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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 19, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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and a good tuesday to you, i am craig melton. we are coming to you live from brooklyn park. both runners casted their ballots in front of cameras today. both candidates are hoping to win big enough to look ahead to november. >> my whole reason for doing this is to make america great again. >> i am so excited about both campaigning here in new york and voting here in new york. i love new york. >> i am afraid she will be disappointed. >> i think we'll do just fine. >> it is likely that you will not do that well in new york. >> thanks for the confidence. >> meanwhile, bernie sanders is hoping to pull off a major offset. it is going to be harder because
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it is a close primary here in new york. the senator is taking the streets again today. our wall street journal polls find three of the five presidential can datdidates are currently leasing the popularity contest. trump is leading the way with a 65% of negative voting and cruz is not far behind that as you can see. peter king, one of the folks who does not have a high opinion of the texas senator. >> i am not endorsing ted cruz, i hate ted cruz and i think i will take the sideline if he every gets the nomination. >> new york polls opened until 9:00 p.m. tonight. we got all the actions and our fear less team of reporters have spread across the states. i do want to call your attention behind me here. you will notice a fairly thick
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cloud of smoke. we can tell you that this is a brush fire. this is a brush fire in new jersey as it was being placed under control. >> it was being placed under control and another large brush fire broke out this afternoon, from the big bellowing smoke. we are told it can be seen for miles. at this point, we are keeping our eye on it. again, we can tell you it is a brush fire and no injuries to be reported and nothing terribly significant just yet. back to politics. the most competitive that new yorkers have seen in decade. >> kris jansing is in new york. what kind of reactions are you seeing? >> reporter: a lot of people are
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taking the day off from work and determined to come here. still busy, ladies? >> yes. >> this is the place that is the heart of democrat country. this is where hillary clinton wants to win big and where bernie sanders if he makes some end roads, that would be interesting. thises a place for only 9% o f the registered voters and 9% are republicans. we got three voters, a good looking group. liz and jean who says they'll stick around with us. who are you going to vote and for why? >> i decided that i am going to vote for hillary clinton. >> last minute? >> why? >> well, miss clinton, secretary clinton and senator sanders have some of the same positions. they're both for raising the minimum wage and my issue with sanders is he has all of these grand ideas but the numbers are not adding up.
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how is he going to pay for them and i see that secretary clinton has more of the experience that's needed to be commandeering chief and to run the country. that's why i chose to vote for secretary clinton at the last minute. >> reporter: how about you? >> i am going for hillary. >> reporter: was there any doubt in your mind. >> from the time she says she was running. i am followed hillary throughout her career and seeing that she is strong, i am sacrificed with her. the causes that i feel is necessary and she's just the ideal one for me. >> reporter: jean lives in your billing. ha building. have you guys talked politics? who are you going to vote for? >> hillary, she's the best candidate. >> reporter: you did not doubt
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it for a second? >> no, from the beginning. >> reporter: you did not think about trump? >> no, they are not qualified. >> reporter: you will remember craig, that bill clinton when he left office as president, he opened up his post presidential office here and he still is here with that office and he's got a lease that goes to 2020. it has helped harlem with the renaissance so they are popular here and as you can hear from those voters, popular with the 1:00 eastern time crowd here in harlem, craig. >> chris, thank you, let's go from harlem to queens now. msnbc, jacob, what are you seeing and hearing, good sir? >> reporter: craig, i am joined by my friend grace who's the poll accos coordinator here.
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it is one of the only place of the city council member here. grace, tell me what you have been seeing here? you have been seeing a number of folks who want to come in who are democrats that switched over from republicans. >> yeah, we have half of the people here. i am here from 5:00 a.m. and the polls opened at 6:00 a.m. we had 50 to 100 democrats that want to be republicans. why is that? >> reporter: can you tell me why you think that is in that's unusual in a partisan primary in new york? >> that's surprising to us right there. once you are a democrat, you have to vote democrat. they would not take no for an answer. they wanted to be republicans so i had to give them cards to switch over for november that they would be. >> reporter: for the general elections. that's interesting. thank you, grace, nice to meet you. i want to introduce you eric,
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the city councilman for this area. councilman, there are only three republican members, and you are one of them, who are your con u constituents right here? >> walk with me. so these people over here. who are these people that you are seeing in your council district. >> these are cops and teachers and firemen and members of construction trade unions and they are hard working class people and worked there for a long time and they are concerned of the future of our country. that's why you are seeing a high turn out today. >> reporter: i appreciate it councilman, thank you for talking many we today. we'll see what happens if donald trump can get over 50%, he will take all three delegates and he want to do that statewide as well to get all 95 in new york. craig, back to you. >> jacob, thank you, donald trump this morning, appeared to
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be trying to contain of what is expected to be a big night for him. >> who would have thought this was just a great honor and it is a great honor for new york. new york is a special place. >> nbc has confirmed that after tonight, changes are under way in the campaign with his reaching higher and older more professional republican strategist and of what the front runner will be spend ng ting in upcoming states. nbc jacob rascon has been talking to voters all over the country. let's talk about these changes. they are going to involve both personnel and money, correct? >> reporter: yes, the trump campaign hopes that today, the beginning of the end of his opponents. he hopes to eliminate ted cruz over the next couple of contests and make the argument that he's the only one with any path and they really hope to get to 1237
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and say they are confident about that and they're going to do it with a new team. now, this happens and really started three weeks ago. we had real changes in the way that jump gave his speeches that he was shorter and sharper and showed up on time even and we have rick wylie, big changes, of course, these are people who have had a lot of experience in campaigns compared to what he had. as everybody knew such a small and tight campaign. it was really donald trump made so many decisions that did almost whatever he wanted to do and now he realizes that he needs to make changes and he's going to spend $20 million in this upcoming contest a. >> thank you, jacob rascon. >> thank you. hally jackson is with us here in brooklyn. she's been covering the cruz
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campaign all over the country. we have found out they're going to be watching the results coming in tonight from philadelphia. >> my hometown this time. >> he's not in new york watching the polls rolling in. he wants to look ahead to what will happen in pennsylvania with the 54 unbalanced delegates. the campaigns feeling they can compete even if they end up in third place because of the way of the districting. the other battleground as we look ahead to next week when we talk about the mid atlantic state that votes in several days now is maryland. listen to what senator cruz had to say yesterday when he was down in townsend, baltimore. >> maryland is a battleground. maryland is going to have an outside voice as the nation is looking to maryland to decide,
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do we nominate donald trump and hand the election to hillary clinton? or do we unit behind the cruz campaign and beat hillary clint clinton. >> that's some of the messages here to anti-trump forces trying to bring trump down. that's similar to what john kasich is talking about. >> hey, we think that's resonating and we think that's working. if you look at where john kasich is polling. he may beat ted cruz in new york and pennsylvania and beating ted cruz in pennsylvania. do you get the sense from the cruz folks that they are disappointed with their performance here in new york. >> i don't think so. they knew this is going to be a uphill battle starting out. what they have been trying to do the last couple of weeks is set expectations high for donald trump. you heard ted cruz himself, hey, look how well i live in texas and donald trump should do just
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as well and dominate in his home state. >> good to see you. thanks for being with us. >> you too. >> rory cooper is spokesman for the trump pack. let's talk about trump forces in the particular primary in wisconsin. he spent about $2 million attacking trump in new york and $0. digital ads, where were you guys in new york? >> well, listen, this is a long primary, we are playing a long game and we are looking at opportunities where we have to deny donald trump delegates. new york, have been general generally -- he should sweep delegates and anything shorter tonight is going to look very poor for him. we have been looking at districts around new york city
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and some places upstate where we maybe able to have some impact like we did in wisconsin. we are looking forward to maryland and delaware and pennsylvania and indiana and california, tho california. those are places that we make sure there is going to be an open convention. there is no doubt there is going to be an open convention at this point. donald trump has a difficult time getting to the delegates that he needs. new york is a story for today understandable and a lot of new yorkers are in this presidential race. we where looking at the entire 50 states slate. >> let's look past new york. some of them have a lot of new pollings. you mentioned a couple of niese, new jersey, pennsylvania and california as well. how much is aiming at voters and how much is aimed at swaying
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delegates. >> right, very important point. first, you know, not all states are created equal. we'll look at areas where we can have a different statewide and the district level. we'll look at where john kasich is performing the best and where ted cruz is performing the best and hoping to push people to the right option between those two. we are looking at what with strategy is looking like forward. ted cruz is the one who has the most momentum with delegates going very good job in some of the states on saturday and sunday when people are not paying attention picking up delegates so he could be strong in the second ballot and maybe some cases in first. we'll look at every opportunity to make sure this gets to a second ballot. no matter who you support and if it is not donald trump. so that's what the people kind of supporting, of those efforts making that
10:15 am
happens. >> error r rroy cooper, always see you. >> folks, we would like for you to join our conversation. today is our question is can donald trump and hillary clinton over come their challenges, you can log on we'll have an update on the results a little later in the show when we come back on this new york primary. bernie sanders, his campaign funding accusations of dnc and the clinton, legitimate gripe or a sign of a desperate campaign. we are also following major weather news on this tuesday, of thousands of texans are enduring an unprecedent amount of rain in t houston, these are live pictures right now in spring texas, cars submerged and five deaths are being blamed.
10:16 am
governor greg abbott has declared a state of emergency in nine counties. >> reporter: the flooding remains and some areas are getting worst. even as the sun is coming out, it is getting hot and humid. now the water still rising for these businesses here. since we have been here, we have watched it come up a couple of inches and inches have been the difference as we got here from flooding inside of these businesses and no flooding. unfortunately, that water has come up and these businesses do have flood waters inside them. >> these businesses like so many people' hom peopl people's homes and cars, the longer the water stays in there, the more damage it will be. the damage in houston is extend sif sif. with that there is more threat
10:17 am
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moments ago, we told you the situation about houston texas of the epic flooding that's responsible for at least five deaths moments ago. we saw this woman who's been hoisted into a wheelchair there and there has been a number of rescues. this is in spring texas. a short time ago, we saw some vehicles either fully submerged orb partially submerged. this particularly rescue,
10:21 am
appears to be taking place at a home of some sort, they managed to get the woman out and get a live vest on her. looks like she will be okay. it is a scary scene in texas where five have died so far and as we are talking here --it appears that another person is being lifted to this same truck here in spring, texas. governor abbott there has declared a state of emergency and in at least nine kocounties. more dramatic recues ascue work carrying what appears to be a man deeper into the truck there. we are going to continue to keep our eye on the situation in
10:22 am
spring, texas, as that situation develops. we'll bring you more information an soon as it becomes available. our next president will also face the test of bringing people together. after this campaign with so much ugly ugly divisive, we'll need it. we all rise together. >> hillary clinton speaking earlier today to the building trade union conference. hillary clinton hopes to win here in new york as they are closer to locking up the nominations. bernie sanders is hoping for a major offset for the second straight day. sanders is strolling through the streets of manhattan and stopping to take selfies with folks as well. he also offered this assessment tonight.
10:23 am
>> we are feeling good that there is a lot voter turn out despite the three million people. i think we are going to do just fine. the sanders campaign leveling a tough charge against the clinton campaign accusing him of violating campaign finance laws. clinton campaign manager responded to the accusation with my colleague. >> hillary clinton was raising money for democrats up and down the ticket. that's what the leader of a party does. if senator sanders chooses not to help other democrats, that's his choice. he faces another choice right now. and that's whether he continues to make these personal negative attacks whether he goes back to run the kind of campaign he promised to voters across the country. >> kasie hunt has been following the bernie sanders campaign.
10:24 am
they have called the clinton campaign unqualified and they said she lacks judgment and questioned her credibility and the latest campaign finance, is this another side of the campaign is becoming desperate? >> craig, i think this is something that the sanders campaign feels like it is going to energyize their base. the community is rigging this race in hillary clinton's favor and we saw it when they came down to the debates. a you are seeing more of that and you are seeing a preview of what we may get more of after this prima primary. to a certain extent, this is a signal they don't want to bag down and more pressure to do so. >> what are they expecting tonight? >> expectations if hillary clinton can pull out a double digit win in new york to where
10:25 am
she does not need more questions asked how well she's done here. the sanders campaign is pointing to this new national poll that we have out that shows him closing that gap with her. the reality maybe too little, too late. >> at one point, they say new york is a must win. >> that will be interesting. kasie hunt, thank you. >> good to see you. >> i want to bring in our chairman right now how we are deemed also of a supporter of hillary clinton. governor, thanks for being here with me. >> let's start with this attack line accusing clinton campaign. as a former ahead of the dnc, any legitimacy to those accusations at all. >> no, look, bernie's mo in life is the best defense.
10:26 am
look at what he did hillary account of the dnc. this is the same kind of stuff and it is not going anywhere. we don't know if it is going to happen in new york. if hillary wins as casey say as double digit margin, it is time for bernie to pull the parties together. the only beneficiary of this kind of a fight is the extreme right wing of the republican party. bernie has said he will do nothing to make sure to do anything to help a right wing erin that presidency. >> governor, am i understanding you correctly? are you saying that bernie sanders should drop out if he loses big tonight? >> i don't think he has to drop out, he wiwe'll want to make a h at the convention and so forth and so on. he's got to tone down his rhetoric. i am getting all these stuff on
10:27 am
twitter and facebook, you know, it is not helpful to do this. it polarizes people and weakens the left and it is not good for the country. i don't expect him to drop out. he earned the right to make the speech at the convention and continue to compete. i think he's got to dial back his rhetoric because it is harming the parties and more importantly, it is harming the country. >> it seems as if the rhetoric, it seems like some of his accusations are taking a toll. i want to show you our number from our wall street journal polls. take a look at hillary clinton's unfavorability number right now. not that far off. you look at where they were and where they are right now since march, it is down 11 points. you look at numbers on sanders supposanders' supporters about 40%.
10:28 am
how does she turn the number around? >> 25 years of hit is on her from the right wing. vince foster and white water and all of this non sense, this is not helpful and you know, he has the right to do that if he wants to. >> you know it is not helpful to the country and it is certainly not helpful to progressive cause. >> former governor, howard dean, thank you, sir. >> thanks. >> let's update you right now on the situation in texas. more live pictures as we watch folks being rescued. again, this is in spring texas. so far five confirmed deaths. five deaths related to the weather in texas and the flooding has been called nothing short of epic.
10:29 am
this is spring, texas, this is in one of the counties that's been declared a disaster by governor abbott. we have seen a number of folks rescued. we believe this is outside of some sort of home in spring, texas. we are going to continue to watch this situation in texas, we'll have more on what's happening right there and more politics as well on the other side of this break. so i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear, and many saw 75% and even 90% clearance in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems,
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10:33 am
about that. here is what he said. >> he is making sure that the rules are the rules and we follow the rules. >> nbc luke has been covering this story for us. >> reporter: this meeting was done at the gop leadership. they have gotten a lot of concerns from their constituents of this idea that the system is rigged. that's something that the donald trump campaign is pushing. what ryan priebus and the chairman did today, look, a lot of these rules are public. we'll move forward to the convention and all play out in the public eye. the rnc has a spring meeting this week and the rules will be the topic of conversation.
10:34 am
there are two specific rules committee. >> that convention rules committee which will take recommendations from the rnc and different delegates which is made up of delegates. they'll be the people who come july, actually set the rules for the convention and priebus said that'll all play out in the public eye so do not think that this is some back room being crafted by the leadership. priebus said he will be a neutral umpire and they'll stick to the rules as they agreed to and voted on. >> alex mo, of the trump campaign, he had a meeting today with the members of congress who support trump talking about the ground game strategies moving forward essentially saying it is going to be morre robust and educating them how the trump campaign sees the process playipla
10:35 am
playing out. a lot of interesting behind the scenes party positioning going on right now, craig. >> luke is on the hill with new information for us. thanks. >> back here in new york, voters cast ballot in today's pivotal primary. a majority of contenders turning their attention upstate up next. right now the ohio governor, john kasich is about to meet and greet voter in pittsburgh and he will be holding a town hall in maryland tonight. meanwhile, donald trump plans for a significant win at an event in new york city. ted cruz is stumping in philadelphia, he will be with carly fiorina and he will be watching from tonight's return from the city of brotherly love. hillary clinton is holding her election watch party in manhattan tonight and bernie sanders holding two rallies in pennsylvania today. meanwhile, a new nbc wall street
10:36 am
journal poll shows the 2016 race has essentially become an unpopularity contest. our editor mark murray joins me now. some unstaggering high numbers. when voters were asked can see themselves supporting the following candidates, here they are, 68% of all voters could not see themselves supporting donald trump and 61% could not see themselves supporting ted cruz and hillary clinton is not far behind and 58%. how do numbers like these compared to past elections, mark. >> one of those three people will be your president come january 2017. it does make things difficult to govern and that that kind of honey moon the new president ends up getting. well, this is the first cycle
10:37 am
that we asked that particular question. donald trump 65% has an unf unfavorable viewing of him. >> it goes back to the 1990s. hillary clinton at 56% unfavorable view, that's one of her worst showings in our own po poll. it shows how unpopular these people are. they are being hit from all sides and they are taking out friendly fire frs the democratic rivals as well. >> mark, how does a candidate so unfavorable turn things around or can they? >> you can boost your numbers, your picks and convention and other moments end up happening. there is been a little bit of friendly fire, for example, bernie sanders supporters 41% of them have an unfavorable views
10:38 am
of hillary clinton which hurts her number and if the democrats are able to unite on june or july, you can see those numbers improve. 56% of ted cruz has an unfavorable view of trump. in cleveland, that's the recipe to help those numbers just a little bit. >> mark murray for us in new york, mark, thank you. we want to get back to this flooding in texas now. deadly flooding now and at least five people, perhaps, six have been killed in and around the houston area. this is a live look in spring, texas. this is spring texas, we are about 25 miles northwest of houston here. some dramatic rescue, we watched them play out in the past 30 minutes. we have seen emergency workers
10:39 am
are hoisting men and women and some elderly, hoisting them to safety here. the united states coast guards have been called into help. nbc charles hadlock is covering the storm for us. charles, we know this is an area that you know very well, what are you seeing and hearing? >> what you are seeing is cyber creek. it runs north of houston between the town of cypress and spring. this area received about 17 inches of rain in a short amount of time yesterday and they're still dealing with the flooding here. cypress creek is about 10 feet above the top of bank right now and that's enough to push into homes and surrounding apartment complexes. that's what you are seeing right now. these people have been trapped by the water and they are being rescued by harris county authorities and the coast guards are helping out. it is not raining now really for the last 12 or 14 hours or so.
10:40 am
what we are dealing with is the water that's moving downstream across the northern stretches to harris county. all of this water is heading to the river which is out of its banks. late yesterday, a tugboat capsized and drowning one man. it is not clear whether flooding had anything to do with that incident but the river is still in flood stage right now. all of this water as i said is moving north of houston and downtown proper is fine. the water is receding around buffalo bayous. the damage is done, about 100 neighborhoods were hit by waters yesterday. that water is drained away and people are dealing with cleaning up the mess here. what you are saying now in the northern part of horace county of what is a life-threatening situation for some people being rescued by harris county authorities and by boat and
10:41 am
helicopter. >> charles, one of our reporters are based in texas. when we came on the air this hour, we saw one woman who is being hoisted to safety there in the back of the truck. the woman is on the far right over the past 40 minutes, you can see at least five other folks have been lifted to safety there in spring, texas. six people have died so far in harris county. five of the six at this point, were found dead inside submerged vehicles. we can see another woman who's being -- this is a video from earlier, these folks are being loaded on the back of the flat bed truck. governor abbott declared a state of emergency. this is a live look here and as you can see another woman is being lifted to safety there. we are trying to figure out
10:42 am
precisely where this is in spring texas. as you heard from charles there a few moments ago, the rain has actually stopped. what we are seeing of the dramatic effects of all that rain in such a short period of time. some 17 inches of rain from 2:00 yesterday afternoon. the scene just outside houston texas, traumatic rescues conning there. this is msnbc, we'll take a quick break and we'll be right back. no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear?
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10:46 am
>> the two democratic rivals are deadlocked among upstate voters. donald trump is expected to win his own state by a wide margin got a pep talk last night from buffalo bills' head coach. >> one thing i admire by donald trump, he will say what's on his mind and that's what i respect him. you know what? so the people in new york. [ cheers ] >> and that's nbc tony dokoupil is joining us this morning. >> reporter: the big issue here is turn out. turn out is up. the bigger story line is who's not allowed to vote? bernie sanders and donald trump should be doing well here. this is sanders country. donald trump should also do well.
10:47 am
independence under new york state laws are not able to participate. when people come off here, they read the sign here. attention voters, it is only opened to residential democrats and republicans. that leaves 150,000 people unable to participate. a lot of these people are going to be trump or sanders supporters. we talked to independent who wants to switch over to become a bernie guy. could not do it. we talked to another guy registered for democratic could not do it, he could not do it and turned away. about two dozen people at this location had to go out that door. lori is here. thank you very much for joining us. >> hi, thank you. you have been dealing with having to say sorry, you cannot participate in this election. >> there is a lot of frustrations that people want to change their parties.
10:48 am
new york state law is a long time. they had it since october 19, to get their change in. >> do you think state laws here should be reformed? >> i think it is a long time to change for a change. i think it should be shorter and i encourage everybody to call their state and see about coming across with something to change that law. new voters can head until march 25th to vote for the further elections of the primary, it is fine. it is taking well over six months to a year to take a change so. everybody is free to vote in november. >> thanks very much. an important reminder, for sure. the other thing that's hurting donald trump, rex ryan, lost to the afc championship game. a correction had to be issued in
10:49 am
buffalo news today. that's a painful one and not good for donald. >> tony dokoupil for us. thank you. >> new york, may mark a turning point for donald trump, not just the bragging rights that he will pick up. the first report of the campaign hires. spent about $20 million more on upcoming contest. >> can one of the two political reporters who wrote that article, ken, before we get to that moment. reports of his diminished, of course, reports of that role is not true. we can confirmed at the top. tell us what else your reporting has discovered and how is this moving forward. >> yeah, this shake up is about
10:50 am
professionalizing the campaign. >> also mending a risk that developed between they had almost created two separate mirror campaign organizations in recent weeks. we had heard reports that corey or his allies would tell a st f staffer to do something and they would get conflicting instructions from paul manafort and the new regime. that became unwielding and they wanted to make sure paul manafort and rick wiley are in charge. so corey maintains title of campaign manager and from everything's we hear it is in fact diminished. whether this will have an impact on the campaign going forward, certainly the opening of the purse strings is key, but the battle has increasingly become about these delegate fights at state and county convention, and
10:51 am
no matter how much money you spend, you need the organization. trump is trying to bring in the organization, and it may be too little too late and the 2737 number for voting -- 1237 becomes even more important for him. >> you wrote a piece today about the threat of a blacklist for republican strategists who work for trump. what more can you tell us about that? >> yeah. the republican establish has tried everything to knock donald trump off, to keep him from getting the republican nomination. this is almost like a last di h ditched desperate effort to make it more difficult for trump to recruit these top tier operat e operatives he's trying to bring in for his campaign. the spoken and sometimes unspoken if you go to work for him, you will have a hard time finding work in professional republican consulting circles after the campaign. if you go to work for him you better hope he wins not just the
10:52 am
primary but also the presidential election in which his operatives will be the qu n queequeen s of the of the consultin inin next four years. >> ken, thank you so much for your insight. a live look right now, ohio governor john kasich, not in new york today. he is in pennsylvania, pittsburgh, to be specific. john kasich making a stop there. we're told he is going to be having another event in pennsylvania as well looking ahead to the next primary. for today's microsoft poll question, we've been asking you can donald trump and hillary clinton overcome their likability challenges? that was the question. here are the results so far. 63% of you, optimistic, 63% of you say, yes. the pulse is still live, continue to cast your vote at more on the other side of this break on that flooding in
10:53 am
houston. first, add another big name to the growing list of stars boycotting north carolina. here is 30 seconds on the verge. >> pro jam has canceled its upcoming show in raleigh, north carolina over house bill 2, the law signed by north carolina governor that strips away protections for lbgt people. ceos from the biggest tech companies recently voiced opposition and now others are piling on. and ringo starr, we must take a stand against prejudice in a handwritten note and working on lbgt equality. check out for on the therng.cve. . 12 behind the sofa, 2 behind the table and 1 and a half behind a curtain. family: surprise! but only one of them will make a life long dream come true.
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to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. lewandoski we wanted to update you on the situation in houston, a few moments ago, that truck rescued at least eight people, eight people lifted from an insiassis
10:57 am
living center in spring, texas, harris county texas, one of nine declared a disaster by the governor there. we watched now, about a dozen folks lifted to safety and we're told now that assisted living center is under water. this specific rescue effort we watched play out, it took about an hour. we will continue to watch the situation as dramatic rescues in texas. we are also continuing to watch the polls here in new york as well. it is, of course, primary day. that will do it this hour. my colleague, chris hayes, will have much much more on this new york primary coverage. polls close in just over seven hours. just moments from now, bernie sanders will be taking to the stage in front of a crowd in erie, pennsylvania. we're looking at live pictures right now. be sure to stay with us for our first exit poll results at 5:00 eastern, chuck todd.
10:58 am
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