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tv   Lockup Cleveland - Extended Stay  MSNBC  April 10, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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he grabbed it. took it from me. >> an inmate with a reputation for trouble takes on a no-nonsense warden. >> i run this jail. i give me the right. >> it's very rare that you see an older person came into a facility. when she first came into my area, she looked like she was a grandmother figure. >> a 71-year-old woman convicted
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for an investment scheme that left nearly 800 victims in its wake. >> they, in my eyes, were not victims but they were lenders to me. >> identical twins segregated in separate housing units find they can't live with or without each other. >> it hurts. i'm almost in tears right now even talking about it. because we really are very, very close. very close and -- cleveland, ohio, a city that has seen its ups and downs but like all big cities crime is an issue in good times and bad. if you're arrested in cleveland, you could spend anywhere from a few hours to several years
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inside the cuyahoga county correction center. most of the 2200 men and women incarcerated here have only been charged with crimes and are awaiting trial of the resolution of their cases. some say the jail is a city unto itself, but its director would disagree. >> i don't think this is a little city. i don't think there's a city like this in the real world. only because we have a large volume of very difficult people. >> everyone else put your hands up on your head. >> people with a lot of troubles and a lot of needs. >> according to correctional staff, inmate charles evans fits that description. >> i'm charles now, but they used to call me allen. i've been coming here since 1994. i used to be a big-time drug dealer, all this and that. everybody in this building know
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who i am. >> evans is currently serving a six-month sentence for theft, but during his stay, he's managed to make matters a whole lot worse. >> this is all his disciplinary isolation that we've gone through. since he's been here, not even a year yet. >> he's been involved in 13 altercations that have landed him in segregation for more than 90 days. >> charles evans is very unpredictable. he's disruptive. he's in lockup, he's out of lockup. you're dealing with him constant. one day he's acting out, the next day he's apologizing, then he's acting out again. so he's up and down. >> put chains on a man and do what you want to do to him. when the chains come off, a man is going to react. that's like backing a cat into a corner. >> two months earlier during a fight with another inmate, evans put one of the jail's special response team members on the sidelines. >> inmate evans was on top of another inmate during an altercation with a broomstick around his neck. at this time it, the corporal
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ordered both inmates to stop. they refused to do so. at this time, corporal brewer deployed o.c. >> i was on the ground, got sprayed, they handcuffed me and put me on the wall. >> then a statement was made, i told you i was going to get one of them [ bleep ]. i told mr. evans calm down, it's over. >> i turned around and told him shut the [ bleep ] stop talking to me. >> this time, he came off the wall with his left shoulder, shouldering me. >> next thing i know, he's grabbed me from behind, snatching me down. i fell and he fell. >> i landed up on my wrist and at that time the sergeants came in to escort me to the hospital. we later found out it was broken. >> officer may's futurwould include several weeks of desk duty. evans was immediately placed in security segregation. or s-seg. a short time later he complained of an injured shoulder. when officers came to escort him to medical, evans was upset he was being blamed for the fight with the other inmate.
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>> i'm in s-seg? why am i in s-seg, not the person i was fighting? >> who started it? >> he did. >> when i got there, you had the broom around his neck. >> i didn't have a broom around his neck, the broom was on the floor, he fell on it. i when grabbed the broom, i took it from him. the whole pod seen that. i can't wait to go in front of mcintyre with this one. >> evans is not laughing for long. due to be released from jail in just eight days, he was charged with a new crime, felonious assault against officer may. his stay at cuyahoga county was extended. he must remain in jail until the new charge is resolved in court. evans pled not guilty, but if convicted, he could be sentenced to eight years in prison. other inmates like perry mckinney and his identical twin brother herbie mckinney don't get in much trouble in jail but
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present a different security issue. >> it does create a security problem for us. especially if we have them housed in the same area. because of course it will be difficult to identify who they are. they could be switching off and even could get to the point if one of them was going to get released and they could switch identities and things like that. >> someone might get the wrong impression. >> switching identities to fool law enforcement is in the mckinney brothers' playbook, as perry explains. >> he got a dui and used my name. he was on probation, so i took it. so i ended up taking the dui for him. so the first dui i ever got, i really didn't get. >> like, what's your name? i'm like, my name's perry mckinney. and it's funny because they took pictures of my tattoo and it says herbie on it right there and i signed the paper and started signing it "herbie" and
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messed up and put "perry." >> it's funny because he went to court like three weeks later for it. >> my brother was like, honestly judge, i don't remember any of this. he said, i can't believe i'm even here. >> not long after, perry found himself in trouble with police and decided it was time for payback. >> i was pretty intoxicated and i used my brother's name and social security number, which worked, as well. so i got him back. i got pulled over on our birthday. so i got him good. happy birthday. >> while the brothers can laugh over their exploits with drugs and alcohol, they're also aware of the costs. between them, they have had dozens of arrests and jail stays and each has done time in prison. and perry, who is currently charged with felonious assault to which he has pled not guilty, has lost more than time. >> with my drinking and everything and my drug use, lost
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my children, i lost my life. i've lost my wife. that i am that weak. and, you know -- my love for my children is, i mean -- is amazing. but obviously, i didn't love them enough to stop and that's what's sickening about it. >> herbie's addictions have also caused problems at home. he has pled not guilty to a charge of domestic violence against one of the mothers of his two daughters. he says he did not physically harm her but got high after an argument and did other damage. >> i poured every kind of liquid we had in the house on the bed, smashed the tv. what else? oh, yeah, yeah, she loves coffee. so i broke the damn coffee pot. i knew it was the first thing she wanted to do was get home and have some coffee. so i had to ruin that for her. >> both brothers say their bond is unbreakable but addictions feed off each other. >> when one of us is having a bad day, we'll call each other to lean on. and then instead of leaning on,
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either i'm already using or he's already using. we have never been sober at the same damned time. i think we both have to be sober and be willing to change our lives for the better. if not, i mean, as hard as it is, we have to be apart. >> coming up -- >> i'm in here because you all tell me i broke somebody's arm -- >> how does that work? that goes where? who makes that decision? >> i don't have no type of -- >> who makes that decision? >> charles evans and the warden try to work out their differences. and a 71-year-old woman is convicted of a $60 million crime. >> what i did was not a ponzi scheme. bernie madoff was a ponzi scheme. (burke) smash and grub. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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half a city block in downtown cleveland, the cuyahoga county corrections center houses 2200 men and women that present a wide range of security issues. some like charles evans. >> the broom was on the floor. he fell on it. >> present more issues than most. >> one other person that -- person of interest that i want to talk a little bit about who's a familiar name to all of us mr. charles evans. mr. evans was placed in lockup and did extensive lockup time for assault on officer may. he was released from lockup and went down to general population. a couple of days ago he got involved in a verbal altercation with an inmate that led to also some verbal confrontation with staff. he was placed down in lockup. he's saying once again he's in fear for his life. >> he's been all through this once before with him and placed him in pc. we have acquiesced to just about every request he's tried to make and we've placed him all throughout this facility.
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he's been a problem since literally the day he came in. we'll do what we have to do and document it, but this guy's just going to be a real pain until he gets out of here. >> the next day warden ivey discusses an incident that landed him back in segregation. >> something must have happened. i wasn't here. you've got to tell me what happened. >> i was standing right next to him, warden. working out at the same time, tells the lockup, corporal keys don't belong on this floor. >> hold on. wait a minute, wait a minute. corporal keys is a supervisor so he can be on any floor in this jail. let get that straight. >> yes, sir. >> okay. >> i'm in lockup and same man arguing with me still on the pod. >> how do you know that? >> word of mouth. >> word of mouth from who? you been down there? >> no, circles sir, but -- >> you talk to somebody down there? >> he's still there, sir. >> that's what you're saying. i'm not going to debate that with you -- >> check it -- >> i'm not going to check it. because the decision was made by a sergeant about the incident. >> the staff -- every day i'm having problems -- you know what i'm going through.
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you know what i'm going through. i got three or four -- >> let me ask you something. why are you still in the jail? >> you all come up with a fake and felonious assault against an officer. i'm in handcuffs and y'all are tell me i broke somebody's arm. >> how does that work? who makes that decision? >> i don't have no type of rights in here. >> who makes that decision? >> i wrote you a letter telling you don't put me back in population, you put me right back in population -- >> just because you -- let's get something straight. you don't dictate where you in population because that's my choice to make. >> you can't tell me your choice, my life is your choice -- >> let me ask you this -- >> my life is more important -- >> let me ask you about this. can i ask you this? what you going to ask me? >> are we going to talk or am i going to be done? >> can you get me -- >> i'm going to keep you here in this room. keep you safe. >> you can't keep me locked up. >> you're in fear for your life. okay, i got you. i got you. >> i fear for my life. >> i understand you're in fear for your life. >> can you please do something now?
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>> i'm going to do something when i think it's appropriate. >> you think is appropriate. who give you the right? you're not a doctor. >> i run this jail. i give me the right. if something physically -- >> i fear for my life. >> what am i supposed to do? >> you're supposed to make sure i'm okay. >> you're going to be okay locked behind that door. have a good day. >> this time he's claiming he's fearing for his life. this is something he brings up each time he goes into isolation, kind of wanting to dictate his placement which i won't allow him to dictate that. >> have a seat. >> i'll make that decision, as i've told him. i'll take into consideration what's going on, and i'll make the final decision what's going to happen with his placement. >> there are 70 different housing units inside the cuyahoga county correction center. 59 are dedicated to male inmates. 11 are for the jail's population of 265 female inmates. >> the charges i see most often with females, they are related
9:17 pm
to drugs, forgery, bad checks or theft, a lot of shoplifting. i think the average inmate age is between 20 and 25. >> that's what makes joanne schneider at age 71 with no prior record anything but the typical inmate. >> it's a sound you don't forget, the steel doors slamming shut. this is my home. >> it's very rare that you see an older person come into a facility. she looks like your average mom out there. that's when she first came into my area, she looked like she was a grandmother figure. >> my bed is concrete. and we have a mattress on here. but the mattress is approximately this thick. when you lay your body weight on it, it compresses down to -- i like call it an exercise mat. but this concrete never gives.
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most people look at me as being old and vulnerable, like i'll get one over on her because she's an old lady. but i tell them, don't let this gray hair fool you. but i'm kind to everybody, and most people don't understand that here. they come here, they are used to being in a crack house or living in a box under a bridge somewhere and they don't understand the kindness i give them. >> but many of schneider's 780 victims believe she dished out anything but kindness to them. >> miss schneider, i want you on the wall, please. put your hands on the wall. pat you down real quick. make sure you don't have anything on you. >> schneider was convicted on a
9:19 pm
collection of charges, including securities fraud. authorities say she ran a ponzi scheme that netted $60 million from hundreds of investors, including close friends and family. >> what i did was not a ponzi scheme. bernie madoff was a ponzi scheme. he took people's money and he spent it on himself. i invested all of it in real estate. >> lead the way. >> yes. >> schneider's real estate plan involved developing a retail and entertainment center in a cleveland suburb. the center was never built, and only $10.5 million of the $60 million schneider raised was ever recovered. >> they in my eyes were not victims. but they were lenders to me. i borrowed money from them. they may call themselves victims but i made them a lot of money. and they know that. i lived a very good lifestyle and i'm not ashamed to say it. i went on to create 15 corporations. i had a vineyard, three
9:20 pm
wineries, apartment buildings, office buildings, restaurants. everything that you could imagine you would want to have in your portfolio. >> schneider chose to plead guilty to 11 felony charges rather than face the possibility of a longer sentence if convicted at trial. >> i'm 71, with the possibility of getting 30 years or more, why would i do that? why would i do that? >> schneider received a three-year sentence and was sent to state prison. she was returned to cuyahoga county when prosecutors in a rare circumstance successfully appealed the sentence for being too light. they were asking for ten years. the judge resentenced her to nine. she is now awaiting transfer back to prison. >> it's unbelievable to me. i don't think i'll ever get over this because i know i'm innocent. i can face anybody and say that. >> coming up --
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an inmate with a court order restricting his phone calls gets some help from another inmate known for skirting the rules. and -- >> i got herb's deli. i run a store here. if guys need something, they run out during the week. >> herbie mckinney makes a profit through his jailhouse hustles. >> you got to find a hustle in here. you got to. but how are they saving you those dollars? a lot of companies might answer "um..." or "no comment". then there's esurance - born online, raised by technology and majors in efficiency. so whatever they save, you save: hassle, time, paper work, hair tearing out and, yes, especially dollars. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call.
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nmatmost i inside cleveland's cuyahoga county corrections center have a right to make calls from the phone located in the day room of each housing unit. >> they have to make them in three different separate ways, one can be a collect call. second would be if they had a prepaid phone card which they can buy from come that's. the third way is if the family gets a prepaid account, the money can be deducted to make these calls. >> for melvin sostre, currently housed in the jail segregation, phone calls are restricted due to a court order. >> you understand that, right? >> yeah. >> sostre is only allowed to call his attorney. while all inmate calls are
9:25 pm
recorded, sostri's calls must also be made in the presence of staff to make sure he's only talking to his attorney. >> we've been dealing with him for a few months now. he's a known troublemaker. >> sostre was arrested on charges including stalking and violating a protection order filed bit mother of his 2-year-old son. he's pled not guilty. he's in segregation for having placed two more calls to his alleged victim when he was in general population. now it appears he found a new way of getting around the calling restrictions, by getting another segregation inmate to make his calls for him. that inmate is charles evans. >> evans is calling some woman for sostre and telling her to call sostre's mother and tell her don't come visit because he's still in lockup. >> by monitoring calls from the unit, investigators have determined that evans placed calls to sostre's aunt using sostre's prepaid phone card.
9:26 pm
>> this call may be recorded or monitored. i have a prepaid call from -- >> charles. >> evans would then give the aunt messages from sostre who share with other relatives. >> i'm calling for melvin. he said call his mother and tell her not to visit, he in the hole. >> the whole conversation was 14 minutes and 19 seconds. so she's doing three ways for him. >> evans then asked the aunt to use the three-way calling on her phone to contact evans' friends or family for him. >> can you dial a number for me and click over for a three way. >> as a result, evans gets a free phone call which comes in handy because he has no money to pay for calls. >> charles evans has a negative balance of $31.60. he doesn't have any money on his books. >> now both inmates face disciplinary action. >> it really doesn't bother me what they're going to give me. like i said, i didn't make the phone call, you know? i didn't call my victim.
9:27 pm
>> is that how you make your calls? >> if i'm indigent and i can't get through to my family and somebody's telling me to help them out and they'll help me out, yes, ma'am. i have a mother that's sick out there. yes, ma'am. that is how i get on the phone. >> so it was like a favor for a favor, you know? he did me a favor but at the same time, i did him a favor. >> wrong is wrong, right is right. i was wrong. but i was wrong for a right cause. >> knowing charles evans and how he does things, he's a creature of his own demise and then it always comes down to every time i go to see him, he's sitting there with a bible in his hand. what are you doing? oh, i'm just reading my bible. every single time. >> he's going to look at time in lockup for the situation depending on what the warden recommends in the end. he's been in prison e knows how this place works. coming up -- >> i like to go around shoplifting and that was one of the only flaws i still had in me. >> charles evans admits to his
9:28 pm
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i'm betty nguyen with the hour's top stories. donald trump on the stump sunday holding a rally with voters in rochester, new york, the first event for the gop front-runner since wednesday. new polling shows trump and hillary clinton in the lead ahead of new york's april 19th primary. a makeshift memorial in louisiana for former new orleans saint will submit. the defensive end was shot and killed saturday night by a man who police say got into an argument with smith and his wife after rear-ending the couple's car. now it's back to "lockup."
9:32 pm
at the cuyahoga county corrections center in cleveland, there's nobody to clean the housing units but the inmates themselves, and that suits herbie mckinney just fine. >> it's a daily routine. i clean the sinks three times a day just to keep the sickness down. a lot of these dudes come in from the streets and a lot are coming from heroin too. it's just nasty. they call me mr. clean, too, because that's all i do is clean, clean, clean. just can't stand a dirty place. we all live here. you got people pissing [ bleep ] on the floor. we do announcements to tell them, hey, whoever's pissing on the floor stop it. whoever's [ bleep ] on the floor, stop it. >> while he awaits trial, herbie is honing his entrepreneurial skills from the jail commissary. >> i've got herb's deli.
9:33 pm
if guys need something like they run out during the week or come in and don't have nothing. first i got to ask them what are they here for. if they are here on a misdemeanor charge they could be gone the next day. if i give them something, there goes my money out the door. >> thanks, lonnie. >> when commissary comes, they give me three, i get five back. that's how i make money to help my brother and help me. >> herbie has a food serving job. he's compensated with an extra serve organize two a day, which also helps supply herb's deli. >> i sold mine for a bag of shebangs. i know, ain't he happy? how many pieces of bread you want? >> two. >> take those two. see, i'll take mine and i'll sell it for two bucks. that way i can take that can two bucks and flip it to $4 and make more money. i sell hamburgers and cheeseburgers, i do it all. recently i got into telecommunications.
9:34 pm
phone cards. i'll sell two calls for three calls back so i get an extra phone call. anything i can do to make a buck. that's just how you do it. you got to find a hustle when you're in here. got to. >> herbie has no hustle that will make it possible to see his identical twin brother perry, who is kept in a separate housing unit. >> they won't put us together because they said it's a security risk. it gets frustrating because i'd like to see him and sit down and talk to him and see what's going on. yeah, i love him. that's the love of my life. you know what i mean? >> perry mckinney misses herbie as well. even in jail the haircut can stir memories of growing up together in, believe it or not, twinsburg, ohio, home of the annual twins day festival. >> it looks good. it brings you back to the streets a little bit when you can just go to the barber. my brother and i, that's one thing we always do. we always go get our hair cut together. it's funny, sometimes we go to the same barber and he'll tell me, oh, man, this hot chick,
9:35 pm
she's over here, go there and mess with her. so i'll go there and she'll be like, didn't i just cut your hair? >> it was your brother? >> it was my twin brother. >> while the brothers have shared plenty of laughs, they also share drug and alcohol addictions that have put them in jail dozens of times. perry is currently charged with felonious assault. a fight in which he didn't fare so well himself. >> got my throat slit here, 12 stitches there, and i got 12 to 14 right here and gouge taken out here, and then my arm was slit as well. it's a bar fight gone bad for both of us. no one died, that's the best part. >> every time i'm in prison or jail it's because of alcohol. i still want to drink a beer. i have dreams of me making beer, brewing it myself. isn't that crazy? >> homer simpson thing going on. >> mo's. i group up perfect.
9:36 pm
that's why it's kind of sad to see me in a situation like this. disappointing sometimes, get upset thinking about what you've done to your family. >> takes this, a big reality check, a big punch in the face, you know. this should have warned me right here this right here, all these marks. i could have been dead and i still went out from the hospital, i drank that day and i continued to drink every day afterwards. it's like god was showing me, and i just never -- it was ringing. i just never picked up the phone. >> well, see, i was sleeping and in the womb. we were wombmates. us being wombmates, i was sleeping and the door opened and he took off running. so -- he came out. and 14 minutes later i was there. we follow each other everywhere we go. >> it's really weird, our bond. it's like when he hurts, i hurt. it hurts.
9:37 pm
i'm almost in tears right new even talking about it because we really are very, very close. very close. and you know, i'd rather be on the outside with him. i don't want to be in jail with him. i can't even -- i can't see him, i can't talk on the phone. you know, it sucks. it sucks bad. and we did this. not anybody else. we can't blame anybody else. i don't know. it's something about us, it's addiction. >> as a former drug dealer, charles evans was once on the other side of the addiction equation, but some might argue he's addicted to trouble. he's recently been charged with assaulting an officer and jail officials say he's been making phone calls for melvin sostre who has a court order prohibiting him from calling anyone but his attorney. >> how you doing? okay. we were contacted by the detective bureau. be advised that mr. sostre is on phone restriction being that we have on recording that you had placed a call for him.
9:38 pm
so you want to let me know why you placed this call for him? >> first, i didn't know he was on phone restriction. two, i was trying to get a contact for my mother. as you know, my mother got lupus. >> here's the problem. he's on a court order for a judge, just so you understand. so you violated his court order. you're looking at 15 days in lockup. >> what if i didn't know, had no understanding of that, just getting through to my family. >> i have the recording. i listened to it. >> i was talking to my mother. so is there -- >> but you placed a call -- hold on. i need you to understand -- >> i understand. i'm asking you to understand me. >> i do, i understand. i understand you want to talk to your mother. i understand the situation that you're in. >> to know anything -- it was my mother, man. >> listen, i understand. but the point is you violated a direct order of the court. you violated our procedures also. >> i respect that. now have consideration for me as far as that was my mother. >> like i told you -- >> that's all i'm saying, sir. >> okay, thanks. >> no problem. >> charles always has an agenda
9:39 pm
for something hadn'ts or needs. every single lockup he's had i dealt with. i kind of -- don't want to say build rappaport but i understand what his attitude is and what he's looking for. coming up -- >> how you doing? >> okay, i'm doing okay. >> joanne schneider gets a visit from the man who is both her husband and her co-defendant. >> i had a couple of hours to decide if i wanted to take a plea, which i did. i didn't want to trust my life to 12 people who couldn't figure out how to get out of jury duty. >> and the mckinney brothers are allowed one brief visit. >> how are you doing? and so my new packing robot will make jet warehouses even more efficient and save shoppers money. genius! oh charlene? charlene. no. charlene. why is she wearing earrings? why is it a she? shh...
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and out of cleveland's cuyahoga county corrections center for the past 18 years. but until the theft conviction that brought him back to jail, he felt his life was on track. >> my life is rough. i've been on the streets all my life and i just really got my life together in the last three and a half, four years now. i still have minor faults. i like to go around shoplifting, you know, theft, you know, i was boosting as they call it. i was boosting. and that was one of the only flaws i still had in me. >> evans says he was particular about what he stole. >> glasses. >> why? >> sell them for 80, the designer ones, gucci, prada, dolce and gabbana. >> you know all the named designers. >> i've been in the business for two or three years. but i gave it up. we live and learn. i'm quite sure i ain't the first one to make mistakes. >> evans was recently given another 15 days in segregation for his part in the three-way
9:44 pm
calling scheme with inmate melvin sostre who is banned by court order from calling anyone but his lawyer. now investigators have determined that evans had been placing call for other inmates as well. >> i ran charles evans' s.o. number on the phone calls. he has 11 phone calls other than mr. sostre's. i'll run the numbers, see if possibly he called for other inmates that are in lockup and then did a three-way for hisself. >> evans, currently in segregation for arguing with another inmate, still has a right to make phone calls. though many other inmates on his unit are there for more serious violations and have lost that privilege. >> this call may be recorded or monitored. i have a prepaid call from -- >> charles. >> so what he's doing is as soon as new people come into lockup, hitting them up for phone calls
9:45 pm
and saying, hey, i cab place this phone call for you if you let me make a three-way off of your call. the records we found had found he had placed calls for at least five to six inmates besides sostre. i'm going to go and talk to him right now. i'm going to explain what the situation is. >> what did i do now? >> okay. you have another adp on lockup. okay? hope we don't keep going through this. okay? >> okay. >> we know you make calls for sostre. we also found that you place other calls for other inmates while they're in lockup. >> no. >> you have placed 17 calls from the unit under your name through other inmates, through their families. you place three-ways to your families to. these inmates are in lockup. they don't have privileges to make any phone calls or have you relay any messages for these inmates. placing you in violation of phone restrictions on the jail. you want to tell me why you're doing that -- >> what does that mean? you don't have to keep going
9:46 pm
through this, man. >> that's what i'm trying to tell you. you're looking at lockup time. >> okay. wow. okay. >> are you admitting to doing this? >> yeah. >> i'm letting you know here's the situation you're coming into right now. >> okay. >> a recommendation was already made by sergeant daniels to place you on phone restrictions, okay? >> okay. >> any questions? >> no. >> okay. >> please don't come back and waste my time no more. i don't give a [ bleep ] what you do. >> while evans will get more segregation time for what is considered a jailhouse hustle, joann schneider will soon transfer to prison to serve the remaining six and a half years of a nine-year sentence. she recently received for a considerably larger hustle. authorities say she ran a ponzi
9:47 pm
scheme that ripped off nearly 800 investors out of $60 million. she says she was trying to fund a large retail and entertainment complex that could have been a boom for cleveland. >> i love this city. and we're in such a lovely renaissance right now. it's just -- it's wonderful. this is my home. >> ironically, schneider has an excellent view of the city's football stadium and lakefront from a narrow cell window. but it's a far cry from the life she led with her husband of 49 years, allen schneider. >> he puts money on my books here for the phone. i can call him every day to keep my sanity. and he comes to visit me twice a week. >> okay, mr. schneider. you're going to the sixth floor, booth two. >> all right. thank you. >> no problem. >> i know she's innocent. she knows she's innocent. god knows she's innocent and those are the only three people that matter. >> allen schneider was also
9:48 pm
implicated in the security and theft charges that september his wife to prison. prosecutors say he played a lesser role. after reaching a plea deal, he received five years' probation. >> i had like a couple of hours to decide if he wanted to take a plea, which i did for the specific reason of i didn't want to trust my life to 12 people who couldn't figure out how to get out of jury duty. >> though he's never served time in jail, schneider has spent plenty of time here visiting his wife. >> i visit with joanne twice a week. the visits are typically 20 minutes to a half hour. the thing i don't like about the visits here is it's all via telephone through glass. >> how are you doing? >> okay. i'm doing okay. >> you look like you're getting around a little better. >> yeah. >> you look good. your hair looks good. >> you too. i wish i was home to help you. >> i wish you were home to help me too. i wish you were home period. not only to help me. >> hopefully -- >> i eat a lot better when you're at home than cold cuts and hot dogs.
9:49 pm
>> yeah, i worry about that. >> don't worry about me. i'll be just fine. you got to take care of yourself. >> with her transfer to prison imminent, schneider still does not know how far away she will go. she fears she will be sent to the same prison in which she served time prior to her resentencing, the ohio reformatory for women, 150 miles from cleveland. >> marysville, if you want my honest opinion, is the armpit of hell. >> as you well know, there's no guarantees with this judicial system. >> right. >> if you wind up in marysville, we'll deal with that when the time comes. it's a long trek from here to marysville to see you. you're going to come back home sooner or later. >> they can't keep me forever. >> nope. >> your time is up. you have to send your visitor back down. >> okay. >> thank you. >> all righty. we have to say good-bye. >> we have to say good-bye?
9:50 pm
>> yeah. i love you. >> i love you too. bye-bye. i don't know exactly when i'll see him next. tomorrow is friday. it's the day they usually ride the women out of here to go to marysville, ohio. i pray i don't go there. >> coming up -- >> i love you. god, you look great. >> the mckinney brothers are reunited, but not for long. and -- >> i know some of it you all know some big-time people but they still won't stop. so make sure you use the restroom. okay? pad up if you need to. okay? all right. ladies, step out. >> joanne schneider makes an unceremonious exit from jail. (bear growls) (burke) smash and grub. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ a 401(k) is the most sound way tgo. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would.
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9:54 pm
outside, their drug and alcohol addictions escalate. still, being separated inside the cuyahoga county correction center has been painful. >> it's one of the worst feelings in the world too because him and i are so close. you know, i just want to see my brother. it would make life a lot easier for everybody, especially for me because i love my brother. >> it's a bond that can't be broken, you know? just total love. >> perry has just reached a plea deal that will soon send him to prison. by entering a guilty plea, his felonious assault charge for a bar fight was reduced to aggravated assault, and he has been sentenced to one year in prison. knowing he will soon transfer out, jail officials granted a brief visit with herbie. >> about damn time. >> hey, what's up? >> [ bleep ]. >> how you doing? >> how are you doing?
9:55 pm
>> you look good. i thought you were skinny. >> man. >> muscles, though. >> [ bleep ]. >> yeah, only muscle you got is in your mouth. >> you look good though. >> thank you. i love you. >> you too. >> you look great. >> it's great. >> i love you. >> i love you too, man. >> despite their love for each other, the brothers know their relationship poses dangers to them both. >> we destroy each other. >> yeah. >> we can build each other up but then -- it breaks down. >> it's definitely hot and cold. once we go down, we both go down together. >> yeah, we go down together. we go down. >> we go with a fight. >> [ bleep ]. >> then we just do whatever we can. we go to all -- >> lengths. robbing, stealing. >> i'm surprised no one has been
9:56 pm
killed yet, which is i'm glad that actually -- >> our actions did not lead to somebody's death. >> exactly. driving drunk could have easily killed somebody. i drive drunk continuously. >> me too. i tell the one guy, if i'm going just a mile down the street, i got to take a beer with me. >> that's exactly me. >> that's how it used to be. i mean, not no more but he's the one. >> but can you stay sober together? >> i know i could. >> i know -- i think if we did the steps, like if we went to say a rehab together, say a rehab away from like mom, my kids, everybody, just away, just him and i, secluded in one little place to where we could focus on us and everything we could work on together? >> together. >> we'll be sweet. >> we'll be awesome. >> perry will leave for prison any day now to begin his one-year sentence. and herbie may soon follow to serve time himself. >> i'll see you when i see you. love you. >> love you too.
9:57 pm
>> for security reasons, inmates never know exactly what day they will transfer, nor what prison they will be sent to, until the morning they leave. and now joanne schneider has just gotten the wake-up call she's been dreading. she's headed back to the ohio reform tore for women in marysville, 150 miles from her home and husband. >> my heart is broken. if you look at this garbage bag, that's my whole life in that garbage bag. it's part of that -- part of stripping you of who you are. >> ladies. is it sloppy in there? >> schneider, who must now serve the remaining six years of her nine-year sentence, is allowed one possession most other inmates must leave behind. >> most of the time the females, they leave out, they have no
9:58 pm
underwear this and that. that's a policy. wasn't in her case, because she's so much older, i let her keep a lot of her items. they can get it from her when she goes to marysville. >> use the restroom as many times as you need to. no matter who you are, no matter who you think you are, no matter who you know, no matter who you think you know. i know some of you know big-time people. they still won't stop. pad up if you need to. ladies, step up. who wants it done? all the way to the back. >> can you leave them on a little loose for me? >> all the way through, ladies. step up on the sidewalk. stay on the sidewalk when you go around, when you go through. >> all 13 of you are getting in this van, it's going to be crowded. i'm going to grab the four skinniest and put them in the back row. one, two, three, four. step all the way in the back. all four of you need to be in
9:59 pm
the back row. >> i have a policeman friend that took me out for dinner before i went to prison. the first time in sitting across the table, i said to him, jimmy, what do i do? how do i handle this? and he told me, take it like a man, joann. you take it like a man. and i did and i have done that ever since. >> all right, ladies, take care. god bless. see you. >> bye. >> okay.
10:00 pm
rush due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. [ bleep ] >> arrested by a s.w.a.t. team, an out-of-control young inmate creates chaos in the booking department. >> the love and the truth and the peace and the -- >> i need medical clearance and an ekg. >> mental health staff must determine if his behavior is a


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