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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  April 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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what they are. propaganda. a triple homicide caught on camera. >> it's 22 minutes, seems like 22 hours. >> taking the tech nine in the back of the head of all three victims. >> they killed them all. >> a young suspect sentenced to death. >> i'm looking at it and i'm like, i'm being charged with this? i didn't do it. why should i beg for my life for something i didn't do? >> does the tape save or condemn him.
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>> his face screamed guilt from day one. he is a murderer. >> "caught on camera" presents, "murder on tape." july 27th, 1994, three people murdered in a home invasion in south florida. what the killers don't realize is there's a security camera in the room recording the tragedy for police, jurors and the victim's families to study later. >> who would ever think you are at someone's house an someone is going to break in and kill you?
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>> deborah's sister, sharon anderson and her friend, marie rogers are the two women seen on the tape, chatting and joking moments before they are attacked and tied up. >> how many video homicides are there? it's rare. people really are cold and heartless. that video tape proves it. >> i wasn't an angel, but i didn't have anything to do with it. >> seth is one of the two men accused of the triple homicide. >> tape never lies, i agree with you. the question remains, who is on that tape? it's not me. it was never me. >> the home invasion story is chilling not only because of the level of violence used, but because it's all captured on camera. >> when msnbc presents an hour long program on the case in 2002, few question him and his co-defendant's guilt. >> i feel they should be executed.
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both of them. they did a horrendous thing, absolutely terrible and they should pay for their crime. for nearly two decades, the case goes through the courts while deborah sits in the gallery watching her sister's final moments over and over. >> obviously every time i have to revisit this because of the court system, it's yesterday. we look at a video tape. it's like they were not real people. i could not imagine that happening to me. well, they were real people and it did happen. they were no different than somebody sitting at home tonight wondering, god, that could have been me. that could be anybody. >> sharon and marie are both 25 and taken with the glamour they see on the south florida party
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circuit. >> who she was is suspended in time a little bit. she'll always be 25. she was funny, wisecracking, great sense of humor, great outlook on life. we were 11 months apart. we are actually a lot alike. my mom was a nurse and my dad ended up on the medical field on the mortuary science end and they married without her mother's blessing. my mom crossed the color line is how it's referred to in the '60s. turbulent period and she was jewish. i know enough about the faith that back then, you didn't marry outside of your faith. we knew from a very early age, it was just me and sharon. i really grew up thinking, i don't care what happens in this world, as long as we have each other, it will be okay.
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>> my name is sharon anderson. >> by her early 20s, she's pursuing modelling and acting in the miami area. here, she is in a video with artist heavy d. a lifestyle courthouse that distresses her sibling. >> it's a wild scene. there are all kind of characters in the early '90s. she was enjoying her life fearlessly. i was more structured, going to college. she was more, i'm young, i'm going to see what's out there. she was associated with people i did not know. i had no reason to think they were questionable, but i worried about her. >> with her older sister away at school, sharon begins spending time with marie roger, who is studying fashion design while raising a 3-year-old daughter.
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>> they were the pair that would throw caution to the wind, i was debby downer, it's getting late, we need to leave, i don't know that guy. >> despite his reputation, no one is surprised sharon and marie accept an early invitation by butch casey after a night at his club. 48-year-old casey, known by his birth name perceives himself as a local celebrity. in his hometown of buffalo, new york, he's taken to calling himself captain cabaret. >> his family had been in the bar business for quite some time. one of the bars that he -- his family was involved in became notorious and famous in the buffalo area for, perhaps being involved in drugs. it was shut down and closed down at one point and time and frequented by the buffalo bills and o.j. simpson.
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>> in 1975, in buffalo, casey pleads guilty to drug and firearms charges. then, after he relocates to florida in the early 1980s, police raid his club and arrest three employees for selling cocaine. >> it astonishes me because i don't think that -- we should have known what was going on. >> casey is able to maintain his standing as a charming host, surrounded by attractive women, like sharon anderson and marie rogers. seen on the security tape lounging in his living room, blisfully unaware two intruders are waiting nearby. >> butch casey lived a risky life. i don't believe sharon fully understood that. >> casey, apparently does. he had his home installed with a hidden security camera.
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>> in 1994, it was unheard of. they got extended play on the vcr. it could run for 12 or 24 hours. again, he was flamboyant. this woman, his girlfriend at the time just broke up with him or he with her. he installed the cameras because he thought she was coming back and ripping him off. he walked in, video running and he doesn't tell them. he had a camera in his bedroom. he had 200 video tapes of him having sex with women. certainly, the women are the most unfortunate. that was the most unlucky day for them. >> from what i can tell, they are just flirting. they are flirting with one another, having a good time, as you can see. >> he's already taken them
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through the house and shown them the backyard. the sliding glass door has been opened. >> i have seen that tape many times. every time you watch it, you just, you know, you want to jump in and tell them to get out of that house. i know how it's going to end every single time i watch it. >> seth will come to feel victimized as well, by authorities and the video tape that could lead to his execution. >> i didn't do this. i'm thinking all kind of things that hey, maybe they are trying to frame me. the nissan rogue with intuitive all-wheel drive. take on the unexpected.
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i'm a customer relationship i'm roy gmanager.ith pg&e. anderson valley brewing company is definitely a leader in the adoption of energy efficiency. pg&e is a strong supporter of solar energy. we focus on helping our customers understand it and be able to apply it in the best way possible. not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line. these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california. just like that, they realized i could be dead in a minute. >> it's hurtful, it's hurtful to watch. >> they went in with the intent to kill and they killed. >> july 27th, 1994. after a night out, this bar
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owner, joan as butch casey asked sharon anderson and marie rogers to continue the party at his miramar, florida home. >> why would you go to someone's house you really don't know? >> sharon anderson's sister. >> she did nothing, absolutely nothing wrong. nothing. she went to someone's house, that's it. whether i would have made that decision doesn't make her wrong. >> at 7:18 a.m., a hidden security camera captures an intruder entering in the door pointing a nine directly at butch casey. a second man follows yielding a stick instead of a firearm. the home invasion escalates quickly. >> for the most part, it's all in the room where the video camera was. >> for the next 18 years, an attorney will embark on a mission to clear seth, one of
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the two men accused of the murders. >> the first fellow in, just hits him with the gun and he goes down. he pushes the chair over with the other one. i'm sure they are yelling, get on the ground, get on the ground. >> marie rogers is shoved on the floor. she pretty much stays there the entire time. >> in 2002, former miramar detective, paul manzella is interviewed for an msnbc profile on the case. >> there is no sound on the tape, just the stark, silent images of three victims, two gunmen, one horrible crime. the video shows sharon anderson suddenly bolt from her attackers toward a back bedroom. >> we all have a fight or flight reaction. immediately, her reaction was to
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flee. whatever was said, she knew this was real. >> they are out of the picture, then the other intruder walks her out. >> sound, i think would have pushed me over the edge. i don't know what she said. she could have been begging for her life. i really just try not to go there. >> her feet were tied with telephone cord from the master bedroom. she's laid beside marie rogers, face down. >> the theory is he had a gun in his bedroom. the guy comes out with a gun now. he didn't have one when he entered. >> casey is pinned to the ground, apparently questioned and beaten over and over. >> it's possible he's somewhat stunned, doesn't know all in all what's going on at this point. >> in the midst of the chaos, casey's captor is shouting directions to the accomplice
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before searching the club owner for hidden valuables. >> he's stripping his shoes and socks off his feet. at that point, it was known he did, in fact, carry cash in his boot. >> the discovery prompts another beating, this one more severe. suddenly, casey reaches up and tries to overpower his captor. >> you can see casey grab the muzzle of the tech nine and a struggle ensues there. >> casey loses the battle and is shot once in the back. as sharon and marie lay on the floor, motionless and vulnerable, one of the gunmen closes the outside door. >> at this point, i feel it's premeditated, they know they are going to shoot the three people in the home. there's no reason to close the sliding back door if they are
5:17 pm
not going to create a noise or disturbance. they move them on the ground. >> takes it weapon out and sees it doesn't shoot. he puts it back into his pants. seconds later, he pulls it back out, fires one shot into sharon anderson, one shot into marie rogers and exit toward the front door. >> they shot her through her eye. closed casket, i could not even go to her funeral. >> although the bullet intended for marie missed, as the second gunman approaches, it's clear she won't escape. >> taking the tech nine and put into the back of the heads of all three victims. >> they killed them all, just plain execution.
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>> then, unaware he's being captured on video, one of the intruders briefly exposes his face. >> the two people he shot are dead. there's no reason for him to keep his cover on his head. >> the pair flee the house in casey's mercedes is found hours later. torched in a neighboring county. >> i remember being pregnant and told she was murdered, going straight to the hospital in shock. maybe somewhere the next three days, being back at the hospital giving birth and what happened the next four years, i can't tell you. it's like i dropped off the face of the earth. >> as police sift through casey's home, they discover something they have never encountered at a crime scene. a video detailing all 22 minutes of horror.
5:19 pm
>> it was something i never dreamed i would have that type of evidence that the entire homicide was committed on tape. >> investigators keep the findings secret while producing stills from the video to show potential witnesses. the tactic eventually leads to suspects pablo and seth, who, from the day of his arrest will insist the security tape shows a very different person. >> i know me. i know how i move. i don't move like that. how can i prove it? how can i prove or disprove it? if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ it's everything you've always wanted. and you work hard to keeit that way.
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the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. a triple homicide in an upscale florida home. all caught on camera. 48-year-old nightclub owner butch casey, beaten and shot through the neck and back. his 25-year-old guests, sharon
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anderson and marie rogers executed at point-blank range. >> i remember wanting to ask them, how could you kill her? >> sharon anderson's sister, deborah buoy. >> i couldn't wrap my mind around what a great person she was that someone would stand over her and shoot her in the head two times. i couldn't wrap my mind around that. >> i have seen many homicides and pictures of homicides, video tapes of homicides are even more shocking. >> in 2002, chief prosecutor chuck morton is interviewed about the case for msnbc. >> we only get to see from the photographs and the forensic evidence a crime scene where we can speculate what may have happened. to see the video, the 22 minutes of terror the victims went through. >> the video tape, in 1994 was,
5:24 pm
you know, earth shattering. >> this attorney will represent one of the two men charged with the murders. >> in the beginning, law enforcement had this, this is the holy grail for sure and will solve the entire case. once they had the video, the police stilled out photos, put them on a flyer and sent them to every law enforcement agency in florida. >> three weeks after the slayings, police in dade county make an arrest in another home invasion and an apparent connection to the faces on the flier. >> that home invasion is interrupted because one of the people in the house is in the bathroom, they call the police and catch them in the middle of the home invasion. >> the intruders show violence, shooting a dog and threatening to disembowel a pregnant woman.
5:25 pm
police theorize that two of the suspects are also involved in the triple murder in miramar. >> there was a lot of pressure on miramar police department, a very small police department who hadn't done a lot of homicide investigations to find the perpetrators. i believe there was a rush to judgment when they found the man who looked similar to the person in the video. >> former detective paul menzella says he acts guilty in front of police after shown dropping his mask in full view of the security camera. >> the look on his face was worth 1,000 words. you can just see his eyes and it was like where did you get that photograph? he pushed himself away from the table and put his head down. at that point, i knew i had something worthwhile. >> even so, the suspect does not
5:26 pm
confess to the killings despite friends and family members saying he resembles the man on the flier. >> i did my own survey. i drove around south florida. i could pick out 200 or 300 young men that looked identical to the person seen on that tape. so, any identification made of pablo was truly impossible to be made from that grainy tape. >> pablo -- >> authorities conclude otherwise and he's charged with three counts each of first degree murder. detectives are less certain about alex hernandez's
5:27 pm
involvement after an associate identifies him not as hernandez, but another member of their social network, 21-year-old seth. >> they showed him the photos. he says that's not aybar and him. he didn't really know my client. he knew him loosely and never really liked him. he puts him into the mix. >> an ex-girlfriend links him to the man in the hat and glasses. >> my thinking at the time is okay, they want to talk to him. i'll turn myself in. i didn't have anything to do with it. i didn't have nothing to run from. >> they see the clothes and the car, do forensic work, dna, fingerprints, anything they could do back then. it turned up to be nothing. >> the mere fact that no prints are there in the home doesn't mean that that person wasn't there. >> still, he says he's confidence the charges will be
5:28 pm
dropped. >> i wasn't worried about it. i didn't do anything, so big deal. >> that changes the moment he watches the security camera footage of the murders. >> the first time i seen the video tape was in open court. you see three people's lives vanish, just like that. i'm looking at it saying i'm being charged for this? >> he can't imagine the length and the stakes of the battle ahead. >> this is the real deal. i have hit rock bottom. they are going to try to kill me. ahh... yeah! ahh... you probably say it a million times a day. ahh... ahh! ahh... ahh! but at cigna, we want to help everyone say it once a year. say "ahh". >>ahh... cigna medical plans cover one hundred percent of your in-network annual checkup. so america, let's go. know. ahh! and take control of your health.
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secretary of state who was in brooklyn. on the gop side, donald trump made his first public appearance for the sirs time since saturday, making a donation to the 9/11 museum in manhattan. now back to "caught on camera." in 1997, seth is about to be tried for a triple murder, captured by a hidden security camera. prosecutors say he's this man in the hat and glasses firing bullets into the heads of his victims. >> i saw her murdered on tape. i saw the crime scene footage. >> deborah buoy is a prominent presence in the courtroom
5:33 pm
watching the footage of her sister being terrorized during a home invasion along with a friend, marie rogers and bar owner, butch casey. never once does she question his guilt. >> you murdered her and i can see it on video tape. >> they share the same defense table at florida's broward county courthouse. in a 2002 interview, deborah says aybar looks over at her and tries to communicate a message. >> one of them spoke to me, then had the nerve to mouth to me, i'm sorry, i didn't kill your sister. >> i remember that day vividly. he mouthed that to me outside the presence of the jury. i had to be dragged out of court. i was so full of rage. >> the prosecution lays out its case, describing them as members
5:34 pm
of a gang, specializing in home invasions. >> their job was to go get cash, drugs, whatever and they knew they weren't going to leave witnesses behind. >> but, the video is the most potent weapon. >> i'm cringing every time the video is played, my stomach churning, sweating through my jacket. it's 22 minutes, seems like 22 hours when playing it. >> the trial drags on for an exhausting eight months. when jurors cannot agree the men in the courtroom are the ones on the tape, the judge is forced to declare a mistrial. >> when you are the victim's family, you want the jury to reach a decision, even if it's acquittal, put an end to it. to come back after all the months of evidence and say, i really don't know, i just felt like it was a disservice. >> he is sent back to jail, waiting more than two years until his retrial in 2000. this time, authorities try him
5:35 pm
separately from his codefendant. they depict him as the more violent of the two. >> after we found the video tape and seen who was the aggressor, pablo is secondary. he's the second one in the door. he has a stick versus a gun initially. seth was the aggressor on video. >> it's embarrassing to be tried in a public setting like that and it's just spread all around the world because you have friends out there. the family i had left at the time, they see it and friends of the family see it. it's embarrassing. you don't want everybody to look at you as this bad person. >> as in the first trial, his lawyer argues it's impossible to identify the gunman on the surveillance tape. >> the enhancement process was
5:36 pm
terrible. the pixel thing where you start to break down the lines. the truth is, you couldn't enhance the video. >> the attorneys argument can't compete with the emotional impact of the video. the trial ends with jurors convicting him of all three murders. in a separate proceeding, pablo aybar is found guilty. >> anyone that sees the video, it's terrible. it reaches inside you and makes you want to punish somebody for what happened. >> both of them are sentenced to death. >> i want them to suffer, i do. i think they will suffer. but they made the choice to walk into that house and take three lives. we all saw them do that. >> i'm sorry, sharon anderson's sister is wrong. my heart goes out to them.
5:37 pm
all they have is my sincere sympathies, but convicting the wrong person is just another tragedy. >> for the next dozen years, they will remain on death row fighting for his freedom, as well as his life. >> i didn't do it. why should i beg for my life for something i didn't do? i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled
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if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. growwwlph. it's what you do. ohhat is good crispy duck. july 27th, 1994, two intruders attempt to disguise their features as they storm into the miramar home of butch casey, a nightclub owner, entertaining two female acquaintances after a night out. >> that tape has been, in so many respects, a blessing and a curse for us. >> deborah watched the tragic footage dozens of times.
5:41 pm
her sister, sharon anderson is casey's house guest, along with her friend, marie rogers. in less than an hour, all three will be murdered while a hidden security camera chronicles the attack. >> the blessing would be lots of people never know what happened. i know exactly what happened to her. i know everything they did to her and i realize from other people who have lost family members to violence, there's some peace in that. >> in 2000, seth and pablo are sentenced to death for the triple homicide. even as he awaits execution, though, he continues insisting he's not the killer seen on the tape in the hat and glasses. >> i'm thinking it's going to get right. it's going to get right somewhere. >> if there's any case that deserves the death penalty, that is the worst of the worst cases,
5:42 pm
the most egregious, the most heinous, that is the crime that fits and deserves the death penalty. >> i just didn't believe it. this is no game. this is the real deal. i have hit rock bottom. they are going to try to kill me. >> from his cell on florida's death row, he and his defense team begin the long, almost hopeless task of trying to reverse the guilty verdict. >> in our business, the verdict is never the end. i have earned hundreds of appeals. >> i started getting all my transcripts, trial transcripts and i read through them. i was kind of upset after reading anything. i don't think i should have been in this spot. >> how did he end up in this predicament?
5:43 pm
to hear him tell the story, it's bad breaks that begin early in his childhood. >> i was born in san francisco, california. i think i came to south florida at the age of maybe 3. at one time, my mom was on drugs, you know, she was clean for a little bit. as i got older, maybe the age of 13 or 14, she started relapsing. i was pretty much on my own since age 14 or 15. >> as he drifts further into his teens, he finds a warped sense of solace in gang activity. >> back then, it was like a brotherhood, a family. you don't have to mother, a father, no sisters or brothers. everybody else is like that, too. you're almost like a family. >> a family that forges ties in violence. >> we were at a party and something happened. we did what we did. >> words are exchanged and he admits, later that night, he and
5:44 pm
a group of friends shoot at a rival's home. no one is injured. police quickly round up the participants. >> i was in for three months for that. i got released and another charge for stolen property. it was something with a gold chain. i took probation for it. i violated the probation. i was on the run. they did eventually catch me. they gave me a year and a day. i did maybe six months, that was that. >> by the time the killers raid the home in miramar, florida, he is 21 and says he's working construction and breaking away from his criminal past. while he's been to butch casey's bar, there's little, besides the video to link him to the crime scene since authorities admit dna and fingerprint evidence is virtually nonexistent.
5:45 pm
>> usually with crime scenes, you can take something away. carpet fibers, hair samples, things of that nature. we had the house secured for two days and, again, came up with limited physical evidence. >> you would think, at some point, there would be some forensic evidence to confirm your thought that it's him. maybe in the beginning they thought they were on to something. once they had it wrong, they latched on to things and made leaps they shouldn't have made. >> to deborah buoy, it leaves no question about the identity of her sister's killers. >> i could not close my eyes without seeing that tape. i can, you know, mimic the movements, exactly what happened, the look on her face, being thrown on the floor, feet tied. i felt like i was going crazy.
5:46 pm
i was consumed by that tape. >> analyzed that video over and over to see something to help me. it's the one thing everybody is missing that maybe i could catch that will prove my innocence. i know i don't move like that. how do i prove it to nobody else. how do i get it across to the jury? >> the question possesses him. he constantly contacts his attorney from death row, bombarding him with strategy suggestions. >> he's making me crazy. i'm going to turn over the ones i think are going to bring me gold. >> what he's prepared to do is go to the florida supreme court to dispute identifications made by a number of witnesses, including his ex-girlfriend. >> they showed her the two stills. she refused to identify them until the police said if one is seth and one is pablo, this is seth and this is pablo. they said good, sign your name on the back and she did.
5:47 pm
look at him and go well, been arrested, did some time. it's a perfect fit for them. >> police and prosecutors insist the case is solved. >> i have no doubt, whatsoever. i'm convinced they did it. that gives me a good sense of closure. i think it brought a lot of closure to the families involved, too. they will never see daylight again. >> he continues to insist he's innocent and refuses to back down. after 18 years behind bars, he's about to be given one final chance to save his life. >> i had all the pain going through these trials. it's hard. it's so hard.
5:48 pm
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♪ in 2002, seth and pablo are awaiting execution on florida's death row. after being convicted of slaying three defenseless victims in a 1994 home invasion. >> you know, at one point, i kind of gave up. you know, if they execute me, oh well. i was like my life has been so bad, it's like take me out of my misery. >> his attitude changes he says when he makes the decision to become what's commonly known as a jailhouse lawyer. >> he turned into a legal expert on his case.
5:52 pm
he knew everything about his case. he had a case law i have never heard of. over and over. >> his efforts result in the florida supreme court considering whether to overturn the verdict, creating hope for him and frustration for the families of victims, sharon anderson, marie rogers and butch casey. >> if i have hard feelings at all, it's about the way our system allows people to stay on death row for a ridiculous amount of time and to drain the system of one appeal after the next. >> still, she's gratified when the state's highest court reaffirms aybar's conviction based on this still revealing his face. prosecutors sight the grainy image as evidence he was in the house. >> the florida supreme court felt differently. there was no reason to feel that this person who was in sunglasses and a dark hat was in
5:53 pm
any way connected to anyone that could be identified. >> in 2006, the florida supreme court decides he deserves another opportunity to make his case. reversing his conviction and ordering a new trial. >> my heart dropped out. i was so nervous, my hands were shaking. by that time, my mother passed. she passed in 2004. she said, you know what? baby, you'll come home. she told me that. >> in 2012, he returns to the broward county courthouse in ft. lauderdale for his third trial. >> i wanted to believe, but i didn't believe it could ever happen to where i would be found not guilty and walk out them doors. >> i definitely felt a disconnect in the retrial. i had a bad feeling from day one. i was concerned about what picture was going to be painted
5:54 pm
of this individual i know as a murderer, not a suspect. i kept saying, i have to be prepared for whatever the outcome is, no matter how bad it is. >> after 18 years, the case has become unwielding, during jury selection, attorneys screened 2,200 candidates before agreeing on a panel. >> his defense team believes this jury watching the security tape in the youtube era will respond differently from the group that convicted him. >> the tale of the tape was terrible quality. if you fast forward now, it was one of the advantages of having it 18 years later. we were able to show the jury what a good hd video is and what a terrible quality home surveillance camera was in 1994. we had something to compare it to and demonstrate to the jury, you should not be looking at this video to solve who is on it. also, there's no dna for seth in
5:55 pm
the house. there's no dna of any of the victims in the car or his clothing. all the places it should have been. >> and, while researching the case behind bars, he becomes aware of a piece of evidence never presented in the prior trials. >> so, 2012, we got 50,000 pages of documents we had never seen. in those documents and to seth credit, he had to time to piece, page by page, go through 50,000 pages found a reward was paid to a witness in this case and the police and the witness said they never paid a reward. in the end, i got the documents out, put it in front of the lead detective and it was a perry mason moment. the detective looked at the jury and said i forgot about it. >> both the miramar police and state attorney's office declined the offer to participate in this report.
5:56 pm
after five months of proceedings, jurors spend ten days viewing the security footage. a period of time the judge describes as unheard of. >> on december 21st, 2012, a cell phone camera captures them tensely waiting for the verdict. >> when they say not guilty the first time, i dropped my head first. i'm thinking, okay, they didn't get me for the top of the line first degree murder. maybe they are going to get me for a lesser degree. >> as each charge is read, the
5:57 pm
pattern remains unchanged. >> by the time we got to count three, not guilty, it hit me, man. if you look at that video, you can see that emotion. you can see it come out. almost 20 years of it. many a nights, many a days that, you know, i'd be asleep in jail on death row and i'm free and i wake up and see it. when i'm in that chair, i'm rubbing my head with both hands. it's almost like pinch me to see if i'm awake. am i going to wake up and see the wall or is this real? >> the jury having found you not guilty on all counts. >> as they celebrate, the victim's relatives react with a mixture of disbelief and outrage. >> i am not going to waste one more piece of energy on seth. he's acquitted. i don't know that i would use the word free. you might fool the system. you might be able to convince a group of people that i was
5:58 pm
wrongly incarcerated. seth knows what he did. >> i understand there will be doubters, no matter what. do they have anger, of course. rightfully so. you know, one day maybe, i would love to sit down with them and show them the evidence and have them bring it back to the state attorney and say why did you lie to us. >> he needs to stay as far away from me and anyone in my family for as long as he has breath in his body. i don't ever want to hear from him. he is a murderer. >> there's still a part of me that wants to prove i didn't do it. i can explain, you know, i was wrongly convicted and eventually exonerated, who is going to want to hire me? you know what i mean? who wants that on their plate? >> the 22 minute video of the
5:59 pm
massacre that ended the lives of three people will always haunt everyone involved in the case. sharon anderson's family focuses on that happy, dynamic woman seen in this video instead. >> i am grateful for the 25 years she was here and she lives on in stories that i tell. she lives on in the lives of my children. they are not going to win. they took her life. they are not going to destroy every part of who she was and i am not going to let them destroy me. >> seth says he developed a positive outlook from the tragedy. >> who cares about a car or a house? i don't. i got freedom now. before being sent to death row, i believed in the death penalty. everybody says they are innocent. are they? i don't know. i know for sure you have a lot of innocent people there, too.
6:00 pm
due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> the screaming and the pounding and everything, for them it actually is quite normal. >> 210, baby. what's up? >> they have nothing better to do and they think they're some kind of gods or something. >> an up-and-coming gang takes on the old guard and pits two friends against each other in an act of blood-sport.


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