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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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topping our agenda right now, do or die for bernie sanders. >> it's going to be a tough primary for us, but do you know what i say? i think we've got a surprise for the establishment. >> nearly 30,000 people turning out for a rally last night in a park in new york city, but here is the reality for bernie sanders, he has just five days now to make up a double digit gap in new york, otherwise his chances of catching hillary clinton in a delegate race may be done for good. a one on one debate tonight between sanders and clinton, that could be his last best chance for a turn around moment. also on our agenda this morning, reunited, donald trump and his number one broadcast nemesis megyn kelly meet face-to-face. >> a number of our viewers may be tuning in tonight for news about a meeting i had today with new york businessman and
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republican front runner donald trump. and we'll get to that in just a few moments. >> we will show you what she said about her exchange with donald trump in just a moment. and rounding out our agenda this morning -- >> how is joe paterno, are we going to bring that back, right? and we do love penn state. do we love penn state, i mean, in all fairness. >> trump looking past new york to the next big contest on the calendar and leaving more than a few people in pennsylvania confused at his rally last night. we're also going to take a look past new york, we're going to look to donald trump's path to 1,237 and here is the thing, it may be a lot smoother than you've been hearing. i'm going to explain that with the most important number of the day in just a minute. but we begin this hour with the top story on our agenda, going out to brooklyn, the battle of brooklyn, tonight hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing off in their ninth debate, this one just five
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days away from new york's critical democratic primary. sanders is banking on momentum, he is hoping to translate the enthusiasm we saw at that massive rally last night. you're seeing pictures of it right there. he is hoping to turn that enthusiasm into votes and into what would be a big upset at the polls next tuesday in new york. his campaign says that 27,000 people, more than 27,000 people, crammed into washington square park. that's in the greenwich village section of new york city. that would be a larger turnout than what clinton has seen anywhere during this campaign, but the morning after that huge rally finds the sanders campaign under fire from clinton supporters. this over what one of his speakers said during what rally last night. let's head out to brooklyn to the brooklyn navy yard, that's going to be the site of tonight's big debate, that is where we find nbc's kristen welker. we're showing some images from that rally last night, an
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amazing scene, but also the clinton campaign saying they have -- clinton supporters saying they have a problem with some of the things that were said at that rally. what can you tell us about it? >> reporter: there's no doubt a huge juxtaposition, you had those incredible images coming out of last night's rally as you just pointed out and these incredibly controversial remarks made by a senator sanders support, dr. paul song who is married to lisa ling, she is a clinton supporter. we will play you a clip of what he said and we want to warn or viewers the language is strong. take a listen. >> while i agree with secretary clinton that medicare fraud will never happen if we have a president who never aspires for something greater than a status quo. medicare for all will never happen if we continue to elect corporate democratic whores who are beholden to big oil -- and
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the private insurance industry instead of us. >> reporter: steve, the response was swift, it was strong from the clinton campaign. this from secretary clinton's communications director who tweeted out very distressing language to say the least. bernie sanders should disavow. then we had this sanders tweet saying dr. song's comment was inappropriate and insensitive, there is no room for language like that in our political discourse. then dr. song's tweet, i am very sorry for using the term whore to refer to some in congress who are beholden to corporations and not us, it was insensitive. then he later went on to tweet that he has never said anything personally against secretary clinton, but, steve, this underscores just how heated things have gotten between these two candidates. we have heard, quite frankly, the rhetoric really ramp up between these two candidates in recent days and i think that this is to some extent an extension of that. i think you can expect these controversial comments to be
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raised at tonight's debate and sources are also saying that senator sanders is planning to raise the fact that secretary clinton has accepted money from verizon for speeches, paid speeches. that the very company where she went yesterday to march on the pickett line with some of the workers there who are protesting verizon. steve. >> kristen welker in brooklyn new york, again the site of that big democratic debate. we will preview that debate in just a minute. first joined by nbc's andrea mitchell, she is the host of andrea mitchell reports here on msnbc. following up on that the connection is interesting. paul song who made the statement, his wife lisa ling, the connection between her, her family and bill clinton. can you explain that. >> lisa ling is a clinton supporter and bill clinton in 2009 helped rescue her and another one of her colleagues from pyongyang have a north korea prison, the former president when hillary clinton was secretary of state. it was a top secret mission done
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at the behest of the president. that said, this comment no matter what doctor song says about who he meant or did not mean it's very clear from the context from the sentence where he twice references clinton and from talking about democratic whore beholden to pharma and other corporate interests, which is exactly the attack line that sanders uses in his stump speech against hillary clinton. there is no doubt who he meant by that and it does indicate just how nasty this campaign has gotten. that said, tonight's debate you are going to see fisticuffs on both sides, verbal fisticuffs, because sanders is primed to go after hillary clinton for a $225,000 speech that she disclosed on her financial disclosure to verizon that was made in may of 2013, right after she left office when she was first on the lecture circuit
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with paid speeches, she hadn't declared her presidency of course, but again this on the day when she had followed him in going and walking the pickett line with these striking verizon workers. >> and the scene at that rally -- and we've seen this before with other candidates, we know you get a huge turnout, doesn't always mean you will turn around and win, but nearly 30,000 people in this park in greenwich village last night. >> it's the part of greenwich village, it is the heart of the nyu campus so a lot of students, it's not clear how many were registered, the sanders campaign will tell you we don't know how many were registered because of the march 25th deadline to register and independence can't vote, it is a closed democratic primary they don't know how this translates into votes but it is astounding, it's the same location bill clinton spoke at mem blee in 2004, he had about 24,000 people, this is estimated to be 27,000 people, the largest rally of its kinded on the democratic side in this entire
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campaign, dwarfing anything that hillary clinton has produced but again it's hillary clinton's primary to win and it is a must win for sanders and they are acknowledging that privately acknowledging that they don't expect to win new york, it's proportional, it's not winner take all so he will get a good share of delegates, hoping to do well and hoping for momentum going into the next primaries in pennsylvania, connecticut, rhode island, new jersey, he does think he is a shot. they are ahead in indiana, west virginia, way ahead in oregon where he saw jeff merkley endorsing just yesterday. they still think they have a path but it is a big challenge. you know he is going to the vatican to rome tomorrow. >> that's right. with just a few days before before new york. it is that path that does get a lot narrower, even getting delegates from new york to not have the win in new york next week. andrea mitchell thanks for stopping by. we will see you at noon for your big show, you will be live from brooklyn bridge point. >> with jane sanders and keir
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stin gillibrand, and paul pal dino. >> carl pal dino was trump before trump in politics. andrea mitchell reports at noon. now to the debate tonight, jackie kucinich. the clinton campaign responding siftly to the comments last night at the rally. as andrea points out the context for the statement from paul song last night was the basic attack that bernie sanders has been using against hillary clinton. is that going to play into tonight's debate where if bernie sanders comes after hillary clinton on those grounds she will throw this back at his face. >> i think the overall tone, the clinton campaign has been very critical of bernie sanders' tone particularly because of his early promise to keep it above board and on the issues and to keep it for lack of a better word pleasant. it definitely has become unpleasant here in new york and that's because the stakes here is so high. if bernie sanders can pull off
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an upset here in clinton's adopted home state, she won her statewide twice. if he mansions to topple her here that will send shock waves across the democratic establishment and, you know, perhaps into these primaries that are coming up after new york. >> the flip side and i thought was andrea was saying was really important that the sanders campaign is no longer talking about winning new york, they're talking more about the moral victory of coming close and saying we will still get delegates, that's true they will still get delegates but they're down more than 200 in that pledged delegate count right now, moral victory stopped counting at a certain point. >> and that is very true. yeah. the passport for bernie sanders is going to be difficult particularly if he doesn't win new york. he gets delegates in every one of these races that's how the democratic side of this race works. it's proportional. if hillary clinton loses here she will still get delegates and he's going to be very hard to catch up. this is where the super delegates and the pressure on them comes in.
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the sanders campaign has been very upset by the super delegates flocking to hillary clinton, whether or not he won their state, and i think if for some reason he comes very close or wins in new york that pressure is only going to increase. >> i'm wondering where the clinton goes from here after new york. if they do end up winning in new york, clearly they would like to move beyond this primary fight, like to move beyond negotiating and arranging the debate that was going to take place tonight that was a long drawn out process. you are in in situation now where bernie sanders could probably keep winning states even if mathematically after new york getting that delegate count it may not be there. the clinton campaign how engaged do you think they will be after new york if they win with bernie sanders? >> when you talk to the clinton campaign they say they're going to fight this until the end and every time she has tried to turn her full attention to the republicans bernie sanders has been giving her a reason to look back over her shoulder. i think they keep focused on two fronts. she's headed to california this weekend, that's obviously is giant delegate pool on june 7th.
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so, you know, we'll keep watching but i can't imagine they will take their eye off sanders until he's completely done. >> the other question is unifying the party. the comments at that rally speak to a lot of resentment of hillary clinton, of campaign she's run, of the way she has attacked senator sanders among sanders supporters, it does raise the question will some of them be reluctant to get aboard if he is sht the nominee. >> an excellent question and something they have to be careful about tonight in the debate. she needs to be able to criticize sanders without going after him. there is a difference. she does need the enthusiasm and the passion that sanders' supporters have for him. somehow fingers crossed for her she's going to need that to go forward in this race. >> jackie kucinich thanks for the time. tune in after the debate for full analysis with chris matthews, that will be at 11:00 eastern time after that big democratic debate. while the democrats and the republicans have their focus hire in new york, trying to woo
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voters one campaign is hoping to woo over politicians in washington. members of donald trump's team are in d.c. at this hour, there to meet with republican congressional allies of trump's as well as those who are at least interested in his campaign. luke russert covering capitol hill for us and joins me now. luke, a meeting, we've heard so much about tension between trump and the republican establishment, he does have some friends in washington, d.c., tell us who is at the meeting and what it's all about. >> reporter: good morning, steve. this meeting is being spearheaded by the two congressional representatives in the house who first endorsed donald trump, that's chris collins of western new york who is an important ally ahead of the new york primary as well as duncan hunter of southern california. they're meeting at the capitol club which is a special private republican club, rich mahogany paneling on the walls and they are going to meet in here with
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the eight congressional members who have also endorsed trump as well as we expect senator sessions to meet up. they will meet with ed brookover and barry bennett. one is a specialist in the art of financing and z raising money the other in the delegate allocation. as they move forward in the process and the likelihood of a contested convention becomes all the more possible there is an impetus within trump's camp, especially the congressional allies to brush themselves up on the rules, know what the best talking points will be for trump going forward, especially if he has the total vote lead and delegate lead. as well in this meeting they want to throw out an extender to their colleagues who may be on the fence and say come meet with us this morning. they hope to do these every single week the congress is in session. >> luke russert keeping an eye on that meeting. it will be interesting to see who else gets aboard that trump train on capitol hill.
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coming up, more chaos last night as another trump rally evolves into protests and ends in arrests after a day spent trying to convert a fox news anchor. we will have details on that as well. plus the most important number of the day, it has to do with trump's path to 1,237. it may be smoother than you've been hearing. but first two programming notes for you, do not miss a pair of exclusive town halls tonight right here on msnbc, it's going to start at 7:00 eastern, chris matthews mod rates a town hall special with john kasich, immediately after that, 8:00 eastern, chuck todd mod rates a town hall with ted cruz. right here on msnbc. stem creating a leak in the roof. luckily the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement and now owns the sleep number bed. his sleep number setting is 25. call geico
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only with xfinity. well, it has been the
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political and media feud of the past year, but has a truce now been reached? the war between donald trump and fox news anchor megyn kelly has been raging for eight months ever since the very first republican debate last august began with this. >> mr. trump, one of the things people love about you is you speak your mind and you don't use a politician's filter, however, that is not without its down sides, in particular when it comes to women. you've called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. your twitter account -- >> only rosie o'donnell. what i say is what i say and honestly, me go begin, if you don't like it, i'm sorry, i've been very nice to you, although i could probably maybe not be based on the way you have treated me, but i wouldn't do that. >> but yesterday afternoon in new york msnbc reporter a minute my dean spotted kelly talk u.
6:21 am
walking into trump hours. hours later addressing the meeting on her show. take a listen. >> the meeting watt at my request and mr. trump was gracious enough to agree to it. we met for about an hour just the two of you us and had a chance to clear the air. mr. trump and i discussed the possibility of an interview and i hope we will have news to allowance on that soon. by the way, in case you were wondering, yes, the doormen appeared a bit stunned when i walked in. >> now for his part donald trump was asked about the meeting in front of a supportive crowd in pennsylvania last night in the mere mention of kelly's name elicited a heavy boo. >> you met with megyn kelly today. how did that go? >> well, you know, she called last week and they set up a meeting. they said, could we come up, and i said would you come to trump tower because i didn't want any confusion and she did and she was very, very nice and we had a meeting and she was very nice.
6:22 am
>> okay. >> she really was. >> i think it was just -- maybe it was time or maybe she felt it was time and, by the way, in all fairness i give her a lot of credit for -- for -- you know, for doing what she did. >> an amazing moment there, kelly's name being booed on her own network. nbc's peter alexander and hallie jackson are out on the trail this morning. peter, with more on the potential truce this morning, what do we know? >> reporter: so you know about that meeting obviously, megyn kelly made her comments, this was a strange stand off, this would have been her first first interaction in months. one of the videos they play to introduce the candidate begins with megyn kelly saying and here he is, that always ee policities boos at these events, donald trump in the recent past has called her overrated, said things like she is crazy. we do have some reporting that's coming from "the new york times" as well, they talk about what may be a desire to mend fences
6:23 am
more broadly for donald trump with fox news, the fact that according to the "new york times" trump went to fox news' headquarters on the avenue of the americas and met for lunch with the fox news chairman roger ailes as well, you can see some of that reports there. but that's notable is megyn kelly isn't just a large television star, she's also representative of what's been a real challenge for the trump campaign, that's his relationship to women and some people view this effort to try to reconnect as it were with megyn kelly as an effort to try to improve his relationship to female voters in this country. steve. >> all right. peter alexander, thank you for that. nbc's hallie jackson is up in buffalo, new york, that's where ted cruz is going to be sitting down with chuck todd for an exclusive msnbc town hall, that will be tonight. last night, though, at a different town hall event we saw ted cruz appear on stage with his children getting a glimpse of a side of ted cruz we really don't get to see in public that much. hallie, what can you tell us about that?
6:24 am
>> reporter: steve, you really could say that caroline and catherine stole the show when they came out in those matching yellow dresses, it was a moment intended to humanize ted cruz and the girls were cute, they talked about taylor swift wanting to be their first guest at the white house if they make it that far. here is a little bit of the girls' interaction here. >> i remember very well that she -- she had a princess sleepover party and she had 11 of her classmates come over and their favorite game at the sleepover party was attack the daddy. and i will tell you having 11 six-year-old girls dressed as disney princesses attacking -- it is out of lord of the flies. it is terrifying. >> so when senator cruz comes here to buffalo this is sort of a look behind the scenes as we're getting this set up, this is where chuck will be taping it with the senator. we do see the family out on the
6:25 am
trail a fair amount, you see the girls come out with ted cruz, when we spoke a couple of months ago he talked about the possibility of getting them some tutoring on the road for their older daughter since they will be getting pulled out of school from houston where they lived, his wife heidi is often out on the trail and heidi cruz will often go out on her own and do campaign events with the kids. senator cruz talks about his children quite often on the trail, stories about them are woven in his speeches so it's not entirely unusual to see him out with them, what's different is this spotlight the town hall has put on his children. you saw online last night a lot of people talking about some of these moments from carolyn and catherine. >> hallie jackson in buffalo where that msnbc town hall with ted cruz is going to take place. thanks for that. as we've been reporting for weeks now the republican canned dalts obviously scrambling for every delegate they can get their hands on ahead of that convention in july. new analysis by msnbc finding that many of former presidential candidate marco rubio's delegates are not only up for
6:26 am
grabs, they could play a key role in picking the nominee. msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melber went through the state rules to figure out how rubio's delegates will have to look. he is not going to be able to hold on to all those delegates, some of them come up for grabs. how many? >> what we found from looking at the rules, some state laws as well as talking to local officials is that basically out of the 172 that he won, which is still as you know, steve, more than john kasich who remains in the race, 34, at least 34 of these delegates will be up for grabs. everyone remembers i think who follows politics rubio went to the unusual length of sending a letter to every state and territory where he had won any delegates and said i want to hold on to them even though i'm not running for president anymore. a rubio aid told me the goal was to stop trump. well, rubio is not going to be able to hold on to all of them as we're reporting and ted cruz is, as you might expect, because of the way he has been
6:27 am
organizing, the most equipped to get in and involved. here is a quote from a senior cruz aid who i spoke with about this, saying, quote, we are pleased at the response of the rubio contingent at state conventions and congressional delegate selection events are showing our campaign, this adviser told me, and also told me about what they're trying to do here which is basically not only pick up all the delegates they can, that's math, everyone wants to win, but explicitly trying to make sure there aren't these key unbound delegates in places like colorado or pennsylvania that might put trump over the edge on the first ballot. so basically that's really important because trump could be close to a majority on the first ballot and then potentially clinch if he could pick up a few of these if he's blocked from that and that means no one potentially wins on the first ballot, as we've all been reporting everything goes up for grabs on subsequent ballots. the cruz strategy is quite adept, it is not just trying to win, that's what everyone wants to do in politics, it's trying
6:28 am
to stop trump first, wait until the rules allow for more favorable terrain and then hopefully they think build that majority. all of this asou know, steve, coming a at time when donald trump is saying that all these rules are unfair to him. >> all right. ari melber, thank you for that. plenty of discussion these days about the open or contested convention, but are we putting the cart before the horse? it is possible that we will not reach an open convention at all, that donald trump will put this tinning away during the primaries, that brings us to our most important number of the day and today that number is 4. why the number 4? because we looked at this and we think there are four keys to donald trump locking up all the delegates he needs to get the republican nomination before that convention. no questions asked. so we will take you through what those four things are, the rest of the way, starting with number one, number one comes next tuesday in new york. we say step one for trump is the new york sweep. we know trump is in great position to win this state, he's winning by 25, 30 points in the
6:29 am
polls, the request he is how many of these does he get, how many of those 95 delegates. look, the state is broken up into 27 congressional districts, every time you break 50% in a congressional district you get all three delegates in that district, that's how most of the delegates in this state are given out. new york is right down here, this is where trump may have some trouble, a couple of these districts in new york city they can be very tough to read, a lot of them are heavily democratic districts, aren't many republicans, he might have a little trouble down here but the first step for donald trump is to get as close to 95 out of new york next tuesday as possible. that would put him on course. then what does he need? the next step, number two for us comes a week later it's in pennsylvania and the key here in pennsylvania, notice we put the asterisk next to it because that's how you have to understand pennsylvania. there are only 17 delegates that will be directly at stake in this primary. if you win the state and the polls show trump winning pennsylvania big right now, you get those 17 delegates, but here
6:30 am
is the real question and here is the real story. the 54 unbound delegates. now, technically thoel be free agents all the way to the republican convention this summer. their names are going to appear on that primary ballot, people will directly elect these unbound delegates to the convention, but a lot of those unbound delegates are already speaking up and they are saying who will they vote for at the convention? they are saying they will honor the vote in their district, in their congressional district. you see these polls that have donald trump winning by more than 25 points in pennsylvania. it raises the possibility that most, maybe even all of these 54 unbound delegates will pledge themselves informally it's not an official pledge that's binding in any sense but pledge themselves to be for donald trump. if he can get most of those 54 that changes the math in his favor in a big way. step three for donald trump comes in the first contest in may, the hoosier mystery, indiana. this is one you look at it
6:31 am
demographically and culturally it could be a state ted cruz does well in after winning wisconsin, it could be a state that donald trump does well. there's two ways of looking at it. the mystery we don't have any good polling out of this state. the second mystery it's about delegates, there's 57 at stake. the difference between winning and losing this state by a few points the way they give out the delegates, you win it by a few points you will probably get 45 or more delegates, lose it by a few points you might get 9 chblt that's a huge swing and huge mystery so donald trump needs to come out ahead in indiana. the final step for trump it is california, it's the last state, the biggest state. we call it chaos because it's one big state but what you have to think of when you see california you have to think of not one primary but 53 different primaries because there are 53 congressional districts in this state. every one you win you get three delegates. statewide you get 13 delegates. it's how many of those 53 individual elections do you win,
6:32 am
trump needs a bunch of those. that is it for us, four steps, four steps for donald trump to put this thing away if all that breaks his way, won't be a contested convention, may not even need all four either, that's for another day. all eyes are on new york right now. it is never too early to look ahead to the next wave of contests after that. a lot at stake, a lot of suspen suspense, we will take a whip around the other big primary states this month. april 26th, the northeast convention, they are not getting a lot of attention but they will after this. cheese? cheese! patient care can work better. with xerox. that's it. how was your commute? good. yours? good. xerox real time analytics make transit systems run more smoothly... and morning chitchat... less interesting. transportation can work better. with xerox. they automatically shrinkn itemthe pricesjet carts, of millions of other products.
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everyone really knows my relationship to pennsylvania, it's a special relationship and we're going to keep it going. i went to school in this state, right? we know that, right? >> this is the town of the pittsburgh steelers, which we love. we do love the pittsburgh steelers. >> it's steel city and when i'm president, guess what, steel is coming back to pittsburgh and a lot of other things are coming
6:36 am
back. >> how is joe paterno, are we going to bring that back, right? how about -- how about that whole -- how about that whole deal? and we do love penn state. do we love penn state, i mean, in all fairness. >> donald trump doing a little pandering in pennsylvania last night also invoking one of the most controversial sports figures to died in 2012. when he said bring that back he may have been referring to a statue of parent know that had been removed from the campus four years ago. the republican front runner looking past next tuesday's new york primary, looking to pennsylvania that is going to vote a week after new york. pennsylvania one of five states voting on what is shaping up as a big day of primaries at the end of this month all across the northeast. trump leading by a wide margin in a poll this week of pennsylvania republicans, but what about those other four states that are also going to vote on april 26th? connect, delaware, maryland,
6:37 am
rhode island, none of them getting much attention right now, all of them potentially critical to the question of whether donald trump can avoid a contested convention and whether bernie sanders has any prayer of catching hillary clinton. so what can we expect in those contests? we've got reporters fanned out across the northeast today to see where things stand, one in each of those four states. gentlemen, i apologize in advance we have a limited time going to ask you each to go once each and give me the lay of the land, democratic side, republican side in your states. tell us what we should be watching. chris gordon in washington, you cover maryland, give us a sense of what we should be looking at in maryland on both parties? >> we have a grand new nbc 4 maryland poll that was just published this week that shows on the democratic side hillary clinton with a double digit lead over bernie sanders, on the republican side you have trump leading with kasich in second and cruz in third.
6:38 am
>> and, chris, very quickly, any expectation of movement there? is there a ripe target your state for any of these -- any candidate in particular? >> reporter: well, maryland has been described as a neon blue state so i don't think that hillary clinton has a problem. it's a little surprising that donald trump is doing so well in maryland. >> all right. we're going to move up to rhode island to the ocean state, ian of rhode island public radio. give us the lay of the land up there. >> reporter: steve, surprisingly we have a very competitive democratic primary between clinton and sanders, the clintons have always been very popular here. in 2008 hillary clinton beat barack obama by 18 points, but as elsewhere there is a lot of anti-establishment feeling this year, that's fueling support for bernie sanders and donald trump. hillary clinton has some advantages in how democrats hold all of the federal and state offices and the democratic
6:39 am
establishment is firmly behind clinton, that will help her with the delegate selection process. on the republican side trump is expected to be the winner. the real question is how much john kasich can eat into his support where there is a strong faction of moderate republicans. >> trump so far his best state was massachusetts right next door, he might shatter that record in new york next week. let's go next door from rhode island to connecticut. chris keating. chris, ian is saying trump looks strong in rhode island, is that true in connecticut? set the scene for us, would you? >> reporter: yes. trump is strong in connecticut. the connecticut polls are very similar to new york with trump [ inaudible ] -- on the democratic side connecticut has a long history of dealing with the underdog, by that i mean ted kennedy beat jimmy carter in 1980, gary hart beat monday detail in '84, brown beat
6:40 am
[ inaudible ] -- barack obama beating hillary clinton in '08. [ inaudible ] >> all right. i think -- unfortunately we're having some audio issues there. i'm really -- i apologize, chris keati keating. thank you for joining us, we are having a hard time hearing you there. let me go down to delaware. matthew allbright. you have a winner take all on the republican side, who is the favor on the republican side, who is the favor on the democratic side? >> reporter: well, it's hard to tell particularly on the republican side, there's not a lot of polling here, kasich has the strongest organization here, he's got heavy weights behind him on his campaign committee, but there is a streak of serious hard core conservatism, especially down state that you think ted cruz appeals to and donald trump is completely a wild card. we hear a lot of people in our newsroom saying they support him, but it's hard to pin down exactly how deep and how broad that support is. the democratic side -- on the democratic side the establishment is firmly behind
6:41 am
hillary clinton, delaware is a solidly blue state but it's business friendly and sort of moderate and pretty much everyone in the establishment is behind hillary clinton. there's a contingent of democrats who want to see delaware be less sort of a chamber of commerce democrat said so they will try to make a strong showing but all the advantages in terms of the establishment go to hillary clinton there. >> all right. thank you all for joining us. i apologize again about the audio issues but appreciate you all taking part of this. we will see you more as the 26th approaches. coming up next, a historic night in the nba last night, kobe bryant goes out with a bang, kind of like a ted williams moment for him. it'sand your doctor at yoto maintain your health.a because in 5 days, 10 hours and 2 minutes you are going to be 67. and on that day you will walk into a room where 15 people will be waiting... 12 behind the sofa, 2 behind the table and 1 and a half behind a curtain.
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ for the final time, number
6:45 am
24 on the floor, five-time world champion, kobe bryant. >> that was it. that was it for kobe bryant last night, that was it for the nba season, it the regular season ended last night. he ended his 21-year career with the nba league. he's going to leave as the league's third all time in total points, the cheapest tickets for last night's game going for a minimum of $1,000. the fan's got their money's worth. kobe went out with 60 points in his finale. he took 50 shots, the lakers won 101-96 over the utah jazz. lifted their record to 17-65, nobody compared about that last night. a historic career coming to a close for kobe bryant. he went out the way ted williams did, he hit a home run in his
6:46 am
last at-bat. also ending a historic regular season, the goldentate warriors winning their 73rd game last niem. that's an nba regular season mark and shatters the show bulls. steph curry leading the way with 46 points. that's another day at the office for him including ten three-pointers. congratulations to the warriors on a tremendous season and kobe bryant on an amazing career. coming back we will turn back to politics. new york sees itself as the center of the universe when it comes to everything but rarely is it actually the center of the political universe. we will take a look back in time when things were a little different. it's a throw back thursday, throw back democratic primary this year.
6:47 am
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yorker. >> jane and i left new york city when we were kids. it is great to be back. thank you. hillary clinton and bernie sanders touting their new york connections with less than a week to go before the pivotal primary in this state. their fierce battle is hugely important right now. >> good evening. connecticut and new york, two states carter expected him to win. they both blew up in his face. >> and instead the empire state
6:51 am
breathed new life into ted kennedy's campaign. he crushed carter in new york, fought him all the way to the convention and did fall short there. in 1984 mondale scored a solid win over his challenger gary hart but that was overshadowed by an ugly comment about the huge jewish. jesse jackson still hasn't lived down from that slur. in 1998 a wounded dukakis after a shocking defeat in michigan against jesse jackson bounced back and koifted through but the ultimate battle was back in 1992. bill clinton. he came to this state absolutely battered by scandal, bthe jennifer flowers affair, vietnam
6:52 am
gulf. he looked like a sure loser. national democrats looked like they were going to throw him overboard. they seemed like they had it in for him. there was talk that cuomo would jump in the presidential race if clinton lost. the governor's even-handedness arouses some suspicion. even hillary rodham clinton found herself on the defensive. he gave an infamous answer that gave rise to the term "clintonian." >> when i was in england i experimented with marijuana a time or two and didn't like it. didn't inhale and never tried it again. >> jerry brown a then california governor waging a gorilla campaign. he called clinton a humpty dumpty.
6:53 am
>> half the people don't believe his integrity and honesty and if he gets the nomination, it's all other. it's george bush by a landslide. somehow bill clinton survived it all and when he won the new york democratic primary on april 7th, 1992, the democratic nomination was basically his and you know what happened from there. that was 24 years ago and now the democratic race is back in the spotlight with a clinton trying to fight off a ferocious challenger. we'll be watching the new york race now just days away. ndrone? can't blame you. it's a drone you control with your brain, which controls your thumbs, which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone to get you a copy of my resume. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller.
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6:57 am
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and good morning. i'm jose diaz. after a contentious battle, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be face-to-face. take a look at this. nearly 30,000 people are feeling the burn packing


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