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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 13, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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giving them the agility to be flexible & reliable. because no one knows & like at&t. hi, everyone, i'm kate snow and i am in heaven here. we're at a farm market in schoharie, new york today. this is just like the markets that i grew up with. when i tell people i'm originally from new york, they usually assume we're talking about new york city. but no. folks from around here will tell you this is the real new york. think about where the voters e are. the big apple is only a 300-square-mile plot of land. there are another 54,000 square miles, thank you very much, in upstate new york. there's something else to know about this region. a lot of towns are hurting up
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here. a few decades ago there was plenty of work to be found, industry jobs, factories, but now businesses have moved away, people have been laid off. this county lost more of its population than any other county in the past five years. unemployment is one point higher here than the national average. enter donald trump. donald trump has mentioned the carrier corporation moving jobs abroad in almost every campaign speech that he makes. those are the kind of jobs lost from upstate new york. his message is resonating with a lot of voters who want someone to shake things up. and this afternoon, there is a new effort to try and take trump down. today for the first time, anti-trump groups are starting to put tv ads on the air here in new york state. one of them hits trump on his use of recovery funds intended for small businesses after 9/11. and there is a new one from the pro-ted cruz make america awesome superpac. they're the ones that started the whole war of wives controversy a few weeks ago with
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a facebook ad featuring melania trump. now they're back at it again with a radio ad that starts like this. >> donald trump says a lot of stupid stuff. in 2006 he said on "the view" -- >> if ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps i would be dating her. he told rolling stone that if he weren't happily married and ivanka weren't his daughter, he'd -- he didn't finish his thought, but you can guess what he meant. >> we'll have reporters all over the country. ka katy tur is in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. donald trump is angry that ted cruz is able to walk away with more delegates in states that donald trump has won.
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he says the system is basically rigged and they're trying to get an outsider candidate and it's hard for an outsider candidate like donald trump to be able to win. listen to how he described it last night on cnn. >> i know the rules very well but i know it's stacked against me by the establishment. i fully understand it. we can figure it out, but it's stacked against us. the republican party in colorado wanted cruz. or maybe they wanted somebody other than trump. i don't think anybody really wants cruz, why would they want him? >> reporter: that's a clear strategy. donald trump is banking on -- by calling all this unfair, he's banking on his supporters rallying behind him. he's also able to say he's not really losing because the rules are against him. that way he can rally the support behind him and he can start talking about how the entire system is not one that's working for the american people. in fact, a majority of republican voters do think that if you win the majority of states, if you win the majority of votes, that you should be
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first in line for the republican nomination. but within trump's own campaign, there is certainly some division over this very topic. there are those who are loyal to donald trump's campaign manager, corwin lewandowski, who say, yes, this is a great way to do it, we're fighting with the establishment. all it shows is that the establishment is not on the side of the people. then there are those in the paul manafort camp, who is a new hire in the donald trump campaign, seeming to sort of struggle with power with campaign manager corwin lewandowski. there are those who are long-time trump aids, trump family members who say they don't think it's a good idea for donald trump to pick such a public fight against the gop, against reince priebus. he's ultimately shooting himself in the foot because the rules aren't going to get changed, and the rules are that the delegates are going to put him in the
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nomination if they want to. if donald trump doesn't get to that magic number of 1237, it's going to a second ballot and ted cruz has more support with delegates on a second ballot which means he could potentially getting the nomination without getting the majority of votes and the majority of states. kate? >> let me ask you about some other news on capitol hill. maybe not he himself, but members of the campaign will meet with members of congress? >> yes, members of the campaign will meet with members of congress, those interested in getting behind a donald trump campaign, a donald trump candidacy. the campaign has been trying for some time now to smooth things over with the establishment, realizing on at least some level that they're going to have to work with them if they want to get the nomination. remember, they had that meeting with the rnc a couple weeks ago that was intended to do just that. so far it hasn't been working quite that well, at least among the influential -- more
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influential members of congress, because we haven't seen them endorsing donald trump. for the most part, it's been a few of the outsiders in congress that have been endorsing donald trump. the gop sources themselves tell us they haven't spoken to donald trump in about a week now, or the campaign in about a week now. so on one side of the table, they're trying to woo in the support from the establishment, but on the other side, they have donald trump himself who is picking a fight. it's an interesting time and we'll see which side wins out. >> speaking of fights, can i ask you real quickly about megyn kelly, our colleague over at fox news having some kind of meeting today with donald trump? >> reporter: yeah, so our own was in trump tower visiting someone else, and he happened to see megyn kelly go into the building. a source of the campaign says she did meet with donald trump himself. we are not sure what that meeting was about. we frankly have no idea what that meeting was about, but it's interesting and certainly
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important because there has been a longstanding, as i'm sure everyone knows, fight between donald trump and megyn kelly for months now that dates back to august when she asked him a question at the first debate that he did not like, a question of how he speaks of women. he has been battling with her for this entire campaign since, calling her names, retweeting folks that call her a bimbo on twitter. it's gotten really ugly and nasty at times with fox news even coming out to vehemently defend their anchor. the fact she was even in trump tower today certainly makes for some interesting news, although we're unclear about what that meeting was actually about. indica indicate. >> and now we're talking to gop correspondent ari melbur in manhattan. how strange is it for the rnc to
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call out a candidate so publicly even if not by name, technically? >> reporter: yeah, i think it was unusual. it was very clear from what reince retweeted that he was throwing shade on donald trump, and there is now a root-oriented campaign going on. the rnc feels, and we've spoken to officials on and off the record about it, they feel that donald trump is doing a disservice to their careful work over the years to build these rules. whether you like them or not, they are the rules everyone knew going in. i also david donofrio told me we've got plenty of rules, but they're rules we've known for a long time. and i can tell you we've enrolled this by october all the rules that were submitted. >> you've made an announcement,
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the what's the relationship between the analogy of the rules and donald trump? >> i think the analogy is when you're screaming about the umpire, you probably aren't getting on base all that much. whether you think the strike zone is fair or not, or they've tweaked it, they're all playing by the same rules. and let's not forget, donald trump is very good at getting people to talk about his beef. he has a particular beef about the way not allocation works but the actual people, the delegate selection. some are what paul manafort is calling pro delegates. he, on the other hand, are getting actual delegates. depending on the rule, different people will like it. while donald trump and the rnc are duking it out.
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ted cruz keeping his distance, spending the day campaigning in pen fen. cruz is trailing in third place by hallie jackson. has cruz effectively moved on from new york? >> reporter: yeah, i think the campaign sees it's clear that donald trump is very strong in new york . as aides have said to me, trump of course has to win in new york. they've set the level high for donald trump to try to prevent trump from sweeping. that is why cruz is making a turn to other states, particularly when you talk about the northeast, pennsylvania. when you look at where the polling is, the winner of the primary will take the 17 delegates, but 54 others will be
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unbound and that is what ted cruz is making a play for. that said, he's certainly not conceding the entire state, but for him the strategy is compete until june 7 and make sure if this goes to a second ballot at the campaign. >> we heard from marco rubio for the first time since he dropped out of the race. it seemed like an endorsement. did it sound like an endorsement to the cruz people? >> rubio is backing off that a little bit with reports this morning that it's not an endorsement. he said, hey, he told reporters on capitol hill that it was not meant to be an endorsement. this is on the mark levine show. >> i'm pretty clear that i want the republican nominee to be a conservative. of the candidates still
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campaigning, sh. >> so there you have it from senator rubio of the two cap. these are sort of the. we'll see how that plays out down the road. >> literally down the road. . if you pull into the place where this campaign is happening. >> excellent, you're there. yay, you're there. hallie, thanks. let's talk about maryland now. maryland votes on the same day as pennsylvania. that's where we find john kasich today. he's polling a distant second place there, trailing donald trump by 15%. kelly o'donnell joins us more from washington. kelly, i think he starts in a few minutes, right? he's set to take the stage for a town hall.
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what do we expect? >> reporter: he also had a chance to talk to reporters at an ice cream stop where he could order a little something and talk to voters and supporters. and there, kate, he was asked about the marco rubio comments you just discussed with hallie, and he, of course, sort of bristles at any suggestion that he is not conservative enough, and he talks about his budget history, trying to balance the budget in a lot of his positions, so he was certainly kind of pushing back on that. he was asked about paul ryan and his, again, trying to say don't draft me, don't try to encourage me to be a potential nominee if no one can find their way to the magic number of 1237. john kasich likes that number, as you would expect. he says he wants to work with paul ryan as speaker of the house when he becomes president. you pulled out the poll numbers, and being in second place is a step up for john kasich compared to many of the earlier states. so he is seeing this as an opening, a chance to accumulate delegates in these states, new
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york, pennsylvania, maryland. today in maryland, he wants to support those votes, which is very different than donald trump or ted cruz. and it is a slower process to get to know. he still thinks if he can accumulate some delegates, that will make an incredible case to keep going forward in cleveland. it's quite an occasion for people who go to his town halls. he is an alternative to the otherwise big personalities that have so far been dominating. kate? >> kelly o'donnell following the kasich campaign. a doubleheader tomorrow night. chris matthews hosts a town hall
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so you can get back to whatever it is you civilians do when you're not thinking about car insurance. we're back here live in schoharie, new york. a rules committee is predicting if trump hits a certain number of delegates just below the magic number, he will likely be the nominee, anyway. here's randy evans on "morning joe" earlier today.
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>> what i did expect to happen is this. if donald trump exceeds 1100 votes, he will become the nominee even though he may not have 1237. if he gets less than a thousand delegates, then i think we're looking at a contested convention that could go on for many, many days. and then in the middle, there is that gray area between a thousand and 1100. that's where the unbound delegates or the delegates that have been released by other candidates come into play to see if there are enough of those to get either cruz or trump over the finish line. we won't know that until we get past california in june. >> i want to bring in jeremy peters now, reporter for the "new york times," and msnbc contribute tormsnbc contributor. what do you make of his assessment? >> i think it's a little bit higher. there are some unbound
12:20 pm
delegates, maybe 150, i don't know the exact number, so that would mean trump would have to get almost all of them, and while his powers of persuasion are certainly quite good, think about all the trips to mar-a-lago he can offer, he has a lot at his disposal to try to woo people with. so i think going into the unbound delegate game, trump certainly has the advantage. i'm not quite sure what ted cruz could offer, but i'm sure his people are working on that pretty hard. >> let's talk about trump versus rnc all day long. we've been playing the clips of donald trump taking on leadership of the party, taking on the system. why is he emphasizing that message right now? >> i think there are really two things going on here. if you listen to trump carefully, he's saying on the one hand, look, the system is rigged. it's corrupt, it's trying to dis dis
12:21 pm
disenfranchise you, the voter who feels drowned on and trod on by the powers that be. that's a very effective message. i think there are a lot of people, just like on the democratic side with bernie sanders, who really do believe the deck is stacked against them and that's why they're flocking to these outsider candidates. but trump sauls sayiis also say did you guys know this is the process? it's unbelievable, i don't understand it. he understands it very well. he knows exactly what he's doing and he knows exactly the fears he's tapping into. >> i think you pointed out in one of your articles that it may be he doesn't want to say he messed up, our team messed up and didn't fight hard enough in colorado. it's easier to blame the system than take responsibility for not being organized in a certain state. >> that's exactly right, kate, he's a master of misdirection. if he's losing and there is bad publicity coming his way, what does he do? hey, look over here. he's excellent at it.
12:22 pm
if donald trump is losing, usually that means someone else is cheating, as far as he's concerned, and that's exactly what we're seeing here. >> sorry, jeremy, i didn't mean to interrupt. i want to may a clip from trump's convention adviser paul manafort. he spoke last night on fox news. take a listen. >> is it going to come down to june 7? >> it will put us over but we won't have to win by a landslide on june 7. >> help me through your math, then. >> we'll have a ground game in california. we'll be focusing on the congressional districts as well. we've been putting people on the ground. california is going to be a battleground. >> jeremy, i cannot believe we're talking about california. i cannot believe we're talking about june. i thought 2008 was the last time that would ever happen. but he's serious. >> reporter: yeah, i know. and who would have thought that we would be debating the significance of the new york primar which hasn't mattered forever, right? what paul manafort is getting
12:23 pm
out there is his ability to create this ground operation for trump. and i think if there is one person who could probably do it, it's paul manafort. this is a guy who was involved in the delegate wrangling back in 1976 when gerald ford and ronald reagan were fighting it out for the republican nominati nomination. as one of trump's rivals told me the other day, there is no better counter in the business than paul manafort. the question is whether or not the skills that he showed so expertly back in 1976 through subsequent presidential elections still matter in 2016. because he's been out of the game for almost 20 years. >> jeremy, you write in your most recent article, even if mr. trump prevails in high-profile battles like next week's new york primary, there are growing signs that he is not well equipped to succeed in the lower-profile skirmishes for dell grats. there mr. cruz has an advantage.
12:24 pm
so is cruz's advantage enough, though, to keep trump out of all this? >> reporter: i think if you look at some of the big states that come after new york, pennsylvania is a great opportunity for trump to pick up a lot of delegates, but that's tricky because those delegates are unbound. the majority of the pennsylvania delegates are. they can vote for whomever they want. california is another big opportunity, but cruz's operation in a lot of states going forward in the state conventions where delegates are being chosen is superior to trump's right now, and that's what matters. >> jeremy, thanks. always great to see you. appreciate it. >> reporter: thank you, kate. what's important to voters outside new york city? here in schoharie county, fracking and possibly gas lines. we'll follow up with that after this.
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registered voters outside new york city, candidates are doing their best to get outside the metro area. talked to upstaters in places like i am. jacob is a reporter in albany, new york. great to see you. >> nice to be here. >> thanks for coming to my hometown area. >> it's nice. >> i've been talking to people and they all know where burnt hills is, which is about this big. let's talk about donald trump. we've been looking at some of the numbers here upstate. the counties have not really regained the jobs they lost during the recession. i don't have to tell you that. is that, do you think, part of the draw of a donald trump up here? >> yeah, i definitely think so. i think recovering from that high unemployment after the recession, i think high taxes also play a role. new yorkers are playing very high taxes in upstate, especially property taxes, and i think there is a certain excitement about actually having presidential candidates upstate. because new york is so late in the primary schedule. >> right, our last guest said it
12:29 pm
never mattered before. >> for the first time in a long time, we're seeing candidates come to big cities like buffalo or little cities like cajon outside of troy, new york. >> and donald trump is making them feel like they matter as he listens to them. >> and he always packs these places to the brim. >> you were with bernie sanders who packed the place a few nights ago. do you think he feels good about getting delegates here? >> i think so, and i think he will because of the way new york is set upper congressional district. >> right, he can pick up some. >> i think so. >> this is you talk to ing to be sanders about jobs. >> the way we deal with unemployment is the way we deal with our crumbling infrastructure so we can create 13 million jobs, making sure our waste water plants, our roads and bridges are repaired, and
12:30 pm
when we do that, we are going to create jobs all over this country. >> he's talking about jobs. he also talked with you about another issue that is very local but going national now, fracking. talk to me about what's happening in upstate new york and why fracking -- they both, clinton and sanders, have made it an issue. >> some of the few things you're hearing different in sanders speech is fracking. there is a constitutional pipeline that takes gas from pennsylvania and connects it to schoharie county where we are right now. people are angry about this, because fracking gas sill legis in new york, yet it's coming through their back yards possibly through this pipeline. >> this is proposed right now, and there's been controversy about whether to build it. it might build jobs in the short term, but those jobs don't stick around and environmentalists are worried about the impact? is that essentially the issue? >> the impact, eminent domain, taking people's land to put this pipe down.
12:31 pm
all issues, and in the last year we were seeing a protest outside the capitol about this. >> so when bernie sanders comes along and says, i'm not going to allow fracking or pipelines it resonates with people. >> exactly. paul ryan takes his name out of contention. he does not want to be president, he says, so which candidate benefits the most from that decision? the answer might surprise you. plus a massive show of support for bernie sanders by striking with union workers in brooklyn today. how the union vote could help sanders on tuesday. >> these workers are standing up for their justice and i stand with them today. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the new audi a4. with one notable difference...
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special interests. so on behalf of every worker in america, letwho is facing the s kind of pressure, thank you for your support. we're going to win this thing! >> we're back live here in schoharie in upstate new york. that was bernie sanders rising a crowd of verizon workers. they went on strike wednesday after working without a contract since august. sanders also picking up some key endorsements today. the new york city transit workers union announced they're backing sanders at a news conference earlier. sanders also picked up his first endorsement from dennis merkley. all holding rallies today, and hillary clinton in a rally in
12:36 pm
brooklyn. that was quite something, to see him with those protesters. >> this is bernie sanders obviously in his element. as he has made unions a real focus of his campaign, he feels like the rank and file are really with him. he struggled a little bit to get endorsements from the umbrella organizations, but communication workers of america, the group striking against verizon, is one of them. here's what bernie sanders had to say to employees on the picket line today. >> verizon is one of the largest, most profitable corporations in this country, but they refuse to sit down and negotiate a fair contract. >> reporter: you can see there, everything bernie sanders brings to the campaign trail in his normal stump speeches, it really all comes out of this tradition,
12:37 pm
of this union, trade union kind of activist way of campaigning, way of pushing to change the way things are done. and i think you got a little bit of a glimpse of that there. but he has sparked some backlash. you saw earlier this month the ceo of general electric coming out, writing an op-ed against sanders after sanders questioned corporations' role in the quote, unquote, moral fabric of the country. that came in the new york news editorial. today the ceo of verizon out with a similar op-ed reading in part, quote, the senator's uninformed views are, in a word, contem contemptible. he's sparking in some ways an unprecedented fight with corporate america here with some companies getting involved in the race. they're often hesitant to. in the case of donald trump, for example, you saw many companies distancing themselves from those remarks.
12:38 pm
it's pretty rare to see companies running against a candidate the way these companies are starting to come out against bernie sanders. >> kasie, i recognize where you are. that's the state park in manhattan where you're gearing up for a rally tonight. tell me about that. >> that's where we are. on the other side of the park, people are start to go liing to. i walked past a dozen police scooters leading up to one block here. the park doesn't hold as many people as we saw at the 18-000 rally in the bronx a while back, but we are able to show you pretty significant crowds out here tonight, kate. >> kasie hunt following the sanders campaign as usual. let me bring in nbc's kristen welker who is covering the clinton campaign today in new york city. hillary clinton speaking at the national action network today. what are we hearing from her?
12:39 pm
>> reporter: well, secretary clinton rallying her base here, but also trying to give them some specifics about what she would do to work with, to promote some of the issues that the african-american community cares about. we heard her talk about criminal justice reform quite a bit, but today she add to do that agenda and she said she would promote environmental justice. she called for putting an end to lead poisoning within five years and also put forward a criminal reform bill with people of color. take a listen. >> despite our best efforts and our highest hopes, america's long struggle with racism is far from finished. and we are seeing that in this election. when the frontrunner for the republican nomination was asked in a national television
12:40 pm
interview to disavow david duke and other white supremacists supporting his campaign, he played coy. >> reporter: now, polls show that secretary clinton far outpaces senator sanders when it comes to african-american voters here in new york. take a look at a recent poll that shows her topping senator sanders 65 to 28%. african-americans have helped propel her to victory throughout the south and also in states like ohio, missouri and illinois. they're going to be critical here in new york as well where she has a pretty significant lead over senator sanders. the point is the clinton campaign wants really a double-digit lead. that would help her to put this race out of reach, to secure enough delegates to do that. in order for that to happen, she's going to need african-americans to turn out in large numbers on tuesday. kate? >> kristen welker covering clinton campaign. kristen, thanks so much. one huge benefit for hillary clinton, by the way, the news
12:41 pm
that house speaker paul ryan will not, under any circumstance, considering being the republican nominee for president. here to explain why that's such great news for the clinton campaign is kerry dann, nbc news political editor. nice to see you. >> nice to see you, kate. >> it may not be what you thought earlier when paul ryan said, i'm not your man, don't even do it, it's hillary clinton that benefits the most. >> that's right, kate. if you're a democrat, the idea of a contested republican convention is a great bigie l electoral gift with a big bow on top. for the republicans, maybe that insurance might have been paul ryan. it's very difficult to imagine right now. if we do go to a contested convention, if donald trump does not get that magic number of 1237 delegates, and the campaign is going not knowing who will emerge as the nominee, itwe're
12:42 pm
very able to visualize a circumstance where donald trump isn't the nominee. some may say, he's not our guy, we're not going to show up in the polls. if the nominee is ted cruz, big fans of donald trump will say the system was rigged, the system was not representative of the winner of the most votes or the most delegates, and they may not show up at the polls. paul ryan was sort of the establishment's dream of a white knight who could come in on that scenario and on a third or fourth ballot, be a consensus candidate. he is somebody who previously said no to a big job, speaker of the house, and once he eventually took that job unable to recruit the political party. so if you were of republican concern, they could have rallied around cleveland. republicans certainly thought he was somebody with the best shot at that.
12:43 pm
throughout all of covering politics, if you're judging two sides, the side that's united will always be in a better position than the side that's divided. >> interestingly, too, kerry, if you're scott walker or rick perry or some of the also rans. you got a glimpse, mostly, in the sense that alternatives to donald trump, to be the possible saviors for the anti-trump movement. the way paul ryan phrased his no-go, so if you are a scott walker or a rick perry, someone who ran and then dropped out of the race, you may have a glimmer of hope that, okay, if we go sef banl lo -- seven ballots into this, it may be good for donald trump. the people it's bad news for are those traditional republicans
12:44 pm
who really wanted somebody who could come in from the outside and be a consensus candidate. paul ryan said look somewhere else. >> kerry dann, thank you so much for being with us. up next, members of the anti-trump movement are planning to protest trump's speech tomorrow at an rnc fundraiser out on long island. how a major hate crime is putting people against trump. suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of the at&t network, a network that senses and mitigates cyber threats, their critical data is safer than ever. giving them the agility to be open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t. you can fly across welcome town in minutes16, or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites
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the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at protesters down on long island, new york want gop leaders in suffolk county, new york to cancel a fundraiser with donald trump tomorrow night. >> we demand that he cancel this event immediately. if they do not, our community will show up strong and loud to denounce them for bringing donald trump's hateful speech at a site where it's already shown its tragic capacity to kill. >> the event is on the same street where teenagers shot and
12:48 pm
fatally stabbed an ecuadorian immigrant in 2008. cal perry speaks from long island right now. you spoke to both sides of this. explain the situation and what did everybody have to say? >> so marcello lucero in 2008, an ecuadorian immigrant was killed by young white males at the end of the street where the emporium is. the barriers are going up right now. we're 24 hours away and they're putting up the barricades. tensions are running very high in this town because this is a town that thought it had sort of healed those wounds from that hate crime. we spoke to a pastor a few minutes ago, and he can tell you in the tone of his voice how high those tensions rise. >> donald trump has the right to speak. he has the right to say whatever the hell he wants. what he doesn't have the right to do is promote violence, to promote hate, to promote anti
12:49 pm
anti-immigrant rhetoric. he has no right to say my people are worse than him. we are human beings. we deserve dignity. that shining city on the hill is no longer that shining city. it is now a place of hatred. it can be compared to a place like nazi germany when you begin to choose certain people that you're going to treat like garbage and dirt and dogs. >> wow, you can hear the emotion there, cal. and when we come back, where voters here in upstate new york stand moving into tuesday's key primary. d by taking chantix, i was able to quit in 3 months and that was amazing. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it absolutely reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix.
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it is springtime, and can i tell you, it smells beautiful in this greenhouse. we're in schoharie county, new york, upstate new york. we've been talking to a lot of voters up here, kind of taking the pulse. and i want to bring in a couple of folk who is graciously allowed us to talk to them.
12:53 pm
katie long and josh loden. you're both in your 20s, you're young voters. katie, you're from sko hair sch registered republican. and who are you going to vote for? >> i'm going to vote for mr. trump. >> donald trump. why? >> i've thought about that. there isn't an exact reason why. i'm kind of not connected with any of the other candidates and i'm very intrigued in what he has and would like to bring to the table. i feel he's a little more well rounded, especially with his success and even failures that he's had, businesswise. and in the world. so i think that along with political will make him a well-rounded person. >> we're going to keep this civil. but josh, you really don't like donald trump. >> i -- he's not my first choice, i'll put it that way. >> diplomatic. >> you're a registered democrat. and you're thinking? >> hillary clinton. >> which struck me as a little unusual given that we're in upstate where bernie has a lot
12:54 pm
of strength and a lot of your friends are voting about bernie sanders. and telling you about it every single day. >> every single day, on facebook, on texts, constantly. >> what is it about hillary clinton that draws you? >> i prefer -- i think she is qualified to run the country. i think her track record, her experience, i think that she has the best qualified, for my beliefs and for where i want to see this country going. >> and you told me too, you don't think saers can come through on some of what he's promised? >> i think sanders' rhetoric is convincing and charming and very persuasive, but when it comes down to it, i don't think he would be able to deliver on any of his promises. >> katie, tell me about the issues that bother you the most. you were telling me off-camera, this is a tough time for you. you're what, 26 years old? >> yes. how much is health care costing you right now? >> about $200 a month, and for someone at or below poverty line, at some point in my life, paying that amount of money for that, it just doesn't work out. that's a big problem. >> you're being a lot nicer now
12:55 pm
than you were before. you were as mad as heck. >> i'll talk about one other thing. i went to school, i have my degree, and i am now in debt up to my eyeballs. there is no relief from that. and that is also a big problem. so those are the only two things i really need to focus on. >> what do you think donald trump will do for you on those issues? what do you see in him? what is it about him? you told me before, you see him as a figure who can get things done? >> right. essentially. i'm not entirely sure what he can do for me, personally. and on that for just a second, a lot of my friends, most of my friends don't vote and don't see a reason why, because they don't think anything they have to say is going to matter. so, we all kind of have the same mind-set, except, i think that it will, because of how much i need help. i don't know how, exactly he's going to do things to help those two areas, but i know it's going to be different than what's going on now. >> josh, you're a student at the fashion institute of technology, right? down in new york city. so you actually commute down
12:56 pm
there. but you're from here. what you do you think about -- bernie sanders is promising free college tuition. that's got to be attractive. and what katie just mentioned. do you have debt yourself? >> i do have a little bit of debt, but compared to my friends and everything, i don't have that much debt. i've been fortunate enough to be able to pay for school mostly out of my own pocket. but i don't see the viability o being able to have free tuition throughout the entire country. >> and one last thought. what do you think lk hillary clinton would do for the country? >> for my personal beliefs, i think she would help bring the country back together. i think there is a huge divide in the country and it keeps growing and deepening. and i think she can help sort of bring us back to a bipartisan level. >> all right. two very different points of view. josh loden and katie long, thank you for sharing your thoughts. i know you don't always put it right out there -- >> it needs to be heard and said from different people. >> exactly. thank you. that's going to do it for this hour of msnbc, live from schoharie, new york, upstate.
12:57 pm
we'll send it back to steve kornacki, picks up at the top of the hour. download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company in cloud infrastructure.
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and good afternoon to you. i'm steve kornacki from new york. well, they are supposed to be on the same side. but donald trump and the republican national committee are knee-deep in an increasingly public and bitter feud over delegate rules. the party's national chairman is basically telling trump, get over it. and that is just the first headline on what is a particularly busy day for the republican front-runner. there are protests in front of trump tower in new york. also, how about this? trump met today with fox news host megyn kelly. that was just a short time ago. of course, trump and kelly have been locked in an increasingly bitter battle of public words over the


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