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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company in cloud infrastructure. and good morning to you. i'm steve kornacki. for donald trump and hillary clinton they are both in empire states of mind. big victories for both of them in the big apple cruising to expected but much needed victories that could have huge implications. let's head to the big board. take a look at numbers from last night. let's start on the republican
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side. this is donald trump red. it is basically wall to wall red here in new york. let's go back to that map. donald trump won pretty much everywhere in new york. john kasich did win one county. what does it mean for the delegates? donald trump is going to get at least 88 out of new york. john kasich could pick up two more as the rules are finalized. donald trump's campaign looking to get at least 80 out of the state. they could end up with 90 when all counting is done. what does that do to the national delegate picture? donald trump sitting near 300 ahead of ted cruz. the story had been cruz winning in wisconsin, cruz outorganizing trump at state conventions, open convention. what a difference one big win
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can make. donald trump back near a 300 delegate lead. we go to new england states. donald trump won big in new york. he is favored right now to win big in all of those states next week. this lead of nearly 300 could explode to over 400. we will talk about the implications for all of that later on in the show. meanwhile, turning to the democratic side i hope this thing -- hillary clinton won big in new york last night. we know that the exit polls have shown a tight race but hillary clinton ends up with a double digit victory in new york. here is more important thing to note it has to do with delegates. she came in a little more than 200 ahead of bernie sanders
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going into last night. the sanders campaign talking about catching her where with that win in new york last night that double digit win you can probably add at least 30. what was 210 is about 240. with new york off the board one less opportunity for bernie sanders. he faces a bigger gap with fewer opportunities to close that gap. for hillary clinton it's about momentum. it's about the headlines in the paper. when you look at the bottom line question that might be most significant part. she expands the lead over bernie sanders and we look to next week on the democratic side. those same states pennsylvania, delaware, connecticut, maryland, rhode island voting next week on the democratic side. absolute desperation time for bernie sanders. we will talk more about what the sanders campaign is saying going
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forward. interesting messages from them ahead in this hour a preview of states i'm talking about. we are going to begin with donald trump making the path to 1,237 a lot easier for himself. >> i really want to thank my team. my team has been amazing t. is a team of unite. it is evolving. the press does understand it. they just don't want to talk about it. >> the trump team taking credit for a big win last night in what is expected to be friendly turf next week. new leadership in place for that trump campaign right now and after next week's primaries that may be the biggest earliest question mark left on this republican road map two weeks from now indiana big state, big potential swing in the delegates based on small change in the vote right there. it is a total wildcard. no polling there right now.
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we will talk to the trump campaign about that path forward for donald trump after that win last night. also, on the democratic side one top sanders campaign aid seeming to suggest the end could be in sight for the campaign but another telling us here on the set that they are going all the way to the convention delegate map be damned. >> indiana, a state he will do well in, it is possible to win the states. new jersey has a lot of delegates. a lot of delegates on the board. >> what is the plan for the sanders' campaign and what if any path forward does he have? we will be diving into that question and rounding out our agenda right now -- >> we don't have much of a race anymore based on what i'm seeing on television senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> cruz no longer waging the war to win the nomination on the
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first ballot but moving on to a stop trump effort and trying to force the open convention. that is the plan for ted cruz. we will go to jacob taking a look at the unbound delegates that could be ted cruz's last best hope of stopping donald trump. all that, much more still ahead but we begin with the top story donald trump appearing ready to try to move his campaign into the next phase after his big win last night backed by a new guy running his campaign, trump with a more polished and less combative victory speech. >> i'm flying tomorrow morning to indiana. i'm going to pennsylvania. i will be all over so we are going to celebrate for about two hours and then early in the morning i get up and we begin working again. >> trump's new guy in charge, paul manafort says the new phase
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of the campaign is about being smart. >> what donald trump did in the first part of the campaign is historic. he is the first modern presidential candidate of the social media era. he figured out how not to spend [ inaudible ] we are at a phase where end game [ inaudible ]. >> jacob rascon is in indiana. we talked about a new tone in the speech and we haven't seen him out there like we are today. >> reporter: i know i was told the most important of trump's assets is his time. they jump right to indiana. there is no polling so no solid sense of who has the most support. we are in front of the indiana
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state fair grounds where we will expect thousands of people. we have been talking to those in line hours earlier who as usual at the rallies have never been politically active and never been toeralies. one thing important to know about indiana, last night paul manafort talked about indiana and said if cruz doesn't win indiana he should get out and said there are many paths for the trump campaign to get to 1,237 and we don't necessarily need to win there. lowering expectations tells you something and the fact that he is over here. we want to talk to one person here, april. you were at the chicago rally. now you are here very excited. you live here, what do you think about trump's support here? >> i think that ted cruz and kasich are a little more favored but i'm totally a supporter of trump. i'm going to do my best to try to encourage people that i talk to and let them know why they
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should vote for him, why that would be a better choice than the other two candidates. >> reporter: we met volunteers who say they are making calls around the clock to make sure that he can win states like indiana. >> donald trump going to be there a little bit later. let's turn to washington post, and what a difference two weeks makes. we were talking about donald trump losing by double digits in wisconsin where we are saying maybe the movement is consolidating behind ted cruz. last night donald trump -- we were saying he couldn't get 50%. he cleared 60 in new york last night. ted cruz in third place. does this race feel different than it did before new york? >> it does feel somewhat different although i think we knew donald trump was poised for a big victory. i think we knew it was his
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chance to rebound and stop focus on ted cruz's ability to pick off delegates at the state conventions. i think the reality is still the same which is can donald trump get to 1,237 ahead of the convention? as a result of last night it will be easier for him to do it and it is not a slam dunk. the issue for the stop trump forces is where can they deny him delegates? they weren't able to be as successful in new york. he came out a big winner last night and moved an important step closer to getting that 1,237. we are going to see this go back and forth. as you have highlighted a number of times indiana becomes a very crucial contest. >> so paul manafort is looking at this and saying if donald trump can beat ted cruz in indiana and indiana is the state that cruz is pointing to saying that is the next one i will win, if donald trump is able to beat ted cruz there are we looking and saying this guy is
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presumptive nominee? >> we will have to see because we have gone back and forth. there has been an ebb and flow to this contest because it is all about numbers at this point. it isn't just who wins a particular state. it is how close donald trump gets to 1,237 before the convention or whether he can claim that he has both in the delegates he has won and picking off delegates that are not bound that he can show that he has 1,237. whoever wins in indiana will have certain bragging rights but we'll have to look at the hard numbers. we can't know that until we get through california. >> you are right trump was always going to be favored in new york and always going to win new york. it felt like maybe after wisconsin that the republican establishment was turning to ted cruz as sort of the main alternative to trump. cruz completely faded out in new york. we are going to talk about this
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a little bit and the possibility he will fall behind kasich. the fact that the issue of who is trump's main opponent doesn't seem to be sorted out. that is complicating things. >> it has been complicating factor from the begin ubing of this race. what we saw after wisconsin was a situational moment where republican establishment that wants to stop donald trump goes for the current bright shiny object that they think might be able to get them to that goal. after wisconsin it appeared to be ted cruz. given what cruz has done we have to give him credit for what he has been able to do in state conventions. he is very well organized and one shouldn't under estimate the significance of that. the fact that this remains a divided field against donald trump is very helpful to him. >> thanks for the time. >> thank you. turning now to the
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democratic side of things, bernie sanders not able to close the gap and pull off the upset he was looking for in new york leaving him with a disappointing loss and without a clear path forward when you think about the delegate math. let's bring in mark murray. we are just starting to run through it there. the sanders position right now in the state, it is tough to figure because if you look at the map going forward they will probably win states. if you are the sanders campaign like why quit? but the delegate math looks worse this morning. >> also the map, too. they might end up winning in a place like oregon but hillary clinton will be strong in kentucky. april 26th contest sanders campaign can say we will overperform in pennsylvania but hillary clinton will have a double digit win in maryland. we saw this between barack obama
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and hillary clinton. here is what to put in perspective. you mentioned right now hillary clinton has about a 240 delegate lead in pledge delegates over bernie sanders, that is twice the amount that barack obama had over hillary clinton this point in 2008. given that proportional nature where you can win by five percentage points or 15 percentage points you only net a handful of delegates. that is the difficult math for the bernie sanders campaign. >> we are hearing potentially mixed signals. i want to play for a second. we had weaver looking at the map. he was saying even if the sanders campaign loses the popular vote going all the way to the convention let's hear what jeff weaver had to say. >> if you look the big state here is california. big win there gets you a lot of delegates. oregon should be good for the senator. these states we have won all these states around these states so these would seem to be prime
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territory. >> you know as well as i do if june 7 comes and goes and hillary clinton won pledge delegate count and popular vote there will be calls from her campaign and a lot of delegates for you, the sanders campaign to make a decision to unite around her. you are saying instead of that you will spend those months trying to flip superdelegates to bernie sanders before the convention? >> at this point yes, absolutely. >> so at this point, yes, was the word from jeff weaver. as he was saying that the associated press tad divine saying next week is a big week. we will see how we do there and then we will assess where we are. are you hearing two different things here? >> that seems like two different things. our reporter kasie hunt who has been covering the sanders campaign where it was said what was going on is that bernie sanders is in this race from here on out all the way through -- particularly through
6:16 am
the final contests that are going on. the problem they have where they decide and jeff weaver told you superdelegates will decide. it is 464 on clint side, 40 for bernie sanders. his weakest part has to do with superdelegates in particular how they challenge the joint fundraising committees and ended up threatening dnc over voter data, that is a very tough thing for them to do and particularly when a lot of rhetoric was the superdelegates shouldn't count and now they are saying the superdelegates are going to decide. >> i asked last night if you get to the end of this and you haven't won the delegates in the primaries and haven't won the popular vote what could you tell these superdelegates who are already with hillary clinton to make them switch? he said i will tell them look at
6:17 am
the polls. bernie sanders does much better against donald trump than hillary clinton. >> the flaw in that logic is that hillary clinton still beating donald trump by double digits. up slightly over ted cruz. it's very different than the math that republicans are saying in the stop trump movement where donald trump is trailing double digits against everybody and the bernie sanders argument is we just win by more. i'm not sure that is a convincing argument to the democratic superdelegates who know the clinton family when they see bernie sanders and his forces coming from outside the party. >> mark murray, thanks for the time. coming up, more on the key word of this primary season, delegates, bound delegates, unbound delegates. unbound is a very important word right now. what is the difference? after a convincing victory, is it now or never for the stop
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we have won millions more votes than senator cruz, millions more than governor kasich. we are going to go into the convention as the winner. >> it has nothing to do with the politician winning his home state tonight. we must unite the republican party because doing so is the first step towards uniting all americans. and now my friends onward to victory. >> trump and cruz last night. donald trump trying to sound more like the presumptive republican nominee.
6:22 am
ted cruz fighting on after what looked like a disastrous showing here in new york. trump scoring a decisive victory. cruz finishing way back in third place here, serious blow to the stop trump movement with the trump victory which trump gets nearly 95 delegates up for grabs bringing him closer to the 1,237 magic number to clinch the nomination and avoid a contested convention. and we are joined -- best hope for the stop trump movement could be a group of republican voters talking about unbound delegates, 54 in play in the upcoming pennsylvania primary. msnbc's delegate hunter joins us from new york city with more. tell us what you know about these guys. >> reporter: these are the most famous people in american politics called unbound
6:23 am
delegates. with donald trump's big win here in new york last night ted cruz needs anything that he can get in order to stop donald trump from clenching 1,237. the unbound delegates are not bound coming from states and territories without traditional popular votes. what are their names? went to colorado and north dakota to meet them. >> their votes might count way more than yours or more. at the republican convention in cleveland this july they can hand the nomination to donald trump or stop him in his tracks. what are they going to do with unbound delegate. when i signed up to be a delegate hunter i would have to find the delegates. >> sorry to interrupt you. have you seen national delegates around? >> i just got here. >> found my first unbound
6:24 am
delegate from here in north dakota. how are you? >> well. >> people don't know what is going on. there is a lot of people think the voters choose the nominee. i got news for them. i said it before and will say it again, the delegates will choose the next nominee for the republican party. >> reporter: do you guys know delegates? >> i do not. they haven't been elected yet. >> reporter: are you one? >> i'm running. >> reporter: you are on the cruz list. >> right now if the election were held i would be vote frg cruz. >> we got one. he is a cruz guy. >> reporter: next stop colorado. even though they can vote who whoever they want ted cruz's team outorganized trump's
6:25 am
campaign. if trump didn't like north dakota colorado would be far worse. once we got there unbound delegates were voluntarily winding to cruz. >> made it to colorado congressional district number 7, three delegates coming out here to go to the republican national convention. maybe they will eat the cookies, maybe not. you pledged or unpledged? >> i'm pledged. >> reporter: going for ted cruz. what was it about ted cruz that made you sign that paperwork? >> he is the proven conservative. if we don't elect a proven conservative we will get what we got in '08 and '12 this time it will be someone in a pack suit. >> reporter: i got it. as we begin to learn faces and names of superpower voters a huge hall of unbound delegates remains.
6:26 am
that hall is in pennsylvania in particular where 54 unbound delegates will be on the ballots next to donald trump and ted cruz and john kasich next tuesday. only 17 delegates from the state of pennsylvania are bound to the state's popular vote so vast majority are bound by campaigns and ted cruz has been running an effective operation to get unbound delegates to his side. whether or not donald trump can do the same thing and hold off the stop trump movement we'll see next tuesday. >> those 54 in pennsylvania, a huge wildcard, one of the biggest stories in the race right now. between jacob and me it is gray sweater day here on msnbc. thank you for that. joining me now is trump campaign national co-chair sam clov s. let's pick up on the theme of unbound delegates.
6:27 am
look, ted cruz campaign at conventions in north dakota and colorado and maybe unbound delegates in pennsylvania picking off delegates across the country. you heard from the gentleman who said i have news for anyone who thinks the voters pick the republican nominee, the delegates do. what do you say to that? >> what we have done in this process is highlight a lot of flaws that exist in this primary process. i am an academic and have been railing against this for the last ten years. i thought the primary process was deeply flawed particularly on the republican side. every state gets the opportunity to have their own rules. in modern technology we really need to take a look at smoothing some of these emgs so that the voters have the opportunity to pick the candidate that they want to run for the nomination. i think this is a real problem when you have really what you come down to is a select few,
6:28 am
even fewer people that vote in primaries are selecting the candidate that will be the nominee for the republican party. i think this is deeply flawed system. i think we have highlighted that. >> i think a lot of people agree with you as a basic matter of is this the best way for the party to pick a nominee? they are the rules and that is the system in place. if you want to be the republican nominee you have to work within the rules. has the trump campaign fallen short? >> one thing we thought is that going into this that we thought that picking up the delegates and first ballot binding which a lot of states have, what really has gotten us energized to be more aggressive about this is the fact that we have now seen that a lot of this what we have been told or what we thought the rules were really aren't the rules and we really do see a lot more flexibility in the first ballot delegates. and this is one of the things
6:29 am
that we thought we had overcome. i think this is -- you will see us pick up this game very dramatically and i think we will be fine. once we get to 1,237 which is the magic number on the first ballot and those are bound delegates, once we get to 1,237 i think a lot of this talk goes away. that will probably happen on june 7. >> a lot of people noticing donald trump in that speech sounded different. did the tone seem different? and the fact that here he is the day after he is back out on the trail in what could be the next big battle ground state. indiana some people saying that is the effect of having paul manafort in charge. >> i would say we probably needed to -- paul is a tremendous asset and will help us with the convention aspect of this. we brought barry bennett over and rick wylie and some old hands we see in the political
6:30 am
consultant class are great guys and work hard at what we do. as we expand we need to do these things. these are things that would have happened anyway. as we got closer and closer to the convention we needed more and more people on the ground. the whole issue hiring group of lawyers to help us with the floor battle if it comes to that we have a lot of people that are starting to lineup that we need to have lined up to go in here and deal with contingencies that occur. this is the natural growth process for a campaign. i think we have managed that a little better. i think the media has perhaps represented that as us being slow to the fight. we have had these things in place and getting ready to have them in place and have pulled the trigger. >> sam clovis, thanks for the time.
6:31 am
appreciate it. >> see you soon. coming up, looking ahead to next week's big contest. five of them on the board next tuesday. what is at stake in both parties? we are going to tell you it has to do with what is next. owen! hey kevin. hey, fancy seeing you here. uh, i live right over there actually. you've been to my place. no, i wasn't...oh look, you dropped something. it's your resume with a 20 dollar bill taped to it. that's weird. you want to work for ge too.
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real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing we'll be going into the convention no matter what happens and we will go in so strong. over the next number of weeks we saw a poll come out of california which is an unbelievable poll. we are going to go into the convention i think as the winner. >> bottom line last night donald trump took a big step towards that magic number of delegates and that brings us to today's most important number of the day. 118 could be the next big step donald trump takes pretty much the next big step he has to
6:35 am
take. it is the number of delegates, the number of delegates at stake in these primaries next week. the next big round of contests next tuesday, five in the mid atlantic and in new england we talked in new york donald trump was favored to win all along. the question was how big. he probably got the big win he needed. looks like around 90 of the 95, he has a chance to do the same thing here next week to get almost all of these delegates. we will take you through it with reporters from these states. to set it up, if you win everything in pennsylvania and the state you get these 17. the other 54 we talked about with jakcob soborof. for maryland there is a chance for trump. delaware winner take all. connecticut, if you hit 50% you
6:36 am
get all 28 of those. donald trump at 48% in a new poll there today. rhode island a proportional state. the bottom line, the target for trump next week of those 118 that are going to be up for grabs if he can get 100 or more he is hitting his number. we talked about the road to 1,237. you have to hit benchmarks. he did it in new york. next week probably the benchmark he wants to hit. wants to be close to or over on a good night 100. keep that in mind, our most important number of the day coming up as we said reporters from all of those contests on the ground in connecticut, pennsylvania, in delaware, rhode island, maryland. we talk about what to expect on the republican side and what to expect on the democratic side from the people who know best. before those contests donald trump and his family are part of a special town hall tomorrow morning on the "today" show on nbc. if you have a question you want to ask the trump family tweet it using the hashtag trumptoday.
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tylenol®. when you look at pennsylvania, when you look at indiana, when you look at maryland and rhode island and so many places we have problems everywhere you look. we are going to solve those problems. >> i'm going forward because more voices remain to be heard and tomorrow it's on to connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania, rhode island and beyond. >> donald trump and hillary clinton last night looking ahead to the next set of contests. all of them in the mid atlantic and new england next tuesday less than a week away now. new york put hillary clinton and donald trump closer to clinching party's nominations the next
6:41 am
slate of races could help put it away. we are talking about connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island. you add them up 384 pledge delegates up for grabs next week. on the republican side if you include the unbound delegates from pennsylvania we just going through numbers it is 172. without them it is 118 on the republican side. we have reporters fanned out across the northeast today to see where things stand. we have from pennsylvania tom fitzgerald, jenna johnson with washington post covering maryland politics. matthew allbright is in delaware. chris keating in connecticut. thank you all for joining us. i apologize in advance we have to be a little quick. we want to take a tour of these states. tom, let's start with you in pennsylvania. let's start on the republican side because there are the polls that show trump winning but then
6:42 am
the mystery about the giant bunch of unbound delegates. tell me what you know there. >> you can't really know the players. there is no program. they are unbound or free range delegates. they can do whatever they want on the first ballot and any subsequent ballot. they are elected by the congressional district 54 of them. mainstream republicans have slates in a lot of key districts especially around philadelphia where they have names that are known from having been elected in those counties before perhaps or party activists. and if there is a stop trump movement that still lives after new york, pennsylvania could be a leverage point or not. trump has slates also around the state, about 24 have said they vote for trump. about 19 for cruz.
6:43 am
>> it is a big mystery. on the democratic side bernie sanders, his campaigns pointing to pennsylvania. they say they have a shot there. do they? >> it would be very hard. pennsylvania collectort skews old. older voters have gone hillary clinton all year. if she gets a strong turnout among african-american voters in philadelphia she should win fairly comfortably. >> on the maryland side of things, i have seen polls showing donald trump leading there. who is the bigger threat? >> i think both of them are a little bit of a threat. he has a double digit lead in maryland. i think a lot of people forget that there are republicans in maryland. for everyone registered republican you have two registered democrats. the state has a republican governor right now. larry hogan was elected in 2014. he had never held elected office
6:44 am
before. he used public financing to run for office. he just went around the state, stayed away from social issues and really focussed on economic issues. and he is now the governor. so that is the perfect environment for a candidate like donald trump who we saw in new york is focussing more and more on the economy and kind of staying away from some controversies. >> maryland a large african-american population there. i see that. i see trouble for the sanders campaign. >> exactly. in the washington suburbs and baltimore on the forefront of the black lives matter movement maryland is a very liberal state. a lot have passed a lot of progressive reforms and hillary clinton is leading here by double digits over sanders. >> let's go to delaware. 16 delegates, winner take all. donald trump the favorite there? >> well, that's an interesting
6:45 am
question. we don't have a lot of polling data. we know donald trump is coming here on friday and coming to the south of the state which is no accident. delaware is a blue state but the south of the state is the south and has a strong conservative bent there. we don't know for sure whether donald trump is beating out ted cruz but if he does significantly beat cruz in the south of the state then it is clear that he takes delaware's delegates. >> i have had people tell me on the democratic side you look at states remaining this one delaware looks more friendly to hillary clinton than most. is that true? and why? >> well, delaware is a blue state but it's very business friendly. corporations are very important to the state. and so i think that makes it less receptive to bernie sanders sort of anti-wall street message. the establishment is all the way behind hillary. pretty much everybody in an elected position of power got behind hillary early in the campaign.
6:46 am
it is pretty clear to say that hillary is comfortable here though there are some on the left who hope to put points on the board for bernie. >> let's head to rhode island. donald trump, you look at the demographics around a very catholic state, blue collar. looks like the profile, like the dream state for donald trump. is that true? >> well, on the republican side, yes it is. there has been a lot of economic hardship in rhode island for a long time. there is a lot of anger towards government because of that. and that has fuelled trump's campaign here. he is definitely the front runner on the republican side. ted cruz really hasn't played here. he does have a little bit of organization involving a former state republican chairman but no office. i expect he will see john kasich finish second here. he has support from former rubio and jeb bush supporters. question is how high can kasich go. there are 19 republican delegates up for grabs.
6:47 am
it is roughly a proportional system if candidates can asane tain a threshold of 10% of the vote. >> on the democratic side bernie sanders done well in new england does that apply to rhode island? >> the clintons have been popular here. been more of a dog fight this time around. bill clinton came here to campaign last week. the campaign has outreached aggressively to latinos and brought in surrogates like former massachusetts congressman barney frank. i think most observers expect a close victory for clinton although sanders remains in convention. >> chris keating set the scene. democratic side and republican side if you had to say who is the favorite on the republican side, can donald trump hit the 50% mark? and on the democratic side how do you see things there?
6:48 am
>> trump is ahead in connecticut. the latest poll shows him solidly up by double digits. john kasich will probably be in second in connecticut. he has a lot of support here among both current and past office holders with cruz at a distant third very similar to the new york results. on the democratic side hillary clinton up by nine points in the latest poll and the whole democratic establishment is behind her. however, in connecticut as a long history of upsets in democratic primaries. by that i mean ted kennedy beat jimmy carter in 1980. gary heart in 1984. jerry brown beat bill clinton in 1992. on the democratic side there is a long history of upsets for the under dog and more liberal candidate in connecticut. >> governor moon beam in 1992. one of the great upsets of all
6:49 am
time. thank you, appreciate you all taking part, giving us a really good sense on the ground of what is happening in these key states. coming up, we are going to head to michigan where charges are reportedly going to be filed in the flint water crisis. it's time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. he switched gears to let people make their own designs and now the company is flying high. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express
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turning now to a developing story, a government official familiar with the investigation confirms to nbc news that michigan attorney general will announce criminal charges against as many as three officials involved in the flint water crisis. he will make that announcement this afternoon. nbc's stephanie gosk is in flint for us. stephanie, big story unfolding here. what are you hearing? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely, steve. you know if you spend any time in flint or have been following this story, you know people in the city have been crying out for criminal charges all along. they want the governor to be charged. there's no indication at this point that that's where these charges are going.
6:53 am
we know that officials in the michigan department of environmental quality, the state agency that was in charge of looking after the water in the state and the water here in flint are being looked at as well as at least one official here in the city of flint. we don't know details yet about these charges, but i can tell you from the very beginning on this story, the crisis hinged on one fateful decision, and that was the decision not necessarily to switch to the flint river, but instead to try to do that without using corrosive controls. now, these are the chemicals that are added to the water to ensure that the pipes don't corrode and leech into the water. had they been used we probably wouldn't be talking about this at all but someone decided it wasn't necessary and that's how this city was poisoned. thousands of people now concerned about the future of their children, steve. >> a lot going on in flint today. stephanie gosk, thank you for that. we'll be right back. 73% of americans try...
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coming up next, more politics, full results and
6:57 am
analysis ahead after that big night in new york. also, ted cruz, carly fiorina hitting the road together in pennsylvania, one of the next big battle grounds on the republican side, and we are going to talk with the spokeswoman for donald trump's presidential campaign, katrina pierson. she is going to join me, so stick around.
6:58 am
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their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states stal service priority: you we don't have much of a race anymore. >> it has nothing to do with a politician winning his home state. >> there are no rules for the convention. none have been created yet. >> we're going to go back to the old way. it's called you vote and you win. >> there's no place like home. >> we believe we have a path toward victory. >> the race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is in sight.


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