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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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> good morning. i'm steve kornacki. topping our agenda right now, donald trump says the game is rigged as he steps up his a skault on the republican nominating process. >> the system, folks, is rigged. it's a rigged, disgusting, dirty system. >> and now the republican establishment firing back. rins priebus saying the rules are the rules and that trump
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knew them all along. tensions between trump and republican leaders, this is a story that is not going away. also on the agenda -- >> his words were new york values. take a look at this scorn on his face when he said it. am i right? >> for donald trump there may be no place like home. ted cruz falling behind even john kasich in new polling this morning out of new york with donald trump pulling in big numbers in his home state. the key question today for trump, can he get above 50% in all 27 congressional districts in this state in if he does he walks away with every single delegate, all 95 of them. and some promising news for donald trump this morning. also hillary clinton looking like she may be able to stop bernie sanders in his winning streak in her home state. we're going to dive into all of that in just a moment. also rounding out the agenda this morning, the frenzy over a potential contested republican convention, but a surprising new
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number today could knock the wind out of the stop trump forces, we will tell you what that number is and what it means for ted cruz straight ahead. >> i will come into cleveland with a ton of delegates, donald will come into cleveland with a ton of delegates and it will be a battle to see who can then earn the majority of the delegates elected by the people. >> we begin this morning over here at the big board. we have new polls out of new york for both the republicans and the democrats. let's take a look at them, see what we've got here. on the republican -- so remember new york we are a week away, a week from today, this is our own nbc news marist poll. we say just a minute ago the key number for trump is going to be 50%. thatest not 50% statewide, that's 50% in every congressional district in the state. new york has 27 congressional districts and rules say this, if you break 50% in a congressional district you get all three of the delegates.
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so if donald trump can be above 50% in all of those 27 congressional districts he will take all 81 of the congressional district delegates up for grabs here. also the rules say if you win the state, whoever gets the most votes in the state also gets 14 delegates. there is a total of 95 up for grabs. so for trump it's win the state, that looks very promising for him right now, but the real question for donald trump is going to be can he get above 50% across the board in this state? if he does he will take all 95 delegates, we talk all the time about that road, that narrow and treacherous road to 1,237 for him, the magic delegate number, get all 95 in new york he takes a big step in that direction. other new numbers to tell you about this morning, another new poll out of new york and look at this, we say 50% is the magic number, well, the baruch college have donald trump sitting at 60%. again, well over 50% there.
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that is encouraging for him. what about the democratic side of the aisle? this is our new nbc news marist poll, hillary clinton leading by double digits over bernie sanders, bernie sanders of course a new york native, this is hillary clinton's adopted home state, hillary clinton leading by double digits in this one. also the other, the baruch college this morning, hillary clinton again a 13 point lead. bernie sanders and his campaign they have been talking so much about momentum, they have won seven of the last eight contests right now including wyoming over the weekend, bernie sanders keeps saying he has momentum, keeps saying what that momentum is going to mean is that he's going to pull some upsets late in this process. here is the first test of it, can that momentum give him a boost over hillary clinton? so far we are not seeing evidence that that's going to happen. there have been seven polls now in new york state over the last two weeks, in all seven of them hillary clinton has been leading in all seven of them she has been leading by double digits. we talk about the delegates battle on the democratic side. if hillary clinton is beating
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bernie sanders by double digits in new york next tuesday that's going to be a big delegate gain for her and sanders hopes of catching her in the primary season could do from slim to vanishling slim. those are the latest numbers out of new york. we will focus on the republican race. we talk about the position donald trump is in here in new york, he is in very good position right now at least still though, he is holding some sour grapes over what went down in colorado over the weekend. a contest that netted him zero delegates that led to ted cruz sweeping that state. trump claiming the rules were set against him from the beginning. >> it is a very sick system and i will tell you what, maybe in addition to winning, maybe we'll clean up the system so that in future years we can have an honest contest. we might be able to clean up this dirty rotten disgusting system. >> and reince priebus is the
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republican national chairman, he has been hoping to keep peace with donald trump ever since trump signed that loyalty pledge back last september, that seems like a long time ago now, priebus tweeting last night the rules were set last year, nothing mysterious, nothing new. the rules have not changed, the rules are the same, nothing different. ted cruz not surprisingly also jumping in and jumping on trump for his complaining. >> now, you may have noticed that when donald loses, he gets very unhappy. he yells and screams and stamps his foot, he curses and yells and insults anyone nearby. look, as we know in the state of california wine is something best served with cheese.
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>> all right. that's ted cruz on donald trump. nbc's jacob rascon is with the trump campaign in rome, new york, this morning. jacob, it is interesting, we have the new poll numbers for donald trump out of new york, things looking very good for him here, the next contest, but he still seems to want to talk about the last one. >> reporter: and i will tell you that at the rally when you hear donald trump talk about the delegate process like he does, calling it corrupt, calling it crooked, the crowd goes wild. they love it. and this is not just yesterday, this is at every rally that he has had since colorado happened and an adviser tells me, look, this argument resonates with the trump voter, which are generally those people that are not involved in the process or have never been involved in the process and so this adviser thinks that this argument helps him in all of those states where you don't have colorado-like caucus or process and that's most of the states. they have big momentum going into the east coast states.
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that's where their energy is. and at the same time behind the scenes you have paul manafort the convention manager who is working on the delegates wrangling process. now, out here in rome, new york, this is where the setup crew is arriving. this is their truck where they get their tent equipment out, this is for this secret service will come, they will set up everything that they need to have set up. i want to swing around and just show you where we are because this is important in the trump campaign strategy in new york. we are in the middle of nowhere and this is exactly how they've been choosing venues and part of the strategy is to set up a venue where you don't have the possibility of massive crowds of protests. that was a little more difficult yesterday, but they've been working really hard on changing that narrative to not have giant crowds where you have to be bused in or things like that. steve. >> all right. jacob rascon in rome, new york, upstate new york this morning with the trump campaign. thanks for that. going to turn now to robert
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costa, he is a national political reporter with the "washington post" and jennifer jacobs a national reporter for bloomberg politics, you may remember her as one of the faces of the iowa caucuses. robert costa, let me start with you, this back and forth, donald trump railing against the republican establishment, saying the system is rigged, reince priebus firing back now on twitter. we know there was that meeting between donald trump and the republican national committee a week or two ago. how would you characterize the state of that relationship right now, trump and the republican national committee? >> trump still has some concerns about the republican national committee, the actual membership, he thinks some of them are aligned against him according to people close to trump. at the same time you see trump making inroads with his new campaign team, paul manafort and others trying to build relationships in washington, knowing that they still need to build some momentum in these upcoming states and ahead of cleveland. >> and i thought, jennifer, that was very interesting. we heard in that report from
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jacob rascon about the response that donald trump gets when he rails against the republican leaders at his rally because it may seem odd that he's still lingering and talking about colorado but this seems to animate his base, just this idea that the republican establishment is at war with them. >> right. and if you talk to some of donald trump's backers they think this is really clever for him to be talking about this because if you think even just last week the equation really spelled some trouble for donald trump, ted cruz had just won wisconsin, he was having all this campaign back biting, you had the scandal with his campaign manager grabbing a reporter, you had him shifting gears on his statements on abortion, you had all these problems, you had some devastating polling coming out that signaled trouble in the general election and he shifts the conversation and starts talking about something that completely moves off of the idea that thinks campaign is in trouble and that he's in trouble. he starts shifting it back to something he's more comfortable with and his people are more comfortable with which is kind of that cry against the
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establishment. >> trump also making a little bit of news, people are talking about this morning naming names, this is the question that every front runner gets every four years, who would be on your vp list if you get the nomination, usually they talk around it, trump sort of did, he also did spit some names out for what it's worth. this was in an interview with kristen powers in "usa today," he said there are people i have in mind in terms of vice president, i just haven't told anybody names, i do like marco, i do like kasich, i like walker, scott walker the wisconsin governor, there are people i like but i don't think they like me because i've hit them hard. a couple of issues there, robert costa, but you asked him about this vice presidential issue recently, too, and he seemed to tell you he would want a gray beard, someone with extensive experience in washington. can we read anything into what he said? >> trump is trying to get someone who has seasoned time on the national stage and experienced hand in republican politics, especially when it
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comes to the inside maneuvering that it takes a president to get an agenda through congress. i think when you look at who is advising him right now, yes, he is bringing on new political advisors but on the policy side it's senator jeff sessions, new jersey governor cocaine, i think kasich is someone to watch because his hostility with trump has been minimal compared to other trump rivals, he is still in the race, has a lot of delegates to play. as much as trump may want to pick someone with a certain resumé, it could be who has the political capital and delegates to make a deal at the convention. >> that is a key question, jennifer, it seems and trump alluded to it. he says he is not sure what they think of him because he has hit them so hard. robert makes a case for why kasich might make a little bit of sense. that is another issue, the wild card here, who would want to run with trump? >> that's a loretta lynch good question and it's fascinating that kasich still in this race just remember it was this period of time four years ago when we were all talking about how rick
6:13 am
santorum that republican christian conservative from pennsylvania had finally dropped out of the race and he had 245 delegates at that point, kasich has 143 delegates. it's just fascinating that, you know, who hangs on in a particular race and now people are talking about him being a vice president or possibly even winning the nomination. it's just interesting how cycles change. >> robert, just in terms of where this race is going, it's interesting to watch the narratives shift as we go through the process. you know, a couple days ago, a week ago it was all about wisconsin, was wisconsin going to be the turning point? donald trump losing by double digits, was the anti-trump crowd getting its act together. now we're looking at polls in new york where he could get all 95 delegates and i'm looking ahead to these primaries in the northeast that look like trump favorable territory. are we looking at another narrative shift, donald trump is back ahead by 400 delegates, back in position to win this thing on the first ballot? >> i think new york is going to
6:14 am
certainly maybe give a bounce to trump's step if he is able to win it as expected based on the polling, but i think pennsylvania, maryland and other states, but particularly pennsylvania mean a lot in the end of april because if trump is not able to win over those suburban moderate republicans outside of pittsburgh, outside of philadelphia and those vote rich areas that are critical in a general election and you see kasich actually doing pretty well in some pennsylvania polls that may show again just a few days later after new york that trump still has vulnerability. if he can capture the northeast that will give him some momentum going into cleveland. >> kasich, that's a name we will be keeping in an eye on in particular this morning. his campaign has been teasing a major speech he will deliver where supposedly he will outline two different visions of the future for the republican party. that will be coming up shortly this morning. we will have more on it this hour. it's something we're keeping an eye on on the campaign trail today. thank you for the time. i appreciate it. >> and coming up, hillary clinton expected to appear shortly at a round table on the
6:15 am
issue of pay equality here in new york city. we will bring you to that event when it happens and as we showed you at the top of the hour clinton enjoys a wide lead over bernie sanders in new york. this after days of taking hits from sanders about whether she's qualified to be president. clinton firing back now. what the candidates are saying this morning, that's next. >> i have noticed that under the bright spotlight and scrutiny here in new york senator sanders has had trouble answering questions, he's had trouble answering questions about his core issue, namely dealing with the banks, he has had trouble answering foreign policy questions and so i look forward to a gate that is in new york with people asking the kind of questions that new yorkers ask. k from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card
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this country is ready for a woman. there's no problem, we will be able to elect a woman in this country. >> would you like to see a woman elected. >> i auto would like to see a woman elected. >> that's it. >> no, that's all right. i'm not getting into -- >> i i'd like to ask one more question. >> the president and i remember not going to endorse because we both when we ran said let the party decide. but, gosh all mighty, they are both qualified. hillary -- hillary is overwhelmingly qualified to be president. >> you can hear that voice off camera there, it sounded line somebody on vice president biden's staff thought he accidentally made news there but a white house official is stressing that those comments yesterday by vice president biden do not constitute an endorsement of anyone in the presidential race even though of course it sounded like he was coming awfully close to endorsing hillary clinton there. meanwhile, we are expect to go hear from clob just a few minutes from now, we will be speaking at an equal pay round table just down the treat from us, that will be in times square
6:20 am
here in new york city ahead of that primary in new york a would he can from today. next hour we will hear from bernie sanders, he will have a rally in upstate rochester. here is where the race stands right now, seven days until the voting, hillary clinton with a double digit lead over bernie sanders, 55 to 41%, in the new nbc news marist "wall street journal" poll. all of this comes as democrats are sharpening their attacks head of this primary and ahead of that i remember big debate later this week. kristen welker is here in new york holg hillary clinton and kasie hunt is in syracuse where they're still celebrating their final four appearance and where bernie sanders is going to be today. kristen, let me start with you. we had bernie sanders going after hillary clinton on this issue of is she qualified to be president, now the clinton campaign firing back on the issue of guns. >> reporter: firing back on the issue of guns and ramping up their attacks as well. you pointed out that secretary
6:21 am
clinton does have that double digit lead but it's clear that she's not resting on that, she's determined to win new york because if she does it would almost put this race away. as you point out she's making an issue of guns, this is one of the few issues she can argue she is a little to the left of senator sanders. she slammed him hard yesterday and raised eyebrows in the process. >> he frequently says, well, you know, i ve rk, i represent verm a small rural state. we have no gun laws. here is what i want you to know. most of the guns that are used in crimes and violence and killings in new york come from out of state. and the state that has the highest per capita number of those guns that end up committing crimes in new york come from vermont. >> reporter: steve, not
6:22 am
surprisingly officials in vermont pushing back against that characterization and so is senator sanders. let me read you from the statement that senator sanders released last night after she made those remarks, it reads in part, quote, i don't know why secretary clinton would be so critical of the government of vermont who strongly supports her candidacy. what government shumlin recently said is true, "it is campaign season therefore sometimes are sometimes said by the candidates that aren't entirely accurate. i would just this, i think you have a hard time convincing vermonters that crime problems are coming from vermont. >> steve, i can tell you a top clinton official telling me she is going to sharpen her attacks today and going to try to paint him as untested and not ready to take on donald trump. that allows her to do two things, one, challenge senator sanders but also keep her eye on the general election. we're also learning today that 30% of senator sanders' supporters say they wouldn't
6:23 am
support secretary clinton in the general election. in a recent interview she expressed confidence if she does become the nominee she would be able to unify the party. steve. >> kristen welker in new york city with the clinton campaign. now we will take a journey to central new york. kasie hunt is standing by this. you've been following the sanders campaign, he is drawing large crowds, i guess this is not spriedsing at this point, but still facing a stubborn polling gap here in new york and we're getting to the point where these claims the sanders campaign has been making about momentum, they really have to start matching up with the results or he will miss whatever chance he has left of winning this thing. >> reporter: i think that's right, steve, but i am going to show you here this is the line already to get into bernie sanders' syracuse event, these guys will wait for five hours, it's warming up a little bit but still pretty chilly out here. here is my question for you guys and this is going to be bernie sanders main problem in new york. are you registered democrats? >> yes. yes. yes. no. anyone not registered. >> i am registered.
6:24 am
>> you are registered. there you go. you do have a lot of people i spent some time talking yesterday at another rally to some folks and a lot of them are all set to go, but there is this issue with independent voters, if you didn't change your voter registration earlier this year you're out of luck if you want to change it now and vote for bernie sanders. but i will say, steve, i think the emerging theme over the course of this week for the sanders campaign is going to be the fact that new york is really a crucible for him. you're right that he really has a show that he has what it takes here and i think the question is going to be whether bernie sanders himself can continue to stand up to this scrutiny he's coming under increasing attacks from secretary clinton and you saw that new york daily news interview and also whether or not his campaign can expand to the degree that they need to or that we would have expected from a campaign that's come this far. i think a test is going to be this trip he's take to go vatican city later this week taking two days out of new york of those critical ones just ahead of the primary, i think there could be some potential
6:25 am
conflict and back and forth over whether or not that was the right plan, steve. >> kasie hunt with the sanders complain in syracuse, home of the syracuse orange, thanks for that kasie. let's bring in washington bureau chief susan paige. let's start on this number that kristen welker just mentioned. 30% of sanders' supporters in this new poll saying they would not support hillary clinton as the democratic nominee. we went back for context and dug up the number from eight years ago during this time during the clinton -- obama race. 28% of clinton supporters said they weren't going to vote for barack obama, they'd vote for mccain instead in the fall. there's two ways of looking at this number, one is that hillary clinton has a program problem unifying the party, the second we've been here before. >> in 2008 hillary clinton went out and campaigned as hard as she could for barack obama and helped persuade her supporters to support him and i bet reduce that number when it came to the general election. no you for hillary clinton
6:26 am
bernie sanders is not only a primary challenge for her although one at that that assuming she wins in new york by double digits as the polls now indicate he will be all about -- that issue will be all but settled. he also loses a general election challenge for her because she neds him and his supporters to come around and support her with some enthusiasm in the fall and that hasn't happened yet. that's one of the reasons this campaign is so tricky for hillary clinton to navigate right now. >> it feels that bernie sanders is getting more frustrated as this goes along, this whole issue of is she qualified, is she not qualified. it felt to me that he might have read a head line of the story and not read the body of the article. that's where this whole thing came from. that speaks to this level of frustration with how this process has played out and how the clinton campaign has handle it. >> i think that's right. we know how dangerous it is to read a tweet and think you understand what the story said. for bernie sanders this next
6:27 am
week is crucial because he needs to shake things up in new york, he needs to do better in new york than how he is doing now, if he does that maybe he can continue the momentum that's drawn him this far. if hillary clinton wins dee sees ifl in new york the momentum starts to line up with the math of delegates and that is all in hillary clinton's favor. >> big picture sure what has this process revealed about the democratic primary? because bernie sanders has done -- even if he can't win in the end he has done a lot better than anybody expected he was going to do. he may walk away with 20 states, you know, big wins in there, too, a michigan, a wisconsin, a washington state. what does this say overall about the democratic party what we've seen? >> one of the things that we've seen is how further to the left the party has gone since the days of bill clinton because a lot of the debate has been not about the policies that barack obama has followed for the last eight years, it's been about policies that bill clinton has followed and the degree to which his wife and hope for the first new hopes to be his successor next year has had to distance herself from some of the
6:28 am
policies she backed back then. bernie sanders has shown us that the enthusiasm and the energy in this party is to the left and that the -- especially the energy and enthusiasm with this rising millennial generation that has really been on his side and that's been a big story this year. >> susan paige with "usa today" thanks for the time. >> thank you. ahead, donald trump swinging hard at the republican establishment, he says the process is rigged. >> this is not a democracy like we're supposed to have. we're going to make it a better democracy. all right? a better and a fair democracy. and we're not going to have rigged elections in the republican party anymore. >> ahead our most important number of the day, it looks at the number of republicans long trump might have a point there. we're going to tell you what that number is and what it means for the rest of this race straight ahead. stay with us. ♪
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we're going to win with every single facet. we're going to win so much you may even get tired of winning and you'll say, please, please, it's too much winning. we can't take it anymore. mr. president, it's too much. and i'll say, no, it isn't. we have to keep winning, we have to win more. >> donald trump in albany last night, but first if he wants to do all of that he has to win the republican nomination, our most important number of the day today, that number it comes from our new nbc news marist poll here in new york, that number is 64. 64% of republicans in our poll say that donald trump should be the nominee in he gets to the convention with the most delegates. even if he doesn't get there with a majority of delegates. we will talk about what this means, hallie jackson joins me now. hallie, this is a very interesting thing because the stop trump movement, the basic
6:33 am
theory of the stop trump movement is trump comes through the primaries probably with the most delegates and tough votes but he's short of that number so we can beat him at the convention. near in new york, this is probably going to be trump's best state, two-thirds are saying he should get it anyway. >> we saw it wisconsin and saw it here. that said i think what matters maybe more than this number, although this is your most important number of the day is what we will look at when we get to the delegates counts and where trump stands when it comes to the delegate count. >> he gets to the 1,237 is our magic number, that's what he needs to hit. if he is at 1,220, 1,217, it's tough to make the argument that he should not get the nomination at that point. if he is at 1,100 and ted cruz makes the case that he is close that's when you might see the stop trump movement be able to make that argument, ted cruz make that argument, maybe even somebody like a john kasich. i want to talk more about the
6:34 am
stop trump movement, too, because we have new reporting on where they will be playing, not necessarily new york, as you pointed out it's his home state, he is going to do very well there, all the polling shows that he is going to be successful there, you mentioned the 64 rs number, in our poll 50%, he is above that in every group except for women and people who are unmarried, but the stop trump movement looking to california, indiana, possibly pennsylvania to spend some money. >> that's the key, if we could put this up. >> work your magic. >> if you look at the states that will come -- >> it didn't work there. >> it's a blank plate. >> i'm going to draw a map of the united states here. this is my crude version. how is this one, hallie, homemade. new york coming up next -- that's my version of new york. >> big states to close out this process. you have new jersey. >> winner take all. >> indiana in early may, you have california at the end of it. i think you've got three big
6:35 am
states coming up here. if you want to talk about who has the moral authority to make the argument i have the momentum at the end of this at the convention, if one candidate can win these three states at the end. >> pick it up marcus mariota, indiana and pick up -- i rode 172, that is another really important figure. right? a big prize when it comes to delegates. it is going to be proportional, right, we could see one candidate most of this or more of a split, but june 7th is going to be the day that this all comes down to, donald trump needs to do well in california and in these june 7th states in order to lock up the nomination, you have people like ted cruz looking to montana, new mexico to do very well. >> i can draw montana, i forgot pennsylvania is the other big state. >> i wish i could hang this on my fridge. >> hallie jackson on the cruz beat. thank you for joining us. always fun to have you here. coming up, battle ground new york. donald trump and john kasich both with events today in in
6:36 am
state, seven days away from the primary. after the break, we are going to head to critical long island where a large population of republican voters is going to be crucial to that question of who gets all -- who gets those delegates from new york. msnbc's cal perry is at the train station there and looking for people who are going to be voting next tuesday. we will talk about that and hear from him next. download the new? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company in cloud infrastructure.
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as the presidential hopefuls make their way across new york one key battle ground for the republican party is long island. that has a big number of republican voters there, republican primaries can be won and lost on long island. take a look. it got nassau county there. suf folk county also out there, you see that highlighted more than 300,000 there as well.
6:40 am
so we are going to head live now to long island to msnbc's cal perry, he is in the town of ronkonkama. tell us a little bit about did sh for people who don't know long island, don't know new york politics that well who are the people on long island, why are they so important and what are they telling you? >> reporter: these are folks, you can take a look at this train right here, these are folks who travel in and out of new york city every day. as you said, the numbers are pretty similar between registered democrats and registered republicans. in suf mofolk county hillary clinton faced a tough battle. we spoke to evan a few moments ago, he was headed on this train to chelsea, take a look to what he said. >> this cycle i've drawn towards trump right now. i did side with rand paul, i'm
6:41 am
not necessarily -- i never really voted before, but i'm actually kind of thinking about getting out and voting if it comes to trump or hillary or trump or sanders. i like how he puts out a lot of stuff that he's for, like his tax reform and stuff. >> reporter: the other thing that's going on here, steve, is we've seen candidates consistently coming out to long island for money, using it basically as a massive atm machine, probably not a surprise to folks around the country. people here are very generous with their donations, we saw hillary clinton here yesterday, donald trump will be here tomorrow he's doing a $1,500 a plate dinner. >> trump, that was his first rally coming back from wisconsin where he had the loss, it was out there on long island. what's the sense about him there? >> reporter: yeah, so interestingly enough, you know, we're seeing a lot of people that are doing this swing through, people looking at that vote, that independent vote maybe making a difference in the
6:42 am
general election and people are looking in these primaries to make a difference here in long island, perhaps a way to swing the state, certainly that's the hope on that campaign. certainly the hope on the democratic side as well. >> cal perry at an lirr, long island railroad station. thanks for that. appreciate it. coming up, ted cruz turning his focus away from new york, the polls here not kind to him at the moment and so he is setting his sights out west where they are still two months away from having the big california primary. >> and i'm going to say a sentence that has not been said in 50 years. california is going to decide the republican nomination for president. >> ted cruz banking on california sending this race to a contested convention. will that strategy pay off for him? and the entire stop trump movement. we will talk to a key cruz supporter, congressman mo brooks
6:43 am
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i will come into cleveland with a ton of delegates, donald will come into cleveland with a ton of delegates, our names will be the only two names that under the rules will appear on the ballot and it will be a battle to see who can then earn a majority of the delegates elected by the people. one of the easiest ways to understand it is simply to ask where do the rubio delegates go, where do the kasich delegates go and i think they come overwhelmingly to us, they don't go to donald trump. so i think we will win a majority of the delegates at the convention. >> that was ted cruz on a radio show out in california yesterday laying out what he sees as his clearest path to the republican nomination. alabama republican congressman mo brooks has endorsed ted cruz and joins me now, he is an at large delegate for cruz from his
6:47 am
state in alabama. let me start on that issue. we put this number up a minute ago, this is from the new nbc news marist poll here in new york, it asked republicans if we get to the end of the primary process, if nobody has the majority of the delegates but trump still has the most delegates, 64% basically two-thirds here saying trump should be nominated. we also asked this question in wisconsin where he lost last week and more than half of republicans said the same thing. do you agree with that, should donald trump still be the nominee if he simply has the most delegates coming outs of the primary process? >> i have great confidence that the delegates to the republican national convention will exercise their best judgment to nominate the person that they believe will do two things, one is give us the best chance of winning the white house, but two, also get us the best candidate who will help preserve and protect and fight for the principles that have made america a great nation. i hope that that will end up being the person who gets the most delegates, but having the most delegates is not the
6:48 am
criteria, the criteria is having a majority of the delegates and if you have a plurality but there are a majority who are against you you won't win. it's going to be incumbent upon each of the candidates at this point to work the delegates and try to cobble together that majority. the majority is the key not close to the majority. >> when you hichb to what donald trump has been saying about in his view the system and process being rigged here, his supporters -- we had a report earlier, his supporters seem to eat that up when he says that. if the republican convention this summer were to nominate until besides donald trump and he comes in with the most delegates are you afraid that that will tear the party apart for the fall? >> the republican party is in difficult circumstances no matter who becomes our nominee because of the intensity of feelings based primarily on love of country and the belief in where our country should go, but please bear in mind if a majority of the delegates don't want a particular person and if a majority of the voters in all these primaries and caucuses don't want a particular person
6:49 am
to be the nominee how do you go against the will of the majority? you can't. >> you also mention the question of electability, who would give the republican party the best chance in the fall. mike allen who writes the playbook for "politico" this morning put out an interesting observation here on this choice between cruz and trump for republicans. donald trump's potential problems in the general election are pretty well documented at this point but he looked at these, these are states republican primary states that voted so far that are also swing states in the fall. i don't know if you can see this, but in these primaries, florida, virginia, ohio, new hampshire, arizona, these are potential big swing states in the fall cruz has lost by gee began tick margins in that state, did he get a narrow win in iowa, he did take wisconsin but what is the argument that ted cruz is more electable than donald trump? >> the general election polling data to me is the best data that indicates where we would be right now if we had a general election right now and that
6:50 am
polling data suggests collectively if you add it all together suggests that ted cruz does far better than donald trump in a general election format. now, we all understand that today's polling data is favorables and unfavorables are vastly superior to donald trump's favorables and unfavorables, in particular, donald trump's unfavorables being the worst in the history of polling data for potential presidential nominees. and donald trump is going to have to turn that around if he's going to be able to persuade enough delegates, a majority of the delegates, to nominate him as our standard bearer in november. >> supporter of ted cruz, thanks for the time. >> my pleasure. >> and coming up, a big day of campaigning here in new york. especially for john kasich. a little over a half hour from now, he's making a campaign -- making a campaign speech that his team is billing as a choice for republicans. a choice between two very different visions of the future. first, though, earlier this morning, john kasich teed off on
6:51 am
a suggestion from donald trump he could be trump's vp. >> zero chance. >> zero chance? >> yes. >> that's the best chance for the party. >> zero chance. i'm running for president of the united states. and that's it. if i don't -- if i'm not president, which i think i have an excellent shot to be, i will finish my term as governor, and then maybe i'll be a co-host on your show. proud of you, son. ge! a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world.
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new york is awesome. >> i tell you, the way i see new york values. it's excitement. it's innovation. it's fun. it's -- it's big time living. >> john kasich knows his audience there. big new york primary coming up, seven days from now, talking up his love for new york. kasich has been campaigning hard across the state over the last
6:55 am
week. maybe paying off at least a little bit for him. the latest nbc news/"wall street journal"/marist poll has him creeping into second place, blown out by donald trump. today, a big day for kasich, though, as he tries to make up more ground in new york. he's holding three events across new york city today. in the next hour, he's going to be giving a speech just a few blocks away from the studio. his campaign billing this a major address on the own of the gop race. >> it's going to really lay out this race from the standpoint of two paths. do we look at people's fears and concerns and drive them into the ditch, or do we acknowledge the fact that people do have concerns and problems and can we give them a path to solving our problems like americans always have. >> potential here that kasich might be making some news in the next hour or so. we're going to bring you that
6:56 am
speech when he delivers it from new york city in the next hour. bernie sanders and bill clinton also speaking some time in the next 30 minutes or so. we're going to take you to those events as well as they happen. that's going to wrap up this hour on msnbc. jose diaz-balart picks up our coverage live from brooklyn, next. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn because you can't beat zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning.
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7:00 am
bernie sanders starting a rally any minute in rochester. we have new polling today. showing him falling even further behind hillary clinton in new york. the senator now trying to win over blue-collar democrats while increasing the turnout of young voters. on the republican side, donald trump continues his tirade tour against his own party. he's now calling the primary process rigged after ted cruz shut him out in colorado over the weekend. the head of the rnc firing back at the front-runner saying rules are rules and nothing has changed. so once again, it's trump versus the machine. with voters growing impatient on the sidelines. >> we're not going to take it anymore. it's a corrupt system. it's a totally corrupt, rigged system. >> donald has been yelling and screaming. >> it's a crooked, crooked system. >> a lot of whining. >> if i'm the only one that can win in the fall, how do you pick somebody else?


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