saw headlines and you get the story. it's not a complicated thing. paul ryan has done a video that gives the impression he's running for president. you see things like this. you find of think, i got the point. behold. there's a bit of a grand canyon effect. you actually do have to see it. even if you do believe the headlines. even if you think you have absorbed this information and you understand that paul ryan has done something, having that
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information, believing that information does not do it justice. you actually have to look at it. just look at it. what is this? what is this for if it's not someone running for president? i'm going to show you the whole thing. not editing it. it's like 40 something seconds. stand on the rim of this and peer into this scenic abyss. just watch this. >> what really bothers me the most about politics these days is this notion of identity politics that we're going to win an election by dividing people rather than inspiring people on our community humanity and common culture on the things that should unify us. we all want to be prosperous. we want to be healthy. we want everybody to skucceed. we want everybody to reach their potential. let's have a battle of ideas.
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let's have a contest of whose ideas are better and why the ideas are better. >> that is not only obviously a presidential campaign ad, that's one of the better presidential campaign ads we have seen from any republican candidate this career. now, i guess here's the supposed cavae caveat. you might make a video about you being speaker of the house. speaker of the house videos are usually like this. >> this sits in my office on my coffee table because this is neat. that's what i do all day. they wind me up about everybody 15 minutes. >> again. >> no, i got to go to work. the my staff gave it to me.
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every 15 minutes, 30 minutes they wind me up and i do my thing. >> so, yes, people who hold the job of speaker of the house in modern times, they make little vi videos about themselves to humanize themselves and tell you what they like. it's like the symbol monkey thing and there was the long video john boehner did about his turkey. that's a video. what paul ryan did an i'm running for president or wouldn't it be awesome if i was running. he says he's not doing that. he said he's not running for president. he told john harwood, i'm not running for president. his spokesperson backed it up. the speaker is grateful for the support but he's not running. paul ryan was in israel.
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he told reporters, i decided not to run for president. he then repeated it on talk radio. i think you need to run for president if you're going to be president, and i'm not running for president. period, end of story. if that sounds familiar from paul ryan, it's because saying stuff like that is exactly how he got his current job, which is speaker of the house, which is something he also said he didn't want. >> are you going to run for speaker? >> i'm not. >> why not? >> because i don't want to be speaker. >> that's the day that john boehn boehner, the monkey guy, quit as house speaker. he gets asked, are you going to run for speaker. why not? because i don't want to be speaker. people kept asking. couple of weeks later he followed up with a formal statement. while i'm grateful for the support i've received, i will not be a candidate. his supporter said chairman ryan appreciates the support he's
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getting but he's still not running for speaker. definitely not running for speaker just like he's not running for president now that he is speaker. after saying no, after writing no. after his spokes people say no on his behalf. when he was not wanting to be speaker of the house, no interest wouldn't do it. on october 20th of last year, the answer from him ended up being yes. yes, i will be house speaker. by playing hard to get for so long, by saying he didn't want it, he maneuvered himself into enough political capital to say he would do it with conditions. he would only reluctantly agree to serve as speaker since he made it so clear that he didn't want to job, he would agree if he didn't have to lobby for it, any negotiating, if he didn't have to meet with anybody or if he didn't have to have a hard fight for it. he said he wanted all the house
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republicans to agree, to con con sense they could agree. he got to be speaker by saying no, no, no, no, no. well, if you beg me then yes. now beg me. >> what i told members is, if you can agree to these requests, and if i can truly be a unifying figure, then i will gladly serve. if i'm not unifying that will be fine as well. i'll be happy to say where i am at the ways and means committee. should they agree, i'm happy and willing the get to work. >> nice work, right. that is how he became speaker of the house. third most powerful position in the united states government. third in line to the presidency. he gets to run congress. he got that gig by setting up his own party to do it and to
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choose him without having to fight for it. it's not like they weren't other people running for the gig. we ended up with a list of 26 people not named paul ryan who were actively campaigning or putting their hat in the ring or make sure they were mentioned in discussions or trying to round up support behind the scenes. lots of people were running and trying to be speaker. this giant field of republicans who wanted the speaker job were all dissatisfying to the broader republican party. sound familiar. giant field of candidates vying for the job. finds none of them acceptable. he keeps saying he doesn't want the job and that makes him all the more attractive. he's not running. he keeps saying he's not running. he's not sullying himself with this contest. with antics like this video that his office put out today, he's clearly, if not keeping himself
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in contention, putting himself in contention. this is a presidential campaign ad. it's designed to make him to look like a presidential contender even as he says he's not running. this is not a crazy gambit. among the people who are running on the republican side, we now know the way their contest is going to end. it's starting to be a fore gone conclusion. there are more statewide contests in new york and pennsylvania and california and some other big states. regardless of almost any conceivable scenario, we know what's going to happen on the republican side. nobody will get a majority of pledge delegates before the convention. almost assuredly. we know that. we know that donald trump will be in the lead when the convention starts in terms of pledge delegate, the number of states won, in terms of the popular votes cast. donald trump will be in the lead heading into the convention but neither he nor anyone will have enough delegates to win.
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in a normal year with a normal party one might expect the clear leader of the race to be anointed the presidential nominee once the convention started. there's two reasons why it looked like the republicans are not going to do that for donald trump. one is the issue of who he is personally and how badly he rubs people the wrong way. i don't mean this as criticism. i mean it as what's testable about him. if you absorb nothing else about donald trump, just look at this are from the associated press this week. look at the headlines. americans view trump negatively. the lead in their write up on this poll is devastating. seven in ten people, including close to half of republican voters, have an unfavorable view of donald trump. it's an opinion shared by majorities of men and women, young and old, conservatives and moderates and liberals, whites and hispanics and blacks. even in the south, a region where trump has won gop
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primaries, close to 70% view him unfavorably. more than 60% of all rej ster d registered voters say they would not vote for him. all of that is getting worse over time. the must remember of americans that view him unfavorably has risen ten percentage points since mid-february. if, for no other reason, they do not want to pick him, if they don't have to, and if he doesn't win a majority of pledge delegate, they don't have to. that's reason one. reason two, we're going to talk a little later in the show, which is the delegate selection process. it's turned out to be a complete fiasco. we'll have a live report from that in a moment. it's a fore gone conclusion that the republican party will have to pick their nominee at the convention. ted cruz thinks the republican
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party will go through the violently disruptive and potentially suicidal process of throwing out the leading candidate from their primary so they can pick ted cruz instead who, let's be honest, is even more likely to get shalacked in a general election. they go through that terrible upheaval as a party to pick ted cruz. you'd think the republican party would only do that, would only not just give it to the leader, they would only go through that if they thought they would end up with candidate they believe could win in november. the guy they believe could win in november has always been paul ryan for the republican party, speaker of the house. the difference now, the difference today, is that with this video paul ryan is campaigning now for that gig. he says he's not running, but that's how he campaigned for speaker as well. it's nice work, if you can get
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if you're a guy, and you're going to spend a good portion of your life entertaining videos straight to camera where you hold forth on variety of subjects and post them to you tube. one way to space it up is to make sure you have very interesting facial hair. another way to make it for visually interesting is to wildly vary your head ware. wear lots of different funny hats. that's this shirtless you tube star who was, until this week in the running to be a domgnald trp
6:18 pm
delegate in colorado. he was one of four people who that wut together for a potential delegate which was picking its delegates today. the trump campaign wanted him. that guy from youtube to one of their colorado delegates. when they put out their slate of possible delegates, they spelled the guy's name wrong. he's number 53. they gave him an extra n. i won't tell you which one is the extra one. that's a step up from the way the trump campaign has been failing in trying to get its delegates. in colorado's district number seven, they put out a slate there with three names telling people to find the three names and vote for these three donald trump people on their ballot. problem is, two of those three names were not on the ballot. even that, though, was a step up from colorado's first and sixth congressional districts last weekend, in which the donald trump campaign did not get it
6:19 pm
together to get any names. that took care ofrt spe the spe errors. even that was a step up from the washington state organizing the trump campaign did today in which they sent an e-mail to delegate candidates not in washington state but in washington, d.c., 3,000 miles away. the filing deadline was two days ago and they only sent the e-mails telling people to sign up today. tada. turns out the donald trump for president campaign is terrible at this. colorado has been case study in just how terrible they are at it. within the last hour we have learned that donald trump, who before today had already lost 18 of 18 possible colorado delegates to ted cruz, just in this past hour, we have learned that donald trump has just lost three more which means in all of
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colorado's congressional districts, the trump campaign has gone 0 for 21. they have more delegates but ted cruz has won the majority of delegates. he's won all the delegates on offer in colorado. ted cruz has won another state. nbc news is calling colorado tonight for ted cruz. joining us now is this network's very own delegate hunter. they like set itself onfire and couldn't find a pool of water to put it out. >> i guess the official sports terminology is an o for. i don't think it's much political malpractice as not a keen understanding of what's
6:21 pm
going on. the cruz campaign was very well organized out here. they have one more shot at this tomorrow to win the entire thing. this thing didn't matter before this year. the 1237 delegates donald trump needs will require some of these unbound delegates coming out of this state, wyoming, pennsylvania which ted cruz cleaned up last week. the bottom line is cruz is doing a way better job of organizing. if you say what the trump campaign is doing is organizing. >> watching them get o fered in all of these congressional district has opinion remarkable. 0 for 21, that's called shooting the moon. it's almost hard to do. tomorrow, there is another big bunch of delegates. it's 13 being selected at the state convention. that's also in colorado springs.
6:22 pm
any signs of any improved effort or organizing presence for tomorrow or is it possible trump will go 0 for 34? >> as you said, what happened last night -- i'll just answer. the campaign told our colleague that if they get one delegate in this state, that's an over achievement for the trump campaign. they're all going to go up for ten seconds and make a pitch. i don't know what you can learn in ten seconds. ted cruz will come up there and talk to the assembled 6,000. he'll put down a slate like they've been doing today, yesterday and in the previous congressional district, conventions out here. all expects is the cruz campaign will clean up like it did in north carolina. >> covering this stuff in
6:23 pm
fascinating detail. enjoy the rubber chicken. thanks for keeping us apprised tonight. >> you got it. >> it is kind of amazing to think 600 people will be vying for the remaining delegate slots. they each get ten seconds at the microphone. what would you say if you only had ten seconds? we'll be right back. plap
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experiments for the astronauts who were already up there on the space station. that was not even the exciting, amazing thing that happened today that i want to show you. the other big question, other than the success of that mission to the space station is whether spacex would be able to send a rocket into space and send it back down on a ship, on a drone ship. a remotely piloted ship. the reason they want to do this is because spacex could reuse the rocket and reusable rockets are the key to making space travel affordable. spacex has struck out trying to stick the barge landing. they've bp close. this is the first attempt january of last year the rocket came hurdling into the ship instead of landing on it. in april they got a lot closer. you can see it came in a lot slower and managed to touch down on the barge. you can see it's not quite straight.
6:26 pm
it's at an angle that doesn't look good. oh yeah, the big explosion. a couple movants ago it looked like they had done it. it looked like success which is why this video is just gutting. watch. so close. it landed pretty much up right but one of the the legs didn't latch properly. just that one little thing. then there was another failed landing just last month. we don't have tape of that one because the hard landing blew out the camera feed. you can imagine at spacex it was a lot of tension, a lot of
6:27 pm
excitement, a lot of oh god, not again. here it is. here's the live broadcast as the landing happened. the best part about it is how psyched they are. just incredible. >> waiting for it. there's the engine. that is the sound of some very, very happy spacex employees. the bar across the street from spacex headquarters are in a very brisk business now. par of the reason i know i work in the right news room is that made everybody in our news room teary. he thinks spacex should be ready to ferry american astronauts to the space station next year and nasa will not have to pay the russians to take them anymore. the dream lifts. good news all around. in that's not enough to make your day, let me tell you one
6:28 pm
more thing. that barge, that football field size ship where the rocket successfully landed today, that barge has a name. it's called, quote, of course i still love you. the first barge is for the first couple of landing teams is called just read the instructions. these references to something. you sci-fans i'm looking at you. they are great names for giant drone ships that are designed to catch space rockets and now they do. is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. can't afford to let heartburn get in the way?
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on wednesday night on this show we were live on the air when the democratic primary took what felt like a sharp rhetorical turn to a place it had never been before. that's when bernie sanders unveiled a new line of attack when he said his opponent was not qualified to be president. as nasty as things got in 2008 between barack obama and hillary clinton they never went there, you're not qualified for the job. that turn in the race, wednesday night call caused a lot of consternation against democrats when it broke out that night and when it continued into thursday on the campaign trail. as quickly as it started, it appears to have ended. >> i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz any time. >> on hillary clinton's worst day, she's a hundred times better than any of the republican candidates. >> bernie has moved on.
6:33 pm
he's said, let's not use the word unqualified. let's use the word contrast. >> she would be a better president than either of the republican candidates. >> she's qualified? >> of course. >> that turn in the democratic primary had worried a lot of democrats midweek. it seemed like it would damage the prospects in november. that did happen this week. it's very clearly over. now, a second big worry for democrats in terms of the democratic primary process which also come to the fore in the last few days. it, too, may also have ended. that sigh of relief is next. machine
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and cannonballsch and clean and real anlooking good and sandwich and soup and a new personal best. and a little help and soup and sandwich and study group. good, clean food pairs well with anything. try the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. . this is interesting. new information, look at this. we're still waiting on numbers from some of the candidates, but we know this is how much some of the 2016 presidential field raised in terms of money in the month of march. that's ted cruz' number. he's very proud of that number. biggest number he's ever had. this was hillary clinton for the same time period, month of march. this, boing, bernie sanders miles above the rest of the
6:37 pm
field. he raised $44 million last month. nobody has come close to bernie sand eers when it comes to fund raising and his distance ahead of everybody else is getting bigger and not smaller. he's killing it. he's been killing it, fund raising wise, specifically for the bernie sanders campaign though. one issue that's come up on the democrat side of the race, not the republican side is the question of how much these two candidates are willing to use their power, their pulling power has presidential candidates to financially help their fellow democrats who are further down the ticket than they will be if they're the nominee. hillary clinton has raised a lot of money. millions of dollars for national and state while she's been running for president. senator sanders has been raising a ton of money. he's not doing more to help the
6:38 pm
party that he wants to lead. he told me quote, we'll see. last night i asked him wife jane sanders about that. >> i talked to him a few days ago about whether or not his fund raising may result in his raising money for the dnc and the state parties. he said we'll see. >> i guess he wasn't thinking about it. he's written a letter. his letters have brought in more money than anybody else's letters and he's done it everywhere. >> that answer from jane sanders, she touched on fund raising letters which she described, i think she meant direct donations. there's a couple of different
6:39 pm
things going on now. we have asked the sanders campaign for more information on the record about senator sanders' final help for particular candidates. none of that is immediately apparent in his recent campaign records. we asked what that reference was to. mrs. sanders suggested that senator sanders might be more open to helping down ticket democrats than he's made a point of publicly. does the signal a change of heart. is the sanders campaign about to start doing something that they have not done yet in this campaign which emerged a point of contention and consternation in the democratic primary. joining us is a national reporter for the new york times. she was at the big sanders campaign. great to see you. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> was it very cold? >> i'm from miami, i'm always cold. >> you're cold now?
6:40 pm
>> yeah. >> on this issue about spreading the wealth and funding other democrats, what are you hearing from the sanders campaign about his support for other democrats? >> i talked to the senior campaign strategist, he said that bernie sanders is ready and will always raise money for other democrats. he said he's been doing this for years. he's been writing these letters and been going out and he's going to continue doing that. when i asked him a bit more about what are you doing right now? what are your plans for now? we said we have our hands full. we're trying to win an election. they have a will the of work to do. a lot of money they are spending on is on their own campaign to get his name out there and get what was really not a national candidate at the time. it's trying to focus on getting people to know who bernie sanders is. >> the fund raising he's doing for other democrats is the same fund raising he did as a senator before he was ever running for president. he's continuing the same efforts signing letters for the democrat
6:41 pm
campaign committees? >> that's what i'm being told. that's what he wants to do. he feels that's kind of supporting the party. he feels like that's him doing the best he can do. as soon as he has a nomination or has a bit further down the li line, he might change and figure out what he's going to do this. i kind of pushed his strategist to tell me about what he would do. they don't like talking about that, he said and they said he's democrat. he's running as a democrat and willing to help in fall. i think that's their answer about what's going to happen if he doesn't win. >> it's still sort of we'll see. >> it's we'll see in terms of whe we'll see and how we learned to fund raise. the numbers you put up there are from six million donations from two million people. they have gotten this strike that that-- strategy that's a lf
6:42 pm
money. it's trying to figure out how they will help the party with that strategy. he said to me, said he's willing to always help democrats get money. it's a we'll see and how he's going to help democrats with this specific thing he's learned how to doed a the specific thing that's getting him all this money. they say they're willing to to help democrats raise money. >> you didn't begrudge somebody r running for president. because hillary clinton has been raising millions of dollars along be way and now she's making it an issue between them, i think it will be a point of political pressure. we'll see. thanks. we'll get you a little snuggie to take with you when you go. >> thanks. it's not every day that you get your news delivered in paint cadillac. that's how your news will
6:43 pm
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the boss is not coming, not anymore. bruce springsteen was scheduled this sunday. today he cancelled in protest of north carolina's new law just signed by the state's republican governor which okays discrimination in that state against north carolinans that are gay or transgender. he said some things are more important than a rock show. this fight against prejudice and bigotry which is happening as i write is one of them. it's the strongest means i have for raising my voice in opposition to those who continue to push us backwards instead of forwards. he also said where there's a fight against the blood and hatred in the air, look for me mom, i'll be there. where ever somebody is struggling to be free, look in their eyes, mom, you'll see me. that wasn't his statement. that was him quoting tom jones.
6:46 pm
if you did have tickets to the springsteen show this weekend, you are going to need a refund. hold that thought. we've got some exclusive news on that subject, coming up, next. ip and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. wyou could just forget frthe beach wedding... and the beach booty... you could just book a different resort. like in alaska. they've got igloos.
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we have got some exclusive news related to a story you may have heard about in the past few days out of great state of mississippi. the republican governor in mississippi phil bryant signed a new law that says if you're a business in mississippi, it's
6:48 pm
legal now for you to advertise that you will not serve anyone who is gay or transgender. you can put up a sign in your business that says, we don't serve gays here. under this new phil bryant law it will be legal to refuse to serve even a straight person if you believe that straight person is living in sin with another straight person without a license to do so. in signing that new law, mississippi governor became the second governor in the past couple of weeks to approve a new law like this. a new law to roll back rights to overtly discriminate against gay people. we have some idea how this thing plays out since north carolina's republican governor signed that state's discrimination law two weeks ago. some of the biggest companies that do business in north carolina have called on that state to repeal the law. the company paypal cancelled a plan to open a new global operation center in charlotte, north carolina.
6:49 pm
those hundreds of new paying jobs will not be coming there because of that new law. film and tv companies have been cancelling plans to film their shows. it will cost north carolina actual money, real dollars. maybe not just from the private sector. over the week, the new york times reported that federal agencies are now reviewing north carolina's new discrimination law to see whether the state is in violation of federal anti-discrimination rules. they could use not millions but billions of dollars in federal funding because of this new law. that's north carolina. we can report here, exclusively, that two federal agencies are looking at mississippi's new discrimination law to see if mississippi might be in violation of federal nondiscrimination rules. the department of housing and urban development told us we're aware of the mississippi law and are reviewing it. we're also told that a second
6:50 pm
agency, the u.s. department of transportation is also reviewing mississippi's new law. if the federal agencies find that mississippi is in violation, then like north carolina, they could lose billions of federal dollars, which north carolina cannot afford, but which mississippi desperately cannot afford. yes mississippi's republican governor continues to defend this law as right and constitutional and not discriminatory at all, but laws have consequences, including consequences that governors might not have imagined. as we hear back from more agencies and how many billions of dollars they may be about to lose for their states, we'll let you know. sir, this alien life form is growing at an alarming rate.
6:51 pm
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if you listen closely, i think you can tell it's coming from a distance. i think it's -- there it is. yeah, there it is. friday night news dump time. >> tonight's lucky player is shereen. >> it's nice to meet you. thank you for being here. >> very nice meeting you. >> is it nerve-racking to be married to a professional poker player because of the inherent risk of the income associated with that kind of job? >> yes. >> but you're a very calm person who learned how to be calm from having eight siblings. >> he's good at it. >> nice to have you here. you probably know how the basics work. you're going to get three
6:55 pm
questions. if you get at least a couple of them right you will win this piece of junk. >> we have the drink mixer. >> not guaranteed not to leak. if you get extra credit, which i can guarantee you will, what's the random office swag tonight. >> we have this shot glass. it's a double. and we also have our sign from the nevada caucus. >> i love that. >> we had to act out how the nevada caucuses went. that was when we had sneaky wendy. >> it's weird stuff. we need to bring in the voice of steve. he is the man who will determine whether or not you got the right answer. >> good evening to you both. >> good evening. nice to meet you. >> all right. you ready for your first request he. >> i'm ready. >> on monday, two of the biggest
6:56 pm
states in the country simultaneously adopted one of the most progressive new laws in the country. the two states were california and new york. what did they both just do this we week? did they legalize the possession of marijuana for personal use, did they, b, ban workplace discrimination, did they raise the minimum wage to $15 or enact health care for pets. >> i am sure it is c. >> raising the minimum wage. did she get that right? >> she did. the correct answer is c. she is now one for one. >> i think single payor universal health care for pets is not a bad idea. this is from last night's show.
6:57 pm
we reported on ted cruz and the hard time that he's been having campaigning in new york city after he derided what he called new york values the city of new york has greeted him with threats of a walk out at an event and a set of insults in the new york city tabloids. which one of those was the new york daily news's front page headline yesterday welcoming ted cruz to new york city. was it cruz' n for a bruising, uninterested, or forget about ted or take the f train. >> take the fu train ted. >> i can't believe we made you say that. what's the right answer. >> let's check last night's show he.
6:58 pm
>> the headline says honey how do we get out of the bronx and then the big headline is take the fu train, ted. for the record i take the f train all the time. there is an f train in new york city. i don't think there is a u train. >> the right answer is d and she's now two for two. >> you are a ringer. well done. all right. for your last question i'm going to give you a choice do you want another ted cruz question or do you want a john kasich question? >> ted cruz. >> another ted cruz. the answer to the john kasich was all of the above. all right. here is the ted cruz question. during tuesday night's election coverage, the donald trump campaign released a statement following trump's double digit loss in wisconsin to ted cruz. in that donald trump statement what did the trump campaign say about ted cruz? was it that ted cruz is quote a
6:59 pm
soft weak little baby, b, that ted cruz is quote, worse than a puppet, he is a trojan horse, c that ted cruz is the biggest liar i have ever dealt with in my life or d that ted cruz is quote, shorter than you'd think? >> i think it's b, a trojan horse. >> the correct is answer b. she's three for three. >> you did it. you nailed it. did she win all the prizes? >> she did. >> the shot glass and cocktail shaker and the thing from the propz. you're amazing. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> if you want to play the friday night news dump send us an e-mail. tell us who you are, where you're from and why you want to play the news dump. there are more shot glasses where those came from, i just have to find them. and now you actually don't have
7:00 pm
go to prison because you've been so good. you get to go play hardball with the great chris matthews. battle on broadway. let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. after a big loss in wisconsin this week, hillary clinton went on offense and fired a shot across bernie sanders bowel. he hit back showing he can more than defend himself. the fight kept up thursday when he taped an interview for friday's today show. she denied ever saying sanders was not qualified to be president. friday morning, sanders called a truce, after two days of slamming qualifications, he took back what he said about clinton herself being unqualified. here is what he said on "the today show." >> here is the truth. i've known hillary clinton for 25 years. i respect hillary clinton. we were colleagues in the senate. on her worst day, she will be --


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