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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  April 23, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

2:00 pm that's it for this edition of caught on camera. >> from pie to eggs to shoes. >> look at that? that is quick. >> politicians show they can dish it out and they can take it. >> he didn't think. >> from a slap in the face. >> i couldn't believe what i was seeing. >> to chewing over a piece of legislation. >> there's people pulling her hair trying to get her to spit it out. unbelievable. >> lawmakers engaged in all out brawling. >> nothing is under control. just violence.
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and which of these gets your vote for most embarrassing. >> you hate it when that happens. >> politicians like you have never seen them before. caught on camera. politics gone wild. >> hello. welcome to caught on camera. once upon a time politicians were revered. after all they have the ability to pass bills, create laws and govern entire countries but sometimes they're the subject of ridicule. taunted and heckled and harassed and under constant fire by their opponents and their own parties. this is about what happens when politicians are pushed too far. >> i think it was lynn din johnson that said if you want a friend in politics get a dog.
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so politics is all about adversity. whether it's psychological or sometimes even physical. >> in britain politicians showed their distdain physically. >> we have all been brought up in which chucking custard pies is seen as perfectly harmless fun. a way of expressing your irritation and anger. it's common practice to throw things that are colored that will cling. liquid or flour or whatever because that looks good on tele. >> in the face of such indignity politicians are trained to stay calm and brush it off and walk away but even they can be egged on to the breaking point. >> it's probably dumb but i love it when politicians fight back and attack their attackers. >> no one does this better than deputy prime minister john
2:03 pm
prescott in 2001 taking one for england right on the cheek. he was very close and might have got it in his eye. >> i felt a bang on the back of my head. >> mr. prescott trained as a boxer in his youth. >> he didn't think. he just went bang. >> i responded to defend myself. that's how it haed. >> it's one thing if someone throws something at you and there's another thing if someone attempts to punch you and you punch them back. >> john prescott did himself good by his instant angry reaction to the guy that threw the egg and the rest of the nation said good for you. that is absolutely right. >> including it seems the prime minister himself that applauds
2:04 pm
his deputy during a press conference. >> he has very great strength. not least in his left arm. >> the dazed and bruised protestors taken away in cuffs and spend several hours in police custody before being released. neither man is charged. >> who are you going to charge and what are you going to charge them with? that was the middle of an election campaign as well. tempers ran a little high. that's all it's just another day in british politics. >> why should we be subjected to that kind of protest? i think that's wrong. >> don't think the fun and games is just for the british. during the 2003 total recall election in california one takes his name too seriously and gets him on the shoulder. >> this is an effort to make somebody look foolish and politicians sometimes don't need extra help but that is the purpose and when an egg splatters on somebody's coat it's great video. >> as if nothing happened,
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schwarzenegger peels off his jacket and continues to go through the crowd and goes on to give his speech as planned. >> i think it's all in the reaction. you learn a lot about the politician. >> this guy owes me bacon now. you can't just have eggs without bacon but this is all part of the free speech. >> another silent but some what tastier attack happens in the negatives in 2000. during a press conference on the kyoto agreement greenpeace advocates protest against america. they claim it's not reducing green house emissions fast enou enough. >> the united states which is a big part of the cause of the accident is viewed by many. we viewed ourselves as trying to actually find solutions but they
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weren't hearing that. >> one protestor takes matters into her own hands. throwing a pie at the u.s. undersecretary for global affairs. >> had to make an immediate decision whether to be outraged or take it lightly and this incident occurred the day before american thanksgiving. i said standing there you would have thought that on the day before thanksgiving they could have picked a pumpkin pie. >> that's standard stuff and you can almost get away with that because a pie on the face is something people do for fun. >> the press conference is suspended and he is supplied with security and a new suit. >> the next day i opened the conference by saying now look if there's any more pie throwers out there and i pointed to my
2:07 pm
colleague next to me. >> it seems they have all been dragged away by the skruf of their necks. he continues to work to reduce the world's green house emissions. >> if you argue today that this is all a made up crisis you really are in the flat earth category of believers. >> now watch as one woman tries to do something many people have dreamed about. not winning the lottery. arresting carl -- >> have to do a citizens arrest for treason. >> clearly she is trying to add a little pizazz to a boring meeting from mortgage bankers. it will take more than this to wake everyone up. >> what's funny to me is this may not be the last time someone attempts to handcuff him.
2:08 pm
>> she is the only one that ends up being carted away. in december 2009, an attacker strikes italian prime minister in the face with a souvenir statue. it wasn't long before there was a new souvenir in italy and then there's the famous shoe installed tent. the one where an iraqi journalist decides to trade in food throwing for shoe hurling and aims right for president bush's head. >> now watch bush's athletic instinct here. anybody else would have gotten hit by that shoe. look at that. that is quick. he also had a pretty good line after it. >> it doesn't bother me. and if you want the facts it's a size 10 shoe that he threw.
2:09 pm
>> now that's showing some true witt. a ridiculous event. he rose to the occasion on this one and dodged the shoe. >> it's very important to be quick witted in politics. it's very important to know what it is you want to say and to be saying it with some passion and some sincerity and then some witt gets back at you want to score another point. >> president bush manages to shrug it off and even makes light of the situation. but this is far from a joke in many people's minds. >> it's easy to make that comment but it's the way the iraqis see the british and american incursion. >> you could clearly hear yelling in the room next door. >> it would have done bush credit if he had said something like leave him alone. >> the event sparks controversy
2:10 pm
when he is jailed for nine months for his crime. the public then throws something unexpected at the 29-year-old journalist. their support. protesting all around the world for his release. >> he has been released now and he's treated as a hero. >> for all of you whether you find a shoe, custard, eggs, pie at your head we have one piece of advice for you. >> don't. >> coming up, politics gets personal in prague. >> something was going to happen if you put these two alpha males in the same room together. >> and southern charm flies out the window in the alabama state senate. >> he called me that. and where i grew up that's somebody talking bad about your mother. >> when caught on camera, politics gone wild returns.
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>> let's face it. many of us felt like punching a colleague at some point. most of us go only as far as imagining fist striking jaw but we're not all so restrained. just ask politicians in the czech republic. >> this fight occurred in may 2006. two weeks before the general elections in the czech republic. it was a highly politically charged atmosphere. >> and it's about to become even more heated. the deputy prime minister takes the stand at a conference and strikes his health minister. >> seemed like a conventional boring speech and then excitement. >> no one knew what was going to happen. it really did come out of the blue. >> no one is more stunned than the abused health minister. >> at first it seemed like the
2:15 pm
victim was going to be above it all and show dignity and take his slap in the head and leave. >> he is stopped by an advisor that said you can't just let him get away with it. get back in there. the audience loves that. >> why didn't you face me like a man. you're a coward he says. >> i think this guy was trying to talk his way out of it and he just got beat up some more. >> what could have sparked such a public display of anger? there could only be one answer. a woman. >> it actually developed after he insulted him accusing him of marrying for money. >> if you're accused of something hike that you're not a real man so he is defending his manhood by slapping the other guy on the head with a pretty childish way of showing your manhood if you ask me.
2:16 pm
>> talk about airing your dirty laundry in public. >> it wasn't long before the incident escaped the borders of the czech republic and was being shown all over the world. so it was a slap heard around the world. >> this sort of thing used to happen in american legislative chambers a lot even in the u.s. senate. i guess we have out grown it. >> or have we? >> if you thought american politicians were above childish play. hold on to your hats and take a look at the next clip. >> oh. we get some good old fashioned american brawling. of course it would be alabama. >> southern haas piaospitality out the window. the days end with a bang. more literally a punch. >> oh, there it is. that was quite a punch. that was a round house punch there it looked like.
2:17 pm
>> journalist rhonda covers the state senate for alabama public television and was there that day. >> it was the last day of the session so usually they stay in until about midnight getting a lot of last minute legislation through. it was very mundane actually. >> but mundane quickly turns to exciting when senators from both sides of the floor start spatting. >> you can see between them that there was a heated exchange. >> republican exchange charles bishop and lowell barron both outspoken begin to argue heatedly. >> you see there's some words being exchanged and you're not sure what they're saying but you knew that was there was an argument at least. we didn't know what the outcome would be but we just sat there and watched it for a little bit and all of a sudden it happened and it happened very quickly.
2:18 pm
mr. bishop had hit mr. barron. he had punched him and there was a little bit of a struggle for a few seconds. the security guards ran out and tried to break them up. a few other legislators also tried to get in between them. the punch was quick and the struggle was very quick and the break away between the two was also very quick so it happened in a matter of seconds. >> he had a standard all american punch thrown. one punch thrown and everybody else pulls the two apart. >> i couldn't believe what i was seeing, you know? you're sort of like a car crash or, you know, a train wreck. you're looking at it and you're like did i just see that? or what just happened? >> but what did just happen? what plunged these southern gentlemen to such undignified depths? you guessed it. a woman again. >> he called me a son of. [ expletive ] that's somebody talking bad about your mother. when he did i responded with my
2:19 pm
right hand. >> not so see the democratic senator. >> i really don't know what set the gentleman off. he walked over to where i was sitting in my hair and he said you better watch your back. i'm going to be here for the next three years and i'm going to f you every day. and i turned around i said i don't give a darn. and about that time i saw a punch coming. >> and come it did. smack on the jaw. unfortunately we may never know for sure what was said on that dark day in american politics. >> our camera man he came back to our station and for days he tried to manipulate the video to slow it down to see if he could see what they were saying and read lips and we really don't know what was said. >> luckily chivalry is not required in the alabama state senate. both men kept their jobs. >> am i going to apologize for it? no. i'm going home. y'all have a good day.
2:20 pm
>> coming up, things heat up in south korea. >> if you want to be a politician in korea a black belt might not be a bad thing to have. >> a lawmaker with a tasteless strategy. >> we can't vote on this bill because it's in her mouth and she has chewed it up. >> plus the most violent political brawls on video. >> someone could have gotten killed. when caught on camera politics gone wild returns. multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. clear for take off. roger that! see ya! we are outta here! woo!
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>> in some countries the assembly can look more like a boxing ring. >> the most notorious are south korea and taiwan in the last 10 to 15 years that have gotten a lot of attention around the world. >> in fact, in 1995 the magazine awards taiwan the ig noble peace prize by saying politicians gain more by punching kicking and
2:24 pm
gouging each other than raising war against other nations. >> the parliament probably experiences some kind of episode of disruption in almost every session. >> during two sessions per year they chewed over every option to present bills from being passed literally. >> the craziest moment for me was not a fight but this moment one of the legislators, a woman gets up in front of the legislature and grabs the paper away from the person holding it and eats it so we can't vote on this bill because it's in her mouth and she has chewed it up and people are pulling her hair getting her to spit it out. it's unbelievable. >> later the speaker of the house has gotten smart but never fear, some lawmakers have found a way around that one too.
2:25 pm
>> he didn't have that podium for very long. either they knew what he was going to say or they didn't like what he had said. >> another way to slow down the process is to occupy the speaker's desk because he has to be behind his desk using his microphone in order to conduct the business of the chamber. so if you can push the speaker out of the way and take over his desk then you can also stop the process from happening. >> he can play football. >> staging protests inside parliament is another successful stack tick. one of the most interesting things about these legislative brawls is they're usually not spontaneous. at least not in taiwan. they look spontaneous.
2:26 pm
people are rushing up to the front and there's a big mosh pit and there's a big scrum. it looks like somebody lost his temper and went nuts but almost always it's actually planned in advance. >> here you have very dedicated brawlers. they have planned ahead. they have placards. >> they wear a special outfit on the days that they're going to fight and once i was interviewing a legislative assistant and he said oh yeah we got a memo. we have an e-mail in the morning that says tell the boss to wear sneakers and the vest today because we're going to have some action. >> planned or not, these brawls often turn violent and injuries can be serious. >> the most famous is the bloody face of the guy that got hit with a cell phone on his brow bone and split his eyebrow and blood all down his face. he had ten large stitches and 100 small stitches. so it must have been a pretty nasty cut.
2:27 pm
>> and there have been other causalities during intense sessions. mainly ruined suits. >> another very shocking but also funny moment was the fight where they threw their box lunches at each other. >> this clip gives a whole new meaning to a sticky situation. >> this is what happens when you serve lunch during the meeting. >> there's rice in there and stir fried vegetables in there. like a pork chop or a chicken leg so when they hauled off and threw the boxes across the legislature the food is flying out. all of this greasy chinese food reigning down on the legislators. >> so why are fights so common in taiwan? what is it about the country's political system that breeds such frustration? >> the key to understanding the political violence or
2:28 pm
particularly the ledge shgislat violence in twaiwan is they're new democracy. >> in the 1980s taiwan begins to demonth k democratized. in addition taiwan's ruling political party is the minority in the legislature. >> they still couldn't get their stuff through the legislature because they didn't have a majority of seats so it's like when you have a republican president and democratic majority there's always a lot more conflict. >> is there any hope that taiwan would be able to stabilize in the near future? rendering these fights a thing of the past? >> i'm pretty confident that taiwan will develop some mechanisms for smoothing over the most violent of the legislative conflicts. >> but until then grab some popcorn and sit back and enjoy
2:29 pm
the show. and you don't have to look far to find more political punch understand. >> if you want to be a politician in korea a black belt might not be a bad thing to have. >> they have become a spectator sport. >> this looks like a coup. i don't know if i want them to charge. >> there's a confrontation. and one of the challenges with korea as a relatively new democracy is there's not really a political cultural in which debate and compromise are prized. >> the south korean parliament has been in uncontrolled mass brawls. >> in 2004 was a year in which we saw major change in the competition of the national assembly. it became younger and there was the introduction of a new labor party. they brought with them the
2:30 pm
street protest to a certain extent. >> whether it's education reform or impeachment or government relocation you can be sure that fists will be raised and punches will be thrown. >> a lot of pushing and shoving and competition to gain control over the physical instruments for instance the speecher's podium or gavel. there were draft bills and cameras in the national assembly. paper makes a good theatrical effect. >> and theater is really all it is. unlike in taiwan where political brawling often sways an outcome, scott snyder, a director at the asia foundation says the punch ups we see in the korean assembly are all for show. >> usually they are related to ritual confrontations or
2:31 pm
situations where a pleasure or a law is about to be passed. they already know what the outcome is going to be but they need to show their constituents that they have done everything they can in order to try to stop it. it's a ritual fight to show your loyalty even for a lost cause. >> well, even if you're not changing history you're get a good workout. coming up, look out. paperweights fly through the area in india. >> plus somali's fight over whether to allow peace keeping forces into the country. >> the ultimate irony is this a fight about peace keepers. >> someone could have gotten killed. >> when caught on camera, politics gone wild returns. this company's servers.of on accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the
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>> investigators are looking for one gunman still at large that killed a family of 8 innen execution style murder. calls could reveal more details of the grizzly murder scene. donald trump spent time on the trail today criticizing the republican delegates calling it rigged again and accused other candidates of stealing he has dell fwats. now back to caught on camera. >> hello and welcome pack to caught on camera. when we were lashing out in public and fighting one-on-one and brawling and politicians sure know how to disagree with each other. >> 1997 the state assembly erupts into violence. he is a political advisor and he
2:36 pm
has a ring side seat at the spectacular event. >> before they expected there might be some throwing of something but physical man handling and fizz lick handling it and getting the other persons. >> the ruling party in power for only one month is suddenly in danger of losing it's majority. >> the issue was that. >> if this was enough for confidence it didn't succeed i can imagine the voters not having much confidence in these guys. >> when state assembly members are called to vote on whether to replace the party, things got ugly. >> and the shouting has become noisy. >> furniture and everything.
2:37 pm
>> and then the mic is taken from this and on the other side. and it's quite heavy on there. and has begun. >> they look like they could do some damage. there's some nice form on that. >> as the scene descends from he rumps into total disarray. those caught up in the fray take cover. >> the scene has become very important. even physical man handling. undeterred by the chaos around him the speaker carries on. he is determined that the vote proceed and be counted that day. >> so the marshals fight to intervene. they fight to make a shield around the speaker. because the speaker was going on. >> my favorite is when the security guard is holding up what appeared to be chair seats or something as a shield. >> the shield does the trick. the speaker is able to push the
2:38 pm
vote through and the party will be allowed to stay in power. the trouble making opposition parties however won't give up. that afternoon they storm the governor's house and governor intervenes on their behalf dismissing the state government all together. but the party takes it's case to the president. >> up until now nothing of this has happened in indian parliament. in the end the president supports the bjp party and gives the power back to it. >> in technical terms they emerge winners. >> since 1997 violent outbursts have become rare. perhaps in part due to some redecorating. >> mics and rods were removed. paperweights were removed. anything that can be moved was not allowed on the desks. >> now take a look at what happened at a somali political
2:39 pm
summit in 2005. >> it confirmed all of our worst fears about the transitional parliament and transitional federal government. this was a dysfunctional group. >> the fight starts when they disagree about allowing peace keeping troops into their troubled country. >> the ultimate irony is this was a fight about peace keepers. >> they're the longest running instance of complete state collapse in the area. >> they have gone without a functional government since 1991 and many aren't willing to let peace keepers try to stabilize the situation. >> they have a bad history with international peace keeping and the u.s. operation through 1993 to 95 lead to the black hawk down disaster in which 18 army rangers lost their lives and hundreds of somalis as well so there's a history that makes many leery of it. >> on top of that the transitional government has only
2:40 pm
been just been formed. >> parliament is not a routine thing in somalia. this is a country that had 20 years of dictatorship and had no real culture of parliamentary debate and dialogue and then 20 years of state collapse so we're really dealing with political figures who have no history and no cultural of the give and take of parliamentary debate. >> there's a guy in this one just whaling on somebody with a cain and intending to do real harm. >> i've seen more effective fighting in other places. this was really happen hazard but it was quite dangerous because of the way they were using chairs and sticks. someone could have gotten killed. >> peace keepers are allowed in in 2007 and as a result fighting among somali insurgents increases. >> we have a very serious political crisis on our hands and it's triggered the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.
2:41 pm
3.8 million are in immediate need of humanitarian assistance. the u.n. considers somalia the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. >> sadly this scene from 2005 mirrors on a much smaller scale the struggle that occurs every day in somalia. >> the short-term future of the country is very troubled. we won't see the fighting go away any time soon. i have confidence that they're going to pull themselves together and i think they'll have an interesting in seeing a revived state and consolidated peace. >> coming up, one political brawl gets really out of hand. >> saying that he was there. >> nothing is under control. just violence. just rage. >> and then the political
2:42 pm
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> as we have seen political brawls produced ruffled hair, damaged suits, even a few cuts and bruises. but one tips the scales for caught it on camera. >> and the bolivian congress. >> it's one of the mostly conflicted ones in the world. >> in fact, bolivia only became
2:46 pm
a democracy in the 80s after years of military rule and then a string of governments infamous for human rights abuses, narcotics trafficking and economic corruption but some say the word democracy should be used lightly when it comes to bolivia. it is just inferior. >> violence is the consequence of the lack of real democracy. we have elections. we have a congress. we have democratic representatives that have been elected. but somehow all the problems that are beneath bolivian society have been arose in a violent way. it becomes scary. nothing is under control. just violence. just rage. >> one famous instance of violent rage happens in
2:47 pm
september 2006. >> it was really, really a terrible fight. it was really, really. >> jose is a former member of the minority party in bolivia. she there that evening. >> that night i remember he was leading the session. >> he calls for all constitutional reforms to be passed by a simple majority. jose's party reacts angrily knowing they will have no say in these reforms. >> i recall that we took to the session a small plastic bottles and we started hitting the bottles and making noise and yelling dictatorship, dictatorship so that they could stop the session. >> but words are not enough to stop the proceedings. >> you see people standing on the desks yelling at each other.
2:48 pm
women throwing and of course men fighting with their hands, you know, punching each other. it was a ring. >> as jose and his party are doing battle on the floor a man that's a prominent member of the ruling party loses his footing and falls from a ledge. >> suddenly he slipped and fell. he was lying down and his head was bleeding. and somebody screamed saying that he was dead. >> he is rushed to the hospital. his life hanging in the balance. people started crying and yellow and some of the female members of the government started attacking us accusing us saying that we pushed him.
2:49 pm
>> if it was on purpose and a terrible fight also started. >> you can see jose in the middle being beaten from behind. >> that night was like a nightmare. all of our fears started becoming true. we were attacked. we were hit. i felt a couple of punches on my head from the back. i almost feigned. jose and the rest of the party flea. >> we managed to get out of the theater and run away. literally run away. >> jose runs home and remains there for several hours until he gets a startling phone call warning him that angry members of the party are after him. >> so i decided to move to another place and then take a bus immediately at night and
2:50 pm
move to another city to stay safe. >> the lives of jose and other members of his party depend on his full recovery. they remain in hiding waiting for news of his condition. >> he was in a coma for quite health, no doubt about it. we would have ended up being lynched if mr. loiza had not recovered. >> two months later loiza recovers and returns to the assembly. >> he came back as a different person. he was not man of confrontation anymore. he summoned us for a reconciliation, and he provoked one of the most touching, sensitive moments of the constitutional assembly. we applauded him, we thanked him, and we held each other, members of the opposition and members of the government. some people even cried.
2:51 pm
>> the incident with mr. loiza gave them a chance to talk. it gave them a chance to see each other as what they really are, human beings. coming up -- politicians step out and get down. ♪ >> i don't know of any times when it's really good for a president to try to dance. >> when kaut on camera: politics gone wild returns. so i made a decision to talk to my dermatologist about humira. humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear, and many saw 75% and even 90% clearance in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, haveappened;
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going wild seems to be an ongoing theme in the political arena, but fighting isn't the only thing caught on camera. sometimes they trade wild for just plain embarrassing. >> there's a rule for politicians that even if the camera is not on them, if there's a camera in the room, always assume you're on the air. >> take the mayor of london,
2:55 pm
boris johnson, for instance. encouraging volunteers to help clean up london's rivers, boris sets the example and takes the plunge, literally. >> i'm here to promote volunteering week. what could be more lovely on a day like this than having a quick informal dip. >> informal? that's one word for it. >> getting ready. >> and who can forget presidential hopeful gary bauers pancake stunt. >> all right. whoa! oh, no! >> there's a tradition in new hampshire presidential politics where candidates have to flip pancakes at a pancake breakfast. >> oh, no! >> you compare and contrast the politician's skill at flipping pancakes at this event. gary bauer was the worst ever. >> jack be nimble, jack be quick, whoa, jack fall over the bisquick. >> one of the most embarrassing moments for any politician i've
2:56 pm
seen. >> i hope your campaign platform is more solid than your footing, mr. bauer. that goes for you too, mr. dole. campaigning against president bill clinton turns out to be a dangerous affair for bob dole. reaching out to his supporters in california, he falls head first off stage. it turns out that the presidency is just beyond his reach. and speaking of feet, waiting around for dignitaries can be tedious work. president bush takes the opportunity to entertain the press with some fancy footwork of his own. >> i don't know of any times when it's really good for a president to try to dance. >> president bush, it seems, disagrees. here he is again in africa. >> and secretary of state hillary clinton gets down in kenya. >> thank you very much. stop the music.
2:57 pm
>> even russian president boris yeltsin seems comfortable on the dance floor. >> kick it. >> not all politicians are quite so musically inclined however. just ask karl rove. ♪ tell me what is your name >> mc rove. >> i saw this one live, i'm afraid. it was even scarier to watch karl rove rapping in person than on the tv. he's got some of the movements that only dick cheney could manage. >> mc rove. ♪ our dnc is what they're calling me ♪ >> colin powell is equally musically challenged. here he is singing at a security meeting in indonesia. and bad boy blagojevich is caught on camera taking on elvis. ♪ ♪
2:58 pm
>> yikes. don't quit your day jobs, fellas. oh, wait, never mind. perhaps they should have made a speedy escape like president bush tried to do after this press conference. >> this was one of the famous episodes with george bush looking like he didn't know what he was doing because he didn't even know where the door was. >> i was trying to escape. >> and talk about wanting to escape, who can forget vice president dan quayle exercising his spelling expertise in front of the cameras. >> add one little bit on the end. potato. you wrote phonetically. what else? there you go. >> i wouldn't try your luck at, are you smarter than a fifth grader, dan. >> i guess he was wrong and i was right.
2:59 pm
>> and speaking of a gaffe with an "e" on the end, here's a technical one. >> and you're in my way of my script, there, if you will move. >> and don't you just hate those meetings that go on and on and on? president ronald reagan certainly did. just before leaving office, president reagan jokes about his frequent public snoozes. as soon as i get home to california, i plan to lean back, kick up my feet and take a long nap. come to think of it, things won't be all that different after all. >> and speaking of snoozing, i bet president bill clinton wishes this baby was napping and hadn't just eaten before he picked her up at a rally. >> threw up a little bit. >> that's good luck. >> no matter how embarrassing the bloopers or how wild the fights, one thing is for sure, there will always be more. after all, that's politics. if you have a video you'd like to send to us, logon to our
3:00 pm
website caught on i'm contessa brewer. that's it for this edition of "caught on camera." >> this late night talk show host, these intrepid reporters, this politician, and this city bus driver, may seem to have nothing in common, but they all share a common bond. embarrassing, funny, scary, and unbelievable scenarios that all happened on the job.


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