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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  April 23, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> they are viewed by millions. what is their secret formula? >> caught on camera, viral
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videos. millions served. >> hello. welcome to caught on camera. have your friends ever e-mailed you a video that's so funny, so unique or so completely absurd that you felt like you have to send it to everyone you know? if you pressed send you had a hand in spreading a viral video. it's not big budgets or great production values that make these videos so compelling. in this hour you'll see some of the most watched viral videos. each video has more than a million hits online. but why? you be the judge. >> ketchup and fries make a great snack but can they make a work of art? using ten packets of sketch up and a carton of fries he proves well yes they can. >> when i watched it a few times i cone believe it was real. >> it was very impressive and edible. >> in march 2007 jason posts a time lapse video on youtube that shows him using french fries and ketchup to paint a picture of
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ronald mcdonald and super size me film maker morgan spurlock. >> so this guy basically takes bags of mcdonald's fast food ketchup and makes art with french fry and ketchup. it's incredible. within a week the video receives more than 1 million hits. >> it was quite shocking. i knew that there were such things as viral videos but never in my intentions did i think i was ever going to create one. never thought of that. i was playing around. but why use catch up and french fries. he grew tired and looked everywhere for inspiration and one night he found it. in his happy meal. >> i came across it by accident. eating some french fries and saw that i can manipulate the ketchup with the french fry and it could be like a brush. >> he wanted to paint something that related to the tools he was using so he decided to paint his
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own version of the movie poster for supersize me. >> it gave some what of a meaning and interpretation to it. >> with a small webcam recording he prepares his ketchup and picks up a fry and begins painting. >> mcdonald's french fries as a paintbrush. it's unbelievable. >> ketchup may work as a condiment but is tricky like paint. >> unlike paint the ketchup was a matter of how thick it was on there. so if it was a very thin layer of ketchup it showed up as a light color. if it was piled on thick it was the darkest red. so it was more of sculpting the height the ketchup was off of the page. >> working with french fries is problematic. >> i was trying to change the french fries and find ones that had a point or at the end i found the soggy ones. it was like having a variety of brushes but never knew what i was going to get.
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>> despite his unique challenges a very realistic depiction of ronald mcdonald begins to emerge. >> it's interesting to see the building of it because you you can say that's how you do that? >> the brush dances across the paper and suddenly the image of morgan spurlock comes to life with true artist precision. jason finishes the painting in one take in less than an hour. >> he is obviously a true artist. rather than just do portraits like everybody else he has done something really different and used a different medium. i think it's really cool. >> since it's original posting in 2007 jason's ketchup art had great success earning more than 3 million hits. people love to watch things in time lapse cameras. >> people will get ketchup and french fries and try them.
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and the betty davis mascara painting drawn completely with mascara but his most famous work comes shortly after he finishes ketchup art. it's a time lapsed version of the mona lisa using microsoft paint. most people have tried microsoft paint. it's the paint program included and usually good enough to draw a stick figure and that's the extent of it. >> jason wanted to create fine art while using a simple consumer program like microsoft paint. >> the idea was to take something that people had experience with and put it with another thing which was the mona lisa. two things they could relate to and give it a value of its own. >> jason finds ways to add depth to his painting. >> i was using a drawing tablet
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so that made it easier and i used a variety of tools and a lot of it is an optical illusion. >> within an hour and a half he finishes his painting and since posting his rendition of the mona lisa has gone viral. he hopes to continue to use the internet as a medium to show case his work. the internet expands people's horizons and opens up the world to their self-expression. it's just getting thousands of views then it would be sitting in a gallery. >> another artist is photographer noah. he takes a picture of himself every day for six years. >> over six years of pictures and you get to watch this guy basically grow. >> this is an amazing video.
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it's hard to find a video on the internet that surprises you and has that wow factor and this is one of those videos. some people keep scrapbooks and others write in journals but on january 11th, 2000 noah begins his project. an experimental photography project that captures the passage of time. with the flip screen of his digital camera he's able to see the image while photographing. he lines up his nose in the senter of the screen and snaps. in the beginning he doesn't think it will be possible to photograph himself every single day but soon it becomes as normal as brushing his teeth. six years and 2,356 photos later he compiles his photography experiment into a 5.5 minute time lapse video and in august 2006 posts it on youtube. >> this blew up when this first came out. it was like mind exploding. >> viewers watch more than half
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a decade of his life unfold. his apartments, his hair styles and even his girlfriends. >> in some ways it's a very personal video where it's like this is me just completely exposed and people really get into that. >> in three weeks the video shoots to 1 million hits. >> every once in awhile you get that weird night vision or vacation. >> you see people in the background and switching rooms and his style will change and he has some facial hair and it's really a at a t in the life. >> though noah never smiles there's something about his stair that's completely mesmerizing. >> it's really creepy. it's like this guy is staring into my soul. >> but viewers seem to love it because his video earned more than 13 million hits and counting. >> people are really interested in the passage of time. to watch somebody's face and hair and style change over six years every single day is really
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interesting. i could watch this over and over again. >> noah's photography project is still a work in progress. since he started in january 2000, he has only missed 22 photos. and he hopes to continue photographing himself every day for the rest of his life. >> coming up, a bride can't stop laughing during her wedding vows. >> oh gosh, here she goes again. >> and a little boy can't remove his finger from his baby brothers mouth. >> oh, charlie. >> when caught on camera viral videos millions served, continues. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't play anything less than my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'm going for it. eliquis.
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in august 2009, the
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25-year-old groom has a slip of the tongue. >> ian drew. >> do take melissa renee warren. >> do take melissa renee warren. >> to be my lawfully wedded -- >> to be my -- >> the church erupts in laughter including melissa warren and just as things start to quite down she completely loses it. [ laughter ] >> she starts to laugh and then she just can't stop laughing. >> i know she's going to keep laughing. just give her a minute folks. i know the next one is coming. >> when the video hits the internet it earns more than a million hits. melissa and andrew first met at seattle pacific university where they were students. >> we lived in the same residence halls. i was a freshman and he was a junior and we had a lot of mutual friends and spent some
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time together within groups but it was after he graduated that we connected again. >> after graduating andrew received devastating news. >> my dad came down with lung cancer. horrific. tumors the size of grapefruits. >> deeply religious he copes with his father's cancer with prayer and the first-person he reaches out to is melissa. >> it just felt as natural as could be to go to melissa about it. even though we didn't know each other really well i knew her in a way that i trusted her a lot. he e-mailed me and said will you pray because i don't want my dad to die and it was to the point where they weren't going to treat him. so we all started praying. >> after one month of prayer from andrew and melissa and family and friends andrew's father defies the odd. his tumors completely disappear. >> he started getting better and his pain started going away. >> when andrew returns to interview for a master's program he has more on his mind than
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impressing the faculty. he wants to see melissa who is a junior at the school. >> i was hoping. she was there. >> we had this wonderful time with our community and then after that point we both knew something is going on here. >> after a whirlwind courtship dating and engagement andrew and melissa are finally ready to tie the knot and as the day of the wedding arrives everyone is eager to begin the ceremony. >> i was stressed. i was feeling really uptight and i just this h this moment like i don't want to feel like this on my wedding day and i asked god for joy. >> and joy she gets as melissa and her father walked down the aisle and things just keep getting funnier and funnier from the organist that won't stop playing. >> i was like okay come on organ lady. this is my wedding day. >> so melissa's dad telling their love story. >> oh, thank you. >> we were just laughing through the whole thing and crying. >> things become down right
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comical. but by the time melissa and andrew get to their vows the mood turns serious. >> both of us have prepared for a long time for our spouse and saved ourself for marriage so it was like whoa i'm giving my life in a really powerful way and you can see that gravity. >> melissa and andrew's dads who are both pastors serve as fish yants and andrew's dad gives the vows. >> melissa gets choked up. >> until death do us part. this is my solemn vow. >> now it's andrew's turn. >> you can see how intense i am. >> do take melissa renee warren. >> do take melissa renee warren. >> to be my lawfully wed -- [ laughter ] >> i caught myself.
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but it was too late and her dad loved to giggle and she starts laughing and it's all right that's cool. i'm all right with that. >> it hit my funny bone. >> she started laughing. i learned enough about her to know that was not the end of it. >> to the amusement of everyone in the church melissa finds it so funny she belts out a screeching laugh. >> every time i would look at andrew after i first started laughing i would remember what he just said and the fact that we're standing in front of 400 people saying our vows and can't stop laughing and it was so funny. >> and she keeps on laughing. >> and then dad starts all the way over. >> and i'm like if you're ever going to give me a chance to mess up again it's if you start all the way over. i'm not feeling all that sure right now. >> to move things along andrew quotes one of his favorite lines from the movie the princess
1:18 pm
bride. >> say man and wife. >> and his tactic works because shortly after the laugher dies down and andrew and melissa are presented to the world as husband and wife. andrew's slip up is so funny they tell their wedding video grapher to post it on the web. >> we were thinking it will be for our friends and people will watch it and then it started picking up speed really unexpectededly. >> it gets so many hits melissa and andrew's parents contact them on their honey. >> you have to get to a library and watch your wedding video. which was silly. >> and when they finally return home the hits continue to climb. >> it's like 80,000 and it's crazy. so it's clearly not just our friends watching it which is what we expected. >> it's touching and it reaches more than 1 million hits.
1:19 pm
>> the fact that she can't pull herself together makes it viral magic. >> my dad does it on purpose so it's actually his fault. he trained to do this and switches the two first letters of the word. so like sleeping bag is beeping slag. but despite it it's with love and took a lot of laughter. >> coming up, one of the hottest acts on the web features one of the craziest characters you've ever seen. plus a little boy. >> do i have stitches? >> yes. >> on my teeth. >> yeah. >> leaves viewers in stitches and a baby's bite goes viral. >> ow charlie. >> when caught on camera, viral
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>> wait, rewind.
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who is that? who or what is fred? >> fred is i think he might be the number one subscribe channel on youtube or close to it. >> close to it is right. previously in first place the fred channel moved to the second most subscribed youtube channel in 2009 with more than 1 million subscribers. >> fred is sort of internet phenomenon. >> but with a following that size who are the brains behind this operation? comedy sketch group in new york? a major entertainment company in hollywood. >> no. >> how about a teenager in rural nebraska? if you guessed a teen you're right. fred is the brain child of a 16-year-old boy named lucas. the 4th of 8 kids lucas has been coming up with funny characters as long as he can remember. >> i was always like making
1:24 pm
random characters and using my mom's camera. >> but after receiving a camera of his own he took his sketch comemy videos to a new level. >> so i had two cousins over and we started making random videos and posting them online. i didn't understand that people from all over the world to watch the videos. in october 2006 one of his videos featured a new fictional character. he shoots stars and edits the video and films it, where else at his house. >> fred is a 6-year-old and really random and crazy. his mom is an alcoholic. >> my mom had to go to rehab. >> his dad is in prison and he never met his dad. >> fred is so socially awkward that he has no friends and with his voice he rambles on and on to the camera. >> when he is just in front of the camera he'll say anything. but when he's actually out with other kids then he's like this awkward person and does like
1:25 pm
weird stuff that kids just like look at and are like i don't want to be friends with someone that does that. >> there's plenty of people to impress and lucas voices them all. >> don't take off any of your clothes in front of that camera unless someone pays you. besides his alcoholic mother and absentee dad there's his crush judy. >> no! >> there's fred's arch nemesis and judy's sudo boyfriend kevin. and then there's fred's trusted cat with rabies and then a few kind neighborhood squirrels played by dogs. >> there's obviously the animals that are fred's only friends. >> i knew you would always be on my side. >> in each roughly 2.5 minute video fred deals with ordinary situations the only way he knows how. by acting completely crazy. take a look at this video. fred goes swimming.
1:26 pm
one of his most popular with more than 34 million hits. >> basically it's fred talking about this new big pool that he has received and then swimming in this pool that ends up not being as big as he at first said it would be and then gets attacked by a plastic shark. it's all very special yet out there. >> it's very silly. total slapstick humor. the kind of thing my son finds hysterical. >> and then there's fred stalks judy. >> that was so much fun to film because there was a little photo shoot and that was funny to see fred do. >> but how tuz he create fred's signature voice. >> you could either do it with like helium which probably isn't safe to do but i speed up the video so it just sounds and looks more crazy. and it added a whole new element to the character. >> when lucas first realizes it's being viewed by millions of people he becomes a little anxious. >> it freaked me out and i felt pressure to think of ideas and
1:27 pm
when i filmed the videos i was like all nervous. >> but the nerves don't last long and they're widely successful with the primary audience. tweens and teens. >> we talk about texting and internet stuff and eight peels to a younger generation. >> lucas's videos are so popular that soon he is approached by a licensing agent and fred dogs shirts and bags are sold all over the country. >> it's weird walking into a store and seeing dolls made out of you. >> but how successful is lucas? well his fred videos earned him enough money to go to college but his mom says despite his fame he's still just lucas at home. a teenager that does his chores and picks up his younger siblings from school. besides staying tuned for the next season of fred. fans can look forward to the fred movie. >> it's different in the way that it's not just fred the whole entire time and you'll see the other characters and there will be actors playing the other
1:28 pm
characters. >> and if you're older than 18 and scratching your head because you don't get fred, well maybe you're not supposed to. >> i hate the world. >> it just depends on what type of comedy you like. some people like other comedies and other people don't like them. some people think it's stupid and other people think it's awesome. i don't think about the audience. i think about the videos. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> coming up. >> i feel funny. >> a little boy's trip to the dentist has millions with their mouths open wide. >> is this going to be forever? >> and is that cat really playing the piano? >> she's doing like two paws at a time, its amazing. >> when caught on camera, viral videos, millions served, continues. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday,
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>> purple bah loolloons and flo
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line the outside of his estate. and donald trump told connecticut voters if he doesn't quote rant and rave people will fall asleep. on friday trump's top advisor told party officials he is evolving. now back to caught on camera. >> welcome back to caught on camera. it's one of those moments we dread going to the dentist and maybe that's why this next video resinate with so many people. they made a boy with a toothache a bite sized celebrity. >> i feel -- >> when david buckles his son into the car he notices the 7-year-old is acting pretty strange.
1:33 pm
>> he was very crazy and sliding down and seeing double and that sort of thing. >> that morning in may 2008 david jr. had surgery to remove an extra tooth and apparently the anesthesia had not yet worn off. >> yeah i know. how did it go. >> i didn't feel anything. >> yeah. >> it was pretty invasive surgery. so he had a strong sedative. >> strapped securely in his seat his father decides to begin taping in the parking lot. >> it was to record it because my wife couldn't be there and i wanted to take it to show her. >> david junior is extremely confused. so his father tries to reassure him. >> my main goal was to calm him down and not make him more
1:34 pm
agitated. so i was trying, you know, with my voice. >> i have two fingers. >> good. >> four fingers? >> but david is out of it and his finger goes straight for his stitches. >> no. don't put it in your mouth. >> head bobbing david is disoriented but tries to cope. >> feel good? >> i didn't see anything. >> yes you can. stay in your seat. [ screaming ] >> i think he was just trying to wake himself up to see if it was real. >> but those little hands keep going for the stitches. >> do i have stitches? >> yeah. >> dad, do i have stitches? >> yes. >> on my teeth. >> yeah. don't touch it.
1:35 pm
>> don't put your finger in your mouth. don't do it. >> i want nothing more than to put my fingers in my mouth right now. >> why can't i touch it? >> because it will mess up the stitches. >> but when david still can't shake his crazy nightmare he becomes upset. >> i feel funny. why is this happening to me? >> it's okay, bud. it's just from the medicine, okay? >> is this going to be forever? >> no. it won't be forever. >> there's something about the sort of honesty of seeing a kid go through this process that most of us have this experience. most of us had the procedure where you have to wake up from anesthesia. you are completely blown out of your mind. >> when david senior and his family watch the video they love it so much that a few months later they post it on book. >> i got into facebook and
1:36 pm
posted it and got good reaction from our family and friends and started to get more and more requests to see it. >> so david senior decides to put the video of his son on youtube and in just one week the video receives a jaw dropping 3 million hits. >> you know, you're just shocked. not negative or positive about it. you're just like wow so many people are viewing it. >> though some viewers love david after dentist others see it as poor taste. >> i feel funny. >> david senior and his family are invited to appear on the "today" show to discuss the video and the controversy surrounding it. >> some people said this is funny. other people have said no, this is exploitation. as a matter of fact a writer for the chicago sun times said the following, videos of children on drugs cross the line. in fact officials with child welfare agencies should be concerned.
1:37 pm
we expect parents to protect their children in situation where is they cannot protect themselves and not exploit them. how do you feel about that? >> we understand the reaction and that point of view and as dedicated parents we appreciate that but this is an isolated incident and something that our family thought was okay. >> should i have posted it? why did i video tape it? as i parent i understand because it is, you know a child and if we thought there was anything that was harming david or putting him in harms way we wouldn't do it. >> but despite criticism there have been some positive results. david senior has started a david after dentist t-shirt line using the famous quotes from his son. >> we have a graphic t-shirt with a picture of david and that quote. >> and what does the star of the video think of all of this? >> i take pictures with everybody that recognizes me. >> his favorite part of the video, not surprisingly, the part where he screams.
1:38 pm
of course david junior doesn't remember much about his dentist visit. >> i remember my dad and this other lady carrying me out. i could barely see. i felt like my eyes were barely open. i was like dizzy. >> but whether david grows to love the video or wish it would go away it's one he won't soon live down. >> is this going to be forever? >> on youtube, you bet it is. >> this is this generation's naked baby pictures. >> why is this happening to me? >> i don't think he'll be embarrassed by this one. i don't think he will. i think he'll enjoy it for a long time. >> halfway around the world, two more kids hold the title for one of the most watched viral videos of all time. >> charlie bit me. >> this is one of my favorite viral videos of the last two
1:39 pm
years easily. >> spring, 2007, england. howard who prefers we don't use his last name films his two young sons as they watch tv. >> i get the camera out every now and then and take videos of them just doing what they do as children. 3-year-old harry is holding his 1-year-old charlie on his lap. >> charlie is on harry's lap and harry puts his finger near his mouth. >> using no force at all charlie pretends to bite harry's finger. >> charlie bit me. >> thinking it's funny harry decides to stick his finger in his mouth again. >> and charlie decides to clamp down and bite it. >> ow! charlie, that really hurt. >> just the reaction the pause. and then charlie bit me. ow. ouch. ow charlie. >> it's just classic. >> he bit me really, really, really hard. >> so his little brother is
1:40 pm
gnawing on his finger. and harry never makes a move to make him stop. >> it's very brave of harry not to retaliate. didn't try to rip his finger out and didn't hurt charlie and just took it and realized that charlie wasn't trying to hurt him. >> but charlie you must have sensed his brother wasn't happy because he opened his mouth and let go. >> that really hurt. >> that's when charlie starts laughing. >> all of a sudden the baby just goes. [ laughter ] >> like out of nowhere. the kid is full on laugh about biting the kid's finger. >> i can only assume that he just found it funny because either i was finding it funny or the whole experience made him laugh. >> howard the first to witness what millions will come to see and love shows the video to his wife when she returns home. >> i thought the video was funny. we put it on to our digital photo frame for a few weeks and we showed it to friends and
1:41 pm
family. >> but howard wants to show the video to a few friends in the states including the boy's god father. his friend suggests uploading it to the internet. at first, the video only receives a few hundred hits but within a few months it begins to double almost daily and howard's video soars off the charts when it reaches a million hits in december 2007. >> i just can't imagine. >> it's become a whopper. the moment has earned more than 30 million hits. and there's a realness to it. >> plus it's funny. >> it's become so popular there are several spoofs. >> ouch charlie.
1:42 pm
ouch. >> harry and charlie may have one of the top viral videos of all time but they better watch out for a new young star. in 2008 baby brother jasper joined the family and he is already proving to be quite the biter. >> jasper has taken it on board as well and he enjoys biting people's fingers. >> coming up, have you ever wondered how to do the moon walk? >> certain things aren't that hard if you know how to do them. >> that and a cat on the keyboard. >> she brings up her left paw and begins playing with the other paw. i think that's remarkable. >> when caught on camera viral videos, millions served continues. poteial patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready.
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now you can find all you need to know right in the comfort of your own home. because a new phenomenon is taking the internet by storm. >> great stuff. >> now you might watch this video and learn a little something. >> they're how to videos so they can teach you how to do just about anything. how to carve a pumpkin. >> how to videos are instructional and educational videos that show you how to treat mosquito bite or how to fund your next vacation. >> from bathroom floors to curing gum disease there's thousands to choose from. gregory believes how to videos. >> learning how to do certain things.
1:47 pm
a lot of people learn visually and explain things -- and take skateboarding for example. and it slows it down to slow motion so you can see it executed. >> another how to site says the mysterious art of flirting can be taught in a two minute video. use these proven methods to charm and seduced. >> begin with a bright smile. >> but also see if someone is flirting with you. >> someone that can't take their eyes off of you is intriguing. >> it's just keep it above the belt. >> if you're flirting with someone and their feet are pointed toward you or away those are indications so there's all of these subtle queues that you can use. >> happy hunting. >> daniel says the how tos of
1:48 pm
making a how to video follow a pretty straightforward formula. >> don't look now but you're juggling. look at this video on how to moon walk. >> the moon walk still has real street cred. >> you will need a sleek floor. find a floor good for sliding like hardwood or smooth tile. >> it's whatever is raised. >> but how do these guys come up with video topics. >> a lot of it is based in terms of what's going on around the internet and our own usage and competitive analysis. we look for what people are looking for. it might be different from what they're viewing on television. that becomes very important. >> it's the death of pop legend
1:49 pm
michael jackson. after he died how to moon walk earned more than a million hits. >> a news worthy event happens and there's a video topic we have done or someone else has done that can go viral. more than a million hits and lock yourself out of the house and before you call a lock smith try this. or how to treat a mosquito bite. >> make a paste of baking soda and water. >> things become popular because they're practical and useful. people want to remodel something in their house or learn how to cook something or learn how to do a skateboard trick so that information is always going to be useful. >> as long as there's a need to learn, how-to videos will be there. >> certain things aren't that hard if you know how to do themment, and you have clear concise information. it's all about achievement ultimately. i have figured out how to do something and that makes me feel
1:50 pm
good. coming up, a clever cat can't keep her paws off the piano. >> we're like oh my god. look at this. laura, what are you doing? a surprising inspiration for a symphony. caught on camera viral videos. millions served returns. i was absolutely frustrated, absolutely. i did not think chantix would work as well as it did. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, my uragitation,e. depressed mood and suidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems,
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>> just when you think you've seen everything a cat plays the piano. she is playing the song. she is playing something. she's amazing. say hello to nora. besides eating sleeping and playing just so happens to be
1:54 pm
making music. >> she begins playing with the other paw. that's remarkable. it's all over the internet. and received 20 million hits. i didn't know when the cat party got he elected but the internet embraced cats like nothing i have ever seen. it all begins in 2004 when artist betsy alex alexander and her husband go to pets smart and nora was out playing by herself. she was a kitten. >> i was very excited about her. i wanted to come and hold her and i was very resistant to holding that. >> he doesn't really want to add another chat to the family. >> i didn't want to get attached.
1:55 pm
and betsy was so submiten to the kitchen and a few years later they noticed something very different about her. >> she was by herself in her cage with this big index card that says bossy. >> that's how they learned she's not good with other cats. as a biter she is always housed separately and this won't be in her home. >> they'll show her her place. >> boy is she wrong. nora takes charge of the other cats and turns the place whiskers over tail. >> nora was so disruptive in this household for six months. it sounded like we had a house of snakes living here. screaming, hisses, growling. it did not stop for six months. i was really starting to get
1:56 pm
worried. but after the 6th month things begin to quite down and the other cats learn to work around the new boss of the house. >> nora would never be in the same room with them. they learned to stay clear of her. >> she's a diva. she likes to do her own thing and be left alone. >> and their lessons to their students. >> and circles on top and look over their sheet music while they were playing. >> and one night she decides to take music making into her own hands or paws. >> we were upstairs and we heard this plik, plink. repeated notes. two notes together. to their shock and delight nora
1:57 pm
was playing. >> we saw nora sitting at the piano with both paws on the keys playing with both paws alternating and reaching for black notes and she would play, you know, five or six notes, and then look over at us like, you know, how was that. >> we just totally lost it. we were like oh my god. oh my god. look at this. nora, what are you doing? >> betsy believes this is just an isolated incident but for nora this is just the beginning. >> she started playing every day and started doing it during the piano students lessons. >> nora becomes a neighborhood hood hit. betsy also wants to show her performances to her niece in wyoming. some of her young students suggest youtube. i said youtube, what's that? that's how out of it we are. the first day hit 71 hits and then it started growing and we
1:58 pm
were like what is this? we didn't know the term viral video. it just went crazy and the next thing you know it's a million. >> nora's videos are so popular they come to the attention of a composer. >> he created music programs for the chamber orchestra in li lithuania for children. he wanted to do an orchestra piece that is based on nora's pl playing. >> and thus the catcerto is born. >> this is the first time its probably written for an animal. it could only exist because of the internet. >> when posted on the internet it receives more than 1 million hits and in october 2009, nora wins an aspca award for cat of
1:59 pm
the year. >> what an honor. >> in this dog eat dog world it's nice to see a cat succeed. >> they're creating t-shirts, calendars and books featuring nora. >> i'm going to write a positive book from nora's standpoint. it's how to make every day a happy day. >> and they hope nora and her music will continue to inspire people all over the world for years to come. >> she is like a little miracle that's actually happening. she has a lot of piano playing years ahead of her but even when that's over those videos will live on. >> can you play some more? >> there's really no formula for creating a popular viral video. they can be caught on camera any time anywhere and as you have seen they can star just about anyone. if you have a video you'd like to send to us you can log on to our website caught on
2:00 pm that's it for this edition of caught on camera. >> from pie to eggs to shoes. >> look at that? that is quick. >> politicians show they can dish it out and they can take it. >> he didn't think. >> from a slap in the face. >> i couldn't believe what i was seeing. >> to chewing over a piece of legislation. >> there's people pulling her hair trying to get her to spit it out. unbelievable. >> lawmakers engaged in all out brawling. >> nothing is under control. just violence


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