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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 20, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states stal service priority: you we don't have much of a race anymore. >> it has nothing to do with a politician winning his home state. >> there are no rules for the convention. none have been created yet. >> we're going to go back to the old way. it's called you vote and you win. >> there's no place like home. >> we believe we have a path toward victory. >> the race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is in sight. >> welcome to the morning after.
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good wednesday morning to you, i'm steve kornacki here in new york, the big headline is the front-runners in both parties in all-out sprint to the finish line for both of them. voters last night in new york giving hillary clinton and donald trump very big victories. clinton getting her first win in nearly a month over bernie sanders, putting a halt to his claims of unstoppable momentum. donald trump, meanwhile, he wiped out all the gains that ted cruz had made in the last couple of weeks in wisconsin and colorado with one big win here in new york. trump wiped out all those delegate gains that cruz had made. this hour we're going to talk to a top member of clinton's campaign. we are also going to talk to the trump campaign spokeswoman, katrina pierson. there has been news of potential shakeups in that campaign, a new pecking order, maybe. we will ask her about all of that. but as we speak this morning, new york now in the rear-view mirror.
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all eyes now on the five northeast states that are going to vote just six days from now, next tuesday. connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania, and my favorite, the ocean state, rhode island, all of them voting next tuesday. will it mean the end of the road for ted cruz or john kasich or maybe more immediately for bernie sanders? speaking of ted cruz, he is in hershey, pennsylvania, this morning. we are expecting him at a town hall any minute. the keystone state the biggest prize on the board next tuesday. our team has already made their way to the next battlegrounds in this presidential race. we'll hear from them in just a minute. but let's start with what happened here in new york last night. let's take a look at the republican side first. donald trump action look at this, there was all this talk they couldn't break 50% in many states. he didn't just break 50 last night, he broke 60. there is a small spec for john kasich, he did win one county where manhattan is. take a look at the delegate race
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on the republican side. a couple still outstanding but of the 95 total delegates up for grabs, donald trump has won at least 88 of them. a couple more votes still to be counted. that number could be north of 90 when this is over. donald trump absolutely making his target here. what does that do to the national delegate count? let's take a look at that. before last night ted cruz had crept within 200 of donald trump. cruz was claiming momentum. trump now ahead nearly 300 thanks to that near sweep of new york. and the better news for donald trump, as we say you look ahead to those states coming up, if he has another big win next tuesday as we're expecting, he could be up more than 400 delegates on ted cruz this time next week. meanwhile, democratic side, here's what it looked like in new york last night. bernie sanders came to this state saying he was going to pull an upset. he leaves with a 16-point loss to hillary clinton. there had been suggestions this race might have been tightening in the final days. did not see that at all in these
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results. hillary clinton winning by 16. more significantly, potentially, the delegate count on the democratic side. you see three columns, a little confusing. but the allocated are the ones given out in these primaries. hillary clinton adding to her lead. she'll probably add 25 to 30 in the pledged delegate category. we'll talk about the ramifications of that in just a minute. but let's start this hour in indianapolis. donald trump already setting his sights on the hoosier state. that's not voting next week, that's voting on the first tuesday in may but that is a state that could determine whether he's able to win the nomination outright before the convention this summer or whether we're having an open convention. jacob rascon is there. jacob, tell us why indiana is so important to donald trump. >> reporter: steve, after wisconsin, a lot of trump's critics said that his campaign was unraveling, that he was going to lose it, and you saw a big campaign reset, of course a
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lot of new hires, and he proved to new york that he could turn it around. but the stop trump movement, which played a lot in wisconsin, is playing now in indiana. of course a lot of delegates up for grabs, 57. a lot of those go to the winner, and it's really unclear whether he's going to do it here. it's unclear because there's not a lot of good polling, first of all. but it's very telling as far as trump's time that he's coming directly here right after new york. of course he goes to pennsylvania later today. but this is the argument that the trump campaign is going to be making now, that cruz is mathematically eliminated. he's 98%, i think, that he would have to win going forward. that he has the only real chance. now you have paul manafort, you have rick wiley and others who we know are already seasoned operatives in indiana at the same time as the stop trump movement is playing big here, steve. it's very interesting to say
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that it could come down to indiana and california, places that usual lie aren't in play. >> jacob rascon in indiana. yeah, we'll have a competitive primary in may. been a long time on the republican side since we could say that. jacob, thanks for that report. ted cruz focusing on the immediate next round of contests, pennsylvania the biggest prize on the board next tuesday. he's in hershey right now, the first event of the day there, about to begin. hallie jackson covering the cruz campaign. wisconsin was supposed to be the turning point, now the day after new york maybe this feels a little different. what's the game plan for the cruz campaign? >> reporter: listen, bracing for a rough week after donald trump dominated last night in new york. he looks poised to do very well next week in the northeast and midatlantic states but cruz is keeping an eye on those 54 unbound delegates in this state. a campaign aide telling us they expect to get two dozen of the delegates, so 24, plus pick up
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another six in maryland. those are the states that cruz will be focusing on. here in hershey, there's a kiss mobile out front, home of hershey chocolate. this is the delegate slate that the cruz campaign is looking to put out there. these are people who have committed to supporting senator ted cruz if this does go to a second ballot or even a first ballot considering they are unbound in pennsylvania. cruz himself is talking about his path to victory here, his path to the nomination. remember, donald trump tweeted this morning that cruz is basically mathematically eliminated after tuesday. cruz is saying, hey, essentially in an interview that just aired this morning, nobody is getting to 1237. he's also pivoting to potentially more of a general election message. we saw that last night in philadelphia. he was in pennsylvania watching the results come in from new york. listen to what he had to say about being an outsider. >> the people in state after state have made it clear, they cry out for a new path. this is the year of the
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outsider. i'm an outsider. bernie sanders is an outsider. both with the same diagnosis, but both with very different paths to healing. millions of americans have chosen one of these outsiders. our campaigns don't find our fuel in bundlers and special interests, but rather directly from the people. >> reporter: so cruz drawing comparisons to bernie sanders there, steve, painting himself as the outsider, something that he has done or tried to do throughout this campaign season in a cycle in which the outsider has done very well, donald trump, sanders himself. the challenge for cruz is that as he turns now into this contested convention possibility, he's got to explain the rules and the process to a group of voters that donald trump has brought under the republican tent, voters who may not understand that just because
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you get most of the vote doesn't necessarily mean you get the delegates or mean you get the nomination. so for cruz it's a process argument. for trump, more of a visceral argument to try to tell people, hey, i've got the most votes, you should make me your nominee. steve. >> hallie jackson with the cruz campaign. yes, those 54 unbound delegates in pennsylvania very significant. something we'll be talking a lot about in the coming days. hallie jackson, thank you for that. meanwhile, turning to the democratic side, hillary clinton campaigning in philadelphia later today. this after that resounding win she posted here in new york last night. clinton saying victory is now in sight and reaching out to sanders supporters while sanders vows to fight on. >> and to all the people who supported senator sanders, i believe there is much more that unites us than divides us.
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donald trump and ted cruz are pushing a vision for america that's divisive and, frankly, dangerous. >> there are five primaries next week. we think we're going to do well and we have a path toward victory which we are going to fight to maintain. >> msnbc's alex seitz-wald has been following the democratic campaign all along. two very different messages there. one from hillary clinton trying to look ahead to the general election, one from bernie sanders looking to next week, still trying to fight this democratic primary battle. where does this democratic race go from here? >> jeff weaver told you last night that they are going all the way to the convention and that's all indications from the bernie sanders campaign. they are not getting out any time soon, even past voting has finished on june 7th in california, they're going to spend a month and a half before the convention trying to flip super delegates. it all comes down to them they're saying.
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a little bit of a different message from the beginning of the campaign when they were saying super delegates were undemocratic. now they're counting on those people to help them get to the nomination. a very tall order. these are the exact establishment democrats bernie sanders has been fighting all along. elected officials, democratic national committee members, union bosses. clinton is leading bernie sanders there 11-1 among those superdelegates so he's going to face a lot of pressure from clinton allies, from democratic party officials to ramp down his attacks and potential lly get o before that happens. i think the democratic base is excited about this contest. national polling is close. new york was the nastiest primary so far but two-thirds of voters found the race ener jiegd guilty -- energizi energizing. let's check in with joel bennenson who joins us here.
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joel, thanks for stopping by. that was obviously a victory speech for hillary clinton for the state of new york but was that intended to be a victory speech for the entire democratic nomination? >> i think she's been talking about unifying the party to take on the challenge we face with republicans quite a bit, but there's no doubt that last night was a resounding victory. your numbers showing the delegates on the screen a moment ago were pretty daunting. i've been saying our lead was nearly insurmountable for weeks. clearly we just made it even more insurmountable. we've got to go on to the five states next week. but the real estate is disappearing. >> you say nearly -- do you see any path where he could catch you? >> i don't. i think because two things are happening. we're continuing to add to our pledged delegate lead, your count has it high, somewhere in the neighborhood of 250. we've got more than 2.4, 2.5 million more votes than he has in the popular vote and the real estate is disappearing beneath his feet. 240 delegates came off the table
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last night. next tuesday these races are going to be closely contested but more than 400 delegates come off the table. he just doesn't have enough left to make a credible case that he can do what he's got to do to get within striking distance of us even. >> as alex was just mentioning, we had jeff weaver here, he was standing right over there last night. let me play a clip of that and get you to react because he's talking about the path forward. this is what he's seeing. >> well, i think if you look, obviously the big state here is california. big win there gets you a lot of delegates. oregon should be very, very good for the senator. these states -- we've won all the states around these states so these states would seem to be prime territory for the senator. the senator has been increasingly doing well in latino voters. new mexico is in play. indiana a date that he's going to do well in. it's possible to run all of these states. new jersey has a lot of delegates. there's a lot of delegates on the board. >> he's basically going across
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the map saying they're all winnable. >> very easy answer. here's the fact. where he's going to be after next tuesday is he's going to have to win 60% of the remaining delegates. he's going to have to win not just states, he's going to have to win massive landslides. he's only done that in two states where he's gotten 57 or 58% of the delegates, vermont and new hampshire. all these states he's been winning and adding on, he hasn't been piling up delegates at the 58-42 range that he would need. he can point to all the states that he wants to -- >> but say like washington, he's going to do more than 58% of the delegates. >> he may not. he may not. but washington is already done, right? >> yeah, he won 70-30. >> but that doesn't mean you get 58% of the delegates in every state. the fact of the matter is in states so far where he's done that is two. his home state of vermont and new hampshire, both states happened early in the campaign. he can point to all the states on that map. he has no track record.
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look at what happened last night. hillary clinton won women by close to 30 points. she won voters over 30 in every age category, 30 to 44, 45 to 64, 65 plus, by big numbers. she's won african-americans by 3-1 last night and latinos by over 20 points. he's just not getting to the kind of coalition you need to build up those numbers. i think that's the reality they'll be dealing with today no matter how many states jeff, and i like jeff, how many states he was point to last night. they don't have a plan to do this. >> heet said, look, if we get t the end of the primary process and bernie sanders does not lead in the pledged delegate count that we're talking about here and does not lead in the popular count vote that we're talking about, he says they will still press on over the summer and try to flip superdelegates who right now are saying they're for hillary clinton. the argument they'll make to super delegates this summer is look at the polls. bernie sanders does much better against donald trump than
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hillary clinton. he says that will flip superdelegates. what do you say? >> hillary clinton beats donald trump and ted cruz, the two likely nominees, in every poll that's been out there, number one. bernie sanders is more than 2.6 million popular votes behind hillary clinton. why would pledged delegates who senator sanders has been highly critical of, not just for their role in the process but branding them as part of the establishment, why would they listen to that argument from him? it just has no water. if you can't win in a democratic primary with a diverse coalition like hillary clinton has built, you're not going to win in swing states like she's won, like north carolina, like florida, like ohio. he has no evidence of winning in those states consistently. it's just not an argument that savvy political people are going to buy. >> when do you want him to pack it in? they're talking about going all the way to the convention. i know the math and we've gone the numbers here, but at the same time he's probably going to still keep winning states through may and june. >> he's got decisions to make we'll let him make. he's meeting with his campaign
7:17 am
today. they went back to vermont. i have no idea what the nature of those conversations are. we'll see what comes out of that. we're going on to connecticut and maryland and pennsylvania because we believe we're going to add to our net delegate lead again on next tuesday, april 26th. and the real estate just is going to be gone from under his feet. >> joel benenson with the clinton campaign, thanks for the time. >> thank you. up next, more on donald trump's big win in new york. what it means going forward. he's heading out to indiana and then maryland today. is the nomination, is that magic number within his reach or are there more obstacles still to come for the donald? we'll check in with the trump campaign after the break. good you are working with humana and your doctor to maintain your health. because in 5 days, 10 hours and 2 minutes you are going to be 67. and on that day you will walk into a room where 15 people will be waiting... 12 behind the sofa, 2 behind the table 1
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donald trump isn't taking a break from the campaign trail. he said he was going to take two hours last night to celebrate
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his new york victory before getting back to work. in a state that could make or break his hopes of winning the nomination on the first ballot, well, it is indiana, the hoosier state, voting there not until the first tuesday in may, two weeks from now, may 3rd. but the front-runner will be in indianapolis later today. joining me now, the national spokeswoman for the trump campaign, katrina pierson. katrina, thanks for taking a few minutes. >> good morning. >> a lot of people watched that speech donald trump gave last night and said this is a little different donald trump we're seeing, a little bit more subdued, trying to be a little bit more presidential. was that intentional last night? >> i believe so. we've heard this before. there have been many opportunities where mr. trump has been a little bit more -- his tone has been softer and speeches have been shorter. this is an instance where he was at home, he had a resounding victory. i've got to tell you, this is a first time political candidate who won more than 50% of his
7:22 am
home state, whereas the two other candidates, a sitting senator and sitting governor couldn't even break 50%. mr. trump was very proud and we were very proud of him and so this is the mr. trump most people interact with. >> there's been a lot of news about shuffling and changes going on within the trump campaign organization. paul manafort, that name has come up a lot coming in to manage the convention operations. some say he's taking on a bigger role. gabriel sherman covers this for "new york magazine" saying hearing from two sources trump will announce hiring of a communications director soon, another manafort move. is there anything to that? can we expect that? >> i think you can expect a lot. mr. trump, we still feel very confident that we are going to reach 1237 before the convention. this is a growing campaign. this campaign has the most votes and the most delegates and moving toward a general election. yes, you're definitely going to hear about more hiring, more spending with regards to advertising, especially as we get closer to california to lock up this nomination.
7:23 am
this is something that you should expect from any campaign that takes this election seriously moving forward against hillary clinton. the changes in the tone, for instance, some people have attributed to paul manafort being there. what difference has that made? paul manafort coming in, rick wiley running the campaign of governor walker when he was a candidate. being inside that campaign, what's the difference having them there? >> i think this is a great move. these are things that have been taking place quite some time. mr. trump didn't just wake up, make a phone call and the next day it happened. he's taken time in making these decisions because he's very serious about winning this nomination and beating hillary clinton in november. we have always known from the beginning that we were a very small campaign starting out helping mr. trump achieve this goal of the gop nomination so
7:24 am
it's just a natural thing to have other people come onboard. i welcome it, i'm very excited. we need a bigger, stronger team moving forwards because it's not going to be a cake walk in the general election. we're all prepared to fight until the bitter end because we all know mr. trump has the policies and the ideas to make america great again. >> the term lyin' ted which donald trump has been flinging around about ted cruz now did not appear in that speech last night. has that term, lyin' ted been retired? >> probably not all the way but mr. trump has also said once he takes out a candidate he doesn't use that term anymore. he said the same about marco rubio in the past. that is just something that he uses to communicate when he's at a rally. this was more of a speech, a winning speech. again, mr. trump was at home, he won resoundingly a victory in the state of new york and he was really comfortable among his friends and family. this is the mr. trump that many
7:25 am
people get to see. >> thanks for the time. >> thank you. >> tomorrow join donald trump and his family for a "today" show town hall live on nbc. if you have a question, if you've got something you've been wanting to ask donald trump, here is your chance. you can tweet it using the #trumptoday. maybe it will make it on, maybe he'll answer it. check that out tomorrow morning. coming up, what were the most important issues to new york's republican voters? we'll look at some of the key exit polls, what they tell us not just about what happened in new york but about what's going to happen down the road more importantly. while the other republicans call for a contested convention, our delegate hunter, jacob soboroff goes searching for unbound delegates who could decide the republican nomination. he's taking you along with him, stay with us. we've created a new company. ♪ one totally focused on what's next for your business.
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to learn more. go long. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit donald trump getting a major boost last night, hillary
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clinton as well on the democratic side. let's take a look at how the battle was won here in new york. on the democratic side taking a look at the exit poll here, liberal voters, this was a 50-50 split. this starts to tell you the story of what went wrong for bernie sanders. liberals, supposed to be his bread and butter. he should be doing a lot better than just breaking even with liberal voters. because when it comes to moderates, there's a fair number of moderates out there on the democratic side. hillary clinton beating him by 2-1 there. that's where she got her margin. but hillary clinton broke even among liberals. on the republican side we've been talking about this divide. we've seen in so many states those with college degree, trump has struggled with them. those without college grdegrees he's done better. john kasich will probably get a couple of delegates out of new york because he did well with these voters. there's a couple of pockets of the state where they dominate and that's why kasich will get a couple of delegates and trump won't get the complete 95 sweep,
7:30 am
but still a majority with college graduates and a big majority, more than 60%, those without college degrees so that's one of the story lines on the republican side and the democratic side. the headline, they were big numbers for both last night. the bigger question, whether he can clinch the republican nomination on the first ballot, clear that magic number of 1237 at cleveland, and that, that could be decided by a very select and somewhat mysterious group of republican delegates at that cleveland convention. they are called unbound delegates. they are a lot more important than your everyday delegate. let me bring in msnbc resident delegate hunter, jacob soboroff. he is standing by to explain exactly who these unbound delegates are, what makes them so important and why donald trump has to worry about them maybe. jacob, what's the deal?
7:31 am
>> reporter: think about this, steve. over 20 million people on the republican side have come out to vote for president, but it turns out that it might be something like less than 200 people, around 150 people, the so-called unbound delegates could tip the scales to donald trump or stop him in his tracks at the republican national convention in cleveland this july. donald trump has sort of talked himself into a corner with these folks because he's found a message which has really resonated, which is the system is broken, it's corrupt, it's rigged and brought a lot of voters over to his side but may very well alienate these folks that he may need to win on this first ballot nomination. who are they? i went to north dakota and colorado to track them down. take a look at this. their votes might count way more than yours or mine. at the republican convention in cleveland this july, they could possibly hand the nomination to donald trump or they could stop him in his tracks. so who are these 150 or so superpower republican voters and what are they going to do with
7:32 am
their unbound delegate power? i made it to fargo for the north dakota republican convention but i did not realize when i signed up to be a delegate hunter, i'd have to find the delegates in all these people. >> excuse me, sorry to interrupt you. have you seen any national delegates around? >> no, i just got here. >> found my first unbound delegate, curly hougland. how are you sir? >> fine, thank you. >> people don't know what's going on with the unbound delegates? >> i think the nomination process is very misunderstood. there's a lot of people who actually think that the voters choose the nominee. i've got news for them. the delegates to the national convention are going to choose the next nominee for the republican party. >> let's see, do you guys know any delegates, national delegates? >> i do not. >> do you? >> well, not yet. they haven't been elected yet. >> are you one? >> i'm running for it, yes. >> what's your name? >> shane gettel. >> are you a cruz guy? >> yes. if the election were held today,
7:33 am
i'd be voting for cruz. >> that is it for me in north dakota. next stop, colorado. even though north dakota's delegates can vote for whoever they want when they get to cleveland, ted cruz's campaign outorganized and outhustled trump's team and won commitments from several of the unbound delegates. if trump didn't like what he saw in north dakota, colorado would be far worse because once we got there, unbound delegates were voluntarily binding themselves to cruz, something that was allowed in colorado's rules. made it to colorado, congressional district number 7. three delegates are coming out to go to the republican national convention. maybe they'll eat those cookies, maybe not. i'm going to go find them. libby, are you pledged or unpledged? >> i'm plemg dged. >> so you're going for ted cruz. >> he is the proven conservative. if we don't elect a proven conservative, we're going to get what we got in '08 and '12. this time it's just going to be someone in a pantsuit.
7:34 am
>> okay. fair enough. fair enough. i got it, i got it. >> i had to think about it for a minute. as we begin to learn the faces and names of these superpower voters, a huge hall of unbound delegates remains. so trump has painted himself into a little precarious situation, into a corner, steve, with criticizing these unbound delegates. he has said the system is undemocratic. a lot of people agree with him. but what happens, steve, here's the scenario. if he comes up short of the 1237 and needs to win the nomination, maybe 100 short or less and those unbound delegates can tip the scales in his favor, these are the same people he's been saying are part of a rigged and corrupt system all along. we're going out to pennsylvania next where 54 unbound delegates are on the line. they're on the ballot with donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich next tuesday. we'll see what they have to say once we get out there. >> and wouldn't you like to be one of those unbound delegates in that situation you just described. all that power, they have all the things they could ask for,
7:35 am
all the leverage they'd have at the convention. a very interesting story, jacob soboro soboroff, thanks for that. ted cruz now at his first rally of the day in hershey, pennsylvania. let's take a listen. >> and when we do that, we should abolish the irs. we're going to rein in the epa. and the federal regulators who have descended like locusts on farmers and ranchers and small businesses, killing jobs all across this country. and we're going to secure the borders and stop illegal immigration and end sanctuary cities and stop welfare benefits for those here illegally.
7:36 am
and let me tell you what's going to happen when we do all of that. we're going to see millions and millions of new high-paying jobs. jobs coming back from mexico, jobs coming back from china. we're going to see manufacturing jobs coming back to pennsylvania. we're going to see wages rising again. we're going to see young people coming out of school filled with hopes, filled with dreams, with two, three, four, five job offers. ja cke nimble, jack be quick, jack knocked over a candlestick onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit
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major news to tell you about out of flint, michigan, as a government official has confirmed to nbc news that the first criminal charges are expected to be filed today in the flint toxic water crisis investigation. msnbc's tony decoppo has been
7:40 am
following this for months. tony, what are we hearing about the charged and what's the reaction? >> reporter: major developments today. it's two years ago that the water in this river behind me became the primary drinking source for the residents of flint. the people inside who will be charged later today, a series of missteps happened. how intentional and unintentional will be up to each party's lawyers. but the result was lead leeching into the drinking water system of this city of 100,000 people. that can lead to brain damage in children and a host of health problems for adults. i'm with two long-time residents of flint. this is arthur woodson who works on behalf of veterans in flint and lee ann walters whose home was the first home to be tested for levels of lead. the question i want to know today as people are charged criminally for this crisis, do you expect justice to be done? >> i do expect justice to be done but justice won't happen
7:41 am
until they're in jail serving time. this is the great first step. >> how do you feel about the prospect for justice today? >> it won't be done until everyone is in jail, medical and health care for everyone. that's when justice will be served for me. >> one of the big questions is whether governor snyder should resign as a result of this crisis. what are you feeling about that today? >> what i'm feeling right now is if he resigns that's good, recalled that's good, but right now we need the money to come into the city so we can start changing pipes. only 33 pipes has been changed and we need clean water right now. so i just want him to change the pipes right now. >> what about you, lee anne? >> i think in order to move forward we need to use the governor's guilty conscience to get what we need for infrastructure and health care. >> both democratic presidential candidates have called for governor snyder's resignation. so far he has not accepted that. for the moment he's in day three of a 30-day pledge to live off
7:42 am
the water of flint. to prove to residents that it is now safe irregardless of these criminal charged filed today. back to you. >> we'll keep close tabs on that situation today. when those charges are announced today, we will bring that to you live here on msnbc. now, from flint to the state of texas. at least seven people have died there. the worst, though, does finally seem to be over for the houston area after a brutal couple of days of heavy rain and flooding. rescue workers had to use boats to help residents evacuate their flooded homes. officials say more than 240 billion gallons of water have gallen on the area. and then there is this. a piece of sad news just coming across the wire right now from the world of sports. dwayne pearl washington has passed away at the age of 52. if you are a basketball fan with any kind of memory, that is a name you haven't forgotten, pearl washington.
7:43 am
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voters in the state of maryland are getting ready to hit the polls. their state's presidential primary part of that big mid-atlantic new england voting bloc next tuesday. one of the issues fresh on the minds in the baltimore community is freddie gray. it's been a year since the 25-year-old died from injuries he sustained since being transported in the back of a police van. that triggered days of rioting and unrest in that city. let's go live to baltimore. nbc's craig melvin.
7:47 am
craig, you have been on the ground there talking to residents. what are you hearing a year later? >> reporter: you mentioned a primary coming up, steve. early voting closes here in maryland tomorrow. we're told that so far a record number of people have shown up to vote early, not just the presidential primary. you've got a hotly contested mayoral race, a hotly contested u.s. senate race as well. we are in the gilmore homes section of baltimore. i'll step out of the way and show you the area where freddie gray was picked up roughly a year ago, the paddy wagon between those two buildings picked him up, sustained injuries while in police custody. died actually a year ago yesterday. this community came together for a community cookout, for a candlelight vigil last night to remember freddie gray. gray has become, if you will, an unlikely civil rights icon here, not just in the baltimore community where he lived but all over the state and all over this country for lots of folks.
7:48 am
among the people who spoke last night at the candlelight vigil, at that cookout that i just mentioned, a woman named gina best. gina best lost her daughter in virginia beach. she is one of the half dozen or so mothers who gathered last night who insist that police killed their loved ones. take a listen. >> i find that as a mother of a murdered 27-year-old woman in her car with my 4-month-old grandson in the back seat, there's no words. it's far beyond insulting, it's egro egregio egregious. we're in the middle of a very strong political case with bernie sanders and hillary clinton. i am not a mother to be paraded across the street and let anyone exploit the pain of my daughter being murdered. so it's not that i have this vote or this person who's behind me, it is who is there to fight for the mothers who have to live when their children are
7:49 am
murdered. i don't support that. i support the grassroots. i support people who are truly out here fighting for our murdered children. i have yet to hear other than bernie sanders utter the name of india kager or laquan mcdonald. they're ignoring us. why? >> reporter: i was here roughly a year ago in the aftermath of the death of freddie gray. one of the chief gripes then was politicians, pastors only show up when there are tv cameras. i asked the one pastor that was there last night about that. here's what he said. >> you're the only bishop in the projects tonight. >> i was asked. >> you acknowledge that, though. you're the only one here. >> right, right. i was asked to come. from one of the daughters. >> but why should men of god be asked to come here? why should this not be the place
7:50 am
that they are every sunday after church or during the week or after bible study? >> right. you have many different people that is able to come on this side. >> what's this side? >> which means, if i may say. >> say it. >> this side is a different world from the church world. you have some people does things for different reasons. why they may be here. but i am -- i am here for one reason and that is because i was asked and that i do have a heart for the people. >> reporter: i asked a lot of folks last night how much has changed in this community since the death of freddie gray with regards to poverty, with regards to unemployment, with regards to crime. everyone, literally everyone pretty much said the same thing. not much. steve. >> very interesting stuff. craig melvin in baltimore.
7:51 am
thanks for that. turn back now to presidential politics. a week after maryland, one of those states voting next tuesday, up comes indiana. indiana the only contest on the board for the first tuesday in may, may 3rd. indiana could be key in the stop trump movement's fight to keep him from hitting that magic number, 1237, before the convention. kevin raider is the political reporter for wthr, the nbc affiliate out in indianapolis. he is where trump is going to be speaking today. kevin, i think indiana right now is huge. ted cruz is point at it and he's saying that's the next state i'm going to win. you look at it and it looks like a toss-up. there's a lot of delegates at stake. here's the real wild card, there is no polling right now in indiana. what is your sense of how this republican race is shaping up there? >> reporter: yeah, at least from the outside it appears like a jump ball. it's going to be extremely interesting to see how everything shapes up in this. i think there is an evangelical base here for ted cruz to build
7:52 am
on, but i would also have to believe that donald trump is going to fare very well. i believe his message of making america great is going to resonate. believe it or not, i still believe that his idea of attacking others as though they're stepping in the way of making america great is helping him. i think there's a lot of people who relate to the fact that they believe that they have been not being able to achieve things in their life and they think other people stood in the way. i think they see donald trump as the kind of man that will make all that right. it's going to be blue collars coming out for trump and i really see evangelicals for cruz. but you make a point, we have no polling right now, steve, so it's kind of a jump ball. we're speculating here. >> the other thing too, we look at wisconsin. wisconsin was the last big win for the stop trump movement. one of the things you had there was the republican leadership from governor scott walker down, they were united behind ted cruz. they were united against donald trump. what about, you have a republican governor there in indiana. what about the republican
7:53 am
leaders in indiana, any sense where they are on this? >> reporter: that's a good question because trump will be meeting with governor mike pence at 3:00. he's supposed to be starting this event at 3:00 but he'll be meeting with the governor. that's the word we got yesterday. governor mike pence has not come out and endorsed anyone, steve. as far as we do know that he wants to meet with all three of the republican candidates or at least was hoping to before the may throw3rd primary. but keep in mind, mike pence is in a tough re-election mode against democrat john greg. so clearly whoever is at the top of the ticket could very well influence his race. that's going to be extremely interesting to watch. there may be some that maybe think as governor pence is in such a tight race, maybe i don't want that endorsement, maybe i want to go with the outsider that has seemed to work all across the country and could very well resonate here. >> i have a feeling we'll be calling on you a lot the next two weeks. indiana looming big on may 3rd. thanks for the time today,
7:54 am
though. >> reporter: thanks, steve. >> much more ahead after the break. stay with us. it added this other level of clean to it. it just kinda like...wiped everything clean. 6x cleaning my teeth are glowing. they are so white. 6x whitening i actually really like the 2 steps. step 1, cleans step 2, whitens. every time i use this together, it felt like... ...leaving the dentist office. crest hd. 6x cleaning, 6x whitening i would switch to crest hd over what i was using before. trolling for a gig with can't blame you. it's a drone you control with your brain, which controls your thumbs, which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works.
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amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall coming to you live from our msnbc election headquarters in new york. among the major stories we are following this hour, new developments in the tainted water crisis out of flint, michigan. nbc news has learned the first criminal charges tied to this crisis will be announced a little bit later. more on that big development coming up. but first, where the presidential race stands now in the wake of a resounding primary victory for donald trump and


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