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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 17, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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this is the place for politics. new reaction from donald trump after saying there would be a rough july if the rnc didn't change the delegate system. >> you have to change. it has to be changed. it's not going to happen probably this time, although they are watching a lot closer and the public is really angry. the republicans are really angry. you will have a very, very upset and angry group of people at the convention. i hope that doesn't happen because if i win, people are going to be very happy. >> here's the rnc chair who talked about the ongoing feud. >> i don't know what the motivation is. there is really nothing that is rigged or being changed or altered. every state is different. this is an ongoing debate, but you have to go state by state by
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state. it's an extraordinary task. >> the new poll in the "wall street journal" reveals what voters think should happen if no one wins the majority before the convention. they believe the candidate with the most votes should win the nomination and 33% said it should be the candidate who the delegates think should be the nominee. it comes after ted cruz picked up another victory in wyoming. he picked up all 14 in yesterday's convention bringing the total number of pledged delegates to 23. do donald picked up one as did marco rubio. he is 200 delegates behind donald trump. he has two events in new york. as the democratic candidates fight, here's one thing they can agree on. >> let's keep in mind whoever the republicans put up.
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they will play all kinds of games and they will try to so discord between the campaigns. i am not going to be fooled by that. >> they may say i may not like bernie as much as i like hillary. we must not allow a republican in the white house. some of those people will come over to us as the stronger candidate. >> sanders wins a majority at the colorado convention and picked up 41 to hillary clinton's 33. sanders will hold the rally in brooklyn and clinton returns to new york city for an effect on staten island which is where donald trump held an event before going upstate and joining me is katy who is helping us. what more did donald trump say. >> let's talk about why he was in staten island.
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that's the closest he came to having an event in new york city proper. he picked staten island because this is where they were holding a fund-raiser for the gop and he is getting an endorsement for the police department as well. also beyond that is new york's most conservative and they gave him a rowdy and joyful reception here in staten island. they did not sit down during his remarks in the luncheon and they were very excited to have him here. he is not having a rally in new york city proper. he was asked that question and did not have the clear answer for why and there was discussion that it was because the campaign did not want a repeat of what happened in chicago and realizing that having a rally in a big city, even his home, could
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be extraordinarily controversial or could lead to potential violence. as for the larger picture and saying this was a rigged system, i asked him why he doesn't play within the rules. take a listen to what he said. >> in new york city where you had mega success, why not? >> i don't want to play the rule game. we live in a democracy. it's about getting the bosses out. you have to change. i will tell you why. i understand the question. you have to change. you will have a very, very upset
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and angry group of people. and he was asked about whether he thinks that upset and angry group could become violent and does not get the nomination. he hopes they don't and if it did in fact happen. they will get to the magic number of dell gets they need. remember this is a tough race to get all of them. they say that it's a rigged system. it's not fair and not representing them. i will be the one who will go to washington and fight for the rest of the washington establishment that has not up until now. that is effective in getting voters out and not delegates to remain pledged to donald trump. if this this goes to a second or 30 or fourth ballot, they don't get it to lock them up.
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it could run into issues and face ted cruz insurgency at the convention. once they are freed from the duties on the first ballot right now with donald trump? >> to your point about how hard it is, case and point in wyoming, marco rubio who dropped out got a delegate yesterday. anything can happen. a lot of magic math needs to happen. katy, thank you from staten island. to the sanders campaign where he is due to speak in a few hours, casey hunt is covering the campaign joins me now. another good day to you. some are saying the event could be bigger than that 27,000 we saw in washington square park. what do you think? should we expect that?
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>> your audio is not working. maybe your microphone dropped off and whether it will hold the 27,000. >> i got you, alex. >> we have lift off. go ahead. >> we are all set now. apologies for that. prospect park where this enormous rally is supposed to take place. in many ways, they are the epicenter of the campaign for president and a place where a lot of these pop culture things and the overall challenge will be making sure they get out to the polls and vote.
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he has done better in the primarie primaries. and those numbers have not moved in the last week and a half. despite the fact that bernie sanders has been day in and day out campaigning. he has been able to move the numbers when he put himself in front of the local media and started to talk about him and the poll numbers have started to close. they have not seen that happen here yet. they have of course the major rallies that did not start until the last phase of this campaign. they had the washington park rally and another in queens on monday. at this point it's not clear that bernie sanders has a path to win here against hillary clinton. >> casey hunt, thank you so much from brooklyn. joining me now is the political reporter for the wash post.
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correspondent for "time" magazine. good to see you both on this sunday afternoon. i'm going to start with you. i want to talk about the republicans first. a member of dell gets who have reservations about trump and don't want to vote for him at the convention. is he further hurting his chances of winning them over with the fight with the delegate system? >> it doesn't help his case when he is appealing to the revs and saying it's a corrupt system and by implicating the delegates by saying if you corrupt if you are not for me. that is very donald trump. he has been a bully about these things whether it's in business and writes a lot about this which is the infamous book, the first step to anything showing a strong hand. that's what he is doing now is showing this strong hand of saying if you are not with me, you are against me. if you are against me, you are with the system. i'm going against the system and
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going to bring the system down. that has been his manned ra and going into the delegate strategy this time as well. >> we are seeing ads by hillary clinton targeting trump. what is behind me. is it necessary so early? >> she is trying to look past the primary that won't go away. and focus on a general election contest with trump or cruz. she mentioned them frequently and almost interchangeably. she is really only advertising against trump. she is trying to say look, this primary has gone on long enough and it's time to turn our sights and our money and our entire democratic operation towards it is general election. she is speaking there to party elders and to her own supporter
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who is might be a little unnerved at this point at how long the primary lasted and by the really strong showing that bernie sanders has made in a strong of contests that don't really get him a lot closer to the magic number of dell gets. staying power in a way that is a problem for her. >> i'm curious about the concerns you are seeing in the campaign with respect to the down ballot candidates. is that a serious concern? >> it is absolutely serious. that is part of the calculus with members of congress talking about as they look at who to support and the potential. with donald trump comes roaring into the convention. you avoid splitting the party and you avoid as donald trump threatened the angry protests and you avoid millions of voters
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leaving the party and you also might do a lot more damage long-term not just to the down ballot process. also for generations to come. that is a major concern for the party. if you decide to give it to ted cruz and he limps into the convention that becomes a lot easier, give it to ted cruz and he does less damage in the down bals on where he is less unpopular with latinos and with women and african-americans and young voters. you still would like to lose and that is a calculation that almost everyone made. either way you lose the top of the ticket and you do less damage down ballot. a lot will depend on the momentum. who has the fire and the spirit. >> and i know you wrote an article about the 15.
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the minimum wage based on the comments they made this morning. can this help sanders earn more votes as he tries to paint clinton as out of touch. as clinton had an opportunity to endear herself to the working class? >> they walk a fine line here. she shifted her position on the minimum wage at the federal level. that's become a rallying cry for unions and a lot of sanders supporters. they should be free to do so. at the debate she shifted that and said well, she would sign legislation that did what new york state did. 15 is the ceiling, but we get there slowly and with escape clauses based on economic performance. sanders went after her on television this morning.
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they both were asked about this and sanders said look, i'm being a leader and saying what i want to do. that's the $15 minimum wage across the board for every worker. she is trying to stair step it and saying if congress passes it, i will sign it. that is a vulnerability for her. i don't know that it gets her a lot more votes to your point. a lot of people who feel firmly about the minimum wage are supporting him. it's another example of ways that this primary contest is pulling her incrementally to the left. >> anything other than trump wins? >> it's hard to language anything else. the new york values really hurt him in new york. he is not been able to catch on
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and 2ru678 absolutely wins in new york. he comes out with a big amount of momentum if he tops 50% which will be the first time he has done that. that gives ted cruz a big job of stopping the momentum before the convention. >> anything other than clinton wins? >> if she wins big enough, the headline will be that she has really cutoff sanders's effective path to the nomination. if she doesn't win big, the headline will be sanders stays in and he can still win. >> thank you so much. he is staying on the sidelines for now. why does a published report claim president obama may refrain from endorsing anyone. is he sending a message by is he sending a message by holding back?
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>> is it getting harder to heal the party? >> no, i don't think so. i remember i went all the way till june in 2008 and i had a lot of supporters who were incredibly disappointed when i dropped out. but i immediately endorsed then senator obama. i worked hard to convince my supporters to support him as well. >> it is party unity that could be on president obama's mind. the president is likely to stay on the sidelines during the rest of the primary campaign. let's bring in mike who covers the white house for the "los angeles times." mike, welcome to you. you cowrote that piece and why
10:22 am
is the president staying on the sidelines. is it overconcern that they got more contentious and it could be difficult to reconcile if he got involved too early? >> that's right. when it comes to the president and this campaign, what has been guiding the white house is not interest in seeing particular candidates get elected, but in seeing a democratic candidate get elected. a lot of what the president accomplished through executive action and legislation could be overturned by a republican president and congress. what we have seen throughout the process from this president is focusing that he talks about the race publicly and the fact that they agree on the major issues. the differences between the
10:23 am
democrats that pale in comparison they plagued the administration and given the two that they developed. the fact that this race heads towards the finish line is getting contentious and with the supporters. to be there at the end after the voting is done to welcome them in and it's time to put them on the job of beating the republican. >> he may have to step in and play the role of peace maker. >> that's right. when you talk to the white house and what you hear is they look
10:24 am
at the math. that's the first election in which the republican and the democratic nominees, the respective parties voted more than 90 percent per for them. the first job as the white house sees it for the democratic nominee in winning the white house is to make sure you have that democratic support and the president is -- i looked at the gallup poll and his approval rating is over 50% and he has that standing with not just democrats, but independent voters to send a powerful signal after june seventh when the last votes are cast. let's close ranks. >> do you think the president after june seventh then goes and endorses the nominee or a candidate before the nomination? >> that's actually a very important distinction to make. we heard from senator sanders that he might want to continue to make his case beyond
10:25 am
california. while the president might stay on the sidelines until that last primary, his support might be more public if it needs to be before july. if sanders does trail in delegates and has that magic number, they don't want to see a floor fight in philadelphia at the convention. they don't want to see an argument about process and super delegates. he will stay until june seventh. he might change his tune if we are talking about a fight in philadelphia. >> thank you, mike. john kasich scores the best republican rating in the poll. donald trump the worst. what's keeping kasich from getting more votes. before we go to break, check out julia louis dreyfus on snl.
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>> welcome back, everyone. the place for politics.
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let's get a look at where the candidates are. donald trump is the only republican candidate campaigning today. he has two events in new york. on the democrats's side, sanders will hold a rally in brooklyn and clinton returns for an event on staten island. let's get a check on the pulse of voters. cal perry is in their natural environment in yankee stadium. what are they telling you? >> turns out even yankee fans get to vote in the primary. it's a great place to come if you want supporters from all different camps. this is like a big time meeting placon a beautiful april day. we talked to a lot of people who wouldn't necessarily get into who they were supporting, but upset about the fact that this was a closed primary and you have to be register and you cannot vote as an independent. >> bernie sanders. he is real. he's more about the people.
10:34 am
>> bernie sanders wins the election or the yankees wins the series? and trump is president. >> no, that's a hard one. the yankees, i'm sorry. >> have you decided on a candidate? >> i have. >> will you be voting? >> i will not. >> why not? >> the candidate i want is democrat and i am independent. you frustrated about this? >> definitely. the system is broken and geared to make sure we can never get independent or independent-minded in the office. >> is it bernie? >> i'm a bernie guy. >> i can tell you that there has been a campaign started on social media in brooklyn with people trying to change the election rules for the next time around. four years from now to open it up to independent voters. the straw poll, a lot of bernie fans and clinton fans and trump
10:35 am
fans, but haven't met cruz supporters yet. it's early. >> a key issue for rural voters is fracking. the process is banned in the state and voters want that changed. how much will it impact the primary's out come? we have been talking to residents in windsor. what are they saying? >> fracking could have an influence. behind me is pennsylvania. legal there. that's dividing the residents and democrats support fracking or a ban on fracking. republicans see it as a necessary activity. we are back with hazel. when we spoke, you said if fracking were legal, you would be in a position to make a million dollars and you are thinking ted cruz is the guy. i have to ask you, to what
10:36 am
extent are you concerned you are putting political gain to help the planet or the water supply? >> i have already waited for it to happen eight years and it hasn't. i think i waited long enough and many other things are very dangerous in this country too. >> bernie supporters say it's reckless and will poison the water table. to what extent is that a concern. >> new york wanted the water and they built the dam and they got their water and we got nothing. >> when you run into sanders supporters and people like to see fracking banned here and elsewhere. what do you tell them? >> they are entitled to their opinion, but i will push for it. >> it's hard to see how significant this could be in the election. we caught up with the town super supervisor. take a look.
10:37 am
>> from what i'm hearing from people, people support fracking and the development of natural gas. i have been surprised at the number of democrats that told me they will vote because of this. >> wow. that crossed over because of the cracking issue? >> correct. >> that could have an impact and there is energy on the democratic side. scott clark is against fracking and not only voting for sanders, but he will bring them to the polls to make sure it stays in place. >> thank you so much. donald trump has a lead in the polls and with 756 delegates has almost a 200 delegate lead over his rival, ted cruz.
10:38 am
let's bring in a veteran consulta consultant. what can you tell us about this. >> good morning and thanks for having me. i was approached a couple of weeks ago by the trump campaign to run california. >> and? >> and i turned them down politely. i appreciate their faith in me, but california as you know is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. we will either for the first time in a generation be able to make a difference in who becomes president of the united states and with the delegates they have, we will make a difference.
10:39 am
>> you are a gop guy. why wouldn't you go with trump? >> a short answer is i have principl principles. he is a disaster and would be a disaster for this country. he would be a disaster for my party and i can't take part in that. >> how concerned are you about the numbers and in terms of the california poll showing him with a lead of 49%. ted cruz is second. john kasich 16. do you think the lead will hold? >> the polls have not been reliable. donald trump has proven he doesn't have a grasp on that and he doesn't put together the coalition he needs to win an election. one of the things they haven't
10:40 am
been talking about, he keeps whining like a child about that aren't fair it him and the system is rigged. it's not rigged. the rules are in place so someone proves they can put together the coalition. people are willing to knock on doors and talk to their neighbors and sit in a gym for four hours and caucus. in order to win in november, you have to be able to put together that coalition. it's not a matter of just showing up at a rally with 20,000 people and holding up a sign. we have seen a picture, i am so angry, i made a sign. i understand the frustration and arng of trump supporters. i am a model trump demographic. a white male and a high school education and i drive a pickup truck. i get the frustration and anger, but trump is not the answer. he's the problem. he talks about making america
10:41 am
great again. that's offensive to me. america is great. do we have problems? yes. the problem is not us. he is placing the blame on mexicans and muslims. this is a great country. it will remain great if we stand together. >> do you mind telling me who you do support? >> i support whoever will support mr. trump getting to that magic number when he gets to cleveland. what is behind the poll numbers on hillary clinton and donald trump.
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the fight over delegates, 71% of registered voters say it is unacceptable if they select a
10:45 am
candidate who has not run in the prime easier. the front-runner spoke about the dispute at an appearance on staten island and there was a lot of reaction on the morning talk shows. >> it's a rigged system. it's a crooked system. it's 100% crooked. >> the delegates themselves are the ones that write the rules for the convention. the rnc has basically an administrative role at the convention. it's by majority rule and the delegates can run the convention. it's on them to decide what they want to do about a lot of these issues, not us. >> it's like saying i made an 83 on my math test and i should get an a because it's rigged that you have to get a 90 to get an a. act like a professional. be a pro.
10:46 am
>> let's get to it. you heard that. who is right. >> they are both right and for the rnc, the public is on donald trump's side and this is a big problem for them. the rules have been known for a long time. if you are going to run for president and if they understand the rules. ted cruz has done masterfully. by the same token, it's not enough for the republican party to say the rules are the rules and our hands are tied and not much we can do. as the nbc poll shows, that is not where the public stands on this. the public is right about that to a certain extent. donald trump's early 1970s. we have been increasingly
10:47 am
telling people. you want to pull that back. you have to make a case for that. i they haven't done that. what happened if they do not emerge as the nominee. >> this is something we haven't seen since the early 1950s. if donald trump does not get to the magic number before the convention or even gets close and doesn't get it, you are going to have a huge fight on your hands. as we have seen is going to be an uphill battle for him. the reason why parties stopped having contested conventions is because television coverage came along and no party wanted to put that forward on television and that's what we would be seeing for the rnc.
10:48 am
they come to televising what could be the first contested election. all the other new social media. >> i want to look at numbers from the nbc news poll where we talk about likability. a quarter giving them a positive rating. it's historic like an election to see who is the least favorable among them. john kasich and bernie sanders are not poised to win the nomination. we could be looking at a general election where the two candidates that are leading are the most unpopular with the
10:49 am
american public on both sides. when you talk about how discontented the american public is and how frustrated they are with the system, i'm not sure this is going to help that at all. it creates big problems. that's what they do to change. >> it is a tough uphill battle and it's easier to change how people view you. they could be more presidential and hillary clinton could show she has the judgment, but it will be hard when people know them so well. they know them in the minds of the american public. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. the political price of the big money making weekend, we are
10:50 am
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hillary clinton took a cross country detour to rally support of delegate rich california this weekend. she told a cheering crowd that if elected she would push congress to raise the hourly federal base wage. clinton attended a pair of big ticket fundraisers after george clooney and wife hosted friday night's shindig in san francisco which brought in about $15 million combined with last night's. today clooney responded to sanders supporters who protested outside of the clooney's home on saturday. >> yes. i think it is an obscene amount of money. i think we had protesters when we pulled up in san francisco. they are right to protest. they are absolutely right. it is an obscene amount of money. the sanders campaign is absolutely right.
10:54 am
it is lidiridiculous to have th amont of money in politics. >> dominic patton, good to see you. i want to talk about the star studded events. what can you tell us about them? >> hollywood has become the number one atm for the democratic party. one of the cohosts of the clooney event last night which brought in if you wanted to sit at the co-chair and be at the head table you had to fork out $353,000 a couple, same amount in san francisco. we are looking at estimates of probably raised about $15 million. the record holder of a democratic event was in 2012 in may when clooney hosted an event for the president. it was cohosted by jeffrey that raised $15 million. these are huge events, mega
10:55 am
money. i will give you an example that crystallized it beyond images we have seen today and the statements we have heard from clooney and others. on friday night the hillary victory fund had to submit its first quarter receipts. they raised over $33.2 million. now, just some of that over if you look at some of the biggest donors you have james cameron, they themselves donated nearly $353,000 in that time. you are looking at massive deep pockets that the clinton campaign is going into. they will be back. this was hillary's 10th visit out here. it was her 26th l.a. fundraiser. >> i have to make the point that this is not all money going to hillary for president campaign. this is going down for democratic candidates all the way down the line. that is what george clooney is making the point on meet the press. >> i would counter that point. ken vogual at politico did very
10:56 am
deep dives into the filings on friday. very little of that money from the hillary victory fund for the democratic national committee and various state parties, very little of that money has went down stream. >> i will take your point with that. i know you were outside and you saw people throwing the dollar bills at hillary clinton, a lot of bernie sanders supporters. what was the point of that? >> i think they wanted to -- the sanders campaign hit on this ever since fundraisers were announced. they are on hillary for these deep pocket things. they want to make the point that this is candidate for hire. about $1,000 in $1 bills were thrown in the streets. to be honest, most was thrown at a secret service van. it was to make the point just down the street the sanders campaign had a $27 event to make
10:57 am
the point. campaigns are looking at these issues and seeing this big money. clooney himself came on meet the press to talk about it. this is an issue. >> i have to wrap. i'll talk to you on the phone. thanks for watching. we'll see you next weekend. red lobster's lobsterfest is a party... ...on every plate - and we're about to keep it going. yeah, you've got two more weeks to try the largest variety of lobster dishes of the year... lobster lover's dream... and new dueling lobster tails. this party can't last so hurry in.
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it's hard to stop a trane. really hard. trane. the most reliable for a reason. this sunday, a $353,000 ticket to a hillary clinton fundraiser. my exclusive interview with the host of that event, george clooney. >> i think it's an obscene amount of money. it's ridiculous that we should have this kind of money in politics. >> george clooney on clinton, trump and all that money in politics. >> i think there is a difference between the koch brothers and us. plus, the republican party at war with itself. >> it's a rigged system, folks. the republican system is a rigged system. >> the trump campaign is trying to be more disciplined, but is


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