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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 17, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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really hard. trane. the most reliable for a reason. ♪ with intuitive all-wheel drive. take on the unexpected. >> good day, everyone. here at msnbc world headquarters, two days before the new york primary, ted cruz can declare victory in the delegate-rich empire state.
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it could be a different story as he fights john kasich and donald trump. >> there two candidates who have any plausible path at winning the nomination. me and donald trump. >> the system is rigged. it's a bad and a dirty system. we are going to do something about it. >> if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee and hand the election to hillary clinton, the men and women on this slate. >> just remember this, folks. ted cruz does not like you and he does not like new york. >> let's take you right now to staten island, new york where donald trump is holding a press conference talking about the delegate system and discussing bernie sanders. let's listen in. >> the polls are so good and so strong that i really want to focus on areas where they know me, but not as well.
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we had virtually nothing. i will tell you that the press doesn't cover it that way. the safest -- i was in watertown yesterday with tremendous crowds. albany was unbelievable. rochester was unbelievable. i think about our rome. we have very little protesters and every once in a while someone raises their hand and gets ushered out. the safest places to be is at a trump rally. the press doesn't cover it that way. i know it very well and i had property on staten island and i grew up on staten island and my father had the grimes hill.
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i love staten island and tysons park. i worked on staten island for four summers. i love it. the greatest people. these people are incredible people. i just had stats done because i'm making a speech in a couple of minutes and if you look at the number of jobs being lost it's incredible. 25% of the manufacturing jobs and it's unbelievable. i noticed because before i go to every community i do a stat sheet. i have my people give me the stats and they are all the same. >> we are going to keep monitoring that. he is speaking in staten island and about to go to a brunch where he will be speaking officially. we will bring you the latest info from that and new reaction from hillary clinton about the
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pressure she is under to release transcripts from paid speeches. >> you have certain expectations which is release all of your tax returns since you have been in public life. that's what i have done. 33 years are in the public domain and eight years are on my website. there is a new standard. when it applies to everybody, you bet. i will meet that standard as well. >> she attended a series of fund raisers at the los angeles home of that guy. george clooney and his wife amal. they asked about the hefty price tag for the fund-raiser. >> $353,000, a couple to be a cochair. do you look at it yourself and think that's an obscene amount of money? >> yes. it is an obscene amount of money. we had protesters when we pulled up in san francisco and they are right to protest.
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it is an obscene amount of money. the sanders campaign is right. it is ridiculous that we should have this kind of money in politics. i agree. >> here's senator sanders. >> hooey is honest enough to say there is something wrong when few people -- this case won't be shds, but others have wall street and powerful special interest who are able to contribute unbelievably large sums and you won't have a government that represents all of us so long as you have hillary clinton dependent on big money and interest. >> sanders supporters throwing money at clinton's motorcade. sanders can claim another victory after winning a majority of delegates. he picked up 41 delegates to clinton's 33. clinton returns to new york city for an event on staten island.
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checking out the republican side, new reaction from the chair over donald trump's accusation that is the system is rigged and corrupt. >> they are each individual state that tomorrodetermines ho do the delegates. to me i'm not going to get in the middle of a candidate back and forth. there things that can be better, but it doesn't mean somehow it is being rigged against a particular person. it means overtime you can make improvements. >> a new poll by nbc news reveal what voters think the party should do before the convention. you see it there. 62% believe the candidate with the most votes should win the
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nomination and 33% said it should be the candidate who delegates think would be the best. it comes a day after ted cruz picked up another victory in wyoming. they picked up 14 delegates bringing his total number of pledged delegates to 23 and donald trump picked up one delegate. that is fewer than 200 delegates behind donald trump. trump is the only candidate with a schedule of events with two in new york. let's go to the democrats. both converging on new york with big names on saturday. kristen welker is in new york. hillary clinton spent most of the day with hollywood a-listers to say the least. what all did she say? >> she was actually at the home of george and amal clooney. part of her defense is she is
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not just raising money for herself, but democratic candidates trying to win back the senate. that is an argument that george clooney echoed during the interview. sanders was asked about that and that he hasn't done as much fund-raise are for the party. >> i am raising money to elect other democrats. i am a democrat and want to see us take back the senate and have a strong showing in the house and take back governorships and legislatures up and down the ticket. i want to win in new york of course and i want to secure the nomination, but not just for me. >> senator sanders was asked about that as well and said look, some of his money has gone to other democrats and he is on defense. secretary clinton still has to raise money the old fashioned way with the high prized
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fund-raisers where sanders can raise millions in small donations and he said the average donation is $27 and he outpaced secretary clinton in a number of months. she has a strong lead in new york. 57 to 40%. the clinton campaign is feeling strong and not leaving anything to chanceful her top surrogates bill clinton and chelsea clinton are trying to rally the base. >> from brooklyn, new york. after a whirl wind couple of days, bernie sanders is there where we find casey hunt covering the sanders campaign. a good afternoon to you. sanders in double-digits behind hillary in most of the polls. what is he hoping for? >> good afternoon. this is of course the show of force from the sanders campaign
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demonstrating that he can draw people out by the thousands where hillary clinton struggles to build crowds that are this big. it's whether or not the people who show up will show up to vote. as we know, just building a big crowd is not enough. he had huge crowds across the states where he has been fighting with her. new york is a closed primary. you have to be a democrat to vote here in new york state. that always has been a challenge for the sanders campaign. some came earlier and the younger folks not able to vote in the primary. the poll numbers for him have not moved. in other cases you have seen bernie sanders show up and hold big rallies and get into the blood stream more and get on to the front page of the papers and the numbers close with hillary clinton. that is not happening here in new york. he had a couple tough news
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cycles. clinton has run especially in new york city before she understands it is tabloids that drive a lot of media coverage and he was caught responding to her. they saved these rallies for the end of that primary campaign. sanders also taking a brief jaunt to rome. at the same time he is now trying to work hard just in the final days. it's not clear he will have enough time at this point to really seal the deal, alex. >> thank you very much, casey hunt. all those candidates have their track shoes on. as we showed you, donald trump is on staten island and attending to the fair from staten island. katie is covering the trump campaign. did we learn anything new from making the press conference a
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short while ago? >> not really. we were asking him what he had a rough july and whether that involves or believes that violence was at the convention. he said he hopes that there would not be. he believes this is a rigged system and believes the rules will need to change and he will get to the convention with enough votes and delegates. 1237 delegates, the magic number to be avoid the contested convention and he explained why he is not playing the game. he believes that the system is set up in such a way where there is not a primary and the voters do not go out and vote and where the party picks the delegates and there is no point to fight for them. they will not pick delegates that are supportive of donald trump.
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he believes the system is rigged. one thing we learned, a fun moment here, as you know, new york city is big on participation and rivalries. i asked him what his favorite pizza place was and he chose denino's. >> that are is quite legit. see you again next hour. let's bring in "new york times" reporter and msnbc contributor with a big welcome to you. he wrote that it is rigged against him. >> i think it's more sophisticated than a lot of people give him credit for. he is identifying this very raw notion that goes through the
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democratic party. the deck is stacked against ordinary people. the average voter is disenfranchised and too much money in politics and the powerful are the ones who succeed at the expense of the average joe. what trump has done is whipped his voters up into a frenzy and they do believe and with some legitimacy, by the way. this is not a democratic nominating process. they believe it is being stolen from them. >> is the difference being put out there that this is not just about donald trump. these rules have been in effect since he took candidacy. >> that's where there is a certain level of is disingenuousness. he can say guys, did you have
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any idea that this is how the process worked? i didn't. come on. he knows. he knew the rules were in place and he knows the difference between a caucus and a primary and he is making a much more sophisticated argument than a lot of people give him credit for. they asked about the press this morning and here's what they had to say. >> there is really nothing that is rigged or being changed or altered. these are the same rules in place basically for over a century. no one was complaining except for when it was all over. look. every state is different and you can reform the system. this has been an ongoing debate, but you have to go state by state. it's a pretty extraordinary
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task. >> another word is convoluted. it's really hard to figure out. every state has their own rules. that said, do you think donald trump is making a fuss about this? he can feel ted cruz coming up behind him. >> if this goes to a second ballot, it's almost certain trump will be denied the nomination. 245i acknowledge that. if trump does not have a majority of delegates before cleveland, he will not be the am nominee. they need to not only shore up the dell gets and get to that number, but also remind people that the process is broken and they need to get their people out to vote. by doing that, it's a very effective way to scare people into voting. this is going to be stolen from you if you don't go out and vote. >> after spending all this time
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antagonizing the staff, what is he going to do when he needs their backing? >> the trump campaign has come to that realization over the last woke or so. i am told there have been conversations back and forth between the rnc and senior officials where the rnc said look, you have to knock it off. he can't be bashing the party if he expects to be the party's nominee and in turn the senior aides have said cool it a little bit. what you are doing is risking delegates. these delegates, a lot of them are party loyalists. they are the little old ladies who answer the phones and the local commissioners. trump needs those people. if he is going around saying how
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corrupt they are, that's not effective. >> the wisdom as to what's going to happen here. >> it's funny, i had this conversation with a senior strategist. at one point we stopped trying to guess. there is no way to predict what happens. it is a certainty that donald trump will not be the nominee if he doesn't get it on the first ballot. all hell breaks loose. it's not clear to me that ted cruz gets a majority on a second or third. that's something that people are starting to worry about. what could happen after multiple ballots. they competed to work for him
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(inhales cigarette) we stand united today as citizens of this great country to denounce the vision to make america great again because we believe his vision overlooks everything that made america great in the first place. >> that is dr. randall pinkett speaking against his former reality boss. a number of cast offs have come out against trump for creating a toxic ecosystem in the political discourse. joining me is kwame jackson during the first season of the
9:23 am
apprentice and a vocal opponent of the trump presidency. i want to ask you about the donald trump you know. in terms of your experience, what was it like and do you think he changed? >> i think there has been a dr. jekyll and mr. hyde. that's in terms of where we have gone with his personality. the donald trump i knew in 2004 and 2 thousand 3 when we filmed was a fair boss and a middle of the road guy encouraging the projects i was working on. there was the ego there and it wasn't this venom and toxicity we see today. when he started to beat the drum for the birther movement, i started to recoil on what he did to distance himself from the future of america and disparage president obama on a number of grounds that indicted a lot of minority professionals. we beat that further and we are where we are today.
9:24 am
there has been that evolution or devolution. that is something to be afraid of. >> as a former contestant, amorosa has become a trump supporter. here's what she said. >> it's convenient that they are timing. donald announced if they were really concerned about him becoming a nominee, why wait until april when he is on the cusp of becoming a nominee? you mentioned to me by 2008, 2009. >> i don't want to respond directly to her because i don't play the game she plays, but to respond to your question as for as why now, i have been speaking out particularly against this run since last summer. there tapes of me in june and
9:25 am
july. i was the first person to say how he was lending credence to the next tim mcveigh. there was a long record of me speaking out. why today in unison? it was right before the new york primary andtome delegates are at stake. this cancer we see in america has metastasized. it is growing and spread to other parts of the body and i don't think anyone saw that coming. it's like we have to put a thumb in the dam or a band-aid on the problem to hopefully stop this devolution from happening. >> as you would expect, donald trump has a response to all of this and fires back saying you guys, you and other former contestants want to get back in the lime light and for others to know who you are. >> donald will always be school yard bully 101. he pushes you on the shoulder.
9:26 am
he calls you a name and challenges you to a fight in the third great. pet lens does not equal presidency. that will not make him presidential against isis or anyone else he has to debate or go against and not on the twitter sphere. i shake it off and keep moving and hopefully take the high road to the presidency and encourage others to do that. >> anyone listening to this interview who sees your position, why should people trust you over her? >> interesting question. i'm not a fan of omarosa. i am not going to respond to her personally. she had over a decade of where she stands in the media, but for me personally, why they should trust me, i conducted myself in a positive manner and i tried to be a representative of my
9:27 am
community and understand that professionals have limited opportunities and when we get them, they carry the broader community with you and act like my grandma said. like we have home training and we have been there before and we want to represent a larger community. i think i have done that and i have been complimented on that. i don't know if she can say the same. god bless her. >> your grandmother should be proud of you. >> thank you, leola. >> good name. what new yorkers are saying about the race two days before the state's primary. if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in.
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welcome back, everyone. i'm here in new york, the place for politics. new reaction from the former reporter over allegations that he grabbed her at a trump event last month. >> they tried to paint me as a villain and there is a lot of smart people. it's laughable. he grabbed me and defamed me. if anything, he should provide an apology and threatened to blow up the car of his former boss. i don't think i'm going to get an apology, but it would be nice. >> i never spoken to miss fields. i turned over my phone records to the palm peach district attorney's office and it showed i called her and right about this on the twitter feed.
9:35 am
i would be happy to have a conversation with her, but to apologize to someone i never spoke to and i don't remember having interaction with is unrealistic. i would be happy to say again, this is a person i never spoke to. i would be happy to have that conversation if we can put this behind us. >> no word from conald trump on the matter. he is the only one campaigning and on the democrat side, sanders will hold a rally and clinton returns for an event on staten island. let's bring in the pollster for the poll numbers. let's get to the primary and the numbers relative to tuesday. secretary clinton is ahead 17 points of bernie sanders. do you expect that clinton will maintain that lead through the primary tuesday? >> i think so as in the previous segments. anything is possible.
9:36 am
in the last couple of polls, the democratic and republican side have been fairly consistent. the other thing she has going is she won two elections in new york. that means at least for both candidates, hillary and trump were new yorkers and will be less of a discrepancy. >> as you look down the road, if bernie sanders does not win new york, does that have an effect on those who will support him? >> i think sides's likely out come is a long time. a clinton and trump win solidifies their place in their respective party nominations. for mrs. clinton, it's probably making her footing more solid
9:37 am
than mr. trump. in addition poll numbers, money is important and the last couple reports have shown that the sanders campaign is generating financial enthusiasm. there may be no reason to go until the end, but he probably will have enough money and support to go to the end. >> let's check out the polls. they were more interesting as the republican poll is ump by nearly 30 point. you think most of that can be attributed to the new york values comment he made? >> governor kasich doesn't have the name id in new york. new york is donald trump's base and i think the latest polls do reflect his name id and positive rating among the republicans. >> do you have a positive take away for john kasich if he
9:38 am
outscores ted cruz? >> well, i was thinking about this. a win is a win. we don't give out silver medals for second and third. if kasich can overcome expectations and outter form cruz, he can survive to the next week's primaries. it comes to the point where he is going week by week and at some point if he performs below expectations, that can mean his campaign is over. >> let's look at the poll that should just out looking at candidate popularity. donald trump and hillary clinton are the front-runners. bernie canneders and john kasich had higher positives than negative. do you draw any conclusions? do they elect presidents they don't like?
9:39 am
>> i think first of all, the primaries for both sides will be over soon and we will have another four or five months in general for either party's nominees to change their image. right now looking at the poll numbers, this would be a unique election in which the two major party candidates would have negatives. that can change. that's what campaigns are about. i think what the poll results have, the nation is divided, 50-50. each party's candidates are going after the swing voters and that's where i think the parties will be looking at the 10 to 12% in this country and will depend on which democrats's nominee. >> that always seems to be the formula. it is what it is. thank you so much.
9:40 am
let's get anned in check on the pulse of the people. true new yorkers in their natural environment. that's where cal perry has been talking to the voters outside the gates. what happened? couldn't you get a ticket there? >> i'm an orioles fan. i shouldn't say that. i love the yankees. i thought with my american league east bias, who are the most opinionated obnoxious fans in the world. yankee fans. all joking aside, they are opinionated and we thought we would ask them about the election. take a listen. >> hillary. >> why hillary? >> i think we need fresh ideas and to have a woman in office will be a good deal. >> hillary clinton wins the election or the yankees win the world series. you have to pick one. >> yankees win the series.
9:41 am
>> hillary winning the presidency is more important hon le estly. >> i like beshy because trump is outrageous and i don't like hillary at all. >> if bernie wins the presidency or the yankees win the series. you can only pick one. >> the yankees win the world series. >> you are leaning towards? >> trump. there is too much corruption going on and i'm unhappy with what's going on and i want a change. >> we met supporters of every candidate, but everyone said they wanted something new. we met a lot of independents who said they were disappointed they would not be able to vote. new york is a closed primary. huh to be registered months ago and they are disappointed it's not an open primary. >> go in and enjoy the ball game
9:42 am
whether they are playing the orioles or not. >> despite an ongoing losing streak, they are confident about winning new york and beyond. will he get the delegates he says he deserves? (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. while you're mastering life. the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira
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>> what we know is on tuesday in his home state of new york, ted cruz will come in third place and they will do well in the delegate count. they will add 200 delegates and he is the presumptive front-runner and nominee. ted cruz will be eliminated. >> that was donald trump's campaign manager with predictions for how it will unfold will it be so simple? let's bring in howard dane and analyst michael steel. these are both friends, believe it or not. good to see you both. let's talk about the reactions
9:46 am
that we just heard. can trump scoop up 200 more delegates? i will ask you first. >> to answer the question with the question, to michael, i have been told twice by the republican operatives who know the rules, not aligned, kasich's name can't be placed in nomination and won't change the eight-state rule. either cruz or trump have to be nominated. i find that to be extraordinary. >> i thank is right. the current reading of the rules and how it stands. there a number of delegates who are coming up to the rnc meeting with proposals to begin to chip away and change that process. not to benefit john kasich or the others, but a lot of rnc members feel this process should
9:47 am
be opened up to allow or avoid the possibility of a heavy contentious convention. to your first question, i think the answer is yes, he can. he is going to do well in new york. he will get at least 85 if not all 95 of the delegates on tuesday. he is halfway there. when you look at how he is setting up, he is ahead in delaware, new jersey and will do well in the mid-atlantic states. donald trump will be in a very, very good position going to the west. >> he can do it. were you to be one of the new advisers, how would you advise him to guarantee your prediction? >> i think partly what paul is telling him to do. is getting the delegates that are right in front of you and coming up in the primary and
9:48 am
caucus states that are ahead and the second tier is to get the delegates on the ground after the primary and the caucus is over. you have to understand the state party rules that go to the allocation. right now i identify 53 times three. 53 congressional districts and you need three from each of the districts. you need those bodies on the ground in california to be selected when you get to that june primary. it's a two-prong approach that they have to put in place right now. >> do you have a comment right there. >> i don't see how trump gets to 1237 under any circumstances. cruz keeps chipping away and he got trump delegates in louisiana. they are unbound that means they will be controlled by the party and not by whoever wins the primary. i think this is going to be a
9:49 am
madhouse. it has to be ratified at the republican national convention and if trump and cruz together, that's the one thing they agree on. i don't see how you get the rules changed. >> your stance on and chipping away to use howard's wording. is that fair to trump? >> howard has it right. this has been the misstep by the campaign. they did not calculate the second part of the process. they thought it was enough to win the dell gets or the race. you didn't have to have those allocated. >> >> talking about maureen doud who said hillary has shown an unwillingness to learn from her mistakes and leaves the impression that she is merely sorry to be facing criticism and
9:50 am
not that she miscalculated in the first place. does hillary clinton need to apologize sometimes? what would that do to her? >> i haven't read her column for 12 years. she insulted my wife who is not the least bit interested in politics. i think hillary is doing fine. she will win new york and will be the next president of the united states. >> there is nothing more to say about that, is there? >> i will give him she will win new york and probably maryland and pennsylvania, but it's up in the air about the president of the united states stuff. >> fair enough. >> hillary clinton has a personality problem. it is reflected in the polls that the last segment pointed out. people don't like her. a little humility and a little bit of yeah, i probably got that wrong would help her.
9:51 am
that's the thing this past week with bernie. you could tell she was looking at bernie and saying why are you still here. the condescending remarks can put people off. she has to deal with that. it's part of her personality, but it's an impact on how well will do. >> you understand he would rather face hillary than bernie? >> i don't understand that. i will take both of them, but i think putting up a socialist democrat against a republican is a win for the gop. >> the last word for you, howard dean. >> hillary does apologize when necessary. she apologized for being clumsy
9:52 am
about the server. i know her well. i like her a lot as a human being. i think she will be a great president. she herself said something i agree with. she will be a better president than she is a candidate. she doesn't have the political skills on the trail that bill clinton or barack obama may have, but she has extraordinary management skills and smart as all get out. the facts guide her more than anybody else in the race and the facts matter if you are president of the united states. >> people can agree she does her homework. no one will argue with that. howard dean and michael steel. thank you so much. it is part of america's energy renaissance and became a key issue for folks in one part of new york state and where fracking may be fueling votes and frustrations and fears. >> fracking is a major political fault line and we are on that. fracking is legal and in new york state, fracking is not. that can have a major influence.
9:53 am
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>> the issue of fracking is big for the primers including new york and pennsylvania who have different regulations. msnbc has been talking to voters in upstate new york. it was your name that was a problem. what? i'm just kidding. let's talk about the impact of this. >> it's easy to say. >> what kind of impact it has on their vote and what are they telling you about fracking and how it relates to them? >> they are very frustrated. right here in new york state, fracking is banned. behind me in pennsylvania fracking is legal. it is dividing politicians. bernie sanders would like to do away with it and hillary clinton is more on the little. she wants stronger regulations.
9:57 am
she in a position to benefit. you are a registered republican and support fracking. which do you think is in the best position to get your rights back? >> i would vote for cruz. i watched him on television and he is calmer and has a lot of better ideas than the other candidates. >> if fracking came back, how much money can you make here? >> i own 158 acres and if it was 5,000 an acre, i would be a millionaire or my kids would be. >> it's not only hazel, about we went down to the border, the town supervisor, she said they want fracking and it can make a huge difference in their lives. >> i believe in this area you are going to see probably a household average income of about 40, $42,000. the national average is
9:58 am
somewhere around 56 to 58. that shows you the difference in the incomes that people live on. if people own land, this is an opportunity for them to rise out of poverty. have more money, accepted their certain to better colleges. >> right now they are near state voters. they would like to succeed and become pennsylvanians. >> thank you so much for that. getting the opportunity to work on the trump campaign. one republican consultant said thanks, but no thanks. if you want president obama to endorse someone, you might be disappointed. that's all ahead on the place for politics. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he
9:59 am
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