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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 13, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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hey, everybody, let's get you caught up to speed with good conversation and some coffee for you. hi, i'm thomas roberts. we are broadcasting live from the brooklyn roasting company in new york and a lot to talk about this hour. donald trump's campaign plans a new outreach as that candidate tries to ramp up this war of words that he has with the rnc. first let's talk about this development on capitol hill. we have trump staffers telling nbc news that trump will meet with them tomorrow at this hour.
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the gop frontrunner now directing his fire at the chair, the committee hitting the delegate process in an interview with the hill. it's a disgrace for the party. and reince should be ashamed of himself. he should be ashamed of himself because he knows what's going on. trump doubled down and slammed what he called a rigged system. >> a republican system is absolutely rigged. it's a phony deal. this was a dirty trick. these are dirty tricksteres. this is a dirty trick and the rnc, the republican national committee, they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen. >> so the rnc pushing back on this. we've got the republican national committee chair reince priebus responding, quote, nomination process known for a year and beyond.
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give us all a break. correspondent luke russert joins me with the details about this breaking meeting that's going to take place, and luke, it's members of congress who have endorsed trump and they're going to be meeting with staffers in washington. what's the game plan and why is this happening? >> reporter: hey there, thomas. this is a meeting and it's one who these members leading it would like to see happen weekly or whenever congress is in session. it's being held with chris collins in western new york. they are the members who endorsed donald trump for president earlier in the house of representatives. they're having a meeting tomorrow with members who have already backed trump, about eight of them. it's going to be at the capitol hill club, which is a republican club about a block away from the little capitol. and they intend to have a strategy session to discuss what they can do to help the trump campaign moving forward. they're going to meet with ed burkover as well as ed bennett, two advisers of trump, both
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finance and delegate allocation, and expect the meeting to be about outreach, about what is in the future for the trump campaign, what members of congress can do. also expected to be present at this meeting are those who may not have publicly endorsed trump yet but are interested in his campaign and might come aboard. that will be the interesting thing to look at. there's probably about 15 to 20 members of congress who would proudly like to endorse donald trump right now, but for various reasons have not come out publicly. if we see some of them going in there tomorrow, maybe it will shed some light on it if it's a growing movement within the capitol. remember, he wasn't very popular at first. now a lot of feelings have subsided when they come to the likelihood he could become the nominee. >> luke, while all of this is going on, and we've got this meeting taking place tomorrow morning, the parallel track is donald trump going head to head with reince priebus saying the
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system is rigged. has anyone there on capitol hill responded to this rhetoric or tried to defend the rnc and reince priebus? >> they haven't at this moment because it's a very difficult line to walk. if you are an elected official, it's not in your best interest to run against the rnc or stray too far from what they do. they have access to all those voter lists, they have access to the data that's very important. if you want to win in your district and perhaps do something else in the future, go statewide or something. so that's an interesting question you bring up, because that's certainly something that's going to come to fruition. i can tell you tomorrow when we see members of congress go into that meeting, the logical first question is do you agree with donald trump's characterization of the rnc which, by the way, happens to be in the building right next door to where you are meeting. this is really the opening c gambit in what i think will be a long discussion and perhaps at times a confrontational one about the role of the rnc, the
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delegate process, the trump campaign and how it all plays out. remember, republicans are the party of order. this chaos will be playing out publicly and that's something that will be, i think, interesting to see how they react to, thomas. >> nbc's luke russert reporting on capitol hill. luke, thank you so much. speaking of meetings, this one caught us by surprise, the development that has been confirmed, donald trump meeting with megyn kelly today at trump tower. our kelly o'donnell is joining us from washington with more on this. kelly, we know there's been a lot of public feuding between these two. i think the most recent was the "seriously" tweet that kelly sent in response to him comparing his wife to heidi cruz. >> we're reaching out to megyn kelly's pr team at fox newschannel to find out what they're saying about this. i just checked on her twitter
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feed and she's not commenting on it using that method at this point. let's go back to when this really first blew up, a debate when she was one of the co-moderators, putting a question to donald trump that simply read his own words back to him about certain women and asking him about that, and he, as we have seen over time, has erupted in a sustained sort of war against her, often krilt sizing her journalistic skills, and she's been in a public storm over this, at times saying she hasn't been supported enough by other journalists in this and other journalists sometimes coming to her aid. at that time we have seen this simmering feud over this. there is supposed to be a meeting between donald trump and megyn kelly today in new york. we're trying to an lies what could this mean. trump has been talking about wanting to appear more presidential, has talked about
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wanting to unify the party, and has talked about wanting to show that he could possess the kinds of temperament and skills to reassure some voters who are concerned about that. now, in the cnn town hall with the family of donald trump, including his adult children, so four of his five children, his wife melania and his daughter ivanka responded to questions about trump's comments and some of the things he says publicly, some of which has been viewed as very harsh in terms of his relationship to women and his record on women. daughter ivanka said all you have to do is look at the prominent women who have been in his company, the trump organization, to see he is a champion of women. there was also an incident when, of course, he made some derogatory comments about the appearance of carly fiorina and he had to deal with that. so he has been dogged by issues that relate to how he treats women, how he talks about women, and a sort of respect gap, as it might be, and according to polling, women are a trouble spot for donald trump. so is this an olive branch?
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we do not know yet. who initiated the meeting? was this something where megyn kelly was making an appointment to perhaps try to secure an interview? it could have been any number of things. or was she invited? and if she was invited, what was the agenda? was he trying to make peace, was he apologizing? those will be the key things. because this might just be another data point where donald trump is controlling some of the message, trying to create an event that will get more attention. there is perhaps no more powerful figure in media who has been in a public war with trump than megyn kelly, and perhaps he's trying to turn that page in some way. thomas? >> he's been challenged on demonstrating a mysogenistic tone and doubling back on megyn kelly. we'll get confirmation from megyn kelly whether it comes up this evening. no more debates, so we only have
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town halls to go. kelly o'donnell reporting for us in washington. kelly, thanks so much. i want to go back to the campaign trail and talk about what's going on with ted cruz. hallie jackson is traveling in california to cover the cruz camp. we know he's been out to california and now back. it's a really interesting intersection to talk about what this potential meeting means . as i brought up with kelly o'donnell, one of the last tweets she sent was just the word "seriously" about that retweet of heidi cruz about melania trump, and now we have a retweet coming out about it being addressed on fox news last night. take a look. >> if there's one thing that's true about ted it's that he always tells the truth. >> you can just brush that stuff off. >> i think these attacks on character are a distraction. i think we have a pattern of behavior here that when donald trump is falling behind, you know, it's interesting the timing of that was right before ted's sweeping victory in utah.
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our campaign never will, never has engaged in the politics of personal destruction. >> so hallie, talk about the role of ted cruz's wife and how that's being elevated on the campaign trail as he starts to enter states where he is showing a weakness in the polling for april primaries? >> reporter: yeah. i mean, listen, heidi cruz, ted cruz's wife, has been part of the campaign for months, really at the start of ted cruz's campaign. you've seen her in the republican race be one of the most active spouses, if not the most active spouse, getting out there early with the campaign, helping with fundraising, talking with donors. remember, she has that banking background, a business background, if you will. now she's taking more of the events on her own. it should be no surprise that she is coming and doing sort of her own forum to try to talk about her husband and her husband's campaign. in that sound bite you played,
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she was referring to, of course, the nickname lyin' ted that donald trump has given to ted cruz and she is fighting back. is she effective on the campaign trail? she has shown the ability to get out there and connect with cruz supporters. you mentioned the melania trump retweet, the one with heidi cruz and melania trump side by side. the first sort of victory party after that happened, i have to tell you, heidi cruz walked out with her husband and the crowd went nuts. they started chanting her name. it was clear they wanted to give her some backing after what had been a rough couple of weeks for cruz and his wife, at least as it related to some of donald trump's attacks against them. seeing her come out, seeing her talk with megyn kelly, seeing her make these statements about her husband is not unusual for heidi cruz, and i would expect we see that continue as this campaign goes on. >> speaking about the support we're seeing, obviously, from a spouse, we got almost an endorsement last night from a
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former rival. take a look. >> there are three candidates in the race. who would you consider the most conservative and who would you consider -- well, let's start there. >> i've been pretty clear that i want the republican nominee to be a conservative, and in my view at this moment of the candidates that are still actively campaigning, the only one that fits that criteria is ted cruz. i've said that publicly. >> hallie, has the cruz camp responded to marco rubio's words? is this the closest thing we'll see as an endorsement from marco rubio to ted cruz before july? >> reporter: right, and let's note, too, some reports out today, thomas, that rubio sort of saying, hey, this is not an endorsement, but it's clear he talked about ted cruz's conservative credentials. remember, the two of them in this campaign had gone head to head a number of times, especially toward the end when rubio dropped out. this is the first interview he's conducted, at least on camera, since he did get out of the
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race. this is not an endorsement, but this is like other support we've seen for cruz, people like mitt romney, talking about how cruz is the conservative in this race. for cruz, he eads to erie this afternoon and it may be something we hear him discuss when he holds his first campaign rally since monday when he was out in california. >> hallie jackson on the campaign trail following the cruz camp in pennsylvania. our chuck todd sitting down with senator cruz, and with me now is ken cuccinelli. he is president of the researchers fund. ken, it's good to have you with me and we all looked at this "washington post" article detailing the cruz strategy. a big two weeks for donald trump. you're now the cruz campaign delegate wrangler for the july convention. if trump doesn't get the nomination on the first ballot, are you confident that the work you're doing now will get it for ted cruz on the second ballot?
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>> if one of the strengths of ted's campaign is he has built -- because it's a conservative-based campaign, it's bprinciples based, he's ben able to serve local and conventional level as we head out to cleveland. when you build a grassroots organization, that's what ted cruz has done, and it's serving him very well. it's why we swept colorado, we did very well in north dakota, we're poised to do well in wyoming this weekend, and this is one race at a time. all donald can do is whine about it instead of compete because he's just being crushed competitively by the cruz grassroots machine. and we're going to ride that all the way to cleveland and be as prepared as we possibly can to win in cleveland. >> okay, so can you say it's a grassroots infrastructure? you say the trump campaign is whining, but they're making
11:15 am
claims and allegations about the way the cruz campaign is securing delegates. take a listen to this. it's your counterpart from the trump campaign, paul manafort, talking about the tactics you all are using. >> we're going to be fighting several credentials challenges, and whether we win on the challenges or not, the point is what's happening, if you go to these meetings and you're not a cruz supporter, you don't want to be a republican when you leave because you're so abused. >> so, ken, paul manafort saying they're going to file these complaints about how the cruz campaign -- >> all admitting they're going to be frivolous. >> would it yield any behavior that isn't aboveboard, ken? >> no, and when he was then pressed by chuck todd on that, he couldn't name a single instance, not one single example. we're using just traditional grassroots, and they're too lazy and incompetent, frankly, to go
11:16 am
ahead and do this. they don't have any infrastructure. donald trump wanted to run an all-media campaign and that serves him well in some respects. you guys in the journalistic community have given him a lot more air time than anybody else -- >> we've interviewed ted cruz on multiple times. we've invited ted cruz on multiple times. i reach out to alice stork with the campaign all the time. it's an open invitation for the senator. and we have a town hall with chuck todd tomorrow night. >> you're running a media campaign while we're running a grassroots campaign. donald trump is running a media campaign while we're running a grassroots campaign. it gives him certain advantages in the media and it gives us certain advantages in the grassroots. and that's playing out in these convention contests all across the country. we have every intention of pressing that advantage that is based on people motivated by ted's vision for economic growth to increase freedom and to
11:17 am
reduce the role of government in our country and in our lives so we can cut americans loose to do well again, to get economic growth going and expand freedom. that is motivating people to work their way through these conventional processes for ted cruz. that's our magic formula. it isn't any secret tactics that paul manafort wearing his double-breasted pinstriped suit is telling you about instead of doing the hard work of recruiting and wooing delegates. >> we know senator cruz was on glen beck's radio show. he had this to say about donald trump and his complaints. take a listen. >> donald needs to understand he's not michael corleone. i understand that donald has had some very shady business deals with people who are currently in prison, mobsters. but the presidency should not be [ in spanish ]
11:18 am
>> explain to me why we're hearing the senator talk about the godfather approach. he just made that reference to paul manafort and double-breasted suits. people can read between the lines of what he's saying, but why is he making the parallel between trump and the mafia? is that kind of comparison fair? >> whether it's donald trump, you got death threats to the colorado gop chair because we kicked their butt in colorado. they were too lazy to show up -- look, donald trump was scheduled to be there and he pulled out on the thursday night conessional district meeting in the 7th ngressional district in colorado, and he pulled out and didn't come. and we swept the 7th district. then he goes on television and complains about our tactics when he doesn't even show up. our tactics are talking to voters, calling voters, encouraging them to vote for ted cruz, encouraging them to show
11:19 am
up, and they did. they responded. and we had a spectacular organization there led by congressman ken buck with great volunteers like regina thompson and people for whom ted cruz wasn't their first choice, but who are now committed to him, like scott gessler, the secretary of state out there for colorado. we're building it and building it, and it's a much better coalition than donald trump has been able to put together anywhere. they're frustrated by that and they lash out because it's all they've got left to do. >> ken cuccinelli, thank you so much from the cruz campaign. we'll see it all on the wire in july. thank you for your time. as we mentioned, msnbc is going to present this doubleheader tomorrow night. at 7:00 p.m. eastern, chris matthews will speak with candidate john kasich. then at 8:00 p.m., as i was talking about with ken, we have
11:20 am
ted cruz with chuck todd in buffalo. that's all on msnbc, the place for politics. for today's micropulse question, we've been asking, is the rnc committee treating donald trump fairly? 45% say yes, 55% say no. the pulse is live. check it out at we'll take a look at these results later. take a look at the picket line. bernie sanders in his hometown not far from where we are in brooklyn. take a look. >> th >>. [ inaudible ] >> all this ahead of his planned rally in manhattan later this evening. we have more ahead at this hour in brooklyn at the brooklyn roasting company.
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this is something you must see because it's something we don't see every day, a republican candidate joining a picket line to help striking workers. right there live in the moment when bernie sanders joined hundreds of disgruntled verizon workers in new york city, and thousands across the country, for that matter, to support them in their protesting efforts. >> we do not want to pay federal income taxes. it is just another major milking corporation trying to destroy the lives of working americans.
11:25 am
>> lrtall right, so his democra opponent said, verizon should come back to the bargaining table with a fair offer for their workers. to preserve and grow america's middle class, we need to protect good wages and benefits, including retirement security. and we should be doing all we can to keep good-paying jobs with real job security in new york. what was the reaction when he came and took the microphone? >> tamron hall reported this as we were in the heat of the large crowd in brooklyn, and she said it was like a hero's welcome, and it very much was. the communication workers of america were there protesting and picketing against verizon and they have actually endorsed bernie sanders months ago, and bernie sanders has made it very much his job to be there with this union at every step of the way. he was in buffalo just the other day attending a local union hall
11:26 am
meeting and giving support to their impending strike that ultimately happened today. and he was in philadelphia a few days ago as well on the picket line, very similar images as you were showing today but not nearly to this sort of crowd. what's interesting is these sort of demonstrations by this high-profile presidential candidate has attracted certainly the eyes of the ceo of verizon. let me read to you what he had to say about this, sanders protesting with the picketers. but when rhetoric becomes disconnected from reality, we've crossed a dangerous line. we deserve better from people aspiring to be president. at vet least, we should demand that candidates base their arguments on the facts, even when they don't fit their campaign narratives. harsh words from the ceo of verizon, but bernie sanders really revels from this criticism from high-level ceos. when he was criticized from a
11:27 am
higher-up the other day, he told supporters that he appreciated the challenge. coming up next, is it first ballot or bust for donald trump? ted cruz is hoping to block the billionaire. you just heard how it works from ken cuccinelli, so how is this going to play out ahead and during the convention? we'll break that down, coming up. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve.
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so the man behind the heart of the deal says the republican delegate system is a phony deal. nbc's jacob rascon joins me from schoharie, new york. that's roughly about three hours from here. is this type of rhetoric working for trump's campaign or against the strategy? >> reporter: so, thomas, i can tell you that at the rallies we've been to in new york, the crowds go wild when donald trump said the system is corrupt, the system is broken, especially with the delegates i won most votes, but now i'm not going to get delegates in louisiana. telling stories like that, the voters go wild, like i said. it really resonates. as well, a trump adviser tells me they're a little worried if they don't get the magic number that they won't be able to
11:32 am
survive a second ballot. so they're worried about that. and this argument from trump protects him. and also, as you mentioned, we've been walking and talking with voters. we just met fred bender. thank you for taking the time, who lives right here, and we were talking about the news of the day. do you follow these tweets back and forth, what happened between the rnc chair and donald trump? do you follow? >> no, i don't follow those. to me, i think all of that is a waste of time. all somebody's got to do is really quick say something and everybody is going to pick it apart, and then they have 50 different versions. i don't agree with it, i don't follow it, i don't feel that it's important. >> reporter: right. as you were telling me, the field was crowded a year ago or a little less than that, and it took you a little bit of time to decide on donald trump, but why did you ultimately decide he is the best person for the job? >> well, this country is based on a few things. it's based on our military and all the popular things.
11:33 am
donald supports our military. the military being homeless and all this stuff, and it's just crazy that nobody else wants to take care of them, but they're just, like, pushing them off to the side. i don't feel that's right. i got family that are vets, and i just think it's terrible the way they treat them. on the other hand, that's just old news. donald, i think he might be able to bring us back positive side on the money thing. >> by debt, you mean the national debt. >> yeah. >> reporter: you're a biker. >> yeah. >> reporter: bikers for trump. you're all over that. >> i think it's awesome. >> reporter: and you've been unemployed for a few months and you see a lot of people like that. and you just got a job, but you think that donald trump is the best in that regard. >> yes, i think he's going to help with that. he understands that people have to work in order to make money, and if you don't have a job, you
11:34 am
can't do that and then you can't develop and work in your community because you don't have the money to be there. >> all right. thank you so much for your time, fred. >> not a problem. >> reporter: eight out of ten people we talked to in this town support donald trump. a lot of support here. >> our jacob rascon. jacob, thank you soec much. i want to remind everybody that when we ramp up to the primary on april 26, the big state of pennsylvania has another bundle of delegates at play for the republicans in pennsylvania, and that's where donald trump is going to be tonight, in pittsburgh, holding a rally there as he continues to canvass the northeast. so when we talk about this ballot to win delegates before the july convention, we know it's all about ground game and who has the best strategy. also, as we heard from ken
11:35 am
cuccinelli, who can plan the best. isn't that right? >> listen, delegates to the national convention get bombarded with gifts the same way attendees to the academy awards get bombarded with gifts. there are gift bags, there are gift everything. so that's not going to be anything new. >> so there's certain ways that delegates can actually go ahead and be seduced into a campaign that's fair and legal. joining me now is msnbc chief and legal correspondent ari melbur. explain what the line is that goes from appropriate to inappropriate when trying to legally secure delegates? >> reporter: thomas, this is getting more attention as people realize the delegates may decide who the nominee is. you think about federal election law, fel, that refers to federal campaigns. that means everything is fine and okay when it comes to gifts and wooing and all the other way you can give people perks. take a look at the fec.
11:36 am
they say money that could go to delegates is not subject to any limit. there is a limit on how much money you can give a campaign. there is no limit on how much you can give a delegate. that is in contrast to what is bound for the actual candidates. let me give you an example of what you can't do. a candidate cannot promise, for example, a government job for the purpose of producing support. in fact, you get two years in jail for that kind of thing. to put it real simply, that is a law that governs what the candidate can do with regard to the government. it does not get into what the candidate can do or the delegates can do with anything that's non-governmental. so delegates from 1996 include ronald reagan trying to woo delegates, rides on air force i, all kinds of dinners and meetings and perks. we want to be clear here. we've talked to different campaigns and nobody is suggesting they'll be handing out big bags of cash at the
11:37 am
convention. but you asked me about the law. this is an area that has a lot less law and a lot less limits because it doesn't relate to actual elections. conventions are, at the end of the day, private meetings, and it's pretty legal if you want to throw a lot of perks, money, dinner, wine, steaks at the delegates. you can do that. >> how much work goes into a shadow campaign behind the scenes for folks that might be bound on the first ballot to try to say, okay, if it doesn't go through, you are then unbound and we would like your support then. >> i think it depends which candidate you're talking about. the frontrunner is always going to be looking to win under the first ballot, because under the state laws and rules, that's when they'll have the most delegates bound to them. so donald trump, if he maintains his lead, he'll be running that kind of effort, as you say, but still focusing on the few that are unbound. states like colorado, which we heard him complaining about, and pennsylvania where they can be
11:38 am
up for grabs. if you're a ted cruz or somebody else, you're trying to just win the majority on the first ballot. i want to be fair to the delegates. a lot of them are deeply impassioned activists. they won't necessarily be wooed by a bottle of wine or a steak dinner. the second ballot and third, if that happens, you're going to see a lot of efforts to meet with and win those people over. >> the benchmark for july in cleveland for the republican nominee, 1237. next, hillary clinton speaks before a civil rights group in a national network here in new york and takes square aim at donald trump. >> america's long struggle with racism is far from finished. and we are seeing that in this election. when the frontrunner for the republican nomination was asked
11:39 am
in a national television interview to disavow david duke and other white supremacists supporting his campaign, he played coy. is it the same donald trump who led the insidious birther movement to delegitimize president obama. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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11:43 am
a vote. we have to demonstrate a sustained commitment to building opportunity, creating prosperity and righting wrongs, not just every two or four years, not just when the cameras are on and people are watching, but every single day. >> nbc's kristen welker is following the clinton campaign. kristen was there in the room for that speech. how did people receive what secretary clinton had to say? >> reporter: she got a very strong reception here this afternoon, thomas. african-american voters undoubtedly a part of her base, and if you look at the poll numbers here in new york, they support her 68 to 28% over senator sanders. so she's got a lot of support here. at the same time, african-american leaders have said to her, look, we want to hear substance. what are you going to do if elected to help the african-american community? so she tried to lay out some details today. she vowed to make environmental justice one of her top priorities, calling for an end
11:44 am
to lead poisoning. within five years she laid out her plans to expand affordable housing to communities of color. she did take on the republican frontrunner donald trump. that, of course, rallied this crowd, and she also took on her democratic challenger, bernie sanders, arguing she is stronger when it comes to gun control. take a listen to a little bit of what she had to say. >> my opponent, who will be speaking to you tomorrow, and i don't see this the same way. but i think this is a national emergency, and i'm going to do everything i can to take on the gun lobby and to try to save lives, the lives of the children of women like this and the sisters and the brothers and the daughters and the sons of so many others. >> reporter: and you can expect the issue of gun control to be a big topic in tomorrow night's debate, thomas. just to put this in perspective, african-american voters helped secretary clinton sweep the
11:45 am
south, they helped her secure victories in ohio, missouri, illinois. if they turn out in force, they could help her with a big win here in new york. if that happened. she could all but put this race out of reach. thomas? >> nbc's kristen welker reporting for us on the clinton campaign. coming up next, trump may be leading in new york state, but that's not stopping the people from coming out to protest his rally. so the local police are doing the prep for more protests during a rally and visit from donald trump tomorrow. nbc's cal perry is going to speak to protesters, coming up next. you are working with humana and your doctor to maintain your health. because in 5 days, 10 hours and 2 minutes you are going to be 67. and on that day you will walk into a room where 15 people will be waiting... 12 behind the sofa, 2 behind the table and 1 and a half behind a curtain. family: surprise! but only one of them will make a life long dream come true. great things are ahead of you
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11:49 am
media campaign and that's served him well in some respects. you have given him more air time than anybody else. >> we've invited ted cruz on multiple times. i reach out to alice stork with the campaign all the time. it's an open invitation to the senator, and we have a town hall with chuck todd tomorrow night. >> he's running a media campaign where we're running a crassroots campaign. >> ken cuccinelli spoke with me about the cruz campaign in an effort to stop donald trump at the republican convention. we take you from new york city to long island. this is where trump protesters are gathering today to denounce the gop frontrunner. activists on long island announce these plans to protest a gop fundraiser tomorrow night. >> we are shocked that the frontrunner says they will move forward with this offensive event.
11:50 am
the planning has already caused a lot of damage and hurt in our community. we demand that they cancel this event immediately. >> msnbc's cal perry is in patchogue, and he joins me. tell me what they're protesting will take place at this fundraiser that trump is hosting. >> reporter: in 2008, just about 200 yards in that direction, an ecuadorian immigrant was murdered. he was stabbed to death by a group of young, white kids. it was a vicious hate crime and it really divided this community. what the protesters are saying this is dredging up old wounds, old memories of this, and the trump rally which will take place in the building behind me is in the wrong spot. this sound will give you, thomas, of how hot the tensions really are here. >> donald trump has a right to speak. he has a right to say whatever the hell he wants.
11:51 am
what he doesn't have a right to do is to promote violence, to promote hate, to promote anti-immigrant rhetoric. he does not have a right to say that my people are worse than him. we are human beings. we are sdefrk of ddeserving of e and everywhere else in this world. here in america, the shining city on a hill is no longer a shining city. it is now a place of hatred. >> reporter: thomas, not surprisingly the police here are ready for what is going to take place here tomorrow. people already getting set. let me give you a lay of the land. you can see the satellite trucks are already getting into place. this is where the trump rally fundraiser will take place. about a thousand people fit in there. as we pan over here, you can see the barricades are already pulled out and already being stacked in preparation for tomorrow. local authorities have already said this street we're on right now where vehicles are passing will be shut down tomorrow. a few of the other side streets
11:52 am
will as well. still unknown how many protesters will be here. we do expect around 1500 trump supporters to arrive. trump is going to go from here tomorrow afternoon at 5:00 p.m., he'll head straight to manhattan. he's got another fundraiser there. he's going to chopper, we understand, privately between the two. thomas? >> cal perry in patchogue, new york. cal, thank you. we've been asking folks to weigh in on our micropulse question of the day, that being about the rnc. is it treating donald trump fairly? let's go ahead and look at the results and check in on what you think. 46% say yes, 54% say no. so a minor change there from when we looked earlier. you can continue to weigh in. cast your vote at pulse.m we'll be back in a moment.
11:53 am
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11:56 am
i've been chatting with them about the campaign. and lynn, you are a bhenry, you >> bernie sanders supporter. >> why? >> his whole campaign really is about taking down the political obstructionism in washington. he's the only candidate that really, really gets into the thick of it. >> so lana is different, though. you're an independent but registered as a democrat. so who do you like? >> i'm an independent registered as a democrat mostly because i like to keep the field open and be able to understand the different concepts that everybody puts out. so i don't have a preferred candidate at this point, because -- >> you have until tuesday. >> i know, but we will see. it might be a clutch decision. we will see. i'm going to re-evaluate the policies over the weekend. i look for people who are closest in line with what i believe and what i think will best support the things that i believe in. >> you have until tuesday.
11:57 am
henry and lana, thank you so much. thank you at home for watching. that's going to do it for us today from the brooklyn roasting company. my colleague kate snow picks things up next in upstate new york. ♪ try your favorite ranch with a fresh taste so crisp, you'll be surprised it doesn't crunch. hidden valley cucumber ranch. just one of our delicious ranch flavors. thope to see you again soon..
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on-demand, this hospital can be ready. giving them the agility to be flexible & reliable. because no one knows & like at&t. hi, everyone, i'm kate snow and i am in heaven here. we're at a farm market in schoharie, new york today. this is just like the markets that i grew up with. when i tell people i'm originally from new york, they usually assume we're talking about new york city. but no. folks from around here will tell you this is the real new york. think about where the voters e are. the big apple is only a 300-square-mile plot of land. there are another 54,000 square miles, thank you very much, in upstate new york. there's something else to know about this region.


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