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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  April 13, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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futures. >> bobbi rush spokes about what he hopes can be done in terms of economic development in his community and he >> tonight on all in. the party is playing dirty. >> donald trump battles the party he wants to lead. >> you got to show the republican party they can't get away with this stuff any longer. >> now the rnc is fighting back against trump and this idea. >> if donald trump exceeds 1,100 votes he'll become the nominee even though he may not have
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1237. >> i'll speak with that member of the committee and then verizon's ceo blasts bernie sanders for his views. >> you are standing up, not just for justice verizon workers, you're standing up for millions of americans who don't have a million. >> the trump kids make a good point. >> all in starts right now. >> good evening from new york, i'm chris hayes and breaking news in the trump campaign and its em battled campaign manager.
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politico says a florida prosecutor has decided not to prosecute him for battery. he was captured on surveillance tape at trump national golf club and later released by the jupiter release. nbc news have not confirmed the report. also reporting fields may pursue a defamation case. this comes after trump's relationship reaches all time lows. just two weeks to the day after donald trump made a big show in washington boasting on twitter just had a very nice meeting with previs and the g.o.p. looking forward to bringing the party together and it will happen. they're casting party leaders for conspiracy to steal the republican nomination. he blamed his resent shut out in colorado on an intentional effort to block him. >> the bosses and the establishment and the people
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that shouldn't have this power took all of the power away from the voters. so the voters never got to vote and the voters didn't know that except when i got up and complained because they did it after i joined the race and figured i would probably win colorado which i would. they called out the name yesterday with the hills saying he should be ashamed of himself because he knows what's going on. later reminded they had changed the rules to undermine the campaign. >> i know the rules well and know it's stacked against me. i fully understand it. colorado is unfortunate because they disenfranchise the voters. all of the voters. >> you're saying you don't think the rmc wants you to get the nomination? >> i don't. the republican party wanted cruz or maybe somebody other than trump. he has taken immince pains.
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i know people get frustrated and they say things they regret but certainly, one thing that's true is that the rules are not being changed in order to injure or benefit anybody. >> trump was still hammering the g.o.p. establishment and his campaign is trying to increase his appeal to the same group
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hiring scott walker's campaign manager as its new national political director. trump praised his decades of experience and his deep ties to political leaders and activist across the country. trump's story about stealing the nomination has distrust among the reporters. in a few cases something much uglier. we told you yesterday how colorado said he received death threats how ted cruz swept the state delegates. after they expressed reservation published on line saturday. earlier this month both local police and private security stood guard at a g.o.p. meeting after the party received death threats from trump supporters including one that involved trying to hang people.
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all along trump has been making the case even if he falls short of the 1237 delegates needed to clinch the nomination, he'll have a mandate from the republican voters making him the legitimate nominee. now at least one member of the important rules committee appeared to accept that argument telling msnbc trump can clinch the nomination if he gets most of the way there. >> what i do expect to happen is this. if donald trump exceeds 1100 votes, he'll become the nominee even though he may not have 1237. >> rnc immediately shot down the idea. communications director responding on twitter the g.o.p. has a nominee when a candidate reaches the number of delegates. i got a chance to speak to randy evans and asked him what he thought about the rebuttal. >> he's absolutely right. my comment on morning joe was to simply say once donald trump, if donald trump reaches 1100 delegates, the momentum would carry him all the way to the
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1237. he'll be 150 to 200 unbound delegates. the band wagon effect takes over and having been through many conventions before, he'll end up with the nomination. >> so i want to spell this out, the scenario you're invisioning, june 7th, the final day of the primaries. there's also new jersey, two other states. june 7th happens and he comes out of that and out of 1,100. you think essentially a domino consolidation happens where delegates step forward to saying we're voting for the first ballot and the majority puts them over the threshold. >> just like he did with barack obama. if you remember all the super delegates were on one side and not quiet enough to get there. by the time you get there, if you have the momentum to get to 1100, that last 3,700 jumps on the band wagon like never before.
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>> in that 2008 contest, first of all, you have the super delegates that were institutionalized portion of the electorate who refuse to make up their minds. by the time that happened, everyone folded at the table. my understanding is that ted cruz certainly and looks like john kasich will still be in the game after june 7th. you don't think that will happen? >> no, i think they'll be in all the way through. there's three scenarios. dond trump gets to 1,100. that last 137 comes along. the second possibility is no one gets to a thousand. in which case it will be a free for all. it will be anything possible at that republican national convention. then the third possibility is that we end up between a thousand and 1,100 votes. i think there's so many anti trump votes that are never going to support him in a million years. in that middle part you'll have a lot of brokering going on.
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i can easily see a donald trump reaching out to a john kasich saying hey, why don't you be my running mate and push me over the top or a ted cruz goes to marco rubio saying we can stop donald trump but i need you, marco rubio, with some of the allies to bring your delegates with me. if we have a brokered convention, it will be because donald trump ends past a thousand and shorter than 1,100. if he gets past 1,100 he'll end up with a nomination. under a thousand we'll see a convention that we haven't seen in a decade, a century. >> i seen some never trump conservatives basically saying you're a trump supporter and attempting to move the target so you can build a narrative of legitimacy around him. is that true? >> no, it's not. i serve on the debate committee and the rules committee and nomination committee and chairman of the republican
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national lawyers association. we actually made available to every single campaign a blueprint so every campaign, all 17 could get all of their names on all 50 states, the district of columbia and the five territories. we've been neutral. i've been neutral all the way through. listen, as a senior adviser to the gingrich campaign, do we fit into the establishment or the anti establishment? no. i think the gingrich republican as a republican that kind of comes at it from an outside. i think we're more of the folks who see it a different way. we don't see an establishment, i don't see any establishment. i look at what history tells me. it tells me when winners get close to the finish line, there's a lot of folks that who want to be with them. as they always say, winners have lots of friends and losers are really orphans. >> randy evans. thanks very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> robert costca and matt welch,
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robert let me start with you. on the lewindowsk i-news, they say he's not prosecuted. he's got other problems on his hand because it seems like he's being pushed out to the edges of this organization. >> based on my report, lewindowski isn't pushed out. trump is certainly expanding his inner circle brings in rick wiley and scott walker's campaign manager. already have veteran hands new to the team. ben carson's bid and of course, paul, the new strategist on delegates. >> it seems to me like this is attempting both an inside and outside strategy at the same time. they have to be aware the math
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is going to be tough to get to 1237 and they're about to win abunch of states big. >> yes, the way i see trump now is he remains his own chief strategist. he's underscoring his outsider appeal. at the same time, this is an organization that's struggled repeatedly. it's not built relationships across the country within the republican party. if he wants to be the nominee he has to address that. for now, he's bringing in some people to try to address that. it remains an unresolved issue. >> to me, there's a carrot and stick being set up. if they're going to get to the 1,100th randy evans said, the carrot is i've got some inside guys and the stick is my people were right. >> i don't know what the carrot is. the 1100, the idea history will make 1,100 turn into 1237 is just not true. at this point in the nomination process, there usually is a consolidation and a momentum. there's a reason why this election has been so crazy. it's because history doesn't apply. we've blown apart the rules we've had. there's a solid never trump kind of backstop to all of this.
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the washington post came out with a story this afternoon saying basically, if donald trump doesn't get to 1237 ted cruz is going to pick up 130-170 delegates in the second round. that's trouble for trump. >> let me say this. matt, we're saying this now post wisconsin. one of the things that's happened is demography has been destiny and geography has equalled momentum. in states they're demographically declined to do well. we're now going to step into abunch of contest trump says is going to win by big margins. does that change the pressure around trump or never trump? >> pressure is very interesting. delegate counting is what gets you there. ted cruz is showing up delegates who in the second round will not
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vote for donald trump place after place. north carolina, south carolina, indiana is already a disaster for donald trump. donald trump might win that. that's hard work that you actually have to do. cruz is doing it and trump is not. >> robert, my question to you is does the momentum or the perceived power, perceived legitimacy, the margins, do they matter in that process or does it come down to whose in the room? >> i think it's a little bit of both. when you look at april, it's favorable trump is going to pick up some momentum and delegates are going to be paying attention and matt's right as well. when you rook into early may, trump, cruz is poised to can well in indiana and then you have in june, california. that's going to be a major test. cruz's organization and trump as well. when you look at the summer, the pressure as you're talking about matters to delegates but organization does too in a sense that cruz has a lot of support from the people that are trump delegates and bound to trump and could turn on a second ballot.
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>> the question to me all along here, right, is how much spine is there in the folks that are going to have to ultimately stare down this challenge? when you hear things like that from randy evans, there's also a kind of hinting to it to me or a signaling happening in that kind of state. >> what's interesting is trump is blaming the establishment for places like colorado. he's getting it wrong. the people that are good at getting the caucus systems is not the establishment. >> no. >> grass roots, tea party. these are the people who learned how to do this. the trump people have not learned the game in the same way the grass roots has. the establishment is rubbing their hands saying thank you. >> let me tell you about this. people are talking about the death threats. roger stone giving out names for a second. let's forget about the most extreme and horrifying examples of that kind of threat of violence.
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i remember talking to democratic members of congress so spooked by the town halls that just happened after the summer when obamacare was on the table, they were worried about that. if you some version of that, that's going to influence the way delegates act. >> i think that's spot on. i've spoken to delegates and those elected officials. if you're a state senator or representative, you have a primary threat looming over you and there could influence your decision. >> thank you both for being here. >> just ahead, this is a live picture of washington square park in new york city where bernie sanders is holding a massive rally tonight. they're turning people away. the press pin is already closed. you can't get in there after a day that began with the candidate. we'll talk about the new york strategy with campaign manager jeff weaver live from that rally in two minutes.
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you're looking at a massive -- sanders has predicted a major victory in the democratic primary. the brooklyn native is doing what he can to close the gap. he has closed it considerably in the last month. his campaign picked up two big endorsements today getting his first from a fellow senator. here in new york you got the backing of the transportation workers union worker 100 which represents the 40,000 transit workers. the union members and communication worker of america. verizon employees who were striking in brooklyn. >> this is the biggest strike in america since 2011. sanders has accused them to cut
8:20 pm
>> this is the biggest strike in america since 2011. sanders has accused them to cut the pensions and wages. verizon saying quote the senators uninformed views are in a word contemptible. hillary also paid a visit to workers in manhattan to shorten up in event in sanders with the others not including cwa.
8:21 pm
>> the workers here with my senate years are skilled and deserve to have a fair contract. >> supposing a visit today noting verizon communications paid hillary clinton $225,000 for a speech in 2013 and donated money to the clinton foundation. joining me now from that rally is bernie sanders campaign manager jeff weaver. jeff, first i would like to get your response to the word contemptible describing the views from the verizon ceo. >> look, bernie sanders has stood up for working people his entire life and will continue to do it whether the ceo likes it or not. >> hillary clinton was on the picket line today. the cwa is notable because it's one of the only large national unions. abunch of the other big ones have come out for hillary clinton.
8:22 pm
why do you think that is? >> well, senator sanders has done a lot of support among labor. we have five national unions that's supported him. the workers came out for him today. 40,000 people. he's getting a lot of labor support and grass roots support. >> let me ask you here, senator sanders is approaching the podium behind you with his wife jane. new york seems like a state that in some ways is, it should be a winnable state if the bernie sanders theory of change is in effect. it has lots of parts of the democratic base that should be amendable to his message. it's in the north. is this some sort of test of the sanders coalition? >> look, we're doing very well here. we've started off way down. he's closing the gap. it's a tough fight here, the secretary was senator here two times. she has deep roots here.
8:23 pm
we're making a lot of progress here. at the end of the day we're going to do well. >> jeff, i want to take a second since we have the senator at the podium. take a look to what he's saying to the crowd. >> jane and i left new york city when we were kids. it is great to be back. thank you. let me thank emily devito, olley, dr. paul's son, vampire weekend, tim robins, tom dewayne, linda sansore, j.p., senator nina turner, chris shelton, rosaria dawson, spike lee.
8:24 pm
i want to thank all of them for being here tonight and for the great introductions i've received. i don't think that there is any doubt but that our campaign today has the momentum. we have won seven out of the last eight caucuses and primaries and when i look at an unbelievable crowd like this, i believe we're going to win here
8:25 pm
in new york next tuesday. we were 60 points behind secretary clinton in the last two weeks, two polls have us is head of secretary clinton. national poll after national poll has us defeating donald trump by double digits. but this campaign is about in your presence here tonight knows that you all understand us it is not just about electing a president.
8:26 pm
it is about creating a political revolution. it is about creating a government which works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors. it is a campaign about not ignoring the veterans who sleep out on the street. but children, the elderly or the poor. it's about a government that creates a descent stand of living for every man, woman and child.
8:27 pm
what this campaign is profoundly about is understanding that real change never occurs from the top on down. it is always from the bottom on up. what this campaign is about is the understanding that when we stand together, black and white and latino and asian american and native american, when we do not allow the donald trumps of the world that divide us up, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. >> jeff, the candidate there, senator sanders talking about a multiracial coalition which is a part of what is really the heart
8:28 pm
of what the obama collision, the democratic party in the 21st century looks like, that he's stitched together. people look at the string of wins in the states that don't look like the coalition. the crowd much more representative. that why it seems that the states are much more key for you guys. >> look, this is a multiracial coalition behind the political revolution. we've seen in state after state increasing support from members of the african american community, latino community, asian community. we are bringing together the coalition to support the bernies sanders agenda for a future people can believe in. >> new york is on tuesday and a week later we've got a whole bunch of states in the northeast and we'll see if that momentum takes them if it's real. thank you for making the time tonight.
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appreciate it. >> glad to be here, chris. thanks. >> all in word of the day brought to you by john kasi ch. i give you voice leaning. >> you know about joshua? >> he was the disciple of moses. >> i know he was. i know that. i'm going to have the teach him. e settlers and that's what we do. (girl) but with directv and at&t, you can get your tv and wireless service from one provider. (dad) are not we your providers? do we not provide you with this succulent jackrabbit pie? this delicious graywater soup? and a single lick of the family lolli every harvest moon? (vo) don't be a settler, get a $100 reward card when you switch to directv.
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following in the footsteps of ted cruz who last week tried to win over jewish brooklynites. john kasich yesterday toured a brooklyn neighborhood and kasich visited a store speaking with jewish leaders and students and doing a fair amount of explaining.
8:31 pm
>> the story of the people are abraham when god made a covenant with abraham not moses. you know who i like, joseph. you guys like joseph? do you study joseph? do you know this? >> yes. >> his brothers hated him because part of it, he may have been a little bit of a bragger, joseph. maybe a little bit. maybe but they threw him in the ditch and his brother saved him and they sold him into slavery. that's how to jews got to egypt. right. did you know that? >> yes. >> joshua, joshua was another great leader. you know about jash what? -- joshua? >> he was the disciple of moses. >> i know that. >> i'm sure those people really
8:32 pm
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this is a screen grab from the afternoon. we discussed earlier trump will get the nomination even if he throws short of the delegates. many of the headlines are either protrump or anti ted cruz. those headlines believe it or not matter. even in 2016. the report manages to drive a tremendous amount of traffic in the world of conservative media where it is influential. cruz believes the site is purposely working against him engaged in a conspiracy plot. >> in about the past month, the
8:36 pm
report has basically become the attack site for the donald trump campaign. every day they have the latest trump attack directed at me. it by all appearances, roger stone now decides what's on drudge and most days they have a six month old article that's some attack on me and it's whatever the trump campaign is pushing that day. >> this is something you don't expect me to say. ted cruz probably has a point. this year, yes, the site has pushed banner pieces publicizing trump favorably and pushing stories either criticizing or deriving cruz. joining me now is former campaign manager for carly fiorina's campaign. whether they were involved or not or just the winds, the strange individual he is, what i love about this is the discovery by a conservative perhaps drudge isn't on the up and up. perhaps they're an agenda and
8:37 pm
beats people up. could that possibly be possible? >> i don't actually know why matt is doing what he's doing. we've seen it with other sites as well where they're willing to carry water for donald trump even though ted cruz is the most conservative candidate in the race. matt is going to do what matt drudge does but i think it's becoming clear to voters that ted cruz is the conservative and donald trump is the twitter feed. >> it's a little unclear how much g.o.p. voters care about whose conservative. second of all, has the campaign changed the way you perceive conservative media given that such a large percentage of media have been so willing to play patty cake or boost someone who by your own definition is not conservative? >> i don't agree it's a large conservative media. >> have you listened to talk radio? >> look, mark has endorsed ted
8:38 pm
cruz. he's one of the biggest conservative guys hewitt is not carrying anything for trump. the media as a whole the going to look back and do some soul searching. >> ted cruz is about to get his clock cleaned in new york. that's what the polls say. he's not running this add in new york aimed at mayor bill deblash -- de blasio. >> murder is up nearly 10% and he treats cops like criminals and criminals like freedom fighters. he made new york a sank ewe ware city and he ended stop and frisk even where terror suspects are known to congregate. >> there's a lot of claims in there, including my favorite, he stopped the frisking where there's some jihad corner where isis is out panhandling.
8:39 pm
let me give you the response to the 10% figure. shocking, ted cruz is wrong again. facts matter. the murder numbers are wrong. that's an incorrect claim about the city in which 8 million people live. >> a couple of things. one, donald trump will probably win his home state. john kasich was able to win his home state. that's not something we should wave the banner on. deblash owe has been a fairly terrible mayor. >> the point is there's a claim. >> no. the point is there's a claim in that add saying that murders have gone up 10% and it's supportive by the data. that's fact yulely untrue by the man in the division know the man who runs the n.y.p.d. >> brad has come out several times to say some things.
8:40 pm
i'm not willing to take him as his word. i think that the people don't think that deblash owe has done a particularly good job. in fact, they think the city has gone downhill and taken over his partisan ideology and he thought he would prove some larger point. >> i understand. yes. let me stipulate another thing. people whose politics don't align with ted cruz don't like mayor deblash owe. there's a claim made in the add about an important subject which is the number of new yorkers being killed that he's just flat out wrong and if proven to be flat out wrong, should they not resend that add? >> i don't know the statistics you're looking at and i don't know the statistics the cruz campaign is looking at. i will say i don't know the cruz campaign has gone out and made wildly false actizations. i think new york city has gone downhill and a lot of people's estimations has made a point about the leadership that's caused that.
8:41 pm
>> i will say as much as ted cruz would love to have bill blosh owe as an enemy, right back at him. thank you for being with me. >> up next, why ivanka and eric trump will be voting for their father this fall. it might impact you. stay with us. trolling for a gig with braindrone? can't blame you. it's a drone you control with your brain, which controls your thumbs, which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone to get you a copy of my resume. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller. look out!! ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool. (vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our heating and cooling systems so reliable.
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8:43 pm
last night ivanka trump whose merged as the campaign's most effective surrogate explained what happened. >> i'm an independent and i've always voted based on the candidate as opposed to the party. we're not a family of politicians. new york has one of the most honorous rules in terms of registration and it required us to register almost close to a year ago. we didn't do that. >> now, an operation that was more on top of it would have probably made sure a candidate's own child could vote for him. here's the thing. voting in new york state is an absolute disaster. here's why. on top of that, the dead lines to change your party affiliation to vote in the closed primary, order registered as a new voter is ridiculously early. ivanka and eric trump were registered to vote but not as
8:44 pm
republicans. the dead line to change their party delegation to republican was way back in october 1st, '93 days before casting a ballot and new voters had to register by late march, 25 days before they could cast their ballot. not only that, this year, new york will have three separate primaries. three separate dates on top of the election. first you have a primary day next week. that doesn't include the senate and primary election but then for some unknown reason, it's a complicated reason having to do with a lot of grid lock and fighting, there's another primary for state and city officials in september. new york, in fact, does everything possible to keep voter turnout low. that's because people who run the state like it that way. low turnout has interest. you don't have to shed a tear for ivanka and eric trump, but there are a whole lot of other
8:45 pm
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only with xfinity. one week from today we'll find out whether the longest serving republican speaker in the house of american history will be sentenced to prison. last october he pleaded guilty to one felony count of illegally structuring bank withdrawls to a reported requirement specifically. the government contended from 2012 to 2014. he withdrew $952,000 in amounts under $10,000 each to avoid bank reporting requirements triggered when $10,000 or more is withdrawn. in fact, according to the government's court filings, the previous cash withdrawls of $50,000 each from 2010 through april 2012 with various employees of the bank to be avoided. quoting from the government court filing, the risk management officer explained the bank's obligations and the defend nt stated he was aware of the law and he defended not a terrorist.
8:48 pm
he was speaker of the house when the patriot act was passed. the purpose of withdrawls was to pay an agreed upon total of $3.5 million for sexual abuse of individual a committed by defend nt when individual a was 14-years-old and defend nt was his wrestling coach. individual a was not the only victim. the government alleges he abused five students when he was a wrestling coach in illinois. the statute of limitations has expired but it's the government's position he told authorities he performed a sexual act on him. dennis deeply regrets the episode occurred. the lawyers do not legally contest the obligations and assert in all candor. if he's responsible for sexually abusing five teenagers, what
8:49 pm
kind of denial was it to choose to go into public life where he would be in the spotlight. second, if he was engaging in the abuse, did he stop that kind of behavior after and during life and third, how should we understand this news in light of what happened in 1998? the nation was caught up in a moral panic about the president of the united states consensual relationship with a grown woman. it was at that same time dennis descended to the speakership. they too had affairs they admitted to. he was the small town wrestling
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8:54 pm
you don't want to think about losing badly and you now find yourself in a bind. now there's a way out. a contention. that's what drew contends writing you don't need to be an insane truther to believe trump's entire campaign is a publicity stunt out of control. cocktail frank fingers, he can say he won and slip out the quick and loans arena fire escape and discuss leaving a mob of angry voters. joining me now the author of that piece, correspondent for gq magazine, drew, i couldn't tell how much this was trolling on your part or how much was a sincerely held belief about the internal emotional state of donald trump. >> it was sincere. i think he would be genuinely relieved if he was able to have
8:55 pm
an escape patch out of the campaign in cleveland. and literal escape hatch. >> i seen this at the beginning of the guy to prove this, the haters wrong and now he's trapped in a situation where he's either going to lose it, if you lose and have a huge blow to his ego or end up as president of the united states where he doesn't want to be. >> or he would quit because he's losing to both hillary and bernie by double digits. he doesn't want to quit because he has an insane following. unfortunately, it's too loyal. if he quit they would tear his face off and use it as an oven mitt. he can't do that. there's no better way for him to weasel out of it and lose at the convention. technically, he can say he won and live in an alternate reality where everything's wonderful and beautiful and we're winning again and all that stuff. he never has to actually do anything. if you look at that time ground game, he makes perfect since. he's bragged about not doing anything.
8:56 pm
>> this would make sense of the certain parts of the campaign hard to make sense of. it has the employees, no money, its gotten its butt kicked in state after state on the ground. sam, do you think this is a plausible theory? >> oh, yes, of course. >> you think you buy this? >> do i think it's plausible he did this as a publicity stunt? to be honest with you and this is, the theory that i held at the beginning, which was far left plausible than this one was that at one point he's going to say there's an illness in my family and i owe it to my supporters to drop out. there's some precedent for this. ross left because there were government agents. >> he was messing with his daughter's wedding. >> look, i don't know if that's the case. the cia was interfering in the wedding.
8:57 pm
there were stories about when does this start getting fun again and if there's been a time where donald trump, if you see some of these rallies, he's like don't hit anybody. that to me seems like somebody not having fun when you got to beg your supporters not to beat up and protest. >> here's my problem with the theory. i apply it to the ground game situation. colorado, all the other states. i think they're bad at it. i think it's an incompetent campaign in certain ways. >> undoubtedly. i think he discovered this as kind of a mocking of it that allows him the out. if that doesn't happen, i think there's a part of his mind content with the idea of him
8:58 pm
losing at the convention and he can slip out the fire escape and spend the rest of his life saying i was very unfair and treated very unfairly the whole time. >> that is the better story to tell. here's the question. here's the other question. in order for him to want that as the out, he would have to recognize he's going to lose by gold water margins. which i don't know if he will or not. he will have the believe the polling against. >> yeah. this is a guy who filed for bankruptcy four or five times. he understands the concept there's the one point. >> i've got to pull the escape hatch and get out of here. i don't think this has been as planned all the along. he reads the polls. he knows. he has changed his demeanor on the campaign trail which suggests that he realizes he's in some type of trouble here.
8:59 pm
i think to a certain extent he's boxed in. two or three months ago he's flying into town and does an event every week, one every four days. people love him and buying his scarves and hats and everything's looking rosie and all the sudden things have turned dark for him. >> they're going to get uglier. there's a guy i follow on twitter whose been saying from the beginning this is the plot of the producers where the plot of the producers is they try to create a broadway play that loses money called springtime for hitler and it's a huge hit and they can't get out of it and the donald trump campaign is the producers of the presidential campaigns. >> i don't think he aimed to deliberately fail spectacularly, i think he's the sort of guy who likes being told you should run for president some day. i think there's certain celebrities that like being told that and like entertaining that fantasy. if he gets his assess kicked at convention, he can leave and say that he technically didn't lose. he can still entertain that, oh,
9:00 pm
what could have been. >> drew, sam, thank you both. remember to hydrate there. good evening, racheal. >> not only do i want you to run for president but i want to live in the country that would elect you. >> that country is called my household navy. possibly. >> on a good day with everybody in a good mood. >> you and i live in that same country. thank you at home for joining us this hour. on august 8th, 1974, president richard nixon had resigned. he had been elected in 1968 and re-elected in 72 but in 1974 because of water gate and everything that came out, it was done.


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