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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 21, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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as little as zero dollars on co-pay. ask your doctor about pradaxa today. three candidates in three different states on this thursday morning. you're looking a live look right now, ted cruz holding an event not far from where i sit in frederick maryland and hillary clinton holding a gun violence roundtable in hartford and bernie sanders is in scranton, pennsylvania, at the cultural center all three of those events will be happening live this hour. good thursday to you, i'm craig melvin in from tamron hall. i'm coming to you from baltimore, maryland, we're at
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ceremony coffee roasters, one of the five states holding primaries next tuesday, it's the second biggest prize after pennsylvania. for the republicans, 38 delegates. the latest polls show donald trump and hillary clinton fresh off the landslide wins in new york with double digit leads. early voting in maryland ends today. meanwhile the city we're in still struggling to cope with the death and police custody of freddie gray. one year two days ago and violent protest that followed. it helped propel the black lives matter movement and now the retrial of one baltimore police officer and trials of five other officers charged in freddie gray's death are scheduled to start next month. we'll talk about that during this hour. but we start with politics. donald trump's calling for ted cruz and john kasich to get out. gop race after the associated press declared that they been
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mathematically eliminated from clinching the nomination before the convention. the republican front-runner appeared in an exclusive town hall on nbc's "today" show. >> we have two more left and they are really -- they have absolutely no path to victory. in fact it was announced this morning they have no path to victory. and we have a very easy path to victory. i think they'll be gone very soon. >> so trump was also asked about north carolina's controversial so-called bathroom law directing transgender people to use bathrooms matching the gender on their birth certificates and how he would be inclusive as president. >> leave it the way it is, with north carolina, with the business leaving and strife, that's on both sides, leave it the way it is. there have been few complaints the way it is. people use the bathroom they feel is appropriate. there has been so little trouble
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and the problem with what happened in north carolina is the strife and economic, the economic punishment they are taking -- >> do you have any transjendser people working in your organization? >> i really don't know. i probably do, i don't know. >> caitlyn generaler would walk in trump tower, you would be fine with her using any bathroom she chooses. >> that's correct. >> ted cruz about to hold that rally about 40 miles west of here in frederick, maryland. it comes a day after -- in july in cleveland. there you see him right there. ted cruz, we'll keep our eye on that event. the senator will head to indiana holding its primary on may 3rd. where the stop trump movement.
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john is itch and bernie sanders will be campaigning in pennsylvania. later this hour hillary clinton takes part in a roundtable in hartford connecticut, in a state where the sandy hook shooting happened. she'll talk about her proposals to crack down on gun violence. our nbc news correspondents fanned outstanding by to cover it all on this thursday. we start -- we start right now with jacob rascon, covering the trump campaign for us. he joins us live from indianapolis where the republican front-runner held that rally yesterday. we're learning about new developments in morning involving the trump campaign. what can you tell us about those? >> reporter: so, we're sort of been talking about trump 2.0 for a while now. now we're really expecting a different tone when it comes to victory speeches and the policy speech, first of which we've learned will happen next week on foreign policy. and as well we've learned he's
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hired a speechwriter and practicing with teleprompters, totally new. something important to realize about the tone of donald trump, in the rallies, wherever we go, even after a more presidential sounding victory speech, we always see him return to the same old trump. and we think it's on purpose he's been asked about this before. for example, why did he not say lyin' ted and not say senator cruz instead. he said i don't want to look like that and say that name with all of those people watching. on bigger stages when he's going to do a policy speech and at apec, he's going to sound different. we'll see more of that. the first policy speech next week and it will keep going. watch for that, craig. >> jacob rascon for us this morning in indianapolis, donald trump holding a rally there
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later today. let's turn now to kasie hunt. hollywood, florida, a stop trump movement, a meeting under way there. donald trump has made a habit of bashing and making friends with the rnc, gathered for the final time there in hollywood before the party's convention in july. we know that trump sent reps to the meeting and john kasich and ted cruz appeared there. what else can you tell us about these meetings and what's supposed to happen? >> reporter: good morning, these meetings right now, paul manafort and rick wiley, those top aides to the trump campaign tasked with trying to make sure he wins at this convention are behind closed doors with these critical members of the rnc. all delegates themselves bound in many cases by different sets of rules depending on which
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state they come from. but manafort and riley have the tough task of convincing these party members that trump is up to beating hillary clinton and that's -- the main concern for most people here is making sure republicans regain the presidential. of course, they've had questions all the way along whether or not trump would be capable of doing that. i talked to some members planning to attend these briefings and they have questions about that. whether or not the fact that he's late to the game on delegate process means he could get a campaign up and running that could beat hillary clinton. whether or not he would be capable of raising a billion to billion and a half dollars that it's going to take to run against her. that's where these members head' are. the question whether there's going to be an open convention and how to approach that. ted cruz and john kasich both here yesterday making the argument that there is absolutely going to be an open convention and then of course that each one is in the best place to take advantage of that.
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cruz calling kasich a spoiler, kasich getting a little angry about that saying he's not running to be anyone's vice presidential nominee. we're looking to see whether or not it's starting to feel as if trump is inevitable. there are people i talked to here who say this game is already over, it's clear that trump is going to win. on the flip side of that, craig, most i talked to have said the only chance trump has to actually be the nominee is to get to the 1237 on the first ballot at the convention. if he's not able to do that, all bets are off, craig. >> kasie, what are they saying about possible rules changes. >> reporter: there's a rules meeting later today. they are being careful about not wanting to make it seem as though they think the rules should be changed ahead of this convention. this group of people all they can do is recommend changes to the rules committee that will convene that week before the convention, that's very
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important. there's some discussion about the procedures on the floor and doesn't look like that's going to succeed. the key question, who is reince priebus going to put in charge. that person will have a lot of say over how this plays out, craig. >> kasie hunt, thank you. ted cruz holding an event right now. not too far from where i'm sitting in frederick, maryland, at the weinberg center for the arts. >> keeps government from getting in between us and our doctors. we're going to present a simple flat tax. >> this week was tax day. in a couple of years, every one
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of us will fill out our taxes on a postcard. and when we do that, we should abolish the irs. we're going to reign in the epa. and the federal regulators who have dexrended like locusts on farmers and ranchers and small businesses killing jobs all across this country. and we're going to stop amnesty and secure the borders and end sanctuary cities and end welfare benefits for those here illegally.
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let me tell you what's going to happen when we do all of that. we're going to see millions and millions of new high paying jobs coming back to america. we're going to see manufacturing jobs coming back to america, coming back from china, coming back from mexico. we're going to see wages rising again for working men and women and see young people coming out of school filled with hopes and filled with dreams and with two, three, four, five job offers. we'll see morning in america again. the second critical issue in this election is freedom.
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just a few weeks ago -- >> ted cruz there in frederick, maryland. nbc's hallie jackson is also in frederick maryland at that ted cruz event. she joins me live now from inside. what's the scene like there. >> reporter: hey, there, craig, i'm talking in a little bit of a golf whisper, we're in the balcony here as ted cruz is speaking on stage. this is one of the areas where he's campaigning today in frederick, maryland. it's a full house. downstairs is packed and people started to fill in the balcony as well. cruz' message today is focused not just on the race coming up but the comments donald trump made in that town hall. cruz is taking aim at trump and he went on glenn beck radio a few minutes ago talking about how he believes that's a position that he wouldn't take
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essentially. he's arguing donald trump is bowing to political correctness on this. watch for cruz to underscore his position that he believes he's the only true conservative in this race and likely use this as an attack line against trump moving forward as he tries to draw contrast with the front-runner. after this event in maryland, cruz will head to indiana. he has a retail shop and shaking hands at a restaurant. then he has a republican dinner tonight and is set to meet with governor pence of that state. lots to watch for today on the campaign trail and back to you. >> hallie jackson in frederick, maryland, thank you. join eed now by katrina pearson. always appreciate your time. thanks for being with me. >> thank you. >> let's start with mr. trump's appearance this morning on "today." i want to play a piece of sound from the town hall.
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this is where he talked about transgender people, using quote, the bathroom that they feel is appropriate. here's what he said. >> there's a big move to create new bathrooms, problem with that is for transgender, first of all i think that would be discriminatory in a certain way but it would be unbelievably expensive for businesses and the country. leave it the way it is. >> let's talk about abortion, another potent social issue. the republican platform every four years has a provision that states that the right of the unborn child should not be infringed and makes know exceptions for rape or incest or life of the mother. would you want to change the republican platform to include the exceptions that you have? >> yes, i would. absolutely. for the three exceptions i would. >> katrina, those two positions right there on transgender
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bathroom use and abortion, you've got a number of folks, ted cruz who we just saw who have always said that donald trump isn't a true conservative. are we concerned these turn off more conservative voters? >> no, mr. trump's positions haven't changed. he has always said he's pro-life with exceptions. why wouldn't he want the platform to reflect the same thing. nothing has changed there. his position on the bathrooms, if you listen to the entire discussion was simply about economics. when he talked about what was actually happening in the state and how they were being punished economically and businesses and people were suffering, really nothing has changed here. this is a talking point for someone like ted cruz now slipping into third place in fay lot of these upcoming states. >> we should note mr. trump has acknowledged changing his position on abortion, he said 15 years ago on "meet the press" he was pro-choice. >> not as a candidate and not
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recently. that's my point here. >> another issue that came up during the town hall, tax reform. here's what he said. >> there are some people out there not good people. for most part i have to say wall street people, they are aggressive, they are tough and smart and they bring a lot of money and a lot of jobs into this country. >> do you believe in raising taxes on the wealthy? >> i do. including myself. i do. >> all right, so here's the thing, katrina and i've got a copy of trump's tax plan, it actually appears to cut taxes for the wealthy and calls for a cut in the top income tax rate from 39.6 to 25%. lowest level since 1939 and calls for cutting corporate tax rate to 15%, offering a special tax rate of 15% to business owners. that's less than half what they
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pay -- may pay under today's rules and abolish state tax entirely. how exactly does that square with his belief in raising taxes on the wealthy? >> you can go back to several of his speeches when he talks about hedge funds specifically. if you're just talking about income business income, that's different. what mr. trump is talking about, the super wealthy and super rich what some call the 1%, their income comes from other places. when you look at these hedge fund managers, supporting ted cruz and hillary clinton and not trump, that's what he's talking about. we're not talking about who just built a business and been successful. we're talking alternative incomes here. >> that again, just doesn't square with the plan outlined on the website. when asked about the controversial comments he's made in the past about muslims and immigrants and women. this is what he said this morning. >> look, i did some things and i've said some things in fun. said it as an entertainer doing
8:18 am
the apprentice and i just saw steve said they wanteded tory new me for two years and didn't do it because of this. there's nobody that respects women more than i do. there's nobody that will take care of women's health issues better than i will. hillary cannot do it. she doesn't have the strength or energy. she will not be able to do it. >> okay, katrina, again, that's something that we've heard a number of times that he would be great for women specifically what would he do for women, are we talking equal pay here and paid parental leave? what are we talking about specifically? how is he going to be so great for women? >> he's talking about his policies, this isn't just a one issue type of thing when it comes to women. we're talking about the economy. whether or not you're bringing back jobs or securing the border or building wall which naturally will increase wages as i will legal immigration tends to
8:19 am
depress wages. whether it's getting health care back on track, he was the one being criticized for appreciating what planned parenthood was doing with regard to cervical cancer screenings without abortions, he wasn't closed minded to these issues and why he won women in new york overwhelmingly and women in pennsylvania today. >> name one policy that will benefit women specifically? >> trade policy. we're talking about immigration policy. all of these issues affect women. women are not single issue voters and i think this is the point the media misses all the time. women want jobs and want children to have a good education and be able to find jobs and husbands to be able to find jobs. it's not just a one issue talking point for women. this is really going to hurt. you have hillary clinton who's been saying the exact same thing for 40 years. her husband served two terms as
8:20 am
president. the democrats have been in control for the last two cycles and in the very first term of president obama, democrats were in control of everything. if she's still complaining about things that haven't been fixed for the last 40 years, that's a bigger problem. mr. trump isn't interested about talking about the problems. he's talking about resolving those problems and those problems begin with the bigger issues of immigration, trade and taxes. >> katrina pierson for the trump campaign, thank you so much. >> great to be here, thanks, craig. >> the possibility of the first contested convention in 40 years throwing the gop into chaos. coming up, i'll talk to shawn spicer, the republican spokes person, we'll find out how the party thinks this is all going to play out over the summer.
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let me ask, have we gone stark raving nuts? this is the political correctness. this is basic common sense. let me ask you, are there any parents of daughters here? i'm the father of two little girls. here is basic common sense. grown adult men strangers, should not be alone in a bathroom with little girls. >> that was ted cruz a few moments ago in frederick, maryland, talking about the transgender bathroom law.
8:25 am
results could play a big role in whether the republican convention this summer becomes contested. that's a major issue looming over the rnc spring gathering in florida as we reported in a few how's, the standing rules committee set to meet. they are going to be facing tough questions over what would play out if no candidate reaches 1237. it's an issue that triggered an internal debate over proposed changes to the rules. i'm joined now by the rnc chief strategist. sean spicer. always good to see you. i do want to start with what we're seeing play out in maryland now this morning with donald trump and town hall blowing up on social media as well. who's right on the transgender bathroom issue, cruz or trump? >> i'm sorry, craig, what was that? >> on the transgender bathroom issue, the back and forth between cruz and trump, who's
8:26 am
right? >> i'm not going to go there. each candidate will articulate what they want we have enough going down here at the rnc spring meeting. >> the chairman has come under fire for his objection to any rules changes. it's been widely reported in a letter obtained by the associated press, rules committees of the chairman, bruce ash, accused priebus of a breach of trust for trying to stop one proposed rule change. why is the chairman against the proposed rule change and what rule are we talking about here specifically? >> there's a lot of confuse what's happening. generally speaking, before a convention, the rnc rules committee, a separate body, makes recommendations to the convention about rules that need to be changed or they suggest to be changed. the convention rules committee which is 112 individuals, one
8:27 am
man, one woman for every state sean territory look at those recommendations and pass new rules for the regular party for the succeeding four years. this year with all of the scrutiny going around, the chairman's position is that the rnc shouldn't make any recommendations ats all and should leave all decisions to the elected delegates who have been chosen by the grass roots republican voters from coast to coast. >> why is that? >> well, because i think there's a lot of confusion and scrutiny. with everybody trying to figure out is that recommendation hurt or hinder one particular candidate, the chairman's view is that the less we do, the more transparent we are, the more that people see that all of these decisions are being left entirely into the hands of the delegates who are elected by our grass roots voter, that's better for the system and allows people to see what's happening and
8:28 am
doesn't make people believe that something is occurring behind closed doors or smoke filled rooms. trans parentscy is best, allow the democratic system to work its will. >> let's talk about another issue that the party seems to be facing. folks not showing up in cleveland, john mccain, one time presidential nominee has added his name to the list of folks who will not be at the convention. telling the hill, quote, i have to campaign for re-election and i have always done that when i'm up. we have a late primary in arizona. he did attends conventions in 2004 race as well. kelly ayotte and rob portman, who represents ohio, how bad does it look for the party that you have so many senators worried about even attending the convention? >> well, as you said, every one of those senators is up for re-election and focusing on
8:29 am
their race. it makes a lot of sense. i know people want to make a big story out of it -- >> sean -- >> craig, no, i managed a race in 1996, freshman congressman, he didn't attend the san diego convention. that happens. people who have tough races are smart to concentrate on their races. the bottom line is, the demand signal to get a room in cleveland and space in cleveland is off the chart. every one -- whether it's the media or delegates or guests or outside interest, the number of people that want to come to cleveland to be part of the convention is unbelievably phenomenal. that's the facts. >> it's unreal. >> unless you're a senator who's in a tight race apparently. >> sure. but why if you're in a tight race, why would you spend a week in cleveland when you can be back home trying to get re-elected? it happens. i would suspect if you ask members of the democratic party
8:30 am
who are in tight races whether they are going to hang out in philadelphia, they'll give you the same answer. >> sean, we've heard donald trump continue to talk about how rigged this entire process is if he does get the nomination, how do you work with him? how do you go to the prom with a guy who's called you ugly all year? >> well, we're going to be the professional group that we've always been. we're focus ug on building an amazing ground game. this is our job. we've said it all along. when the voters choose a nominee, we'll march behind them and propel them to victory in november. i understand a lot of words get thrown around during primary season. sometimes they are not as constructive as they can be. but all three of those campaigns for what it's worth are down here during our meeting talking to rnc members and talking to supporters and activists, why they would be the best nominee
8:31 am
for our party. i hear a lot of rhetoric on the campaign trail but the reality is, each one of them understand what a great rnc we have. the successes that we have and resources and staff and equipment that we offer. those candidates, we're the only entity focused on the general election and have the tools to beat hillary clinton in november. >> sean spicer, forgiving and for getting not just the spokesperson for the rnc, the chief diplomat as well. always good to see you, my friend, thanks for being with me. >> thank you, craig. >> let's get to the democrats now in maryland, where hillary clinton is expected to do very well. she's beating sanders by more than 20 points. clinton in hartford connecticut meeting with family members, victims of gun violence, including families of the sandy hook shooting. that event expected to begin any moment now. this as a new analysis from nbc news projects that clinton could reach the magic number of
8:32 am
delegates needed to clinch the nomination as early as may 17th. the latest she could reach it after california and new jersey, june 7th. kristen welker is with the clinton campaign in hartford, connecticut. kristen, the scene there in hartford, we understand in addition to this rally, she's also going to be spending some time talking with family members as well. >> reporter: that's right, this is an issue that resonates in the state of connecticut, particularly in the wake of the sandy hook tragedy. secretary clinton out with a really moving new ad that features the daughter of a sandy hook victim. erika will be here at this round table later on today. this is an issue that allows secretary clinton to argue that she is actually stronger when it comes to taking on the gun lobby. she's been slamming senator
8:33 am
san sanders for opposing legislation that would allow to sue gun manufacturers. this is an issue they have gone back and forth about quite a bit on debate stage. it's one of the few points where she can say she's further to the left than senator sanders. the fact that she is making such an aggressive play here in connecticut, underscores that the clinton campaign not leaving any stone unturned. you just mapped out the broader picture. the fact that secretary clinton could clinch this nomination by the middle of may but the sanders campaign arguing they still have a path, look, in order for them to still have a path, he has to win states like connecticut and states like connecticut by huge margins. and what we're effectively seeing in secretary clinton being here today, she's trying to stop him on his turf. he's of course from neighboring vermont. this is arguably a state where he should be able to do well, where his message should resonate. the clinton campaign trying to have an all out run the ground
8:34 am
game, if you will next week and blow him out in these states. so that they can essentially blunt any momentum that he might gain next tuesday, which would make it a lot tougher for him to stay in this race, craig. >> kristen welker, thank you. let's turn now to bernie sandsers the vermont senator returning to the campaign trail after taking a rare day off yesterday following that tough primary loss in new york. chris jansing is in scranton, pennsylvania, where sandsers will be holding the first of three rallies in the next half hour. we see another packed convention hall behind you. >> about 1800 people, a lot of them college students. there are a number of colleges here in scranton. the point that kristen welker is making, this is a campaign that believes it still does have a path forward. it's not an easy path by any stretch of the imagination. they talk about these superdelegates and people who
8:35 am
have pledged themselves to hillary clinton, who they think with momentum they can turn, how do they get momentum? one place is here in pennsylvania where they think that working class voters are going to have his message resonate. but she's up by double digits. in addition to that they point to the fact yet again last month, he outraced hillary clinton not by a little, pretty significantly. and he's been closing on her in the national polls. so they aren't giving up. they said there's zero chance that he's going to drop out. there was a little bit of a back and forth by one of the prominent hillary clinton surrogates. david plouffe, who tweeted yesterday it is a fraud to state that you have a path to the nomination in raising money by having a path to the nomination. so i called jeff weaver, who is the head of the sanders campaign and said it shows you how hollow how the clintons are when they
8:36 am
want to talk about unity. they are using surrogates using a machete. it doesn't sound like a lot of love lost there. one of the things we'll be listening for here is whether or not there is a change in tone from senator sanders as that path to the nomination gets so difficult for him. there have been calls by a lot of democrats, particularly obviously, clinton supporters who say he needs to back down on the direct hits he's been taking at her. we'll see what we have here and whether or not he goes right for hillary clinton or whether or not it's a little more subdued stump speech, craig. >> chris jansing, in scranton, pennsylvania, bernie sanders set to hold a town hall in 20 minutes or so. coming up a look at grass roots efforts to change the streets of baltimore for the better and how this year's political season is playing into all of it.
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the church has often play a
8:40 am
major role in bringing the black community together. in the era of black lives matter movement, the relationship between activism and so-called establishment, that relationship is changing a bit. i sat down with the old and new guard and we talked about a host of things, a 76-year-old woman named harriet latdson and davon lee. we talked presidential politics and faith and grass roots efforts. here's what they told me. >> we got a lot of men that are in programs that are -- my main thing is out on the street. we need to pull those gentlemen in, put them to work, pull up their pants, make them active and do the job. we keep talking about them out on the street doing nothing. but we are not trying to train them to do something. we do a lot of talk and no
8:41 am
action. we go on the corners where our young men are and we do not even want to speak to them. >> here's the other thing that doesn't get talked about a lot. there is an industry an exploiting our suffering. right? there's an industry around people making money doing programs and usually folks who come in and think they can save us and fix our problems and it's really important for us, we have the capacity to fix the problems in our city. this needs to be the right resources invested in the right places and needs to be folks that highlight the work happening and scaling that work up. there's all of this conversation we need new ways to do certain things and certainly there need to be some things. when people say we need new ways to do things, they are saying it out of ignorance that's happening and what has already worked. there sneeds to be an investment in that and the scale that up, instead of folks outside of our
8:42 am
communities coming in with these new ideas that are more beneficial to them than it is to the communities that actually doing the work. >> what role should the church play? >> we need to as a congregation, come together and mentor -- not that we don't mentor, more mentor the young women, to teach them certain things not only about god and the bible, but we need to teach them the natural and what i mean about that is how to dress, how to present themselves, and how to be a young lady. the other part is the young men in the churches, we need to teach them how to respect the women, the young women and not to use them. >> is there a candidate that's running that gives you more hope for the future than others? >> i believe in miss hillary
8:43 am
clinton. mr. trump, okay, i do not respect him but i hear what he says. >> really? >> because a lot of things that he has already said the public out there have said the same thing. he is totally speaking of what a lot of i'll say us have said i don't believe it -- >> like what? >> say, for instance, talking about integration, we talk about integration all the time. you see, we as a black community, we have been so download in all a lot of years and to talk about what we cannot do and what we can do, that's
8:44 am
disrespectful to me. and to other countries. >> national politics is something that distracts a lot of folks from what's going on locally. i think sometimes there's too much emphasis placed on the national elections, a lot of these institutions, talking about the democratic party or republican party, a lot of institutions serve as intermediaries between where the resources and people are. there's an exploitation of where the people are, where black folks in many ways are told to be dependent on the democratic party establishment without any actual power to make decisions or where resources go. and unfortunately, many of us have just accepted that. but i think what's happening in baltimore, there's a shift. we understand the goal isn't ininclusion, what's necessary is to build independent black led
8:45 am
political socioeconomic apparatus that we can project our own interest. >> own time you see a lot of politicians and pastors when there are cameras around. >> exactly. >> why is that? why don't groups like yours hold them ktdable? >> we've been criticizing a lot of our elected officials, starting from the mayor. part of the reason why we haven't endorsed any of the mayoral candidates, one is many of them are supported by infrastructure that's outside of our community. all they need to do is look like they care and some of the people in our community buy it. and so that's all they need. the other piece though. >> because there isn't a black led infrastructure to be pro active about issues, politicians are just responding to disasters. they are not part of me proactive measures to build community unless there's other folks inside our community that want to plan something. part of it is changing the
8:46 am
culture around that and saying that, you know, if people want to invest in baltimore or invest in elected officials, you need to invest in a infrastructure that is independent and doesn't have to take its cues from the greater baltimore committee or whatever developer or whatever. it needs to come from inside the community. that's why elected officials behave that way and it works for them. that's the thing. it's not an accident. it's not like the failing to do something that they should otherwise do. they are doing what makes sense for them as individuals. you know what i mean, not co-aligned with the community. there's more people starting to realize that is the case but it's going to take again being proactive instead of being reactsive to address it. >> 28-year-old davon love who has become the face of activism, if you will, so to speak here in baltimore. and his new friend, 76-year-old harriet who has been living in
8:47 am
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right now a live look at two events we're right now a live look at two e events we are looking here. hillary clinton is expected to take the stage any in a moment on the right side of your screen in scranton, pennsylvania where bernie sanders is expected to take to the podium any moments now. the first three events today is still ahead here on msnbc. we caught up with the ice cream duo, ben and jerry's of the special flavor they created. they talked to thomas roberts. >> it is a good thing you are working with your doctors.
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democratic presidential front runner, hillary clinton has taken the stage in hartford connecticut, holding a
8:54 am
"roundtable" there. let's listen in. >> the importance of those results is because of the people on the stage so we don't have to continue to add seats. that's why i am here today. so it is my absolute honor to introduce to you the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. [ cheers ] >> thank you, thank you all so much. thank you. wow, well, i am really honored to be here. back at hartford, i am so grateful to each of these panel lists and so many in the audience who like me are determined that we will do whatever we can to save lives in america. on average 90 people a day die
8:55 am
from gun violence, that's 33,000 people a year, a year. if anything else, we are killing 33,000 americans a year. you can bet we would be fully mobilized doing everything we possibly could to save lives. i am really proud that your leaders here in connecticut have shown the way and i want to thank governor dan malloy who's here and lieutenant governor, nancy weidman is here and your young mayor who's a friend of my daughter's which of course makes that even better for me with his daughter who is here. thank you, mayor and thank you to everyone i want to also call out reverend henry brown for his leadership as well.
8:56 am
[ applause ] i know how hard it was to do what connecticut's governor and legislature did after sandy hook. so i am not here to make promises i cannot keep. i am here to tell you i will use every single minute of everyday if i am so fortunate enough to be your president looking for ways that we can save lives and change the jugun culture. it is just so easy for people to reach a gun to solve their problems. it makes no sense. we could do this consistent with the second amendment. we could do this with the support of responsible gun owners. that's exactly what we'll do. and, i want you to know --
8:57 am
[ applause ] >> that i know i don't have all the answers. you will hear from the panelists today both about their personal experiences and about what they are doing to organize in their communities and across the nation. to come up with common sense gun safety reforms. i am advocating for comprehensive background checks, closiing every one of the loophole and the online hoop hole, under the gun laws, your entitled to get the gun you want to buy after three days whether or not the background check is completed. the reason is called the charleston's loophole is the young killer in charleston went to get that gun and came back three days later and the background check was not completed but under the law, the seller had no choice but to sell
8:58 am
the gun. 24 hours later, they learned he never should have been able to buy the gun because of his record. he took that gun and he went to that church in charleston during a bible study and he was invited in and ended up murdering nine people. i was in philadelphia yesterday. there were twelve shootings just over the weekend, four deaths, a police officer shot and injured, and a four years old girl killed when her father was playing with his loaded gun. because in that 33,000 deaths every year, there are homicides to be sure and there are suicides. and there are tragic avoidable accidents. too many of them including children who find that loaded gun.
8:59 am
so, it is with incredible gratitude to the people you are about to hear from. that i ask you to please join us in this effort. i am raising it everywhere i go because we need a national movement. the gun law lobby is the most powerful lobby in washington, you can talk about wall street, drug companies and insurance companies and big oil -- they're all powerful, don't get me wrong. nobody is more powerful than the gun lobby. they have figured out how to intimidate elected officials at all levels who basically stop thinking about this problem because they are too scared to stand up to the nra. that's why what happens here in connecticut needs to be a model. to stand up and fight what you
9:00 am
have done politically and convince the majority of the people to stay with you. that's what we have to do in washington and nationally, we have to turn this into a voting issue. so we are now going to hear from the panelists and i have asked each of them to talk about their personal stories but also to share their ideas of what could be done. we have a good diverse panel and if we have time, i would love to hear from the people in the audience, too. erika. >> my name is erika. >> good day to you, i am peter alexander in new york. you can see we have been watching hillary clinton, she's in hartford, connecticut, she's been speaking with grun control with the families of sandy hook shootings. clinton has been emphasizing her views on gun safety legislation


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