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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 25, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing right now on "andrea mitchell reports," survivor, 2016, rival ted cruz and john kasich are joining forces. >> it is big news today that john kasich has decided to pull out of indiana to give us a head to head contest with donald trump. that's good for the men and
9:01 am
women of ind niana and it is go for the country. >> i am not campaigning in indiana and he's not campaigning in other states, that's all it is. >> thank you, guys. >> it is not a big deal. >> casting call, donald trump and hillary clinton try out their attack lines against each other. >> i am so happy she's going to win. i really want to fight hillary. i really do. >> they came out a poll recently, an election between crooked hillary and wonderful donald. it will be the biggest, most incredible vote getting election in the his strategitory country. >> i don't know who he spends his time talking to but i recommend he gets out one of those towers and talk to some folks. >> loose cannon tends to miss the fire. >> president obama announced more u.s. troops including
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special forces to be deployed in the fight against isis in syria. and please with a fracture, europe is standing together. >> we are not immune from the forces of change around the world if we do not solve these problems. we start seeing those who would try to exploit these fears and frustrations and channel them in a destructive way. good day everyone, i am andrea mitchell in philadelphia as we talk about american democracy with the latest of the new marriage of convenience between ted cruz and john kasich. john kasich skipping in indiana's primary. both candidates now hoping that this new strategy does not backfire and both going towards donald trump. how does trump feel about all
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this? >> lion ted cruz and one for 38 john kasich unable to beat me on their own so they have to team up, showing weakness. our team is in place to cover all of, nbc's hally jackson and katy tur covering donald trump and msnbc's katy hundred. hally, first to you of the reaction already against this new effort to team up against donald trump. >> reporter: yeah, you saw it from donald trump himself, andrea and you are hearing it already from the campaign trail. people heading out. before this, we had an opportunity to ask senator cruz about these claims of collusions of donald trump of how he justifies this to voters he may feel that he and john kasich is teaming up. listen to that exchange. >> donald trump is saying you
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were colluding. we are expecting to hear that from him again and hagain. >> i understand that donald will wine. he's a soar loser. when he lost five states in a ro row, he threw a tantrum. >> reporter: trump is a wienhin and a soar loser. both he and john kasich need to keep him below ma magic number. it is impossible for cruz to win the nomination out right. we talked to cruz's supporter and had a minute to chat with some folks here. one of them said to me, i wish cruz had not teamed up with john kasich but i understand what he did. cruz is a chest player. he liked the idea that cruz is
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working a strategy to make sure to defeat donald trump. he's trying to frame this as a general election argument. hey, we are able to stop donald trump then we can get hillary clinton in the general election. his argument is not a guaranteed that he's going to win indiana. if you look at the map and the polling, the second choice picks for john kasich's supporters and not all of them go automatically to ted cruz. if you look at where this end uu ends up, you can see a neck and neck battle. both candidates sort of saying they won't instruct supporters to vote for the other guys. so it is an alliance but it is not a full throated one. there is still some nuance here. what happens when this race moves into california, there maybe this declared coordination in indiana and new mexico.
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there is still other states playing the biggest of which and of course, that's california. >> katy tur where donald trump is going to be speaking the next hour, does this give him both his argument that the system is rigged when he uses the word "collusion." he's hitting a hot button issue with voters. >> reporter: i can tell you that the donald trump campaign does feel happy about this idea that cruz and john kasich are forming some sort of truce or alliance, happy in the sense that this plays right into their mes sang, it plays literally into their talking points. pay attention to donald trump of what he says in the campaign trail today using the word "collusion," trying to speak directly to voters. who often feel that is the case that washington is not on their side that there are shady back room dealings and they're trying to protect their own interest instead of protecting the voters. donald trump has used this
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argument much to his advantage throughout this campaign. this idea that ted cruz and donald trump might form this truce in order to stop him from getting the delegates he needs is essentially the proof they needed to show that the system is rigged. it is easy for his supporters to understand, we don't have any supporters at this location at the moment, wolf, is not going to be speaking here until later. from supporters we spoken to over and over again of this idea that donald trump is the outsider and they don't want him in office resonates with him and oftentimes when we ask him what they like about donald trump, they said it is his business record and his outsiders' status and it is the belief that he will go into washington and change things. he will fight for them in a way that they're local politicians and national politicians have not. andrea. >> katy tur and peter alexander
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wallace with john kasich today just rushed back over here. thank you, peter. you got a chance to talk to him about why he took the steps when indiana should be a fertile ground for him. >> we'll see if i can make it through for all of us. >> what's striking about this is only a short time ago, john kasich viewed this state of indiana ajace sent to his home, the numbers have changed. it is becoming clear that he's not going to perform all that well. we had a conversation about this andrea and as part of our conversation, i asked him specifically, how he would respond to donald trump, take a listen. >> donald trump says it is sad and he says it is collusion and desperation and he says it is more of the same of washington. how do you respond to that attack? >> i don't respond to donald trump, what are you kidding me?
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is this collusion? >> what does that mean? does he know what that mean? >> the two of you competing against donald trump. the two of us are competing to win the nomination and make sure we can use our resources so we can stop hillary clinton. >> it is so telling his reactions and here in pennsylvania according to our new msnbc's news and washington journal polls, kasich is in third. >> he grew up outside of pittsburgh, that's where he will be tonight. >> trump 45 and cruz 27 and sic kasich is 24. >> this is retail politicking at its best. i was serving the fruit salad. >> it is one of your jobs. >> exactly. >> will you tell them to support ted cruz and he laughed it off.
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he said absolutely not. this is about our allocation of resources. this is not about their votes. it could be a real challenge. >> and, kasie hunt, how do the trump forces, do they do that or go negative on trump? what is the advertising message here? >> well, andrea, that allocation of resources that peter was talking about, it is exactly this. what do you do with the money, this was as much of a signal to the outside group that are supporting these candidates. ted cruz has had a little luck of fund raising and john kasich has a little bit of a crunch to stop trump's movement. that's part of the genesis of this agreement now is this sense really of frustration and the stop trump movement not knowing what to do. today, a lot of these outside groups are going to figure out
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what is their strategy going forward. for john kasich's supporters they have to figure out how to make sure john kasich can win in oregon. do they keep negatives on the air against ted cruz. that seems to be the most effective way. i have to tell you the key question at the end of the day, california, what do these two sides decide to do about california. do they draw a line in the middle of the state like john kasich running in the san diego barri barrier. it is going to come down to that state no matter what happens in indiana or oregon. >> thank you to you and hally and katy and the road runner. as ted cruz defended his new alliance today, the senator warned the consequence of a trump nomination. >> if donald trump is the
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nominee, hillary clinton wins. she will beat donald trump by double digits. if wins by a landslide, we may lose the house and the supreme court for a generation. >> joining me now to discuss all of this is u.s. senator and john kasich's supporter from new hampshire, thank you so much. >> is it too little or too late. this is not about an alliance. it is about targeting resources. you got to be able to win delegates in every state. he will win delegates and pennsylvania and neck and neck with ted cruz and turn his attention to mexico. he will win delegates and all those states as well and go to
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the convention. it will be an open convention and no one is going to have a majority and obviously, that's what donald trump is reacting to. if he loses in indiana, he will have no mathematical chance to get the nomination on the first ballot. >> now, ted cruz said that john kasich has no plausible path to the nomination. he said that yesterday in indiana -- saying there is only two people. >> what does that mean? >> ted cruz cannot get a majority on the first ballot either. let's be clear about that and donald trump would need to win almost 70% of the remandiining delegates to get there on the first ballot that's why it is likely that we'll have an open convention. >> given how well donald trump did in new york is it plausible that he can do it on the first ballot if he starts moving some of these unpledged delegates. for instance, you got a big pot of 54 here out of the 71.
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let's say he gets 30 plus of them, he can start adding and developing some momentum of these primary states tomorrow. he's clearly going to win pennsylvania and he's got the votes in our latest polls and moving on ward, he starts to pick up some of the unpledged delegates along the way so he does not need the get to the magic number by the first ballot. >> sure. >> the only problem with that theory is there are not that many unpledged delegates. colorado is technically unbound but most of them have committed to people other than donald trump. north dakota are unbound and most committed to people other than donald trump. you're correct, the last remaining group that are technically unbound is pennsylvania but frankly we'll see how the night goes. donald trump was not effective in getting his people to run for delegate for pennsylvania.
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he will probably get the number of votes. this is not just about votes and 60% of republicans voted against donald trump. it is about delegates. you need to get 1200 and 72 delegates or 1237 delegates in order to win the nomination. those are the rules and we all play by the same set of rules and every state and in cleveland. >> now, a long-term though, is he win ning the argument with te vot voters that the system is rigged. gradually, you see priebus and others beginning to accommodate themselves to peter manafort representing donald trump. >> there are only two people running for president who behaves that the rules should not blapply to them, hillary clinton and donald trump.
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everyone knows for years what the process will be and the rules would be. you play by those rules. it should be fair and open and transparent. as we go to cleveland, he's whining and complaining and he does not like the outcome and he does not like the way the outcome has happened. 60%, more than 60% of republicans voted against him. if you are only getting 35% or 39% of the vote to think you have the right to the republican nomination is ridiculous. go to cleveland. they'll be asked of simple question. who has the strength and the experience of the vision to beat clinton in november. right now, john kasich is the only candidate that beats clinton and ted cruz loses and trump loses and he wins key battleground states. john kasich wins ohio and wins new hampshire. in virginia and colorado, he wins the battleground states
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that'll help us preserve the republican majority in the senate and do the right thing in the supreme court and replacini antonin scalia. >> yes, absolutely in our new polls, he is the only one who does not defeat hillary clinton, why cannot he win primaries? >> well, last week he went into donald trump's backyard and fought hard and won votes and s finished second and beat donald trump in his hometown. i think that says something. john kasich will win delegates tomorrow in connecticut, rhode island and maryland and pennsylvania. he will win in new mexico and
9:18 am
new orleans. at the end of the day as we go to an open convention, this is one candidate that does not talk about cutting taxes, john kasich cuts taxes about $5 billion in ohio. he's balanced budget and rolled back regulations. he put conservative principles to work over and over again with incredible success. that's the skill that we need in the white house today with that leadership. senator jon nunu, it is great to see you again. breaking news from new york, a legal victory for nfl commissioner roger goodell, tom brady must serve the four games deflate suspension back in 2015 back at the center of the
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and get up to 50 free quotes. choose the lowest and hit purchase. now...if you'll excuse me, i'm late for an important function. saving humanity from high insurance rates. we have now won the primaries and caucuses in 16 states. [ cheers ] >> and with your help, we are going to win in connecticut tomorrow. [ cheers ] >> bernie sanders today in connecticut refusing to ignore the long odds of him catching up to clinton. clinton is shifting her attention to the general election and donald trump.
9:23 am
nbc's christian welker is joining me right now. you are in delaware. her pivot to the general election is pretty complete. she seems to be moving on and got a new ad out uplifting and talking to the people on her campaign trail. >> reporter: that's absolutely right, it is a clear attempt to contrast with donald trump. i was just speaking to a campaign official who also made a point it is an attempt to counter of what we are seeing from donald trump of his own pivot to become a more moderate campaign. he's done that in baby steps if you will, andrea. we have seen that started to happen. you see them starting to make that argument. she's been hitting him increasingly on the trail and
9:24 am
apologize i am talking quietly because the speaker has begun. she has been taking him on the trail and we are seeing this almost complete pivot to the general election. over the weekend some new buzz about who she maybe considering for our plausible vp picks. i will go through some of those names for you, cheryl brown and mark warner and virginia's senator and senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts. the senator would help her with the progressives. senator waor warren, has not ye endorse everyone and tom perez and julio castro and corey booker and of course, the broader message to the sanders
9:25 am
campaign that this race is almost over. hillary clinton is clolooking v strong in pennsylvania and maryland and oregon, andrea. >> alex is joining me. the vice president's name is a technique without pushing him and saying the game is over. clearly, they're not going to make a decision on this until they see the republican candidates or the running mates and where their polling shows they need help. do they need ohio and can they avoid to have the senator from ohio stepping out and the governor from ohio would be a replacement so there is a big calculation there at a lot of levels. >> i mean so much of that choice could be aimed not so much at the general election audience but the primaries to bring those bernie sanders on board like
9:26 am
sharon brown or elizabeth warren picking on that. everybody is loving to talk about it. >> and bernie sanders is not going after a quite as strongly in the past but that changes day by day depending on his particular move. thank you so much alex and christian welker. two big exclusives tonight on msnbc, first at 8:00 eastern, a special bernie's town hall and the 9:00 p.m. eastern moderated by rachel maddow. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports," only on msnbc. vo: across america,
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president obama in germany today announcing the deployment of troops to isis. they'll train local forces and won't believing the ground forces against the terror group. this announcement coming at the end of the tough foreign trip to the president. joining me now is jeffery goldberg who's spent more time tau talking about foreign policy with any journalist. jeffery is going to join us shortly, we'll be back after these messages. l alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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i have an orc-o-gram we for an "owen."e. that's me. ♪ you should hire stacy drew. ♪ ♪ she wants to change the world with you. ♪ ♪ she can program jet engines to talk and such. ♪ ♪ her biggest weakness is she cares too much. ♪ thank you. my friend really wants a job at ge. mine too. ♪ i'm a wise elf from a far off shire. ♪ and sanjay patel is who you should hire. ♪ thank you. seriously though, stacy went to a great school and she's really loyal. you should give her a shot. sanjay's a team player and uh... welcome back, we are going to talk about pennsylvania republicans, the unbound republicans. pennsylvania republicans party, voters are sending 71 delegates. 54 is unprecedented. the only state in the party does
9:34 am
it this way are considered unbound there and free agents which mean they can do whatever they want in the ballot. jac jacob soboroff, he met with them in pennsylvania. >> reporter: who are you going for? >> i am voting for trump and i am waiting to see what the constituents doing. >> reporter: come on, how much is your campaign costs? >> $30,000. >> reporter: wow, you are paying that much. >> yes, it is going to be the end of my political career. >> joining me now is jacob soboroff. one of the candidates told you he is going to spend $30,000. that's unbelievable. >> they are not bound to the popular votes at all. everybody is doing whatever they can to essentially could be the
9:35 am
king maker. that was also one of these contested conventions where interestingly the opposing parties and all the contested conventions of 1912 and 1968 and 1976 ended up winning. >> in 1976, i was a reporter in pennsylvania covering the pennsylvania's delegation when ronald reagan was recording them. it was a big deal. >> so you know, the senator, he said he was going to make him his running mate and that did note work. >> here we are again, right. >> pennsylvania is in the middle of all this. >> what's interesting is that 17 delegates are coming from the popular votes here. 54 of them is unbound. >> now, trump turned around and saying his total strategy change and courting these unbound
9:36 am
delegates and announcing the officials. if he wants to do this in his first ballot with cruz teaming up. >> do you realize they can change their minds any time. these are your new best friend. >> exactly right. >> that's what everybody is thinking. at the end of the day, it does not matter if they pledge. they could pledge by signing a card or telling them to be there or be there at the convention changing their minds. >> now we know what you are going to be doing. our delegate hunter, jacob soborff. >> thank you. he spends more time talking with president obama than anyone else. the impact, jeffery, he arrived in saudi arabia last week and there is no king to greet him at
9:37 am
the airport. do you think he referred to them as so-called allies? >> well, maybe that's the power of the atlantic or maybe not. the relationship had its strains before that peace came out certainly. if you remember back as early as 2002 when he was a state's senator. obama was complaining of the relationship between the u.s. and saudi arabia. this is working a tail end of a strange, a long and strange relationship. >> and let's talk about his announcement today of more troops to syria, this following on the hill of ash carter announcing more troops to iraq against isis. this was hillary clinton's recommendations special forces to syria. is it too little or too late as far as the allies concerned? >> the allies always believe that the obama administration is
9:38 am
a half step behind and the challenge on the ground. this kind of constant or semi constant spooning of a few more forces into the theater of operations and into this area of operations it is going to get more criticism. i think it is going to get criticism from two angles. the first from people who don't think he's doing enough and that he's spooning this gradually and then the other kind of criticism which is that he's falling down a slippery slope of the things he's worried about that every four weeks or six weeks he's putting more troops and more troops in without a sort of an overall strategy. he's going to get criticism on both ends on this. >> jeffery, what about his intervention in the british decision on whether or not to get out of the eu. a lot of the criticisms over there initially because of the way he talked bluntly to the britts last week. we carried this live on friday
9:39 am
thurg our hour. he says you are going to be in the back of the cue when it comes time for us to do trade deals. we'll go with the european union with the other 27 countries. we are not going to be thinking about great britain as close of an ally as you are. >> he has questioned the durability of a way to get them to do certain things. again, we'll watching and it will be more interesting. he's saying things in his eighth year that he would not dare to sigh in his first year. i think it is a perfect example of that about telling blunt tri bluntly that hey, you got a choice to make.
9:40 am
>> that's especially blunt. >> and of course today watching him in germany, what a contrast in fact to the hope and promise of barack obama when i was there covering him in berlin in 2008 when he was senator obama and had that extraordinary speech in berlin, a lot of change over these tough eight years. thank you very much, geoff goldberg. >> thank you. >> again, congregatiatulations e atlantic peace. >> coming up, why one of the brothers said he could possibly support hillary clinton in november instead of the republican. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc live from philadelphia.
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9:43 am
so is it possible another clinton could be better than another republican the second time around? >> it is possible. >> you can see yourself supporting hillary clinton, could you? >> well -- her, we would have to
9:44 am
believe her actions would be quite different than a rhetoric, let me put it that way. >> some surprising statements from billionaire charles cope to jon carl. cope is well known for supporting the republicans. the clinton campaign responded saying not interested for people denying science and trying to make it harder for people to vote. joining me now is our msnbc's contributors. >>well, look, let me take it one sense before charles koch of what she says bill clinton did a lot less than george w. bush. yes, they tend to support republicans and conservatives, they are idealists in that regard of shrinking government.
9:45 am
what does it mean? >> it means that neither donald trump nor ted cruz are their cup of tea here. they do give a lot of money to candidates. these people are at their root libertarian. donald trump and ted cruz, these are not necessarily john kasich or their cup of tea and i don't think either of the koch brothers whines up voting for hillary clinton. it speaks to the parties as it relates to these two candidates. >> the point you would mak make -- why not john kasich who bounds budget. did a good job on cutting from his perspective and from the conservative republican perspective. he cut out a lot of money. >> you raised a really good
9:46 am
question. chris sort of out lining what the issue might be. john kasich is probably not their cup of tea. let's be clear, he was not a ringing endorsement of secretary clinton that we got there from mr. koch. is if she's a political co-- so of her own bedrock principles if she were to go against all of those things then they can possibly see supporting here. it seems to me that the koch brothers, charles and david are in a bit of a political pickle here. it does not seem like there is anyone running for president on either side that they feel like they can get behind 100%. >> and since i got a chance to ask you guys in a word, do either of you think that this stop trump movement by dividing or joining in and dividing up
9:47 am
the territory between cruz and john kasich is going to work at this stage? >> i will go first and i will cue to the one word "no." [ laughter ] >> let me adjust a few more andrea, sure, strategically speaking if donald trump was in a lab and say what could i do to convince people that there is a conspiracy out here by the establishment to keep me from nomination, this would be it. >> a public alliance between john kasich and ted cruz, the two remaining candidates. what you have to understand is this is a gamble desperation. that does not mean the two candidates are wrong to do so. if nothing changed, donald trump rings the vast majority of those indiana delegates is likely the nominee. they're trying to change the dynamic of the race but that does not mean it is a coin flip
9:48 am
or whether it works. >> what if they just have done it then announcing it. it would just seem campaign tactics than this kabob. >> yeah, the voters rather than power for power sake. i mean, they should have followed your example and just do it and not make themselves a target. >> thank you very much. and coming up, clinton's new ad trying to show how she would contrast herself with a possible trump's candidate. you are watching live on msnbc, live at the national
9:49 am
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hon tillary clinton has a nd out today ahead of tomorrow's primary. joining me now our senior reporter from pbs station and anne geary at the washington post. welcome both. dave, first to you, it is great to see you here. >> politics is your daily bread here. let's talk about hillary clinton's dominance in pennsylvania against bernie sanders. >> yes, she does not to sell herself here. people remember the '90s of a period of prosperity and they liked hillary clinton. she has family ties here.
9:53 am
she got overwhelming support from elect activi from officials. she's doing extremely well. >> we are hearing from bernie sanders and it is frustrating he's still hanging on as much as he is. with that said, she's trying to move on finally to the general election and target donald trump and talk about stories of vice presidential choices. >> yes, she's doing everything she can as long as bernie sanders not only on the race but drawing the enormous crowds and raising the kind of money he's raising. is there a difference between being a viable candidate and using delegate math and who's going to be the nominee and what's happening at the moment. they decided to do is as you say
9:54 am
take the high road, she barely mentioned him. i was just with her for several days in pennsylvania and the other states voting on tuesday. in some rally, she did not mention him at all and other times just in passing and the odds that's out today has nothing to do with him at all and everything to do with donald trump casting clinton as the candidate of compassion in sort of mute opposition to trump. >> at the same time, anne and dave, how did she do what sanders wants her to do which is adopt his platform issues on wall street and campaign finance reforms and anti-fracking. how could she do that credibly at the convention in order to apiece him and win his support and winning over his young followers. >> well, it is a drama yet to
9:55 am
unfold. she's pretty skilled at appearing to embrace part of a policy proposal and qualifying. i think we have seen a lot of that. >> right, it is been fascinating here in pennsylvania and even if she talks about gun violence, she used to talk about sanders' record and vermont no more of that. she's concentrating her fire on the nra's and against the republicans. >> when you were out with here in florida, she moderated at western pa, that part of the state is so pro-gun rights. she talked about the second amendment and she talked about learning how to shoot when she was a kid and the cabin they had on the lake. she's not talking about guns the way she did in connecticut and only a few days ago and obviously, sandy hook was the biggest issue. >> the remarks in scranton were the first triumph i heard she say she learned how to shoot a gun behind the family's cabin near by the lake and that's a
9:56 am
sort of heavily progun of the state but definitely, it is near rural areas and a lot of people do have guns and the further west you go in pennsylvania, the more that's true. i would say that she got a huge round of applause in not only the scranton remarks but also in rhode island when she went after the nra. >> anne, thank you so much and dave, great too see you here in pennsylvania. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." remember, follow the show online and on facebook and twitter. tune into msnbc tonight for back-to-back town hall coverages. hillary clinton at 9:00 and thomas roberts is up next, live from baltimore here on msnbc, the place for politics.
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hi everybody, good day to you, i am thomas robert and welcome to baltimore. this is my hometown and we set up shops today broadcasting in the beautiful harbor, 70 degrees, we are in maryland, one of five critical states that'll be casting ballots tomorrow on super tuesday on this all important 2016 primary. right now, all eyes on donald trump campaign rally. it is going to be taken place in rhode island. >> so here are the terms of this unprecedented primary deal. john kasich quits his fight for indiana 57 delegates on may the 3rd and in exchange, ted cruz clears the path for kasich in


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