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tv   Lockup Grand Rapids Extended Stay  MSNBC  April 23, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. with more than 130 prior stays -- >> he's been coming in here a long time. so everybody knows randy hudson. >> -- a well-known inmate is back in jail. >> the nicest guy in the world when sober. when he's drunk he can be such an a-hole. alcohol also drives a former marine to violence. >> hit him once, knocked him to
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the ground. hopped on and started raining them down on him. >> the victim is his father. >> he's a 20-year-old trained marine. what can i do to stop him? if he wants to hurt me, he can hurt me. and -- >> life in the one wing of jail that inmates consider prime real estate. >> we teasingly call this the hamptons. >> but one will be expelled for good. grand rapids, michigan, ranks highly in most quality of life categories, but the occupants of a fenced in brick fortress near downtown might disagree. this is the kent county jail. temporary home to about 1,000 men and women. most of whom are accused of
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crimes and awaiting trial at the resolution of their cases. >> i can't do anything that i want to when i want to. i have to ask everybody. i hate asking for anything. >> ooh, sauce. ain't no sugarcoating it. the food sucks. >> welcome to kent county. this [ bleep ] blaze sucks. don't ever come here. >> a different attitude prevails in h2a, one of the jail's minimum security housing units. >> we teasingly call this the hamptons because they're up here with no cells. they have freedom of movement as long as they listen. that's kind of their punishment. the thought of having to live behind doors again. >> most inmates in there are pretty compliant, easy going. a lot of them are in there for minor crimes. so we really don't have to stay on them that much. but you do still have to supervise them. >> i call it h2-awesome. i mean, it's pretty nice. you have a lot more freedom. you have all-day dayroom, a microwave.
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two flat-screen tvs to watch. pullup bar and stuff for working out. >> this is the best unit in jails. >> this is the penthouse of the jail. >> it's still jail. you are locked in one room 100% of the time. >> sean denbraven arrived in the hamptons, after his arrest, a night he remembers little of. >> i was blacked out drunk. i don't remember having the photo taken. every single time i've ever gotten in trouble has directly been related to alcohol. i don't control how much alcohol i drink, and then i black out and then i go crazy. >> denbraven says on the day of his arrest he had about 15 shots of whiskey before heading to his grandmother's house where he was living. >> now i'm not controlling my actions anymore and now i'm running on pure alcohol basically.
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i just walked into my grandma's house, just being stupid. and she got scared and, like, went to call my dad and i took the phone away and smashed it on the ground and then she ran in her room, locked me out and called my dad. he came over. he was holding on to me or something, i think, i think. i hit him once and knocked him to the ground and hopped on and started raining it down on him like crazy, like a maniac basically. >> the police report captures the brutal extent of the assault. denbraven punched his father more than 20 times leaving him bleeding from the nose and ear and in need of medical treatment. he bit his mother on the arm and when police arrived he resisted arrest, shouted obscenities and only complied when the arresting officer drew his taser. >> it's like jekyll and hyde. you know, there's the angel sean then there's the mean devil one with the horns. he comes out when i get too drunk. >> denbraven pled guilty to aggravated domestic violence and
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is awaiting sentencing, but this isn't the first time his drinking led to violence and time at the kent county jail. two months earlier he was arrested then later convicted of domestic violence and sentenced to 30 days. that time the victim was his 18-year-old sister. >> apparently my sister came down to my room and she was mad at me for something. i was hammered. so i grabbed her by the throat and threw her across my room, apparently. the next thing i knew, i was getting put in handcuffs. this is what happens. this is what happens when you don't eat your vegetables and go to school. i've been so caught up in, like, hanging out with my friends and being stupid and doing drugs that i lose sight of what i really should be doing with my life. >> denbraven says the forced sobriety that comes with incarceration along with living in h2-a helped him to become himself again. >> h2-a, outer slider. >> i try to be everyone's friend.
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like, for the most part i try to give everybody a chance, no matter who they are. >> can i have a juice? >> yeah, you can have my juice. >> thank you, denbraven. that's the first time you've ever given me anything. >> he gave you a friendship. >> i didn't ask for that. >> one of his newest friends is shaquille washington. >> it was weird for me at first. i'm a country boy out in the boonies. you know? i never really been around flamboyantly gay people. >> i'm gay. gay as hell. since i came out of my mom, i was a diva in diapers. what was your thought when you first met me? >> i was overwhelmed. honestly. like, whoa, that is just so much gayness, like, right in front of me. like right in front of me, but, you know, just because i had never experienced it before. you know? to each his own. i like girls. i like vaginas. he doesn't. he likes penises. that's his thing. who am i tell to him he can't like penises?
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>> everybody loves me. i can't explain anything else except me being who i am which is the queen of the universe. i think people like me, love me, because i'm so honest and i'm cutthroat. i run the kingdom by myself. i need no help. >> i'm like a little -- >> an ace. >> i'm a peasant. >> you're a peasant. absolutely. >> while washington seemingly reigns over the hamptons, he has trouble reining in his emotions. >> you guys are [ bleep ] losers. every emotion leads to anger. when i'm fat, i get angry. when i'm mad, i get angry. everything leads to anger. >> washington's anger led to three domestic violence charges within the last year. >> the first time i got a domestic violence charge my ex angered me, and i hit him in the mouth with my granny's cane, and when the cops came, my grandma
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said that i hit her as well. >> washington pled guilty to both charges of domestic violence and was placed on probation shortly after his arrest, but six months later he was back in jail for a third domestic violence charge. this time, the alleged victim was his mother. he says it was all a misunderstanding. so he's pled not guilty and is awaiting trial. >> my mom said i'm innocent and my mom's not going to lie for me. >> but life in kent county, especially in the hamptons isn't as bad as washington thought it would be. >> being in h2-a, the hamptons, it makes me so i don't want to go anywhere else. so that's basically what restrains my thoughts so i calm myself down. >> still, the jail version of the hamptons is a far cry from the real thing. washington shares the unit with 62 other men. >> i've never smelt such strong, musty smells outside the jail, like, these men are musty. their breath stinks horribly like, you can't smell someone's breath until you're face to face
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with them, but their breath travels. like, you know, i walk into a cloud of breath. like, it's horrible. like, i'll be walking past a group of people and i smell breath and then they fart all the time. they have no manners. they were born, not raised. >> but jamal davis is a breath of fresh air. he's a friend washington knows from local clubs. >> talk about your outfit. that was the kicker. >> bitch, my outfit was i have silver, like, disco booty shorts on and a lime green tank top with white go-go boots. >> we're both gay, and that makes me feel more comfortable around him, other than everybody else on the unit who is straight. he just makes my time go by a lot faster. >> i did the whole catwalk and a pose and i killed the stage. i killed it. >> i just bet you did. >> davis' good times have been frequently interrupted by stays at kent county. he has prior convictions for larceny and break-in and entering and has been arrested
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on various parole violations. he pled guilty to two new charges of larceny and is now awaiting sentencing. >> i can't wait to get out of here. >> girl, don't remind me. >> you got less days than i do. >> because you're a criminal. knew -- >> i'm not no criminal. >> you're a habitual offender. >> no. that was last year. this is this year. >> new year, new you? >> that's what they say. new year, new year. coming up -- >> called a wrist lock, basically. >> jamal says good-bye to the hamptons and hello to another part of the jail. >> this is the projects. and later -- >> say hi to your mom? >> sure. let me talk to her. >> all right. i love you. >> i love you, too, dad. >> sean denbraven gets a visit from home.
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all right, guys. time for chow. doing a door break. eat, make sure you come out.
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>> inside grand rapids' kent county jail, most inmates live in traditional two-person cells. while they're allowed to spend most of the day and early evening hours in the rec room with others, it's more confining than doing jail in the men's unit, h2-a, also known at the hamptons. >> go back to your day room. >> there are no cells in the hamptons, but that added accepts sense of freedom comes with higher expectations for good conduct. >> they know what the expectations are. to be honest, at any given time, 90%, 95% meet the expectations. but it's that, you know, maybe 1% up to 5% of guys think they want to do it their way, and we either get them back on the page or we get them off. >> jamal davis just lost his spot in the hamptons and is now in a considerably less desirable locale. disciplinary segregation, more commonly known as the hole. >> in the hole, it's a whole different story. this is the projects.
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i can't watch tv. i can't drink coffee. i can't play cards. down here really sucks. i kind of messed up a good thing. >> davis is awaiting sentencing for larceny, or stealing personal property. his expulsion from the hamptons resulted after several mornings of when he and his friend, shaquille washington, slept past the mandatory 7:30 wake-up time. >> during the day they're not allowed to go under the covers. we've had a problem of inmates staying up through the night because they slept all day and they interfere with other inmates, prevent them from going to sleep, making noise. >> we're the only ones who sleep in like that every day, so he just got tired of it. >> jamal tends to do what shaquille does. they both act a little childish. they stick together quite a bit.
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i decided that day that one of them was going to move. >> he was asking us about, like, do we want to stay there and everything like that? i told him, i was like, i don't care. >> jamal said it with attitude, with sass. you know, his tone was very pointed, and it was disrespectful. so the c.o. was like, well, pack it up. >> so deputy green decided davis would be moved out, but only to another general population housing unit. the move to the hole would come a short time later. >> in the process of getting him moved, he refused. didn't want to pack his stuff up. >> i was bitchy. let's put it that way. i went back, got under my covers and laid completely back down. >> with davis refusing orders, deputy green requested backup to help with the move. >> i was like, i'll just make a scene then. how about that? i started to, like, fight back. >> it wasn't much of a fight. deputies swarm davis and raise
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his cuffed wrists above his head, preventing further resistance. >> when someone starts to resist you want control of them to stop them from escalating their resistance. these officers just have their arms over his shoulder which gives good control of directing where you want him to go. a wrist lock basically. just holding him but you can apply pressure for compliance. caused us a couple problems trying to move so they're not giving him more chances to do that. >> davis was placed in a holding cell where his bad behavior continued. >> once they left and took the handcuffs off me i was still pissed off. i tried to flood the toilet. ripped my mattress. they didn't like that, so they put the handcuffs back on me. >> davis was next moved to a camera cell where inmates can be observed 24/7. that didn't deter him either. >> once he was placed in the camera cell, using toothpaste as an adhesive, he covered the camera with a piece of paper. once the officers noticed he covered up the camera, the officers went over and told him to remove the paper and he removes the paper but there's
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still quite a bit of toothpaste on the camera lens, so they have him get a rag and clean the lens off further so we can better observe his actions in that cell. >> due to his behavior, davis' classification was changed from minimum to medium security. which bans him from the medium security unit. >> they watch, record, every move i do. if i would do it again, i would just move. >> davis also misses his friend, shaquille washington. >> i miss my bitch. i miss shaquille. we've known each other for, like, three years. >> washington, however, doesn't seem to share the same feelings. >> i don't really know too much about him, other than what i seen, and what i seen isn't somebody who i would be best friends with. >> washington has moved on and reunited with another friend from the outside. jelani andrews. >> that's right. come in the other room. >> why you do that, bro?
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[ laughter ] >> i'm tired, bro. >> he's really cool. like, i respect him. he's not a judgmental person at all. i would say he's my straight best friend. >> how's your day, shaquille? >> i don't know. just woke up. >> why didn't you wake me up? did you touch my feet again? >> yeah. >> i've known shaquille since seventh grade. he's cool as hell. he got a good heart. i'm proud to say that's my gay best friend. >> andrews is ending a sentence for marijuana and carrying a concealed weapon. >> where i'm from, from the south side, it's like people got guns. that's when they have balls. dude's like, hey, bro, i have strap for sale. want to buy it? what kind of strap? the .40. it was most beautifulest gun i've seen in my life. >> the gun may have been beautiful, but it was also hot.
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and then like when i got arrested and like my lawyer said you know you have a dea agent's gun? i didn't get in trouble because i never shot the gun. didn't scratch the serial numbers off and all the original hallow tips was in the clip. it wasn't nothing in the chamber. >> if he done any of those things, andrews could have faced a stiff sentence in federal prison instead of a couple of months in the hamptons. >> it's a wake-up call. i am the youngest person on this pod. i'm 18 years old in this h2-a [ bleep ] pod. this is the best pod to be in but that doesn't matter. i'm still in jail at the end of the day. >> at least in the hamptons there's always a possibility of a sing-along breaking out. we locked up in the kcj ♪ ♪ ♪ they acting like, actually it's the pits nasty slot still deal with these [ bleep ] cops ♪ and the ugly i'm so pissed but i want to scream ♪ coming up -- >> go out and do what you want.
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i see you in a third time, you're [ bleep ]. >> old timers, attempt to school the younger generation. and -- >> i was 1 years old when he started coming here. >> my reputation right now is that i'm most arrested person in kent county. >> the jail's best known inmate returns for another stay. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief
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♪ we are rednecks, we want everyone to know load up the truck with beer and let's go ♪ cracking a cold one on the way ♪ ♪ tracking and keeping the police at bay ♪ >> inside the housing unit known as the hamptons at kent county jail, sean denbraven brings a little country to the city. we roam around the world in a camouflage suit ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i wrote a song called "rednecks." think it turned out all right. ♪ tearing it up in one of the best trucks around ♪ ♪ no city boy will ever hold me back yeah ♪ ♪ i'm country to the core you better believe that ♪ into explosion of redneck,
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loving the country, hunting, fishing, four-wheeling, big trucks, country music and all that in one package. ♪ we are rednecks we want everyone to know ♪ ♪ load up the truck and beer and let's go ♪ ♪ crack a cold one on the way and keep the police at bay ♪ >> yeah. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> i love that song. it's catchy. it's annoying as [ bleep ] but really, really catchy. probably one of the most catchiest songs i've heard. >> the best part right here. >> ain't got no liquor, beer, nothing. >> sean denbraven is currently awaiting sentencing for raining 20 or more punches down on his father and biting his mother when he lost control of himself after drinking about 15 shots of whiskey. >> the judge i have, he's probably going to send me to rehab. i'm hoping that he releases me from jail and let's me just go to rehab myself, because i'm going to be a little upset if he makes me stay in jail and wait for them to come pick me up, because that's going it be a bummer.
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>> for now, though, younger inmates in the hamptons line denbraven, shaquille washington and jelani andrews might benefit from the experiences shared by robert janil and christopher reid. they first came before any of younger inmates were born. >> now that you got this chance to change your life, start all over again, you know, use it. >> work at mcdonald's flipping burgers, [ bleep ], mopping floors. i don't care if i have to clean up [ bleep ], i'm going to do it. >> you think about more things. think about the things you're about to do before you do them now. >> exactly. >> me and some of the older guys we try to talk to them and let them know, you know, it's no place to be. let them look at me and see, you know, that, you know, you could very well be me if you don't change your ways now. >> we do the things we do, because we want to do them. we want to go out and drink or smoke weed, whatever, that's because we want to do them. we ain't got to do them. we want to do them. >> it's the choices i made in life. you know, to continue in this life of crime, as i was
9:27 pm
continuing, i got the same old results. no matter which direction i went, i still got the same results. i didn't want them to go through the same thing. >> i've been here 70 days now, and i've seen, like, probably six or seven people come into jail, leave and then come back to jail. >> as you said, you watch people come back. i watched you come back twice, for the same exact thing. >> same thing. >> let's not make it a third time. you got to take the first step. do what you say you're going to do. i see you back here for a fourth [ bleep ] time? >> that will not be necessary. >> every action, reaction. we try to instill it in them, because a lot of things they're going through, us older guys have been through it, you know? >> what's your plans? >> my plans when i get out is to get a job, go to school, get my education and live my life. free of bull [ bleep ]. >> oh, boy.
9:28 pm
>> everybody's bull [ bleep ]. >> everybody's bull [ bleep ]. >> yeah. i have a horrible temper that gets me into a lot of trouble. >> people learn from their mistakes and stuff. now, when a person is going through something, it's up to him to continue to go through it. now, you can look back and say, you made it through the storm. >> exactly. >> i point you in the direction, you know? now it's up to you to go that way. and shaquille, he wants to change. you know? when you can recognize when you're wrong and admit when you've made fault, then that's a step forward. >> ten days later, shaquille washington would have another opportunity to make it on the outside. the domestic violence charge in which he allegedly assaulted his mother was dropped. and he was released from jail. >> first thing first. get a job. take courses at the community college. my future is very bright. it's very, very bright. coming up -- >> he'll come in, losing his mind. he'll come in, start yelling. he knows me by first name. randy! >> i'm not proud of it.
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this is what can happen to your life if you don't make positive choices. >> an old timer and a young man. deal with the perils of addiction. >> really sick of being here. you know? >> kind of sick of you being there, too. ♪
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when you're not thinking about car insurance. family and friends gathered to say a loving good-bye to mega-star prince during a ceremony friday. sources say his remains have been cremated. and autopsy results will take at least four to six weeks. and north korea's foreign minister says his country will stop nuclear tests if the u.s. stops the military exercises with south korea. he also warns sanctions will not do anything to pyongyang. now it's back to lock-up.
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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. one big setback. >> about 26,000 men and women are booked in a grand rapids kent county jail every year. since they often arrive in booking, fresh from a crime scene or in various stages of intoxication, the jail needs to quickly gather information about their pasts. that's accomplished with the touch of a finger on a biometric identification device. >> that will run through our whole system of anybody that's ever been here and check and see if they've been here and make a match with them. >> but not a single deputy at the kent county jail needs technology to identify randy hudson. >> he's what we would call a regular here. frequent flier. he currently holds the record for book-ins in kent county jail. >> hudson has been coming to the jail since the late 1970s. >> been arrested, like, 162 times in michigan. >> hudson's been booked into the kent county jail alone more than 130 times.
9:34 pm
>> i'm very popular at kent county jail. >> hey, randy. how's things going? >> all right. >> going all right? >> yep. >> when i hear randy hudson's name i think back 20-some years since i started. he's been coming in a long time. so everybody knows randy hudson. >> i've been here 24 years and he's been coming here at least 5 years longer than i've been here. i can't think of a year he has not come to jail. >> i was 1 year old when he first started coming here. >> my reputation right now is i'm the most arrested person in kent county. i'm not proud of it. you know, this is what can happen to your life if you don't make positive choices. >> hudson, most of his arrests and convictions have stemmed from drugs, alcohol and vapor inhalation, or sniffing substances. like glue or paint.
9:35 pm
>> first time i was in jail was for intoxication of vapors. i was 18. then ever since then it just continued. i've been arrested for open container, assault and battery. attempt to court. trespassing, possession of marijuana. open intoxication of vapors. third offense drunk driver. 30 years later still the same thing. i'm a grown man, i know better. >> whenever he is booked in to the jail, hudson is almost always intoxicated and deputies say he can be a handful. >> he'll come in losing his mind. you know, he will come in and start yelling. knows me by first name. randy, randy! he goes on and on and on. oh, my gosh. he's the nicest guy in the world. when he is sober, a nice guy. when he's drunk, he can be such an a-hole. it drives you crazy. >> within two or three days he usually is off and he mellows right out and he is not a problem. he is actually a model
9:36 pm
inmate. >> goody day? huh? right here. >> hudson's current charge is more serious than most of his others which were misdemeanors. he's pled guilty to felonious assault and is awaiting sentencing. admits to striking a man with his belt and said it was in self-defense. >> i walked down to the store to get a couple more beers. the victim that supposedly i hit with a belt was coming out of the store and we sort of bumped each other and he pushed me. i pushed him back, and that's when he hit me. with his fist, then he hit me with a beer can. i grabbed my belt. i hit him a couple times, it went out into the parking lot. i called the police, told them i was just assaulted. the ambulance came. i was all bloodied up. i ended up going to the hospital and getting stitches and all that. so on my way out of the hospital they come and arrest me for felonious assault. >> hudson has a prior felonious assault conviction for which he served time in state prison. now he's eligible for more than a decade in prison. >> my record and my past, you know, it's like a strike against me.
9:37 pm
i'm not a bad person, you know? i have problems in my life like everybody else does, but, you know, i'm pretty confident that, you know, it will all work out. over in h2-a, the minimum security men's unit also known as the hamptons, sean denbraven's history with alcohol starts him down a dangerous road as well. >> i don't know. it didn't have a time on there. >> probably a 30 to 90 day program. that's why, bro. >> denbraven pled guilty to -- aggravated domestic violence and is waiting for sentencing. in a drunken rage he bit his mother and pummelled his father with more than 20 punches to his face. >> i didn't drink every day or nothing. i was a binge drinker. when i did drink, i drank way too much and got into all shorts of shenanigans. >> denbraven received the sentencing recommendation, calling for him to go to an in-patient rehabilitation facility rather than prison.
9:38 pm
denbraven is not happy about the news. >> i don't want to move from being locked in jail to being locked in a rehab place. which i think is a little hard core for me. i'm not a heroin addict. i don't smoke crystal meth. i just drink a little too much alcohol every once in a while. >> today, denbraven has a visit from the people who are both his victims and biggest supporters. >> we're here for our weekly visit with our son sean. this is the second time being arrested. it's mainly cycled around alcohol, alcohol abuse, a little drug abuse and getting out of control and getting in trouble. >> glen and kathleen denbraven are still dealing with the violence inflicted upon them by sean nearly three months earlier. >> furniture tipping over. lamps breaking. the things you see on tv. >> very traumatic. it's like, this is not happening. this is not my life. he screamed at us, i hate you, i'm going to ill you. i'm going to kill you. he doesn't remember any of that. >> no.
9:39 pm
he's a 20-year-old trained marine. what can i do to stop him? if he wants to hurt me, he can hurt me. >> denbraven says when sober, his father is the last person he'd want to hurt. >> my dad is like my buddy, my dad and my friend at the same time. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing all right. >> yeah? >> hanging in there. >> a few more days. >> final countdown. >> yeah. it's the final countdown, for sure. >> another four days. >> really sick of being here. you know? >> kind of sick of you being there, too. >> yeah, get me out of this place. >> it's not up to me. >> yeah, i'm pretty sure i'm going to have to go to rehab. >> kind of what it's looking like. coming here visiting him every week has gotten routine over the last few months but it's still pretty difficult. some days we really don't want to go but we should, we need to. it's tough to deal with sometimes. >> dad gets emotional easy. not that i don't, too, but -- it's been hard on the whole family. we never dreamed this would ever happen to us, that one of our
9:40 pm
children, you know, would go off the deep end, would end up in jail. >> you going to say hi to your mom? >> yeah, sure. let me talk to mom. >> all right. i love you. i'll talk to you again. >> love you too, dad. what's up? >> what's up? what's up? >> nothing. i just really don't want to, like, have to go to rehab. >> i know. >> forever. dude, like, that sucks. i've been in jail three months. figured out by now i don't want to [ bleep ] around when i get out of here. >> you have to do whatever the judge says. >> oh, really? is that how it works? >> what else am i supposed to say? >> i just don't want to live at some stupid rehab place. i want to be able to go home. >> i think you'll have fun with it anyway. >> no, no, you're high. you must be stoned out your mind. >> that's enough. >> no, mom, you've never been incarcerated for five minutes in your life. you have no idea what you're talking about. >> i don't presume to. >> you're acting like you do right now. yeah. >> so i don't know what else to
9:41 pm
tell you. okay. here comes dad. >> i love you, mom. >> i love you, too. >> i see you getting agitated talking to your nom. >> i did a little. i've been in jail three months. i've pretty much figured out, like, i don't want to mess around and be a jackass when i get out of here. >> he's expecting us to take him back home and i don't think our family can handle it right now. he needs to show us he's going to get rehab and do these things on his own and show us in good faith that he's changed. >> you know i'm sorry for everything that happened. you know? >> i do. >> for why i'm here. you know? >> uh-huh. yeah. we're just -- >> this is crazy. >> we'll just move on. make sure it never happens again. >> it won't, dude. trust me. i'll be the first 21-year-old in the history of the universe not to get hammered on his 21st birthday.
9:42 pm
>> that would be good. i'll sit down and drink coffee with you all night long. >> no, i'll probably -- i'm going to have at least one -- i'm going to have one beer. i'm going to have one beer. >> we'll see. >> i'm going to have one beer. >> we're almost done. >> i love you. thanks for coming. see you wednesday. >> love you, too. see you soon. all right. bye. i can forgive him for what happened. to say it will never happen again, the first time we got him out, bailed him out. never going to drink again, do this stuff, jail sucks. i'm never going back to jail again. i spent two week there's. a month and a half later, he's back in for a three-month stretch, because he did the same things he did before. so now i want to believe you, but i'd be a fool to just blind trust you again. coming up, the hamptons inmate goes free. >> i feel like a peacock that wants to fly or flamingo that wants to run or ostrich that wants to swim. and -- >> he's not a bad kid. hence the kid part.
9:43 pm
>> i'm a little obnoxious every once in a while. >> sean denbraven prepares to be sentenced. >> just like tom bordet. we'll leave the light on for you. mouthbreathers. breathe right. (two text tones) now? (text tone) excuse me. (phone tone) again? be right back. always running to the bathroom because your bladder is calling the shots? (text tone) you may have oab. enough of this. we're going to the doctor. take charge and ask your doctor about myrbetriq. that's myr-be-triq, the first and only treatment... its class for oab symptoms of urgency... ...frequency, and leakage. myrbetriq (mirabegron) may increase blood pressure. tell your doctor right away if you have trouble emptying your bladder, or have a weak urine stream. myrbetriq may cause serious allergic reactions. if you experience... ...swelling of the face, lips, throat or tongue or difficulty breathing, stop taking myrbetriq and tell your doctor right away. myrbetriq may affect or be affected by other medications.
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9:46 pm
before dawn, most of the inmates at kent county jail are still asleep, jelani andrews is wide awake and on his way to say good-bye to sean denbraven. >> leaving, bro. >> i love you, bro. >> i love you, too, bro. >> andrews completed his 75-day sentence for marijuana possession and carrying a concealed weapon and is now headed home. >> hey, so much.
9:47 pm
>> first thing i'm doing when i go home, take a shower, a bath, take another shower, take another bath. i'm going to take another shower. >> as andrews goes to the exit process, a former resident of the housing unit known as the hamptons arrived to pick him up. shaquille washington. >> you take care of those who take care of you. >> wow. i was locked up in here. he always looked out for me. so he didn't have nobody pick him up, so i came and picked him up. >> he's a man of his word, came and got me. >> i feel like a bird that was in a cage. now they let me fly. i feel like a peacock that wants to fly or flamingo that wants to run or an ostrich that wants to run. i feel like a rock that can walk. >> jamal davis, currently in segregation after refusing orders to leave the hamptons won't be celebrating freedom any time soon. he's just been sentenced to state prison for a term of one to four years on two counts of larceny. >> i am worried about going to prison. prison is really unpredictable. >> could you open 32?
9:48 pm
>> today deputy james is checking in on davis who at 19 years old has never been to prison. >> the minimum time you're going to do is what? a year? you aren't going to go to maximum security, you know that, don't you? just roll with it and see where it takes you. don't overthink this. everybody sits there and worries and worries and worries. you don't do yourself any good doing that, anyway. while you're there, if you can take any classes, do anything while you're in the prison system, do it. do whatever you can. you know, to help you out. then when you get out, have a little bit more education. do what you can while you're locked up. he just wanted to talk to somebody. i guess it helped him out. he had somebody to talk to. someone to bounce something off of. all right. take it easy. >> yep. >> bye. >> it meant a lot because that's all i wanted, and i could just see when he was talking to me he was just trying to help. >> sean denbraven's time at kent
9:49 pm
county is most likely coming to an end as well. he's headed to court to be sentenced for biting his mother and assaulting his father. >> just waiting basically. got my court hairdo going. >> he forgot to shave. >> i forgot to shave this morning which is terrible, but i think i'll probably survive. but, yeah. >> and the mean, old deputy wouldn't give me his razor because you missed last call. >> my fault. i wasn't on the ball. >> serving time in the minimum security unit, denbraven has developed a rapport with deputy earley. >> he's not a bad kid. hence the kid part. >> i'm obnoxious every once in a while. hopefully after today i won't be here at all ever again. hopefully. >> i hope i never see you again. >> finger the crossed. fingers crossed. >> then, again -- >> maybe at the quickie cart. >> we're just like tom bodett, we'll leave the light on for you. >> denbraven has twice been convicted of assaulting family members while intoxicated. the prosecution recommended he
9:50 pm
receive in-patient rehabilitation treatment. many inmates would consider themselves lucky to get rehab over prison, but not denbraven. >> i mean, i am an alcoholic. i do have a drinking problem, so yeah, it probably will help me in the long run. just don't want to do it. >> are you both getting sentenced today? >> yeah. >> all right. >> ooh. >> i believe so. >> what's going to happen to you? >> i'm just here for probation violation. >> i'll give you a little sound advice. >> what? >> when you go in there, be respectful to the judge. >> absolutely. i got politeness down to a science. >> another bit of advice. don't talk. just listen. >> another thing i was planning on doing. >> i'm a little nervous for sure, yeah, a little bit. i mean, i don't want to go spend another three months living at a rehab facility. i want to go home and like be with my family.
9:51 pm
>> can you turn around for me, please? >> yes, i can. >> raise your hands. >> hmm. >> all right. on your knees. >> yep. you know, it's kind of degrading, really. being all shackled up like this like an animal. this isn't who i want to be. i don't want to be jailbird denbraven. i want to be out here and be an upstanding citizen and good boy and not come back to jail. shotgun. i called shotgun! coming up -- >> food was excellent back then. cheeseburger, fries, shrimp. boiled eggs with toast. don't have that no more. >> randy hudson recalls a bygone era. and sean denbraven faces a brand new world. >> getting out. where we going? >> quite a bright t-shirt. >> i know, and pajama pants. >> that's quite the outfit. that reminds me of how geico's been the fastest-growing auto insurer for over 10 years straight. over ten years?
9:52 pm
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9:55 pm
hudson first started coming here in the late 1970s. and hudson says that all the changes are for the better. >> you could smoke back then in here. buy cigarettes. it was cool smoking. back then. nothing like after eating a meal, a man gets to smoke a cigarette. you can't do that no more. the food was excellent back then. cheeseburgers, french fries, shrimp. boiled eggs with toast. don't have that no more. >> hudson has had more than 130 stays at the kent county jail, and all of his arrests in one way or another have been rooted in drug and alcohol addiction. >> how you doing, randy? >> good there, gary. >> haven't seen you in a week. >> yeah, yeah. i've been hanging in there. i've known the officer ever since he was working here. i was 17, 18 when i came in here. >> i'll be 54 this month. i need to get a girl that's a little older, wanting to settle down a little bit. you know. >> you need somebody to put you
9:56 pm
on a leash and a tether to slow you down. >> yeah. there you go. >> i have a feeling i'll retire and he won't. he'll keep coming back. all right. take it easy. >> yeah, thanks. >> a few days later, hudson learned he will not be returning to the jail any time soon. his judge has given him a sentence of 1 1/2 to 15 years in prison for felonious assault. >> i've been here going on almost four months. it's stressful, depressing. it's a relief when you know what you've got to do and you can start planning things. you know? >> hudson will soon be transferred to state prison. he has had well over 100 jail stay, and this will be his fourth prison term. >> i call these really dark days, you know, because my past always seems to haunt me. it never goes away. you know? so i guess the best thing you can do is just don't come back to jail or prison and, you know, choose the better way of life, you know?
9:57 pm
stay away from drug, alcohol, whatever keeps making you come back. hi, guys. straight in against the wall. >> at 20 years old, sean denbraven is 33 years younger than hudson, but has seen alcohol lead to two convictions for domestic violence. his first victim was his sister. now he has just been sentenced for the second charge, in which he assaulted his parents. >> so pretty much went as well as it could go. i'm getting released. got three years of probation. got $2,398.58 worth of fines and it says i have to go to rehab and not be a jackass for three years. >> you have to change out. >> this is the room. this is the room. >> the paperwork. >> denbraven will trade in his jail uniform for the clothes he was wearing the night of his arrest. >> all right. we'll step out so he can change. >> and those clothes are his pajamas.
9:58 pm
>> all right. let's get on out. where are we going? >> i don't know. that's quite a bright t-shirt. >> i know. pajama pants. >> that's quite the outfit. >> i'm pretty sure that's my dad's blood probably. >> from what? >> from when i beat his face in. >> why would you do a thing like that? >> because i was blacked out drunk and going ham on the universe. >> well -- all right. >> yep. >> we'll go this way. >> all right. it's been a crappy three months. it sucks. i really, really don't want to come back to jail. i pretty much figured out i don't want to go out and, like, drink and be stupid. >> intake, one release at door 4. and we go. >> i think i've grown up a little bit. i've realized -- i was still holding on to that, like, high school party mentality, you know, but since i've been in jail, you know, i've realized i did it already. get a job and stop being a jackass and, like, maybe try to do something with my life.
9:59 pm
that's my dad and my mom right there, and it's delicious out here. it just tastes so good. i'm not telling you not to. it's good to see you, too, dad. oh, group hug. group hug. >> we feel relieved. we got what we hoping for. no more jail time. he's just sentenced to probation. and to go through rehab. you know, he's excited about putting his life back together. we're excited about him putting his life back together. so, it's a big relief to be going the next step.
10:00 pm
♪ ♪ are there any personal problems on this block right now? people not getting along? we need to talk about it now to get it straightened up. >> a new inmate struggles with life on the tough side of the jail. >> they've got me sleeping on the floor. >> another inmate is offered a chance to improve his condition, but mounts a defense anyway. >> he's never satisfied with anything he gets. >> and she has made that


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