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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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all right. good morning. i'm steve kornacki, and topping our agenda right now, get over it. that is the message to donald trump from the republican party's national chairman. it's also coming from some who defended trump in the past but who now are turning on him, like rush limbaugh. >> our republican system is absolutely rigged. it's a phony deal. >> this comes as ted cruz is tightening his grip on delegates who would be free to switch allegiances on a second ballot at the republican national convention. a story this morning says that cruz would now be favored to beat trump if trump can't get a majority on that first ballot in
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cleveland. also on our agenda this morning, i'm with him. >> this really is all about the person who has the boldest, most fierce vision on the issues facing america. >> it's a big get for bernie sanders. his first endorsement from a sitting united states senator. oregon's jeff merkley. he's throwing his support behind sanders. the timing on this is important as hillary clinton hopes to win new york and put sanders in her rear-view mirror and unite the party. here's another sign that democrats just aren't ready to end this fight. rounding out our agenda this morning, the most important number of the day. >> april is going to be a very bad month for ted cruz. >> trump's new convention manager, paul manafert, predicting a bad month for ted cruz. i'm going to show you why i think he might have a point on that and why it may be because of this guy, john kasich. all of that, much more ahead
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this hour, but we are going to begin with donald trump. the republican front-runner not backing away from his claims that he's been wronged by his party over how its nominating process is set up. >> the rnc, the republican national committee, they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen. i can tell you that. they should be ashamed of themselves. the rules are no good when you don't get democracy. the rules are no good they don't count your vote. when they don't like in colorado. the rules are no good when you have to play dirty tricks in order to pick up delegates. >> trump's critics, of course, countering the rules were clear long before now on how this process was going to work. calculation here may be that even if trump did know these were the rules, a lot of the first-time voters who are flocking to him this year probably didn't. this message is aimed at keeping
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them fired up, but even some of trump's staunchest allies are not standing with him on this. here's rush limbaugh yesterday. >> what do you mean if trump is denied? he hasn't won it yet. if he wins it and he's denied, then you've got a point. if he gets to 1237 and they try to take it away from him, then you've got a real point, but he hasn't won diddly squat yet. he hasn't got 1237. there's nothing to deny yet! and i think that may be a point. there is no entitlement here. just because you're leading doesn't mean it's yours. >> also, there's this. the washington post reporting this morning that cruz is likely to block trump from getting the nomination with all of the delegates he's picked up if, this is the big if here, if that republican convention in cleveland gets to a second ballot. if trump doesn't have 1237 on the first one. nbc's hallie jackson is here to walk me through everything that's going on. so hallie, it really is
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interesting to watch donald trump on this. on the one hand he's poised for a really big victory less than a week in new york. >> yeah. >> but he's still talking about the one he just lost. >> reporter: right. he's talking about colorado and as he looks strong in new york and not just there, the next three that follow. northeastern states like connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania. places where he's visiting. he's in pennsylvania today. trump over the last 24 hours he's tried to walk the line, trying to appear more presidential yet still clearly upset about what happened with ted cruz outmaneuvering him in the delegate hunt in colorado. you heard him talking about wanting to push more policies in his plans to roll out ten policy speeches over the next two weeks starting with one -- the next two months, pardon me, starting with one on the next week interestingly on party unity. here's what trump had to say about that. >> i'm going to be doing probably ten over the next two months. >> do you know when the next one is going to be? >> i would say within the next
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week. >> do you know what the topic will be? >> we're looking at different topics. one topic it might not be policy, it might be unity in the republican party because i think it's very important. >> reporter: on the one hand he says it's important but he's out with a new interview with "the hill" calling it a disgrace and taking it out on reince priebus. he said the rules have been the rules for a while. complaints now? give us all a break. this is unusual to see from the chairman of the party, steve. as you know, the party tries to remain as neutral as possible. the party is intended to try to help whichever person gets the nomination in a general election. that's why you see the rnc taking aim at hillary clinton more often than not not backing any particular candidate in this race, at least right now. >> hallie, it was only 12 days ago that trump had that meeting with reince priebus and the rnc. now it seems like a long time ago. hallie jackson, thank you.
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>> we'll get reaction from dan balls and we'll start with the national campaign spokesperson for donald trump's campaign, katrina pierson. thanks for taking a few minutes. let me ask you this. your candidate, donald trump, has been complaining calling it rigged. he went 0 for 37 with delegates -- 0 for 34, excuse me, with delegates there. we went back and looked. this is august 2015. this was the headline that appeared out in colorado. this is the headline that appeared in papers around the country saying that colorado was canceling the vote at its 2016 caucus and saying this is the process. the process has been clear in colorado since last august. seems to me you guys are surprised now to find out that's how it worked but you knew all along, department you? >> well, of course, and that's what mr. trump has said. he's just identifying the rigged part of the system. what they have done is put in a pyramid scheme essentially to choose delegates. for example, in colorado, if you
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have 3800 people show up to be delegates, you would expect those who have been credentialed and those who have names on the ballot to actually receive credentials and receive the ballot and that's not what happened. your local level person, local trump supporter can definitely show up at the convention but if their credentials are not there or denied, they're not on the ballot, they don't have a chance to move up. they don't survive the next couple of levels. this is the party system choosing the delegates. >> some people would look at how this has all gone, they say there's been unfairness on how this rules have been set that has benefited donald trump. for example, south carolina had a cluttered field there. donald trump got 33% of the vote but because of the way that state chooses to award its delegates, by congressional district, donald trump went 50 for 50. he got 33% of the vote, 33% of republicans in south carolina checked his name off for president. he gets 100% of the delegates. some people would look at that and say that's unfair. >> i think the beauty of the
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system is the simple fact was that this system was designed be to stop outsider candidates. that's one of the reasons why colorado changed their rules when people who make the rules can change them in the middle of the game, yes, that is correct. mr. trump has been doing very well but it's despite the system that's in place which is exactly why we're going to move forward and fight for the delegates even though we know that the party leaders have already said they want to stop mr. trump from reaching these delegates. we see the exact same tam particulars taking place in indiana as we speak. >> we mentioned it was less than two weeks ago dlump that meeting with reince priebus in the republican national committee. this is what he tweeted out. just had a very nice meeting with reince priebus and the gop. looking forward to bringing the party together and it will happen. are you closer or farther from that goal now 12 days later? >> i think the people on the ground, particularly the grassroots, those who have been fighting the party system for at
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least the last seven years, we have to remember the rnc changed the rules last time to stop a grassroots candidate from winning the nomination and we suspect that they'll do that again, but those on the ground, the millions of voters that have turned out for mr. trump and those who have turned out for candidates out of the race, i think we are closer to bringing them together. now they, too, see how the system was set up to keep their candidate from winning. >> there is a bit of news this morning, too, i want to mention this as well. marco rubio, he was on the marc levin show last night. he was asked who would be supporting him. >> the candidates in the race, who would you consider the most conservative and who would you consider -- well, let's start there? >> simon, i've been pretty clear that i want the republican nominee to be a conservative. in my view at this moment of the candidates still actively campaigning, the only one that fits that criteria is ted cruz. i've said that publicly. >> what's your reaction to that,
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katrina? >> i suspect all of the elected officials to stick together. these are two individuals who rely on the republican institution to keep them in power. so this is not surprising. most of the elected officials are going to continue to support the party because they need that party apparatus to keep their positions. >> thanks for the time. >> thank you. great to be here. now we're going to turn back to the set here. joining me, dan balls, national correspondent with "the washington post" and a political reporter with the "new york times." the national picture, dan, what you just heard from katrina there, they're claiming unfairness on this today. have a case? >> well, the rules are arcane but that's the way the rules have been set up and they've been set up that way for a long time. anybody who gets into one of these contests has to recognize that. the curiosity is at the very moment donald trump has brought in paul manaford to manage control of this and manage the next phase about the campaign is all about delegates, he goes off
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on a tear while paul manaford is trying to build an organization to compete more effectively than colorado. >> what is that doing? we're talking about eventually if donald trump is the nominee, there has to be a reconciliation with the republican nominee. what is this doing to that? >> this is a rupture in that. that meeting of two weeks ago despite donald trump's tweet was not a particularly good meeting. i mean, there was tension in that meeting and i think there is a feeling inside the trump campaign, at least on the part of some of the people, that they have do do somethi have to do something to repair that. they're also in a fight. we know when trump is in a fight he fights very hard and then they'll repair it. >> donald trump is poised to do really well here. it seems to me what he's saying now, the complaints he has, whether they're legitimate or not, they fire up his base here. >> they sure do. it is a little weird that he's choosing to dwell on this really embarrassing series of set backs when he's about to go on what
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appears to be shaping up a pretty significant winning streak. it does fire up his base in new york and really across the northeast, this idea that the republican party establishment is distanced and generally perceived to be in new york a more southern entity is coming in to stop the hometown boy from doing really well. i do think also just sort of playing into his appeal, his local appeal here and in the area. his style of politics in general, which played not so well in a place like iowa, that had mixed success in some of these nicer states like minnesota and utah, this is pure new york. so for him to take a baseball back to reince like this, that's sort of what they expect. >> they love it. >> he's leading in the polls. the other question is ted cruz, he comes in second place. he was never a good fit for new york to give.
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is that further complicating it? >> oh, definitely. he wasn't a good fit but he won the state convincingly. he was able to reinvent himself. here in new york cruz is pretty upfront in the primary process. he's expected to wrap it up. his strategy was geared towards lock that go down in the southern states at the beginning of march. when he was popping off last winter about new york values he never imagined he would be in the bronx? >> right. >> so let me ask you where this thing goes from here. after wisconsin it seemed the conventional wisdom jumped to, that's it, open convention, he can't get there. i'm opening the map if he sweeps new york, big win in pennsylvania, big win in maryland. if he does well in the northeast states he could be sitting on a 400, 450 delegate lead over this month. >> very true. i think that you go through this every day with the delegates. the real issue is not wins and losses in these states, it is how close is donald trump to 1237. so every delegate that he is
6:14 am
denied is important to the stop trump forces and for him every delegate he can accumulate. we will swing back and forth about who has momentum. he's going to win very well here. he should do well in these other northeastern states but the real key is how close does that get him to 1200 or 1220 or 1150. and that's -- that's going to be played out not simply in those but it's going to be in the state conventions, it's going to be the battle for some of these unbounds de delegates even if t go in unbound, somebody has them. that's the real focus we have to do. not what does wisconsin do at this moment of the momentum game. >> that's the other question i have. if trump is short but it's close, if it's 1200, 1215, somewhere in there, that pressure, does the pressure build that, hey, he won the most states? he won the most delegates? he won the most votes. we've got to nominate him or we're going to have a revolt on our hands? is that going to factor into it
6:15 am
do you think? >> it depends on what that mum is. i don't think anybody at this point can say this is the magic number short of 1237 that he has to have in order for that kind of to take hold in cleveland. but if he has won the most states and the most delegates and the most votes by a lot, it's going to be hard for the party to deny him the nomination. >> that clean sweep 95 for 95 in new york, how realistic is that? >> totally plausible. when you are looking at the polls that show him at or near 60%, it's really tough to hit that mark unless you're clearing 50% everywhere. maybe john kasich can pick up a delegate on the upper east side but that's not much of a moral triump triumph. appreciate your joining us. coming up, bernie sanders picks up a key congressional endorsement. his only endorsement from the united states senate so far. this while hillary gains the nod from a big new hampshire hespap
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york. what if anything does it mean for next tuesday's vote. later, this is why they make the maps for me. i'm going to show you what twitter, yes, even jimmy fallon did which is something that i did yesterday. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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bernie sanders, speaks with jeff merkley from oregon. he was with us on msnbc "morning joe." >> this is about the person who has the boldest, most fierce issues in the world. issue after issue, campaign finance he's been out there leading clearly long before he ever decided to run. >> and on the subject of endorsements, sanders is set to announce another one later this morning in brooklyn.
6:20 am
brooklyn where he was born, of course, before moving to vermont for most of his life. we will also be hearing from hillary clinton in a few hours. she will address the national action network here in manhattan. today she picked up a big newspaper endorsement from the "new york daily news." both sides of the campaign are covering it. msnbc's casey hunt is in brooklyn and kristen weller is in mid town manhattan. let's start with you in brooklyn. surprising news, too. surprising to pick up an endorsement from one of his senate colleagues. also the timing that here we are in mid april and he picks one up. sign of momentum? sign of things to come at all for the sanders campaign? >> well, steve, i think a lot -- in many ways this is simply a sign of jeff merkley's home state. oregon is a place that has been very hospitable to bernie sanders. it was a place that hosted one of those first mega rallies last summer where we started to get a sense that bernie sanders was going to potentially be a more significant challenger to
6:21 am
hillary clinton than anyone expected at the outset. so i do think it's still more noteworthy that this is the first of these congressional endorsements. that tells you, of course, a lot about the hillary clinton campaign but also how bernie sanders has interacted with his colleagues over his time at the senate. he's not someone known as having a lot of friends or close friends in the u.s. senate. he's known as a little bit more much a lobe ner. he named jim inhoff, not someone who will come near bernie sanders. as for the trend in brooklyn, it's union related press conferences. the communication workers of america striking this morning. that's the only major union -- national union so far to endorse bernie sanders, steve. >> casey hunt in brooklyn. thanks for that. msnbc is going to have live coverage of that sanders endorsement announcement. we are keeping an eye on what's happening out there in brooklyn. it's set for sometime later this
6:22 am
morning. we'll bring it to you when it happens. now we're going to check in with the clinton campaign. nbc's kristin welker is in the heart of manhattan. kristin, good morning to you. we have a new line of attack from the sanders campaign that the clinton campaign is dealing with this morning. tell us what's going on there. >> reporter: that's right. well, the clinton campaign has been questioning secretary clinton's judgment and sort of pointing to these various policy decisions she's made supporting the iraq war, for example. the fact that she supports fracking, that's something that he staunchly is opposed to. the clinton campaign firing back that essentially all of these attacks, calling her unqualified for the job, lacking judgment. they're making the argument that these are essentially personal attacks. here's a tweet from nick merrill which i can read to you. he tweeted out, quote, let's be very clear. this is a character attack. this is exactly wha
6:23 am
what @berniesanders pledged he wouldn't do. they're trying to make the case that he is being hypocritical. meanwhile, what we have been seeing in recent days is just the rhetoric between the two candidates really heating up. the race in new york, of course, couldn't be more important to both sides. for secretary clinton, if she wins here, potentially by double digits, that could almost put this race out of reach for senator sanders. she's not only looking for a win, she wants to have a big win. krit calling to that will be a large turnout among african-americans. she's going to be here trying to shore that up. she'll be talking about environmental justice, she'll also be talking about housing and of course this comes after former president bill clinton had that dust up in philadelphia that really angry response to protesters at his event there that did frustrate some within the african-american community. clinton campaign officials insisting that's not going to hurt her chances with african-americans, but it is clear they are determined to make sure that doesn't happen.
6:24 am
they spent a lot of time in african-american churches over the weekend. this speech prescheduled prior to that dust up. it will be vital that secretary clinton make the case that she is not just pandering to them, that she has a clear plan on the issues she'll be talking about. >> nbc's kristen welker with the clinton campaign. i'll turn now to howard wolf. also communications director when hillary clinton ran for president eight years ago. howard, thanks for joining us. >> sure. >> let's put the latest polls up on the screen in the democratic race. we have three new ones to show you. hillary clinton leading 12, 13 points in all of them there. what's interesting to me is when we looked at new york polls a month after before the race got here, she was up more than 20. it's come down from that, but i'm wondering, is it stable now or is it still volatile? how would you look at this? >> i would expect she would wind up somewhere between 50 and 55. she is obviously a known commodity here. she represented the state for
6:25 am
eight years. she probably will not pick up a lot of people who don't quite know where they're going to go yet. so anyone who isn't currently voting for her isn't going to end up voting for her. probably 53, 54 is where she ends up. >> as kristen welker was saying, in terms of the delegates, in terms of what sanders is trying to pull off to counter her, the pledge count makes that math, which is already really tough for him a lot tougher. >> well, were he to win new york, which i would be surprised although not shocked, were he to win new york, it would be a moral victory and not much else. even the margin of his victory hypothetically would be so narrow that the number of delegates he would walk away from would be, you know, maybe a dozen, couple of dozen or less. so it wouldn't really make a consequential difference. >> you say you wouldn't be shocked. what's his strength in new york? >> the democratic primary electorate in new york has moved pretty far to the left over the last let's say eight years since
6:26 am
hillary clinton represented new york. >> like what's caused that movement? we've seen this in other states. what do you think is behind that? >> overall democrats have moved to the left, republicans have moved to the right especially people who vote in primaries and caucuses. you saw bill de blasio get elected in new york as mayor because the primary electorate had moved to where he was ideologically. >> jeff merkley came on board. the timing is interesting. you have you're just going through. the delegate math that looks kind of grim for bernie sanders, at the same time he still is winning states, pretty big states like wisconsin. it seems strange that you have two parallel things going on where hillary clinton seems on course to get the nomination and a chunk of the party doesn't want this to end. >> that's true. i think it will go until june. i think bernie sanders will have won enough states and enough money to take this all the way to california. hillary clinton took it all the
6:27 am
way to the end in 2008. she had enough money and was winning states in the spring. that may be frustrating to the clinton campaign. it was frustrating to the obama campaign that hillary clinton was hanging in there. >> i'm curious. you probably have a glimpse into what maybe is going on in the sanders campaign. the situation for him in a lot of ways similar to what you lived through in '08. >> how are you thinking about it at this point? look, we've got no chance but we're going to stay into this at the end? >> so hope always springs eternal. when you win a state, even if you don't actually win that many delegates, it's a great feeling. you feel like, whoa we're winning states, maybe we have a chance at this thing. there is a reality of delegate math which appeals to your head but the winning states and going to big rallies, having people shower you with love and affection and tell you you ought to be president, that appeals to your heart. sometimes you listen to your heart, not your head. in fairness, bernie sanders has run a great campaign. he has won states. he has won a lot of votes. he has pushed his message forward. he has every right to compete
6:28 am
and there are clearly a lot of people who want him to. at the end of the day because there are no winner take all states in the primary, it's very difficult to catch up once you fall behind. you look at the states ahead of us, bernie sanders will win some of them but he will not win enough of them by enough delegates to take her -- overtake her in the earned delegate math putting aside super delegates. >> if he can't win new york, too, that math gets tougher. howard wilson, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. coming up next, it is time for the most important number of the day. here's a hint. it could be some good news for john kasich or really some bad news for ted cruz. we'll tell you what the number is and what it means ahead. later on, look at this. i finally made it on to the "tonight show", although maybe i'm not glad i did. who knew that jimmy fallon was so interested in electoral maps. we'll show you that, too. to satisfy the adult and kid - in all of us. ♪
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i would assume you expect most of the delegates in new york? >> not only new york but the whole northeast. we're out of cruz land. cruz is not even going to be finishing second for the next couple of weeks. he's going to be distant third in a lot of places. >> and that was donald trump's new convention manager, paul manaford laying out the trump campaign expectations for the next month. that brings us to our most important number of the day. look, it's already up on the board. here it is, and i'm going to circle it for you. it is 21. it's the 21% that john kasich is getting in new york in the latest poll. this is our latest poll here in new york. obviously donald trump well ahead here in new york right now expected to have a big win. could end up taking all 95 delegates, but i think what could be as important when you look at the long term in this republican presidential race, when you look at ted cruz's prospects, what could be equally important is who gets second place here in new york. now why? why? it's because donald trump was
6:33 am
thought to be in big trouble a week ago when ted cruz beat him in wisconsin. ted cruz beat him by double digits, remember, in wisconsin. people said, what did that mean? it meant that the republican party, the stop trump wing was consolidating around ted cruz. that was the story in wisconsin. they consolidated around cruz, support for kasich fell off completely at the end there in wisconsin. we said, boy, if this keeps happening in other states, later on in this process donald trump could be in trouble and ted cruz could really start making some ground up but, look, if you come to new york and kasich is beating cruz for second place here, that doesn't say much for that idea that the stop trump forces are consolidating around cruz. the problem could get even bigger for cruz when you look a week later. we have polling out of maryland already that has kasich running in second place there. we've had polling in pennsylvania that has kasich running in second there. we haven't seen rhode island, we haven't seen connecticut, we haven't seen delaware. it is certainly possible that in
6:34 am
the remaining six contests this month john kasich could beat out ted cruz for second place in all of them. what would that do? that would cast a lot of doubt on the idea that the stop trump crowd is coalescing around ted cruz. it would also bring a little bit of life back to john kasich. it would make him viable for the last month of this campaign, may and june. the first contest up in maine is back on turf that's friendly to ted cruz, at least theoretically friendly to ted cruz. it would be indiana on may 3rd. this is a state ted cruz badly needs to win if he's going to stop donald trump. what does he need to beat donald trump in indiana? he is going to need the stop trump forces to consolidate their support around him. but if we come to indiana with john kasich beating out ted cruz for second place in six straight contests, that might be tough for ted cruz to pull off. john kasich could come into that state with viability. doesn't mean john kasich wins it but does it mean that john
6:35 am
kasich takes enough votes that would otherwise go to ted cruz and gives donald trump the victory at indiana? if donald trump is winning indiana, then donald trump's path to 1237 gets a whole lot easier. so that's why that 21 -- excuse me, the 21% for ted cruz -- for -- excuse me, for john kasich here in new york is our most important number of the day. and if i seem a little bit nervous here, it's because i unintentionally made my way onto the "tonight show" and all over twitter yesterday because of something we did with yesterday's most important number of the day. i don't know if you were looking at it, but we had a malfunction on the screen here yesterday. i was trying to get a map of the united states up. didn't show up on the screen. took out my third great art skills and i tried to draw a very, very rough outline of the united states. it turned out it was a little too rough. jimmy fallon noticed and this is what happened. >> let me see if i can get this
6:36 am
here. >> work your magic. >> the states that are going to come. didn't actually work there. >> it's good. it's a blank slate. do whatever you want to do. >> i'm going to draw a map of the united states here. this is my version of a map of the united states. now here's the thing, how's this one, ally? >> put the kids to sleep! that's -- that's nuts. >> no, no. >> more than that. more than that. more than that. did you say election? okay. sorry. >> honestly, i thought when i was drawing that they would make fun at me for not being good at art. when we got off the air somebody told me what they thought it looked like. i was shocked. you know what i thought it looked like? i thought that looked like a goldfish. a goldfish cracker, that's what i thought it looked like. people have such dirty minds out there.
6:37 am
anyway, i remember watching the "tonight show" as a kid. always wanted to get on the "tonight show" and now i realize, you don't always want to be on the "tonight show." anyway, jimmy fallon, that was very funny. glad i could give you some material. coming up on our show, the draft paul ryan for president movement hit a major speed bump yesterday and speaker ryan once again said he has absolutely no interest in being the republican nominee this year. so who does he think should be? ♪ try your favorite ranch with a fresh taste so crisp,
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ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra. well the 2012 campaign probably seems like a long time ago, but if you remember back to it, paul ryan was the republican candidate for vice president that year. he wanted to be part of the executive branch, but with donald trump holding a strong lead right now in the republican race, the second place candidate being also polarizing in the poles, ted cruz, well, there has been something of a campaign, at least in the republican establishment circles, to make paul ryan the republican nominee this year through some kind of
6:41 am
open or contested convention. that talk has persisted throughout the winter and spring, but in a press conference yesterday paul ryan once again said in the strongest terms he has tried to say it so far, that he would not accept any nomination for president this summer at the republican convention. and in an interview he told nbc's peter alexander that the nominee should be someone who is actually running. >> earlier today you talked about how the rules committee, you would encourage them -- >> i would. >> -- to make it so that nobody who didn't run could be on the ballot. does that mean we could see someone like scott walker, jeb bush -- >> i'm not going to foreclose anyone's option. all i'm saying, the members of the rules committee who have yet to be selected, it's comprised of delegates, i think they should have a rule that you have to run for election. you have to be one of the candidates. i didn't run for president. i chose to -- this is why i say i will not be the nominee for our party.
6:42 am
we should select among the people who actually ran for the job. >> and that full interview with peter alexander and house speaker paul ryan is coming up in the next hour. still to come in this hour though, ted cruz unloading on donald trump calling him a bully saying he couldn't run a lemonade stand. i'm going to ask a key cruz supporter, congressman raul labrador, if those attacks are going to make a difference or if it's too late. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us.
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understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. the idea that donald is threatening delegates, we're seeing this pattern over and over and over again. donald needs to understand he's not michael corlioni. i understand that donald has had some very shady business deals with people that are currently in prison, mobsters, but the presidency should not be l la conostra. donald needs to stop threatening the voters.
6:46 am
he needs to stop threatening the delegates. he is not a mobster. >> that was ted cruz absolutely unloading on donald trump last night. just a small piece of a nearly 30 minute interview he gave with glen beck in which cruz called trump a bully. he accused him of inciting violence. he said, quote, his campaign couldn't run a lemonade stand. i want to bring in raul labrador. he endorsed ted cruz in february. he joins us. congressman, thanks for taking a few minutes. look, ted cruz has talked roughly this way about donald trump before and usually when he does the question comes up, okay, this is what you're saying. if trump is the republican nominee, could you support him. ted cruz has mostly said he ultimately would. he did start to back off a few weeks ago. let me ask the same question to you. if donald trump is the republican party nominee given these sorts of things that the candidate you support is saying about him, could you support donald trump for president? >> i'll support anybody who is the nominee of the republican party.
6:47 am
the difference is going to be how enthusiastically i support the nominees. somebody like donald trump who's going to lose colorado. everything he's been doing this weekend to antagonize the republicans in colorado means that he's less likely to win the presidency. he needs republicans in colorado to win the presidency. he needs republicans in all these swing states and every time he loses a state it's not because of poor organization, it's not because he just -- it wasn't a good state for him, it's because somebody cheated him. and he's a big whiner and i'm really surprised about that because the strongest argument for donald trump is that he's the smartest guy in the room that is the best organizer, that is the best negotiator, but the last few weeks have shown that all those things are false about donald trump, that he doesn't know how to negotiate, he doesn't know how to hire the best people, he doesn't know -- he's really not that smart when it comes to the process of becoming the president of the united states. what he knows how to do is he
6:48 am
knows how to do a press conference. he knows that you guys are going to play that press conference from top to bottom, you're going to play him 24/7. that's how he keeps winning. when it comes to on the ground organization, he's not very good at those things. and he keeps telling us that he's the best at all of these organizational skills and he clearly doesn't know how to do it. >> you mentioned that the swing states there, you point to colorado. colorado had the convention -- the state convention that donald trump lost. you say, well, he can't win in the general election. if we're going to use that as the standard, how these candidates are doing in the primary season, you had ted cruz losing arizona, that could be a swing state. losi losing virginia, that could be a swing state, north carolina. >> i'm not talking about losing the state. you lose the state and you move on and you thank the people of that state and you say, hey, thanks for giving me an opportunity, which is what ted cruz has done every time he has lost a state. what donald trump does -- >> but, congressman, let me
6:49 am
just -- what he's saying though about colorado, get you to respond to this then, what he's saying is the people of colorado didn't get a chance because there was no primary or caucus. >> every state does it differently and what donald trump has done is he has insulted the republican party of colorado. guess what you need to win the state of colorado? you need the republican party of colorado to work with you. if he's going to insult them, they are not going to work with him. he knew the rules. the rules have been in place for a year. in fact, if you think about it, those rules were set up for other people to win, and the person who won was ted cruz because he decided to study the rules, to figure out how you can win the state and he won the state. if -- if -- if donald trump were a gracious winner, he would just move on and say, hey, i lost the state but i still have the lead in the delegates and i'm going to continue to go to new york and all these other places. but not once has he been a gracious loser in any of these races. and i think that's
6:50 am
antagonizing -- pretty antagonistic. i think ted cruz is a better candidate, a better general election candidate and i think people are going to coalesce around him a lot more than they're going to coalesce around donald trump. >> i guess on that question of the rest of the party, the non-trump part of the party coalescing around ted cruz. it seemed that we saw that in wisconsin. the question was would we start seeing that going forward. we were just talking about this. we were looking in new york right now. john kasich is in front of ted cruz, john kasich is ahead of him in pennsylvania, in maryland, in a couple other states. it seems that that consolidation that was supposed to happen after wisconsin isn't happening. >> well, these are different states and what you need to do is, look, the final result. how is ted cruz going to do comparatively to how he's performing right now? you guys didn't make a big deal when ted cruz won texas, which
6:51 am
he should have won. and i think donald trump should win new york. this is hisstate. but the question is how well will ted cruz do in all of these state. you will see that because of their organization, because of the things and because of things that they're doing, they're going to polls are show rights now. and i think that's what you're going to show. there is going to be a coalescence around ted cruz in some of these states. then you're going to go to indiana, to california. you're going to see the states where ted cruz is going to overperform. i think that's what you're going to see that the republican party is coalescing around one guy. it shouldn't be surprising that donald trump is doing well in new york. it's not like it's news to anybody. >> all right, congressman raul labrador from idaho, supporting of ted cruz, thanks for the time. >> in a bit of breaking news we're learning about, bernie sanders with a pair of endorsements today. first one we told you about earlier, the only u.s. senator yet to back him, oregon's jeff merkley, coming onboard the sanders team. now the new one, the new york city transit union.
6:52 am
sanders is speaking at an event with them in a few minutes. we'll bring it to you when it happens. this could be a big one in new york, of course, the next primary. more on it right after this. oh! yurt. yes! earthy... just rustic. [laughing] oh my gosh. wow. [owl howling] [gulp] uh, how about an island? island, yeah. yeah. yeah. [laughing] were you laughing in your fantasy? yeah! me, too. [gasps] quite like the human foot. introducing the 241 horsepower lexus is 200 turbo. with almost twenty percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around.
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6:55 am
well, it's a battle of new yorkers on the democratic side here in new york. bernie sanders, of course, was born and raised in brooklyn. hillary clinton has called the state home for 16 years now. she served as a u.s. senator for eight years from new york. does any of that make a difference, though, to the voters here? thomas roberts is in brooklyn. thomas, not only that. on the republican side, look, donald trump is as new york as it get. trump, sanders, clinton. anyone have a home town edge here? >> you see trump's name all over the west side highway as being a sponsor of the cleanup project for that, and his name all over buildings, but you make a great point. for the democratic candidates about being born in new york or bred in new york. the argument for bernie sanders
6:56 am
is he was born right here in brooklyn and his roots originate from this very area. hillary clinton's argument is she serves as a senator from the state, elected twice. both have their campaign headquarters right around the corner, as you know. but hillary clinton is leading the charge within the state itself, as the primary looms around the corner next tuesday. now, anecdotally, i had a chance to speak to something in the coffee shop around the corner. she was reading the "new york times." the endorsement from senator merkley going to bernie sanders from oregon. as i was talking to her, she said she's a hillary clinton supporter. and because it's a pragmatic vote, she thinks that hillary is a terrible campaigner, but will be an excellent president. then i ran into somebody who works for a production company here in new york, based in oregon. he's voting absentee, he likes bernie sanders. it's a mixed bag. >> thomas roberts in bernie sanders' native brooklyn. that's going to wrap up this hour on msnbc. jose diaz-balart is up next. new york city's christine quinn is one of his guests. we got another one.
6:57 am
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and good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart. we begin with breaking news from the presidential campaign trail. we're expecting to hear from senator bernie sanders any moment now who is in brooklyn to reveal a new endorsement from a union group. going to bring you his remarks live. earlier today, we learned oregon senator jeff merkley became the first u.s. senator to endorse sanders. >> do you think he can win? >> i think that anything is possible in a campaign. obviously, the math is an uphill climb. but we have been surprised by what happened in campaigns time and time again. >> kasie hunt and kristen welker are following the campaigns. steve kornacki is here with analysis. good morning to all. kasie, let me begin with you in


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