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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 10, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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msnbc live. i'm alex and here's what's happening right now. fresh reaction from donald trump's newly hired convention manager about the fight with ted cruz over delegates. >> what is fair game to win a delegate? is threatening? >> it's not my style or donald trump's style. it is ted cruz's style. that is going to wear thin very fast. you go to the conventions and you see the tactics. >> gestapo tactics? >> we will be filing protests because the reality is they are not playing by the rules. >> his comments come a day after trump lost to ted cruz. the texas senator picked up all of the 34 elected delegates in the party's convention. he holds a 211 delegate lead.
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trump has 756 to cruz's 545. cruz made this prediction about how he will fare at the nomination at the contested convention. >> i think we will go in with an overwhelming advantage. i believe the first ballot will be the highest vote total donald trump receives and we will win the nomination and the majority. >> bernie sanders picked up the seventh consecutive win after getting 56% of the vote. both candidates picked up seven delegates. clinton got more super delegates bringing her total to 11 from wyoming. i spoke to bernie sanders's adviser about his momentum. >> the kind of momentum that bernie has can turn around given a big deficit like that. new york is a place they know hillary clinton very well.
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she has a depth of support and it's real. to beat her will be a tremendous challenge. we were six points behind 11 days out and won by 14. that's a lot of movement. >> sanders is in brock lyoklyn clinton will hold a rally in baltimore. donald trump is the only candidate out campaigning on the gop. he will be kicking off a couple of hours from now. let's bring in jacob rascon. with all the changes, any expectations from a different tone from him today? >> that's what we will be looking for. we heard from paul this morning that new convention manager talks about a more conventional campaign and the campaign told us we should expect. we are talking about more policy speeches and talking about choosing different venues so they can get there.
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they have to be bussed in to support trump and a difference in coming on morning shows. this is the first time donald trump has been called into or sat down with a morning show in many months. today we get a new fox news poll about new york that again has donald trump with an overwhelming lead. 54% which is double second place. john kasich at 22%. ted cruz in a distant third. ted cruz has been beating donald trump badly at the delegate arm twisting game. the convention manager brought in for exactly that purpose. here he is today talking about "meet the press" about what he calls dishonest tactics by the cruz campaign. >> i acknowledged we were not playing in colorado and they did. they took an approach to the county conventions where they can get the policy and they don't care about the party. they blow it up. that's not going to work.
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>> now let's talk about the fake headline from the boston globe. very unusual for them to come out with this. imagining what it would be like if trump were president. they say it is a headline on the front page they hope to never print. they called for the other candidates to make room for somebody else. very interesting. a lot of people feeling free to come out in their opposition to trump. 7,000 people and many thousands of people here. we are looking for what will be different. is this a trump 2.0. alex? >> we will see with your help. let's turn to the democrats in the shift for the primary happening over a week from now. hillary clinton with a double digiid lead over sanders and
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five others will follow on april 26th. kelly o'donnell is in baltimore where hill reclintary clinton ig a rally. >> they are already on the ground obviously. the crowd is now coming in after waiting outside for a while. the music is playing. it looks different than when we saw you last hour. maryland is a state that is blue with an important city like baltimore that should be good territory for hillary clinton. she was in new york as well, splitting her time between the next two big states coming up and visited churches today and talked about the issues that are coming into the conversation. she spoke and referenced to a new york congressman who had been overseas doing traveling and reflecting the comments he heard while overseas about concerns about the u.s. election.
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hillary clinton worked that into her remarks at a church in queens to talk about how penitentia important it is to be represented to partners and friends around the world. here's a clip of that. >> it was so really concerned by what they are hearing. someone running for president who wants to build walls instead of brimmi of bridges and accusing americans of being criminals. that's not what we do in new york. another one running for president who criticized what he called new york values. i happen to think new york values are at the core of american values. >> and of course you can read between the lines. clearly talking about republicans donald trump and ted cruz, but she also made a reference that can be interpreted as subtle criticism of bernie sanders and talking
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about a candidate who is not giving president obama the credit that clinton believes he deserves for progress made. that's a way that she can try to align herself with especially african-americans in new york who have a very high favorability rate towards president obama and a way for her to align herself and talk about the importance of unity when she competed in 2008 and talks about her painful loss, but working with him. accepting his offer to be secretary of state and working on his behalf. working a subtle message to sanders and sanders supporters that she believes she can win the nomination and wants to support her and bring that along. >> thank you so much from baltimore. on the heels that was report, joining me now from "usa today." with a welcome to you both. we will start with you here. even though clinton ended up
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with a higher total count, did they do much to persuade them to get on board? >> not in this state, alex. this is exactly the demographic mix that sanders has been carrying. small caucus state. that's not going to persuade them. what would persuade them to hear him out would be a win in new york. it wouldn't have to be a big win. according to the delegate map, it would have to be a big win. not in terms of making the case to the super delegates. according to the most recent polls, he has a lot of ground to make up in terms of super delegates. the only way for sanders to keep it going to keep going is the super delegates. he would try to make a case to them in the states he has all
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right won. that's the big case that the clinton campaign will start to make. he is winning in all these talk us states. i have a huge lead on him in the popular vote as well. >> 2.5 million to be specific. you wrote about what each needs to do to win the state. what is your assessment of sanders and what they need to do? >> i think heidi is right that part of the issue here is even when he is winning, he is not winning enough to make a dent in the delegate lead. he wins and she goes further ahead. they are being in 28 different races. it's not race. in each district there is an country for one of them to pick
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up more delegates than the other. it will be a while to figure out if he can make a big enough dent to really take a dent in her lead. he can play very well in the rural districts with large college populations and i'm not sure that delivers the entire state for him. >> there is a new poll that shows them wins by 16 points. is new york a shoe in or do you see the possibility of an upset? >> at this point i think it's going to be tough. here's the key and we talk about the fact that new york is her home court because she represented the state. i got that, but here's the difference. when you look at sanders's performance, he struggles in
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those states. the voters that carried him to his epic win in new hampshire, they won't be allowed to vote in the primary. the chances are small, but as i said at the top, he can call and consider it a victory if he closes the marng in on her. >> let's talk about the republicans. donald trump leading by 32 points at this point in the game. cruz comes in last and where do you see cruz winning next if trump wins new york? >> the question is can you go further west? the campaign is am category up in maryland and pennsylvania don't seem like fertile ground? you go to montana and that's a race he can win.
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popular places where cruz can win, but his goal is to prevent donald trump from getting the dell gets he needs. that's why he is in the bronx to get the three delegates from the 15,000. this is a targeted strategy for the cruz campaign to go after delegates to keep trump below 1237. they said he is using gestapo measures. have you heard of the tactics from any side? >> i haven't and this is part of a pattern that you can start to see with the candidate himself after the kiss cons in victory starting to lay the work for this narrative and now that they know this is say look, at the
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end of the day i will be with the most delegates and the most votings and they will try to take this away from me because of the talk about not even trying to promote ted cruz, but bringing in people who haven't run for the pedestrian to take it over in a delegate play at the convention. i think it's just part of the emerging narrative that you will see. they are pushing from here to the convention. >> you came up with a list of 19 political dates this month. which is the most important from this day forward? >> i think it's going to be the next collection of delegates on the 26th. some of them are unbound which
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will be interesting. maryland will be in that pile as well. you see a run of a big chunk of dell gets where it's a possibility for hillary to really put space between her and bernie sanders and see if trump can generate what he needs. >> do you agree, heidi? >> yeah, i do. especially because after that, you are going into states like indiana where trump is severely at a disadvantage in california where polls show him also kind of losing his advantage a bit. i think that will be an important date. >> june 7. good to see you. in a moment, new information about the arrest of the airport attack in brussels. fears of another terrorist strike.
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despite being the clear front-runner, donald trump is facing an uphill challenge to capture the nomination outright. trump won 46% of the delegates, but he needs to win 61% of remaining to reach the magic number. it is a tougher task for ted cruz needing 87% and an impossibility for john kasich needing 138%. let's go to the brussels bombing with a second assault on france. woe have more on this. what more do we know? >> we were horrified in jf when france suffered the wofrlt attack since world war ii.
10:20 am
the fore separate attacks that killed 130 people. we are learning that was meant to be only the beginning. they are getting information from one man they just charged with being a mass motherer not just here in brussels, but in paris. france was always the min target for a second hit. they targeted brussels because they feared they were going to be arrest and they went out of their apartment in brussels and attacked here at the airport and in the subway. the man who is talking. the paris attacks killed 130 people. the cell in belgium had been
10:21 am
planning a second hit on france. the arrest of the bomber surprised them and the investigation rushed them into an attack on belgium. the information is coming from this man. hunted for months and disguised to kill. the man in the hat wheeling his explosives and confessing his role. arrested friday and talking saturday has been formally charged with the brussels mas kearse. he hold him he his jacket in a garbage can and hold his hat. they had evidence he was one of the tearis attackers. until he talked, his role in brussels was unclear. now he is saying more. >> brussels is a safer place. it doesn't mean they are not many more on the loose. >> police are on the hunt for
10:22 am
more suspects, raiding an apartment block. the terror gang may be bigger and ready to strike again. nobody here believes the gang has been capture and killed, but the belgian prime minister warping people to stay alert. >> bill neely there in brussels for us. >> will the arrest help destroy the islamic state? we will talk to the isis army of terror. ivanka trump is a new mom. how in the world is she trying to soften the image of donald trump? that's next. d you're not working for peanuts. well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? while you guys are busy napping, peanuts are delivering 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients right to your mouth. you ever see a peanut take a day off? no. peanuts don't even get casual khaki fridays.
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10:26 am
father it's a rally in new york and spoke about leaving her baby for a short while to help her dad. >> it was not easy to leave him for so much as a minute to be here, but it was incredibly important to me that i did. my father is battle tested. he is a doer and has a track record for effectiveness and has a long track record of winning. as president my father will make america great again. >> as trump makes headlines for his rhetoric and an article in "the washington post" said i varchg ivanka is serving as the anti-donald. in what ways does she soften her father's image? >> she is everything that he is not. first of all, he is 69. she is 34. he has a problem with women voters according to polls. she has huge popularity. she has millions of followers of
10:27 am
her. she is very active on social media. he is saying things like china is sucking us dry and islam hates us, very insendiary divicive rhetoric, she is tweeting about recipes and balance between home life and work. she is a powerful business woman herself, but she is so uncontroversial, you can't believe they are related. >> here's what's interesting about how she is protecting the trump brand. just as consistently as her father spews statements, islam hates us, she offers tips like sleeping better, dressing chic and being the balm to her father's sharp stings. how else does she avoid the hazards while supporting his effort to become president?
10:28 am
>> she is many people close in the campaign it is his closest adviser. she is the vice president in his company, but also in the campaign people on the inside said he listens to her. she say huge support to him. she is married to a well-known democratic family. she avoids politics, avoids ever really talking about policy or specific cases, but many people think she is the reason he said he supported planned parenthood. even if not abortion. i think quietly she is a very smart woman. she is friends with chelsea clinton so as the parents rip each other to shreds, ivanka just had a baby and chelsea is pregnant. par do you think she is the
10:29 am
person to help him among women voters. can she do this? >> i don't think people vote for president according to her their daughter is, but i know she is helping him. she is cutting digital ads and she is on facebook and showing up at rallies. when you see her, people are flocking to her on her. she has her own line of clothes which is successful and i was in columbia. latin america does not like donald trump. he is famous for saying he will deport all the people here. i was in the grocery counter in columbia. ivanka trump is a celebrity jet setter. people like her. they distinguish her from him. that is an asset. >> when you prepare for this piece, is there anything that stood out that you didn't know that you do now? >> one thing is that she converted to judaism when she
10:30 am
got married into her family and she is so serious about it that she shuts off the phone for 25 hours every saturday. donald jokes about it. i can't even get my daughter on the phone and keeps one day a week for her family. he doesn't sleep and always tweeting. she shuts down at least once a week. she is the daughter of donald trump's first wife, ivana who said when they got divorced. don't get mad, get everything. she has two very interesting parents and carving out her own path. >> thank you, mary. the trump campaign's bumbling efforts to secure delegates. what's the problem? that's next.
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and clean and real and inside jokes and school night. good, clean food pairs well with anything. try the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. welcome back to the place for politics. let's look at where the
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candidates are. bernie sanders is at a rally on coney i land. hillary clinton is in baltimore an hour later. donald trump is the only gop campaigning today. ted is focusing efforts in california. he will hold two recently scheduled events there tomorrow. california is one of the key states. and rivals are banking on it in the june seventh primaries considered a make or break day for the cantidates. bernie sanders with nine days left in the the primary. according to an enj, santers put a 34-point deficit to 13. let's bring in danny freeman on the way to coney island on the bus. i hope we don't dropout. let's talk about the war of
10:35 am
words between he and former president clinton. >> without a doubt, the war of words between sanders and clinton's campaign has been ramping up. the latest episode happened at harlem theater where they said that bill clinton should apoll jazz to the american people about super predators. take a look at what he said when asked how he felt about that subject. >> unacceptable. we all know what that term meant in the context that it was said years ago. we know who they were talking about. that's who it was. i think the president owes the american people a apology.
10:36 am
>> we are currently as you said en route to coney island. >> we thought that might happen. we won't have you dropout. she going through a tunnel and he is on his way to coney island and we will see what happens with that when the rally begins. donald trump campaigning in new york when a new poll shows upbeating john kasich by 32 points. cruz comes in last place at 15%. joining me now is a republican strategist. good to see you as always. let's get to the poll. if trump wins new york, is it going to be harder to slow him down? >> if he sweeps new york, a lot of people believe he will win new york. it's with how many dell gets? does he sweep it or lose the congressional districts or lose parts of them because they are picked off by the other candidates which is quite possible given how few voters
10:37 am
there in some districts down in new york city. he has drawn a line in the sand. donald trump has said i'm not com campaigning anywhere. i want to win new york. >> they reported on missteps. during the colorado convention, he printed new lists with new names and those lists they had mistake including the wrong ballot numbers or people who pledged to vote for cruz and this morning they accused the cruz camp of gestapo tactics. how do you assess the strategy? >> it's very, very weak. he did not know he had to have this type of game plan. it's like he applied for a permit before he knew what the zoning was.
10:38 am
he doesn't know the rules of the game. i think that is part of this frustration he had and why we have seen a campaign shake-up. the campaign itself has outgrown the candidate. that started out with a small group of people based in new york where he was at 20%. that can no longer handle what's going on nationwide and losing the dell gets whether it's in places like louisiana or colorado and how he can not clean the state in new york. these are all problems of poor campaign management. >> with regard to a contested convention, that possibility on the gop side, what do you make of paul ryan appearing to flirt with the idea of a nomination at the convention especially with that video he put out. others say it looks like a campaign ad. >> i was involved with an effort to draft campaign ryan and he
10:39 am
was not interested in running for president. i take him at his word and he is looking to raise his profile and looking to be above all the nonsense that is going on in the republican party. he will have to be the speaker of the house and get things done. he may want to elevate his position. >> he did not want to do that job, but they needed me. what if it's that kind of scenario. >> he wants to break up the country's big banks, but can he do it and does it make sense? that's next. aughing) there's nothing like making their day.
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10:43 am
because the banks are too big to fail. correct? it turns out they were too big to fail. number one. number two you look at the 6th largest financial institutions of this country and their as assets are equivalent to 6% of the gdp in the country. about one third of the mortgages. that is a lot. >> sheila is the president of washington college and the former chair of the fdic. i want your take on what we just heard. this is a big theme. is it accurate or fair to blame the big banks for so many problems in the country? >> well, i think there is more work to be done. it's not an easy issue obviously. i tend to agree with him, but we have too much concentration of power at the largest banks. there is rule making going on
10:44 am
that will make sure we can handle them with the taxpayer bailouts. there is a separate issue of economic and political power concentration which is legitimate to raise. how you deal with it is another matter. >> what he said about several of the banks, three being bigger today than they were before. that's true. >> that is true. we frequently find that in a crisis where there is an consolidation and the stronger banks are inclined to acquire smaller ones. that's the dynamic that you get. i support much stronger capital requirements for the large banks. that's the largest institutions getting challengers from shareholders asking them to look at whether they would be providing better return fist they were smaller and spun off the operations. that's a policy of trend that
10:45 am
regulators should facilitate and if we increase more, we would facilitate and the market itself would push them to downside. >> they're don't have a plan of how to break up the banks. do you think his ideas make sense. >> as i understand it, he's going to have the secretary of the treasury do it. i don't think they have the power to do that. there is a very e will be rate process called the oversight to bring in the legal problems with another case involving met life, challenging the legal authority. i don't think it's quite as simple. it's just the treasury secretary saying these are the big banks and we will break them up. there other ways by increasing capital requirements. we think the largest institutions and they rely too much debt and not enough to fund themselves fchl you force them with more equity, it makes it harder for them to produce
10:46 am
acceptable shareholder returns and they will downsize. the smaller institutions are more efficient and they did better than the largest institutions. >> what are about the call to make public universals tuition-free and pointed to new york and california and going back to the 1950s when they were relatively free. as a college president, is that realistic? >> i don't think so. the students have so much debt already through student debts or future taxpayers given the large fiscal deficits, the government has run that. people are tired of more entitlement programs we can't afford. this will skew choices towards public universities. i don't think we can afford it. students in particular need a choice and segmenting the population and saying everyone goes to a public university and it's free that, doesn't make
10:47 am
sense. we are all in combatting student debt and affordability. it is a shame what we is done to our students, but making things free is doubling down on mistakes we have made which is making it too freely available without couldable and they will have no accountability and make sure they will get degrees that will get them jobs. >> is there anything that can be done? >> a lot of things. i like the proposal that jeb bush had that received a lot of good bipartisan commentary. he would scrap all the kochlt occasions and set up a $50,000 line of credit and have repayment based on income shares. 1% for $10,000 you borrow would be paid back overtime. nobody would have to pay more than 25 years. even if you take a low paying job, you would be capped out at 25 years and playing only 1% for
10:48 am
10,000 borrowed. it's a low payment burden geared towards touch money students are actually earning. that would get rid of what we have right now with the standard repayment plan. it's affordable given the large amounts of debt the students are taking on. i think that's simplification income-based repayment and having accountability on the schools too. take a bit of a share of the taxpayer losses with the students that default. >> i know that washington college, your school you have just frozen tuition. that was met with resistance? >> no, the schools are supportive. we are one of the few schools that did and i wish more would. we looked at the budget and thought we could do this and wanted to provide tuition relief. we are also aggressively raising funding geared towards academ
10:49 am
academically achieving high financial needs students to tuition and room and board costs. we have a program called dom the debt to pay down the debt of graduating seniors. donors have been responsive and another thing they can do is redirect philanthropy and not hiring a lot more staff or building buildings you don't need. gear it towards scholarships. they can turn to scholarships and not loan when is they need to pay. >> well said. thank you very much. up next, an expert on isis joins me to discuss what should be done to destroy the islamic state. the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪
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show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. a new revelation today from investigators. the terrorists behind the bombings in brussels were initially planning an attack in paris. belgian prosecutors have charged mohamed abrini, the so-called man in the hat, with terrorist murderers in the attacks in brussels, which killed 15 people at airport and 17 others at a metro station. those attacks have raised new
10:53 am
concerns about isis-inspired attacks around the world. let's bring in michael weiss, co-author of the newly updated book "isis: inside the army of terror." with a welcome to you, michael, how significant is this arrest of the so-called man in the hat, and what was your reaction when you heard? >> it's a very good get. they've now got about half a dozen isis operatives in custody, including salah abdeslam, one of the paris attackers himself who was caught in a raid several weeks ago. look, when you capture these guys alive, it provides you with the opportunity to interrogate them and to garner what's really been most missing in europe in particular, which is human intelligence. what is the scale and size of this network? how many operatives who have been trained up in raqqah by isis high command have been dispatched back into europe? i've talked to recent isis defectors who say the number is much higher than anything they've seen reported by european newspapers. when the paris attacks happened last november, i had just got
10:54 am
back from istanbul where i was interviewing a defector from one of isis's spy services who told me in october that he trained up two french foreign fighters who went back to france. and after paris, i said were any of those killed in this operation your guys? so, he said no. so, there's two still at large. this also goes to the larger point, though, of what isis is becoming. so, you have this caliphate project in iraq, still held by al bakr al baghdadi, has been taken off with parades, but it's bifurcating into two organizations. one is focused almost exclusively on these foreign terror attacks. and what i find most interesting and what is unprecedented for this group is that european nationals, some of them, in fact, not even of arab or muslim or north african dissent, are now rising up the ladder and gaining security portfolios, whereas before you had to be mostly iraqi but also perhaps
10:55 am
syrian or tunisian to be that high level within isis's security structure. so, this is where they want to take the fight now, to our own capital cities. >> that is deeply concerning. what about the arrests of these terrorists? does that do anything to have an impact on isis's ability to inspire or plan other attacks outside the middle east? has it squelched that at all? >> i don't think it will affect their ability to inspire terrorism. i mean, in the last several months, certainly in 2015, they have perpetrated so many spectacular attacks. i use spectacular in the terrorist definition of the word. >> right. >> and one of the countries hit worst of all is turkey, the second most populous army in nato. if you were kind of jonesing to the isis ideology, if you're looking to take up the jihadi mantle, this is actually pretty impressive. i mean, they've eclipsed, at least in terms of the sensationalism and the brutality where it's been perpetrated in the west, in u.s.-allied
10:56 am
countries, they've eclipsed al qaeda in this regard. now, the positives, as i mentioned, you know, capturing guys alive means you can interrogate. the negative, though, and we saw this with brussels, right? this was an attack that was meant to have occurred in paris, possibly on easter sunday. it got sped up, and then the city was relocated to brussels. why? because the net had been closing in after salah abdeslam was captured. whoever was left figured, you know what, if we don't go now, we could get arrested at any moment. so, now the more guys you arrest, the more you take off the playing field. >> but -- >> the more the rest of them who remain are going to want to accelerate whatever operations they've got planned. >> michael, i guess relative to those two foreign fighters that you say, well, they're probably still in france, how much should we be concerned about sleeper cells here in the united states, and give it to me in about 20 seconds. >> okay. well, sleeper cells in the u.s. are a harder trick for isis, simply because, i mean, the geography, right? we're separated by an ocean. you can literally drive from syria to any of these countries in the european continent. but what we have to worry about
10:57 am
here are what's known as the lone wolf, the radicalized or inspired terrorist, such as the san bernardino attackers, but europe is a huge problem with operatives who have been trained. that is the issue. >> michael weiss, thank you so much. >> sure. >> that's a wrap, everyone. i'll see you next weekend. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept is getting out there with less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin, i will. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus it had significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both. that really mattered to me. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop.
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(dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. this sunday, political "the hunger games" in the gop. ted cruz sweeps the delegates in colorado. >> i think we will go in with an overwhelming advantage. >> it looks more and more like we're headed to an open convention that could deny trump the nomination. the man trump just hired to save his campaign plus, look who got nasty this week. >> he hadn't done his homework. >> i don't believe that she is qualified. >> but is the damage done? joining me this morning, bernie sanders and new york city mayor bill de blasio, a key clinton supporter. also, ryan's


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