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tv   Lockup Fairfax Extended Stay  MSNBC  April 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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♪ ♪ are there any personal problems on this block right now? people not getting along? we need to talk about it now to get it straightened up. >> a new inmate struggles with life on the tough side of the jail. >> they've got me sleeping on the floor. >> another inmate is offered a chance to improve his condition, but mounts a defense anyway. >> he's never satisfied with anything he gets. >> and she has made threats toward staff members.
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she has made attempts to strike staff members. she was about as out of control as inmates get in this facility. >> you've got me locked up in my cell 24/7, anyone would go crazy. [ bleep ] psycho in this [ expletive ]. ♪ ♪ 15 miles west of washington, d.c., is the suburban city of fairfax, virginia. forbes magazine once ranked it as one of the top places to live in america. but in the middle of downtown is a place where the good life comes to a screeching halt.
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most of the 1200 men and women incarcerated at the fairfax county adult detention center are only accused of crimes and awaiting trial for the resolution of their cases and few have favorable reviews. >> fairfax is the worst jail in northern virginia. >> this jail is locked down. >> fairfax is the most viciousest jail ever in the united states of america. >> yeah. >> they don't like it here because of all of our rules. from all of the rules i've heard we have more rules and regulation than the other local jails so we're known as the tough jail. >> the woman who runs the jail says that's by design. >> we have a very regimented system and we have a way of doing things and it's structure and a lot of individuals that come in don't have structure in their lives. >> nowhere is that structure more evident than in what is commonly referred to as the old side of the jail. reserve for higher security inmates, it is far more restrictive. inmates are locked out of their
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cell from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. >> also the world generally sleeps during the evening and is working during the day. we don't want them sleeping during the day doing nothing and wasting their time and rotting away in a prison cell or jail cell. >> when they are in their cells, overcrowding on the old side often requires two men to share a space designed for one. that means somebody sleeps on the floor. by contrast, the new side of the jail is designed for nonviolent, minimal security inmates and less crowded, more housing units and nicer accommodations and they can come and go from their cells as they please. >> a single-file line and keep your hands out of your pockets. follow me. >> determining which side of the jail inmates go to after they arrive is the job of
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classification deputies like sergeant o'neal. >> you certainly don't want to put a minimum custody prisoner in a block with someone who may be a violent offender. >> what's your name? >> david rother. >> david rother served seven days in the jail after pleading guilty to driving under a suspended license and carrying a concealed weapon. this time he's charged with robbery. he says a former roommate falsely accused him of taking money after they had a fight and he plans to plead not guilty. >> you were in a jail before? >> yes. >> where were you housed in the jail then? >> i was on the new side. i can't remember where it was. >> okay. have you ever been to the old side? >> no. >> you're aware of it? >> yeah. >> because of your charge, violent -- >> please don't do that to me, man. >> you have to go to the old side. >> i'm not a violent man. >> i'm bound by rules of the agency and you have to go over there.
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>> i don't -- >> i don't have a choice, whether you did or you did it it's considered a violent offense, and i have to put you over there because of the nature of the charge. >> all right, man. it is what it is, i guess. >> honestly, it's really no different. >> i know you get locked out all day. >> yeah, you do. >> the deputies are real hard asses over there because they're dealing with violent offenders whereas on the new side they're more relaxed. whether you're in the old side or the new side, you're in jail. ♪ >> rother will wait in a holding cell until he is processed and taken to his housing unit. while he dreads going to the old side of the jail, iesha walker says she would love to be
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anywhere other than the one-person cell she's confined to, 23 hours per day. >> i haven't been in general population for two and a half years. i've been in this cell for two and a half years on and off. i have not seen anybody else for two and a half years. ♪ ♪ as soon as i come in i'm pretty much housed in this cell. i don't go anywhere else. >> walker is in administrative segregation due to chronic behavioral problems. >> the last couple of times she was in general population she does not get along with other inmates and she's volatile in her temperament and gets set off easily and she will most likely get in segregation any time she comes to this jail. >> walker has had several stays in this jail for convictions including assault and disorderly conduct. she's currently back for probation violation on her latest conviction of grand larceny.
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>> she's a problem child and floods herself. she has made threats to staff members and she has made attempt s to stab staff members and she's as out of control as inmates get in this facility. >> walker is required to be handcuffed any time her cell door is open, even when she's escorted to recreation which she must attend alone. >> it's simple, don't [ bleep ] with me and i won't [ bleep ] with you. i have a bad anger problem when i get upset i go from one to a hundred and it's very scary. >> and that rapid-boil temper led to walker's latest conviction for grand larceny. after she placed an ad on craigslist to sell a playstation and then met with a potential buyer. >> the guy looks at it and he's, like, i don't want it. that's going to piss me off. what do you mean? i've been waiting two hours and you don't want it ? where the [ bleep ] is the money.
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my friend, my friend, no, you're not my friend. i want your money. >> walker admits stealing cash and cell phones from the man. she pled guilty and served six months of a ten-year sentence before being released on probation. walker violated by leaving the state and now awaits a court hearing which could result in her first prison sentence. i have nine and a half years over my head. >> what scares you the most about prison? >> that my mind may deteriorate. i might become more bitter and resentful and i might end up just saying [ bleep ] it . >> walker said she's developed plenty of bitterness and resentment locked away in her administrative segregation cell. ♪ >> you've got me locked up in my cell 24/7, anyone would go craze pep someone who is completely sane before they come to jail and they're in their cell for that [ bleep ] long, eventually
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you just might snap. >> ironically, walker says her outbursts in jail have resulted in not being allowed to participate in programs like anger management. while mental health staff will not comment on their treatment of individual inmates, walker does acknowledge having received help from them. >> when i did come here this time to the health staff i've been more helpful. i had tools in my room. i'm reading and i'm understanding more about myself. >> i get a journal are for mental health staff and i write what's on my mind. i write and read my material to help reduce my anger. >> walker says she's been making strides. >> are you doing okay? >> with the help of private 1st class buckner. >> there will be days when she'll get so mad that she doesn't get something and she'll trash her room. she'll try to flood it. with me, she'll get angry and
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she'll be abusive language and i say walker you're better than this. >> because of you, i'm mad at you because i always cry because of you. >> you're a human with feelings, right? >> i'm not the big bogeyman or the monster anymore. >> coming up, iesha walker has her new look for court, but will her old ways get the best of her? >> i tried to help her. (bear growls)
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is the operating philosophy of the fairfax adult detention center can be summed up in two words. >> we do believe that safety and security is of utmost importance and the safety and the security of the staff and the inmates. we're supposed to be the ones in control. >> to that end the jail has instituted policies such as locking medium and maximum security inmates out of their cells during the day.
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>> if there wasn't lockout they would have access into their rooms which you can't observe from an outside area and that's more things that they're doing which we can't see and can't observe, which could be escape attempts, creating weapons and assaulting an inmate. >> each morning, these inmates housed on what is the old side of the jail exit their cells and wait for deputies to conduct a walk through. >> we go inside the block with the inmates and they all stand against the wall will and a blanket for the day and their bags and the property that they need for the day. we go in there and maybe 10, 15 deputies and the walk through will be given by the post which will be myself today. >> good morning. i'll be your most deputy for the first part of the day. you have the handbooks and the responsibility of the rules in the handbooks. if you don't know them i suggest you read them. your greens will be on and buttoned up as you go to and from the shower. >> the other deputies will be coming in there and they'll be conducting a security and the
10:15 pm
sanitation inspection of each cell. don't be banging on my windows yelling out my door unless you have a fight or medical emergency. are there any problems in this block and people not getting along? we ned to talk about it now and get it straightened up. keep your backs to the wall until we leave. >> no, no, go ahead. >> david rother has just spent his first night on the old side. after he was brought in on a robbery charge to which he plans to plead not guilty. >> i've been in this jail before, but i've never been on this side before. it's not really much different once you get up here, i guess, other than being locked out of our cells during the day. >> and after the lockout ends, rother is allowed back in his cell, but it's not much more comfortable. >> i think i have at least bunk beds or something like that. it's kind of [ bleep ] up.
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they've got me sleeping on the floor. right now i'm looking at it as i'm at least going to be here for a few months. if i get bond, great. i've got the money and i'll get out and go home to my girl. i miss my family, man, you know? sucks, man. it really does. i don't want to be here. so -- it is what it is. ♪ >> while rother struggles to adapt to his surroundings, there is one fairfax inmate for whom the jail is almost a second home. >> john stark. can you comment on john stark? >> i'm an alcoholic, i guess. or a professional drinker. >> he's a frequent flier. he comes in here quite often, usually for drunk in public. >> will i stop? i don't know.
10:17 pm
it depends if they run out of beer. >> i would see john stark come in three times, four times on a weekend. >> how is it hanging, robby? >> john is john. they all know me. in a way, these guys are my family also. they want me to run for sheriff. stark for sheriff. sounds good. ♪ >> you bring up my record, he's been arrested for drunk in public over 90 times. at least i'm good at it. john stark says he's had at least 70 stays in the jail over the past 30 years. >> i live here. my parents live two blocks away.
10:18 pm
everybody knows me. stark's latest arrest was once again for public intoxication and this time it was also considered a parole violation. on an earlier conviction of assaulting a law enforcement officer. stark says he was intoxicated that time, as well. >> i spit on a police officer. it wasn't the right thing to do. i was once again arrested when i wasn't violating anybody. >> i will admit i'm defiant toward the law. i'll give it the finger any time i can. >> stark has been in administrative segregation for the past four months because of a history of aggressive behavior, but he recently filed a request to transfer to general population. the decision is up to the jail's institutional classification committee. >> he's never gotten a chance at the population in the couple of years i've been here, but whenever he's on a.s. we rarely
10:19 pm
ever get a report. i think it's time to give him a shot at population. today is his lucky day, i think. everyone agree? >> the committee has approved his request, but with john stark it seems even good news doesn't go down without a fight. >> after your behavior, if you start picking up charges. >> i never pick up charges in population. you never let me go to population. >> stark, you need to let us finish, okay? if that happens and it starts being continuous we may have another icc on you and place you on a.s., all right? i'm just here to warn you, okay? >> fine. >> keep this in mind, okay? take advantage of this opportunity because i know chances are when you go to court you'll get out. somehow you get locked up again, all right? if you behave the next time you come in, if you come back you have a good chance to go back to population and trade up and no more a.s. so take advantage. >> it's kangaroo court. thank you. >> you're welcome, but it's --
10:20 pm
>> do you have any questions about any of this? >> no. >> he's never satisfied with anything he gets. however, you can't keep someone locked down forever. you have to give them a chance and he's always asked for a chance and this is his opportunity if he proves himself he'll finish out his time here, but he's a frequent flier. he's going to be back. >> wow! >> coming up, the unusual circumstances that land one inmate in disciplinary segregation. >> i started a fire with my alarm clock, i kind of light something. >> will probably die alone in this jail cell if i don't change. iesha walker's plea to the judge. >> today i realize my life has to change. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return.
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10:24 pm
isolation and there's one part of the jail where it's even harder to do time. disciplinary segregation. >> when you're on disciplinary segregation you've been found guilty of some sort of charge inhouse. the restrictions for disciplinary segregation is you have the mattress removed from the cell from 5:30 in the morning until 9:30 at night so you have your concrete bunk. you get no linens, no magazines and no books. you are allowed one religious work and you are not allowed to attend programs and you are fed a nutritional food loaf every day of the week except for sunday. >> most inmates wind up here for fighting or other acts of violence. robert barr's sore is a little more unusual. >> i started a fire in my alarm clock, trying to light something. >> trying to light what? >> just something to smoke. and i got caught doing it. >> like a cigarette?
10:25 pm
>> well, i didn't -- they didn't find it, so i just don't want to tell you. ♪ >> officials say barr who is serving time on a drug-related probation violation started a fire when he attempted to hot wire an alarm clock to create a spark for whatever he planned on smoking. >> it was plugged into the wall and the wires touched and lit a piece of toilet paper on fire. the toilet paper smoked a whole bunch and it set off the fire alarm. >> barr was found guilty for failing a fire and failure to report an emergency to staff. he received a total of 30 days in disciplinary segregation. >> i don't have a book. i don't have a tv. the loaf they're feeding me i don't want to eat so i'm too weak to work out. i'm kind of laying on this concrete slab until they bring my bed back. yeah, this is the fun hard place
10:26 pm
that they give you when you [ bleep ] up in the jail. starve you and put you on a hard place. want to see my pillow? a laundry bag and a towel makes a good pillow. >> our disciplinary measures by any outside sort of eye are pretty harsh. it's an adult version of time out. go to your room and you can't watch tv. you can't talk to anybody. you can't read. sit and reflect on the wrong that you've done. it is harsh, but i think it's effective. >> when it comes to disciplinary segregation, iesha walker has more experience than most. >> these are disciplinary hearings during her many incarcerations. it looks like she's had 11 different adjustment hearings for disciplinary segregation and just added up numbers and she's been placed on ds for a total of 118 days. >> walker says one of those days
10:27 pm
in disciplinary segregation inspired her to get a tattoo. it reads ambition. >> i think that's when i started doing a lot of dreaming in my cell and i went out and got this tattoo because i felt i had a lot of ambition and sometimes when i look at it i get mad because when i got that tattoo i was supposed to change. >> walker says she's doing her best to change both her behavior and the impression she makes and with the court date approaching she thought a new look would help her with the judge. >> i had to get it cut, man, for court. the fro had to go. i want to look some type of decent. >> walker violated her probation on an earlier grand larceny conviction and now her judge can decide to release her on probation again or send her to prison for up to nine and a half years. >> i'm nervous, not anxious. but at least at the end of the day i have something to look forward to. i'm not sitting here wondering, what are you going to do? what's she going to decide some at least i'll know.
10:28 pm
>> walker says she might try to read her latest entry to the judge. >> i am alone. alone if the world. alone in my heart and alone in my mind, alone everywhere all of the time. i hate that there no one to hear my scream and no one to help me to learn how to top screaming or to stop fighting my reality. i hate that i will probably die alone. i will probably die alone in the jail cell if i don't change. i became this -- this macho-like monster and everyone feared me. no one wanted to talk to me and worst of all, everyone always chose to misjudge me so my life became hell. i realized this years ago, but today i realize my life has to change where i will forever endure what i fear the most, loneliness. so now i only ask you one question. do you see me now?
10:29 pm
>> coming up. >> she told me what the [ bleep ] was i looking at? >> definitely not going home no more. iesha walker's aggression. >> watch your back for the rest of this day. (bear growls)
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♪ daytime is one of the most uncomfortable times for medium and maximum security inmates housed on the old side of the fairfax county adult detention center. the 20 men in each unit are locked out of themselves and must share a day room measuring 21 by 19 feet. most watch tv or play chess and cards. robert barr likes to draw. he just arrived here after serving 30 days in disciplinary segregation for starting a fire in his work release housing unit. >> something to do. i'm not a very good artist so i can draw lines very good. >> you just draw boxes. >> pick them up. >> that will look wild when it's finished. a bunch of geometric patterns. cool. >> for david rother, he was fearful about being housed on this jail. >> i've known david since high school?
10:34 pm
>> over ten years, plus? >> yes. >> he walked in and i was -- i had a big old smile on my face. i didn't recognize him at first because he had the big old viking beard. he looks like a [ bleep ] viking. he's more at ease with a friendly face on the unit. it's still jail. >> it's just weird, man. people in here, they have all of this pent-up aggression. >> a lot of really angry in here. alary, really angry. >> so if i get into with somebody in here, it's just going to be bad. it's going to be bad for everybody. it's not worth it to me. there are other ways you can do it and get away with it and duke it out with somebody. there's always a way. >> iesha walker has had her share of conflicts with both inmates and deputies. as a result she is now housed in administrative segregation, but she says she's trying to change with the help of private 1st class buckner.
10:35 pm
>> i'm not the big bogeyman or the monster no more. but now just two days before she's due to appear in court, walker has taken a step backward. >> this is what they do to your [ bleep ] grandkids and children when they come in this [ expletive ]. >> earlier in the day the sheriff's emergency response team put her in a restraint chair and spit mask after a serious of events when she asked her for a favor. >> iesha walker asked me to read a letter that she's going court with, and i simply explained to her that it's not my opinion that matters, it's the judge that matters. she then got irritated with me and started cussing at me and she started flooding the cell. >> they can't break us! >> soon after, master deputy sheriff meeks and private 1st class buckner arrived on the unit to begin their shifts. >> i was advised that she was
10:36 pm
flooding her cell and acting very irrational. i went up to the top tier of the unit. we made eye contact, and we exchanged some words and she pretty much told me what in the [ bleep ] was i looking at. i said sit down and be quiet. so from there i believe i ticked her off. >> when walker began spitting water through the slit in her door, meeks placed a magnetic strip, and she was able to poke it out to remove this section of the magnetic strip causing it to fall and at that time pfc buckner was passing through. >> this little crack right here. her mouth was right there and she spit right at me. luckily she missed my head, but got my arm and it went down. >> i was already spitting out water. >> i didn't intentionally do it. i'm still going to say i did it
10:37 pm
because she walked into my line of aim. this is water! >> yeah! definitely not going home no more. [ bleep ]. water. all of you are some -- call the emergency task force, a.k.a. s.w.a.t. on a 22-year-old female weighing 160 pounds. you're all psycho had in this bitch. she walked into my line range. nobody purposely spat on her. if you see somebody spitting on water, why are you trying to walk across their cell. in addition to the disciplinary actions she'll face, buckner will file an assault charge against her. >> spitting and hitting is an assault against you. >> why the street charge on that? >> the same thing happened on the street it would be an assault on a law enforcement officer.
10:38 pm
it's an immediate felony. >> i know you all remember that [ bleep ] she was talking about. i helped walker out this many times and this many times. you ain't helping me out right now. what are you doing right now? what are you doing right now? that bitch is stupid. >> you guys had a pretty good rapport. what happened today? >> walker is an interesting individual. one day she'll be the nicest inmate and will cooperate, listen to you, talk to you, will calm down, but today no matter how much i try to talk to her she does not want to listen so that's the different side of walker. >> walker is taken to the magistrate's office located in the jail's booking department to be formally charged with assault. i didn't do nothing. i didn't touch this woman. >> are you walker, iesha? answer my question. >> you know exactly who i am. >> yes or no.
10:39 pm
>> yeah, bitch. >> all right, miss walker, you'll be held without bail on the charge and you'll be brought up to the judge for arraignment tomorrow morning. here you go. thank you. >> thank you, magistrate. >> have a good day. >> as walker is taken back to her cell, she continues to verbally engage buckner. >> you are a sorry-ass bitch. >> you're filing charges for some [ bleep ] water. i don't even know you no more, dog. i swear to god i don't. i got enough trouble and you want to add onto it. watch your back for the rest of this day until i go home. i guess i'll keep catching more. i'm not done. that really just [ bleep ] me over. you all are going to have fun with me until i leave. i'm giving up now. that's it. that just showed everything to me. >> when we were heading back she
10:40 pm
said she doesn't care how many felonies line up in the jail and that all of us need to watch our backs when we're here. that has to be notified just for safety for myself and the other deputies. >> i'll give her a reason to press charges and it ain't going to be for no water. i'm racking up all of the felonies until i leave. i'm never going home. >> she never learns. she goes right back to the old iesha walker. it's always disappointing. you try to educate the inmates and tell them how they can better themselves and they'll do good and go right back to the old. >> that's right. >> you know what? i've been nice to her enough times. >> she's -- you know. >> i tried to help her. >> coming up. >> you are the one who is responsible for your behavior.
10:41 pm
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♪ inside the fairfax county adult detention center john stark has spent four months in administrative segregation. his transfer request to general population was recently approved by staff. >> population's fine. boring as hell, but it's fine. cold. they've got so much money, can they give us anything better than just plain, stale white bread. that's what this jail is about, business, business, business. nothing is fair in fairfax, but stark takes advantage of the free haircut the jail provides indigent inmates every eight weeks. >> you're not going to get it all cut off. >> no. i'm going to fly my flag and get
10:45 pm
it cut out of my eyes. >> this is the best she could do. i mean, it's not straight so i just have to wait until i get out. >> can't get a good haircut in fairfax and the richest county in the nation and can't get a decent haircut. >> though stark has many complaints about being locked up, he says the thought of life after jail can be daunting. >> i hope something would go better for me when i get out of here. i don't know what i'm going to do. >> what's john stark's perfect world? >> what's my perfect world? my amplifiers and my guitars and just leave me alone. i'm 51. i don't have many years left, so i just want to enjoy my time. i don't want to be locked away. i'm not harming anybody. ♪ >> iesha walker says she's felt alone most of her life and hopes that will change before it's too late. >> i hate that i will probably die alone.
10:46 pm
i will probably die alone in this jail cell if i don't change. it's that message walker wanted the judge to hear during her upcoming sentencing. >> do you see me now. >> two days before her court date walker lost her temper with deputies. >> [ bleep ] dog! >> after she spit water on buckner, walker will still be arraigned. >> i'm still mad at myself because i let them get to me and i had court in two days. what the [ bleep ] am i going do? where am i going to go? >> first, she has a disciplinary hearing about the incident with lieutenant suarez. walker can receive up to 15 days in disciplinary segregation. >> you've been charged with assaulting an employee. how do you plead to that charge? >> guilty.
10:47 pm
>> we take anything that's an aggressive action or indication of violence towards an employee or visitor very seriously. >> why are you just standing there talking [ bleep ]. i don't each have no problem with you. you need to keep it moving. my beef ain't with you. >> i think her position is that she is claiming she was provoked and what am i supposed to do? i'm in a cell and i can't walk away. >> i understand that she's in an isolated cell and if something is provoking her she has no outlet, no recourse and nowhere to go to get away from it. i can certainly understand that. to her she was just saying get away from my cell and i was spitting so people would stay away from me. once that spit makes contact. >> no one comes to work to get spit on. >> your the one who is responsible for your behavior. i know you're aware of the behavior and the consequences that come from it. from you pleading guilty you already acknowledge that you were hitting and it hit deputy buckner. >> right.
10:48 pm
>> i'm sure you know and understand you shouldn't be spitting out of your window and out of your slot to begin with. so if spitting out of your slot there's a good chance it will hit somebody to walk by. it's not incumbent upon us to not do our duties because you're choosing to spit. >> so i have 15 day, right? >> you have 15 days. >> that's the bottom line. >> you keep talking about wanting to point out that your behavior has changed and this and that and you want to point to that as reasons for getting your sanctions back getting more privileges and things like that you can't say look, i've changed, look, i've changed and not this time. >> so you're not going to justify the fact that i was provoked and you know i suffer a temperament issue and i have done the best that i can for someone in this cell who is in this cell for 24/7. >> and i'll explain. >> however -- however, it is my
10:49 pm
responsibility to stay calm, but i can only do, but so much if i continue to be provoked. >> do you ever think about the bigger issues about what isolation can do to a person and how do you consider that and still do your job? >> i try to do these things into consideration. so if she said, you know, hey, i'm in this cell. i'm going crazy. i'm here all of the time, you know? what am i supposed to do, you know? i think if she had some sort of contrition to her actions and to her words and actually demonstrated, you know, continual improved behavior that she's trying to change, that would make more of an impression on me, but what i see is manipulative behavior where she's sort of acts good for a certain period of time and expects a reward and then if she doesn't get it, acts out. >> do you have any questions? >> no. that's it. enjoy the rest of your afternoon. >> you, too. >> during walker's 15 days in disciplinary segregation she will only be allowed out of her cell for attorney visits, court
10:50 pm
appearances and three times a week for a shower. her mattress will be removed during the day and she will only be fed what's known as a nutritional loaf for every meal except on sundays. >> all the time. all the time. don't nobody ever hear me. don't nobody see me. don't nobody understand me. >> coming up, iesha walker receives her sentence. >> i could not just stay calm, man. that's all i need to do. >> and an injury raises questions. >> is there anything more to the story than that? >> no. i mean -- hypothetically, if there was i'd be worried to say anything. (pilot talking to tower on radio) once you get out here... there's just one direction... forward. one time: now.
10:51 pm
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♪ when david rother was booked into the fairfax county adult detention center on a robbery charge he was scared about having to any to the old side of
10:54 pm
the jail where inmates with violent charges are housed. >> because of your charge is a violent felony. >> please don't do that to me, man. >> you have to go to the old side. >> i'm not a violent guy, man. >> due to his new black eye, one might assume his fears were realized, but rother insists it isn't what it looks like. >> i was laying down and i was reading and got up to take a leak and got dizzy, light headed. took a spill and hit my face on the toilet. >> is there anything more to the story than that? >> no. i mean, hypothetically if there was i'd be worried to say anything, you know? >> and why would you be are worried? >> if there was any sort of inkling that i might have gotten into some sort of violent encounter with somebody being in here on a violent charge that could, you know, probably affect my bond or something like that. >> was the toilet right hand order left-handed.
10:55 pm
>> what, like the flusher? what do you mean? oh -- just your average toilet with a water fountain on top. that's what we drink out of, so. >> rother gave the same story to deputies when they noticed the injury. >> of course, you pull him out and you talk to him. you get his story. they're not always believable. sometimes they're completely unbelievable. >> are you asking me if i would be safe? >> yeah. yes, sir. i'll be safe here. i'll be safe anywhere else. >> we just want to be sure that it's looked into. >> we realize that we're not always going to get the answer, but we want to make sure our bases are covered and we're looking into it and not just, he had a black eye and fell on the toilet and we want to make sure we explore our options. >> rother is adamant that he fell. >> are you reading that book? >> you won't be reading anymore?
10:56 pm
>> no, sir. >> all right. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> thank you. >> two days earlier, iesha walker spit water on private first class buckner and was charged with criminal assault. she's now escorted to one of the jail's video courtrooms for an arraignment. >> are you iesha walker? >> yes, sir. >> miss walker, you are charged with assault and battery. assault and battery on a police officer. let's see, so it's felony. right now we'll hold you without bond. let's see here, i'll appoint a lawyer to represent you -- >> i already have a lawyer, sir. >> i understand, but you won't get that lawyer to represent you unless i appoint them for this charge, as well, okay? so that's what i'm going to do is i'll appoint that lawyer to
10:57 pm
represent you on these charges. the lawyer can talk to you in the jail about what various options are including bond where that's appropriate and your court date is march 4th at 2:00 and right now we will hold you without bond. good luck. >> thank you. ♪ >> with her court date for assault three month away, walker has another legal matter to attend to. she's escorted through a long corridor that connects the jail to the circuit court building. this is where a decision will be made regarding her recent probation violation under grand larceny conviction. her judge can do anything from releasing her on probation to making her wait nine and a half years in prison. >> it wasn't even supposed to go like this. i was just supposed to come here and we could be talking about what i'm about to do when i get out and -- i can't believe that [ bleep ], man.
10:58 pm
it's tearing me up inside, but i just -- i can't afford to spas on these people. we were not allowed in the courtroom, but hours later we visited with walker back in her cell. >> she gave me 18 months with six and a half months served and then i've got to deal with, you know, the spitter thing so it's going to be about two years, man. two years in this cell, man. you know? ♪ ♪ >> you know it's your fault. you know it is. but you try, you know? you know that you're trying, you know? you can't change overnight. you can't. you've got to give me credit.
10:59 pm
these people expect me to change so soon and it takes time, you know what i mean? i'm doing all this [ bleep ] by myself. ♪ i could not just stay calm, man. that's all i needed to do. it sucks, you know?
11:00 pm
due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. turn around, face away from me. i need you down on the ground. put your hands behind your back, do it now. >> the emergency response team is deployed when a mentally ill inmate soils his cell and refuses orders. >> do not resist! >> do not resist! >> i fall on the ground and he stomps me right in the face. >> vicious assault sends another inmate to the hospital. >> that dude [ bleep ] me up bad.


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