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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  April 14, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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from me. we know the rules are the rules, but boy, trying to say that, it isn't an easy sell. >> a good message to sell, and he'll put it to work, but the rules are the rules. for trump, it's simple. he better get to 1,200 delegates. if he gets close, if not, he is toast. that's why indiana, california out here, and new jersey which is winner take all will be the back breakers one way or the other. >> mike murphy, welcome back. >> good to see you. >> thank you, sir. we're done here, thank you buffalo. thank you anchor bar. "with all due respect" starts right now. i'm mark halperin. i'm john helemann. with all due respect debating in brooklyn, we're looking toward to the talking points and
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rebuttals. >> happy gotham city sports fans. we'll cover the brawl later in the show. but first, corey lewandowski, donald trump's campaign caught a freighter size break today when they announced they will drop formal battery charges after lewandowski grabbed michelle fields last month. explaining the decision at a press conference this afternoon. >> the evidence in this case is legally sufficient for the police to have charged mr. lewandowski, it is not strong enough to meet the legal burden of a reasonable likelihood of a conviction. it is not uncommon for a candidate's inner circle staff members, known to the agents to assist in clearing a safe pathway. it should be noted, however,
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that one agent was positioned directly behind ms. fields and appeared to show no concern over her actions. m lewandowski could have called attention to her movements if he considered her a threat. in addition, soon after the incident, mr. lewandowski publicly denied ever touching ms. fields in any way. although these factors might undermine mr. lewandowski's potential defense, they do not outweigh the reasonable hypotheses of innocence based on the facts and circumstances recorded on the video from pr prosecutors released another video, and it shows the bubble, the secret service, while the rest of the press is directed to another area. so mark corey lewandowski, does
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that announcement put trump's lewandowski firmly behind him? >> the first thing i want to say is people in the press everyone is innocent until proven guilty. the minute the charges were brought, everyone assumed he would be charged, tried, convict convicted, and people have to remember, innocent until proven guilty. in this case, it caused a swirl of controversy at a time when trump was going through a rough patch. i don't think at this point that even though there will be some fall out from the way the charges were dropped, which we'll discuss, i don't think it will have any impact of trump's chances of being elected. >> i agree with your first point. look, we on this program, made the point that innocent until proven guilty on the day it happened. unprecedented and we haven't seen anything like it, have a charge raised like this against a campaign manager, presidential candidate. i think at that moment in the wisconsin primary where things
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were going south for donald trump, first starting with the way he was treating heidi cruz and then followed by his abortion comments, this was part of a series of things that caused trump to falter in a significant way in wisconsin. and it was part of the atmosphere in which the anti-trump movement was able to find traction there. i do think that if trump is not the nominee, wisconsin will prove to be an important contest in that narrative and that this will be part of the turning points, even though corey lewandowski won't be charged with battery. >> his role in the campaign now, now that paul manafort is part of the senior team and at the time, the confluence of changes in how the campaign was structured with lewandowski being charged led people to say this was going to cause him to diminish. he is an influential player in the campaign. he is no longer going to face
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the charges means he can go back to focusing. trump standing by him, and lewandowski's public praise and gratitude i think brings what was already a close relationship even closer. >> yeah, yes. no question about it. let's be clear. if the opposite thing, trump has stood by lewandowski throughout the whole thing. let's be clear. formal charges were filed and the prosecution had gone forward, it would have been difficult for lewandowski to stay in a significant role or any role in the campaign if he had been prosecuted, standing trial for this. the alternative would have been a huge thing for lewandowski and the campaign. as it is, i think this there is a -- again, there is a good lesson i think for campaign managers going forward. try to err on the side of not touching reporters at all, under any circumstances. >> palm beach prosecutors said lewandowski and donald trump himself spoke to them and offered their sides of the story. and but they said, the political
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pressure had no bearing on their final determination. still, this case has led to a lot of no so flattering headlines. john, when all the dust has settled, how much damage will this do to trump? will it have any lasting impression? was his contact with the prosecutors perfectly okay? >> i think trump making the case for his campaign manager and his friend, i think that's an appropriate thing. i think that's not political pressure. at least in my judgment. i think the idea an employer coming forward and giving your side of the story does not cross the line. at least as far as what i know about it at this moment. that's all, i'll answer that question. >> look, i think that it's not uncommon for prosecutors to decide not to go forward, even after somebody is charged. i think if trump called and said here is some facts you mietd wa might want, but it seems like he
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talked about what a good guy corey was. i they trump won't pay a price for this. >> it's relatively minor. >> but i do think that you can imagine a scenario where if hillary clinton had called a prosecutor about huma and said she's a nice person, you can imagine republicans saying that was improper. >> on the broader thing, the wisconsin, atmosphere, i think there is a broader, again, corey lewandowski, the prosecutor decides not to proceed. he is formally innocent. not just presumed. for republicans worried about donald trump at the top of the ticket, unprecedented kinds of drama and mellow drama, it has reenforced, all predisposed not to want trump as their nominee. but the whole thing created this broader picture that makes people in the republican party, the ones queasy, makes them more
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queasy, these are likely the things that will arise, and they want to stay away from this mess. >> what people liked and found attractive with his family. >> normal. >> no drama, right. no drama. >> right. >> no drama, obama, you'll never hear anybody say no drama trump. at least republicans will be reassured. up next, the navy yard, my home borough of brooklyn. we'll preview that match up after word from our sponsors. that is cyber-crime. and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud
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together, we're building a better california. (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette) there are throws excitable types expecting big explosive nyc fireworks when bernie sanders and hillary clinton collide in brooklyn this evening. if the past few days are an
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indication, clinton will keep swinging at sanders an gun control and his question to be readiness to be president. sanders could keep up on her judgment on issues like super pacs, trade and the iraq war when he is not pointing across at wall street. sanders is expected to lampoon clinton, verizon speech, one of the companies that sanders says is quote, destroying the moral fabric of this country. they both addressed yesterday. john, what are you looking for tonight from front-runner hillary clinton and the challenger, the kid from brooklyn, bernie sanders? >> this is one of these cases in which saying the most obvious thing is really the only thing to say. given the escalation and tensions, the escalation, negativity, to some extent, escalation in personal rhetoric over the past week since the new york primary has gotten underway, i expect it to the most contentious one so far.
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i expect it to see it also, this may be the last democratic debate of consequence. they're still talking about having one more, but if hillary clinton wins big here and then wins big in the northeastern and midatlantic states, this race could be over by the time we get to the next democratic debate. a lot on the line for bernie sanders especially. >> if you look at her career as a presidential candidate, she has won an inordinate number of debates. >> and he lost badly. >> prepared for so many different things, unless he can come up with something that rattles her, causes her to be seen in a different light, then she'll be fine. so what do i expect? i don't expect him necessarily to come up with that. every indication is he is not prepared for this the way almost any other candidate would. he is been a great candidate in a lot of ways. he has not been a guy that understands he has to rise to the occasion and paradigm
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shifting event. >> the one debate she lost in 2008 was the question of driver's license for illegal immigrants. it was when there was a question she didn't expect. she'll expect anything that sanders brings at her. but the fact that he has gotten under her skin, she has got under his skin too, there is just enough annoyians and irritation going on between the two of these people, there is a chance things could get heated here and just judging by how the clinton people were reacting on television to this verizon paid speech thing, they didn't have a very good answer for it. she better have a better answer for that, because that could get charged i think if she doesn't have a very good answer. >> they're both in a room, gasoline has been filled all over the floor and they're fighting with torches. >> both smoking cigars. i think it may be a fizzle. we'll see. >> we'll see. bernie sanders parked the park last night with 27,000, 27,000 supporters.
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plus nearly as many celebrities. not quite that many, but a lot. big night of music and speeches. a few people feeling the bern, but also smoking some berning stuff. one speech in particular last night causing the sanders campaign a little headache and heartache today, a speech made by dr. paul song, who went too far in his description. here are his remarks and how jane sanders reacted to them in an interview with andrea mitchell today. >> well, i agree with secretary clinton that medicare for all will never happen if we have a president who never aspires for something greater than the status quo. medicare for all will never, if we continue to elect corporate democratic whores who are behold den to pick -- >> as soon as we heard it, immediately we responded. that is not something we
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expected. as i said, wes a speaker at one event. and he was one of many speakers. unfortunately, we weren't there to hear it. we would have spoken up immediately. >> bernie sanders himself, also tweet, quote, dr. song's comment was inappropriate and insensitive. there is no room for language like that in our political discourse, end quote. sanders, like a lot of candidates and more than some other candidates, has had a large number of surrogate foot in mouth moments in this campaign. there was that one time at a sanders rally, rapper killer mike said a uterus doesn't qualify to be president. south carolina win was quote about as significant as winning guam, end quote. who could forget susan ssrandin. i ask you, do you agree with that, he has had more of a sure great problem and why?
3:16 pm
why is it that the sanders campaign is having this trouble. >> a campaign started from a standing start. first time candidate. you know, well -- >> presidential candidate. >> well-funded, but this is a fly-by-night organization, as all sccampaigns are, but it is t buttoned-down. the sanders campaign reacted quickly. the problem is they don't happen a lot. because they handle them. he doesn't have a day to waist. he h waste. he is very consistent, but you've got to do something new, mix it up and it's easy to have the same old stump speech. big event, he made no news. he said his normal stuff. that's disciplined, but this overshadows it. that's the problem. >> we touched on this last night. there is a lot of frustration among the sanders supporters, broadly speaking, the famous and
3:17 pm
not famous ones. some of it has taken on a tone of hostility. i know you've experienced it, we've experienced it. we've given him fair coverage. we've interviewed him dozens of time. his wife, many times. and yet, we are attacked much more harshly by sanders supporters on twitter and elsewhere. there is this frustration with the people who support him, the frustration with how the race is going, taken on a hostile tone in recent weeks that i do think it's a little different than other things i've seen in the past. >> i think the press has a right to ask the question, as they do about donald trump. in sanders world, are they doing anything to create an environment in which this kind of harsh rhetoric is used. it's a fair question to ask. coming up, a little bit more preview of the big democratic debate. ann gearen of the "washington post" joins, after a word from our sponsors. seems like we've hit a road block.
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(laughing) there's nothing like making their day except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. here now to continue our preview of the democratic debate, coming up tonight in brooklyn, ann gearen, political correspondent for the "washington post," covering hillary clinton an other candidates, but mostly hillary clinton. thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> we were having a back and forth about what we expect from the debate tonight. i think conflict galore. mark thinks fizzle. >> i would go more on your side.
3:21 pm
it's inevitable. too much friction lately. this has become a grudge match. they've tried to take a step back and it hasn't really worked. they try to take a step back, and within the same news cycle, either they or someone siding with them starts it all over again. so i think they're destined to butt heads tonight. i expect it to be substantive on policy. they will not do name-calling. but there will be a lot of friction. >> robby mook on with andrea mitchell struggled to give an answer, never did about her payday from verizon. does the campaign seem worried in general about the paid speeches? >> the paid speeches they think is water under the bridge. certainly it is not water under the bridge for bernie sanders supporters. it is something i expect sanders to bring up and to come loaded for bear on. i mean, she took a whole lot of money from this company that is now the subject of a strike
3:22 pm
right in the middle of manhat n manhattan. they both went out and walked the picket line. there is too much risk for that not to be a big subject tonight. >> so for months, i think it's fair to say, that we ask questions starting in about october when sanders started to turn towards contrast at the jefferson jackson dinner. the question is when would he make the contrast more personal. he has done that more in the last week or so than ever before. not -- he has not gone over the line and as far as some would think he could profit from doing. he has not done it in a debate so far. do you think he'll be able to continue in that vein or inclined to back away on the big stage? >> i think we've seen him back away from it on the big stage a little bit. certainly, it he very first debate when he appeared to take the e-mail controversy off the table, which was surprising. i think he will try to do something like that again.
3:23 pm
but again, there is just this -- this primary on tuesday, days away, is absolutely make-or-break for him. he knows it. he has to make a splash tonight. he has to say and do something that breaks through. and puts her on the defensive. that's what he'll be trying to do. >> let me ask you this. do you think hillary clinton will go on offense on the qualification thing? >> yeah, i do. she has to make a mark too. she can't be seen as being on defense the whole time. >> in all my time covering presidential campaigns, i don't remember them debating that many times without his or her spouse coming. president clinton is not planning to come tonight. >> the clinton campaign is using bill clinton as a counter programming message. he goes where she is not, almost all of the time. and i mean, it mostly works, except when he goes off message, which happens from time to time. but she has long seen his
3:24 pm
presence in the same room when she is doing something political as a real, you know, double edge sword. he can get the crowd riled up, but he then becomes the focus of attention, and not her. it's -- i think he feels the same way. he has said a few times that he likes to give -- to step back and give her the limelight. this is one of those occasions. >> tonight, after the debate, john and i will be eating pretzels. what will you be doing. >> jumping on a plane and going to rome with bernie sanders. >> we talked before about the prospect, despite what the vatican said, he might still see the pope. >> the vatican has not ruled it out, the senior vatican spokesman said today there are no plans for the pontiff, for pope francis to see bernie sanders. that is not the same thing as saying it absolutely won't happen. >> in fact, someone suggested saying it is definitely going to
3:25 pm
happen. >> there is a good chance. >> would it be a photo op? a picture of it? >> there would probably be a picture. the vatican is pretty press friendly, contrary to many appearances. there are certainly often, not always, but often photographs of the pope when he meets with people. that would be such a money moment for bernie sanders. i also take him at his word it would be meaningful on a personal level. someone with whom he feels a real kinship on policy issues, and would like to meet. i mean, that goes without saying, really. it seems perfectly obvious. but it also would be such a huge moment for him. it would validate and justify his taking, you know, 40 hours off the campaign trail here in new york. >> yep. >> to ply to rome to what on paper is a 15 minute speech. >> you followed her throughout this entire campaign and seen her campaign now in a lot of different states. she has come home, this is her home, or adopted home. >> yes.
3:26 pm
>> have you noticed that she is campaigning like a hometown candidate? have you noticed a different comfort level, tenor to the way she is campaigning the last week. >> hyper local. she manages to get like every single, you know, new york fashion, right, she gets everybody from the president, she knows them all by name, she thanks 42 people, she talks about hyper local issues. she took a swipe at bernie sanders last night in co-op city while he was having his rally at washington park, exactly the same hour, she was talking to a couple of thousand of people, we don't know how many, but much smaller crowd in co-op city in the bronx. she said wouldn't be it nice to have a president who knows where co-op city is, and that could have been seen as a swipe against any of the republicans, but in context, it really seemed to be a swipe against him. >> i want to ask you about the
3:27 pm
taxes. janua jane sanders was here. are the clinton folks suspicious, and whether there is something there, or like to ride the issue because it's a good question to play off of? >> they've certainly drawn attention to the fact that they haven't been released. they've been careful. i don't know what the entire spin machine is. i don't detect this they are pushing the issue a great deal. i mean, certainly, people who are friendly to clinton have made the point that one of the reasons he hasn't released the entire thing may be to not make an issue of the fact that he hasn't given much or anything at all maybe to charity, which she certainly has, and which, you know, most people with means do. if he isn't, why not. >> i think goldman sachs stock, but. >> it turns out he runs a hedge if fund on the side. ann, thank you so much. have fun tonight. alex wagner joins on the set.
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joining us now, a circus ring master, ms nbc pal. >> peanuts at the circus. >> i know you have thing for pretzels. sun chips or bust. i opted for bust. >> did you watch the trump family town hall? >> it's an interesting family, is it not? >> i'm just wondering of what your impressions were. >> my favorite moment of the family was a new york endorsement this week from jared kushnegotia kushner. they've carried more heft than previous elections, i guess i mean the bernie sanders and hillary clinton fight at the new
3:32 pm
york daily news and the new york daily news endorsement. we've focused on what the editorial boards have said this week, perhaps. >> do you think the son-in-law owns the paper? >> maybe some voters, but with all things trump, mark, you can never discount conventional wisdom has proven to be up ended in this. >> it goes out the door as fast as an empty pretzel box. i think the trump family is -- the more america gets to know them, i don't know if they're more endared. >> the system is rigged and, you know, any democratic, et cetera, et cetera, when you hear that, do you think smart political move or whiney. >> no, i think for his supporters, absolutely the thing they wants to hear. confirmation of everything they've been hearing thus far. that is the season in american politics.
3:33 pm
it is an echo of a message that bernie sanders has been saying. it is also, you know, every time trump says the system is rigged, it's broken. it is his insurance policy at the convention, right. it is a looming fear that if trump is denied the nomination in the second round of voting, then there will be some kind of skiscism of some sort. that's his warning, right. it is a silent call to his supporters, and also a warning to the establishment about what tactics they may pursue in july. >> let's court twitter attacks, shall we. >> i literally -- >> i want to come back to this question at the end of the segment, whether the sanders campaign deserves some scrutiny the way the trump campaign does for creating a climate that perhaps yields course language. we saw it last night. but the campaign, an official event, campaign surrogate
3:34 pm
speaker, they say he is not a surrogate, but a speaker at the event, called hillary clinton a name. >> yeah. >> there was profanity. >> it wasn't clear he called her that name. >> he made a reference. >> but a guy at the same event said f verizon. there is a courseness to it that that language is fine. creating a climate where on social media, television, at events, their surrogating feel more liberated. >> surrogates and supporters. >> to feel rough? >> i don't think we're seeing the same amount of physical melees that we're seeing at trump events. sanders have been clear about the fact that they will ultimately support hillary clinton. she is also, i think, tried to channel somewhat of may be outrage and disappointment into reform, right. this morning on msnbc, she was
3:35 pm
giving suggestions at the convention, the sanders campaign may exert its muscle by pushing for reform on the delegate process, pushing for more transparency, and you know, otherwise, push for ways to make the democratic party a better party. >> she had all the energy into productive things. >> which is what we're not seeing from trump, more of a threat. it is not an apples to apples comparison. the question for all of us to what degree is there a sort of laying down of arms and a circling of the wagon from the clinton campaign, we must come together, whoever the nominee is, epitaphs aside. >> you saw the energy there, you saw how much traction the campaign had, won this huge victory. the clinton people were saying
3:36 pm
this will be a competitive race, we're trying to talk down expectations. sanders people saying we might be able to win new york. this past week has seen nothing like that. all the public polling and a lot of the private polling shows her at an 8, 10, 12 point lead. why has sanders not been able to capitalize both sides would be fertile for him. >> two things. one is that gap has narrowed. initially, we are ttalking a 20 spread. it shrunk a little bit. sanders has chosen to campaign in new york city. it is a much more diverse electorate. that's part and parcel, because he needs to change the narrative because he can't do well among minority voters. could probably do better in other parts of the state if he wanted to compete there. he has chosen to be in urban locations. you saw the rally last night, they're saying 27,000 people were there.
3:37 pm
it's clear that that is their momentum, the optical moementum. that's what they're going to try to carry forward. new york, on a practical level, it's a closed primary. only registered democrats. they had to register by march 25th. that's not a strong suit. that's not bernie sanders' wheel house. if it were open, he would do better. there will be more in the coming weeks. it will be an uphill challenge for him. >> it looks like he'll compete all the way to california. >> yeah. >> is there any moment coming between now and that day where it will -- the race would be if hillary clinton performed well, more over than it is now, or about equally over? >> sort of, semi well done or medium rare. look, i think that it's -- no. i think sander also be in the race as long as sanders is going to be in the race. that end point is the convention. the only thing cnges between now and now is the
3:38 pm
recalibration. the electoral math is not in his favor, which looks to be the case. >> all right, alex, alander. >> but in quotes. >> i appreciate that, i guess. >> alexandra. >> no, not in frout. >> pretzels. >> peanut vendor, pretzel lover. trump's path to the nomination. right after this. (war drums beating)
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. donald j. trump billionaire, big empire state victim ory on tuesday, and later this month according to public polling. by the numbers segment this week, look at what being victories could mean for securing the nomination and avoiding a deadlocked convention in cleveland. >> in order to become the republican party's nominee, the candidate needs to win the support of the majority of delegates. that is a total of 1,237 delegates. donald trump is more than halfway there, with 743 fledged delegates. ted cruz follows with 535. john kasich in a distant third with 143. neither cruz or kasich have a chance of winning before the summer. the math does not add up.
3:42 pm
only one with the shot is trump. even his path is narrowing. with only 16 contests left, nearly 800 delegates up for grabs, trump would need 62% of the 800 to avoid a contested convention. how does he get there? the upcoming northeastern states are critical. if he wins in and simple pluralities in delaware and new jersey, he could lose approximately half of the remaining delegates, and still make it to the 1,237 by early june, when the last states vote. if he pull it is off in the northeast, it would marginalize kasich, and make it easier in a two-way race with cruz. even in the best case scenario for trump, it would still be down to the wire. so i keep saying that the biggest moment for trump comes after california, when he can
3:43 pm
r rangle and get whatever gap he has. if he does well in the northeast over the next few weeks, he is going to get a majority. >> well, he could. and one of the key things is, you know, whether he can recapture the kind of performances that he had when he was really on a roll. those are, you know, new york is, that seems like an obvious thing to say. new york will be a funny thing. he has home field ativdvantage. >> boffo. >> we wait for the voters to vote. we'll see. >> if blows those states out and not only rides momentum out of new york and rides through that next mega primary day, you could easily see him getting back on the trump train and sweeping. i'll say, i agree with you 1 mone hundred%, if he doesn't get it done, the period in june will be
3:44 pm
really important, but everyday after june 7th that he doesn't -- he is not already at 1,237s a day where hess nomination, the likelihood goes down a little bit. and i think it's daunting for him in a lot of ways. >> the normal physics, you would see massive endorsements, pressure on the other candidates to get out, bring the party together. none of that is happening. he has not gotten a major endorsement in a long time. either has ted cruz, though. neither has john kasich. no game changing endorsements. this thing is frozen. the question is can paul manafort and his colleagues greater correlation between how trump does at the ballot box and delegates. >> june period and all of the stuff about delegate allocation. we would agree that paul manafort knows what he is doing. rick wiley just got hired, he knows what he is doing. the only question is, is too t
3:45 pm
too late? >> katy tur joins us next here in gotham city after this. rick ? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro. it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. this is my rirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement
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tonight, hillary clinton and bernie sanders debate anything brooklyn at the grand hyatt in times square for the gala. joining us now from the very gala, is katy tur, looking fabulous out there on the streets of manhattan. katy, tell us about the gala you're going to attend and what you'll be looking for tonight. >> it's interesting. the first time donald trump ted cruz and john kasich will be in the same room together. the miami debate was the last time they were together. it will be interesting to see how they interact, if there is any interaction between any of the candidates. it's also interesting, because each of them is basically trying
3:49 pm
to woo the republican establishment here in new york city. you had ted cruz today on an msnbc town hall saying he believed he was right when he called mitch mcconnell a liar. him trying to bolster his antiestablishment credentials. donald trump is running this outsider campaign, john kasich not so much. but all of them are trying to woo the establishment here in new york. now, donald trump is leading by a lot in this state. he is expected to win big and needs to win big to get as many delegate as he can to cose the gap so he can potentially get to the magic number of 1,237 at the convention. it's an important state for him. ted cruz, john kasich, just trying to eat away at any support they can. ted cruz trying to lure voters in upstate new york, trying to hit them with the downstate democrats and liberal politicians who haven't been representing their values. we will see if it work.
3:50 pm
so far, it looks like this state is in the can for donald trump. >> i'm exercising for every bit of restraint to start interviewing people walking behind you. there are a lot of good new york types that would be pretty good. >> i will if you want me to. >> stay right where you are. in wisconsin, donald trump stepped up his activity and started to do almost like a normal candidate, two, three events per day. the pace has been more normal trump like. do we expect as we get closer to tuesday he'll add more events, or just kind of doing one a day like trump style? >> i think that we are expecting to see him do more events. his schedule is really influx at the moment from what the information we're gathering. we're hearing there might be a rally in pogikisipe. there was a campaign stops in multiple cities, all on the same day. the kind of stuff that really
3:51 pm
exhausts campaign reporters, and the candidate, as well frankly. >> katy, just tell us, give us a window into the trump campaign operations now, you know. we've seen a lot of change after many, many months of this close-knit in suller rather -- we have paul manafort, corey lou w not being -- charges not being pressed. what is it like in the inside world. >> sources with inner knowledge of the campaign, it's very much a house divided right now. the corey lou win dowski camp, go with the status quo, let trump be trump, isolate and insulate him from any bad news, insulate him from any bad press, insulate him from anybody else other than corey lewandowski, and hope hicks, and now paul manafort and rick wiley camp,
3:52 pm
who have gone out and done campaigns before who are coming in and building what is being dubbed as a parallel campaign in order to diminish corey's influence and power. i'm told by sources that they basically have said that they're happy to let corey travel with donald trump, make sure that all of his events go well. basically as a glorified advance man, while they stay back and deal with strategy. one of the things they point to, donald trump's interview where he called out reince priebus. those in the lewandowski camp that would say it is on message, the right idea, painting himself as an outsider, speaking to the voters that don't feel represented by washington. those in the manafort camp that say it is not a good idea. you need to be getting delegates on your side and they're often
3:53 pm
party lowialists. so there is two campaigns from what i'm hearing being run at the same time. and we're going to see which one wins out. ultimately, though, as you know, donald trump doesn't really listen to anybody, nelis anybody unless he wants to. he'll listen to himself. >> you know what they say about a house divided against itself? >> it cannot stand. >> that's correct. just like in seinfeld. the environment, hillary clinton, and also done chilade, after this. chilade, after this. (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow
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shh... at, we're always looking for unbelievable money saving innovations. ahead of the debate in brooklyn, the democratic one, you might think hillary clinton and bernie sanders agree on some, even many issues. but what about the environment. for some lightening round fact
3:57 pm
checking, we turn to the men, for a segment we like to call correct me if i'm wrong. >> i just think that batman versus superman will go down as the best movie of all time. >> what are you doing? >> what? >> think about the environment. >> why, nobody else is. not the candidates, certainly not the voters. >> wrong. 63% think climate change is a serious threat. >> wrong. a poll for everything. 2% of americans think compared with every other issue. the environment should get top priority. >> democrats do care. the only problem is, correct me if i'm wrong, hillary and bernie agree on a lot of policy. >> that's got to be wrong. what about the paris accords, bernie said they didn't go far enough. correct me if i'm wrong, president obama clean power plant. >> wrong. both wanted it to -- >> off shore drilling.
3:58 pm
>> fracking. >> keystone. >> against, bernie against. >> what about ordinary people can fight global warming, doesn't bernie sanders want to spend millions of dollars on solar home as soon as. >> correct me if i'm wrong, it's not as if anyone own ace solar home. >> wrong. i do. >> any way, if this stuff is so important, how come i never hear the candidates talking about it. >> they do, they just don't pay attention, remember this greenpeace protest tore. >> i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about this. >> bernie lies all the time. >> that's not why i showed you the video. they both seem pro environment, they both like the outdoors. >> i heard bernie sanders likes horseback riding. >> actually, that's correct. we like to do that on vacations. oh, jane sanders, best
3:59 pm
supporting actress if a comedy role. who did you like better in that, jane or cheadle. >> they're both good. >> great cameos. >> great 2016 reporting, including our always updated, always intriguing, never boring, delegate tracker. interactive, very interactive. tomorrow. >> where are we going tomorrow? >> headed north. >> where? >> syracuse, where we'll be sitting down with the texas senator, republican presidential candidate, father of two, princeton graduate, ted cruz. we've got a little surprise up our sleeve. i don't want to reveal it now. ted cruz like you've never seen him before. >> pinball? >> don't say another word. >> nothing. >> we'll be in syracuse tomorrow. bernie sanders trip to rome and oh, so much more. >> a lot going on than this debate tonight. it will be fun to watch. >> we'll see. i'll be eating pretzels.
4:00 pm
>> headed to brooklyn. we'll see you tomorrow. until then, we say to you, sayonara. donald trump's biggest rival is ted cruz. >> only one campaign has beaten donald trump over and over again. >> but john kasich may be trump's biggest problem. >> nobody is going to have enough delegates to go to the convention and win on the first ballot. >> kasich shouldn't be allowed to continue. the ar the rnc shouldn't allow it. >> donald trump has created a toxic environment. >> could it give kasich momentum. >> these people think i'm going to drop out. are they nuts? >> can be more than a spoiler at the convention. >> great leaders don't divide people. they respect the difference that exist in one another. >> this is


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