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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 13, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hi, everyone, i'm craig melvin. we start on this wednesday afternoon with some breaking news as the war of words between donald trump and the rnc nears a boiling point. news now that trump has a grand plan to win over members of congress. we are live on capitol hill. all of this as trump triples down on his disdain for the delegate system as a whole and now all of villainizing the rnc. >> our republican system, our republican system, is absolutely rigged. it's a phony deal. this was a dirty trick. these are dirty tricksters. this is a dirty trick and i'll tell you why, the rnc, the republican national committee, they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen. >> rnc chair firing back on
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twitter, nomination process known for a year plus beyond. it's the responsibility of the campaigns to understand it. complaints now? give us all a break. today donald trump and ted cruz hunting pennsylvania's 50 unbound delegates. trump holding an event in eerie tonight while john kasich sets his sights on maryland where the latest poll puts him in a statistic tie with ted cruz. meanwhile on the other side, bernie sanders and hillary clinton both working their bases in new york. clinton at the national action network this hour, sanders firing up the crowd and walking the picket line with union strikers. some 40,000 of them from verizon. >> who are facing the same kind of pressure, thank you for what you're doing. we're going to win this thing. >> our political team is covering every corner of this race on the ground, but we start with that breaking news i just mentioned. the republican aid confirming to
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nbc news that members of congress are meeting tomorrow with trump campaign officials. nbc's luke rhussert joins me live now from capitol hill with more on this. luke, what more can you tell us? >> so, this is interesting, craig. it's going to be a meeting spearheaded by the representatives who first endorsed donald trump. that's duncan hunter, a military veteran out of california and chris collins out of new york, right outside of the buffalo. they'll lead a meeting of those who already endorsed trump, which is about eight members of the house, one senator from alabama and they expect for members of congress who may have not endorsed trump publicly but are very interesting in his campaign to come to this meeting tomorrow. it will be held off capitol hill. ed brookover of the trump campaign will be there. he is with the carson campaign and moved over to trump. he is someone who specializes in the delegate selection process. we expect a few other trump campaign officials to be there. the idea is to start this goodwill outreach between the
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trump campaign and capitol hill. the aid i spoke to whose member will be involved in this meeting said they hope to have one of these every single week that the house is in session from now through cleveland. so, as donald trump amasses more delegates, as he tries to make more outreach with important members of congress, expect these meeting to grow larger than the initial one which will happen tomorrow morning. craig? >> what about others, luke? do we know if he is meeting with others or just these folks who already pledged their support to donald trump? >> it's just the campaign officials. now, it's not trump himself going to be there. he will not be there. it's going to be people from his campaign. and we expect this to be a sort of listening session, if you will. there are, by my count, just from conversations i had around capitol hill, probably about 15 to 20 other members in the house that would want to jump on the trump bandwagon right now but are not necessarily comfortable doing so for whatever reasons for how it would look publicly
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or they're not quite there yet or they don't want their endorsement to carry a lot of weight in the upcoming states, but this will be an avenue for them to hear from the campaign directly and for the campaign to make very important face to face contact with people who are going to be very important ahead of the convention in cleveland in july, craig. >> was there an impetus for this meeting, luke? or was this something that had been on the books for a while, to your knowledge? >> well, i think it sort of came together within the last week from the conversations i've had with the idea of being that trump is aware, his campaign is aware of this criticism that they have received that they are sloppy. what ted cruz was able to do to them in colorado, cleaning up all those delegates that perhaps they have not done the outreach that is necessary with members of congress. those here on capitol hill who support ted cruz, they've been in his camp for quite a while and they are indockry nated with
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what the cruz campaign seeks to do and what they are doing. why you see a meeting like this carry forward is because these members want to know how they can help the trump campaign and the trump campaign wants to sell to them what they think their strategy is for not only winning the delegates needed in cleveland but also the presidential election in november of this year. >> luke russert for us on capitol hill this morning with some breaking news. again, members of congress, trump supporters, meeting with campaign officials tomorrow, luke, thank you so much for that. now to the war of words between donald trump and the republican national committee. nbc's jacob rascon not far from where i sit here, up state new york, he has been spending time talking to voters. jacob, we heard the back and forth between trump, between reince ? how are voters processing this? are they aware of the back and forth? >> reporter: they are not aware
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of what happened mostly what happened last night, but they are aware of mr. trump's talk about the delegate process in talking about it being rigged or corrupt. we hear a lot of that. we hear a lot of people who -- that argument resonates with them. but not everyone. we've just walked into village hardware, we're just downtown here. the owner jim cook, thank you for agreeing to talk with us. have you decided who you're going to vote for? >> no, i haven't. >> but you decided who you're not going to vote for. >> i have. >> and go ahead. >> i'm not going to vote for mr. trump. >> why not? >> just the way he's carried himself through all of this, the campaign. i don't believe he is somebody that i would want sitting down with a bunch of world leaders deciding things that are going to happen in the world and as a representative of the united states. >> now, many of your neighbors who we've been talking to tell me that they like mr. trump because he's the ultimate outsider, somebody who can come in and break down this system
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that they describe as corrupt. what do you say to that? -- as a republican -- >> well, i am registered republican. the first thing i would like to say is that i'm kind of disappointed in all of the people that see that. i can understand how they feel, hoping that he is not -- not locked in with the political system that it could make a change. i just personally his whole per son that has just put me off. >> now you have a choice between ted cruz and john kasich. what do you make of that choice? >> if kasich made it, i would have to say that kasich would probably be my choice. >> reporter: and why is that? >> i just feel that he's -- he has some experience already, he's low key, appeals to home-grown people, you know, i'm not that familiar with his career in ohio, but i think of the three people that he would be my choice. >> reporter: okay. if you could, if we'll swing
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around, we won't ask him a question, we'll sew his coworker ken who actually does support mr. trump and to be fair to him, we've talked to a lot of folks here and they do support trump, but it's now mr. jim cook telling us, nope, he decided he is not going to vote for, not mr. trump. back to you. >> hey, really quickly here, jacob. can you ask mr. cook a question on my behalf about this idea that the party is playing dirty tricks. does he think if donald trump comes out of the convention in cleveland with the most delegates, with the largest numbers of votes, should he be the nominee no matter what? >> reporter: so mr. cook, if donald trump headed into the convention and didn't have the magic number of delegates but had most of the delegates, most of the votes, should he be the nominee? >> i don't believe so. >> reporter: you think it would be okay, then, at that point for
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somebody else, say ted cruz, say john kasich, say somebody different, to come in even though donald trump has the most votes, the most delegates? >> well, i think -- he's been complaining that it's all rigged. i don't think it's rigged. but i don't think it's a fair system because i believe that the popular vote is the vote that should determine this. it goes right down to the electoral college, which determines our president. and that can also not be the way that the people in the country want it. >> reporter: right. to be decided. craig? >> jacob rascon and jim cook, big thanks to both of you. let's turn to democrats now where we got a stunning visual for presidential candidate short time ago. our nbc news cameras were rolling as verizon workers on strike greeting and chanting bernie sanders' name as he joined their picket line. [ bernie, bernie, bernie ]
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>> 40,000 verizon workers are on strike right now, thousands of them in new york city alone. in his speech, sanders blasted the telecom company. [ inaudible ]. >> trying to destroy the lives of working americans. meanwhile, hillary clinton right now speaking at the national action network's annual convention in new york city. this comes as her campaign continues to aggressively court the black vote. she used the event to go right after donald trump. >> despite our best efforts and our highest hopes, america's long struggle with racism is far from finished. and we are seeing that in this
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election. when the front-runner for the republican nomination was asked in a national television interview to disavow david duke and other white supremacists supporting his campaign, he played coy. >> all right. let's start with msnbc's kasie hunt. kasie, bernie sanders, that visual of him on the picket line with verizon workers, those are his people. that's bernie sanders spending time with his base. >> reporter: that's right, craig. not just spending time with his base but really doing something that he's been consistently doing throughout his political career. i mean, this is the argument that he's making in this democratic race and you're seeing that playing out on tv screens. a little bit classic bernie sanders, this was a very last minute stop that they decided to do after they came from the endorsement of the local transit workers union. one of the frustrations of
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sanders' campaign has been that they feel like rank and file union members are really behind them and that the leadership of many of the national umbrella union organizations won't endorse him because they want to support hillary clinton. it plays into that idea that the democratic establishment is rigged in her favor, that's how the sanders' campaign would put it. but this is prompting some interesting blow-back. we saw earlier this month the ceo of general electric coming out and slamming bernie sanders for never having visited a plant that provides many jobs in sanders' home state of vermont and today we have the verizon ceo coming out with a similar statement, calling sanders' policies reprehensible, quote, when the rhetoric becomes disconnected from reality, we crossed a dangerous line. we deserve better from people aspiring to be president at the very least we should demand that candidates base their arguments on the facts even when they don't fit their campaign narratives. some of this coming out of that new york daily news interview
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where sanders questioned whether or not big corporations were hurting the moral fabric of the country. these companies, obviously, arguing that they provide a lot of these jobs, craig. >> as you know, bernie sanders also picked up an endorsement today, his first endorsement from a senator, oregon senator jeff merkley. this is what he told andrea mitchell a short time ago. >> he tapped into the deep frustration of americans with a system that has become highly rigged both politically and economically and he is the right voice, i feel, the most effective voice in terms of taking our country in the direction it needs to go. >> do we expect that that endorsement will make a difference at all, kasie? >> that of course is the first sitting senator, first one of bernie sanders' colleagues, to endorse him, which tells you a lot both about support for secretary clinton but also bernie sanders' own personal relationships and the fact that he has remained something of a
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loner in the senate of really living out that independent label that he has. he doesn't have very many necessarily close friends. oregon, of course, a place where we saw early on senator sanders depth of support among particularly the liberal base of the democratic party. that's the same area of the party that jeff merkley comes out of he is known as more progressive member of the senate. the two of them line up. senator sanders at this point hoping for more endorsements but in some ways wearing his lack of them as a badge of honor, craig. >> msnbc's kasie hunt covering the bernie sanders campaign today. now to nbc's kristen welker who has been on the road with the clinton campaign. kristen, let's start again with that visual. bernie sanders at that picket line there in new york city. has the clinton campaign responded to that at all? >> reporter: they have, craig, responded. secretary clinton, by the way,
10:15 am
speaking bi ining behind me rig. let me read you a statement that reads in part, quote, verizon should come back to the bargaining table with a fair offer for their workers to preserve and grow america's middle class. we need to protect good wages and benefits, including retirement security. and we should be doing all we can to keep good paying jobs with real job security in new york. obviously labor unions has been critically important to this campaign. secretary clinton tries to clinch the democratic nomination. a number of unions stayed on the sidelines. she was quick to weigh in on this issue particularly after we saw senator sanders on the picket line. you heard kasie talk about the backlash that senator sanders has gotten from the large corporations. walking a finer like is secretary clinton than condemning big business. that has made her less popular
10:16 am
with some progressives but allowed those who are in big business potentially on her side if she does, in fact, win this nomination. craig? >> let's turn to clinton's speech that, again, as you pointed out, is actually going on during our conversation, national action network speech, what has she talked about so far, what else do we expect her to say? >> well, craig, this speech is coming at a really pivotal time. first let me set the backdrop. it's coming in the wake of a few controversies. first that incident with former president bill clinton when he responded angry to protesters in philadelphia who opposed to his 1994 crime bill and secondly she engaged in the skit over the weekend with new york major bill de blasio. some seeing it racially insensitive. i talked to african-american leaders who said they didn't love those two incidents happened. they don't think it will hurt her with african-american
10:17 am
voters. at the same time, craig, she is looking for a big win in new york, so it's critical she sures up support among this voting group. now secretary clinton just announcing that she wants to end lead poisoning within five years of taking office. calling for a more robust effort to tackle environmental justice. that's an issue that's critical to the african-american community not only in new york but throughout the country particularly after the water crisis in flint, michigan. if secretary clinton wants to have a big win in new york, she needs african-americans to turn out in force. craig? >> kristen welker, it appears to have gone over well there in the auditorium, apparently reverend al sharpton just referred to her as reverend hillary clinton. kristen, thank you. reminder to you at home, tune into msnbc's exclusive town hall doubleheader tomorrow. chris matthews will host a john kasich town hall at 7:00 p.m. chuck todd will host a town hall
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with ted cruz at 8:00 p.m. all right here at msnbc the place for politics. after the break, political fight club. donald trump versus rnc-reince pree bus. eye rolling. party splitting at the seams perhaps? you're watching msnbc the place for politics. every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime. and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. wyou could just forget frthe beach wedding...
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♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. the party is playing dirty. and we got to show our republican party you've been disenfranchised, everybody has. you got to show the republican party that they can't get away with this stuff any longer. >> donald trump in rome, new york, there, trying to push the
10:22 am
narrative that his supporters were disenfranchised ahead of the republican party reince priebus saying among other things, give us all a break. this happens as two new polls confirm trump's dominance in the mid-atlantic and the northeast, nbc 4 showing a big lead in maryland. monmouth showing trump is ready to capture the state's 38 delegates. the question now isn't just can he win the vote but can he put in place the delegates to make sure that he secures those votes as well. we have the iowa cochairwoman for the trump campaign, was also a contestant on the apprentice as well. thanks for being with me. >> thank you. >> mr. trump continues to claim that the game is rigged that the rules aren't fair, but this is the same system that's existed to pick the republican party's nominee for generations. what's different this time? >> the difference is that it's donald trump and the establishment is terrified of
10:23 am
having him in office. so that's exactly what the difference is. they never expected him to dominate like he is and he is surprising everyone in the establishment, not the voters, but he is surprising and scaring everyone. that's the difference. >> but with regards to the rules, with regards to how delegates are selected in places like colorado, in places like wyoming, in places like louisiana where he seems to be essentially getting outhustled, what say you to that? did all of a sudden he is complaining that the rules aren't fair when these are the same rules that have been on the books for decades? >> first off, mr. trump doesn't get outhustled. i can tell you that firsthand. he doesn't ever not work hard enough and he doesn't have the best team on the ground. so let's just push that aside. and the reality is the american people, the voters, aren't the ones deciding. if we had a primary or we had a
10:24 am
caucus in colorado, you wouldn't be -- you would be so surprised to see the lines of people turning out to vote for donald trump, but that's not what happened. and mr. trump cares about every single one of his delegates. and he wants to make sure that the will of the american people is being heard and it's not. so, that's why he's upset and that's why we're going to do something about it. >> but if the rules -- again, colorado specifically -- >> the rules. >> was tweaked a bit last fall, last fall, but he declared late summer. so theoretically he should have known the rules for how delegates were selected in colorado. >> it's not about the rules. seriously? it's not about the rules. and everyone knows it. everyone wants to pretend that mr. trump isn't doing anything by the rules. come on. we work for donald trump. do you think we don't know the rules? the rules don't apply. the rules aren't fair for him. they apply to everyone else, but
10:25 am
it's donald trump that they're terrified about getting into the white house. and they're going to do everything in their power to skew the delegates, to not let the american's people voices be heard and you're seeing what's happening when american people can't feel like their vote is being heard, you're seeing it all over the internet as i am on twitter, people are burning their registration cards. people are upset and this is going to make history if the rnc doesn't figure this out. >> i want to play some sound from you -- sound for you. this is ted cruz talking to glen beck about precisely what we've been talking about here the last few minutes. here he is. >> donald needs to understand he's not michael corleone. i understand that donald has had some very shady business deals with people that are currently in prison, mobsters. but the presidency should not be la cosa nostra.
10:26 am
donald needs to stop threatening the voters. he needs to stop threatening the delegates. he is not a mobster. >> your response? >> that is such a joke. listen to ted trying to act like he's so bad. mr. trump never said he was a mobster. mr. trump never, ever acted like that. listen to ted, why doesn't he stop with all of his dirty tricks that he's playing and trying to steal mr. trump's delegates and skewing the voters? >> one of the things that is curious is this idea that this rhetoric that mr. trump is aimed at rnc officials, at others as well? if he goes on to get the nomination in cleveland in july, a lot of these same folks that he has insulted, these are going to be the same folks in the apparatus itself he will have to draw on his support. how is he going to go about getting a general election win? >> mr. trump has enough support
10:27 am
from the american people who have voted for him. he has almost over 2 million more votes than ted cruz. we are not worrying about how he is going to get the nomination or how he is going to win the election. we'll concentrate on that after he's got the nomination. and i do believe, as well as the trump campaign believes he will get there. >> are you saying he doesn't need the rnc? >> no, i'm not saying he doesn't need the rnc. of course he needs the rnc. would be a lot easier if we were all on the same playing field and everything was fair game. we don't hate the game. right now i don't like the players. >> donna gertz from the trump campaign in iowa. don narks thank you for your time. >> yeah, have a good one. >> you, too. we would like for you to join the conversation as well. today's microsoft pulse question, here is it, is the republican national committee treating donald trump fairly? the pulse is live. you can weigh in. log on to to cast your vote.
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we will share some of the results with you later in the hour. meanwhile, demonstrators in donald trump's home state preparing to take on the gop front-runner today. what they want and the problems they could create for trump. that's next. also, much, much more ahead from beautiful up state new york where primary voters will head to the polls just six days from now. stay with us. msnbc, the place for politics.
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here's to breaking more glass ceilings in golf and everywhere else. kpmg. continuing our commitment to the next generation of women leaders. right now in long island, police are holding a news conference to talk about security for donald trump fundraiser scheduled for tomorrow night. it comes after a group of religious leaders and activists demonstrated today, insisting that the suffolk county republican chair cancel that event. >> we demand they cancel this event immediately. if they do not, our community will show up strong and loud to
10:32 am
denounce them for bringing donald trump's hateful speech has already shown his tragic capacity to kill. >> msnbc's cal perry joins me now from the site of where that protest happened today. cal? >> hey, craig. it was more of an organizing event. the emporium behind me, this is where donald trump is going to be tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. local. that's when this event is supposed to start. if you come this way, you can see the barricades here are already standing by. they're obviously going to close this whole area. at the end of the road, craig, is where marcelo was killed eight years ago in 2008. it was a vicious hate crime and that's why people are so set against donald trump coming here. we spoke to a local pastor here about few hours ago about why people are so set against it. take a listen.
10:33 am
>> donald trump has a right to speak. he has a right to say whatever the hell he wants. what he doesn't have a right is to promote violence, to promote hate. to promote anti-immigrant rhetoric. he does not have a right to say that my people are worse than him. we are human beings. we are deserving of dignity. here and everywhere in this world, in america, the place that is supposed to be the signing city on a hill is no longer that shining city. it is now a place of hatred. >> reporter: now, since that stabbing death of marcelo lucero, this is a community that would like to think it's really come a long way, especially when it comes to racial tension. the concern obviously you hear there and we may see it tomorrow is that protests will overshadow what is a fund raising event. there's an event hour and a half later in manhattan. donald trump will take a helicopter from here to there. we're also expecting some
10:34 am
protests there in downtown manhattan. that will be outside grand central. craig? >> msnbc's cal perry. thank you. new report out today says that ted cruz has a plan and a path for blocking donald trump from securing the gop nomination this summer in cleveland. the reporter with that story will join me on the other side of this break. what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. even if you have already been vaccinated with another pneumonia vaccine, prevnar 13® may help provide additional protection.
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10:38 am
words between trump and reince priebus, essentially a question of fairness. trump says the republican primary rules are full of, quote, dirty tricks, priebus says the rules have been set and made public for months now. msnbc's chief legal corespondent ari melbourne knows the rule book well. break this down for us, good sir. what are the arguments here? >> donald trump is correct that the rules are undemocratic. it's not a raw popular vote democracy. anyone watching and trying to keep track, gosh, if you win this much but you get that much more or less in the delegates that decide who gets to be the nominee that seems a little screwy. that is correct. he is incorrect in reince priebus is correct in saying that this has been known the whole time. so to cast any of this as nefarious or specifically anti-trump, which in his own mind and his own campaign is what he says is all about is
10:39 am
totally inaccurate. now, look, let's show you very clearly what reince priebus is saying. the nomination process has been known for a year and beyond. it's the responsibility of the campaigns to understand it, complaints now give us all a break. unusually pointed response there from a chairman who said over and over that he is neutral between all the candidates and will support whoever the nominee is and in this case the front-runner could be that nominee. i just got off the phone here in our news room with the gop virginia spokesperson who struck a similar point, their convention to pick delegates is just a couple weeks away. he said, look, we have plenty of rules but they've been known for a long time. it's incumbent on everyone to know what the rules are. how long, craig? all the way back in october on any calendar, any campaign calendar this is circled and marked back in october you had all the state rules put up there. the reason why i mentioned virginia is because they haven't picked their delegates yet and it's another place where donald trump has to be careful. you don't want to have a fight
10:40 am
going with not only the rnc chair but all the state chairs and state officials. if you don't clinch the majority of delegates, those are the very people who will be making big decisions about rules and delegates at the convention, craig. >> msnbc's ari melbourne. thanks as always, sir. "the washington post" sat down with trump's top delegate wrangler, paul manafort. the article is headlined cruz likely to block trump on a second ballot at the gop convention. however in the article manafort has this to say about a second ballot. just because cruz won delegates in a state where we have the delegates voting for us is not relevant unless there's a second ballot. there's not going to be a second ballot again. that's from the article. the reporter who wrote that article he covers politics for the washington post, ed, in the piece it sounds like -- it sounds like the trump team knows there's a second ballot, they're in trouble. is that the sense you got?
10:41 am
>> absolutely, craig. i think that's exactly what they're signaling. look, they can still win the 1237 needed with the states remaining, new york, pennsylvania, rhode island, montana, new mexico, california, but if they don't get it, it does thrust things into a later round and it looks like based on the analysis we've been able to do trump starts losing votes and his totals start to shrink even more, most likely benefitting ted cruz. >> what did you learn from manafort about how they are now approaching this delegate fight? >> well, i think they've conceded that every -- got to remember here that states have voted. now the states are going and actually picking the people who will sit in the seats for them in cleveland. that's the process at which they're struggling right now. manafort concedes they'll struggle through the weekend when wyoming meets in a convention to do something to pick their delegates that was something to what colorado did last weekend that trump has been complaining all week.
10:42 am
after that we have our act together and we'll be working on it. primarily we'll be focussed on the big prize which is actually winning these states so we amass enough delegate. that suggests they're working out the dirty details they'll do in all the states that have yet to pick their delegates. it's a struggle for them. i've been talking to people in indiana, virginia, south carolina, down in florida where they say, look, you may be bound to vote for trump on the first ballot, but my personal preference will come into play in the second round and my personal preference is not donald trump. unless he gets trump loyalists in those seats, he starts losing votes in that second round of balloting. >> hey, ed, what do we know about the rules, about the guidelines that govern how these candidates can court delegates, bound and unbound? >> sure. so let's focus on the unbound, the ones that show up in cleveland having not made up their mind or not having -- not required to make up their mind before they vote. those people could conceivably
10:43 am
accept some monetary gifts from the trump, the cruz or the kasich campaigns. that could include things like having them pay their way to cleveland. i've talked to delegates who predict it will cost them somewhere between 3,000 and $6,000 to fly and then lodge in cleveland. so the campaigns could pick that up. they could wine and dine them. and, yes, in some cases if they really were desperate, they could fly delegates if it's trump to mar-a-lago and woo them from there, but overwhelming in the conversations i've had with delegates they say i would much rather get a phone call or face to face meeting. put me with somebody who works with one of these candidates and have them convince me. you don't need to buy me off. you'll find there are people out there who say, yeah, i get it you can do that. really just explain to me why i should vote for you. >> some of what you just outlined there sounds a tad like bribery, ed o keef, we will leave it there, my friend.
10:44 am
>> there may be gambling in the establishment. we'll see. >> let's get an update on today's microsoft pulse question. is the republican national committee treating donald trump fairly if that was the question. here is the pulse score board. so far the 62% of you say no. he's not being treated fairly. the pulse is still live. you can keep the conversation going. you can cast your vote as well. up next, donald trump's secret weapon perhaps for appealing to women voters. why a member of the trump family could make the difference in november. gs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company. ♪ one totally focused on what's next for your business. a true partnership where people, technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next.
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decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra. nbc news learned that donald trump met with megyn kelly. we have more now on the phone. what can you tell us? >> the meeting tells me that megyn kelly met with donald trump at trump towers.
10:48 am
their relationship had gotten worse since the debate. i remember during the iowa debate that was supposed to happen that donald trump dropped out of, he did say it was because he wanted megyn kelly there. it was a notable development. the meeting happened this morning. >> all right. about to take off perhaps you heard that in the background there. thank you so much for that. certainly hope you don't get in trouble with the faa. it is more apparent now perhaps than ever that donald trump's rise has become a bit of a family affair. his children visible supporters of their father on the campaign trail. but it's ivanka trump who could be the major piece to trump's political puzzle. ivanka has become a bit of an
10:49 am
endearing messenger. last night during a town hall, she explained her father's passion and said that it is often misunderstood by outsiders. >> while i do sometimes tell him to with hold some of that sort of fire, i also understand it. i think it's instinct. i think it's also speaks to his passion. and i think that's ultimately what we need. >> msnbc senior editor beth fouhy joins me now from new york to talk about how ivanka could perhaps impact this race. secret weapon, beth, or is that an overstatement? >> she is not so secret. she has been out there quite a bit campaigning for her father. she was campaigning through pregnancy, had the baby two weeks ago, i think, and then was back out last night, as you just showed, saying nice things about her dad. i wouldn't call her a secret weapon, but she is an effective weapon. she is an attractive woman. she is very bright. she has a nice family. she certainly shines a good light on her father.
10:50 am
>> does she soften him at all? >> you know, sure. i would say that she softens him. any time he appears with his family, whether it's his wife f his wife melania, his children, it reminds people he's not just this big burly guy who gets up in front of huge crowds and says controversial things. he's a father, he's a husband, he has relationships with people who care a lot about him. ivanka definitely humanizes him as do other members of his family. >> beth fooey, thank you very much. in this state, many of them are locked out of the primary they would like to vote in. what that could mean for tuesday's primary here in new york. that's next. first, though, why drivers could soon face a new roadside test. here's eli patell with 30 seconds on the verge. >> we've got breathalyzers, but
10:51 am
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live look here at ohio governor john kasich hanging out in an ice cream shop. this is an i scream you scream ice cream shop just outside baltimore. we believe the ohio governor is eating chocolate, although we have not been able to confirm that with the campaign, but john kasich having a good time with some of the employees and some potential voters there in maryland. of course, that primary on april 26. meanwhile, back here in beautiful upstate new york. this is schohorie county.
10:55 am
we're hanging out at a family farm. the farm has been here for 120 years. the family has been here for 60 years. some flowers, plants, herbs over in the corner. they do some fantastic soup and sandwiches. i picked up a great deal of produce on my assignment this week. this is cindy. you worked here for what, six seasons now? >> this is my sixth season, yes. >> six seasons oyou've been working here, and you'll also be voting next week in the primary. >> yes, i will be. >> have you decided who you'll vote for? >> i'm registered republican so i can only vote republican, so i'm voting for kasich. >> john kasich. >> yes. >> but you wouldn't vote for him otherwise? >> no, i would vote for bernie sanders. >> but you can't vote for bernie sanders because aiit's a closed
10:56 am
primary? >> correct. >> what do you think of the campaign so far? >> i think it's out of control. >> out of control. the whole thing? >> yep. >> what's been the craziest part? >> just the banter between the republican candidates, with the exception of kasich. he seems to be the low-key person, but between trump and cruz, it's just -- it's nuts. it's kind of disgusting. >> what if donald trump is the nominee? >> i won't vote for him. >> that's when you actually vote for the democrat. registered republican. >> yes. registered republican. >> thank you so much for your time. thank you for your hospitality as well. it's a fantastic farm. i'm going to go enjoy some of the soup. that's going to do it from upstate new york at this hour. i'm craig melvin, msnbc, the place for politics. a quick reminder here, msnbc's exclusive town hall. that's tomorrow night, chris matthews hosting the john kasich town hall at 7:00. chuck todd will be hosting a town hall with ted cruz at 8:00.
10:57 am
all on msnbc, the place for politics. we'll see you back here from upstate new york.
10:58 am
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hey, everybody, let's get you caught up to speed with good conversation and some coffee for you. hi, i'm thomas roberts. we are broadcasting live from the brooklyn roasting company in new york and a lot to talk about this hour. donald trump's campaign plans a new outreach as that candidate tries to ramp up this war of words that he has with the rnc. first let's talk about this development on capitol hill. we have trump staffers telling nbc news that trump will meet with them tomorrow at this


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