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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 20, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall coming to you live from our msnbc election headquarters in new york. among the major stories we are following this hour, new developments in the tainted water crisis out of flint, michigan. nbc news has learned the first criminal charges tied to this crisis will be announced a little bit later. more on that big development coming up. but first, where the presidential race stands now in the wake of a resounding primary victory for donald trump and hillary clinton in their home
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state of new york. trump won 61% of the republican vote with john kasich finishing second and ted cruz a dismal third after his criticism of new york values, something he could not shake. hillary clinton won 58% of the democratic vote, beating bernie sanders by a wider margin than most polls had predicted. secretary clinton also received more votes, over a million, more than the three republican candidates combined. both clinton and trump took the stage last night to versions of "new york, new york." ♪ new york, new york ♪ we don't have much of a race
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anymore based on what i'm seeing on television. senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> the race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is in sight. >> and it's all about delegates, and secretary clinton picked up at least 177 of them in new york, increasing her already big lead over senator sanders. she now needs just 29% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination while sanders needs 71%. donald trump picked up at least 88 delegates in new york. but listen to this, john kasich won three, including in a key area to donald trump. we'll talk about that. ted cruz shut out of new york. and now trump needs 57% of the remaining gop delegates. cruz would need 98% to clinch the gop nomination before the convention. and so it's on to pennsylvania,
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maryland, connecticut, rhode island and delaware. that's next tuesday, where polls show donald trump and clinton could once again score big victories. but it could be close in indiana the following tuesday. with that, donald trump holds a rally in indianapolis this afternoon. he's headed to maryland. hillary clinton campaigns later today in philadelphia. ted cruz also in pennsylvania. bernie sanders and john kasich are both off the campaign trail today. as we look at the races going forward, i'm joined now by our awesome election team. msnbc's steve kornacki is here with the delegate math moving forward. steve, that is the critical thing right now. we can, i guess, flounder around in what happened in new york, but the reality is what is the impact moving forward. >> yeah, i think it's big, tamron, in both parties. let's look at the democratic side right now. these are the states that are left now. you take new york off the board, these are the number of delegates that are at stake in these primaries. here's the key, though, going
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into last night hillary clinton's lead in these pledged delegates, that's what these are called, her lead over bernie sanders was 210 roughly going into last night. because of the win she had last night that, 210 looks like it's going up to about 240. that's rough lly her lead. bernie sanders has to erase that need in these remaining states. the problem is the way they give out the delegates on the democratic side is very proportional. if you really want to make progress chipping away at that, you've got to be winning landslides. if he wins pennsylvania, it's one thing to win it. if he wins a narrow race, he might make up a handful of delegates. he needs more than a handful of delegates. in other words, he needs to start putting some landslides on the boards and needs to be winning every one of these states the rest of the way. the fact that, a, he lost new york and, b, he lost it by the margin he lost it suggests there's going to be other problem areas on the map the
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rest of the way. on the republican side, this is what's left. so donald trump with that win last night, right now we have him at 844 delegates. might add a couple of them as a few final districts from new york coming in. remember, 1237 is the target. the best news for trump looking ahead to next week, pennsylvania, maryland, delaware, winner take all. connecticut could be winner take all if he hits 50% there. rhode island, all of these states looking good for donald trump. that 844 this time next week, he could be sitting at 950. he could be back to a 400-delegate lead over ted cruz ending this month. he would still have work to do in these other states the rest of the way, but if he came out of this month with 950 and then he won indiana, the way they give out the delegates there in indiana, he'd probably be over 1,000 at that point and at that point we'd be saying that 1237 very doable for donald trump. >> steve, we know delegatewise it's impossible for john kasich to make it to the magic number or even make it halfway there,
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but looking at what happened in new york yesterday, specifically where donald trump lives, and in this area of city that he was able to capture, that's the only buzz i think kasich has today. >> yeah. so manhattan, the borough of manhattan actually, and it's a county here, there's 62 counties in new york, manhattan is one of them, john kasich beat donald trump in manhattan. trump won the other 61. so kasich picks up a few delegates. the real implication there, the real problem has to do with indiana. remember, we came into new york talking about this as donald trump versus ted cruz. ted cruz had just won wisconsin. he was saying he was consolidating the stop trump movement. well, kasich cleaned ted cruz's clock in new york and kasich could beat him out for second place in a lot of these states next week. what that could mean is when you get to indiana, john kasich could be viable enough there that he steals enough votes from ted cruz that it helps donald trump. >> so much focus on the stop trump movement as it relates to cruz and not this tortoise/hare
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thing with the kasich campaign. let's head out to the campaign trail, shall we? jacob rascon is ducovering the trump campaign today and joins us live from indianapolis, indiana, where the front-runner will hold his first event today. i'm sure you heard steve kornacki describe why indiana could be major for donald trump if he picks up a few victories next tuesday going into indiana, if he secures a lot of delegates there he could be at a thousand. >> reporter: exactly. and here's the point. there is no good polling here in indiana. we're not really sure where donald trump's support lies. but what he wants to do is have five wins in a row under his built, even six, then come into indiana with that type of momentum and to carry that forward. where we are in front of the indiana state fairgrounds, we're having, of course, our line as you might expect, thousands of people who are coming to see him, and some people tell us that they -- it feels like to
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them in talking with friends and family that kasich and cruz do have support here. that's the most unconventional and unofficial poll that there is. but that's what people feel here. they feel like donald trump is the underdog in indiana. we know as we've talked about the stop trump movement is going to play here. there's one other thing that you might hear donald trump talk about today, which is this delegate issue. so here in indiana, they usually would choose the delegates after the primary vote. but because the rnc moved the convention up, of course, from august to july, you have in indiana, they chose the delegates already. so that's an issue that donald trump, his campaign has mentioned before. the delegates have already been chosen. and in fact in surveying some of the delegates, the local paper says that a lot of them are leaning toward cruz and kasich if, of course, trump doesn't take it on the first ballot. >> thank you very much, jacob. let's go to hallie jackson, covering the cruz campaign for us. she joins us live from hershey, pennsylvania, where the senator
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just wrapped up a rally in that state's big contest. hallie is standing by right now. i think she's very close to senator cruz. hallie? >> reporter: hey there, tamron. we are sort of in the crush here. this is something you see at a lot of cruz events. he's working the rope line. these very nice people are allowing us to squeeze in here. you heard senator cruz deliver a message aimed at voters here talking about the need to pick up momentum and pick up support. remember, 54 unbound delegates in this state. carly fiorina introduced him. when she did, she talked about the system, donald trump's attacks on the, quote unquote, system saying donald trump is the system. you're seeing cruz and his surrogates go after trump. cruz himself has talked about how this will go to a contested convention. just a couple of seconds ago as i'm looking at you and keeping an eye on the senator, we had vaughn ask him is this going to cleveland and senator cruz said
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this is definitely going to cleveland. the path to the nomination for cruz is to keep a lid on donald trump. make sure he stays under 1200 delegates and the further below the better and keep that gap relatively small so that in august -- excuse me, in july in cleveland, senator cruz is able to make the case that people who don't support donald trump should instead support ted cruz on a second walballot. i'm going to play a quick sound bite for you. i think we have about 30 seconds before the senator walks over. but in the meantime listen to what he said on the radio about his path to the nomination. >> we are headed to a contested convention and at this point nobody is getting 1237. donald is going to talk all the time about other folks not getting to 1237. he's not getting there either. none of us are getting to 1237. >> reporter: so again, here in pennsylvania the senator is headed to indiana after this. he's signing some autographs
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just a few people away from us. we'll see if we can grab him for an interview as he walks on down here. for cruz, the point for him is to pick up at least 24 delegates here in pennsylvania, possibly more than 30 and he's also playing hard in maryland. that's one of the states he's been focusing on as he gets into the crowd. i'm not sure if you can see that shot. if our camera guy, kevin, can get a picture of the senator kneeling next to one of the kids taking some photos. but the campaign is bracing for a narrative shift away from that. they acknowledge and realize that donald trump looks very strong in these northeastern and mid-atlantic states. when you turn away from the midatlantic, though, indiana may 3rd, that's a place and i know steve was just talking about that i believe on the big board a couple of minutes ago how key indiana could be and the cruz campaign feels confident they could pick up 40, 45 delegates there, possibly more. after that it's the june 7 states, the western states in which cruz feels like he could win montana, he could do very well in new mexico, south
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dakota, and of course california with its 172 delegates. it's basically 53 small elections. we're going to work our way in here. senator, we're live on msnbc. we'll wait until he shakes a couple of hands here. hey, senator, as you're signing auto graphs, we're live on ms -- let's listen in here. >> those are really awesome. >> $5. >> thank you very much. what's your name? >> so we've got a cat and a dog that says we hope you will be our president. you will be a good president too. so we have the pet vote now. thank you very much. do you want to get a picture? where is -- do you have a camera? right here. okay, good. >> senator, you said you're definitely going to cleveland, you believe. you talked about your votes that you got in wisconsin more than donald trump. do you agree with him that the system is rigged, senator? what do you think? >> what i agree is that the
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democratic process works. and donald whines and complains when the voters reject him. the voters are going to decide. we've won five states in a row. donald won his home state, which surprised nobody. and it's the people -- we are seeing republicans uniting behind our campaign. because if donald is the nominee, hillary wins and she wins by double digits. the stakes for our country are too great to continue down this disastrous economic road and this foreign policy that empowers our enemies. and so i couldn't be more encouraged at seeing the unity we are having across the country. donald's desperation had everyone wanting to just give him the race. it shows that he's scared when the people decide. you know, if donald had confidence in his positions, we'd have a debate. we'd have a debate in pennsylvania, before
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pennsylvania votes. what is donald trump saying to the people of pennsylvania that he thinks they don't deserve a debate? what does it say about the corrupt big government democrats that they're willing to have debates. that hillary clinton is more willing to have her positions challenged than donald trump? i think that's disgraceful. i think any candidate owes it to the voters to defend their positions. and the reason donald is terrified is because he has no substantive solutions to fixing the problems. he yells a lot, but he has no idea how to bring jobs back to america. he has no idea how to protect america and to defeat our enemies. that's why he's afraid of a debate. when's the last time, hallie, you've been covering this a long time. have you actually ever seen donald trump talking to voters? >> he works the rope line as well. you asked for john kasich to drop out. you're about there now. >> kasich has no path to
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winning. he will not be the nominee. you cannot lose 31 states, win your home state and expect to be the nominee. the nominee will be one of two people, either me or donald trump. nobody is getting 1237. donald knows that. we're headed to a contested convention. and a contested convention, the only way you become the republican nominee is to earn the support of a majority of the delegates elected by the people. the reason donald is so terrified and the reason why he's got so many of his media surrogates repeating the mantra that the race has got to be over now is because he knows he cannot earn a majority of the delegates in cleveland because donald consistently has been a fringe and marginal candidate getting about a third of the vote. he can't earn a majority and he won't earn a majority in cleveland. if you can't earn a majority, so he won in his own home state, but he cannot earn a majority across the country. the only way you become the republican nominee is to earn a
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majority. that's what i believe we're going to do in cleveland. and one of the reasons donald can't earn a majority is why he is such a weak general election candidate. we need a candidate who can bring us together, who can unite us. unite us as republicans and then unite us as americans to change the path we're on. my top priority is jobs and economic growth and i'm the only candidate in this race with a serious, concrete, economic proposal to do that, to bring manufacturing jobs back to pennsylvania, back to america, to raise wages, to expand opportunity. and a final point i'll make to you, hallie, take a look at all the young people that are here. young people are energized because they're tired of their futures being mortgaged away by irresponsible politicians. we're fighting for the young people and i could not be more encouraged. >> thank you for your time, senator. appreciate that. that was live on the air. this is life on the campaign
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trail, right? this is how a rope line looks as we take a shot, i don't know if you can see the senator signing autographs for some of his supporters. it can get a little crowded at these things. this crowd here in hershey pretty fired up, a contrast from philadelphia last night when senator cruz was speaking in philadelphia. let's listen in for a second. >> god bless you, sir. god bless you so much. >> tamron, this is life on the rope line. let's talk about the news that we just heard from the senator as he was out there, that this will go to a contested convention. oftentimes we see people bring out books for the senator to sign. as the senator does the old kissing babies move -- what's her name? >> do you want to do an interview? do you have something to tell the people of america? i bet you do. >> i don't know if this is the young voerlt you're talking about, senator. >> reporter: one of things we talk about, tamron, is how you get a path to the nomination. and while ted cruz said john
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kasich should all but drop out because he has a mathematical impossibility, cruz needs 98% of the delegates in order to win the nomination. that is a virtual mathematical impossibility. instead he has said this will go to a contested convention. he talked about donald trump and hit him for his general election vulnerabilities, that said, ted cruz is trailing by hillary clinton in recent polls, including our nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. john kasich is beating hillary clinton in a head-to-head matchup in a general election. the other point i want to make is -- >> we have some breaking news out of flint that we need to get to our audience. we'll come back to our campaign trail to hallie jackson. what we have right now, our affiliate wdiv is now reporting that three officials have now been charged in the investigation into why lead-tainted water was supplied to the people of that city.
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two state regulators and a flint employee are charged with evidence tampering and several other felony and misdemeanor counts related to the michigan city's lead water crisis. these charges were filed in court today. reporters from wdiv, our affiliate in the area in court at the time. the individuals are michael prisby, a district engineer for the michigan department of environmental quality and stefan bush, who is a supervisor with that same department who focuses on drinking water. both charged with misconduct in office, conspiring to tamper with evidence, tampering with evidence and violations of water treatment and monitoring laws. flint utilities administrator, michael glasgow, is charged with tampering with evidence for changing lead water testing results and willful neglect of duty as a public servant. the people of flint for nearly
8:20 am
18 months were given lead-tainted water after the decision was made by a financial management, an emergency manager put in place to oversee that city by the governor, governor snyder, who's also under fire for what's happened in the city. the residents have been drinking lead-tainted water. children potentially could be impacted by this for the rest of their lives and it wasn't until a whistleblower came forward and helped to provide some water samples and getting in experts outside of michigan that this was fully revealed. tony dokoupil is standing by. tony, we got word that charges would come down and now we are seeing and hearing these individuals, their names and the allegation that evidence had been tampered with in this investigation. >> reporter: that's right, tamron. i can give you some more detail about these charges. our affiliate wdiv was in the courtroom when they were
8:21 am
unsealed. you read the charges, mike glasgow, he ran the water treatment facility here in flint. he was responsible for treating the water coming out of the river behind me. it was supposed to have corrosion control in it. it did not at the direction of the state, according to him. there was a moment when a red flag went up and it was believed that lead content in the water could be of concern and there was a period of testing. at that point testing was supposed to be done on lead pipes, water coming out of lead pipes to see if it was leeching into that lead into the water. mike glasgow certified that the testing that he did was on lead pipes and that the lead was not in the water. we subsequently have found out through the freedom of information act request that the testing he was doing, only eight of the 68 were on lead pipes, so his results were not valid. moving down the list there, mike prisbee is with the state charged with willful neglect in addition to evidence tampering. his job was to make sure that
8:22 am
the corrosion control treatment was in this water so the lead would not come out of the pipes. he told glasgow that no phosphates were needed and so glasgow didn't put any in there. moving on to steve bush, he had a whole different perspective. when the epa became concerned there were elevated lead levels in the water, lee ann walters, her home had 40, fich50, 100 ti the legal limit. when steve busch was approached, he said don't worry, we are doing the appropriate corrosion control and we've had no irregularity in our testing. the state has admitted they made a mistake, there was not the proper controls in this water and as a result lead was coming out of the pipes for 18 months and that was flowing into the people of flint. and you mentioned that it could affect the children of flint. well, there is good, solid research to suggest that it
8:23 am
already has. a doctor at nearby medical center, she did research documenting a doubling and tripling in the percentage of children under the age of 6 with elevated blood lead levels above the level where you start to see learning trouble, behavioral trouble, so the repercussions are already here and it seems now today that the beginning of some sort of justice may also be on its way, tamron. back to you. >> tony, going back to these individuals named, michael glasgow charged with tampering with evidence, changing lead water testing results there, we know that there had been a number of e-mails exchanged over concerns of the possibility of the lead leeching into the water. this allegation stands out for clear reason if these claims are true of actually tampering with the results, so that would indicate knowing of this problem, this potential danger. and if i'm reading this right and you tell me, then not giving
8:24 am
the proper results. >> reporter: that's right, tamron, you are reading it correctly. so the state at a certain point was required to test the water in flint and certify that it was below 15 parts per billion. that's an indicator of safety when it comes to lead content in the water. they were doing the testing and they threw out some high lead level results, which brought the number down and brought them within compliance. and then in addition to that, mike glasgow certified -- he pledged that the testing that he was doing was on pipes that were made of lead. subsequently it was discovered by one of the michigan newspapers through a freedom of information act request that those pipes were not by and large lead pipes and the results were not valid. in fact that whole entire time the city of flint had elevated levels of lead beyond the federal limit where action was required. >> obviously we're waiting for more reaction. we're expecting a news conference a little bit later today from michigan's attorney general. but it was at the beginning of this week that we were
8:25 am
discussing governor snyder, what some people saw as a stunt by him to say that he would drink the water to prove that it was in fact safe. we know that he still remains under -- many people want him actually to step down and want him investigated or his office ostensibly investigated as well. >> reporter: correct, tamron. there are as many as 15,000 lead pipes still in the city of flint and the water is flowing through them. right now the state is saying it's safe to drink that water if you put a filter on it. confusingly for residents, the city is saying, no, it is not safe and all of those lead pipes have to be removed. there could be 15,000. they have only removed about 33. so there's a lot of work still to go here. the criminal charges are a step toward some sort of justice for the citizens of flint. but structurally a lot of changes need to be made to make sure the next generation is ensured safe drinking water and low, low lead content, tamron.
8:26 am
>> back to the investigation, even though these three people are the focus of this news conference and these charged right now, this probe, as it's called, is expected to expand. so this may not be the end here. >> reporter: oh, no, absolutely not. there are five individuals at the state department of environmental quality who have left their position, to put it gently. two of them will be charged today. there are three more out there, including the person who was in charge of the drinking water division who was responsible for a plan for flint and for ensuring that flint had safe drinking water during this transition from lake huron, some of the cleanest water on earth, and the flint river, which is more corrosive water that flowed through those pipes and created a toxic situation here in the city of flint. >> tony, thank you very much for discussing the breaking news. three individuals charged with several crimes in connection with the flint water crisis. we'll continue to follow the breaking news and we will hear from the state's attorney general, we're told, later this afternoon. and please be sure to tune in to
8:27 am
see rachel maddow, her show later today. she'll have the latest on the investigation into flint's water crisis. that begins at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. we should know a lot more from michigan's attorney general who will announce these criminal charges as it's already been reported and these charged filed in court just a short time ago. coming up, back to politics. hillary clinton's next move. she's claimed the new york primary, despite some believing that it would not happen. but what will the victory mean for momentum as her campaign sets its eyes on pennsylvania and other parts of the northeast. >> you know, in this campaign, we've won in every region of the country. from the north to the south to the east to the west, but this one is personal. and a lot of questions swirling around the bernie sanders campaign this morning. he's off the campaign trail
8:28 am
today. what happens next for senator sanders? does he see a way forward? we'll be right back.
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go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world. back now with more on the democratic presidential race. hillary clinton energized by her resounding 16-point win over senator sanders last night and taking her campaign to pennsylvania today, making two stops in philadelphia later this afternoon. now, recent polling has clinton leading sanders by an average of 13 points in the state. with the democratic primary firmly in her control, clinton has to try to unify the party. a theme she touched on last night in her victory speech. >> and to all the people who supported senator sanders, i believe there is much more that unites us than divides us. >> bernie sanders meanwhile is in vermont today taking a day
8:32 am
off the campaign trail. arriving in burlington late last night the senator held a hastily arranged news conference and vowed to stay in the race. >> so we lost tonight. there are five primaries next week. we think we're going to do well. and we have a path toward victory, which we are going to fight to maintain. >> let me bring in former ohio state senator bernie sanders supporter nina turner. thank you so much for joining us again. >> thanks, tamron. >> how would you describe the campaign this morning? >> well, hopeful still. we're still in it. not much has changed. congratulations to the secretary for her victory, but we still remain committed to take this all the way to the primary. look, tamron, every candidate wants to win every state, there's no doubt about it. you are in the race to win, not to lose, but we are going to continue to push forward all the way to june 7th. >> but by the numbers, and i understand the campaign believes
8:33 am
nothing has changed but it has. the math has changed and again not in senator sanders' favor. he now needs to win 71% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination. he essentially needs to win every single contest that remains. hillary clinton, on the other hand, needs 29% of the remaining delegates. when you look at that number there, i am not going to call it an impossible battle, but when you see that 71% of remaining delegates need to go to senator sanders, is your answer then just superdelegates? >> well, not necessarily, tamron. she doesn't have the numbers. she doesn't have the delegate numbers and neither does senator sanders at this point so there are still lots of delegates to go. we know california is over 400 delegates in play in that state. let us not forget when he started this process about a month ago, she had 300 pledged delegate lead over him and now
8:34 am
it's a little over 200. so we're still going to push just as hard, working state by state to win the races, heearn those delegates and walk her down so by the time we get to the convention, he has overtaken her. >> let me play what senator sanders campaign manager, jeff weaver, said as he sees the path forward. >> when we get to the convention, at the end of the day the democrats will have to decide who they want to elect in terms of who's the best in november. clearly the polls are almost unanimous now that bernie sanders is a much more electable candidate in november. >> there are going to be calls from her campaign and calls from a lot of influential democrats in this country for you to unite around her. you're saying instead of that, you will spend those months, those weeks in the summer trying to flip superdelegates to bernie sanders before the convention? >> at this point, yes, absolutely. >> so that is the same argument yesterday that governor pataki made regarding john kasich, that essentially get to the convention and make the case that the polls show that kasich
8:35 am
can beat hillary clinton. in this case weaver is saying show that the polls that bernie sanders would beat donald trump by a larger margin. essentially, though, ignoring the will of the people. yesterday, nina, hillary clinton got more votes than all of the republican candidates combined. is that the strategy, to do exactly what ted cruz and john kasich are arguing, let it all be decided in the convention and all of the millions of votes that hillary clinton has received essentially don't matter? >> we still have more states to go, tamron. we still have more voters to weigh in on this contest. and they deserve the same type of choice that the states that preceded them got. the bottom line is that we are going to continue to be competitive in this race. superdelegates do not vote until we get to the convention and so they are still in play. and so it is important to note that, again, senator bernie sanders is closer than he was.
8:36 am
she had 300-delegate lead over him and she does not have that delegate lead. she does not have a 300-delegate lead. he can still fight this all the way through and that is exactly what we plan to do. >> secretary clinton said yesterday that the party is more united than divided. she specifically saying that about senator sanders' supporters, that eventually her hope is that people like yourself will go on to support her if she's the nominee. have you started to have that conversation with yourself? and i say that, "new york" magazine today, bernie sanders has run a surprisingly effective presidential campaign, but bernie sanders is not going to win the democratic nomination. >> well, they can't decide that, voters decide that, tamron. as long as senator bernie sanders is in this race, i am committed to him, committed to continue to push for him as are millions and millions of his supporters. he is not the sparring partner of the secretary. he is in this to win, to become the nominee for the democratic
8:37 am
party. and so we're going to keep pushing full steam ahead. folks want to count him out in the same way, and i know this is not exactly the same, but let us not forget that in 2008, then senator obama lost to senator clinton in new york as well, but he still went on to gain the nomination. so we're going to keep pushing, tamron. this is a contest. this is a decision that the voters get to make, not newspapers, not pundits, but the people of the united states. >> just quickly, i do have to bring this up in new york. senator sanders spent twice as much in ads as hillary clinton in new york, still lost by 16 points. the campaign pointed out a number of rallies where they say 28,000 people at one, 20,000 at another, it did not close that gap. in fact this gap is larger than what we saw in the polling. >> well, she served the state for eight years as senator, so it should come up as no surprise. but he was about 40 points behind her and he did close that gap. he won his state, vermont, by over 85%, so she had the home court advantage.
8:38 am
but that doesn't mean that we're not going to keep pushing all the way to the convention. >> all right, nina turner, thank you so much for joining us. great pleasure having you on. >> thanks. today the seven-week sprint begins to the finish line of the 2016 primaries. congressman james clyburn will join me with what the political landscape could look like if hillary clinton faces off against donald trump. sure, we could have stacked these tires. or put them on a rack. but the specialists at ford like to show off them their strengths:k. 13 name brands. all backed by our low price tire guarantee. yeah, we're strong when it comes to tires. right now during the big tire event, get a $120 rebate by mail on four select tires.
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8:41 am
donald trump and ted cruz are pushing a vision for america that's divisive and, frankly, dangerous. promising to round up millions of immigrants, threatening to ban all muslims from entering the country. planning to treat american muslims like criminals. these things go against
8:42 am
everything america stands for. >> more of hillary clinton's victory speech last night calling on her potential republican rivals if she wins the nomination this summer, calling them out. i'm joined by prominent clinton supporter, democratic congressman james clyburn of south carolina. congressman, thank you so much for your time. >> thanks for having me. >> based on yesterday's results, the numbers that are out right now and the lead that secretary clinton has, are you confident that she will be the party's nominee? >> yes, i am. i think that it's pretty clear that the pathway to victory is pretty clear for us. and i believe that after next tuesday where we'll have five contests, pennsylvania, maryland, i think rhode island, delaware, i think connecticut, i plan to be in connecticut this weekend, and i really believe by
8:43 am
the time we leave indiana on the 3rd, we'll pretty much know who the nominee will be. >> just looking in the new york market, bernie sanders outspent hillary clinton on ad buys, but one ad that her campaign did run focused in on donald trump. it seemed to send a message that she is stronger, she's the person most prepared to defeat donald trump. on one hand it was a contrast against bernie sanders without mentioning him but certainly a contrast to the person that she believes or her campaign seems to believe may be the individual she likely will face off against. in a "wall street journal" poll she defeats him 50% to 39%. another number against ted cruz, 56% to 44%. donald trump, he's a first-time politician but he technically has been in politics through
8:44 am
contributions, donations or building relationships for decades now. if he is the nominee, what are your concerns that he immediately poses, even with all of the obvious flaws that would turn off women voters, voters of color, young voters. is he still someone that the party cannot take for granted? >> no, we cannot take him for granted. he has one thing going for him. although he's been around politics for a long time, he's considered by most people as being an outsider. and that is sort of in vogue this year. you certainly cannot call secretary clinton an outsider by any means. she is well versed, well experienced, knowing the process. i don't think the presidency ought to be a place for on-the-job training. for someone who has never been elected to office, never had a responsibility for people's
8:45 am
well-being, to entrust them with the presidency at this particular juncture in time both domestically and internationally would be a risk that i don't believe the american people are willing to take. >> but when you talk -- go ahead, i'm sorry. >> go right ahead. >> i was going to ask you, though, some of the very things that bernie sanders brought up, that she is an insider, she has taken millions of dollars from wall street. already donald trump calls her corrupt hillary. some of the very things that gave bernie sanders the momentum to draw in some 28,000 people at a rally when hillary clinton did not have a rally around that size in her home state of new york, those are the very things that it seems she hasn't been able to clear up with even some democrats and progressives that would be brought into a general election again. and maybe even in a more heated way that has made donald trump successful with his party.
8:46 am
>> look, i know bernie pretty well. i like him. i have a lot of respect for him. but i do believe that bernie made a serious mistake when he got so personal in new york. i don't know who advised him to do that, but they should not have. it was not becoming at all. and i don't believe that donald trump is going to get away with that kind of rhetoric, no matter what name calling he may make. the american people are not going to accept that from him directed at hillary clinton or any other person of good will. so i don't believe for one moment that he is going to get away with that the way he has thus far because the question is going to be a little different. the makeup of the personalities is going to be a little different and i really think that he'll make a big mistake
8:47 am
doing that. i wish he would try. >> congressman james clyburn, thanks so much for your time. great pleasure having you on, sir, thank you so much. >> thank you. next back to politics and the battle for indiana. donald trump campaigning in indianapolis with the goal of claiming more delegates in the may primary. while some are confident that hillary clinton is well on her way to securing the nomination for the democratic party, donald trump's future still up in the air. ted cruz not giving in. john kasich could also still be a spoiler. we'll take a look at the gop campaign and this never-ending primary. you owned your car for four years, you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls, and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer
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there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. welcome back. donald trump is headed to indiana today where he will be meeting with the state's governor ahead of campaign rally in indianapolis. 57 delegates at stake. the gop frond runter is hoping for a sizable win. of course, he wants to secure the nomination before the party's convention in july.
8:51 am
but even though the state primary will not be held until may 3rd, john kasich's campaign says they've scored a major victory against trump saying they secured support of a plurality of indiana's delegates who will be crucial in a contested convention. here to tell us more about it is the indy star reporter tony cook. tony, thank you so much for your time. >> yeah, thanks for having me. >> let's take a look at what kasich's campaign is saying what happened here. what can you tell us? >> well, they're saying this they've locked up the support of a majority of delegates here in indiana. of course, that's difficult to confirm. a lot of the delegates who we spoke with didn't want to say who they plan to support. but based on -- we reached out to all 57 delegates and found more support for kasich among those willing to talk about who they plan to support. >> let's talk about the rules and how it plays out in indiana
8:52 am
because, of course, it seems state to state we're examining how delegates are positioned and how they are selected versus, of course, the popular vote in this state. how's indiana different than why's it so crucial now? >> right. so, obviously, with donald trump not having locked up a majority of the delegates nationwide yet, there's a strong possibility that there could be more than one round of voting at the convention. indiana's 57 delegates bound to vote in the same way that the state or their congressional district votes in the may 3rd primary. but after that initial round of voting at the convention, they're free to support whoever they want so if it comes to that it could be a big deal if kasich really does have the support that he claims among indiana's delegates fly's not reliable polling as it's described so far but who seems to capture the spirit of indiana?
8:53 am
i think the assumption is kasich's proximity to the state is why people believe the mi midwest style plays there. >> we have been out talking to voters a lot recent days and hearing support for trump. there's also strong social conservative streak in the republican party here in indiana. i think that a lot of those folks leaning towards cruz and then those focused on fiscal and business-type issues, folk who is supports mitch daniels, the previous govern nor here and i think it's a tight race. and we like you said we haven't seen any polling yet but i wouldn't be surprised if trump is leading the field here in indiana. >> all right. tony, thank you very much. all eyes will be very soon on indiana. get ready. thank you so much, tony. >> thank you. before the campaigns head to indiana, we -- they have to go through the northeast and
8:54 am
mid-atlantic and voters to the polls next tuesday, there's an issue on many minds on those in baltimore, the case of freddie gray. one year ago that the 25-year-old died from injuries sustained while he was being transported in the back of a police van triggering days of riotinging and unrest. craig melvin is there. >> reporter: good day to you. we are in the gilmore homes part of baltimore and i'll just show you and probably familiar to a lot of folks. this is the area freddie gray was picked up more than a year ago now. just over a year ago. paddy wagon between the buildings and we know that the 25-year-old injured in police custody. he died a year ago yesterday. as you can see here, the 25-year-old gray has become an unlikely hero in this community, not just here in this community, as well. i've spent a fair amount of time
8:55 am
yesterday talking to people who live here. there was a community cookout, a candle light vigil to remember freddie gray last night and i talked to folks about the upcoming presidential election. there's a hotly contested may mayoral race here. i wanted to talk to people about the politics. that's not what they wanted to talk about at all. take a listen. >> but then there's another piece of it, too, man. the other piece. >> media motivation as a whole in general. >> when we are looking at them to change our city, it doesn't ever change. we've been looking at politicians to change our city for decades and decades. the people on the ground changing the city, we don't get the coverage we need and we're changing the city every day. the story that gets untold is the story of tawanda jones, me, boom and other people in the city actually changing the city. not sitting there abouting like we're changing the city but doing stuff on the ground to change the city and we don't get covered like this. >> reporter: i spent a fair amount of time in this community
8:56 am
and neighborhood and city in the aftermath of freddie gray's death. i can tell you that there are just as many homes boarded up, just as many people talking about the unemployment and the violence in baltimore, as well. last night, i asked a number of people, how much has changed in baltimore since the death of freddie gray? all of them had virtually the same answer. not much has changed at all. we're going to be spending few days here in baltimore. but for now, that's the latest. tamron, back to you. >> thank you very much, craig. hour show will be hitting the road starting monday from pittsburgh so we'll continue to follow the coverage. i'm taking a couple of days off and see you monday in pennsylvania. meanwhile, make sure you watch 11:00 a.m. eastern time msnbc. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store.
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9:00 am
cheesesteaks, hoagies, brotherly love and the champ in the home state of new york taking out his closest rival and dropping the trash talk and nicknames. >> we don't have much of a race anymore based on what i'm seeing on television. senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. we've won and now especially after tonight close to 300 delegates more than senator cruz. we're really, really rocking. >> rope-a-dope. hillary clinton looks ahead to the convention here in philly and tries to bring the party back together. >> and to all the people who supported senator sanders, i believe there is much more that unites us than divides us. the race for the


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