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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  April 18, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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screen, we expect donald trump to speak in moments after meeting with the coalition that barbed h bashed him. we'll bring you that live. donald trump has been continuing to hammer away at the delegates system. he's of course, leading in the polls but still playing that much under dog card, another delegate blood bath over the weekend was described. >> it is a rigged process. it is a dishonest process. that has nothing to do with democracy. trump is also raging against his fellow front runner in the new york primary, hillary clinton. who waits no time firing back. >> we have crooked hillary. crooked hillary clinton. we cannot let it happen. >> he can say whatever he wants
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to say about me. i really could careless. >> we got the primary count down covered for you from the northeast and the mid atlantic. we'll check in with all our reporters throughout our afternoon. we are watching that live picture on your screen as we wait for donald trump to come out, talk a little bit more about the national diversity coalition meeting. we want to begin this hour with katy tur who has been following trump's campaign from the beginning. she joins me in new york city. good afternoon. >> reporter: i am standing to two feet away from this meeting. donald trump is supposed to talk in a moment. it is unclear if he's going to be having after this news conference. we are told by the campaign that
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donald trump could not be spking publicly with this group. that has since changed. as you were mentioning he has been hitting ted cruz as hard as he can when it comes to the delegate process. donald trump is trying to look towards the general election. [ inaudible ] the april schedule is going to be a friendly one for him if he gets the nomination. it is going to be a challenge for this campaign and certainly a meeting of this. erika. >> sorry, katy, i thought we were seeing trump to the microphone. you mentioned the challenge that comes with winning over different voter groups. oh, katy, i think we'll listen in for a second.
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>> thank you, we have at least 20,000 people waiting and it is going to be something special. this was going to be a very small litigating with a few people and ended up being a big monster meeting and that's what we like. our country is divided and we'll come together and be successful and we'll make great trade deals and strong borders, people can come in our country, coming in legally and that's what everybody wants and create jobs and strengthen our military so nod in the outside world is going to be able to mess with our country. right now you see what's going on, there is so many problems. we are going to solve the problems. we are going to solve the problems of jobs and the economy. that's really a big thing. [ applause ] >> i want to thank all of you being here. i will head up to buffalo. it will be an incredible evening. this is an amazing campaign. i don't want to believe the polls of what they are, they're
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beyond anything that anybody has seen, really. we love this city, you look at other folks that were running, they could not careless of new york. we do care about new york and we care a lot about new york. we care about new york values. >> yes. >> i want to thank everybody for being here and we love you all and we'll see you then. >> katy tur, some quick comments there from donald trump talking about how he feels the country is divided. he wants to be the make that he can be the person to reunite the economy. that was uncharacteristically quick for donald trump because i understand he's making his way to another event, correct? [ inaudible ] >> we are having a tough time with katy tur and the phone line
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there. we'll get back to her. in the meantime, i want to bring in hally jackson who's been covering the cruz campaign and contrary to what we have seen with donald trump and complaining of the delegates. we have not heard the same from the cruz campaign and that of course is the topic of conversations again over the weekend. ted cruz said trump will not win the nomination. we want to get in with hally who's joining us. >> reporter: hello again. cruz, what could happen if there is a contested convention and if it goes past that ballot. that's what cruz and his team are working to lock up those locke up delegates supporting senator cruz if there is a prolonged convention, that looks like senator cruz's best shot.
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if donald trump does really well in new york and he's expected to do and even if cruz and kasich picking up five or six delegates each, cruz will need 98% remaining delegates in order to lock up the nomination with that 1237 magic number. the math is difficult for him. cruz is essentially hoping to keep this race close and hoping that donald trump is not running away with the delegate lead and close the deals when it comes to cleveland. they are competing hard and i am told that they are looking at pennsylvania and maryland and delawa delaware. this reflect the places where the movement is trying to compete. t some are looking to places like indiana and maryland and looking ahead like california where they can try to slow down donald trump. they're looking for something wisconsin-esque. a place where they can try to
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slow down donald trump. how are they doing that? >> it is not just the advertisements. i am told there are strategies they are looking at. that's a little bit tricky because the stop trump movement folks don't want to be be counter productive and double up on work either cruz or kasich campaign is working on. they're working on how to be effective at a contested convention on the floor. hey, this le be the first contested convention. a lot has changed since the last convention. there is a lot of communications and discussions that happen on the floor. how do you make that as easy and assessable for people trying to slow down for donald trump. there is a lot of place here. the big primary that's coming up in new york. senator kruor cruz is looking ao maryland. that's where he is today. he got this valley in townsend that's set to begin in any
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minute. he will be in philadelphia tomorrow night where they'll have a watch party to see those results coming in indicative of where cruz sees this campaign. >> hally, thank you, i want to bring in katy tur. >> as we look at some of these numbers, we are talking about of course, donald trump has said this is a rigged system. well well, the latest polling. the question is if no delegate majority, who should the gop nominee be? 62% says the person with the most votes verses the best party, sander-bearer. those numbers i would imagine to be looked at closely. >> reporter: campaigns feeling really good. i am going to put my phone down.
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i believe you have me on camera now. it w [ inaudible ] trump is feeling pretty good how the next few months look especially when it comes to april. he got a favorable schedule coming in the next few weeks especially to in northeast, they think they are going to do well in these states and here in new york. a potential sweep of all the delegates in the state if he wins by a large enough margin. the reason you are seeing him hitting ted cruz as much as he is is he want to cement in the minds of voters, then ted cruz will essentially be stealing this election, not just away from donald trump but away from the people. that's why you are hearing him hammering that message over and over again. the rnc, they're saying these are the rules, they have been in
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place for years now. they are not the ones that make up the rules. >> donald trump and every other campaign knew the rules when they started. there is no surprise here and they should be aware of how to work in the rules. i talked to donald trump about that yesterday and asked him if he's such a great negotiator and trader like he's been portraying himself throughout the campaign, why not work within these rules and figure out how to make it work for you. it is bribery and he was not going to play that game. >>. >> interesting to see that. katy tur, great to see you on camera, it is good that you backup. >> there are really two battles when it comes to the rules of the convention which we have been talking about.
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priebus already has this battle with donald trump. you should know the rules as katy says. now, it appears to be a separate battle. here is his response to trump on sunday's "meet the press." >> there is no room threatening anybody that would be going to our national convention. i think some of this is rhetoric and the truth is delegates, themselves are the ones that write the rules for the convention. the rnc does not write any rules. they have basically an administrative rule at the convention. mark is more on this. mark, this power struggle is escalating over the weekend within the party of priebus and members of the convention rules committee now at odds the ahead of the committee accusing
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priebus of a breach of trust, walk us through what we are standing right now. >> yeah, this is a situation where you have the committee trying to be arbitor and telling us how things work. >> you will see at the convention in cleveland and what you end up having, admitted all that the trump campaign is saying the system is rigged and it is fraudulent and that forces someone like ryan priebus to walk a tight rope among donald trump supporters and other rnc officials. it really comes down to the argument that you were talking about earlier in our nbc's wall street journal polls where the person who gets the most votes regardless if that person gets the majority should be our nominee. that's a donald trump's position and something our polls show almost two third -thirds of reps
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agreed with. it is the majority. it does not matter who ends up getting the most. it matters who's the first to get the majority. the question for all republicans is that if donald trump is just a little short of 1237, whether his argument with the most votes or the most states should get the nomination and that whines up being key. >> that's something we'll be watching closely. mark murray for us this afternoon, thanks as always. >> thanks erika. >> we want to introduce you now, the republican has received threats ever since speaking out hashly about donald trump. he said the threat began after this quote about whether he could ever support donald trump. "if satan was one vote away from
10:14 am
the nomination, i would consider voting for trump if he was the only conservative. >> i received hate e-mails to my business and political accounts a craig dunn is joining me now, good to have you with us today sir. >> good afternoon, erika. >> i know you have detail some of the things you have been called and you have been called the traitor and enemy. the biggest traitor. ast all because you made the mistake of expressing your opinion. you would be required to vote for him, is that correct? >> i am a district delegate and in indiana we award three delegate votes for every congressional district one. on the first ballot if mr. trump won the first indiana district,
10:15 am
i would be required to phovote him. >> which you said you would do following the rules. what would happen next is a lot of people unhappy with you, ill gue i guess that's putting unmildly. >> it is really not happening out in the open. i found that bullies tend to work in the shadows and what i saw was a lot of e-mails and mostly, frankly from out of states that came and were heavy in their tone relatively to you are a traitor or an idiot and just about a lot of terrible things that you can say. i got these e-mails for a candidate that brags about having all the best work th. he needs to share those with his
10:16 am
supporters. >> if in fact you go to a second ballot, you said you would not vote for donald trump, why not? >> no. i don't view my reluctant to vote for donald trump in the second ballot to anti-trump or stop trump movement. i am pro-john kasich. i believe he will provide the leadership. he's a neighbor of ours and he's done a wonderful job e rairasin multi billion dollar debt. >> that's something that's very impressi impressive. when you look at the polling today, the real clear politics average polls, shows that donald trump is trailing by double digits and ted cruz is a little
10:17 am
over 3% and john kasich is up by 6.7%. we don't pay attention to the fall election or the matchups there, we'll be making a terrible mistake. there is a lot of time twebetwe now and the july convention, i would be voting of the second round of balloting if it goes for that time for john kasich. >> craig dunn, we'll be watching it closely coming up on may 3rd, thank you for your time. >> thank you. do you agree with donald trump calling the system rigged. the poll is now live, you can vote on we are following a number of breaking news including 16 people by an explosion in a bus in jerusalem. we'll head to the region for a live report. >> up next, can bernie sanders turn his momentum into a
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the democrats are making their final pitches heading into tomorrow's primary here. >> right now the latest polling showing clinton ahead of sanders in new york by a solid ten points. sanders has closed the gap to two-points. the sanders campaign is hoping to have the momentum and the enthusiasm.
10:22 am
28,000 people showed up to the rally yesterday in new york. >> sanders is spending his morning strolling through manhattan. >> the bottom line is let's look at the real poll tomorrow. generally speaking our polling has under estimated how we do in elections. we ended up winning michigan. >> meantime hillary clinton will hold al rally at the top of the hour in manhattan. mot moments ago, she spoke about her path forward. >> i feel really good. i believe we'll have the delegates in the votes that demonstrate absolutely that i will be the nominee. we'll keep working hard. >> let's bring in our team of reporters who been all over this race, kristen welker.
10:23 am
>> what is the plan for the sanders camp to turn those supporters into voters tomorrow? >> that of course, the central challenge here for the sanders campaign and the system in some ways is set up in a way that does not benefit him and those registration deadlines we talked so much about could exclude some independent voters that would break for sanders in overwhelming numbers. if any young people who have not registered, it is too late. they cannot register the day of. >> the sanders campaign will stay privately. >> you heard sanders himself speaking to that a little bit this morning on the "today show." the numbers here in new york have not moved the way they have in some other places. that's frustrating for the
10:24 am
campaign. you have seen to a certain extent that bernie sanders adjusts his campaigning style. we have seen him doing more retail campaigning. he was out in brooklyn park yesterday talking about that's his favorite style of campaigning holding a baby. i have to tell him the number of times i have seen him campaign that way is very low and not his traditional way of doing it. he took a stroll through midtown and joined by the verizon strike up protest on the streets today. of course, it all capped off by those big rallies and another one is set for long island in queens for later tonight. it will be his last event in new york before he heads out to campaign in pennsylvania. no matter what, the question is what is the margin on this race. sanders to close that gap, he needs to win big here.
10:25 am
>> that's what so many people will be watching. their opponents are very closely. those new national numbers have to be disconcerning. how are they managing expectations and how are they dealing this surge nationally as we move into new york tomorrow? >> reporter: because of those polls it will show her with a double digit lead. you heard from hillary clinton, they are not taking anything for granted in the wake of the state like michigan where polls showing secretary clinton had a big lead. that's why you see chelsea clinton crisscrossing the state, they really want to pull a win here. >> if she does pull a double digit win, it will put this race out of reach for sanders.
10:26 am
should 28 page classified report about the 9/11 attacks be de-classified. this debate has been reen v-vig rated. questions swirling whether that may play a role in supporting the hijackers and raising questions about that. take a listen to what our secretary hillary clinton has said? >> do you think they should be de-classified. >> i think the administration should take a hard look at them and determine whether that can be done consistent with national security but senatoor schumer hs the legislation that i support. >> reporter: secretary clinton is said to appear here within the hours.
10:27 am
she will be campaigning trying to rally women voters and they'll be critical to a win here if she gets one here tomorrow. >> good to see you both today. thank you. we want to get to this breaking news coming out to us out in iraq. the u.s. is sending more troops to that country. joining us with more, richard engle is live in istanbul, how will this impact the situation and how many troops will be deployed? >> reporter: it is a very small and specific number. 217 additional troops and when you look at the history of american involvement in iraq, is a small increase indeed. they'll be working in command center. they'll be working with the iraqis army and that gives the critical coordination roles.
10:28 am
they could be able to access american intelligence if called in air strikes. although they are not in a large number, they have quite a big impact by expanding the number of trainers who are there because some americans are already in iraq about 4,000 doing the same mission. it will allow them to spread out and move to more advance combat out posts closer to the city of mosul. so it does not put troops in combat, it puts them closer to the center of the fighting but for the iraqis army, it is a boost to have more americans there helping them plan and carry out battles primarily against isis, erika. >> nbc richard engle is live for us in istanbul. we'll continue to follow on this and you will be learning more from lester holt with ash carter
10:29 am
from iraq, you can see that tonight on nbc nightly news with lester holt. stay with us here on msnbc, we'll be right back. urylink. your link to what's next. from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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we are following this breaking news out of jerusalem. police are confirmed the explosion on the bus earlier today was caused by a bomb. no one was killed. 16 people though were injured. that explosion caused another bus and a car to burst into flames. our middle east correspondence is joining us from the phone from jerusalem. what can you tell us more and what do we know about that bomb? >> it was an explosive device on board towards the back of the vehicle. when it exploded most of the injuries were in fact on another buses traveling alongside just
10:33 am
behind it. the mayor of allergijerusalem h this was a terror incident but the police have not confirmed it yet. police know the identity of all of the injured except for two who happens to be the most seriously wounded. a lot is being assessed right now and is establishing at who those two individuals are and draw some conclusions as to the nature of this incident as to why that bomb is on that bus. >> thank you for that update and joining us from jerusalem. i want to give you more on this new video captured a moment when the massive earthquake rocked ecuador on saturday night. the ecuador government confirmed
10:34 am
350 people are dead and more than 2,000 are injured despite reports of missing more people. the presidential candidates today. donald trump plans to rally in buffalo tonight. ted cruz showing far behind in new york and he's ready to hold a rally in maryland now. >> and clinton here in new york city, that's happening less than a half an hour from now. >> bill clinton is campaigning in rochester and bernie sanders is holding a rally and concert tonight in long island city. three of the candidates have roots in the umpire state and we are exploring more. chris jansen is in the town of
10:35 am
brooklyn. >> we want to check in with all of them for a better sense. we'll start off with chris in hillary clinton's adopted hometown. what are you hearing from folks there, how active is she locally and how much do they see her there? >> reporter: it is hard to find people here frankly who have not seen them. this is a hamlet. it is only 1500 people where everybody kind of knows everybody. the clinton moved here in 1999 and they bought a lovely house of $1.7 million. >> thousand, they kind of became neighbors and go to the local restaurant here and they go the local bookstore. i talked to laura, the owner, and here is what she told me about bill clinton and hillary clinton. >> who is selling better of secretary hillary clinton or
10:36 am
bill. >> recently we had a big upswing for hillary clinton. >> they have both been here, tell us what kind of books? >> they have been here together or the whole family. bill comes in buys books for himself. >> you call him bill. >> he's friendly and approachable. it is strange to call him anything other than bill. he buys all different genres and a lot of books are gifts. he bought the most recent book of marlin coprand. >> and she buys? >> for historical fiction. >> i don't have to tell you who laura is voting for. there is a lot of reporting that hillary clinton is going to get most of the votes here. let's watch closely at a number of people at the local deli where they also go and came up to me and whispered in my ear, i
10:37 am
don't want to go on camera but i will support sanders. we'll see if there is any surprise here in a town where most people seems to lied to li clinton, erika. >> we'll see. >> chris jansen, thank you. speaking of bernie sanders, in the mid wood section of brooklyn, cal, what kind of response are you getting from folks? >> we are talking to people who he grew up here. we are in the home where bernie sanders lived in college. this is the room he rented, $40 a month, we were in a top level. now, it is a beautiful home. he stayed here with his roommate who told us were very athletic.
10:38 am
the current owner keeps his weights right here. i want to thank mr. williams t lettile letting us come in here today. he's an athlete and a long distance runner which they hope will pay off tomorrow in the election and also a basketball player. there were people here taking a lot of pride of his athletic ability. of course, an uphill battle in the polls. people here are still holding out hopes hoping for some kind of brooklyn miracle turning the table against hillary clinton. this is where he spends one semester at brooklyn college. it gives you an idea of what he's talking about of his humble roots and these are his humble roots. >> interesting. >> cal perry is joining us from brooklyn, thanks. in queens jacob, where donald trump was born.
10:39 am
it seems like you are down there in the subway platform. >> reporter: i sure am. >> donald trump was born maybe two or three blocks down that way. donald trump has actually told reporters he came down to the subway station and taken to manhattan as a kid when he was a young man. that's how he developed his love for manhattan. i went down to donald trump's house where all the people are under and seeing people in the neighborhood are behind this campaign for president. hear what they have to say. >> when you think of donald trump, you think of giant manhattan skyscrapers. he grew up in this house when he was a kid in new york city. that's why we are out here seeing some of the folks thinking about him as president.
10:40 am
>> what's your name? >> joseph. >> so donald trump lives in this house right here, are you going to vote for him on tuesday? >> no. >> definitely not? >> not at all. >> do you know who grew up in this neighborhood? >> besides myself? >> let me give you a clue. >> rest running for president. >> yes, i would say donald trump grew up in jamaica state. >> how do you feel about that, he came from your neighborhood. >> well, i am assembly woman, i am not supporting donald trump. >> who are you supporting? >> hillary clinton. >> do you think he got a shot out here on tuesday? >> jacob from msnbc. >> you know that is donald trump grew up here, are you going to vote for donald trump? >> hell no. >> if he ever took the subway, this is the subway he took. the f-train at 179th street
10:41 am
station. do you live here in jamaica. >> yes. >> are you voting on tuesday? >> who are you going to vote for? >> bernie sanders. >> what about donald trump? >> he's from the neighborhood. >> he grew up here. >> he's a nice guy. >> you know who grew up in the neighborhood? >> i know maybe nikki minaj or 50 cents. >> i knew about them. >> depends if you like american politics. donald trump. >> oh, i don't like him. >> so you like 50 cents and nikki minaj better? >> president nikki minaj, you will never know. >> i was asking her, do you like donald trump? >> i like donald trump. >> he grew up in jamaica state. >> his mother also has a real estate home there.
10:42 am
>> yes, exactly, his father was involved in the development. do you think he will win on t z tuesday tomorrow. >> well, i am optimistic. >> it is in the power of the hands to be. >> nice to meet you latasha. >> i am going to send it back to brooklyn. maybe there is one trump supporter in jamaica state. >> thank you. >> by the way, if you stay on that f-train, you will take it all the way down to brooklyn and come down to where we are. the f-train stops just down the street. today's poll question. do you agree with donald trump. the delegate system is rigged. here is a look at your answer. 31% says yes, it is rigged and 69% says no. go onto >> when we come back, why george
10:43 am
clooney is feeling a lot of feeling the bern. >> i agree completely. >> more with george clooney's exclusive sitting down with chuck todd. next. tired of working for peanuts? well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. when yaren't moving in the right direction, it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar?
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powerful analytics driving decisions for the world's most valuable brands. ♪ george clooney and his wife drew a fundraiser for hillary clinton. tic the actor appearing on "meet the press" explained why he's raising an obscene amount of money. >> the overwhelming amount of money we are raising is not going to hillary to run for president. it is going to the down ticketed. it is going to the congressmen and senators trying to take that congress. the reason that it is important and the reason it is important to me is that we need, i am a
10:47 am
democrat, if you are a republican, you will disagree. we need to take the senate back because we need to confirm the supreme court. that fifth vote can over turn citizen united and get this obscene, ridiculous amount of money out so i never have to do a fundraiser again. >> bernie sanders is expecting another large crowd later tonight in long island city, not too far from where we are here. it comes on top of yesterday's massive rally. his campaign has 28,000 people showed up. it comes as the senator trying to pull a massive offset in new york. joining us now, bernie sanders' campaign manager, it is nice to have you with us today. >> it is a beautiful day. >> it is great to be outside. >> we heard of what george clooney had to say outside. it is an obscene amount of money. really, we have to look at this in term s of the down ballot
10:48 am
races. is that a necessary goal for your candidate at this point? >> absolutely. >> this fund raising arrangement that's donated, two-thirds of the money is going to hillary clinton and only a third is going to down ballot candidates. $15 million of that money, that has funding operations that primarily benefiting only secretary clinton. there is a little bit of questions of how this is working. almost all the money is going to hillary clinton. >> george clooney thinks that much of it is going to the races. do you this i he misunderstands the process? >> it is different than anybody has done before. the clinton people are doing something that's very unusual in the way they are operating this fund. >> george clooney also said that
10:49 am
if in fact bernie sanders is the nominee, he will support him and raise money for him. is that something the sanders campaign need to work on with its supporters and circuits? >> bernie sanders says he will support the nominee whoever that is. he will obviously, campaign for that person but let's be clear, bernie sanders does not control anybody's votes. people have come to support bernie sanders and if hillary clinton wants to earn those votes, she will have to earn them and speak to the issue that driven people to come out to bernie sanders, issues like campaign finance reform or war and peace. every candidate has to earn the votes they get. >> i know you want your candidates to be the nominee and if your mind, he's going to be the nominee, if that's not the case, how actively would bernie sanders help campaign and help convince some of his supporters that in fact getting on the side
10:50 am
of the democratic ticket as a whole is in their best interest, is that how he he's the candidate that can get that done. it will be difficult with hillary clinton. she is a much weaker general election candidate. based on the polls. >> the senate races that you were talking about in terms of the down ballot races, how prepared is bernie sanders to actively campaign for some of those races? >> he has for years actively campaigned for other members in the senate and in the house. he recently raised money, well over $600,000 for three house candidates who were running, three women who are running in the western part of the country and one running here in new york state. so he is raising money for people. he has raised money for the dscc and so he does raise money for democrats. that's a talking point on the other side that's not quite accurate. >> your candidate says that he feels the really underestimate his standing in new york state.
10:51 am
so then what are those polls missing? where do you feel your chances lie now less than 24 hours out? >> look, when pollsters do a poll, they have to make certain assumptions. who's going to come out, what age groups, so on and so forth. they often underestimate the number of young people who will come out in these races. bernie sanders has mobilized millions and millions of young people to come into the process, to come into the democratic party and they tend to come out in much higher numbers. >> do you hope they're still your ticket in new york? >> i hope so. >> you said you have a little more time left. >> we do. >> thanks very much. >> happy to be here. parts of houston are under water after a foot of rain fell triggering flash flooding across the area. more than 110,000 homes and businesses are without power, hundreds of flights have been grounded and the mayor of houston says emergency workers have responded to more than 100 high-water rescues already. and . which provided for their every financial need.
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10:55 am
at the boston marathon today, secretary of state john kerry fired the start gun for the men and women's wheelchair division. he fired several times while representing the state of massachusetts in the u.s. senate. it's been three years since the deadly bombings at the boston marathon killed three people and injured hundreds. any minute now we are expecting to hear from hillary clinton here in new york city. ted cruz is about to speak in towson, maryland, and we're keeping our eye on both of those events as we continue our live coverage on msnbc coming to you from brooklyn bridge park. ahead in the next hour, my interview with former "apprentice" contestant onlia rosa who was at that meeting with donald trump earlier today. that's all coming up next on msnbc, the place for politics.
10:56 am
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hi, everyone. i'm erica hill broadcasting live from brooklyn bridge park on a beautiful monday here in new york. so many eyes on the empire state today. the candidates, of course, are making their final push ahead of tomorrow's critical primary here. donald trump clocking more than 50% in recent polls and looking for a delegate sweep tomorrow. here he is talking about those polls last hour following a meeting with his diversity coalition at trump tower. >> i don't want to believe the polls. if the polls are what they are, they were beyond anything that anything has seen. >> the republican party's delegates rules meantime front and center once again today. ted cruz picked up 14 delegates in wyoming's convention over the weekend. donald trump is tripling down on
11:00 am
accusations of a corrupt process. >> look, nobody has better toys than i do. i can put them in the best planes and bring them to the best resorts in the world. it's a corrupt system. you're basically buying these people. you're basically saying, delegate, listen, we're going to send you to mar-a-lago on a boeing 757. you're going to use the spa, you're going to this, you're going to that, we want your vote. that's a corrupt system. >> on the democratic side, both hillary clinton and bernie sanders in manhattan today. polls show clinton leading in new york. sanders suggested, though, he could pull off an upset earlier on "today." >> the bottom line is let's look at the real poll tomorrow. generally speaking, polling has underestimated how we do in elections. we were 25 points down in michigan and ended up winning michigan. >> our political team has the 2016 race covered in new york and beyond. we want to kick off our coverage on the republican side of the
11:01 am
race this hour with nbc's katy tur who's outsiede trump tower. donald trump as we know just had a meeting with members of the diversity coalition. what did he have to say about that and what do we know in terms of what's coming out of it? >> reporter: i'm not sure that he had a meeting. from what we can gather he came down and gave those brief remarks that you saw live here on msnbc talking about how honored he was to get their support. i know the diversity coalition said they did have a meeting scheduled, but it's unclear if that actually happened after that press conference. they were saying that the setup for that hastily put-together press conference actually ate into the time they were supposed to meet donald trump so it's unclear if anything actually did come out of that. i know they wanted to present donald trump with a ground game or plan of sorts in order to try to win in their words 100% of the minority vote. at that meeting, if you will, or that press conference, a number
11:02 am
of folks who said that they were muslims for trump, sikhs for trump, mexicans for trump, american indians for trump, but it is unclear if anything did come out of that meeting. it's unclear frankly even if there was a meeting. >> well, we will be speaking in just a little bit, in a few minutes with omarosa manigault, but vice chairmanperson of that coalition so we'll try to get a little more information out of here. meantime, katy, if we could pivot back to the delegate fight and donald trump tripling down, beyond doubling down on his claims that in fact this system is rigged, we have this new polling by nbc news and the "wall street journal" which finds 62% of republican voters say the candidate with the most votes should in fact win the nomination. 65%, i'm sorry, i'm seeing a better screen out here. how is that playing into donald trump's message today? >> reporter: that is the message from the trump campaign.
11:03 am
i just very briefly saw his campaign manager, corey lewandowski, and he said he doesn't decide, the voters decide and that's what the trump campaign has been banking on this entire time, his ability to draw out everyday voters who maybe feel disenfranchised or left behind by washington. when you see that number of 66 plus percent saying they believe the person with the most votes should get the nomination, not necessarily the person who best represents the party, that is something that plays directly into donald trump's strategy. when he goes out and talks about how the rnc or the system is corrupt or it's rigged or he talks about the way that somebody like ted cruz or someone else might get delegates, calling it basically paying them off, what he's doing is he is cementing himself in his supporters' minds as the outsider, as somebody who's fighting for them instead of continuing with this establishment or washington status quo. is it effective? yes, to a certain degree. but he does need to get that
11:04 am
1237 magic number in order to lock it in whebefore the convention. otherwise we'll be going into a july that could be very fracturous and donald trump and the rnc have very competing ideas about what that would look like. take a listen. >> the system is a bad, bad system. they have got to do something about it. the republican national committee, they better get going because i'll tell you what, you're going to have a rough july at that convention. >> there's no room for threatening the delegates or the convention or anybody that would be going to our national convention. but i also think some of this is rhetoric and hyperbole and the truth is that the delegates themselves are the ones that write the rules for the convention. the rnc doesn't write any rules. >> reporter: asked about that rough july comment yesterday, donald trump says he does hope that there is no violence at the convention. erica. >> as do many people.
11:05 am
nbc's katie tour. thanks. i want to turn to hallie jackson from the ted cruz campaign. ted cruz really starting off the week with a significant win. an argument in politico calling it another delegate bloodbath for donald trump. this is part of a steady push by the cruz campaign to really go after and secure delegates. how is that working as a strategy? >> reporter: absolutely. delegates, if this is a contested convention and if it does go to a second ballot how is it working overall as a strategy? the campaign is pleased with where they are, point to wyoming, point to colorado, point to what happened in georgia, places where ted cruz was able to get in and pick up delegates. he's actually in maryland today. any second we expect the senator to walk out and take the stage. this is a little bit of a two-pronged approach. the cruz team is not only trying to make sure that they prepare themselves for the very likely possibility of a contested
11:06 am
convention if donald trump doesn't lock up that magic 1237 number that he needs but also trying to keep the race close. if donald trump runs away and ends up with a 300 delegate lead or 200 or 100, then they could be at a disadvantage. this is why they still need to win some of these primary states outright. maryland is a place where cruz plans to compete, which is why he's here today. when you talk about contested convention, erica, i was trying to hold off because i see the senator's staff right behind a kcurtain behind me but let's listen to what his pitch would be if there is a contested convention. what he plans to say to voters to counter the message that trump is pushing, that cruz is in a system that is rigged. >> donald is not a complicated man to understand. he doesn't handle losing well. there have been a total of five states that voted in the last three weeks. in those five states starting from utah, north dakota, wisconsin, colorado and wyoming, 1.3 million people voted in
11:07 am
those five states and he lost all five. we have won five in a row. and donald is upset so he's throwing a fit. >> reporter: and just to underscore the sense here in the room, erica, one of the intro speakers behind me said hey, for the first time in a long time maryland needs to vote, because this year their vote will really matter. erica. >> nbc's hallie jackson. we are hearing that about a lot of states this spring. these votes really matter this year and this time around. as we mentioned, just moments ago donald trump wrapped up a meeting we're told with members of the national diversity coalition for trump. it's a confusing message as to what that meeting was. the group itself was created to do outreach on behalf of the republican front-runner. >> we all came out together under one umbrella to say that we not only endorse and support mr. donald trump as president but we're representing our individual unique communities. he's allowing us to be his eyes and his ears on the ground.
11:08 am
we have several ideas, initiatives, policies that we're -- mr. trump is allowing us to present to him to aid in our endeavors to make this country great again. >> omarosa manigault is vice chairperson of the group. good to have you with us, omarosa. >> good to join you, erica. >> there was a little confusion. we did see donald trump come out just about an hour ago but it wasn't clear whether or not he actually met with the coalition. so can you clear that up for us. was there a meeting? >> you know, this was the launch of the national diversity coalition which means we actually had a huge briefing with all the different groups that came to support him. donald came down to greet, to meet with them, to show how excited he was that they were joining him but the real work was taking place with the actual members of the different diversity groups that came to support him. >> so just a meet and greet, not a sit down sort of policy, let's
11:09 am
figure out how donald trump is going to work with the coalition. >> the policy work took place with michael coe hen, dr. donald scott and myself. we had about 600 folks who showed up, so it's very difficult to have an intimate briefing as we had planned with 600 people. so the support was just overwhelming. >> so what is the plan then for the national diversity coalition? as you said this was the first really big meeting. moving forward to try to convince voters to support donald trump. we've seen in a number of the polling when it comes to women, when it comes to african-american, when it comes to a number of minority groups, donald trump is not polling well. what's the plan to change that? >> it's interesting that you talk about the polls instead of the votes that have already been cast. 8 million people have voted for donald trump and they make up a very diverse group of voters. women, of course make up about 43% of those who have already
11:10 am
cast their votes for donald trump, so that completely undermines the theory that donald trump does not have women's support. and it also shows that if you look at those numbers that latinos support donald trump, african-americans support donald trump, and you have to look at the numbers that have already been cast. not the projections, because it completely contradicts this narrative that he does not have a diverse backing. what we wanted to do was bring these different groups under the same roof here at trump tower so they could all see, you all could see this broad support that he has. i mean this amazing turnout was really to show that donald trump really does speak to all americans and he wants to make all americans great. >> so you're saying it's a visual. so if in fact we're looking at what you're putting up there in terms of numbers and what you're saying about votes cast, if you're saying that he already has that support, why do you need this coalition to bringing in support if he already has it. >> because there's a narrative that women don't support trump yet 43% of those who cast their
11:11 am
vote are women. we have to look at the numbers and the numbers don't lie. 8 million americans have stood with donald trump. so we have to come out to show that that narrative is just not true. it's not true that he doesn't have that support and you saw that today. if you looked at the people in that room, they were enthusiastic and very eager to let the world know that they stand with donald trump. >> recently some former "apprentice" contest appearance and you were one have come out against donald trump. there's a group that's banding together. i want to play a little bit of what they had to say recently. >> please. >> donald will always be school yard bully 101. that's the person that comes and pushes you on the shoulder, calls you a name, challenges you to a fight in the third grade. what i will say is pet lance does not equal presidency so that behavior will not make him presidential against kim jong-un or isis or anybody else he has to debate or go against in the
11:12 am
public arena and not in the twitter sphere. >> a pretty strong statement there and a very different view from what we've heard from you, for example. how do you marry the two? >> it's interesting because i was on the first season with kwame jackson. donald trump launched his campaign back in june and these contestants wait until april to come out? it's just not genuine. they're coming out -- i'm not really sure why wait till april. why try to undercut democracy? they say he shouldn't have run, but in this great country people have a right to stand where they want to. he has the right to stand with hillary clinton and be a democrat and have a right to stand with donald trump. i hope that kwame finds what he's looking for but i think it's disingenuous for them to come out way in april and say we're trying to stop trump. if they were really sincere about how appalled they were or
11:13 am
how they were against donald, wouldn't that have happened in the fall? why wait until april. >> kwame jackson has come out months ago, so to your point -- >> no one paid attention because it wasn't sincere. >> omarosa, real quickly before we let you go, will we see donald trump start to pivot? there's been enough criticism, as you know, about his tone, about the tone that he sets with his language and a push perhaps for him to be more presidential? will we see more of that? >> you know, i think what you'll see is donald trump really moving forward with his campaign. sure, we've had to make some adjustments because the race has changed, the rules keep changing, the establishment, anti-trump. we have to continue to adjust. what you'll see is donald trump continue to advance the vision that he has for this country. and i hope that people will start to see that this broad support that we have will certainly stop this narrative that donald trump does not have the support of women, african-americans, latinos, of people of different racial and religious backgrounds. we just have to stop that and
11:14 am
that's the purpose of the national diversity coalition for trump. >> omarosa, we appreciate your time. >> thanks, erica. we are continuing to follow breaking news out of jerusalem. police confirming an explosion on board a bus that was indeed caused by a bomb. no one was killed. 16 people, however, were injured. the explosion itself caused another bus and a car to burst into flames. we want to get more on this from itv who joins us from the scene of the explosion in jerusalem. i understand at this hour there are sort of conflicting classifications, if you will, as to whether or not this could be terror related? >> reporter: that's right, erica. what we know for sure is that the extensive damage that you see behind me was caused by some kind of explosive device and that most of the people who were
11:15 am
injured were not actually on that bus but were on another bus which was moving along side it. as you say, there are some contradictions. the mayor of jerusalem has said that was was -- has described this as a terrorist attack. jerusalem's police force, however, has been very clear that they have not confirmed that yet. they say that their investigation is focused on establishing exactly what kind of an explosive device this was and how exactly and why exactly it got onto this bus. the focus of their investigation more precisely is on people and the people who were injured on that other bus. they have identified all of them apart from two. two in fact of the most seriously wounded on that bus. they're trying to identify those two individuals. as soon as they have worked out who they are, then they will draw some conclusions as to the exact nature of this incident. >> itv's middle east
11:16 am
correspondent joining us with the latest. thank you. as we continue our coverage of the race for 2016, hillary clinton is holding a get out the vote event in midtown manhattan this hour. something for votes, of course, just one day before a critical primary. bernie sanders is getting a lot of attention in the empire state as well. earlier today walking through manhattan. sanders suggesting today he believes he can pull off a michigan-style upset in the empire state. we'll take a look at sanders' strategy as we head into tomorrow's vote. that's coming up. le lamb. one of millions of orders on this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of the at&t network, a network that senses and mitigates cyber threats, their critical data is safer than ever. giving them the agility to be open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t.
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11:19 am
thank you both for making time to be here. i know it was hard for both of you to agree on a date. >> well, no, not for me, wolf. i offered up a date right away. i said how that mapril 3rd.
11:20 am
>> wolf, i want a million debates. when people hear my message, it resonates loud and clear because i always talk like i'm on the other side of a river. >> secretary clinton, we'll start with you. you recently stood by governor cuomo as he signed a $15 minimum wage into law. so do you no longer think it should be $12. >> wolf, i have said from the beginning that it should be a combination of 12 and/or 15. >> no. no, you didn't, you always said 12. >> and 15. i said 12 and/or 15. >> no, that's not true. >> yes, it is. >> no, no, it is not. >> yes, it is. >> no. >> yes. >> are you feeling that burn? >> a little 2016 fun courtesy of "saturday night live." with less than 24 hours to go until new york voters head to the polls, the democrats are not leaving anything to chance. hillary clinton is expected to speak at any moment here in
11:21 am
manhattan. she's trying to maintain her lead with women. kirsten jigillibrand and gabby giffords are joining her. her lead nationally has slipped to just two points. at a stop earlier today clinton maintained her confidence. >> i feel really good about where our campaign is. i believe that we're going to have the delegates and the votes that demonstrate absolutely that i will be the nominee, but i'm not taking anybody or any place for granted. we're going to keep working hard. >> bernie sanders meantime hoping for a massive upset and looking pretty confident as he walked in the streets of manhattan this morning. about an hour ago he spoke at a round table event and the need for comprehensive immigration reform. this morning on "today" he suggested his support tomorrow in new york state will be strong. >> the bottom line is let's look
11:22 am
at the real poll tomorrow. generally speaking, polling has underestimated how we do in elections. we were 25 points down in michigan. we ended up winning michigan. >> our political team is covering every development in this democratic race. we're going to kick things off this hour with kristen welker who's been following the clinton campaign. we know we're waiting for hillary clinton to speak at that event. what are we expecting to hear from her with less than 24 hours to go until new yorkers head to the polls, kristen? >> reporter: this is going to be about rallying her base, women voters. she's going to be joined by senator gillibrand, gabby giffords, also the president of the planned parenthood, and she is going to lay out what's at stake in this election. she'll likely use donald trump to help make her case and touch on a number of issues that matter to women voters.
11:23 am
issues like health care, affordable housing and also help for small businesses. she's going to touch on a range of topics i'm told, erica. bottom line, though, as you laid out, secretary clinton right now has a double-digit lead heading into tomorrow. a campaign official tells me, look, they like where they stand right now, they like their chances heading into tomorrow. at the same time, they're not taking anything for granted. that is why secretary clinton is here. bill clinton crisscrossing the state. he is trying to rally voters as well to get out the vote. the margin is going to be important tomorrow, aeerica. if secretary clinton wins by double digits, she could all but put this race out of reach for senator sanders so their goal today is to drive voter turnout. >> kristen welker, kristen, thank you. in the bottom of your screen in that smaller box we are monitoring this event with former president bill clinton out of rochester where he is hoping to get out the vote for his wife today.
11:24 am
also with us is kasie hunt who's been following the sanders campaign. we've been talking a lot about -- we heard bernie sanders saying this morning he thinks the polls underestimate in fact his standing in the state of new york. what is the sanders campaign feeling now just hours out in the empire state? how are they making their final push? >> reporter: that has been true, erica, that in many cases the public polls have shown this wide gap and sanders has managed to close it. i will say here in new york, though, you're feeling from both camps more of a sense that it stayed more static here in new york. senator sanders normally when he comes into a state he holds these big rallies, he's in the local press. he's moved the numbers more significantly. that just hasn't happened here. partly i think advisers will say is because hillary clinton has been so distinguigood and is so comfortable working with the new york media market, the tabloids that drive so much of the news here in new york city. you've also seen senator sanders adjust his campaign style a little bit. this is a guy who really prefers
11:25 am
these big rally settings who often doesn't seem super at ease in small intimate diner settings. i can't tell you off the record stops i've covered with sanders where he's gone into a cafe and had his tea or had a little food with his wife, jane, and really not talked to very many of the voters who are in the restaurant or coffee shop with him. over the last couple of days here in new york, you've seen that change a little bit. sanders walking through brooklyn bridge park yesterday, today taking a stroll through midtown, joining another one of those strikes out at the verizon workers are engaged in, so i think you've seen them come into pressure to do things a little bit differently here as those numbers have not moved. now, i will say it wouldn't come as a surprise if it were to be a little closer than some of these public polls show based on the history and based on what sanders insiders are saying right now, erica. >> msnbc's kasie hunt for us. interesting to see a little shift there in the way that the
11:26 am
sanders campaign is doing business. thanks. we are also following at this hour breaking news coming to us from the defense department. during a surprise visit to iraq today, secretary ash carter announced the united states will send 200 additional troops into iraq to serve as advisers in preparation for a long-anticipated campaign to try to retake the city of mosul from isis. jim miklaszewski is at the white house for us this afternoon and joins us with more. so give us a better sense of what the role for these i believe it's 217 troops will be as they try to help in that effort. >> reporter: well, erica, that number of 217 doesn't sound very impressive, but this is a significant development because of who they are and what they'll be doing. most will be special operations forces who for the first time will now be embedded with iraqi combat forces not well back behind the war zone but actually at the front lines.
11:27 am
for the first time they'll bow in an advise and assist role but could often be drawn in, as you can imagine, into combat. in addition, they will be deployed with brigades. and again not the division headquarters where they have been previously stationed. and what's interesting about this development is that it didn't appear that president obama was the least bit reluctant to commit additional forces at increased risk in the fight against isis there in iraq. in fact instead it was the iraqi government that was very reluctant to agree to these additional forces in those near combat positions because of the pressure they're getting from tehran and the iranian government that, of course, objects to any presence of u.s. military there in iraq. and while these troops are going to be more forward deployed, particularly when they get into the invasion by iraqi forces to
11:28 am
push isis out of mosul, they will be at greater risk, erica. >> jim miklaszewski. mik, appreciate it as always, thank you. we do want to point out, tune into nbc nightly news tonight. lester holt has an exclusive interview with defense secretary ash carter inside iraq as we continue our coverage of this breaking news and that announcement of these 217 advisers being sent in. we are watching two campaign events at this hour happening live. you see them both on your screen. on the left there, senator ted cruz in towson, maryland. on your right, hillary clinton in new york city. you see gabby giffords there at the podium. she is introducing hillary clinton. as kristen welker pointed out early her, kirsten gillibrand there. we'll keep an eye on both events for you throughout the hour here on msnbc. meanwhile the fight over immigration reached the supreme court today. there's a lot of interest in this case.
11:29 am
hundreds of protesters on both sides of the controversial issue gathering outside the court as the eight justices consider whether president obama's plan to shield more than 4 million illegal immigrants from deportation is constitutional. according to nbc's pete williams, the court appears to be divided and is struggling with the case. a decision is expected in june. stay with us, you're watching msnbc, the place for politics. we'll be right back. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. it's more than it's multi-layered security and flexibility.
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amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing you've got to cut deals with democrats. you've got to learn to go along to get along. let me be very, very clear to the men and women of maryland. >> hell no. >> i will not compromise away your religious liberty.
11:33 am
and i will not compromise away your second amendment right to keep and bear arms. >> ted cruz there speaking, of course. he is at a live event at this hour in maryland, hoping to rally more support there. meantime hillary clinton, as you can see in that other box on your screen at an event in new york city where she's been joined by gabby giffords, kirsten gillibrand. we'll continue to monitor both of those events and i'll let you know what's coming out of those. >> have you seen the 28 classified pages of the 9/11 commission report and do you think they should be declassified? >> i think the administration should take a hard look at them and determine whether that can be done consistent with national security, but senator schumer has the legislation that i support. >> i think it's important to
11:34 am
have a full investigation and an understanding of the role, the possible role of the saudi government in 9/11. there was, as you know, some 28 pages that have classified information that has not been released. we also asked for the release of that information. >> so after some somewhat uncertain responses on a sunday news show, both bernie sanders and hillary clinton saying they support a controversial bipartisan bill that would allow american victims of terror attacks to sue foreign sponsors of terrorism. that bill is backed by 9/11 families. the obama administration, the state department and the pentagon, however, warn the bill's passage could lead to both diplomatic and economic fallout, specifically as it relates to the kingdom of saudi arabia. just moments ago white house press secretary josh earnest was asked to respond to the 9/11 families who were concerned that by opposing the legislation, the administration appeared to be siding with saudi arabia.
11:35 am
take a listen. >> our concerns about this law are not related to its impact on our relationship with one particular country. the concern that we have is simply this, it could put the united states and our taxpayers and our service members and our diplomats at significant risk if countries were -- other countries were to adopt a similar law. >> nbc's luke russert joins us now from capitol hill. luke, we just heard there from josh earnest, but the timing of all of this is very interesting. president obama leaving for saudi arabia tomorrow. he'll be there for a summit. looking through the details of that bill and this economic threat that was issued by the saudis, walk us through a little bit of where we stand on all that today. >> hey there, erica, it's a very interesting bill that was announced last year by john cornyn and chuck schumer, one a republican, one a democrat. essentially what the bill says is that the families of terrorist victims killed on
11:36 am
american soil should have the ability to sue foreign governments if they had a direct role with the terrorist attack that happened here on american soil. and that void is dead. the reason why this bill is getting so much attention is because of those 28 pages you discussed missing from the 9/11 commission report. they're not missing, they're classified, that a lot of folks have said shows the direct involvement between the saudi arabian government and 15 of the 19 hijackers who are actually saudi who took down the world trade center. so what's interesting, though, with this bill is that schumer, who's very much in line to become the next leader of the democrats here in the senate, is going mano a mano with the white house because it's very popular back in new york. what's interesting, though, specifically more than anything, this gets at the question of sovereignty. and what the hill is saying and this bipartisan coalition is, look, the reason why this does not go and hurt our service members or hurt businesses is
11:37 am
because of how narrowly we wrote this legislation, that it only applies to an american killed here at american soil done at the behest of foreign actors. they think that that narrow wording is what gives them the leeway. they are also saying from folks i've spoken to that this really does show the power of the saudi arabian government that the administration does not want to cross them, perhaps there's some other side agreement that's not known to the public. so it will be interesting to see how it plays out, erica. >> that it will be, especially since there's some question on whether there's a side agreement. luke russert on capitol hill, thanks. as we take you to break, we have some live pictures from this event happening in manhattan where hillary clinton is holding that get out the vote event. you see kirsten gillibrand speaking at the podium. we'll continue to monitor that. you're watching msnbc. 80% of women say a healthy lifestyle is a priority.
11:38 am
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breaking news out of ecuador where as many as 100,000 people we're told may still be in need of assistance. that, of koefcourse, after a mae 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck ecuador on saturday. those numbers of 100,000 still in need coming from the spanish red cross. the ecuadorean government says 350 people are ad, more than 2,000 are injured. the president warning the death toll is expected to rise in a, quote, considerable way. miguel almaguer is following these developments. he's actually traveling through ecuador and joins us by phone. miguel, give us a sense of what you're seeing and what more you're hearing in terms of the numbers and the damage. >> reporter: good afternoon. the rescue effort here is certainly being hampered by the road conditions. we're on a road that for right now is impassable, partially covered by a mudslide.
11:42 am
we've seen rescue teams and bulldozers trying to clear that road. we are headed toward the coast where the majority of victims, where the epicenter was. upwards of 400 people have been pronounced dead. we know that number will rise according to the president. more than 2,000 people have been injured. this is where first responders are trying to reach these devastated coastal communities where we are told in some towns hundreds of people are dead or missing. so the search here is certainly intensifying here. it's been nearly 48 hours since that massive 7.8 quake. all eyes on the possible survivors that may be buried underneath rubble here as rescue teams pan out all across this area. >> miguel, you mentioned the challenge of the roads trying to get in there. can you give us a sense of some of the devastation you're seeing and also how much of a factor now today on monday are aftershocks? >> reporter: we've had more than 200 aftershocks here since that
11:43 am
massive quake. the largest aftershock registering at 6.1 magnitude. earlier this morning we felt one in quito, the capital city, more than 100 miles away from the epicenter. that's also hampering the rescue effort by teams on the road. many of the roads have been fractured. there are large holes and gaping pieces of concrete missing from some of the roads. landslides have been triggered that are blocking some of the entryways in and out of the coastal area so those are all conditions the teams are facing today. the conditions could not be much worse than what we are seeing as we approach the area here where folks are in need of help. >> tough to think of it in those terms, hearing the conditions could not be much worse. miguel almaguer, thank you. we also want to get you caught up on some breaking news here in the united states. the images coming to us out of texas. just incredible, widespread flooding in houston.
11:44 am
flash floods reported there today after torrential rainfall earlier this morning. we're talking as high as 4 inches an hour. flood watches do remain in effect for parts of texas. we'll continue to monitor that for you as well. stay with us, we'll be right back. neighbor boy. (neighbor) yeah, so we're just bringing your son home. he really loves our wireless directv receiver. (dad) he should know better. we're settlers. we settle for cable. but let us repay you for your troubles. fresh milk for the journey home (neighbor) we live right there. (dad) salted meats? (neighbor) no thank you. (dad) hats then! (vo) don't be a settler, get a $100 reward card when you switch to directv. went up the waterspout. down came the rain... ...and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement
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hour of every single day. like me, she is a progressive who likes to get things done for the people she represents. now, it's very exciting to be with all of you on the eve of the new york primary. i am so grateful for the chance i had to represent this state for eight years. the people of new york took a chance on me in 2000. you sent me to the senate. we worked together. we dealt with the horrors of
11:48 am
9/11 together. we worked to bring opportunity to inner city areas and upstate rural areas, and it was the greatest honor of my life to represent you in the senate. and i want you to know that new york had my back and i always tried to have your back, and i will again if i'm so fortunate enough to be elected your president. >> hillary clinton speaking there not too far from where we are here in brooklyn. she is at manhattan at a campaign event with gabby giffords and also new york senator kirsten gillibrand and all the candidates as we are less than 24 hours away from the primaries here in new york state. doing their best to play up their connections to new york. this is hillary clinton's adopt home state. meantime, donald trump was born
11:49 am
here, grew up here. tony is on the ground in buffalo where donald trump will be speaking later tonight but it's not that new yorker that you have found a voter who is interested in him, it's actually the other new yorker in this race, bernie sanders, who was born in brooklyn. i understand, tony, you have found a bernie sanders supporter up there. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, erica. you just heard hillary clinton say she likes to get things done. at this location where i'm at, this is one of the things she got done. it used to be a windshield wiper factory. it was reclaimed by the city, rebuilt. $10 million senator clinton got when she was a senator of new york. she was a champion of this project. there are going to be 17,000 people employed here by next year and yet many of those people, young, progressive city people, they're not necessarily hillary clinton voters. i've got one of those here. this is derrick, an app developer. he works in this space. thank you for joining us. >> not a problem. >> you're in a beautiful environment. you've got a foosball table, a
11:50 am
putting green. >> free juice. >> free juice, and yet you're telling me you're not a hillary clinton backer necessarily. >> not necessarily. i'm still on the fence between both bernie and hillary, but, you know, it's a lot to think about. it's a lot of decisions that have to be made. i'm big on minority and women in businesses and the support and funding that they get. and i know for hillary clinton, she was -- some of her stances directly related to that. so there's still a lot to weigh in. >> you were on a panel with hillary clinton when she came here touting her record. >> yes, i was. >> championing this place. but you've got only 24 hours to make this decision. what are you going to do between now and tomorrow to help resolve this choice? >> i think the biggest thing that i'm be doing is sitting down with some of my peers. we're all thinking at the same time who we should vote for, who we should pick to be our candidate. and i think those kind of conversations that you have ultimately they help your decision. so later tonight a bunch of us
11:51 am
are getting together and that's what we'll be doing. >> thanks very much, derrick. also a tough sell for donald trump. unemployment is going down, wages are up and people like derrick, they're working. back to you, erica. >> tony, thanks as always. coming up next, donald trump crying foul when it comes to the republican delegate system. we've been asking you in today's pulse question, do you agree with trump calling the gop delegate system rigged? let's take a look at those numbers as they stand just before the top of the hour. 42% of you say yes, 58% say no. a slight change there in the voting. you can continue to make your voice heard. just log on to stay with us, we'll be right back. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday,
11:52 am
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11:54 am
i can do better with the bosses than anybody. i've dealt with bosses all my life. i've done very well politically.
11:55 am
i could have gone out to colorado. i'm sure i could have met the head guy. i'm sure i could have wined him and dined him and put him on a private plane and sent him all over the place, which is legal, but that's not democracy. you know, you're allowed essentially to pay off these people. you're allowed to pay off these delegates. >> donald trump there decrying what he calls a rigged gop delegate system. it's a charge we've been hearing for some time now. joining me now, ben ginsburg, an attorney at the jones day law firm and an authority on the rules governing republican conventions. good to have you with us as always. >> thanks. >> when you hear donald trump's latest assertion there, legally what is the deal when it comes to delegates and how their support can be influenced? donald trump claims it can be bought. is that actually true? >> oh, i don't think the delegates can be bought, but there is sort of a long, proud
11:56 am
tradition of taking care of your delegates and wooing them in a way that you can persuade them. but i mean, look, what donald trump is doing is motivating his base by these comments. it's a great get out the vote message for tomorrow, next week and on to california. he's playing the refs a little bit because he's getting in a battle with the rnc that he can win a lot easier than the rnc can. and lastly, he's just overall sort of setting the tone of the campaign, which is all positive for him. >> we only have a real quick 30 seconds, but, ben, because you get this better than any of us do, what kind of sway does reince priebus actually have over the writing of the rules? >> well, the rules are going to be written by the delegates in the convention. the rnc does a first draft that the rules committee will consider. he has the ability to get the rnc to shape the starting
11:57 am
document but not the final document. >> msnbc political analyst ben ginsburg. we appreciate you keeping it tight but very informative. thanks as always. that is going to wrap things up for this hour live from brooklyn bridge park. i'm erica hill. stay with us, chris hayes picks up our coverage next right here. stay with us, you're watching msnbc, the place for politics. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. ♪
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12:00 pm
hello and good afternoon to you from brook lib. i'm chris hayes. three months from today republicans will go to cleveland to pick their nominee for president and that is about all we know for sure on this, the eve of the new york primary tomorrow. that's all we know about the gop convention, the date. anyone who says they know who the nominee will be is either lying to you,


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