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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  April 20, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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chris hayes is up next. good evening. after a string of losses at the polls and in the behind the
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scenes jockeying for delegates donald trump's presidential bid just hit two big milestones. one, an overwhelming victory in his home state of new york right here and ten months into the campaign an actual campaign operation with traditional things like a strategy and budget that are in the context of this campaign downright novel. as expected trump won new york by a huge margin last night with 60% of the vote. john kasich came in second with 25% and ted cruz in third with 15%. at a campaign rally in maryland trump refled in his wide margin of victory. >> we had a great night last night. i want to tell you, was something. the media was saying you can't get over 50%, very hard to get er 50%, even if you're really against two guys that don't have what it takes. >> trump failed to sweep the state's 95 available delegates ending up with 89, while kasich
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picked up four and cruz came up empty handed. two are unallocated. in the race to 1,237 every delegate counts. a senior campaign source told mbc news that paul manafort has stepped into a larger role and corey lewandowski has been under fire for yanking will arm of a female reporter last month is working as a scheduler and bodiman. he denies the reported. manafort brought some experienced staffers with him. trump defended the changes in his victory speech last night. >> my team has been amazing and it's actually a team of unity. it's evolving, but people don't understand that. the press does understand it, they just don't want to talk about it. that's okay.
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>> it's not just personnel changes. after months of taking all their queues from the candidate, they are starting to spend money. manafort has been given a budget $20 million, more than double what the campaign spent in the entire month of february and more than ted cruz spend in that month. the trump campaign is now actively also courting gop lawmakers with manafort visiting washington yesterday to meet with the house of republicans and more than ten months after trump launched his presidential bid, they are touting upcoming policy speeches. the results of manafort's leadership we're being told was a different radical donald trump who took the stage last night, trump 2.0. a kinder, gentler trump with a more presidential tone and
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finally heshed the ugly rhetoric. the evidence for this total transformation trump's been staying off twitter and the sunday shows and last night he referred to senator cruz instead of lying ted. >> we don't have much of a race anymore based on what i'm seeing on television. senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> but less than 24 hours after that speech, here was trump addressing cruz today. >> in the case of lying ted cruz, lying ted, lies, oh he lies. you know ted, he brings the bible, holds it high, puts it down and lies. the evangelicals have been supporting donald trump, it's been great. >> if there was any doubt that trump is still trump last night he tweeted another apparent white supremacist. i'm joined now by the national affairs editor for new york magazine.
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you've been covering this and i feel like we're in the plot of this campaign and we're being introduced into minor characters will be play a bigger role. manafort has taken over this situation. >> sure. that's close. i held a meeting as i reported on saturday at trump tower where he gathered all the senior campaign staff. he ran the meeting. corey lewandowski the campaign manager was off to the side. he left with trump to go to upstate new york. manafort stayed behind and ran that meeting. >> the bars are so low here. you have people say he's a new trump, but even the bar of a budget, spending money, they have this campaign you cannot overstate that this has been an entirely media phenomenon first, second and third. >> the fact that last night he said senator ted cruz and today he said lying ted. i want to see whether he will
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spend this money. >> we've seen headlines before. >> the fact that manafort comes in and you get a headline of 20 million, it's possible that donald trump will not open up the purse strings. >> if the man wants to get to 1,237 those dollars are going to matter even if we look back at last night and this point scoring of he missed those four delegates, those four delegates could be important. >> i've heard a lot of this is coming from the trump children, the they are pushing their father to say you got to carry the ball over the finish line. they don't want him to get this close and not get there because he didn't spend the money. >> i thought you were going to say dad don't scanneder our money. >> they don't want him to make short sighted decisions. >> how volatile is that organization right now.
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>> i think it's very volatile. no one thought donald trump had any chance. corey lewandowski had come out of the political wilderness in new hampshire to run this campaign. he took donald trump incredibly far to win 25 states. that said they didn't do a lot of things they should have done, worked for delegates, spend money on ads, but from his perspective he should get a lot of credit for getting this far and meanwhile he's being pushed aside and he's going to fight for his turf. >> there's this question of you just talked about the inability to manage the guy. if there's one thing that i have learned about modern campaigns is they really reward discipline. barack obama, whatever you believe of him, is one of the most disciplined human beings i have ever encountered anywhere. donald trump is the opposite of that and that seems to be the fundamental problem.
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>> that's a problem and asset. trump said he a the strategist and he is his own speech writer. if he is too managed, last night we saw trump supporters say this isn't the trump we want, they're going to view that as a sell out. >> the problem is getting from 40% of the republican electorate to 50% of the voters in a general election. thank you very much. >> thank you. joining me now is charlie pierce and political reporter for the guardian. >> i don't buy it. i don't buy -- i don't buy anything is going to change. we've seen time and time again i remember we had sound of him on the night that he won super tuesday when he was in florida where he sounded like a general election candidate and i thought that's a pretty decent message for general election and then it was back to retweeting white supremacist 36 hours later. >> there is an extent to which
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donald trump is going to be donald trump. he can't be controlled or managed. i think he recognizes that his supporters don't want to see that shift in tone. they're attracted to him because he takes on the political establishment, not because he's trying to rally the establishment around his candidacy. i think one of the reasons that he's brought in these professionals is because he's realized that game ground matters. if you don't understand how that's delegate conventions work, that matters. if you head into a contested convention because donald trump was unable to seal the deal and get to the magic number, that's where ted cruz with his sophisticated organizational operation could run away with the gop nomination. >> charlie, i had a thought today i was remembering the campaign for elizabeth warren someone who could not be more of the political opposite than donald trump, but she had built an eye denty and she had to run
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a campaign and fit herself into a discipline box that the modern campaign requires and it took some time to meld those two and i don't see that as something that donald trump is capable of doing. >> i think it's an interesting comparison because she only had do it in one state. he's not going to discipline himself to the point, but he is going to discipline himself to this pattern. he is going to campaign like a thug with, win, be gracious on election night, go to another state and start the whole thing all over again and every time he accepts a speech and comes within an area code of civility, a lot of the elite political press is going to get fooled and say it's the new donald trump. this is a great scam. >> part of the reason that's
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happening is the strange place we found ourselves in this race and we'll talk about the democrats. right now in the republican race we have all these races. we know the contours of what next week is going to look like in maryland and rhode island and connecticut and pennsylvania where we think trump is going do well again. so there's this weird kind of feeling that's set in and people are desperate to find a plot point in the story of this campaign. >> absolutely. we know that a big part of donald trump's campaign has also hinged on reaching the economically disenfranchised working class vote americans who have been drawn to bernie sanders in the primary and i think one thing that is hard to grasp is that a lot of that strategy on the republican side hinges on this idea that there are a lot of reagan democrats
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who are up for grabs in a general election and that's who donald trump might be trying to appeal to if he does have any sort of strategy, but at this point the system is so polarized that a lot of those voters have been voting republican so it's unclear if that would be an effective strategy to defeat hillary clinton in a general election. i think the greater challenge facing the republican party of donald trump is the nominee still remains the fact that he has allen nated a lot of people they need. >> what is it about north eastern republicans that they just love what he is offering? >> i think it's -- they're finally -- new england democrats -- new york republicans in particular have been lost souls for a long time. they were the last outpost of moderate sensible and dare i say
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not insane republicans. the great wave that came from the west and took over the republican party rolled back at the hudson river pretty much, but at the same time they missed out on all the fun so now here's a guy, he's not bible banging guy from the west, he's one of them in a kind of grand way, but at the same time he's a republican that they can sort of identify with. he's from the same class as the lodges and the rocka fellers except his family worked their way to the money with a few fewer generations than the rocka fellers have had. >> everything remember all politics is identity politics when it comes down to it. thank you both.
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>> thank you. still to come, new york voters gave ted cruz a definitive hard pass. there's a bright spot in the night, but first the climb ahead of bernie sanders after a big loss to hillary clinton, conflicting messages from the sanders campaign on the road forward i'll speak with the lone senator who has endorsed sanders don't go anywhere. i take pictures of sunrises. it's my job and it's also my passion. but with my back pain i couldn't sleep... so i couldn't get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a sleep aid plus the 12-hour strength of aleve... for pain relief that can last into the morning. and now... i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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if june 7th comes and go and hillary clinton wins the popular vote there are going to be calls from her campaign and calls from delegates in this country for the sanders kpa into make a decision to unity around her. you say that you will spends the weeks in the summer to try to flip super delegates to bernie sanders. >> yes, absolutely. >> bernie sanders campaign manager began trending on twitter last night shortly after
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his interview on this network an the declaration that sanders would keep battling clinton until the convention. that strategy seemed to be at odds with sanders senior strategist tad divine who told the associated press around the same time the sanders campaign will see how it does next week in pennsylvania, maryland, rhode island, delaware. the sanders campaign has launched a major effort in new york spending nearly $7 million on advertising, but sanders still lost to clinton by a wide margin. 58 to 42. clinton seemed focussed on the general election and unifying the people around here. >> to all the people that supported senator sanders i believe there is much more that unites us than divides us. >> behind the scenes an unnamed senior adviser was feeling not
8:18 pm
quite as mag nan mus. joining me senator from oregon, the only member from the stat to endorse bernie sanders. tell me about your timing in this. one of the things that struck me was the timing. you're the first senator to endorse him. you're endorsing fairly late in this cycle and you're endorsing at a time when it seems his odds of winning have receded consideraby which is the opposite of what politicians usually do. >> i'm not a very good politician. i really felt that i should make an endorsement as we were preparing to vote in oregon. we vote by mail. the ballots go out on april 28th. they will be out for a better part of 2 1/2 weeks and so i wanted to endorse two weeks before the ballots go out and
8:19 pm
while oregonians are starting to pay attention. >> i want to get your reaction to what jeff weaver said last night, the idea that the sanders campaign would essentially were it to be behind in delegates attempt to persuade super delegates to come over to them and take that to the convention. do you think that's a good strategy? >> it reflects different messages coing out of a campaign which happens because the core of the message is look, there is still a path to victory here. yes, he lost in new york, but he lost by less in new york than president obama lost eight years previously. he did a percent better. certainly hillary clinton home state senator, home state turf, she campaigned in her senate races and she knew the state inside out so it was an extraordinary challenge. there are other challenges ahead that present different circumstances and right now
8:20 pm
there are a massive amount of citizens and grassroots organizations who are saying we have to change the model of how our economy and political system works and the person who understands that we must change that is bernie sanders. we've now been through this period of 40 years in which nine out of ten citizens have seen no benefit from the increase in american wealth. that is 100% of the new income has gone to the top 10%. there's something wrong, people understand there is something wrong when nine out of ten citizens and families are not benefitting while the wealth of the nation grows up. >> let me ask you this. as you talk about those issues which have sort of come center piece in this campaign, when i've talked to other members of the senate caucus on the democratic side, they would say the following thing to me. they say we've worked with both of them, hillary clinton and bernie sanders and i'm endorsing hillary clinton and i was left
8:21 pm
to think they didn't think much of bernie sanders. what are you seeing in him that they are not? >> actually i think that's way off the mark. bernie's comments are deeply listened to and widely respected and he has this record of effectiveness that many people are aware of particularly those who served in the house. when he was mayor of burlington he set them up and when he was in the house he was known as the king of amendments, the single house member most effective in getting amendments past and these were things relevant to working americans. in the senate he has proceeded to be the leader on expanding our health centers which are the front door for millions of americans to our health care system. he put together a bipartisan veterans bill which is the most important veterans bill that
8:22 pm
waver had in years and he's taken on the lead to make sure our seniors didn't get short changed. >> you named a bunch of fights that are a good reminder of some of the fights they're having in the u.s. senate. thanks for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> with us now is the senator of ohio who is endorsing hillary clinton. are you one of the people who thinks that there's some danger that sanders campaign is entered into in the territory its in in terms of possible lasting damage they could do to hillary clinton should she become the nominee. >> no, i applaud bernie for what he's done. we had a long conversation today about his reasons for bernie, my reasons for hillary. it was clear that it really is -- we should be talking about what unites us, not what divides us.
8:23 pm
but contrast our side with the republicans where they call each other names and attack each other families. there's some slight differences, but both candidates, like jeff, he sits with me on the banking committee, he fights hard to protect what we've gained with dodd frank. i think what the regulators did this week was a big deal. i think we're doing that right. i think we can move a little faster. one of the things i do in banking committees is put pressure on them and one of the other things i do is through my website is outside pressure and i ask people to come and help us join that fight where we can get people outside to keep putting
8:24 pm
the pressure on the senate to make sure there are no compromises and weakening of dodd frank. >> i want to talk about that because one of the issues in this campaign has been what threats a new democratic president might face in terms of consolidating some of the accomplishments of the obama administration. there are attacks all the time happening right now in the senate on dodd frank for instance that have to be beaten back. >> last week and of all places the agricultural committee. it's where we regulate derivatives, the republicans have tried to create this huge koch brothers loophole where farmers need to hedge risks, but the republicans want to make the farmers exception turn into the
8:25 pm
koch brothers exception on the oil industry into billions of dollars. the republicans because they're so controlled by a few mega donors are always going do their bidding and there's always a koch brothers loophole when regulatory issues, my position on banking and agricultural are the places to fight back and i will continue that. i expect republicans because of the fuel of their party is their interests groups we've got to be ready and continue to fight regardless of when hillary clinton i believe will be president and when she is president. still to come the first criminal charges to come out of the flint water crisis, but the attorney general says they're only the beginning. we'll look at that ahead. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic.
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check out that burst of yellow. that is cruz country. this is largely jewish with a huge orthodox population and you'll remember cruz made an awkward trip to a factory earlier this month. >> is this your first time baking? >> it is. >> that's a long way from a pork cookout in iowa. overall cruz got crushed in new
8:28 pm
york state coming in third place with 15% of the vote and losing in one new york district to ben carson who long ago dropped out of the race. it is now nearly if not completely impossible for cruz to secure the gop nomination before the convention something that we asked him about today. >> reporter: you called for john kasich to drop out when it became impossible for him to get the nomination. you're about at that point now. >> we'll bring you the rather creative answer ahead. every mom is a coach... an artist... sometimes even a zoologist. every mom is a working mom... and it's working moms everywhere who inspired us to work harder. so we made our banquet meals even better. with mashed potatoes now made with real cream and chicken strips with 100% natural chicken breast. so now, there's more to love with banquet.
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today three men faced the very first criminal charges in connection with the flint water crisis, two state employees and one city worker stand accused of covering up early evidence of lead contamination after the water supply was switched to save money poisoning flint's community. this afternoon michigan's attorney general announced the charges saying they are only the beginning. >> i've made it clear that our system of justice applies to everybody. it's not rigged. known as above the law, not on my watch. our investigation when it is completed will be thorough. it will be complete. it will be exhaustive. we will enforce the law. >> men are charged with felonies and misdemeanors.
8:33 pm
according to the complaint all three men did knowingly and intentionally remove, alter, destroy or tamper with evidence. the two state workers improperly manipulated the collection of water samples by directing the residents to pre-flush the taps. one of them is accused of authorizing the treatment plant. both state employees pleaded not guilty. the city employee hasn't been to court yet. the attorney general said more charges will be to wm. the governor reacted this afternoon to the charges. >> i've said that a handful of bur krats have created a terrible situation in flint from the beginning. if these accusations are correct, this would take it to a whole new level. one of the things we clearly want to pursue is the truth.
8:34 pm
the citizens of michigan deserve it, the citizens of flint deserve it. >> joining me is congressman from michigan. you're reaction to the announce of those charges today? >> i'm happy to see there will be a step toward justice. this is one step. just takes many forms and one of the things the governor needs to address is not just who are we going to hold accountable for what went wrong, but how are we going to make it right for the people of flint. charging these people with crimes might be appropriate and a judge and jury will determine whether that's the case, but real justice for the people of flint comes when the governor steps up and provides the resources to make it right, to fix the problem that he created in flint. that's the justice that has to come along with the individual justice that will come with these prosecutions. >> i want to talk a little bit about what your colleagues in congress are going in a moment, but first do you worry that these three individuals end up
8:35 pm
as sort of personal putting pressure on people which is not to say they are excused or did or did not do the things of which they're excused, but does it obscure the larger issue here. >> that's a really important point. the question we have to ask ourselves is who created the culture in state government that made the kind of behavior that we saw in these charges the norm. who made it okay to think about these environmental protections of being something that can be manipulated because they don't matter or the people of flint don't really matter. there's really only one individual responsible for creating that culture and that's the governor of michigan. so while he may not be charged, there's no way to escape the fact that the way the state government operated is very consistent with a philosophy of government that this governor brought to the state of michigan
8:36 pm
and he has the responsibility that are. >> there has been a fight in the senate particularly over funding for helping flint restore and repair its water supply. this is hillary clinton's statement today on the bipartisan bill that was passed this week. senate republicans have pushed through today's energy bill at the expense of the people of flint who are still waiting for clean water. without this desperately needed aid. that aid was taken out at the behest of the republicans. what are you going to do to make sure flint gets the resources it needs. >> we're going to continue to hold republicans responsible. it is interesting. we don't want this to be a partisan issue, but it happens that in the state government it's the republicans that are holding up aid to the city of flint. in the u.s. government it was republicans in the senate and house that are unwilling to take up the legislation that i have offered.
8:37 pm
my bill splits it 50/50 between the federal government and the state government. so people say we're trying to politicalize this, the last thing on my mind when it comes to the city of flint is politics. we need to get help to these people. they are american citizens and they deserve their state and federal government to step up for them. >> thank you for joining me tonight. up next the first woman to be featured on paper money. i will explain right after this. it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast.'s how well you mow fast!'s how well you mow fast. even if it doesn't catch on, doesn't mean it's not true. the john deere ztrak z535m with our reengineered deck to mow faster better. to find out more about the accel deep mower deck, go to
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8:41 pm
the questions has been on people's mind when it was announced plans were in the works for a women to object the legal tender. today we got confirmation of who it would be. harriet tubman. she was a slave that helped slaves escape to freedom. tubman will of course be replacing a dead white plan on the currency, but not the dead white man you might be thinking. the latest twist in 60 seconds. other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... and dragged through the mud. the 2016 gle. it's where brains meet brawn. lease the gle350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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went up the waterspout. down came the rain... ...and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement and now owns the sleep number bed. his sleep number setting is 25. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. harriet tubman represents what a person can do to change this county by the force of their own actions. for her whole life because it went from the underground rail road. >> she was one of the favorites to replace one of the men on american paper currency. the real surprise was who she'll be replacing. the original plan was for a
8:43 pm
woman to be part of the $10 bill, but the current occupants of that bill, a man by the name of alexander hamilton is having a cultural moment because of the broadway musical. there was a social media campaign advocating a woman be put on the $20 bill instead. there's more 20s in circulation and the face of that bill oversaw a barbaric campaign of ethnic cleansing leading to the forced migration of african-americans that is a shame on our nation to this day. this afternoon the secretary announced that the new $10 bill will keep hamilton on the front while the back keeps images of women. it will move him to the back and move her to the front. the design will be unveiled by 2020. truly remarkable to think that
8:44 pm
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gone apparently are the days of cheap kisses and hand holding in the u.s./saudi relationship. saudi arabia king died last year. a bit of a chill has descended. today president obama landed in saudi arabia and was greeted not by the king, but by a small delegation led by a lower ranking royal. while president obama did meet
8:47 pm
with the king today, there are some tensions between the two countries as a possible release looms of 28 secret pages from a report detailing a 2002 congressional inkwiry into the 9/11 attacks. it investigated a reported saudi lirng to the attack and was ordered sealed. the report concluded that the saudi government was not involved in 9/11, but this redacted section has fueled suspicions that they were involved. the saudis have made noises about rekrim nations back towards the u.s. should those pages be released or should this legislation pending that would allow the saudi government to be sued, how big an issue is this in the relationship between the two countries right now? >> what's happening here is it's quite clear because the domestic politics around saudi arabia are beginning to change and some of that is showing up in tension in the relationship.
8:48 pm
coming on the back of what's been a very difficult period in the relationship between saudi arabia and the united states with disagreements over syria and the iran nuclear deal, it's adding fuel to the fire, particularly to the emotional aspect of it. >> the folks who i talked to who are experts on the region say the gulf countries and the saudis thinks there's a strategic pivot towards iran, that they're being left behind. at the soim time in the first six years of the obama administration the united states entered into agreements to sell weapons to saudi arabia. sold weapons are being used to pummel yemen into submission. it seems to me whatever is going on at the surface, we are still very much strategically aligned with this country. >> i think that's absolutely right. there's a huge amount of emotion
8:49 pm
and time and energy that's being spent talking about how the united states has pivoted away from the middle east and in reality we have a tremendous amount of long-term interests in the region and a relationship with saudi arabia remains critical to that. so while we do have disagreements with them, the idea that we're pivoting away from the middle east is overstated and i think as we move to the next administration we're going to see an effort no matter who is president to try to like reestablish a little bit of the ground that was there before. >> now that's impossible for ted cruz to pick up enough delegates to win before the convention, will he drop out? probably not, only if he takes his own advise from two weeks ago after the break.
8:50 pm
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i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro. we don't have much of a race anymore based on what i'm seeing on television. senator cruz is just about matted matticly eliminated. >> donald trump got that right last night. ted cruz now needs to win 98% of the remaining delegates to win the nomination before the convention. cruz has been mathematically elame nated from clenching before the convention. a couple of weeks ago ted cruz weighed on what candidates should do. >> i think any candidate that doesn't have a path to winning,
8:54 pm
that's the time when you should suspend your campaign and at this point kasich has been mathematically eliminated. he needs more than 100% of the delegates to be the nominee. that's impossible. you can't get more than 100%. >> so earlier today nbc's hailly jackson asked cruz to campaign. >> you called for john kasich to drop out when it became impossible for him to get the nomination. you're at about that point now. >> kasich has no path to winning. he has no path to winning in cleveland. you cannot lose 31 states, win your home state and expect to be the nominee. the nominee will be me or donald trump. nobody's getting 1,237. donald knows that. >> joining me is the politics reporter at the daily beast and senior et tore at the insider. this incaps lates cruz's problem voters a' lerjic to the man, he
8:55 pm
golt des mated in new york and lost to ben carson in one precinct, aside from that, the other problem is he's got to basically make this kind of process argument for the next seven weeks. he's got to raise money and run a campaign that's based on this delegate acquisition as opposed to being the person winning more votes. that is hard to do. >> it's such an unpleasant situation. one no talking point from cruz that we're hearing is he's incorporating the phrase the delegates who people elected, he's trying to remind people when you vote for president, you're not voting for the president, you're voting for delegates. even though this process is confusing and nobody really understands it, this is how it works and it's totally fine, which is the least position ever. the other thing important is cruz is that he has some fundraising problems.
8:56 pm
he had a 94% burn rate in march. he's spending money as fast as he gets it and there's a point where that's not stainable so it's rough for him. >> this is the question for me. ted cruz getting on his last nerve trying to make a process argument. take a listen. >> the only people asking this question are the hard core donald trump supporters. >> why do you do this every single time. you got to stop. every time i have you on the air and i ask a legitimate question you try to throw this in my face and i'm getting sick of it. i've had you on more than any other candidate so if i ask you a question to explain, answer it. >> can i answer your question without being interrupted. >> go ahead. >> the question was why shouldn't the person with the most votes get the nomination which is a good question.
8:57 pm
>> it's a question that you don't have to be in the tank for donald trump to ask. we keep seeing this in the exit polls, who should get the nomination, the person that got the most votes or the person that the delegates decide they want to give the nomination to. that's the way most normal elections work. bill clinton got elected with 93% of the vote. >> no one said you don't have the magic number. >> so while ted cruz has to make this complex argument donald trump is going to make a simple argument which is i got more votes than anybody else and they're trying to steal the nomination from me and give it to somebody else. it's 14 weeks he has to this for. it's likely to prove untenable and i think it's going to become clear even if ted cruz succeeds in getting the in shall from donald trump, it's going to make so many trump supporters angry that it's going to make it untenable for ted cruz to think
8:58 pm
he has a shot of getting the election. >> there's a personal calculation for ted cruz which is do you want this thing that could be so toxic by the time up acquire it it poisons you and then the second question is do the never trump forces such as they are have the institutional and financial wherewithal to stay the course and keep with this for the next seven weeks particularly through a string of losses they might rack up next week. >> it's tough. i think one thing that probably is a mass overstatement is the effectiveness of #nevertrump. the reality is he's been slowed down in a few places, but if you dig into what the never trump movement has actually accomplished, they don't have a lot of deliverables. look at the spending going into new york, very little negative ads that were seriously damaging him. some of the brains behind never
8:59 pm
trump are the same folks who pushed for rick santorum in 2017. that's who trump is up against. it's going to take more than sort of social conservatives who are frustrated meeting up in back rooms and saying i don't like trump, i don't like trump either. >> do you agree with that. >> yeah. people put big money into politics to elect somebody so that somebody will be in office who owes them a favor. >> that's right. >> it makes it very hard to organize a campaign around not electing somebody. >> that's right. thanks for being with me tonight. the rachel maddow show starts right now. >> thanks to you at home for joining us this hour. we have a big show tonight. there's a lot going on today in
9:00 pm
the news and politics. as you probably know the first criminal charges were brought in the flint, michigan lead point poisoning disaster today we with va big report in tonight's show and an interview tonight with someone who one of the people charged today basically confessed to on camera and we've got that what amounts to a confession on tape and we've got that interview coming up. it's a remarkable thing to see. criminal charges and that story is ahead. also tonight we've got the top strategist for the bernie sanders for president campaign. hillary clinton of course won an unexpectedly victory last night in new york state. that has led to difficult discussions today on the democratic side as to whether or not bernie sanders is still really competing for the


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