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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 15, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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unprecedented trip. and hillary clinton stumping in harlem before jetting off to the west coast for a friday night fundraiser with george clooney. here in upstate new york, we are right in the middle of the 2016 action with just four days before tuesday's primary here. donald trump, ted cruz, john kasich, they are all here in new york state. we'll talk gop strategies in just a minute but we'll start with the increasingly bitter battle between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. right now, the candidates are on opposite sides of the globe days before the critical new york primary. sanders delivered a speech at a conference at the vatican focusing on what he calls the urgency of a moral economy. he is not expected to meet with the pope. that's what they said initially, but when speaking with reporters, he was asked about taking a trip at such a critical moment. >> when i received this invitation, and i know it's taking me away from the campaign trail for a day, but when i
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received this information, it was so moving to me, that it was something i could just simply not refuse to attend. >> hillary clinton spent part of her day as we said in new york city before heading off to california for the fundraisers. she spoke a crowd of mostly latino and african-american seniors and promised to fight there are them for them if elected. here in a city that i love that is the greatest city in the world, in the greatest country in the world, and let's make sure we keep it that way! >> our team covering every angle of this race. let's start with nbc's anne thompson back in rome at the vatican and we just checked in with you not too long ago an i
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said he's n said he's not expected to meet with the pope but any chance, can they run into each other on a friday night? >> reporter: believe it or not, they actually could, kate, and the reason is because bernie sanders will spend the night at casa, where pope francis lives. it's a hotel that john paul ii lives. it's a holiday inn express with marble floors and because he's spending the night there, might he run into pope francis in the hallway or perhaps at dinner if he eats there? that is possible. now pope francis is going to go to bed early tonight because he's getting up very early tomorrow to go to lesbos, greece, to bring the world's attention to the plight of refugees. earlier today, senator sanders did deliver a speech at the pontiupo pontifical. but all the time senator sanders
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spent praising the leaders of the catholic church. let's hear from senator sanders. >> both pope john paul ii and pope francis has warned us and the world, the consequences have been even more dire than the disastrous effects of financial bubbles and falling living standards of working class families. our very soul, our very soul as a nation has suffered, as the public has lost faith in political and social institutions. >> reporter: while senator sanders has not met with pope francis, we can tell you that the pope sent a handwritten note to the conference he is attending apologizing for not being there. he said he intended to go. he had hoped to swing by around 7:00 tonight rome time but that became impossible as he is trying to prepare for the trip to greece. why would the pope go to this
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conference at all? i don't think it's because senator sanders is there. there are two presidents from latin america. bolivia's president, and ecuador's president, rafael correia, attending this conference and presenting as well two presidents that the pope met with on his trip to south america last summer. kate? >> all right, msnbc's ann thompson. let's bring in kristen welker covering the clinton campaign and msnbc's kasie hunt following the sanders campaign but not all the way to rome. we're going to talk, first, to kristen welker. she's all the way over in california already fund raising today. what's on her agenda for the rest of the weekend and leading up to the new york state primary? >> you're right. she is going to be fund raising. she's attending the fundraiser that's hosted by amal and george clooney later this evening and
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tonight, so you can expect a star-studded event at both of those instances, kate. but earlier today, here in new york, she did, as you pointed out, stop by to talk to seniors in harlem and she talked to them about an issue that's critical to latinos, to the african-american community and that is housing. one of the reasons for that, kate, african-american community leaders said we know you've layed olaid out this plan for criminal justice reform but we want to see ways you'll help the community. that's one of the initiatives she's laid out. a plan to make affordable housing easier to access for minority communities and i think that's the type of themes you can expect to continue to hammer. not just here in new york but the upcoming primaries. once she gets back from l.a., the focus is here on new york where she leads senator sanders according to the latest poll by 17 points. i've been talking to the clinton campaign officials here in brooklyn who say they think the
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margin is actually much closer and think this race is much tighter and that's why you see them pull out all the stops. president clinton is going to be out stumping this weekend through upstate new york. they want to win here, kate, but also want a double digit win because that would help her amass a large amount of delegates and get her closer to clinching the nomination. kate? >> i'll tell you. if i find a random sample as any indication, we hear from a lot of bernie sanders supporters in central new york. i want to play a new ad that the sa sanders campaign not naming clinton but taking a direct aim at ties to wall street. take a listen. >> wall street banks shower washington politicians with campaign contributions and speaking fees. and what do they get for it? a rigged economy, tax breaks, and bailouts, all held in place by a corrupt campaign finance system and while washington politicians are paid over $200,000 an hour for speeches, they oppose raising the living
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wage to $15 an hour. >> kasie, two questions. i guess they think the question is resonating in new york and does it matter that he's not here right now? he's over at the vatican. >> reporter: kate, it's clear that they are at the very least trying to push harder against hillary clinton. she might not be named in that ad, but who else would they cast as a washington politician making that kind of money on speeches, that, of course, was a major theme of their debate last night and that reference, of course, to secretary clinton's support for $12 minimum wage instead of $15. i think this shows the sanders campaign feels like they do need to be more aggressive. my one question for them is why we didn't see this a little bit earlier when they first came off that wisconsin win, they first came here to new york to push through. he had a bit of a difficult week. he lost several of the news cycles so important in new york city with the tabloids that hillary clinton knows so well how to work with and so they've
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felt a little bit behind their game over the course of the last few days, now, they're going to try to push through. we obviously saw that 20,000 plus person rally in washington square park earlier this week and he'll have two more big rallies planned for sunday and monday also in the city. so i think what you can expect is a show of force from senator sanders. the question, of course, is it going to move those poll numbers? and we've typically seen when bernie sanders shows up somewhere, spends a lot of time in a state, the numbers move. and so far, that hasn't been really the case. even though new york is where he was born and raised. kate? >> and kristen, in the battle of the video, there's also a video, i understand out from the clinton campaign. who are they targeting? >> reporter: the community here in new york can look at her record. those big wins in ohio, missouri, illinois really helped by the african-american community. take a look and i'll get a reaction on the other side.
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>> on tuesday, we've got a big decision to make. the new york daily news and the new york times already made theirs. both endorse hillary clinton for president. clinton is supremely knowledgeable and results driven. she promises to be a true democratic champion. >> reporter: and also there in that ad, kate, touting the endorsement from "the new york daily news." and he seemed to stumble with answering the questions, particularly how to rake up the big banks. kasie talked about the tone of the race getting more heated on both sides as we get closer to tuesday. kate? >> and we're asking everyone to join the conversation today on the microsoft pulse question of the day. has the tone of the democratic race for president become too negative? perhaps in light of last night's debate. the pulse is live. you can weigh in now. cast your vote at and we'll have an update on those results later this hour. let's switch over to the republican race now.
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donald trump managed to turn the whig delegates for the major talking point for his campaign and in fact, it is the new focus of an opinion piece published in the "wall street journal" today. trump takes aim at the colorado state public convention which if you remember avoided a direct vote for delegates by republican voters. at one point in the article, mr. cruz has toured the country bragging about his voterless victory in colorado for a man who styles himself as a warrior against the establishment, you wouldn't know it from the list of donors and endorsers, you'd think he would be demanding a vote for coloradans. ahead of the national republican party was on "the today show," here's what reince priebus had to say about trump's chargef a rigged system. >> over 60,000 people a month ago in colorado voted at their precinct level. then they went to the county level.
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then they went to the congressional district level. so i think it's a little too late to complain after the fact that a particular state's process isn't something that you like. >> the delegate process was also a major topic during msnbc's town hall thursday night with ted cruz. cruz like wise defended the integrity of the current system. >> who's picking this republican nominee, the delegates or the voters? >> both. but look, it's a democratic process. it's been in place from the very beginning. if we go to a contested convention where nobody has a marriag majority, it will be the delegates elected by the people who make the final decision and this is a battle to earn the support of american voters across the country. >> two nbc reporters join us now to talk about the republican election. katy tur, who, of course, has been following the trump campaign joining us at 30 rock and hallie jackson, look at that shot, who's been following the cruz campaign.
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that's the brooklyn bridge behind her. the brooklyn side of the brooklyn bridge. kate, let me start with you, as i flip my pages. i wanted to remind myself of what we want to talk about. there's so much to talk about. let's start with trump talking about delegates. okay? he's clearly seeing this as a winning strategy. how much resonance is it having with republican voters and how angry sit mais it making the republican national committee? >> he's saying what happened in colorado where there was no vote but the party had chose delegates was not fair because those delegates are going to ted cruz. he's been railing against the party now for about a week on this and even calling out reince priebus, but today, a notable change in strategy in the "wall street journal" this morning. an op-ed by donald trump which placed the blame squarely on ted cruz and said he was going to start working with the rnc which is new. so blaming ted cruz for what he
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calls disenfranchising voters and ted cruz doesn't win when the voters vote. he only wins in thisser is er serreptitious way. they want to paint as dishonest and that way, they'll be able to get the voters, but they'll also be able to potentially do a better job of luring in delegates who are often party loyalists, kate? >> all right. and hallie, let's pick it up from there. the delegate picture not looking so great for ted cruz. as we move forward, certainly here in new york. and i know you've just heard from the candidate himself.
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>> reporter: yeah. just a couple of minutes ago, kate. ted cruz came out and talked to the media in upstate new york where he's competing at least today with a retail stop unapologetic about his success in colorado. here's what he had to say. >> in the past two weeks in the state of colorado, there have been a total of eight elections across the state of colorado. we won all eight and won all 34 delegates out of the state of colorado. that's 11 elections and we've won 11 in a row. >> reporter: as far as where cruz will compete here in the northeast, kate, he's obviously here in new york even though donald trump looks poised to win on tuesday just a few days away, after that though, the cruz campaign will turn to pennsylvania. a top advisor telling me a couple of minutes ago, they expect to do well there, potentially more than 30 delegates pick up there and maryland is another place to compete before they turn to the big battle ground state of indiana and moving out west from there. while cruz and trump and kasich
10:15 am
are focused on the delegate strategy, remember though, there's sort of a track winning this primaries and caucuses outright. if donald trump can do that and be strong through june 7 and locks his nomination up, it kind of doesn't matter who has the strategy if there's not a contested convention. there's a priority to make sure that there will be a contested convention and the organization they have on the ground when it comes to delegates can actually be put into play. >> hallie jackson, kristen welker, katy tur, kasie hunt, thank you. be sure to watch all four of them coming up at 4:00 eastern time on road warriors. it's a round table with the women following the presidential candidates on the trail for nbc news. don't miss it. it's right here on msnbc, the place for politics. up next, six years ago, he up ended gop politics in this state winning the republican nomination in the governor's
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i love the building, the potential of the building. a hotel built in 1909 and it was a mess. and they had a spa and the spa was called relaxation plus. and nobody ever got into what the plus meant. you don't want to know. >> donald trump talking about one of his first hotels and being donald trump at last night's republican gala down in
10:20 am
new york city. new york state is expected to be a major rebound for the trump campaign after that loss back in wisconsin. plus, the criticism that his team has taken for what some say is a lack of an effective ground game. carl paladino is a real estate developer in buffalo, new york. he was the republican gubernatorial campaign in new york six years ago taking on now governor andrew cuomo and today, he's one of donald trump's most outspoken supporters. mr. paladino, nice to see you. thank you for being with us upstate. >> thank you, kate. >> let me ask you. you were fired up the other day. you did a rally for donald trump in rome, new york, on tuesday. you talked about the jockeying that we see for delegates right now in advance of the convention and you talked about republicans in name only. let me play a sound from the other night. >> who are these rinos in the republican party that have given in to everything obama wanted? who are these people to come in
10:21 am
and tell us that now in cleveland, they're going to take away our right to pick who our leaders are? who are these people? >> so you and others in the trump campaign have been saying. >> yeah, i was excited. >> yeah, my question is, aren't those the rules for everyone though? that's what ted cruz would say. those rules were established a long time ago. >> you're right. it's been under those rules that we've had candidates like mitt romney, a guy that had offshore bank accounts, sided with the 1% against the 99% and never would have been the people's choice had he been voted in the primary. they relegated newt gingrich and others to a backseat on that deal there all because of these republican rules. they play games with the rules and have been. now that we've been exposed of the illegitimate rules of the republican party, guys like
10:22 am
reince priebus made a statement recently even if trump wins the nomination, he's not going to let trump run the republican party. well, where's he get off saying that? he doesn't own the republican party. the rankin file on the republican party and if reince priebus can't figure that out, he should resign right now. get out of there. we want a fair exercise in cleveland. >> let me ask you about some of donald trump's support and strength and lack of strength maybe. i want to show some poll numbers from an online poll commissioned by bloomberg applicatipolitics women. trump gets 70% unfavorable rating, three out of four likely voters say they don't have a favorable opinion of donald trump. hillary clinton does much better. >> i don't believe -- >> you don't buy it? >> you're talking about winning back women because of a
10:23 am
bloomberg poll, probably a push poll where it comes out with that kind of result. do you believe these polls make any sense at all? i talk to women. okay, the women in my area are a microcosm and they nevlove dona trump. a strong man that will protect their families in the future, their kids and grandkids. they love a man that's going to have a strong military and who they can trust to use the military correctly. okay? women love donald trump. that's nonsense. tell mr. bloomberg to take his poll and go shove it someplace. >> i will say we've met a lot of men and women very supportive of donald trump. i wonder why you think that is. why do you think his message is resonating so much? >> kate? kate, you said we said before we didn't have a ground game going. >> i say, critics have said that. >> i started that ground game four or five months ago. we have a very effective ground
10:24 am
game. we we're in every precinct in the state of new york and we're going to win every cd and -- >> will you win every single one? all the delegates? >> every cd. >> you think you'll win all 95? >> whether we get over 50%? we fully anticipate by the 19th, we'll have every, a majority in every cd in the state, yes. >> carl paladino, the former republican. >> we've been working on this for a long time. >> thank you. understood, thank you so much for being with us. appreciate it. up next, from wall street to main street. we'll cover the polar ends of the economy and how it's impacting the 2016 primary race. much more live coverage from fly creek, new york, coming up next.
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a powerful earthquake that we're just hearing about, magnitude 7.1 hitting southern japan and we learn from a tsunami advisory has been issued as well, of course, such a dangerous situation and reminiscent of what happened in japan not many years ago, so again, what we're learning at this hour in this new video just feeding in from nhk. 7.1 magnitude earthquake hitting
10:29 am
japan. we are working on getting as many details as we can. the associated press reporting that it happened in southern japan. barely 24 hours after a deadly quake had hit the same region. this is the kumamoto region. the quake shook that region at 1:25 a.m. on saturday. i guess last weekend. i'm just reading this quote from the associated press but a new earthquake, 7.1 magnitude. do we have anyone to talk with at this point? okay. we don't have anyone we can check in with right now and of course, in our control room working the phones as fast and furously as we can to get as much information we can to you, but again, this is video that we're just seeing out of japan and again, all i can report at this point is that there's been a earthquake and potentially a warning, a tsunami advisory, it's called. and again, this is a region of
10:30 am
the world that has seen a tsunami in the past that we all remember and did a lot of damage. we'll move on but keep an eye on this story and go back to this as soon as we can get you more information. in the meantime, we have been talking about politics and talking about the economy. one of the main lines of attack coming from both donald trump and bernie sanders recently has been this line of attack that their opponents have ties to wall street. >> a guy like cruz is an example. he didn't put on his personal financial disclosure form that barred a million dollars from goldman sachs and citi bank. >> many of you know, secretary clinton has given a number of speeches behind closed doors on wall street where she received $225,000 a speech. [ crowd boos ]
10:31 am
>> so three reports now on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the economy outside of new york city. upstate new york. we'll talk to nbc's olivia stern on wall street. we'll start in new york city talking to bankers. what are you hearing down there? >> reporter: i think they're sick of being bashed. you heard it from jamie diamond, the ceo of j.p. morgan earlier this week. it was one thing after the financial crisis and then occupy wall street but then just sick and tired of the stuff we're hearing from the democratic campaign. the truth is wall street does skew conservative. most identify as republicans. you see that in the donation numbers. two-thirds of funds went to republicans. one-third went to democrats. but i went on to the floor of the new york stock exchange behind me earlier and i spoke to one trader who said actually, when it comes down to it, he thinks traders are going to vote with their wallets. but it may surprise you to hear who he thinks that means they'll choose. have a listen.
10:32 am
>> i will tell you what somebody told me. the richest man i've ever known before i used to work, if you want to live republican, live democratic. while hillary's husband was president of the united states, we had the greatest bull market in the history of the united states. democrats usually produce a much better economy than the republicans do. >> who's the floor rooting for? >> the floor right now, i would say is donald trump. but because, again, most people are not as open as i am in having discussions about hillary. there are many people in here that will claim to be republican and may very well throw the democratic switch when they walk in. >> reporter: kate, i also asked if there was love for senator cruz down here and the answer is basically nah and if you were worried about a potential senator sanders having a self-declared socialist in the white house and nobody seemed to be because they don't think there's any chance he'll actually get in there. as for kasich, there's a fair amount of support, but nobody
10:33 am
down here seems to think he's going to win either. kate? >> reporte >> let's talk about upstate new york now. parts of upstate where i am have seen really economic hard times over the past decade and blue collar workers have been hit the hardest. according to the department of labor, since the year 2000, manufacturing jobs in upstate new york have seen a 40% decline. but there are glimmers of hope as they train a new generation of workers. msnbc's tony tony dokoupil at community college west of me. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: hey, katie. i'm on an active shop floor with my safety protective lenses and this is a glimmer of hope story for sure. some come through a crossroads. ted cruz at the road later today and hillary clinton has been through here and john kasich and trump here and they're talking about jobs and talking about those gloomy numbers that you just cited but in fact,
10:34 am
rochester has seen an uptick with 1500 jobs recently and the kind of manufacturing jobs doing well are these kind. this is a computer controlled mill, a highly skilled machine to really know their stuff and make the little bitty parts and the toys and gizmos we use every day. this is john. the big question with a guy like john, first time voter, which of the candidates does he trust to ensure his economic future? who do you trust to keep that job in place for you? >> personally, i'm in ttrump or cruz. >> reporter: what do you think the variable is? >> the variable is -- whoever wins. >> reporter: that's a surprising perspective, kate, because trump has given a big rally where he claimed jobs were leading in the area by 4,000. the local paper fact checked him on that and that's the first person a trump supporter.
10:35 am
so i want to get one more perspective. benson is training to work on one of these high-tech mills. who do you like? who do you think? >> i'm leaning towards bernie sanders. big fan of him. he's the one that makes the most sense to me. >> reporter: how come? tell me what his policies, how they fit with your sense of a future? >> it's that he seems to have like the same personality i do. that's why i feel i connect to him too. trump, he just, the way he goes about things, both want to make change, but bernie sanders seems like he has a better idea and agenda. i would personally follow. >> thank you very much, benson. we wish you luck. >> reporter: i can't emphasize how important these voters are on both sides of the aisle. they are upstate. on the democratic side, although there's a smaller population, it's a very active population. about 50% of the vote is in this area. back to you.
10:36 am
>> tony dokoupil in rochester. upstate new york is a beautiful place to live. i know this because i grew up here just east of here in a small town about an hour away but the one thing that's hard to see when you're driving around now are small villages, especially hard hit by hard times where poverty rates are pretty high. here, the poverty level nearly 19%. both higher than the state and the national level and good paying jobs can be hard to find. taxes are also high in new york state, but there's also places like where we are right now which draws a lot of tourists. we're just three miles from the baseball hall of fame in cooperstown and joining me now here in this cider mill to talk about central new york and voters might be feeling, the owner of the fly creek mill. thank you for having us. >> thank you for having me. >> let's talk about things though. you just renovated in here four
10:37 am
months ago. just now. >> a four month renovation. we had about a million dollar budget and had light winners. everything is ready to go. >> right. because you were telling me, you need to be open year round. you can't just be seasonal. >> we were seasonal and now we are able to employ people year round and we have the traffic flow now to accommodate that. >> so it's hard to kind of, when you drive around, you see these places like this that are doing so well and cooperstown is doing so well. and then you drive through and we showed the pictures. it doesn't look like it once did. fair enough? >> fair enough. >> what is that? >> we're lucky, very much here in fly creek to be three miles from the beautiful village of cooperstown. we work with the baseball hall of fame. the farmers museum and of course, now, we have a cooperstown beverage and it takes the small initiative of people working together to build
10:38 am
an economy like cooperstown beverage trail. three wineries, three breweries and another asset for people to come visit. >> when we talk to voters and some of them are, yesterday, i was talking to a young man who can't find a jon right nob righ the sort of election cycle we're in. where do you see? >> here in new york this past year, our leader of our assembly was convicted. also, our senate leader was convicted. and i think there's a real hesitation on upstate new york voters to go with someone that's mainstream because they've seen the politics and corruption in albany and they don't seem to be doing anything to fix it. >> you hear a lot of support up here for donald trump and bernie sanders both seen as outsiders. >> yes. and cruz as well. it's all something that is new to upstate. we've never had this come here this late in the game. we've always just. >> you have never had this kind of attention. >> new york has been a rubber
10:39 am
stamp but having influence is exciting and i hope they'll get the message out of what upstate new york is. we have a great tourism places and we're right in the heart of everything in mantle. >> it's not that far. i'm bringing my kids. >> thank you so much for having us. appreciate it. when we come back, the first jewish politician to make it this far in a presidential primary, bernie sanders takes a surprising stance on israel at the debate last night. we'll ask a new york congressman what he makes of bernie sanders comments last night. welcome to the world 2116, you can fly across town in minutes or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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try your favorite ranch with a fresh taste so crisp, you'll be surprised it doesn't crunch. hidden valley cucumber ranch. just one of our delicious ranch flavors. joining me from msnbc headquarters in new york. he's our foreign correspondent been following the details. what do we know at this hour? >> we're getting confirmation now from the japanese meteorological survey that in fact all tsunami warnings have been lifted as a result of what
10:43 am
happened here so there are no advisories or at least no urgent warnings right now. what we are learning is this is the second earthquake within the past 24 hours. the associated press is reporting that according to nhk, the japanese broadcaster, are receiving reports from people being trapped inside some of the houses, some of the buildings that have collapsed as a result of this magnitude 7.0 magnitude that's been reported in japan. this is the second earthquake to strike the southern part of japan in the past 24 hours. a smaller earthquake that took place yesterday that resulted in the death of 9 people and took place at 1:25 a.m. local time in japan hitting the kumamoto southern part and reported now as a 7.0 magnitude earthquake but for now, the tsunami warning that many thought was going to take place has been lifted in that part of japan.
10:44 am
over whether israel's response in gaza back in the summer of 2014 was disproportional. bernie sanders said he believed israel went too far in striking back at gaza while clinton provided unequivocal support for the jewish state. joining me now, democratic congressman steve israel, a clinton supporter and the highest ranking jewish democrat in the house. nice to see you. thank you for being with us. >> i'm jealous you're close to the hall of fame and i'm stuck in the halls of congress. >> i am and it's nice up here. it's a beautiful spring day. it caught a lot of people's attention when bernie sanders went as far as he did. he criticized benjamin netanyahu, came down hard on him and it was an unbalanced response by the state of israel back in the summer of 2014 and
10:45 am
your thoughts about what you saw him say that? >> i wasn't surprised because that's always been bernie sanders' position. kate, i just came back from the middle east. i was in israel. i traveled to arab countries. i was in the persian gulf. whatever your position may be with relations, we know one thing. that region is going to be very difficult, a lot of challenges and you have to have a president who knows the players, who knows the region, who's actually negotiated truces and cease-fires and that's hillary clinton. what bernie sanders has demonstrated is the ability to engage in sound bites that i believe are uninformed and apply a double standard to israel where hillary clinton has been emphatically supportive. >> i think what sanders might say is he's trying to reflect a more, not just looking at the israeli point of view but more balanced in his statements. what do you say to sthat?
10:46 am
>> i disagree with his analysis. look, when you have a terrorist organization call hamas launching 10,000 rockets on innocents in israel and called hezbollah launching now having 150,000 rockets that they have unprovoked launched on community centers in stores and malls on israel, israel has a responsibility to defend its people. that's exactly what it has done. bernie sanders in the face of those rockets and misseiles woud say what donald trump has said is to be impartial. some things you should not be impartial about. one is when an ally is attacked in an unprovoked way. you don't try to be an impartial mediator. >> hillary clinton has a substantial lead among new york democrats among jewish voteerrs. 32% for bernie sanders.
10:47 am
has sanders, the first jewish candidate to go this far down the path toward becoming the president of the united states? has he lost the support, do you think, of jewish voters? >> well, jewish voters support hillary clinton, not simply because of her proven experience on israel but because they know that she has supported the environment. they know that she has supported expanded investments in educating our children. they know when she was a senator for eight years, when 9/11 was destroyed, she got the funds to rebuild it. she protected the long island and veterans. those are issues that jewish voters make judgments upon and all of those issues, hillary clinton's judgments have been correct and that explains why she's doing so well with jewish voters. >> congressman steve israel, always nice to see you. thank you for being with us on a friday. appreciate it. at a time where washington is perhaps more divided than ever, is the nation in need of a compromiser in chief? vice president joe biden's wife, dr. jill biden, is opening up
10:48 am
today about her decision's not to run for president due to biden's regret of not making a run for the white house. that and more from the recent trip with dr. biden to kansas where they explored the impact of military sacrifice facing thousands of families across the u.s. >> hi, dad. >> thank you for serving our country. >> i miss you. >> and i can't wait. >> i miss how we wrestled a lot and played video games together. >> i miss you. >> please be safe. >> these are the faces of our military families. the children of the men and women who defend our country. it's a tight knit group, one who i was lucky enough to be a part of growing up with a father in the air force. and it's a cause that's very close to dr. jill biden too. her father served in world war ii and her son, beau, was army national guard and deployed to iraq for a year. >> he left one month before we were elected, so we were out campaigning and we saw his unit
10:49 am
off. and it was a tough year. it was a tough year for the biden family. it was a tough year for his children. >> thank you so much for inviting us along. >> dr. biden invited me on a trip to ft. riley, kansas, an army base to the first infantry division with a population of 50,000, nearly 8,000 children. in the heart of country, the families here are the backbone of the military, repeatedly called to deploy to places like iraq, afghanistan, and kuwait. >> this is my seventh time deploying. i've had experience with him leading, so definitely sometimes, you really miss him a lot. >> lauren's dad is currently serving overseas as her mom battles lupus on chemotherapy. >> he is concerned, but he knows that me and my mom can get through this because we have each other's backs. it makes me really happy knowing that just him simply being here makes a difference for our
10:50 am
future. >> being a military kid means moving often. >> alaska, alabama, and then here. >> especially an age where you're into clubs and sports yo clubs and into sports. it's got to be difficult to think about moving to another place. it's got to be challenging. >> my middle school, most of these children have moved on average six to nine times. dr. biden spent time in the kids' schools and also in their homes, having dinner with 150 women whose husbands are currently deployed. rebecca ford is raising three boys under five almost all on her own. >> my youngest child doesn't know who his dad is. my middle child doesn't have a clue, doesn't understand and sleeps with me every night because he's a little concerned that i'm going to up and leave. >> back in washington, dr. biden is focused on the initiative, educate the undereducators.
10:51 am
>> teachers have stepped up teaching those going into education because the realized there are military children and make their transitions easier for them. >> as an educator, you have to be very proud, but as a mom, it's two of your passions perfectly in sync. >> i've seen it with my grandchildren. my granddaughter put a picture of bo's unit outside the classroom door, so every time her class walked into the classroom, they saw that natalie's daddy was in war. >> with so much she wants to accomplish, dr. biden says she does have some regrets as her time at the white house draws to a close. >> i do believe that joe would have made a difference. it just wasn't the right time. >> maybe we needed someone who was a compromiser in chief.
10:52 am
speaking of the political campaign, your husband, the vice president, said this week that he would like to see a woman as president. what about you? >> i feel the same way as joe feels. i think of course i'd like to see a woman as president. i'd like to see more women in the senate and as governors and house. you know, in all fields. >> have you ever thought about a future in politics? >> never. >> you're happy where you are. >> i'm happy. >> mrs. obama was asked this very question, so i'll pose it to you as well. what will you be doing january 21st, 2017, the day after the inauguration? >> i will be putting on my sneaks and going for a run alone. >> i like that. what do you want your legacy to be? >> i think it's -- a legacy is for someone else to determine what your legacy would be. i knew i couldn't come to washington and just do joe --
10:53 am
live joe's life, do politics. i knew i had to keep teaching. that's my wifelife's work and ts what i'm most proud of. to be an independent woman, i guess. >> to bring us back to those on mazing families we met at fort riley, what do you want us to remember about them? >> they are resilient. we can't forget them. we have to keep working to keep the military a part of our culture. they are sacrificing for us and we really have to celebrate who they are. >> there is a military child in every single school district across this country, and while they're maybe not in the headlines every single day, dr. biden told natalie morales she would like to see interviews like this to remember all the families. we asked the question, has the tone of the democratic race for president become too negative in light of last night's debate? here are the votes so far, and
10:54 am
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that's going to wrap up this hour from the fly creek cider mill. my colleague erica hill will pick things up after a quick break. at 4:00 eastern, don't forget the road warriors round table follow the journalists and presidential candidates. by the way, they're all women. don't miss that on msnbc, the place for politics.
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