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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and chicken strips with 100% natural chicken breast. so now, there's more to love with banquet. now serving... a better banquet. ♪ good morning. i'm steve kornacki. another big primary day is here. it is primary day in the state of new york. hillary and bill clinton casting their ballots just over an hour ago in chappaqua, new york. that's a suburb of new york city. and we're going to be watching for when the other hometown candidate, republican donald trump, casts his ballot in new york city some time today. now polls are going to stay open until 9:00 eastern time tonight. that's one of the later closing times you'll see in this
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country. there's a lot on the line in both races. new york one of the biggest prizes left in each party. let's take a look at the stakes today in new york. over at the big board, let's begin on the democratic side. you see how the delegate race stands. take a look at this column. it's a little complicated. these are the delegates given out in the primary and caucuses. the sanders campaign believes if they can catch hillary here then the superdelegates will have no choice but to flip their allegiances. bernie sanders comes in today down 240 to hillary clinton in this category. it's more like 210 because there are outstanding delegates from the state of washington that haven't been counted. if the polls are right in new york, if hillary clinton is headed for a win of ten points or more, then that 210 could explode because you have 247 delegates up for grabs here in new york today. bernie sanders needs to be
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getting as many of those as possible. let's take a look at the republican side, the delegate situation. coming in to tonight, the republican side, there it is. donald trump with a lead of about 200, but this is the thing. 95 delegates up for grabs in new york state. donald trump could get most, maybe even all of these. he could explode this lead over ted cruz and the mid-atlantic and northeast vote next week. a chance for him to create distance between trump and ted cruz. disorganization or maybe some type of a shake-up on the trump side of the ledger here. a top aide quitting the trump campaign amid a big regime change. >> i have a wonderful guy, a campaign manager. you talk about discipline. the easiest thing, corey, you're fired. i can't do that. a story first reported. trump's campaign manager from
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day one, corey lewandowski, potentially seeing a severely diminished role as the campaign looks to reset its tone and try to lock up the nomination during the primary season which is going to end june 7th. we'll show you what that new trump organization looks like. also on our agenda this morning, the expectations game. >> tomorrow, let us all do everything we can to make sure that new york state has the largest turnout in a democratic primary in its history. >> bernie sanders needing record turnout to overcome a big deficit in the polls. we were just talking about this. what if he loses by five points or ten points. what if the polls are right in new york? where would that leave the sanders campaign going forward after new york? sanders attacking the clinton
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campaign for alleged fund-raising improprieties. clinton's campaign manager will join us to respond in a couple of minutes. and your guide on where to be watching as those results come in to tonight. where could trump's weakest areas be? where are the must wins for sanders. this is a big deal. trump wants to get all 95 delegates if he can. the map has everything to do with that. it is on our big board tonight, our most important number of the day. we'll tell you in just a minute. all that and much more still ahead. we begin with our top story. that new report that says donald trump is ready to break open the bank in a way we haven't seen before in this campaign. this part of a campaign reorganization that could diminish the role of corey lewandowski. this is from a politico report that nbc news has now confirmed. the shake-up went down over the weekend with paul manafort.
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trump recently brought him to run his convention operation. manafort taking on more power within the trump campaign including setting strategy for the upcoming primary contests. embarrassing losses in delegate battles to ted cruz have left trump with little margin for error if he's going to wrap up the republican nomination by the end of the primary season june 7th. also confirming what politico first reported that trump is opening up the wallet for his team giving them a $20 million budget for the battle ahead. this is a major evolution for the trump campaign. want to show you what we're dealing with here. corey lewandowski, you probably know the name. a little controversy around corey lewandowski. he's been the campaign manager. he's been the face in a lot of ways of the trump campaign from the beginning. having his troubles with that incident with the reporter
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recently. now in terms of potentially being outs organized. some of these delegate battles in north dakota, in colorado. maybe donald trump losing a bit of confidence in the strategic vision of corey lewandowski. this has been the brain trust for the trump campaign. you see the new people coming in. we talked about manafort. a veteran operative on the republican side. we talk a lot about the last time there was an open convention, contested convention on the republican side. 1976. 40 years ago. gerald ford being challenged by ronald reagan. paul manafort was involved in that convention 40 years ago. the last contested republican convention. now he's running the convention operation for trump. and also rick wiley. scott walker, the wisconsin governor who was in this race this presidential race last year, dropped out early, wiley was running that campaign. a well regarded political professional. what you are seeing here
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potentially in terms of the trump campaign is a response to some of the criticism, some of the criticism from republican establishment types, even some supporters that the organization may not have been up to snuff. some real professionals and brand names going in there. peter alexander is at a polling station in new york city. he's been following the trump campaign. what do we know about this reshuffle that's taking place? >> obviously what we witnessed is this small core of donald trump loyalists now expanding into a growing team of seasoned political professionals. paul manafort, rick wiley, formerly the campaign manager for scott walk enow manafort's deputy. part of this upheaval has created a political parallel political campaign. the manafort team and lewandowski team as it's described to us in some form. a senior staff meeting, nbc news confirmed, taking place in new york this past weekend.
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as for the money being spent going forward, donald trump going to dip deeper into his billions. we're told $20 million being budgeted for aggressive advertising spending in big upcoming states to include california. paul manafort has always circled that date, june 7th. 172 delegates up for grabs. a critical one if they want to win the majority of delegates before heading into the convention this summer. a senior campaign source is telling nbc news there are some internal rumors right now this may soon be the end of the road for the campaign manager corey lewandowski and his deputy. that's speculative but represents some of the frustrations that exist inside the campaign right now. also questions being raised by many observers suggesting donald trump needs to be more presidential going forward. this senior source tells nbc news they don't view that as a good idea, that's every
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candidate gets better as time goes on and part of donald trump's success is his ability to improve as he moves forward. that's the nature of where things stand right now. as for the initial politico report, donald trump has been defiant. here's how he cast it this morning. >> politico covers me so inaccurate. they write stories and they don't even call. with all of that being said, i was not at a meeting. i heard about a meeting i attended. nobody called me from politico. these guys write stories, not necessarily a bad story, but they write stories. they have no facts. they never even call. and i hear they're going out of business. >> the language of this senior campaign source is the campaign grows and tries to get stronger moving forward, in this campaign source's words, it becomes more refined and more disciplined. that's the way some are trying
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cast as what others are viewing as a lot of turmoil on the inside. >> peter alexander in new york city covering donald trump. let me turn to former senator bob castin from wisconsin. he's a trump supporter. let me ask you about this news. one of the criticisms of the trump campaign has been about organization or lack of organization, being caught flat-footed it seemed in colora colorado, north dakota. this new brain trust that seems to be emerging here, do you think this is a positive step for the campaign? >> i think it's very positive. and who would you rather be right now than donald trump? he's gone from 17, now down to 1 or 2. the real question is whether or not, not whether trump wins new york but whether cruz comes in third. and i think that could happen. if cruz comes in third today, i think all the questions about organization and campaign organization, whatever, what you are seeing is normal growth. we're seeing a candidate and
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campaign becoming more professional, becoming more presidential if you will. and winning. the important thing is winning. >> what we haven't seen donald trump do, it seems to me the story has been in this primary. obviously he is winning in this. it feels like he's had a couple moments where he had a chance to pivot. make some inroads with the so-called party establishment. bring some people on board and put this primary behind him. it feels like there have been some missed opportunities. maybe another one coming up for him. do you think donald trump might treat it differently than he has the other ones? >> it's almost impossible to put this primary behind him with kasich just hanging in there hoping that somehow magic can happen or maybe he becomes a part of the ticket. it's impossible to -- it's not in trump's control what cruz and kasich do. what's interesting is that kasich might beat cruz today in new york. but the most important thing is the campaign is growing. a couple of months ago, we had
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78 or 80 people working for us. hillary had 788. this campaign has gone from 17 to 2 or 3. we're making huge progress. the campaign is growing, it's becoming more professional. we've got delegate issues and we're going to be doing well with delegates. we've got pennsylvania. we've got california. california clearly is going to mean spending media. the fact is we're growing. it's evolving. and it's moving in the right direction. that's what's important. it's moving in the winning direction. >> and mitt romney yesterday made news. mitt romney is part of the stop trump movement. he said with cruz and kasich both actively competing right now that that's really only helping donald trump. do you agree with that? >> i think that might be right. if he was up against one. but i know donald trump wants to be up against one, not two. i think the real question here
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is whether the stop trump movement can somehow coalesce against it. one of the interesting things that's hand since wisconsin is that there are a number of people in the party that are saying the best thing for us to do is keep control of the republican party and we're willing to lose with ted cruz as opposed to take the chance to win with donald trump because if trump comes in, he might take control of the party apparatus. the lose with cruz people, i think are struggling right this minute because cruz is going to come in third, not second. at least it looks like that in new york. so this idea of stop trump and then the next iteration of that is lose with cruz, i think that's losing all the credibility. as donald trump continues to build. and the fact we're going to spend more money, the fact that california will be necessarily a media state. the fact we're getting more and
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more people with experience. four months ago people were saying where are all the donald trump people with experience? they're now coming on board. we're building a campaign, and it's successful. we've come from 17 down to 2 and we're in the process now of growing the campaign and getting ready to defeat hillary clinton in the fall. >> bob kasten, former senator and donald trump supporter. thanks for the time. to the fierce battle on the democratic side in new york. i'm joined by clinton campaign manager robby mook. there's been a dust-up here. you're standing in front of the brooklyn bridge now. i was there with jeff weaver, the campaign manager of bernie sanders. he's making accusations saying too much of the money went to hillary clinton's campaign. not enough of it going to down ballot candidates. what's your response to what the sanders campaign has been
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saying? >> first of all, it's a false attack, and it's a pattern now over the last two weeks here in new york of the sanders campaign lashing out with personal, negative and i would say dangerous and harmful attacks because they are not having the success in new york that they said they needed and certainly hoped for. my response to this is hillary clinton was raising money for democrats up and down the ticket. that's what the leader of a party does. if senator sanders chooses not to help other democrats, thats should choice. he faces another choice right now and that's where he continues to make these personal negative attacks or whether he goes back to running the kind of campaign he promised to voters across the country that this was going to be a campaign about issues. and we're ready to keep talking about health care and how we help families afford college. let's stop these negative personal attacks and insinuations that only serve to help the republicans win the white house.
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>> you mentioned personal negative attacks. i want to ask you about this one. there was this scene over the weekend, hillary clinton was doing this fund-raiser with george clooney. george clooney came out afterwards and told chuck todd he agrees with the crit teak from sanders people that this level of money in politics is obscene. this level of money involved is obscene. so this weekend the sanders supporters were throwing dollar bills at hillary clinton's motorcade and you said this is a tweet from abby philip of "the washington post." you likened this to money being thrown at clinton like in a strip club. isn't that an unfair characterization of legitimate protest? >> well, again, why aren't we talking about how we help americans afford health care? why are we talking about how we help families afford college? senator sanders at a recent rally here had an introductory speaker who insinuated hillary clinton is a corporate whore.
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those were their words, not ours. we can either focus on the issues like he said that he would or he can continue to make these sorts of damaging attacks. president obama had a fund-raiser exactly like hillary did on his campaign in 2012. it helps democrats up and down the ticket. we didn't hear bernie sanders making these kind of complaints. we didn't hear him making the complaints when they transferred the money in 2006. so we want to get back to the issues. let's get back to the substance in this race, and let's stop helping the republicans make their case against hillary clinton and other democrats. >> there are, after tonight, still a lot of contests on the board. pennsylvania, new jersey, california, very big states still to come. are you willing to have another debate with bernie sanders? is your campaign willing to have another debate with bernie
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sanders? are you hearing -- he may not be hearing me. i was going to -- no. we lost it. i was going to ask if they wanted to debate again. robby mook with the clinton campaign. we'll talk to a member of the sanders campaign right after this. we're monitoring a dangerous situation right now in texas. more fierce rain could punish the houston area today. this after a torrential downpour triggered massive flash flooding yesterday. at least five people have died. hundreds of residents had to be rescued from the rising water. we'll go live to houfston. janet shamlian, what is going on there. >> reporter: the bayous are so swollen here that any precipitation would cause more flooding. the issue is there was such widespread flooding across 100 neighborhoods in houston yesterday that people are stig trying to recover from that. i'm along memorial drive. this is one of the major
6:19 am
arteries into downtown houston still closed at this hour while businesses are reopening. houston schools have closed for a second consecutive day. that's hundreds of thousands of students who are home again today. and again, this is a continuing situation over the next 48 hours. you mentioned the five fatalities. all of those came from people in vehicles that drove into high water. and they always say turn around, don't drown. we saw what happened in this city when people didn't do that yesterday. this morning, governor abbott is encouraging people to be cautious. here is what he had to say. >> if you're driving down a roadway and see an area coned off, do not pass those cones. do not drive into that area. there's a reason for those cones to be there. that is to protect you from an unsafe condition. >> the messaging and what i'm continuing to say to people is to stay home. stay off the roads.
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stay dry. stay safe. that helps two sets of people, yourself and also the first responders to do their jobs. >> reporter: you can best describe houston as a muddy mess this morning. people are cleaning up trying to get back to normal but concerned about the forecast for the next couple of days. back to you. >> janet shamlian in houston, thank you. more politics after this. we'll go live to a polling location in donald trump's borough of birth, queens, new york, where he was born and raised. will voters feel any hometown pride in the trump campaign? with the right steps,
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the big voting is today in new york. we'll be going to different areas of the state to see how the voting is going. all of it leading up to a very big night tonight. we'll get our first round of exit polling data at 5:00 p.m. we'll turn that around for you as fast as we can then. what type of voters we'll see, a sense of where the votes are going and if trump and clinton are going to run away with their party's races as the polls have been suggesting. even if they do win, how big is the win? serious delegate implications. we're starting in queens where trump grew up. jacob is at bayside high school. what are the locals saying? is there a lot of hometown pride there for donald trump? >> reporter: a lot of bayside high school pride. we're in bayside queens which is a largely democratic neighborhood. but if donald trump is to perform well in new york city,
6:25 am
not outside of new york city where we all expect him to do well -- oh, hello, puppy. we are expecting him to do well in these areas of new york city. northeast queens in particular. staten island. when you come in here, and i want to show you what's going on. donald trump is looking, to as you know, clean up the 50% of the vote in each of these congressional districts. three delegates on the line from this district in particular. what we're seeing this morning is, i would say, largely democrats but a good amount of republicans. doesn't matter how many republicans come out here. if donald trump wins here he still gets those dell gapts people are coming in, proving their residency for this area. they'll come to their election district. we've seen time and again throughout this process they're going to grab their ballots from their election district and then head over to the polling station here and vote. it all ends up by taking that ballot, bringing it over here to
6:26 am
one of these beautiful electronic counting machines, sliding it in and sending your ballot off to ballot never, neverland. and those area in particular, donald trump, northeast queens, is looking to perform strongly here in order to grab as many of the delegates as he can from this state. >> jacob at bayside high. say hello to belding for while you're there. you just heard somebody from the clinton campaign saying it's time for bernie sanders to stop what he calls negative personal attacks against hillary clinton. well, we'll check in with the sanders campaign and see what they have to say about that and their prospects here in new york tonight. there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet.
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forward for the political revolution. let's do it. >> hoping to wrap up the democratic nomination. >> all right. that's bernie sanders, hillary clinton rallying the faithful ahead of today's pivotal primary here in new york. we caught up with bill and hillary clinton voting a little over an hour ago in chappaqua, new york. sanders looking for what might be a game-changing upset on the campaign trail. clinton will be in washington, d.c., speaking at the building trade unions conference before returning to new york for a primary watch party. sanders has moved on to pennsylvania, the grand prize in next tuesday's contest. we spoke with the clinton campaign a few moments ago. now we're joined by the sanders campaign, ted divine. the fact that bernie sanders will not be here in new york on primary night does that mean you're bracing for a defeat tonight?
6:31 am
>> no, we were in wyoming when we won wisconsin. this is something we've been doing recently. it's a great opportunity to get to the next state. >> we've had this dust-up over joint fund raising committees set up. the clinton campaign has one with the dnc. you guys are saying there's improprieties there. the overall tone of this campaign. we had robby mook on just a few minutes ago. let me play what he had to say. >> it's a false attack and a pattern over the last two weeks in new york of the sanders campaign lashing out with personal, negative and i would say dangerous and harmful attacks because they are not having the success in new york that they said they needed and certainly hoped for. look, my response to this is hillary clinton was raising money for democrats up and down the ticket. that's what the leader of a party does. if senator sanders chooses not to help other democrats, that is
6:32 am
his choice. >> so what they are saying is you guys are -- you can have the primary fight but you're going over the line in a way that ends up helping the republicans. >> it's not a false attack. it's absolutely 100% correct. they are misleading the public when they say they are creating these vehicles to raise money for the democratic party and state parties. of that month they raised millions. it's shocking in some ways. so, no, this isn't a personal attack. these are the facts. >> but this is such a sort of weedsy issue here but this is something the dnc sets up as a joint fund-raising committees. they gave you the option to do the same thing. you're crying foul over something you could have done. >> an unprecedented effort to use the vehicle of the primary, the vehicle of the party to advance a candidate within the primary. it's never hand before. >> the party offered the exact same deal to you. >> steve, since the beginning
6:33 am
we've known what's happened in this process. the democratic party set up a limited series of four debates. they've had one on the saturday before christmas. obviously the clinton campaign has exercised enormous influence over the democratic party. what they are doing here they should not be doing and they should stop it right away. this could be a very serious violation. >> where does this campaign go from here? you are in pennsylvania after this. we looked at the delegate math. there are two ways that i look at this. one is you guys have vastly exceeded almost everybody's expectations for where you'd be in this thing. you basically have to run the table, including new york to catch her in the pledge delegate count. >> i don't think that's the case. we have to do well in new york and win a lot of delegates, and i think we will. we have a lot of states ahead of us where we can pick up about 200 pledge delegates. >> if you don't win new york tonight, you have to win them all from here. >> we never expected that
6:34 am
hillary clinton would be defeated in her home state. we can do well, and i think we will. there's 807 delegates on june 7th. there's states like oregon where i think we're going to win and win decisively. states like indiana she won big in and i don't think she's going to win this time. we saw last week in colorado where we picked up a number of delegates in the caucus process. we're winning everywhere. we're ahead in delegates in nevada. these caucus states we won in the first tier we're going to win more. and i think the democratic party will say sdo we want to go with a candidate what is going to lose, hillary clinton, or a candidate that's going to win, bernie sanders. >> joel beninson invoked a name that haunts a lot of democrats. ralph nader ran as the independence. a lot of people say cost al gore the presidency. >> i worked for al gore.
6:35 am
>> he says bernie sanders has a choice. does he want to be another ralph nader and cost the democrats the general election with negative attacks? >> bernie sanders made that choice when he decided to run as a democrat. he was going to avoid doing what ralph nader did, elect a republican. they should be thanking him for doing that instead of invoking ralph nader. he's doing the opposite of what nader did. >> if bernie sanders does not get the nomination he's on board for hillary clinton? >> he said he'll support the nominee for the democratic party. rex ryan called it an honor last night to introduce donald trump at a big rally in buffalo. turns out not surprisingly, the feeling was mutual. >> so much that i admire about mr. trump, but one thing i really admire about him is, you know what? he'll say what's on his mind. that's what i respect. and you know what? so do the people of new york.
6:36 am
>> great football coach and a great guy. i want to thank rex and michelle. oma amazing. he won championships in new york. i've been watching, and you'll have a very, very season this year. you watch. >> one note there, trump may have been giving rex ryan too much credit. he said he won a fair of afc championships. he hasn't won. he got to two afc championship games with the jets. both times his team made that game they did lose it, though. that said, trump is polling well in western new york. he's polling well across most of the state. tony decopolo is at a polling place in buffalo. we're talking about trump trying to get this 95 for 95 sweep in new york. how is it looking for him out there? >> well, it's not looking as good as it was after that
6:37 am
mistake with roex ryan. a painful reminder for people here. they corrected trump in the paper. that's not helpful. the big thing here at the universal i universalist church, attention voters. you have to be registered democrat or republican if you want to participate. that leaves about 150,000 people in this region with no way of casting a vote today. those are independents who in the past in other states have gone for donald trump. that can be a problem for the mogul. you check in here. a quick tour. come back through here. looking for laurie, our guest who is running the show here. >> yeah, i am. >> this is where people pick up their ballots. how busy this morning? >> before this, yeah, it was quite busy. we're seeing a lot more than other presidential primaries. or just about the same. maybe not as much as the obama one but definitely a pick-up in the democratic area and the republicans, too, are picking up a little bit.
6:38 am
it's busy. >> any difficulty twlen comes to telling people they have to be registered? >> the only frustrated voters were people that want to switch to democrat party or republican party that were -- not doing it in time. there's a certain laws with, they didn't make it in time for april but they'll be in time for september primaries and november. so that's the only thing. >> thank you. steve, you had tad devine on. bernie sanders is also the guy who could suffer as a result of these strict requirements. you have to be registered republican or democrat all the way back october 9th. we met two people this morning that thought they were registered democrats but were unable to cast the vote. >> new york has some of the strictest laws in being able to participate. you had to be registered a long time ago if you wanted to vote. on the left side of the screen,
6:39 am
what's you are looking at there is new york city. you are looking at midtown manhattan. trump tower. donald trump is inside that building right now. that building that bears his name. he's expected to be leaving any minute. you see some suvs idling outside. he'll then be heading over to cast his ballot and vote for himself in the republican primary for president of the united states. keeping an eye on that scene in midtown manhattan. coming up, who better to talk new york politic s with thn a man who has been elected to congress over 45 years now. the one and only charlie rangel joins me next. and how new york will be won.
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6:43 am
for this state and plenty of other money. we had lots of things coming into new york and he voted against. no new yorker can vote for ted cruz. >> donald trump's winning big in new york. why is he going after ted cruz so hard last night? well, part of it is because that's what donald trump does but also it has to do with our most important number of the day. that number is 27. 27 as in there are 27 congressional districts in new york. this will be critical tonight because we know it's going to be a good night for donald trump. the question is and this is very important to that over all question of could he hit 1237. there are 95 delegates at stake in this state. but they're given out mostly by congressional district in these 27 congressional districts. if you are donald trump and hit 50%, you get all three. if you come under 50%, you have to start splitting them up like a 2-1 split.
6:44 am
he's going after ted cruz last night, why? because he doesn't want ted cruz getting just enough support in any of these districts around the state to keep trump under 50% and to start getting delegates. donald trump once on a good night to go 95 for 95 in new york state. it's a tough thing to accomplish. it is doable for him. he's got to crack 50% in all 27 of these congressional districts to do it. so just winning, just winning big not enough for donald trump. he has to win really big, and he has to win really big in all 27 congressional districts. if he can do that he can get the clean sweep tonight. that would have huge implications. 27 is our most important number of the day. on the democratic side we turn for our next guest from new york city. a congressman, long-serving congressman. the dean of the new york state delegation, charlie rangel. he's endorsed hillary clinton. thanks for taking a few minutes. you've seen a lot of political
6:45 am
campaigns in this state. i've never seen anything like the rallies i've seen from bernie sanders in the last week. there's washington square park last week. it looked like 15,000, 20,000 people there. one in brooklyn over the weekend, close to 30,000 people there. the polls say hillary clinton is looking good here in new york but do you look at those scenes at those bernie sanders rallies and wonder if something is happening here? >> there's something happening throughout the country. it's not just on the democratic side. this all-out clamor for trump hasn't got that much to do with him as it is the frustrations of people. and i think that america is used to having hope for the future, and i think the disparity that we have in pay and opportunity has caused a lot of people to reject reality and just shoot for the stars. i'm fed up and want to do something about it. it's true that bernie sanders has done very little about it.
6:46 am
and it's true that trump has done even less. but that doesn't stop people from saying that they want more. and i don't blame them one bit. the question is who can realistically get it, and i think that's why our candidate is going to do extremely well. hillary clinton will wrap up probably the democratic vote for november. and trump, unless they try to steal it away from him, will be her main contender in november. >> hillary clinton is favored here in new york. she's leading in the delegate count. nobody thought this democratic race was going to be as close as it's been, that bernie sanders was going to win as many states, as many votes and delegates. what does it say about hillary clinton that he's been able to have the success he's had? >> she's the only one who has any record of accomplishment. it could have been anyone. it's just been bernie that's been speaking out. he's been speaking out on this one issue for 10 or 20 years, but i don't think anyone
6:47 am
believes he's ever had a legislative accomplishment since he's been there. he's been the lightning rod for frustration, and i don't care who our candidate would have been. with underemploymenting by the way it is disparity being the way it is, with the way that the republicans have treated this president, installing so many things he could have done for infrastructure, for immigration and jobs, it's time to be frustrated. and a way to indicate that frustration is to register to participate to vote and make sure you're active in november. that's what our country is all about. and other countries you get this frustrated, they just pull you out of office and take you into the main square. but, no, these primaries allow this frustration, and at the end of the day, i'm confident that we'll end up with trump representing what's left of the
6:48 am
republican party and once again, a first lady who has demonstrated herself as an outstanding senator who will be the next great president of these united states. >> i just have to ask you because it's so fitting we're here in new york now. hillary clinton, her campaign comes from new york. this is where her political career started, running for the saint in 2000. you were often given credit of promoting that idea of hillary clinton running for senate when she was first lady. back in 1998 you introduced it publicly. what were you seeing, and did you think it would end up where it's ended up? >> of course i did not, as a matter of fact. giuliani had a heck of a lot for us reaching out for somebody we knew would stop him from becoming the united states senator in new york. but by the time labor and the congressional delegation and fund-raisers recognize that she
6:49 am
would be available was putting those pieces together, and we had a remarkable candidate and she's had a great tenure and brought prestige back to the state of new york. no, we didn't think she'd be running for president, but thank god she is. now is the time that we need her. and it doesn't mean that there's not frustrations that bernie sanders is appealing to. it means that someone has to be able to pull it together to bring our party together and to do something about it. and now is our time. i just left a democratic meeting, and they are talking about the possibility of picking up 30 or 35 house seats. we weren't talking about that a couple of months ago. and that's the senate and the white house and an opportunity to rebuild the party of lincoln because it's shattered now. >> charlie rangel, longtime congressman from new york and hillary clinton supporter. thanks for the time.
6:50 am
coming up, another look in at the polls. this time we're going to head over to brooklyn, and we're still keeping an eye on trump tower, waiting for the departure of sdonld trump to head out and cast his own ballot. more primary politics after this. thank you for dining with us. hope to see you again soon. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. growwwlph. it's what you do. oh that is good crispy duck. when yaren't moving in the right direction, it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers.
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and you are looking right there, that is the scene outside of trump tower in midtown manhattan. donald trump is inside that building. we are waiting still for any minute now him to come out and cast his ballot. donald trump's name will be appearing on a new york primary ballot for the first time ever today. keeping an eye on that and we'll be right back after this.
6:54 am
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all right. the moment you've been waiting for, it happened while we were in break. let's show you, this was just seconds ago.
6:57 am
donald trump finally making his exit from trump tower. we will get that to you and he'll be coming out there in just a second on his way to vote. it did just happen, i am told at least. that wraps up this hour on msnbc. stay with us all day, live coverage of the new york primary. be sure to tune in tonight starting at 8:00 with our full team coverage leading up to the moment that polls close and we start getting the actual votes. that will beni 9:00 tonight. there he is, i told you, donald trump exiting trump tower. he's heading over to vote. we think he's voting for himself. we'll give you an update on that too. i'm steve kornacki, jose diaz-balart is up next. (vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our
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