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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  April 18, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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interests and then tell the american people with a straight face that you are going to stand up to the big money interest. not true. [ cheers ] >> hillary clinton raising money with big stars and facing our top numbers of new polls. and "snl" taking slices on bernie sanders' new interest. >> how are you going to break up the big bank break up? >> how? >> i will have a nice fix in the white house' gym as gym and i w to the bank and sit it down and yada-yada, they'll be broken up. >> you cannot yada-yada.
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>> no, i mentioned it. [ laughter ] >> and good day, i am anastasdr mitchell. the supreme court taking on a hotly contested dispute to shield more than 4 millions undocumented deportation. nbc news pete williams is outside the court, just out of that open argument. tell us, i can hear from the background you got a lot of partisans on both sides around you. how do you read the justices from today's argument if you can, pete. >> reporter: well, it may not be anymore closely divided than it could be. remember we have eight justices here and the possibility of a 4-4 tie does seem at least realistic. if that happens it would be a defe defeat. it would leave everything in effect now in place.
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it will remain the court order stay preventing the enforcement of this ever since it was announced would remain. that would be a bad outcome for the administration. there is five obvious votes either way. the muir r the muirandum phrase, we got to report the criminals and the aliens and we'll not get to you. we'll tell you we could stay and change your minds but you can stay for at least three years. if the administration were to say, that does not grant you any legal benefits beyond that, that may sacrifice, for example, the chief justice, john roberts. it is going to take a lot of discussions among the justices to get there. it is risky to predict how the
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case is coming out when it is this close divided. there is so many issues, andrea. one is do texas and the state have the right to sue and the actual question is does the policy go too far and does the president have the power to do this or can only congress grant this kind of sweeping work authority that the administration want to do. the fall back of the supreme court reporters to say that the court is struggling. there is no obvious 5-3 vote under way yet. there could be some kind of compromise to be worked out among themselves. >> in a procedure, they gave 15 minutes to the house of representatives to make their own arguments? >> reporter: right, this is 26 states led by texas suing the u.s. the court did give the house 15
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minutes to argue here. it may have clarified the issue a little bit for the justices. the main ecvent is the governmet in texas, the two question, does texas have the right to sue. the problem for texas is it will cost a lot more money to issue driver's licenses to all the people who would be able to stay. the government's response to that is, a, it is your decision d it is a self inflicted wounds to subsidize the cost of driver's licenses. what the government says here, well, you know, let's wait until that happens. texas is here too early and let's the program go in effect. let them say, we are being financially harmed then sue. it did not seem to be clear andrea. that's the administration's best hope that there will be five justices saying states, you have to right. i didn't count five votes but the states have no business
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being here. so, will they then say all right, texas, you can sue now and let's look at the merits of the case. that's another obpossibility bu there is no obvious out come here. >> we'll know soon enough at the end of june. >> thank you very much pete, thank you for being with us from the supreme court from all that breaking news. i i ism. turning to tomorrow's primary. >> new nbc news national polling numbers. clinton and sanders are separated by two-points nationally. she still leads by 10 points in new york and has a prohibit lead in delegates. joining me now is a strong hillary clinton's supporter. >> great to see you.
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>> great tab back wio be back w this. >> look at what you brought and how did she get into so much trouble that she's only two-points behind bernie sanders when he started with virtually nothing and no national standing coming from a small state of vermont. >> that's the problem of incumbency. >> if she was just screaming with high ideals of things that bernie sanders wants and young people want, hey, that's easy to do. when you are out there in the fight with the civil rights side, if you are out there to fight and out there doing these things and trying to get something done, if you have not done anything, it is very little criticism. she's been on the front line all these years. i really think the last story about this is filling that vacancy on the supreme court. that's really what is historic. we are not just talking about immigration rights, we are talking about voting rights and
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you are talking about elections and funding. this is a historic part of the united states and bernie, to give him credit, he's got young people excited. it is true as an old-timer like me that he has not accomplished anything in the house senate. >> when hillary clinton wins and they have to choose between cruz, trump or hillary clinton, i am so happy for the future of our great country. >> congressman, you said he does not have any accomplishments. he talks about in ideal and the minimum wage captures the whole difference between the two of them. she was for twelve before she was for 15 and now she was trying to explain how she can be
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at $12 an hour and $15. he puts it out there. i am for $15, let's shoot the moon and when i go for the higher number. he may not have the data point to support it. it is appealing to a broader group of people. >> if you are not concern of the past and how long it took, even to think about talking about $12, we are not talking about continued unemployment. we are talking about new jobs and moving forward. are we moving forward fast enough? heck no. is anyone is satisfied of the way the economy is? i hope not. if you are making an appeal to some kids' college education, they got an argument. that has nothing to do with people that had been -- black folks have been looking for justice in this country. we got obama, are we sacrificed? heck no.
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if someone out there screaming we should not have another black president, i am not saying don't scream, i am saying realistically, we have to realize that things have to be done 9/11 teven in the great st new york. we got the minimum $15 minimum wage, upstate, they get $12. is that something the political government is encouraging doing? >> i think it is plenty no matter who's running for president. we are seeing the end of the republican party as we know it. the party that has the tea party and the klu klux clan. >> look at the finance reform and the system he's campaigning against and george clooney who was raising money for hillary clinton and for the democratic party with his wife this weekend
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and look at what he said to chuck todd on meet the press. >> i have been a big sffan of h but i want to say this. i really like bernie, what he's saying in this election is important if you are a democrat democratic. i hope he stays in for r the entire election and if he were to win the nomination, i will do whatever i can including if asked a fundraiser like this again. >> you know, her negative readings have gone up so she's much less popular than she was by 9 points in just the last month. is that in part because of his very tough campaign and his tough advertising against her and against the way she has taking money from superpacs and all the rest of it. >> not only he but the house of representatives and republicans ever since she was a first lady
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taking shots against her. clooney is 100%. >> the whole idea that bernie sanders' people is throwing real money on the streets does not make a darn case. if you think for one minute that bernie sanders suggesting that democratic can dates do not take corporate money -- that's stupid and does not make any sense. get elected and reform the zm not scream at it. >> let me ask you about an issue that's close to home which is the 9/11 families who are arguing for r tthe right to sue saudi arabia and other countries if in relation to terror attack and the damage, they claim the report shows that the saudis were some ways involved. have you read that?
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>> i have not, i asked them, i don't want to be confined to any secrecy and when they told me i would be sworn to sweecrecy, i said heck no. saudi arabia gets a free ride and they were the only people to leave this country after this great tragedy. and they are the only people that really am not pony up in terms of national security since then. unless the president can come forward and give the american people some reasons to believe that our national security is in jeopardy because this country that's funded these types of terrorist groups in the past, i think we should all come clean. i don't see any reasons why those 28 pages should not be fully released. >> chairman, charlie wrangle, thank you very much. >> thank you for all that you do. >> thank you. >> now to breaking news in ecuador.
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tragic after the powerful 7.8 earthquake devastated the regions. triggering landslides and the death toll jumping to 350 people and it is expected to rise in the after math and nearly 2,000 injured. after shocks are rattling the region and rescue efforts are very dangerous. >> nbc's miguel is in ecuador heading towards the hard hit coastal region. miguel, what you are discovering there on the ground? >> and we apologize, as you can imagine communication is difficult with ecuador. we'll get our connection to
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miguel, my colleague who's covering the tragedy there as they try to find survivors in the rubble. coming up, breaking news out of iraq. ash carter announcing he's sending 200 special forces and helicopters. >> new documents obtained giving us a rare look inside recruitment options. that's all coming up on andrea mitchell's report right here on msnbc. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't really think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit.
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and we have this breaking news. miguel, our colleague, in ecuador is on the phone. can you tell us what the situation is with survivors and the attempt to try to rescue
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more people. >> reporter: right now, we are told of the death toll of 300. we don't have confirmed how many people are missing. helpers are going through the areas where communications are extremely difficult. [ inaudible ] >> and miguel, the communication is really rough but thank you very much for the report and for the video that we are getting, obviously, the devastation in ecuador. >> we are going to switch to breaking news in iraq where the u.s. secretary defense made a
9:19 am
surprise visit and a short time ago of a big announcement. ash carter says the u.s. will be sending 200 additional special operation troops to serve for a long anticipated campaign and trying to retake muslims from e isis. something that the pentagon offered to do since december. our richard angle is moderating this. you have exclusive report from isis recruitment as well. let me ask you of all your expertise of what the impact could be of 200 special operations forward base to try to help the iraqis win back from the isis forces? >> reporter: first of all, andrea, how times have changed. doll you remember troop
9:20 am
announcements to iraq described of 30,000 or 40,000 strootroops be sent. we are talking about 217 american forces. they are supposed to be defense secretary operating on bases and forward deploy. heading towards musil, it has not arrive in musil yet. this will arrive americans to also advance with the iraqis troops so that it could be close to the battle. by being closer to the battle, it does put them theoretically in more danger. it is not a shift, it is not what american troops going back to an active combat role. it is an a change. >> they can access classified
9:21 am
system and call in air strikes or even if you have one american there, it opens a window onto the american intelligence and military networks. the numbers are small but the impact could be outside compares to the actual number. >> talk to me about the isis' hard drive, you had exclusive information and details you are learning from how they are recruited and how well organized they are. >> reporter: so this is a story that we began about a month ago, we obtained and we did not know at the time how many. thousands of isis' files. we were sure that they were legitimate, but you can only, you know, know so much when you are given a stack of files on a hard drive from someone that's claiming to be an isis' defector. someone with the group and decided to leave. we have been pouring through
9:22 am
those files and worked in collaboration with the combatting terrorism center at west point. they had a dozen people working on this and translators and experts working for weeks and not only these files are genuine they say. it is the largest document dumped of its kind. it is the profile information, of the biography data and the name of the recruiters and addresses in some cases and reside citizenships. a lot of the information were just over 4,000 isis recruits. we were able to build a profile about what the isis recruits looked like and who they are and generally there are some things you would expect. average age of 26 or 27 years old and a lot of arab men and arab mostly and coming from
9:23 am
saudi arabia, that was the number one country on the list. better educated from the society they were coming from and a well educated group of people, but who have jobs some what less that you would suggest their level of education would indicate. a fresh group, perhaps. the real take away it was not just this expected group of young frustrated angry arab men. there were a lot of people, children and old men and well traveled and there was a starbucks employee. an incredible diverse group of people. there is a lot of details online posted about it. >> boy, we'll be watching for that tonight and also online. fascinating, thank you very much richard. >> make sure to tune in nbc tonight with interview of ash carter coming from iraq. >> coming up, donald trump and bernie sanders, they may have
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say what you want to say about bernie sanders, he wins and he wins and then you watch the pundent say that he cannot win. you know why? the system is corrupted. joining me now for our daily fix, chris and alyssa and founder of the washington post and kristen welker.
9:28 am
dan, in other subjects between bernie sanders and donald trump. >> well, striking, watching the debate and listen to bernie sanders, i was struck by the number of things that he was saying. i mean we know they are both the outsider candidates and we know the degree which they created in a sense of movement behind their candidacy. they both like to talk about the polls and they both rail about superpacs and they both got grie grie grievances on delegate rules. on foreign policy, there are similarities of what they said on the war and what bernie sanders said about nato.
9:29 am
this is something that donald trump has talked about this spring and on israel and the palestinians, bernie sanders sounded similar to donald trump about being more even handed in the streemt in the wtreatment o. >> they found agreements on a number of issues. >> what's also interesting of the new numbers we have at this hour. hillary clinton is down to a 2 point national lead of bernie sanders. kris and alyssa, do you think of the way she's hammered on both sides and bernie sanders spending a lot of ads. boy, do they go after her on policies. >> look, before they go further entry you have to give him a huge amount of credit for getting where he is in the race and not just winning states. he was down 50 points to her in
9:30 am
primary polling six or eight months ago. it is within the margin of error. the problem here and the bernie folks won't want to hear this is maybe a case of too little or too late. >> hillary clinton, when she started to get her mojo march in april, in some way sanders, he won seven out of the last eight and tied with her national polling. it is very difficult to see just based on the math how he catches her or comes close to catching her in pledged delegates. all that polling is maybe for naw at this point. >> that's pretty much the average. kristin welker. >> that's right, the margins are going to be critical tomorrow, that's what we'll be watching as
9:31 am
you rightfully say she has had this double digit lead for quite sometime. some pollings have been off before with sanders saying, i have a strong showing here but the bottom line is if she wins, she will net. >> that's going to be incredibly difficult and almost impossible to achieve. i have ban talking to campaign officials of sanders, we are looking at states like pennsylvania and oregon like by the way, he thinks he could win and andrea, the race is closer. this race is getting almost to the point where it is going to be too difficult for him to come back if he does not have a win tomorrow. >> dan, at this hour, donald trump is about to convene a diversity meeting trying to show that he has more diverse
9:32 am
supporters. how is that going to go for him? >> probably not well. in a general election context, he's way upside down on the way he's viewed by africans and latin latinos. he will have a huge amount of work to try to narrow that gap a little bit. he can do these kinds of things ahead of the primary, in primaries and caucuses and he can point to success to latino voters. we know from all available polling, he's got a tremendous problem with minority voters. >> thank you very much. dan and kristen welker and right now, the boston marathon is under way three years after the tragedy. john kerry had the honor to fire the start pistol for the wheelchair division this morning
9:33 am
in massachusetts, among those running today is jaime goldman, successfully completed the marathon last fall. she's running her first marathon to honor her friend who lost both legs in the 2013 boston marathon bombings. we'll be right back with an update from israel where there is been a terrible bombing. stay with us. to a g re schoo you shouldive hea shot. sanjay's a team player and uh... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... try boost® 100 calories.
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we are following breaking news at this hour in jerusalem. the bus exploded. our team is on the phone on the scene outside of jerusalem. there is been a lot of mixed repor repor reports, but you have information from the mayor,
9:37 am
geraint vincent. >> reporter: he's speaking on the scene here. police have concerns that this was some kind of explosive device caused the explosion on the bus. it was not a fire previously reported. although police have yet to confirm this is a terrorist attack. the type of injuries of some of the wounded people received. i am told and this is unconfirmed some kind of explosio explosions. shrapnel wounds. those are the two things that jerusalem is assessing the situation here. i have to stress that the forces here in jerusalem has not
9:38 am
confirm if this is a terrorist attack. >> tell us about where the neighborhood took place. >> well, it is a residential neighborhood, i guess about 10 or 15 minutes journey from the center of jerusalem in the old city. what's strange, andrea is the bus involved here, two buses involved, most of the injuries were apparently on the bus where the explosive device was. the fact that nobody was killed and nobody has died so far far, -- at the moment there will not be any grieving families tonight. if it was a terror attack, it
9:39 am
was not executed in the way that we have seen intensive years ago of terror attacks that's happeni happeni happening frequently in jerusalem. geraint vincent on the phone. >> clearly, this is a considerable shock to the israel. >> we have seen the failure of any kind of peace negotiations between palestinians and the failure of u.s. record of peace arrangements as well. there is a lot of frustrations and israel people don't feel safe. >> we don't know about this particular incident. we know that nothing is going on
9:40 am
between israel and palestine and many officials at the highest levels of the obama administration looked at this as one of the check off boxes that they never got to be able to check off and there is an enormous frustration. the state department that this is left, we are seeing the results of a serious festering. >> speaking of ongoing ulcer, the u.s. saudis relation. the president is leaving tomorrow. he will have among other things of a summit meeting and now you got -- chuck shumer and the head of the foreign relations and bipartisan support in the senate that the 9/11 families to be able to sue the saudis. the 9/11 commission very care l carefulcarefu carefully reported that there
9:41 am
were no evidence of senior saudis or government involvement at the saudi levels. there were classified pages. >> right. >> for years senator bob graham who's been apart of this committee. >> well, he was the compare of the committee. >> he's been out on a one ackerman show for years saying they were vital to understand of the support and coddling of these 19 hijackers who did not speak english or did not have this. he's been out there for a long type. now, things seem to be coming into place where there is a moment as the president is going on and the saudis have said, if you take any action and you allow that bill to go forward, we'll dump american assets on the market. things are rather tense.
9:42 am
>> and the impact of that could be considerable -- briefly terry strata has been talking to us and she's voicing for the family and is really angry at the saudis. >> we had this with other nations along the way where libya was one. >> the united states has been vital since the time of franklin roosevelt. the saudis feel their american ally has given iran free reign. those families and grieving people in 9/11 are those that are demanding justice today and the united states, so far
9:43 am
president obama is saying we are not moving in that direction and that's frustrating for families. >> steve clemons, thank you. >> that extraordinary story is next of how to be a good father, it is next right here on msnbc.
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shh... at, we're always looking for unbelievable money saving innovations. welcome back, national journ journalist, he has won numerous awards. with his greatest work is maybe a new parenting memoir. >> like blue eyes, i don't talk about having blue eyes, i just have autism. >> love that voice, joining us
9:47 am
now is ron, talking to me about a parent's expectations. tell me about george bush helped you come up with the title of "love that boy." >> thank you for having me on. when tyler was tigdiagnosed diagnosed -- acknowledgment of the sacrificed that covered the white house can be in the family. tyler walks in and talking a mile a minute about barney the dog and roosevelt's dog and bush can sense how uncomfortable i was. bush on the way out, he grabs me on the side of my wife and three kids and says, love that boy. at the time i thought that meant love him despite the fact that he's a little corky. last year of doing this process
9:48 am
that my wife ordered up. i need to love my boy and all my kids. we all need to love our kids because of what makes them different. what makes tyler different is what makes them so dam special. >> what did you learn from bill clinton? >> a lot over the years. >> in the meeting with tyler was amazing. first, he could not have been more gracious. he was so sweet to tyler. i noticed that bill clinton was going on and on for about 45 minutes about teddy roosevelt. you know teddy was bill clinton's favorite president and he's also tyler's favorite president. he wanted to connect with tyler so they were talking about a good 40 minute of presidency. >> he was kind of losing tyler. tyler wanted to talk. he wants to be the monologue
9:49 am
ackerman and n man. i realized that bill clinton was doing two things, fixated on a topic and he was not reading the room very well. i wrote in my notebook that bill clinton is an asby. he's an incredible man. >> so many lessons and so much wisdo wisdoms. ron fournier there is so many reasons why we love you. the book is a gift. >> thank you. >> the best to your family. >> coming on, donald trump wants to show the convention as he continues to attack. you are watching andrea
9:50 am
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donald trump continues. joining me now is shawn supervisor. thank you very much for being with us. >> you bet. >> in our polls, 62% of republican voters saying that the nominee should be the person with the most votes if no delegate majority. >> it should be the person going into the convention with the most votes. has donald trump basically won
9:54 am
the world already by the way he has been campaigning against the rnc? >> well, no, a majority of delegates decide the no, ma'min and they'll decide the platform and that's how it works. you don't have to get close, you have to get the majority and the 137 to become the nominee of our party. >> let's say you have a rough july and he's priming the pump and playing the ref or whatever you want to say, you got 62% republican voters saying he's right. >> well, i think it is our job to go out. we have not seen an open convention since 1976. if he ends up falling short on that number and we go to clevela cleveland, it is our job to make sure the people understand the process and be as fair and transparent as possible so people see the party operated in
9:55 am
a way. >> shawn, what about donald trump saying that tampa was the most boring convention ever and he wants to jazz it up. >> good, we have seen it in our debates and around the country. the enthusiasm and the excitement on the republican side, we'll put on an amazing convention in cleveland and the eyes of the world and the country is all upon us and seeing principles and solutions every night and hear why our party will do a better job moving america forward. i think that we got a great team in cleveland that's putting on the convention and everyone will be impressed with what we do. what do you think when he talks about being a rough july? >> i am not sure. we have an amazing team out there. we'll have a completely well run and organized convention to do
9:56 am
the business of the party that we do every four years, but i don't know what he's referring to. >> shawn, thank you very much. >> make sure you tune into nbc nightly news today with the interview of ash carter. >> next, you are watching msnbc, the place for politics. the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪ the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid,
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10:00 am
screen, we expect donald trump to speak in moments after meeting with the coalition that barbed h bashed him. we'll bring you that live. donald trump has been continuing to hammer away at the delegates system. he's of course, leading in the polls but still playing that much under dog card, another delegate blood bath over the weekend was described. >> it is a rigged process. it is a dishonest process. that has nothing to do with democracy. trump is also raging against his fellow front runner in the new york primary, hillary clinton. who waits no time firing back. >> we have crooked hillary. crooked hillary clinton. we cannot let it happen. >> he can say


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