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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 16, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hey there, everyone. i'm alex witt. this is the place for politics and here is what is happening. we begin with a live picture of syracuse, new york. donald trump's first of two rallies in the state is under way. he is not letting up his fight against the rnc over the delegate system. . in fact here is his warning to the party. >> the system is a bad, bad system. and they got to do something about it. the republican national
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committee, they better get going because i'll tell you what, you're going to have a rough july at that convention. you better get going and you better straighten out the system because the people want their vote, the people want to vote. and they want to be represented properly. it's totally corrupt politics. >> once trump wraps in syracuse, you will travel an hour north for a rally in dexter, new york near watertown. john kasich is also campaigning in new york. . and tx rapped cruz rapped up in wyoming. now on the democratic side, bust is on his way back or it looks like that is a live picture, okay, no, that wasn't a live picture. he is on police whis way back t u.s. after his trip to the vatican. he met with the pope just before the pope left for greece. and here's what sanders said when asked about the timing of the meeting.
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>> is this trip in any way -- were you looking for a pay ppal endorsement? >> god no. >> do you think this can help you with catholic voters, do you see this helping you with voters in new york? >> i am here because of my profound respect for the pope and the work that he has done. i received an invitation to come here, came when it came a few days before the new york primary, an invitation i could not the refuse. >> sanders will hold a round table in his hometown of brooklyn tonight. hillary clinton has a fund raising event in los angeles later on today. this as former president bill clinton campaigns throughout new york for her. and about a half an hour from now, he will hold his second of four events following this event in albany earlier this morning. from ted cruz to donald trump who is in syracuse, nbc's katy tur at the trump rally happening right now. what is the focus of his message
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today? we heard a little bit earlier, but you can give us the wrap on that. >> reporter: i think it's really remarkable. i was out of town for about a week and this is the second rally since i've been back and the way that his stump speech has changed in just the past week and a half, two weeks, it's much more focused now, much more tailored for each city. he's talking directly to the voters in these cities, talking about bringing jobs back to syracuse, talking about how much they love this town and why they're not going to leave because they love this town and pittsburgh, he was talking about steel and coal. it's tighter, much more focused. he's also focusing his attacks on more substantial -- in more substantial areas. number one, talking about how the system is rigged, talking about how ted cruz is essentially trying to steal the election by taking away delegates, not necessarily gaining voters. this is donald trump 2.0 in a way that we have not seen at this campaign so far.
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and that is a direct result of an expansion of his team. he's got new advisers, much more established advisers, insiders, paul manafort, rick wiley former campaign manager for governor scott walker, they have come in i'm told by sources close to the campaign and they started on add much more structure, they have added top people and that's why you're seeing a more focused donald trump on the campaign trail. last night in hartford, connect cut his rum speech was a grand total of 35 minutes, a lot shorter for donald trump who usually goes on for about an hour. it could be seen by some as a way to conserve the candidate's energy. of course this has been a really grueling ride now and a grueling ride going into new york, a state that donald trump frankly is expected to win really about and i go needs to bin really big here. he has to try to get as many delegates as he possibly can in order to close the delegate gap and get to made that magic number of 1237 at the convention. the last thing the campaign
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wants is a contested convention because if this goes to a second ballot, third ballot, that is when potentially ted cruz could come away with the nomination. donald trump also talking about trying to bring this country together. p take a listen to what he just said a moment ago. >> the system is all rigged as far as the delegate stuff is going. now, look, i guess i'm complaining because it's not fair to the people. the people have to -- when you look at what happened this wyoming and what is happening there, when you look at what is happening in colorado where the people -- where the people never got a chance to vote and they're going nuts out there, they're angry, the bosses took away their vote. >> reporter: so you heard him just say that bringing people together, letting the people vote instead of letting back room feelings happen, giving the power back to the people.
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that is a message that people donald trump is trying to hammer home here, portraying himself as an outsider who will stand up for their values in a way that no politician has in washington. so far that has been a very effective message for donald trump. the challenge right now would be to try and make it effective enough to get enough delegates and it's an uphill battle to make to the convention with a lock on this nomination. alex. >> katy tur in syracuse, thank you so much. let's go from there now to the democrats in a new ad released just this morning, the brooklyn-born bernie sanders compares himself to another famous new yorker. >> even when the deck is stacked, a new yorker will find a way to break up big banks, create millions of jobs and rebuild america. some say it can't be done again, but another nate son of new york is ready. bernie, rebuild the middle class, make wall street banks
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pay their fair share, give every child a chance. new york, it's our time again to build a future to believe in. >> let's bring in bob cusack and paul singer. hi, guys. good to see you both. want to ask you both your reactions to that ad. bob you first. >> i think it's very effective and sanders has had other effective ads because it's very optimistic and it's uplifting. and he's had other ones, sil monday simon and gar pfunkel th some said was the best they have seen. interesting that he went to the vatican, but this will come down to the wire. i think if you look at this race, this is hillary clinton's home state. i know sanders was born there, but he represented vermont for a long time in the house and senate. i think you're looking at double digits. if she wins by double digits, it's a big win. if by single digit, sanders
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people will claim victory. >> and paul, quickly what you thought of that ad and really his ads in general. bob makes a very good point that there was that america ad that is very memorable. how effective are his ads and i do want to ask you about his shot at winning morning. >> the roosevelt thing is kind of interesting. keep in mind roosevelt had a massive expansion of government which is how he got us out of the bad economic times, right, with the wpa and vast investments in government programs throughout the country. i don't know if that is something that bernie sanders is willing to embrace, although it's something he's talked about, as well. and also roosevelt led us into war, biggest war of the last century. so i'm not sure that bernie wants to embraceneverthel the l isser terrific and a good message for him to send saying we will take back the nation. >> and his shot at winning new
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yo york, what does he have to do? >> the problem for bernie sanders winning new york is because these are proportional distribution dell fwegatesdelege to win an overwhelming majority in order to make a significant difference in hillary clinton's delegate lead. so winning any kind of victory for him would be enormous and he could claim huge moral support, but it still wouldn't get him that much closer to the nomination unless he just tromps her across the state which i very much doubt. >> bob, i know you sat down with donald trump earlier this week. what did you learn about his apparent turn toward acting more presidential? do you think we will see a different trump campaign going forward? >> he's been promising it for quite some time that he will be more presidential and he was dodging questions i was asking him about is senator cruz qualified to be president, other questions. he wouldn't answer. he did answer the question about being upset with the rnc and for the first time really went after priebus, the chairman. but i think that we're not seeing him on the sunday shows
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as much as we used to. i think this is a bit of a shift in his campaign. so i do think that he has long said he will be more rd shal, he has been having his children more out in front of tv cameras and on the campaign trail and i think those are effective strategies. i don't think he needs to be everywhere because he has been everywhere for the last eight months. >> what was your biggest takeaway sitting across the table face-to-face with him? >> you know, alex, it was -- his game face is on. this was the most serious -- this was our fourth interview and this is the most serious he has been. p i mean, the next couple months will decide whether he gets this nomination, whether he clinches it with 1237 or whether they go to the convention and certainly if he doesn't get to 1237, you have to think the momentum is then with senator ted cruz if it goes to a second or third ballot. so he wasn't hurt or anything like that, but he's very serious. this is going to define his run. no one thought that he would be in this situation.
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maybe he did not even think he would be in this situation and now he's so close. but yet he still has to close this out. >> and paul, speaking of the conventi convention, rnc will meet to debate changes to the rules. who would benefit? >> if the rules are going to change, it would benefit somebody other than donald trump by and large. they're discussing some rules that would make it easier for other people to get on the ballot for the convention, but keep in mind the convention has its own rules committee. any changes that are made by the rnc next week still have to be affirmed and ratified by the convection ruvenks rules commite and then ratified again on the floor by the delegates there. so whoever has the majority of the delegates in their pocket whether pledged or unpledged will have the ability to essentially make the rules that are to their advantage. >> do you think it's too late for trump to start playing nice with the gop establishment, bob? >> there are going to be some people, donald trump says the
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party will be united and reince priebus who he's been at odds with, they say the party will be united after the convention. it will be very difficult to see because you look at whoever wins, if cruz wins, then i don't think trump just goes out into the background and the trump supporters will be upset. and if trump wins, the never trump movement will continue on and you might see some republicans saying i'm not going to vote for trump, i'll vote for hillary clinton. so i think that he can unite the party to some degree, but honestly, i would be shocked if this party is united after they have their nominee in cleveland. >> okay. bob, paul, thanks so much. i'd like to remind all of you to catch road warriors, a round table with the women following the presidential candidates out on the trail. don't miss today at 3:00 eastern right here on msnbc, the place for politics. but straight ahead, are the presidential candidates doing enough to earn the african-american vote? what more can they come to win the key demographic.
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right now wyoming republicans are choosing the final 14 delegates to send to cleveland this summer. and our colleague hallie jackson is at that republican convention in casper. i know you're joining us on the phone and that's because you are actually as i understand it in the room where the voting is happening, no cameras allowed. so tell us what is going on. what about this process. >> reporter: hey, yeah, so we're inside where all of this goes down, right, and while cameras can come inside, our live capabilities are a little limited, so that's why i'm via the phone. all the delegates had to be inside to cast their ballots. today they are picking 14 of the
10:17 am
26 plus the three unbound that will head on to cleveland. and this is a room full of grass roots activists, people involved in wyoming politics for a while. and one gentleman who is letting us watch him as he fills out his slate, it feels like a cruz room frankly. ted cruz is the only candidate to come here in person and speak. donald trump and john kasich had surrogates coming in. but listen to what cruz had to say as he took the podium. >> if you don't want to see donald trump as the nom these, if you don't want to hand the general election to hillary clinton which is what a trump nomination does, then i ask you to please support the men and women on this slate. >> reporter: so cruz making his pitch about and he got a big ovation from the room when he talked about land rights which is important to folks here in wyoming. cruz tailoring his message, his usual stump speech message to his specific audience. i had a chance to speak with one
10:18 am
of wyoming's are senators, senator barrasso, and he echoed this sentiment that you seem to be hearing that cruz will do well here in wyoming with these dell gats. he also talked a little bit about the question marks that have been raised by donald trump about the rules and the idea that the system is rigged or corrupt and senator barrasso simply said i've been coming to these conventions since the 80s. the rules have been the same and he believes the folks here understand that and he wants to make sure his state ends up supporting the eventual nominee and who can win the general election come november. so we are maybe about ten minutes into this process, we're sort of watching all the ballots and voting happen. the delegates are here chatting with each other and they're organized by counties. it's a pretty cool thing. in hallie jackson right in the middle of things as always. thank you so much of that description. appreciate that. we'll look for a summary when
10:19 am
things wrap up. let's hear more from donald trump who was in connecticut last night calling 9 pathe parts system of choosing a candidate unfair. >> i'm leading in delegates by a lot. but that delegate system is a disaster the way they count. it's a disaster. and not fair, not good, and it's not good for democracy. it's not good for what we stand for. >> joining me now is ben ginsburg, political analyst and partner at the jones day law firm. ben was a rules maker in fact at the 2012 republican national convention. ben, with a big welcome you. i'm curious about the system right now as it stands. is there anything inherently wrong with it? >> well, it's the system that has been devised over a number of years. there is usually some tinkering done with it at every convention, presumably more tinkering done this time. certainly if mr. trump or any other candidate has a different
10:20 am
vision for the way the process should be, they have every ability for put forward motions in the rules committee. we tried one four years ago that would let the candidates choose all their delegates. that was defeated at the convention. but there are ways tried every year to improve the process in some people's minds and it's debated and sometimes modified. >> so i know that you've talked about the likely scenarios that we will see in july. i believe you've named three, one of which would be that donald trump gets to that magic number and he's the thom kne nominee. talk about the other two. >> the first is one where a nominee or candidate likely donald trump is within shouting distance of the 1237 magic number. that is when there are enough unbound delegates, there will be between 160 and 200 that they are persuadable number to come over and solve that. that is a pretty straightforward process as well, it's raw
10:21 am
politics. either you can persuade enough people to come with trump who is a plurality winner but not a majority winner going in. the second scenario is one where nobody is within the range where you are going to be able to persuade enough unbound delegates to come over and get a majority. that then becomes a real all out brawl on the floor of the convention and in the rules committee to fashion rules that each candidate thinks helps him a little bit more. >> so in terms of history, the last time republicans had this contested convention, it was 1976, president gerald ford went into the convention ahead of ronald reagan, but reagan hounted a very strong challenge. how did the ford camp get those votes from the reagan supporters so that he could make it on a first ballot and claim victory? >> to hear the veterans tell the tales, it involved a really
10:22 am
delegate specific knowledge of those people and what would motivate them. so it was a combination of offering rides on air force one, i think a few lucky persuadable delegates got go to state dinners. but more than anything else, it was conversations with delegates who could be wooed during that period to explain the vision of why gerald ford would be better or ronald reagan would be better. but what all the candidates in cleveland will need to do is to know that persuadable delegates, to know what motivates them in terms of issues, and people who they will listen to. and then let the games begin. >> is there ever a conflict of interest where things can be interpreted as bribes versus influence? >> well, i think that scenario can always take place in the hot house at moths fear ofmosphere election. so tactics that one group thinks
10:23 am
are certainly within the rules, if they're successful, there could well be a complaint filed against them. that will be part of the background. but it's still also true as a matter of law the political parties have the ultimate independence and freedom to make their rules as they wish to pick their nominee. >> ben, there is an associated press report out today that outlines a scenario under which donald trump could clinch the nomination by june 7, big state being california on that day. how likely is that scenario? >> well, it's a good scenario. it's well thought out. there are about half dozen other scenarios that are equally plausible. i think the point of the story and what it showed is that it is possible with strong electoral victories for donald trump to win. but the path to do it is quite narrow and any surprises will make it more difficult. one thing that is true about
10:24 am
both new york and california, which are the big troves of delegates, is that you at the time relatively few delegates for winning state-wide. so you have to go into the individual congressional districts. the polling in individual congressional districts is nonexistent. so it is conceivable to see statewide numbers but that won't tell the tale of the delegates in in the states like new york and california that award delegates by each congressional district. >> if the rnc convention rules commit at the meets prior to the convention and changes the rules, is it possible they are doing so to prevent donald trump or at least make it even more difficult for him to capture the nomination? >> well, look, i think that in any contested convention and even some that aren't, you have rule spikes where people, different camps, try and get an advantage through the rules. the convention rules committee is going to be made up of delegates elected by the people
10:25 am
in this primary process. so it's not going to be the republican national committee that does it, it will be people elected for this specific purpose of being at the convention. donald trump, ted cruz, john kasich are all fighting for delegates. so whoever does the best job of getting his delegates named to the rules committee and the credentials committee and the platform committee will have the best success at the convention and the ability to set any rules that they may want to set. >> all right. ben ginsburg, good to speak with you. thank you so much. the battle to protect voting rights across this country, naacp cornell brooks joining us next. in fact he's sitting across from me right now. the nissan rogue
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they automatically shrinkers add an itethe prices jet carts, of millions of other products. very impressive. whew... it's got a little kick to it. i'm sorry, i can't hear you? nice shirt craig. at, we're always looking for unbelievable money saving innovations. the democrat being candidates for the nomination are battling for the african-american vote here in new york as well as upcoming primary state, both bernie sanders and hillary clinton
10:29 am
addressed al sharpton's national network to seek support. let's bring in the naacp president. good to have you. >> great to be here. >> let's talk about what the candidates are doing and if they are addressing effectively the concerns of african-american voters. are they? >> i think not. and what i mean by that, they have not addressed these issues with sufficient vigor. and so the number one issue on the top of the agenda is the right on vote because we're entering the first presidential election in 50 years without the full protection of the voting rights act. and according to the balance of 20 million americans are at stake. in other words, we have seen these machiavellian calculated strategies to disenfranchise voters from north carolina, to alabama, to ohio across the country. and so the naacp with 300 organizations, we're gathering
10:30 am
together saturday, sunday and this coming monday in washington for something we call democracy a wwaken awakening. so that is the first issue. the second issue would be these criminal justice challenges. we see all across the country racial profiling and the racial profiling not of individuals, but of a generation. that is a major challenge. thirdly, there is even in the midst of record low unemployment, there is an elevated sense of income inequality all across the country. and where you have african-americans in the wake of the credit crisis, the housing crisis, who lost a generations worth of wealth in five year, the next president has to have an economic plan and it speaks to entrepreneurship, to employment, to investing in cities and towns that have been disinvested in. and neighborhoods.
10:31 am
and so we need a robust, full and complete agenda. but at the top of that agenda is the right to vote. >> and to that point, bernie sanders was talking about that with reverend al sharpton at the national action network meeting that he attended. let's take a listen. >> you would have thought that after all we have gone through as a country to make sure that people have the right to vote regardless of the color of their skin, i'm tired of people figuring out ways to shrink the voter turnout. we have to expand it. >> and how do we do that? >> one way we do that first is to protect the right to vote. that is to say to strengthen the voting rights act which is badly broken after supreme court decision called shelby versus holder. so on monday, the democracy initiative and the naacp, civil rights groups, are bringing by
10:32 am
the thousands people to washington to engage in what we call a congress of conscience to engage in acts of civil disobedience to traumatize this. number two, we have to mobilize and motivate people all across the country. it cannot be taken for granted that some of the enthusiasm that we've seen in the primaries will show up at the polls. so the point being is what we're coming is combining voter registration with voter demonstration. the naacp moved a million people to the polls in 2012. we're going to need that and more in order to be the democracy we need to be. to many people, they think of the vote as a civic sacrament. the fact of the matter is the sacrament is being desecrated as we speak. and what we have is people basically suppressing and stealing votes before the election, buying and selling votes, legislative vote, after the election. and so this is a serious
10:33 am
movement in our address and we have to turn out folks to vote. and particularly young people. what we're saying to young people, don't admire the courage of john lewis a generation ago. demonstration that courage today. stand up for the right to vote and actually vote. >> and your second points with regard to just expanding action and having people take action about things, hillary clinton was talking about the importance of doing that, but not doing it just around election time. >> that's right. >> and you agree with that certainly. >> absolutely. we believe that the right to vote is a demonstration of the commitments and the ideals of the civil rights movement. so what we're encouraging young people do is get involved, get educated, register others to vote, show up to vote. because here is the reality. you may be able to shut down a mall, you may be able to demonstrate or get arrested, but if you don't get yourself registered and vote, you can't change policy. and that is the moment we're in, that is the hour that we're in.
10:34 am
so we encourage people to go to to sign up for the congress of conscience and participate in the democracy awakening, but be clear, we cannot have campaign consultants creating ads. we kchcan't haves running aroun and not have the citizens participating. >> good luck with the convention. it will be in cincinnati the same week as the cleveland convention. >> so the nooip wiaacp will be gathering in cincinnati and expect to be an exciting time in ohio. >> okay. thank you. straight ahead, targeting donald trump. a new ad uses trump's open words against him, but as the $25 million spent by anti-trump frups really paid off? that is next. ♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto.
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hillary clinton is fund raising tonight in los angeles and it comes on the heels of a $353,000 per table event hosted by george clooney in san francisco. scott, a welcome to you. what other campaign events does hillary have out west? >> well, this is next on theed a jen take, this is a rally for relatively small rally here at los angeles southwest college where she will be speaking probably within the next hour or so. then she goes from here to a smaller fundraiser in korea town and then a second fundraiser with the clooneys at their home in studio city. the top ticket there, bar begga price, $100,000, the sanders campaign is all about the contrasts here. they have staged protests in san francisco last night, more expected today.
10:39 am
and there a supposedly 99% party, the other 99%, with the founder of the 99 cent only store chain, howard gold. the rice to get into that is just $27. and they have also run a tv ad now highlighting that average donation it to the sanders campaign of $27 with the message being that you can attend a bernie sanders fundraiser for just the cost of turning on your tv. >> $27. >> i think it's the best $27 you could spend. >> the average donation given to bernie sanders. >> $27. >> to make clunlg college tuition free. >> while the clinton campaign has clearly reason that they can afford to take that kind of criticism and one of the reasons they can afford it, is that the expected haul for this weekend of fundraising in l.a. is about $15 million. from here she heads back to new york cam napaigning in stat en
10:40 am
isla island. >>ing on. thank you so much. a new radio ad is out in the western part of new york city, by the same super pac that created the facebook ad using a nearly naked picture of melania trump. here is part. >> touchdown says a lot of sue pid stuff. in 2006, he said on "the view" oig -- >> if ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps i'd be dating her. >> and he said if he weren't happily married, he'd -- you can guess what he meant. trump, stupid stuff. make the smart choice and support ted cruz. >> joining me now is the head of the super pac who put on that ad. liz, with a welcome to you, i'm curious how much of an impact to you expect that to have considering recent polling out of this morning which shows donald trump maintaining his lead by about a 2:1 mar begin right now? >> i think new york is a very complicate state.begin right now?
10:41 am
>> i think new york is a very complicate state. if you look at how delegates are awarded, we will have to see. i think that the situation in new york is substantially more complicated when it comes to delegates than what i think the trump campaign is pretending. and one thing that we know is that the trump campaign really doesn't actually understand how to work delegates. they don't understand how the nomination is conducted. in many cases it's not even that they're failing to work within the rules, they're just not showing up to the game and then complaining when they lose sort of the proverbial football match. so we will have to see. but for what has been a very, very small amount of money that we've spent in western new york to run that ad, probably something i would guess in the range of $4,000 to $5,000 tops, we have had at least $100,000 in free media off that ad. and so we feel very comfortable that that ad is having an impact. we know that when it aired on buffalo tv stations, they received calls from viewers
10:42 am
asking where they could donate to us and how they could support our work and how they could assist in our work. and so with regard to our efforts, we feel very comfortable that we're having an impact. that's not necessarily to say the same of everybody who is opposing donald trump, but we feel that our ad is having an impact. we feel that a number of the ads we've run have had a significant impact in putting the position that he's in which is one where he's unlikely to get the 1237. >> and the tag line calls on voters to vote for ted cruz as the smart choice. are you saying that a smart for cruz, is it a vote against trump or is it your vote like cruz? >> we generally are of the view that ted cruz is the only person that can stop trump mathematically. if we were running this ad in than hat man hamanhattan, we mit
10:43 am
have included that line. but we think it's easier to move the kind of voter attracted to somebody like carl paladino, it's probably easier to move them to ted cruz than to move them to john kasich. and when we are looking at this in terms of it being a national race, momentum is with ted cruz. ted cruz can block donald trump mathematically. john kasich simply cannot. >> do you have an explanation as to why john kasich polls better against hillary clinton than donald trump or ted cruz in a general election match-up? >> sure. well, one of the simple exmap nati explan nations is that john kasich is not who the spotlight hats been on, therefore everybody is under the pre-sump shop that he's a nice guy and they haven't heard negative information about him. this is the same reason why maybe bernie sanders polls better than hillary clinton does. p i don't actually think that a guy who went on honeymoon in the soviet union is somebody be who
10:44 am
is more electable in a center right united states of america, but people simply haven't heard the same volume of negative information about some of the also ran candidates whereas right now obviously people are hearing a lot of negative information about hillary clinton, speaespecially about dd trump who has the highest unfavorables since the kkk's david duke ran. bay the way, he's also endorsed donald trump. and then ted cruz obviously has some unfavorables, as well, though nowhere near as stark. >> i'll have high director throw up a new fox news poll. what you see here is that donald trump is in the lead and that is the way it is. so is your group and others trying to stop him, doesn't this type of poll point to the argument that donald trump should win by popular vote instead of the delegate system? >> absolutely not. that's not how we do things in this country. may be how donald trump wishes we did, but it's not. there is a system that she shoud
10:45 am
have been very well aware of. national primary polls are absolutely irrelevant. we do things on a state by state basis and things involving delegates. and if donald trump doesn't like this, well, then he should have done something earlier than now to try to change the rule. now what he's doing is essentially the same thing as if you had a baseball team simply refuse to show up to a playoff game and then complaining that they lost. that's what is going on here and he's probably going to lose as a result of it. >> all right. liz mair, thank you so much. in a moment, where hillary clinton launched her political career and what people think about her now. (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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10:49 am
their 1999 and it did not go well. the restaurant down the road refused to serve bill or hillary and this restaurant johnny angels put a about a lobologna e menu and named it the hillary special. and the bologna burger is back. limited time offer. the bologna burger is back on the menu, three hick slices. this is bill, the owner. how is it selling so far?thick . this is bill, the owner. how is it selling so far? >> the baloney is selling probably 3:1. >> so people are eating this time. she didn't do in 1999. and you've got another burger on the list now. the trump burger. two gigantic burgers with lots of cheese. over the top and made in america. how is that one doing? >> it's delicious. but not selling as well. >> we'll test that claim. is it delicious. we have a brave trump supporter with us. this is dennis. he has volunteered to sell our
10:50 am
room temperature food here. this is the hillary bologna. p tell us what you think, sir. t. >> full of bologna, he says, we'll leave you with your trumpburg, alex, back to you. >> we had a couple of issues with your video and i'm sorry about that but we heard it, full of bologna, that's good. thank you, tony, appreciate that. take note all of you. a more restrained donald trump is on the stump. coming up, is trump becoming a more mild mannered polished candidate or is it just an illusion.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
we're going to bring our country back together. everybody, not just here. african-american, white, old, young, men women. we're going to bring people
10:54 am
together. we're going to bring people together. >> that was donald trump speaking to supporters in syracuse. it appears he's had a change in tactics. nbc news has learned he's relying on his team of experienced insiders. those advisors are trying to add talking points to the campaign. good morning to you. some of trump's op-ed in the "wall street journal." mr. cruz toured the country bragging about his voterless victory in in colorado. for a man tell us about the ted cruz campaign that we could see a more disciplined donald trump right now. >> he promises that. he promises to be more presidential, he hasn't demonstrated he has the temperament to do it. we'll see if he can do it. the only thing people are united
10:55 am
in is their opposition against donald trump. he's brought together a lot of people against him. he's brought a lot of people together. it's been remarkable, but he needs to demonstrate a softer side. you're seeing heidi cruise on the trail, you're seeing the daughters on the trail. so you've seen a softer side of ted cruz. i think it will a rough couple weeks for truss but the map shifts and we go to indiana which looks good for ted cruz but watch oregon and washington state, these are mail-in ballot states, oregon has almost all mail-in ballot states. that requires an organization that was moving long before election night. you can't show up near election night so look for cruz to do well in both of those states. >> i should point out that there's a lot of trump families out there. you mentioned heidi cruz and the girls speaking out there but what i want to know is a campaign veteran insider is what
10:56 am
went on to cause the change in donald trump. he pulled out notes and used them. instead of speaking for an hour at random, he was about 35 minutes long. what's happened there? >> well, my guess is that some more seasoned professionals decided donald trump's negatives are so high and you have to reverse that. if he expects to go to the general election, if he wins the requisite number of delegates and becomes the presumptive nominee and the nominee at the convention he is going to have a tough row to hoe. you can't have 85% of young people, 80% of hispanics and 74% of women united against you and hope to win. >> can he turn that around? >> well, look anything is possible but i think it would be difficult and he's demonstrate nod temperament to do it. let's see if he can do it over the next couple months but he hasn't been able to do it so far. maybe his -- and he doesn't
10:57 am
listen to his advisors so let's see if he listens to these advisors. >> stay tuned. rick tyler, good to see you, thank you. that wraps up this hour of coverage. ayman mohyeldin is up next. see you next week on msnbc, the police for politics. (vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our
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genius! oh charlene? charlene. no. charlene. why is she wearing earrings? why is it a she? shh... at, we're always looking for unbelievable money saving innovations. good afternoon, everyone, i'm ayman mohyeldin live from msnbc headquarter ins new york. three days to go until voters head to the polls in the empire state. we will speak live with new york governor and hillary clinton supporter andrew cuomo. clinton is spending the day campaigning out west in california. she is expected to take the stage any minute at an event in los angeles. back here in new york, former president bill clinton is on the stump.


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