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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  April 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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we talk about the hbo film confirmati confirmation. until monday, for moark and me. >> hardball with chris matthews. donald trump, is what we see, what we get? let's play "hardball." >> good evening. i'm chris matthews. donald trump's message to the republican party, let's get together. his advisors are signaling that trump is moving to a new phase and he's ready to start playing a new part. the campaign released this new ad in pennsylvania. >> we'll cut taxes for the middle class, negotiate new trade deal, bring back job, save
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social security, end illegal immigration, build the wall, strengthen our military, knock out isis and take care of our great veterans. we're going to make america great again. >> not everyone is willing to accept the new trump. kati packer, a former advisor who heads the main stop trump effort wrote it's not too late. as republican leaders it's critical that you do everything in your power to prevent donald trump from being our party's standard bearer. the only problem is her side is in retreat. trump's message has put party leaders on the defensive. perhaps most important there doesn't seem to be an alternative to the front-runner. robert costa and msnbc political analyst is the chairman of the american conservative union and joy reid is an msnbc
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correspondent. let's start with robert costa. is this a fair assessment looking to stop trump, trump swept it this tuesday and now you don't seem to hear much about the stop trump movement. >> chris, i'm here in hollywood, florida just across the street. having meetings all day yesterday and today with members of the republican national committee trying to get their pulse of what's happening with the party. there's a sense among many of them and acceptance fees that trump will be the nominee and willing to accept there's some resistance. what we're seeing in florida at the rnc is a fall in the relations. >> who's changed. have they changed or is trump changed? >> trump's changed. he hasn't done sunday shows in a couple of weeks. he's got paul manafort assuring the party elite he will be a different kind of candidate.
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the party members are changing as well. there's a sense that cruz has to win indiana in early may. his campaign needs to find fire or else it will probably be trump. that's the acceptance part of this whole scene. >> donald trump's top aid met with members of the committee. he said the trump you see on the campaign trail is different than the trump you see is different than the one you see in party. the calls the public trump the party's being playing. he promised that trump was evolving. that's his words. let's listen. >> trump's negatives are negatives that deal with his personality. people don't know what to make of him. some of the ways he's presented
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issue. as opinion pamanager, fixing character negatives you can't change. he's talking business and he's talking politics it's a different persona. he's talking about the kind of thing he's talking about, he's projecting it. that's for that purpose. the party is e vovlinvolving. negatives will come down. the image will change. >> let me ask you about it. i want to get to joy with the same question. say we all understand. a decision by a paul manafort on behalf of his client, not to do the sunday shows. explain why they would make a decision. they like to do as many of the shows on sunday morning. why would he decide as a strategy right now, no more sunday morning? >> i think in the trump campaign
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they understand the concept of over exposure. he had a rough match. you can see the trump campaign and trump himself decided to go a little bit more muted. muted for him. i think it's working. >> i have a more concern. joy, do you have my answer? it's my answer i'm looking for. why not do the sunday morning shows which your free to do. why would he say i'm going to give up that because i fear something? >> because i think that paul manafort, they are attempting to create the impression that there is this more presidential, different, manageable donald trump out there. they don't want to allow the actual donald trump who is a showman to manifest that he's still the same guy. i think this is paul manafort and the professional side of the trump campaign attempting to give a false impression.
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that there's this urbane presidential donald trump that they will with hold from you until just the right time. >> i think it's discipline. i think they want to keep him on the issue he's strong. i would say talk building, jobs, economic, trade. those are your babies. social issues you're not strong on. don't get into foreign policy. >> r >> they really realize he's the front-runner. one little mistake can get this derailed. i think it's a typical thing to play it a little more safe. that's what you do when you have a little less exposure. >> why would you think? here's a guy that was able to call in three or four sunday shows and get all the ink that comes of that, and now he
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doesn't want it. >> my colleagues and i sat down with paul manafort yesterday and said what is this tempo. he said watch this coming wednesday. trump will give a big foreign policy speech. he said that's the trump to come. whatever they need to do, tv appearances, they'll do it. they think they need to repair their relationships with the party but also underscores policy positions with some of these big showcases. >> well, trump told sean hannity it's time pr the republican party to unite. he can envision a role for his team for some of his former opponents. let's look at this little seduction going on here. let's watch. >> frankly, marco, i'd love to have involved. honestly, many of them almost, all of them, i'm not saying all of them but almost all of them. the party has to unite. this party will have a huge
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victo victory. then you'll have the house and the senate. if i'm running, i'm going to win michigan. i have a chance at winning new york. that's a tough one. as i told you, republicans don't even campaign in new york. >> it's interesting, joy. first of all, he picked up dr. carson. that was an early pick up into his team and then chris christie who may be running from vp. he's looking for shotgun to do after this term. little marco now. little marco. i'll have a big role for little marco. it's so kind he's bringing him into his nest. it's unbelievable. >> he's gone from ridicule to seduction. you watch the management of the trump 2.0. he still gets back on it. he can't help himself. when the campaign understood that she doesn't have the depth to really go it on her own.
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we need to bring her in, manage her and create sort of a shadow sarah palin for the public to consume so you could feel she was more prepared than she is. >> yesterday, manafort said that trump is ready to work with the party. >> we're here to let them know we will run a traditional campaign with them. we're the nominee of the republican party. it's going to be a trump brand of the party. we are republicans. we're running as team. >> that would be quite a shift. let's watch them there. >> the system is a bad, bad system. they got to do something about it. the republican national
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committee better get going. you're going to have a rough july at that convention. these are dirty tricksters. this is a dirty trick. the rnc, the republican national committee they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen. >> is that style or substance? >> i think that's just real trump. i think that's ha he thinks about when he sees this what happens in colorado. i think he likes to have the big primaries. he doesn't like caucuses and these conventions. it doesn't play to his strength. at the same time the campaign is smart enough to realize we have to charm delegates nape will play a huge role. his campaign team was down in florida. they met with all three. they've had very good meetings and feel confident that they are
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on the right path. >> you've interviewed him. you know. you've been in a room with no cameras when he's just commune indicating to you. there there is a different trump. he can speak calmly without any hype. you know that guy exists. you've interviewed him with times without the noise and craziness. is that the real trump? >> his speaking style is the same in private. his demeanor is more low key. he's an entertainer in part when he's on the stage. that's what the manafort message was. he can be serious. we're going to try to normalize him for the republican party for those who have been skiddish about him for months. >> hillary clinton is different
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in person. it's more like an exchange. i do think he's a showman. how that's for daring statement. >> the big buzz down here this florida, vice presidential speculation. cruz, kasich are starting to privately vet some possible candidates. picking a vp, going to the convention even if they don't have the delegates and try to get the campaign some momentum. it's an interesting dynamic. >> who's on the list? >> you got a will the of conservatives but kasich, rouub, you're trying to pull some people from the center.
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>> what about trump? >> trump, we asked manafort, he said he's not starting the vp speculation. he said he wants an insider. someone who can help him out. >> thank you. coming up, did joe biden just give bernie sanders reason to keep up his attacks against hillary clinton? figuring out biden is fascinating. he says democrats don't win when they don't think big. that's oxygen for bernie. fueling a fresh round of attacks. what's biden up to? what sanders hoping to gain from biden's support at this point. plus major expansion of voting rights in a state that may decide the presidential election. virgin virginia, its governor is coming here. the republican partying in its
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grudging acceptance phase of donald trump. which donald trump are they accepting? after all his top campaign guy says trump has been playing part. let me finish with i've just been accorded from the aisle of saints and scholarscholars. this is hardball, the place for politics.
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when i talk about the differences between secretary clinton and myself, one of the major differences is precisely how we raise money for our campaigns. secretary clinton has chosen to raise her money a different way with several super pacs. in addition to that, as you know, secretary clinton has given speeches on wall street for $225,000 a speech. not a bad day's work. i think a speech of that extraordinary magnitude should be shared with the american people. >> welcome back to "hardball". that was bernie sanders continuing his assault on hillary clinton. the democrats take their fight to pennsylvania,
4:19 pm
backing off his attacks. biden has given sanders more oxygen to attack clinton. he hit back saying i like the idea of we can do so much more. we ought to really downsize here because it's not realistic. come on, man. this is biden. this is the democrat party. i'm not part of the party that says we can't do it. last night senator sanders took full advantage of the vice president's kma president's comment. he said this. >> i think the vice president is right. that is what this campaign is about. that's right. it is about having the courage to face the reality of american life today. understand that reality is not
4:20 pm
always a pleasant reality wu have the courage to take on the special interests who are preventing us from going forward. >> the new york time's john harwood says he remains neutral in the battle between per knee sanders and hillary clinton but not between their campaign styles. jeff weaver is the campaign manager for bernie sanders. he's here with me. the former major of philadelphia is backing hillary clinton. this should be a heavy weight battle. what do you make of the fact that not only is bernie sanders sticking in this race, not especially a bad policy there. he's sticking the knife in her. he's going after character. he's saying she took the money. he's mocking her saying it must be pretty good speech, 20 minutes for a quarter million. that's more than my wife and i made in a whole year.
4:21 pm
i think that's brilliantly negative. i think it has a lasting effect going into november. >> i do. i think it will make it much for difficult for bernie sanders to endorse secretary clinton after the convention in a credible way. the republicans put some of the stuff up on the air and it will attack senator sanders credibility. i think bernie sanders has every right to compete. we've got five primaries on tuesday including pennsylvania, maryland and connecticut. three fairly large states. i think the senator will look at the results on tuesday night and wednesday morning and says what he wants to keep doing. my hope is and i believe that secretary clinton will win all three states. my hope is bernie sanders will say i'm going to continue because i owe it to the people working their hearts out for me in california to be on the ballot. i owe it to my supporters to get nominated at the convention. i'm going to stop the personal attacks and talk about things i want to do for this country and
4:22 pm
change its tone. i hope that's what happens. >> jeff, will that happen? >> it's not a personal attack at all. the fact the secretary took the speeches and refuses to divulge what was said and they have business, i think she should tell us what's in the speeches. >> well, your candidate, senator sanders ever endorse her if she doesn't release them or is that a condition? >> he's always said he will endorse it. it's damaging to her not only in the primary but the general election. why won't she release what's in the speeches? >> what does it say about her? what does it say about her politically? >> it's character issues. >> she should release what's in the speeches. this will put it to rest. >> you suggest she's honest in dealing with it. it's a question of not telling
4:23 pm
what's in the speeches. >> i guess we disagree. >> you don't think it's lack of transparency? >> i think it's all of those things. i think she has a problem taking the money. something does blow people's minds when she makes more in 20 minutes than the sanders family make in a year. i think that does bother people. our april nbc wall street journal poll said this, it's striking. 56% of both the clinton and trump people, their voters today identified are supporting their candidates mainly because they do not want the other to be president. in other words, they are voting against someone, not for someone. governor, isn't this going to feed that. the fact that you have republicans out there not enamored of donald trump. >> sure it is. there's no doubt about that.
4:24 pm
the question is has it affected a decision she's made. dana bash asked senator sanders to name one decision affected by her taking this money and senator sanders couldn't. not because he didn't know of any, because there are none. that's the truth. yes, these attacks will continue to make it more difficult. it will feed the beast. it's going to make it more difficult for a democratic candidate who is for the same time of supreme court as bernie sanders is who's forgetting rid of income inequality as bernie sanders is and universal health care. a different mode to get there. all the things that bernie sanders believe in, he's jeopardizing by continuing to attack the person that will be nominee. >> respond to that. >> hillary clinton doesn't support what bernie sanders supports. >> what would deal did she strike to take that money? >> let me rely -- >> what did she do for it?
4:25 pm
>> let he rely on elizabeth warren. let's start there. >> was that related? are you saying her speaking for goldman sachs? can you think of, you must do research, did you ever come across where it looked like hillary clinton responded favorably to something she wouldn't have done because of the money she took for a speech? >> that's not how it works. you work in washington. hillary clinton said when people give me money, i promise them hearing. i don't know if it comes out on their side. >> she doesn't say that about speaking fees. stop moving the question around. >> that's the same people. >> your candidate keeps doing it. what does he mean when he says hillary is taking money from goldman sachs? why does he keep doing it?
4:26 pm
>> let's see what's in speeches. >> you don't know? >> no one knows. >> guilty until proven innocent is what you're saying? >> no. >> that's what you're saying. hillary clinton has to clear herself. >> what other speeches was 20 minutes long. she made more than a minute than a minimum wage worker makes in a year. >> how does that basic public policy? >> people have access to you. >> you're saying she opens her door to goldman sachs for meetings because she gives a speech to them. >> i think when you're cozy you get meetings that you wouldn't. >> how is she cozy? she made a ton of money. what makes her cozy? why does it make her cozy? what's that mean? >> if you don't perceive this as being a problem, that's the
4:27 pm
problem in washington. >> explain what the problem is. >> when these big money interests give you money, they have basaccess to you? no. >> give me an example. >> hillary clinton has said -- >> you're here the explain the case of your candidate. give me one example. >> the bankruptcy bill. >> you're saying that was a quid pro quo? >> now you're trying to get me to say she committed a crime. >> that's what you're getting to. >> no. >> you're candidate is going after hillary clinton for giving speeches. he says they must be really good speeches. what's the joke? >> the joke is she's giving speeches. >> just to put your thoughts together. she has the clear herself of charges. you might find it in this hay stack of transcripts? you might find it in there? >> if you don't think voters
4:28 pm
want to know what's in the transcripts. >> of course. you have been dog training people for weeks. >> it's not politics. it's substance. >> you don't know what the substance is. >> the substance is the transcripts. >> i'm sorry so use up this time. governor, you're more important is this. is hillary going to win all five? >> i don't know about rhode island. i think she will win the other four. look, to respond to mr. weaver. i probably raised more money than any elected official in the history of the state of pennsylvania. all i ever gave my contributors was the ability to come in and make their case. i could pass any lie detector test anywhere. if you ask me did i ever do something for a contributor because they gave me money against the interest of the people, i would say no and pass with flying colors.
4:29 pm
it's really offensive to everyone who has been an honest and decent elected official and there's majority of officials who are honest and decent to make the claim that mr. weaver and to some degree senator sanders is making. >> it's a totally -- he said he gave people access to come in and make their case. >> i also gave people access who i never met before and wrote me a letter and said we want to speak to you about environmental conditions in hazleton. i gave people access but i never did anything as a quid pro quo. >> i'm positive that's not true. >> i think it's true about hillary clinton. we should get off this. let's talk about substantive things. >> we can end it as soon as she releases the transcripts. >> governor, i think they are
4:30 pm
going back to the nixon tapes. >> thank you. thank you. we'll talk about that off camera. it's the philadelphia soda tax. 3 cents per ounce. jeff weaver, off the subject there. a good debate. thank you, governor. up next, a major expansion of voting rights in virginia. it's a move that could help. it will help the democrats in november if these guys get out and get registered. it's a fascinating news story. on monday, join us for hardball at 7:00 eastern. a double hitter of town halls. chris hayes sits down with bernie sanders. at 9:00 eastern, rachel maddow has hillary clinton. we got them all. that's coming monday on msnbc, the place for politics. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue.
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here's what's happening. the carver county sheriff says he has no reason to suspect
4:34 pm
prince's death was a suicide and results of the autopsy has not been released. the obama's dine with prince william and prince harry tonight. prince george got a bedtime extension so he could meet the president. so cute. now back to hardball. i believe that our commonwealth cannot achieve its full potential until all men and women act on this fundamental right and participate in the decisions about their own children's education, about their taxes and every other aspect of their lives. unfortunately, virginia has had a long and sad history of actively suppressing the voices of many thousands of men and women at the ballot box.
4:35 pm
>> welcome back to hardball. virginia governor used his executive authority to restore voting rights to more than 200,000 convicted felons. this action allows all felon who is have served their prison time and finished parole to register to vote. the governor tweeted we will ensure everyone with freedom to live in our communities has the right to participate in the democratic process. virginia will no longer build walls and barriers to the ballot box. we will break them down. virginia is a key state in november. this is really goes back to british common law. you lose the franchise. this is fundamental. this may lead the way to a will the of other moderate states. tell me how you got there. >> i hope they do that. i've been working on this for seven years since the day i stepped into office when i came into office january 2014.
4:36 pm
i've restored the rights of 18,000 felons before today which is if you take my seven predecessors and add them together over four years, i did more than they all did. listen, chris, i stood on the capitol today 1901 and 1902, to disenfranchise for felons. ten yards from where i spoke is where abraham lincoln addressed the free slaves. we have to end this process of disenfranchising folks. i use any authority that i have legal authority and moral authority to restore the rights of 206,000 felons who have served their time. they are done with probation. they are done with parole. they are free citizens. they live in their communities. they work. they have families. let's make them full citizens of our commonwealth. let's let them feel good about
4:37 pm
themselves again. >> let me ask you about this. i'm sure you empathize with these guys. you have to tell your wife and kids to vote but you can't vote. you can never work even if you spent hard time or eight or nine years in prison putting up with that horror of isolation and bad company and you still have to carry with you i'm an ex-con and can't vote. have you talked to guys that have been through this. the pain of being an out class. >> a second class citizen. they're embarrassed to tell their children. they would say they are going to vote. they didn't want to tell their children they didn't have the right to vote. you have hit it on the head. why should they be treated this
4:38 pm
way? they have already done their debt to society. what i don't understand is why these folks today, have come out and attacked me for doing this. why would you want to deny the right to vote. i'm not giving you gun rights back or commuting a century. i'm allowing you to be able to just go and vote. i did a gentleman the other day, bobby blevins. he had not voted for 60 years. he made a mistake when he was 19 years old. i gave him his rights back. he broke into tears and said it was the happiest day of his life. this is why i'm in elected office to help people do the right thing. >> it's a great bet on humanity. thank you so much. >> thanks. up next, donald trump's to campaign aide say what we've seen so far is an act. who is the real donald trump?
4:39 pm
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welcome back to hardball. recent revolutions have struck a nerve with one of the republican front runners opponents. he says his candidate is just playing part with his crass talk to drum up votes. >> in the past 48 hours, donald trump's lobbyists have taken over his campaign and they have gone down and told republican party bosses that everything donald has said on the campaign is just a show.
4:43 pm
he doesn't believe any of it. he's not going to build a wall. he's not going to deport anyone. this is just a lie. i will say to the millions of americans who are frustrated with politicians who are lying to them. donald is telling us he's lying to us. >> on the democratic side bernie sanders is back on the attack against hillary clinton. blasting her ties to the billionaire class. sanders is back to being sanders and trump is back to being, well, we're not quite sure which persona will appear each day. i never heard of dr. jekyll describing mr. hyde.
4:44 pm
he looks like me, but that's not me. >> trump is pivoting right on schedule towards the general election. >> it's may. >> being a great showman. he's a master of changing. >> was this a disguise for the last year? >> who knows unless you know him personally. part of the problem of analyzing trump is people don't take his message seriously. you can't explain trump's rise except in light of the fact the positions he's offering, like social security, medicare, actually appeal to the base. it's not simply style. >> i think it's nationalism. i think it's screw all other countries. >> that's substance. let me ask you about the
4:45 pm
drdr. dr. jekyll part. this guy has two different persona. one is the one that says lying ted. the other says senator cruz. >> i think everybody puts on a show when they're out at a rally and trying to gin people up. >> is this a show? >> isn't everybody putting on a show when they come on television is this it's not like people in real like talks like this is francesca chambers doing my hair. i think every candidate does that to a certain extent. i don't think when he's making these deals that he walks in with china and insults them. >> jonathan is dirty. he walks down the street, get out of my way. no way. >> look, i want to take on
4:46 pm
things that both they said. >> do you find out everybody is a show when on tv? >> not everyone. there are people on television who are the same way in real life. >> myself, included. >> you're one of those people. donald trump is the first runner for the republican nomination bau because he built a wave of popularity on insults. he insulted. >> how about the latest. the latest one is remember little marco. little marco with the big ears. now he wants him in his cabinet or something. what's that about? >> he is masterly insult comic. he has a message. >> the washington post colleague writes in an opinion piece that trump voters may be uniquely
4:47 pm
understanding of candidates. the people who support trump don't want someone qualified in a traditional sense. they want someone who is angry who will stick it to the people they hate and talk like the shock jock and what they say in private. that's exactly what i think. >> absolutely. bernie sanders, let's go to the democratic side for another example. i don't think that bernie sanders in his private life goes around yelling at jane all the time about the billionaires and the millionaires. possibly. >> i don't know. >> i want the transcripts. i want the transcripts. people like this oomph about this guy. >> they like that. the stuff he's saying that they want to say in private and in
4:48 pm
public, he's saying it out there in public. all this talk about a pivot to a presidential trump, this can never happen. in this day of twitter, snapchat, everything that donald trump has said will come back to him. >> have you ever met anyone personally you know to have changed? >> most politicians. >> have you ever met anyone who has changed? >> sure. >> there's plenty of people who turned over a new leaf in life. >> okay. you're an optimist. >> his followers are used to a certain trump. this is the person they voted for. >> go do a reunion and everybody is the same? >> no. people change. people evolve is the better way. you can't evolve from a victory speech in the evening and then a
4:49 pm
rally the next afternoon. that just doesn't happen. >> unless you drink. up next, these three will tell me something i don't know. that's the hardball. here we are, the place for politics. #
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if you misplace your you can use freeze it to prevent new purchases on your account in seconds. and once you find it, you can switch it right on again. you're back! freeze it from discover. get it at we're back with the hardball roundtable. michael, tell me something i don't know. >> in 2000 when he was considering running for the reform party's nomination for president, donald trump said that his ideal vice presidential running mate would be oprah winfrey. >> ergo? what's coming? you don't know what to expect. >> we have seen how divisive
4:54 pm
things have gotten on the democratic side and the clinton campaign keeps telling the sanders people to tone it down. we asked other day, have they told the sanders people that? they said not only are they not back channeling with them, they barely talk at all. on election nights there's no calls of concessions most of the time. and i've been told that goes both ways. the hillary clinton people don't call the bernie sanders people when they won either no manners. >> it's standard, it's typically been standard to call your opponent. >> sure, it's ritual. >> that's not happening on the democratic side. >> i've been watching concessions all my life, the best speeches because they're honest, it's over. but this time i can't tell the difference between victory and concession speeches because they never say, i lost. >> i think that's part of the reason they're not making the phone calls is they don't see it as a loss. >> trump set the republican world fire by criticizing the north carolina bathroom bill that they did. the gay and lesbian victory fund is doing research that shows
4:55 pm
that when there are openly gay elected officials in states, they have an influence on their straight colleagues and so these laws don't happen. north carolina and mississippi have zero openly lgbt elected officials. georgia where the governor vetoed the bill, three. >> greatest argument for diversity in any business or any room, anywhere you meet, improves your iq. diversity, it does. political iq certainly. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to clean better than a manual.
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4:59 pm
let me finish tonight with a grand honor i've just been acorded. the mayor of donegal in ireland has written formally tee clarg i will be presented the tip o'neill award. i worked for spieler o'neill, extraordinary years colored with strong philosophical debate over latin america, the middle east. yet i believe also marked by effective politics, effective deal-making. in those days partisanship was balanced with historical achievement, saving social security, real tax reform, the ending of the cold war. less known is how these two leaders worked together urging british prime minister margaret thatcher toward the power-sharing agreement that led northern ireland on the road to ending the troubles. the appoint of the tip o'neill award is to honor someone with roots in ireland who has managed to do something over year.
5:00 pm
you must know how i will treasure the award and the ceremony over in ireland this september. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. town 92 at 10:00 eastern for our premiere on the documentary of hillary clinton, it "it takes a country." tonight on "all in" -- >> he's talking politics in a private room, it's a different persona. >> the trump campaign is an elaborate act! so says the trump campaign. >> the part that he's been playing is evolving into the part that now you've been expecting. >> tonight the new trump sales pitch to the rnc and the questionable lobbying resume of the man making the pitch. then the desperate politics behind the new cruz scare tactics. a new look at the staggering fund-raising numbers keeping the bernie campaign going. our first official word on what happened to prince. >> we have no reason to believe at this time it's a


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