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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  April 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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from from the brooklyn bridge. that's hardball for w. thanks for being with us. "all in" with chris hayes starts now. tonight on "all in." >> we have ra rigged system. is republican system the rigged. >> donald trump's rage against the machine. >> if you want to vote for somebody else, don't vote. >> ted cruz fights for attention in new york. >> to stand as one. then brooklyn brawl. >> i put it out -- >> excuse me. i think i'm responding. >> clinton and sanders ramp up their attack ahead of the new york primary. >> you evaded the answer. you evaded the question. >> wait, wait. i have stood on the debate stage with senator sanders eight prior
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times. i have said the same thing. plus, the plot to stop clinton. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? we put together a benghazi special committee. >> it's still around. >> the clock is still ticking. >> "all in" starts right now. good evening from brooklyn, new york. we begin this hour with breaking news. the bernie sanders campaign has just, within the last hour, we released the candidate's tax return for the year 2014. this comes after a contentious exchange between sanders and hillary clinton over transparency about last night's debate. clinton was challenged to release paid speeches. she responded on pressing
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sanders why he had not made his tax returns public. we'll have much more on this breaking news. what the tax returns say. what it means for the campaign. that will be coming up. donald trump finishing up a rally. he says if he's denied the nomination, many of his voters will revolt. >> the republicans want to play cute with us. if i don't make it, you're going to have millions of people that don't vote for a republican. they're not beginning to vote at all. millions of people because they're tired of the republicans. they're tired of the politicians. all talk, no action. they've had it. they've totally had it. you're going to have millions of people that aren't going to vote and hopefully that's all. hopefully that's all. >> trump's appearance in hartford follows an afternoon rally he held earlier.
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he hammered ted cruz for criticizing new york values claiming his rallies are in the safest place in the world and complained that the republican primary system is rigged. >> the republican system is rigged. it's a rigged system. you look at colorado where they're having a big march later or something is happening. the people are angry. i would have done great in colorado. after they saw i was going to win colorado, they changed the system. they said they didn't change. they changed the system. they went to a deal where the bosses pick the delegates and the people never got to vote. >> actually, there were duelling protests in colorado in addition to the one trump was talking about in support of him. there were protest ters objecti to the decision not to hold a primary. there was also a counter protest that said they stood with the state republican party in making that decision.
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while trump is right, colorado republicans did change their delegate selection process, it's change that didn't happen recently. as you can see from this headline. colorado republican leaders cancelled the party's presidential straw poll back in august of last year. still, the issue firing up trump's base. trump is hitting the point hard. in a wall street journal op-ed titled let me ask america a question. it was written under trump's name. trump criticized cruz for bragging about his voterless victory in colorado. a man who styles himself a warrior against the establishment, you would think he would be demanding a vote for coloradans. cruz dismissed trump's criticism. >> well, listen, it's not
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surprising when a candidate loses 11 elections in a row he's unhappy about it. so, he complains. that's fine. we're focused on winning elections with the people. 65,000 people voted in colorado. donald is unhappy how they voted. >> appearing on msnbc today, ben carson drew a line between the republican delegate selection process and a very different set of rules. >> shawn spicer, the communications director for the rnc wrote, the rules have been clear lly laid out in every sta and territory. while each state is different, the process is easy for those willing to learn it. take note, donald trump is the ps unspoken. >> during the jim crow era, everybody knew about them. didn't make them right. i'm not saying this is the same. i think you get the point.
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>> trump appears poised for a big victory here this new york on tuesday. polls show him leading by more than 30 points. ted cruz, in fact, not even in second place. running back in third here in new york. cruz appeared to be largely ignored by hundreds of republicans who seemed far more interested in their food than his applause lines. trump's pro-new york speech at that event was far better received. still has some reason to worry ahead of his home state primary next week. they have big lead in polls in new york. if do you look deep inside the numbers in one news survey, he could leave as many as two dozen of the state's 95 delegates on the table. that would be falling short of the 50% thresholds you need to sweep the delegates from each district. joining me is ken blackwell. he's a senior advisor to the anti-trump our principles pac.
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let me pick up on that point we just finished on. trump looks like he's going to win the vote. there's an open question. does he sweep all the delegates or leave delegates on the table. i wonder what will happen depriving him of money. why hasn't your pac spent any money here trying to stop trump? >> at the end of the day you just stated the case correctly. i don't think trump will get all 95 delegates. i think he will get maybe 75 but that's not 95. we spend our money where we think we can have the greatest impact. you still have indiana to go. you still have california. i think that we're going to use our dollars wisely in pennsylvania. as the end of the day, our objective is to make sure that this is a an open and contested primary. that means we have to stop
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donald trump from receiving 1237 delegates. i think that we're going to prosecute the case against his not being a conservative. against his not embracing the constitution of the united states. he is whining. this is a guy who is maligning the party that he wants to be the standard bearer for. that's pretty crazy. that's not the sort of leadership that the party's going to need to make the case against hillary clinton or bernie sanders. >> you mentioned indiana. they vote on may 3rd. you mentioned california, they vote at the end of this process on june 7th. here's what i'm having trouble understanding about the stop trump movement. we heard that was a turning point. they had consolidated maybe behind ted cruz.
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donald trump was going to be denied momentum going forward. if indiana is the next state, that means new york, pennsylvania, maryland, delaware, a winner take all state, connecticut, rhode island, the possibility that before we get to indiana, donald trump is sitting here 1,000 delegates. back more than 400 ahead of ted cruz. that doesn't sound like we had a turning point in wisconsin to me. >> we did. the reality is that i'll let the cruz camp make the case about their 11 straight victories. we have dollars that we're going to spend prudently. if you total up all the dollars that were spent to stop or to say never trump, up until this point it's been over $200 million. we think you can spend your money wisely to achieve the objective of having an open and contested primary -- excuse me, convention. that means we're going to spend our money doing a couple of
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things. one, making sure that we prosecute the case against trump's non-conservative record and the fact he doesn't want to be the standard bearer of a conservative republican party with the delegates that will, in fact, be there on the floor. the other thing that you say and most of your analysis is don't forget the unbound delegates. we're going to spend time commune ka communicating to them. carpet bombing trump across all these state s not a wise use of people's money. it's not smart. we're going to let ted cruz run his campaign. john kasich run his campaign and donald trump run his. we are very specific in what we want to do. that is to make sure that no candidate gets 1237 going into
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cleveland and that we prosecute the case by sharing information on who has demonstrated record of conservatism and those things that have made america an exceptional nation. >> thanks for the time tonight. appreciate that. turn to msnbc political analyst joan walsh and supporter of hillary clinton for president as well as josh senior editor at business insider. he puts that stat out there and ted cruz says i've won 11 straight contests. this does not mean 11 state primaries, 11 straight caucuses. he's counting the individual congressional district conventions in states like colorado and wyoming to say 11 straight. he says unbound delegates. this is what i'm saying, pennsylvania, 54 unbound,
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they're going to vote for the statewide winner. trump is winning by 30 points. >> ken blackwell is telling us in a profound way we're looking at things outside the election process. we really know that we can't defeat donald trump in all these east coast states coming up. we're really trying to put together plan. the problem they have is they've never been able to match the never trump movement with the candidate because it can't coalesce around ted cruz. kasich has turned out to be incredibly weak even though he's hanging on. they're focusing on this post-election strategy that will be incredibly damaging for the party. they let him rack up delegate, like 95 in new york. >> the political world really overreacted to wisconsin.
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>> yeah. you have a very cohesive part in wisconsin that's been fighting tooth and nail with democrats for years through recall elections. it's a state where republicans like each other. they trust them. they believe that scott walker has been a conservative leader leading them in the right direction. they listen when he says don't vote for donald trump. the republican party is not like that in other states of the country. there's nobody in new york or pennsylvania with that kind of credibility to say don't listen to this guy. i thought there was something remarkable in that clip where donald trump is talking about the republicans and what the republicans are up to like it's some external group of people. it's the way he talks about the mexicans and the blacks it's weird because it's not only a republican but he's about to be the nominee of the republican party. he's still positioning himself where he's talking about the party establishment as a malevolent thing he's positioned against. that should make republican leaders nervous about what will
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happen if they succeed in denying him the nomination at a convention. he's signaling clearly he's not going to play nice. >> i get in theory. you can give me the mechanics of how he's denied 1237 at a convention. when i think about this, if he has the most state, most delegates, most votes, if ted cruz is finishing behind john kasich, i don't see how you can show up at the convention and give the nomination to someone else and not destroy your party in the process. >> he's not my candidate but he's speaking to republican voters who are fed up with the party. they are turning to donald trump for a reason. this was supposed to be an extraordinary field. there were 17 candidates. there were senator, governor, the whole spectrum of opinion was represented. people didn't go for any of the other 16. they went for this guy who has been saying horrible things about their party's lead eerersp
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and the last president, jeb bush, george bush, the bush family. if he comes close but is denied, i think they do walk. i think it destroys the party. >> he doesn't say we gave it our best shot. let's go play golf. >> they changed the rules because of jeb bush. this was an attempt to ensure instead of ordinary voters deciding in a broad vote that you would have the most hard core activists making the decision. it happened that donald trump ending up being the real establishment candidate. just because the rules are stated in advance doesn't mean they are fair or democratic. >> colorado is one step. it works on paper but it's tough to get away with.
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this whole idea of double agent delegates. the state that trump has won. he's entitled to the delegates. the cruz people out organize him at the distribution of delegate slots. cruz people take trump delegates slots. i can't see how you win a nomination that way. >> it's going to seem so dirty and it's going to be kind of dirty. there's something wrong with it. they haven't come up with any convincing path to block him with a way that has any kind of political or intellectual or moral authority. >> this is refreshing to me. i spent the last two weeks saying he could get to 1237. i found some people who agree with me. thank you both for joining me. we have much more coverage of the fight for new york live here in brooklyn. the latest clashes between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. stay with us. distract you.
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in the last hour, bernie sanders campaign has made good on a promise made last night to release his tax returns for the year 2014. on the returns sanders reporting income from that year. it was a little more than $200,000. you're seeing copies your screen. sanders campaign manager telling the washington post, the couple will release 2015 returns which will be filed monday unless they seek an extension shortly after they are finished. sanders promised to make his 2014 returns public came after the two candidates sparred over tra transparency at their debate. when hillary clinton was asked about paid speeches, she pivoted and challenged sanders on his tax return.
5:20 pm
last night it was there. hillary clinton, will you release the speeches. the taxes are out. >> she's prepared to release her candidates if every other candidate releases their speeches in a variety of different formats that they may have delivered. >> this isn't enough. not enough for her to put out. >> i think she should be held to a singular standard and shouldn't be subjected to a standard different than anybody else. >> what is the standard? i've heard this line. we're talking about the democrat race for president. he said i'll release all my wall street speech transcripts. there are none. >> he spent time traveling in a different of ways to different places. it's not clear he released those speeches. he spent time in cuba and russia. who knows what's out there. as it related to tax, secretary clinton's taxes have been matter
5:21 pm
of public record for decades. probably going back to the time in the state house in arkansas and in the white house in the 1990s. the tax issue is one thing. i'm glad bernie sanders has taken a step forward. the speech thing is a different issue. i think she's got to be careful in how she proceeds just because there are people who are out there ready to exploit -- >> you say the reason for not releasing the speech transcripts would be republicans might twist them? >> we should proceed at this presidential level on an even playing field. she should be held to the same standard as everybody else. >> tell me about the state of the new york primary right now. the clinton campaign, she's ahead in the polls right now. do you view this as hillary clinton wins new york and she can put this democratic race behind her in. >> there's four or five different races that will take place tuesday.
5:22 pm
bernie sanders came into the debate needing a knock out punch. he didn't deliver anything decisi decisive. i think he changed the narrative. there's a lot of familiarity with her in the communities that i represent and those throughout new york city. she has the track record of success and the capacity to not just talk the talk but to walk the walk and deliver. >> can this party unify? we have a poll that says almost a third of bernie sanders supporters say they couldn't vote for hillary clinton in the fall. this debate, last night, was the most contentious they've had. >> i think we'll be able to come together. you had a french candidate making the point in his view
5:23 pm
there was no difference between george w. bush and al gore. clearly, there's a difference between bernie sanders and hillary clinton as compared to anything that comes out of republican convention in cleveland in july and hopefully the party will be able to unite. >> thanks for the time. >> thank you. tax returns and transparency was one of the heated issues at last night's debate. it was the most contentious we have seen between the candidates. >> i do question her judgment. i question her judgment which voted for the war in iraq. >> if you go and read, which i hope you will before tuesday, senator sanders long interview with the new york daily news. talk about judgment. he could not answer about afghanistan, about israel, about counter terrorism except to say if he had some paper in front of him maybe he could. >> secretary clinton was busy giving speeches to gold mman sas
5:24 pm
for $225,000 a speech. >> i stood up against the behaviors of the banks when i was a senator. i called them out on their mortgage behavior. >> secretary clinton called them out. oh my goodness. they must have been really crushed by this. >> there was an analysis last night. it showed the candidates attacked each other a total of 48 times. that's more than any previous degait betwed debate between them. joining me now is nina turner. she's a former ohio state senator. she's a supporter of bernie sanders. let me pick up on this. i don't know if you heard the exchange we had there. this was a big issue in that debate last night. on the one hand the wall street transcripts, the wall street speech transcripts. on the other hand she said the taxes. the taxes are out. you think now there's no excuse
5:25 pm
for hillary clinton not releasing speeches? >> she should have released them before the taxes. the two do not go hand in hand. they are really -- folks don't have to release their taxes. that's been a tradition. that's what she raised. >> congressman jeffreys is saying she's being held to a difference standard. there's republicans lining up to attack her and take anything they can find and try to hurt her over it politically. >> since when do democrats lower their standards for the republican model. she's running against senator sanders. northea she's not running against the republicans. senator sanders said he will release the transcripts. released them because there are none. the secretary should, for the same of transparency, release the transcripts. >> do you think there's
5:26 pm
something in there? >> maybe she thinks there's something in there. she hasn't released them. it will be her word for word. what is there for the republicans to deduce from that. they will take her words. >> there's an exchange over israel. we have some sound of it. let's take a listen. we don't have the sound of it. i thought we did. let me ask you the question. the issue came up about the gaza war a couple of years ago and bernie sanders there was disproportionate violence on israel's part and hillary clinton should have mentioned the interest of palestinians. shaky ground for him politically in new york. do you think he's right to make that point? >> the beauty about senator sanders is honesty or consistency. he doesn't pander or change. this is how knehe feels. there's lots of people that feel as though elected officials
5:27 pm
really don't try to balance the scales. he was very clear. israel has an absolute right to exist, to protect themselves and fight against terrorism. how are we going to get to peace if both sides won't come together and acknowledge if they both should exist. senator sanders was being consistent and honest. >> we talked about congressman jeffreys was saying the lead over 200 pledged delegate, you look at the math in this and on the one hand bernie sanders has done better than anybody expect. on the other hand, math is math. new york is a must win, isn't it? >> we got do come close. i want us to win, but we is got to come close. people have been counting him out from the beginning. he is gaining ground everywhere he's been. there was a poll where he was about 30 points down and now he's within 12 depending on what poll you look at. senator sanders will continue to
5:28 pm
plow through the earn the votes to talk to people about what their lives should be about to fight and lift bigger and be able to execute the vision. i think the message is really resonating. >> thanks for your time. >> thanks. still to come, with republicans facing what is looking like a potential contested convention this summer, they may have found a conveniently time distraction with the house benghazi committee is planning. that's straight ahead. you owned your car for four years, you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls, and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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who remembers the house select committee on benghazi. they spent 11 hours grilling hillary clinton. the hearing was wisely seen and gone have a lot better for clinton than the senate republican majority. >> did he have your cell phone number in. >> no, but he had the 24 hour number of state operations in the state department that can reach me 24/7. >> yes, ma'am. did he have your fax number? >> he had the fax number of the state department. >> did he have your home address? >> no, i don't think any ambassador has ever asked me for that. >> did he ever stop by your house? >> no, he did not. >> mr. bloomenthal had each of those and did each of those things. >> fast forward to six months
5:31 pm
later and that select committee on benghazi has still yet to issue any findings. they marked the 700th day since republicans kraecreated it back may of 2014. today is day 708. it's two years shy on the dot. it's the longest investigation of american history. it surpasses hurricane katrina, water gate and the 9/11 commission. when will be benghazi committee ever finish up its work? we may have the answer. that's next. (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow
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it's not going to come out in the middle of 2016. i hope it doesn't come out in 2016 period. i hope we're gone. i say hope because there's certain variables that i cannot control. >> when the news broke they might not finish the report by the end of 2015, the chair said any final report would not come out in the middle of the 2016 presidential election. now a column was written for the huffington post urging the committee to not politicize its report by waiting until 2016.
5:36 pm
gowdy insisted it was not about politics but finding the truth. by the time hillary clinton testified, a couple of the republican house colleagues accidentally tipped their hand, including the second ranking house republican. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right. we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. why? because she's untrustable. >> now since that hearing last fall, the committee has mostly gone quiet, but now, according to the washington post and its columnist they are getting close to issuing a final report. quote, depending on how long the declassification review takes, the benghazi report is on track to drop by mid-july at a time when republicans will be need of a distraction from the trump-cruz stand off. in the review takes longer, it could come out in september in
5:37 pm
the campaign's home stretch. joining me is dana milbank. he wrote that piece. expand maybe just on what i read there. what are you finding out about this report and the timing? >> we know that chairman gowdy said he would like to have it out before the summer. we know it's being drafted now. we know the review process takes a few weeks up to a few months depending on how quickly the majority wants to push it through and how agreeable they want to be in that process. total coincidence it sounds like it will be ready probably on the earliest side right before they head out for the political conventions in july. if it's stalled a bit further then it will be coming out in september right in the heat of the home stretch. people have been saying this is a political committee for some time. in fact, it seems to be coming by total coincidence at the worst possible time to use kevin
5:38 pm
mccarthy's words, they sound a bit untrustable. >> that clip we just played, republicans clearly they were upset that he had gone and said that. they were very sensitive to this issue. if this thing is ready, if it's ready at the height of a presidential campaign involving hillary clinton, is there after the comments any indication that republicans might hold back at all just because it might look too political? >> no indication at all. i asked the spokesman for chairman gowdy because he pushed it several times. why not push it until december. they said he is planning to stick to that out by the summer plan. it sounds as if that's exactly ha they will do. this is a time when the republicans will be in need of a distraction because of the convention. it's going to take a heck of a lot in this report to distract from the trump-cruz fireworks in cleveland.
5:39 pm
no indication there's any bomb shell in here. it will probably rehash a will the of the conspiracy theories that have come out earlier. >> all right,sir. very interesting report. thanks for the time. >> thanks. still ahead, battleground new york. can bernie sanders close the gap with hillary clinton and where does the democrat race go from here? a preview, straight ahead. it'sand your doctor at yoto maintain your health.a because in 5 days, 10 hours and 2 minutes you are going to be 67. and on that day you will walk into a room where 15 people will be waiting... 12 behind the sofa, 2 behind the table and 1 and a half behind a curtain. family: surprise! but only one of them will make a life long dream come true. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come.
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let any acknowledge what is absolutely true. secretary clinton cleaned out clock in the deep south. no question about it. we got murdered there. that is the most conservative part of this great country. that's a fact. you know what, we're out of the deep south now. we're moving up. we're here. we're going to california. we got a number of large states there. >> that's from last night's debate when he talked about the lead that hillary clinton enjoys over him. she sounds dismissive of the victories she racked up in the
5:48 pm
south. the argument is because they are red state they vote for republicans in fall, they shouldn't matter to democrats as they choose a presidential candidate now. there's a problem with the logic. if you're going to say the land slide wins in places like south carolina and alabama and mississippi should come with asterisks then don't you have to say the same thing about sanders wins where he has won primaries. there's also this. let's take sanders argument. let's throw out the red states where hillary clinton has won. let's throw out the red states where sanders has won. let's focus on the blue states. the states that voted twice for barack obama. these are the states that sanders seem to be saying are more important. 15 of them have held primaries and caucuses. here's the thing. if you add up the votes from the blue states, hillary clinton would still be leading. she would be up 53 to 47% over
5:49 pm
bernie sanders. in the blue states only. joining me now michelle goldberg. robert george. the mets yankee of the newspaper world. let's talk about the democratic race right now. the debate last night. the conventional wisdom going into it is bernie sanders needed something big to get over the hump. did you see anything that might have shaken up this race at all? >> no. he had great performance. i think the stance he took on palestinian was brave and heroic but it was brave and heroic because it won't do him any favors electorally and might cost him in the state where is the jewish vote is lined up. >> she was leading 33 points among jewish voters. >> i live around here. in my neighborhood people are
5:50 pm
excited about sanders. sanders sticker out number clinton like 30 to 1. that's a bubble. i think in new york there's no reason to think it's not going to be a huge state for her. >> what did you make of it last night? >> the race is how it's been for most of the primary season. bernie had the passion. the crowd seemed to be very much with him. hillary clinton is very much policy kind of wonk. she says i can get these done. i've been doing it. i think she still kind of stumbled on a couple of things here and there. i think michelle is right. the dieynamics haven't really changed. she might win around 10, 12 points. >> i think this is a tough one covering this democrat race. talking about it from the media standpoint has been tough. if you're looking at the bottom line question of who the nominee
5:51 pm
will be, the math says it will be hillary clinton. at the same time, nobody thought bernie sanders will win the number of states he's won. he could end up with 1800 delegates. there has to be some accounting for that. >> bernie sanders finds himself in the position hillary clinton was in eight years ago. there's no path for him to catch up. you're absolutely right. he's done an amazing job. no one six months ago thought he would have done as well as he's done now. his idea is to hold out for that miracle. the miracle that you mentioned. he wants to stay in this race and convince people there's a path forward. if something happens, if some bolt of lightning comes out of the sky he will be positioned to win. >> that explains his flight to rome looking for that.
5:52 pm
>> i said it's sort of the same situation. what was going through your mind. you know what the numbers are. you know what the reality is. every time you see the check park next to your name and win the primary, you think it's got to mean something. >> you see 20,000 people coming out to the park. it seems like the whole world is going crazy for you. it's got to be impossible to realize what looks like a land slide because you see as far as you can see, it's still not most people. >> there are some very clear demographic contours to this race. if you're standing in front of 25,000 people, you're feeling something different. >> the problem is with proportional voting, sanders, if he win, he needs to win 80 to 20%. that's not going to happen. he will get some delegates coming out of new york, but nothing that really make him come back. >> there's no winner take all on
5:53 pm
the democratic side. we will slip a quick break. when we come back the latest on the republican race. we'll talk it over when we come back. &. business hasn't always been good at &. held back by a world requiring them to decide between one choice or another. always or. but with the rate of change increasing, there's simply( no time for or. businesses today need the agility to do one thing...&...another.
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5:57 pm
daily news. the rival paper here, the new york post endorsed donald trump today. phillip, state of the republican race right now. we're talking about this at the top of the show. after wisconsin everybody was saying open convention, contested convention. i'm saying end of this month, trump's back up 400 delegates. >> that's exactly right. one of the things that's hard to predict now because the republicans don't use the same system as the democrats. the democrats are easy to figure out. whatever percentage it is in the state, that's how it is. in the state of new york, a candidate has to win every congressional district by more than 50% to get all the deleg e delegat delegates. that doesn't look like it will happen this time. it's hard to predict. with california, it's hard to predict what will happen. wisconsin set back. colorado an embarrassment. trump is positioned to make big
5:58 pm
gains. >> your paper, the daily news, endorses john kasich. the stop trump crowd, is this, are you causing problems for them because they were saying after wisconsin it's time to consolidate around ted cruz. if it's to give kasich new life, doesn't that only help donald trump? >> that is possible. that's the cay this has been playing about. it's difficult to game plan how these things are going.wcay thi playing about. it's difficult to game plan how these things are going.ay this playing about. it's difficult to game plan how these things are going. kasich was clearly the best choice. i was talking to some republican leaders yesterday at their big gala. they said that kasich could come out with quite a few delegates from manhattan, which is definitely trump territory. >> not sure the upper west side is trump territory. >> we're talking in the context
5:59 pm
of republicans. kasich will do well here and then we'll just see where it goes. i think we'll end up with a contested. >> michelle, how do you look at this? >> every single outcome is completely improbable which makes it hard to predict. it seemed the trump bubble was bursting. everybody thought it was bursting and as far as i can tell things seem to have sort of stabilized. there hasn't been a real disaster this week. he's hiring more professional people. people aren't coalescing around cruz because nobody likes ted cruz. it seems more likely this week than last week he's just going to win it out right. >> crisis for trump but imagine if he wins new york big and pennsylvania, delaware,
6:00 pm
maryland. it could feel different. a chilly night here in brooklyn. appreciate that. that's going to do it for this evening on "all in." the rachel maddow show starts. thank you. get inside and stay warm. thanks to you at home for joining us this hour. happy friday. it's great to have you here. there's a lot going on tonight. some politics, some not politics. we've got some news tonight that is of profound importance to 10,000 american military families, but it's mostly being ignored by politicians thus far of both stripes. i will say if we're a good country, and one that is trying to get better as a country, the whole problem of politicians ignoring this thing may soon change. we've got that story ahead tonight. we've also got some news out of flint, michigan. we've got political news tonight about one midwestern state, which i think is going t


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