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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 25, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hi everybody, good day to you, i am thomas robert and welcome to baltimore. this is my hometown and we set up shops today broadcasting in the beautiful harbor, 70 degrees, we are in maryland, one of five critical states that'll be casting ballots tomorrow on super tuesday on this all important 2016 primary. right now, all eyes on donald trump campaign rally. it is going to be taken place in rhode island. >> so here are the terms of this unprecedented primary deal. john kasich quits his fight for indiana 57 delegates on may the 3rd and in exchange, ted cruz clears the path for kasich in oregon and new mexico
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effectively exceeding those 52 delegates. dr trump fired off of desperate and in collusion. >> what's the big deal? we are going to go for a convention and it is going to be an open convention and the delegates will pick that person who could do the best in the fall. >> desperation? >> me? >> i am not desperate. >> i think that's a decision and allocation of resources that makes a lot of sense and it is devoted to the principles of beating hillary clinton in november and turning this country around. >> donald trump is going to scream and yell and curse and insult cry and whine as well. >> is it a deal or no deal. it is hard to tell if you listen
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john kasich. >> i never told them not to vote for me, i am not over there campaigning and spending resources. we have limited resources. >> all right, again, we are awaiting donald trump's first remarks. he's going to be in rhode island. we have everything you need to know covering all the reactions of the primary on the ground with less than 24 hours ago. kelley kell kelley o' donnel is going joining us live now. kelley, we know he already tweeted about john kasich's comments and he does not know how to make a deal he's not following through. it feels your reporting today that laid out what this deal behind the scene between john kasich and cruz, explain how it develops. >> first of all, the rally pre-music is blaglaring here, ag
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crowd in rhode island. trump did use twitter to send out the message today. typical politicians cannot make a deal. that's donald trump's comment and a little message to folks here, a big rally, i guess that's the eye of the be holder and to pennsylvania for the rest of the day. the deal, what has happened is for quite a while the john kasich team has understood that it could not get enough delegates and wants an open convention where it could be contested. ted cruz's side has been confident along the way but they could get there. the painful realities for candidates who are coming up short are beginning to sink in. sources are telling me that over the weekend, the cruz team reached out to team kay sisich. in this particular moment of the campaign season, it all unfolded over the weekend. the candidates according to
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sources have not talked to each other and it was the top operatives. these are people who really know how the sort of strategy tactics and some would say the game of politics is played. what they are talking about is this alliance where they are letting everybody know they are pulling back from states where they are weaker and where they have a better chance. this is a signal not so much to voters but to outside groups that's been trying to stop trump and several focusing on their attention and putting in resources and money and time and energy trying to stop trump. the two campaigns have limited resources they have to use it carefully. all the sources are saying to me this is a way not to try to dissuade voters. they have to preserve that
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relationship with voters. it is a big, big question to see if voters will spend their votes to play out a tackle strategy. thomas. >> timing wise, do we know when donald trump takes to the microphone there? >> reporter: well, let's see, let me check my watch. he's running a little behind. i don't have indications that he's on the ground yet. this group has been waiting for hour as and hours. the music is playing and they have been hearing from some other people who's been introducing trump. they are amped up and ready for trump's comments and we could be confident that he will go after both ted cruz and john kasich about this deal trying to give more exposure and using his buzz word "collusion" and making his point. >> kelley, thank you very much, we'll come back to you in that shot when donald trump takes the
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stage so we can hear what he has so say. our hally jackson is in south carolina. hally, i want to remind our viewers what ted cruz had to say about it. >> it is big news today that john kasich has decided to pull out of indiana to give us a head to head contest with donald trump. that's good for the men and women of indiana and good for the country to have a clear and direct choice. after discussions with the kasich campaign, we made a decision of allocating resources. we decided to allocate our time and energy resources on the state of indiana, governor kasich decided to allocate his resources elsewhere. that made sense from both campaigns. >> hally, keep using this phase of allocations of resources.
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cr i have never told them not to vote for me. they should vote for me. is this alliance the wheel coming off the bus before it got off the grounds 24 hours or less? >> reporter: not even. i think it was 18 hours, thomas. it is an alliance if you can call it that with a lot of conditions. if you live in indiana, who do you vote for? john kasich or cruz or what makes the most sense? cruz was very explicit. the cruz team will not be spending time and resources in mexico. as recently as last month, the cruz team predicted they would earn a majority of delegates in new mexico. >> throughout all of this though, you are looking at the backdrop of what has become throughout the year, growing anger and frustration within the cruz campaign at john kasich's team. there is -- cruz would be
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winning and able to beat donald trump. there is anger and frustration in the john kasich campaign at the stop trump movement for not doing enough to help on this. it is time for these people to put their money where their mouth is and that's why the so called deal, the alliance may help. this is a signal to those ally groups to stop trump group and to the superpacs as you know they do not have coordinations with. to send a signal, spend your money but don't hit john kasich. there is a question mark as to how all of this plays out given john kasich's recent remarks and donald trump's tweet slamming john kasich for what he said. >> hallie jackson reporting there in indiana, we are watching right now as donald trump being introduced and
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waving to those people. kelley o' donnel has pointed out and waited for hours there in rhode island. it is one of the five north eastern primary states that'll be voting tomorrow. maryland, connecticut, delaware and rhode island. let's listen into donald trump. [ cheers ] trump, trump, trump! >> thank you very much everybody. what an honor, we set this thing up twelve hours ago. this is amazing. you know what? they have thousands of people out there th, the most incredib people in the camp. we got to get a bigger tent. [ cheers ] well, i want to thank you. first of all, let's start by saying leave tom brady alone.
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[ cheers ] leave him alone. he's a great guy. it is enough. all right, thank you very much. you know this started like 12 hours ago. we said i have to do this because we are going over and we are doing great in pennsylvania. we are doing great in maryland. i was in maryland yesterday. we had 17,000 people. they were great. i heard somebody today, saying nobody, thank you, thank you very much. oh, that's very nice, get him out of here. trump, trump, trump! oh, all these people, where do they come from? get him out of here please, right there.
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>> all right, thank you. >> so this started -- yeah, don't hurt him. we have to be very gentle. we got to be gentle. >> where do these people come from? in new york, we had some protests and they're all paid for. we had protesters and we had these people. they're nice and had a couple of hundreds. the press and the media, the most dishonest people in the world, these people are probably dishonest than lying ted cruz. that's a lot. but, you know, the press went up to him and said to one woman, why are you here? do you like donald trump? it was manufactured made in china of her sign and she's holding the sign, "do you like donald trump" and why are you here?
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>> they go, no, i do like him quite a bit. well, why are you here? i don't know. then they went to another one, what do you think of donald trump? i love him. she's holding a sign, "trump equals hate." i equal love, we are going to change things around. that's going to be good for everybody. so what happened is we were in maryland, pennsylvania, we went to delaware and we are all over and i said what about rhode island? this was yesterday. >> what about rhode island? [ cheers ] >> and these professionals that get paid a lot of money, they said oh no, that's okay, you are so popular in rhode island. that's okay. >> trump, trump, trump! [ cheers ]
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>> it is a first time we had in many professions. i actually believe that they do not love our country, they don't love our country. we said what about rhode island. oh, that's okay, mr. trump. you are doing so well in rhode island, you don't have to bother. i am bothering, set it up. [ cheers ] that was yesterday morning, i will tell you what, my team in rhode island has been so amazing and i want to thank everybody
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that the team has been -- the team has been so great and i want to thank them. [ cheers [ cheers ] [ build that wall ] [ audience cheering ] >> folks, don't even think about it. it will be built. [ cheers ] don't waste your breath. it will be built.
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believe me. it will be built and it will go up fast and it will be big and high and strong. new hampshire, my first victory. one woman came up to me and said we have a terrible heroin problem in new hampshire. i look and i see the beautiful trees and road ways and everything, the lakes and i say, what do you mean heroin and they said it was a single problem. if i win, we are going to stop this problem from poisoning our youth. fast. it is all coming from the same place, folks. we'll get it stop. i want to talk to you about a couple of things and i do this. it is almost like i just -- we
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just won new york, big, big league. [ cheers ] >> and oh, did you see the news today? did you see where they banned together and where they collude? you know the collusions? you know if you colluded in business, if you collude in business or in the stock market, they put you in jail but in politics because it is a rigged system, because it is a corrupt enterprise, in politics you are allowed to collude so they colluded and actually, i was happy because it shows how weak they are. it shows how pathetic they are. you know, i tweeted today at real donald trump today, don't worry, i will give it up after i am president. we won't tweet anymore. let me tell you and i said, it takes two long time politicians,
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right, to be accepted. if you head up to both votes and delegates, they are way behind me. it does not matter, it takes two guys, long time politicians to try to get together to try to beat trump and yet, they are way behind and i said to myself, that's pretty bad. here is the key. i am only been doing this for ten months, i have not been doing it very long. so i wanted to talk to you about one thing then we'll get back to the other. i loved it and when i heard it, i heard it last night at 11:30, i was called and they said sir, kasich, we call him 1 for 41. he has won one race in 41 states. i called him with a new nick name for him.
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pretty soon it is going to be 1 for 41 or 47. when they put in the first negative ad about him, he's going to collapse like a rock. wait until you see this. boom. >> you will say, i will beat hillary clinton, crooked hillary and i will beat her so badly. and lying ted cruz could not be there. he cannot be there. hey look, he got like no votes in new york. if you cannot get any votes in new york, it is over. he cannot be there. you look at his numbers in new jersey and you look at his numbers all over the country. lying ted cruz will lose so badly to crooked hillary, it will be one othe great defeats ever and john kasich also as soon as i start to put in the negative ads. get them out.
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[ crowds booing ] get him out. >> is there any place to be than at trump's rally. do we love it? >> i love it. >> are you glad that i came up to rhode island? yeah. [ cheers ] and by the way, i saw coming up of a new poll came where it is actually over 60. i just found out, listen to this -- if we get 68 which was never meant to get because you know the whole system is so
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crazy. if we get 68, we would win everything, win all the delegates and there is no shanigan. we are so close and normally you won't mention it. you got to get out tomorrow and vote, all right? i will not let you down, believe me. i am self funding my campaign and these guys are taking their money from special interest. the politicians will never do the job because they are bought and paid for, just remember it. they're never going to do the job and never going to do the job. in many cases they're incompetent and in some cases they're out right stupid and in many cases, they're controlled and they're controlled by the people that give them campaign financing and other things. so, we are going to do this job, we are going to bring jobs back to rhode island and you look at
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what will happen. look. [ cheers ] >> i will be honest, i have been doing this for eight or nine days where i am going around new york state and i talked to syracuse and all over the place and all over, i could use the same steps. the jobs have been ripped out of our country. if you look liat a guy like cru that's going to be worst, you watch. worst than nafta. you look at john kasich, i don't think he knows. did you see him? he has the news conference all the time when he's eating. i have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion. i always do it with my kids and id s i would say, children, small little bites.
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this guy takes a pancake and he shoves it in his mouth. it is disgusting. did you want that for your president? i don't think. they make the deal and the deal is done. we are leaving indiana and it is a great place and the same thing happens. jobs are being sucked out of there by mexico and they're all moving to mexico and other places. china is taking our business. i look at it and i see, kasich, you know what he approved? nafta. he was one of the biggest pushers that destroyed new england and new island and big sections of our country. nafta was a disaster and now he wants partnership which is a group of countries that are going to do a number of our
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country like you never seen before. you cannot let it happen. cruz does not want to stop china from devaluing its currency and monitoring and manipulation, the single various tools that various countries are using to hurt the united states and our companies. if you want to let people go ahead and devalue and if you want people to get away with that and cruz is the leader of the pact, he's bad for this country and he's bad for jobs and businesses. bad. [ cheers ] now, it is sort of funny this morning and he's all mixed up because he's losing so badly. when he's under pressure he's stuttering. i want jobs and i want the economy, all stuff that i have been saying for years and he just started saying it. he does not know anything about the economy. he does not know anything about
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jobs. he was a failed senator, he could not get anything passed. now, he wants to be all he is, he's a guy that'll go down and philly bust filibuster or two. the other senator was like, when are you getting off the floor, jim, the guy is a pain in the a as. the senator that he most respects in the world is the senator in alabama. only one problem, senator jeff, came out recently and he endo e endorsed trump, okay? little interest. [ cheers ] >> so i think the fact that they colluded and the fact they got together, the two of these guys, number un, it shoone, it shows
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getting killed. john kasich is going nowhere. af new nickname f i have a new nickname for him. it is 1 for 41. i would have won ohio if i have two more days campaigning them. >> i won florida in a big, big landslide. you know the story, we were given a dirty poll and i was leading florida by a lot and then two days, i was going up to ohio and going all over ohio and then i got a dirty poll i believe from nbc, i would say that. there were partners with the wall street journal. who knows they were always dirty or not. i dropped from leading from 16 to 17, i went down to 6 in florida. i have to stay here and i cannot take a chance. it is bad. we had the election that i won
10:26 am
in a landslide. we would be 0 for 44. what is he doing? what is he doing really? >> he's a suburb gtubborn guy. he's like if you have a child that says "i want it mommy, i want it daddy, i don't care, i want it." that's he is. chris christie who endorsed me were doing much better in john kasich, think of this. >> ben carson, doctor carson a tremendous guy who endorsed me was doing much better than john kasich. marco rubio, a very good guy, i have to tell you, he marco rubio who has many more delegates right now than john kasich, he
10:27 am
did much better than john kasich. you had numerous people that's doing better than kasich. you ever see it. i never saw bites this big, he's pushing it in. i never saw a guy eats like this. i told my son he was watching, daddy, look. don't watch -- little bites. [ laughter ] >> he's up there and honestly, it shows such total weakness. when two long time insider politicians whether you like it or not. have to collude and get together and try to beat a guy that speaks what the people want. we want our jobs back and military strong. we want our borders because otherwise, we don't have our countries and we don't have our
10:28 am
walls. we'll end it and bring our education locally. we'll repeal and replace the horrible obamacare which is a disaster. [ cheers ] >> we are going to save our second amendment which is under seized. >> and that's all we want, folks. no great secrets. we want to make great trade deals. we cannot have trade deals with china this year has a trade. you look at the um balanced between china and mexico and jap pan. it is like we are a bunch of stupid babies. we are not the babies, our leadership has no clue and don't know what they are doing. it could be ended so easily. it could be ended so easily. we have trade deficits, we have
10:29 am
trade deficits with china $550 billion. and mexico with $58 million. that's why they are paying for the walls. even the guys on stage when i debated, by the way, i have been center staged for every single debate and i beat everybody according to the polls. according to the debate polls, i beat every single person on the debate of every single debate according to drudge and "times magazine" and everyone. every time there is a debat debate -- now there is a poll for everything. a poll oriented. then i heard this guy, cruz, he's getting killed. he got so badly beaten last week and he's getting killed generally. i don't think he's going to come in second anyway, he's now in third place. i heard cruz said this, all i
10:30 am
want is to beat donald trump. donald trump is afraid to debate me. oh yeah, yeah, so dramatic. i heard he was a good debater in college, he maybe. in college, they don't interrupt you every 15 words like i do with him. you know what? he's saying we want a debate. donald trump is afraid to debate. here is what happens, we do need trump. thank you, honey. thank you, baby. [ we need trump ] >> now i am glad i came up to rhode island, right? [ cheers ] i have to tell you, before we get back to the debate. i don't think he's a good
10:31 am
debater. but, let me tell you, so i have friends in rhode island, they were calling me, when are you coming up? well, i have schedulers that they called. i am all pennsylvania and all over the place. i went to delaware, it was an amazing trip and went everywhere and he said, when are you coming up. i love rhode island, this was two days ago. i am not scheduled. well, it is not as big of a state but it is my people. these are my great people, i don't care. [ cheers ] >> cruz was coming up, you know what happened? krus cruz is coming up and remember he cancelled. he was coming up two days ago and he cancelled his trip to rhode island. i not only did not cancel, i don't care what your schedule says, oh, look at that beautiful baby. i love to hear babies cry a little bit. it is fine. let me say it. i don't care what our schedule is, i could not careless, we are
10:32 am
going to rhode island. so they put it in. now, i got to make two or three of these suckers. let's see how i feel now at the end of the day. it won't be good because we are going right now. >> pennsylvania, we have massive crowds and rallierallies. i want to thank all of those people. when the cars drove up, you people road in here nice and comfortable. there were thousands of people on the road with trump signs, get the word out there. i am so happy that i came. i have so many friends up here. one of the most beautiful places on earth. we'll straighten it out and we'll bring you jobs back and we'll get rid of your cocaine problems and other problems. they are poisoning our youth. on the debate, i saw cruz going, i want a debate. i want a debate. honestly, you know, when you are like 35 points up. debate is never a great thing even if you kill in the debates. normally, speaking when you have
10:33 am
a lead of 31, 31 points which is unheard of actually, you don't say, oh, let's debate, let's debate. i want every single debate, we debated 11 times. every single debate and by the way, he was not coming in second or third most of the time. now, he goes donald trump won't debate. honestly, folks, let's not waste or time. you know what we'll be doing. how many triumimes can you have same people asking the same questions to the candidates. here is a story, we are going to bring jobs back to the country and rohode island. [ cheers ] >> we are going to make great trade deals. the greatest business people in the world endorsed me. big trade deals are far bigger
10:34 am
than any companies. company deals are like little deals. trade deals are massive deals. we use political hack and people with connections and people sell us out because they probably have interests and companies. sometimes you wonder, how could they make such bad deals. they must be selling us out. they cannot be any stupid. i know the smartest and the best negotiations and i know the ones that are over rated and the ones you never heard of that's better than all of them. we are going to use our best people. when china comes into debate and mexico kills us at the border, when mexico comes in and they want to negotiate a trade deal, they are using guys that are sharp. they use killers with a lot of street marks. when china comes in, all killers, they use killers. they come in waves. so if a guy makes a mistake then
10:35 am
another one, they catch it. we'll have a guy that's sitting there that's a political match. no more folks, we'll have the smartest in the world, we'll bring our jobs back and not let the evaluations happen. we are not going to let them continue to devalue our currency. we'll not let it happen anymore. thank you. [ trump, trump, trump ] >> thank you, i tell the story because i am going to indiana right after the election tomorrow which is a great state. i have a lot of support. i am going to get bobby knight, the great basketball coach from indiana. you know what? he's an amazing guy. i am going to indiana, they have a company -- they just announced, they fired 1400 people rather viciously and announced they're moving from
10:36 am
indianapolis to mexico. when these countries do this, you know our politicians are incompetent politicians have been talking about this problem now for seven years. seven years, exactly, they talk about it. for seven years they have not done anything. they're talking about we have to create incentives. by the way, i am lowering taxes more than any other candidate and anyone is going to be happy. even that, so what happens is we are going to give incentives, that i ha they have been talking for years. here is what's going to happen. when a company moves from our land, they move from rhode island and indiana and pennsylvania which is getting hit hard. >> all right, we have been
10:37 am
listening to donald trump here as he's talking to folks there that have spent several hours waiting for him to show up. rhode island is one of the five states that'll send voters to the polls. rory cooper is a senior advicer to the hashtag never trump trump's pack. what's your reaction hearing about cruz and john kasich teaming up trying to stop trump? have they reached out to you to work together? >> first off, hi thomas. they have not reached out to us, that's not how this could work. what they have done is take a page from our strategy book. we have been looking at john kasich in states that he's been strong for, you know, over a month now and hoping that the candidates would spend times in
10:38 am
areas where they have the best chance of denying trump's delegates. looks like the campaign is catching up. you can find a voter guide that tells you which candidates to vote for to stop donald trump. neither of them have a shot if we don't get to our second ballot. >> it does not sound like much of a deal that's being -- >> john kasich is out there telling indiana voters well, i never said don't vote for me, do that anyway. is that under kiticutting the w alliance side deal? not competing in indiana and let it go into cruz. >> listen, i don't expect any of the candidates telling people to stop voting for them but the signal is there. it is clear that john kasich does not think he's strong in indiana and he thinks that ted cruz is. i think that voters are going to see right through that and
10:39 am
understand that if they want or whether they want ted cruz or john kasich, if they need to get to that second ballot, they have to support ted cruz and indiana, just like they needed to support john kasich in maryland or ted cruz in pennsylvania, we are going looking at our team. the speech that we just listened to, one nomination, then donald trump would be ahead. it is a delegate race and we are looking to win cleveland and that's through delegates. >> when we think of the momentum that trump has to get through cleveland with 1237, john kasich, and ted cruz, they are definitely not making it across that threshold. donald trump is the only person that has the possibility to do that. is this effort and coordination just a little too late to stop the will of the people? the people that are sending donald trump onto the nomination? right.
10:40 am
>> well, listen, the will of the people is 15 million people voting against donald trump in the republican primaries and eight million people voting on four of them. the will of the people are against donald trump. we want that voice to be heard as well. it is not too late. you look at the map, donald trump needs 60% or more. he has benefited from the front runner status allowed him to pick up more delegates. so, no, it is not too late, we'll keep fighting because we don't believe donald trump he wants the principles or values of the republican party. the party should nominate somebody that represents everything that's best fof america and not everything that's worse asbout it. >> rory cooper. thank you for your time today. >> joining our conversation now is one of pennsylvania's 54
10:41 am
unbound candidates, calvin tucker. he's on the second congressional district ballot. you have been listen to the trump's rally. what do you make of all these of the bomb shell alliance between cruz and john kasich not competing against each other in indiana, new mexico trying to deny donald trump enough delegates to seal the nomination in cleveland, is that something you support? >> no, i don't subscribe to the politi politics. i want someone that's going to be our candidate and win in the end. so, it is a lot of theater out there and at the end, we are going to have to put together a republican nominee who can win the presidency. that's my interest. >> why are you telling the people within your district to
10:42 am
vote for you and send you to the convention as a delegate? >> i have been involved in this issue for a long time. >> i work in economic development bureau and i do things on a daily basis that i think we need assistance from a candidate or from a president who understands how to create jobs there are significant disparities and issues in our community that really needs some support. >> from the campaign, who reached out to you the most so far? >> the trump campaign has been aggressive reaching out but i talked to all three campaigns.
10:43 am
i had conversations directly with john kasich and i talked to trump in december of last year one on one. so, you know, each one of them offered their policy positions and i continue to talk about the urban america and the urban america. that's key to me. >> we'll move in tomorrow. super tuesday in pennsylvania tomorrow, calvin tucker, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> how does indiana feels about the unlikely ted cruz to stop donald trump. we'll take you live to indianapolis next where early voting is under way after this. with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one.
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did you see the news today? did you see where they ban together and collusion? if you collude in business or if you collude in the stock market, they put you in jail. if politics, because it is a rigged system, because it is a corrupt enterprise, if politics you are allowed to collude. they colluded and actually, i was happy because it shows how weak they are. it shows how pathetic they are. >> so there it was donald trump speaking moments ago at his campaign rally taking place in rhode island references for the first time in public about this new john kasich and cruz alliance not competing against one another. nearly 50,000 people have already voted through the early voting process there. for the deal to work, the remaining voters must play
10:48 am
along. msnbc tony dokoupil has been speaking to voters, what has they make up of this alliance or the other way to look at it of allocation resources from the john kasich and cruz campaign? >> reporter: yeah, hey thomas, the john kasich and cruz campaigns, they have a couple of hurdles here. the number of people filling out these early voting forms, it is way, way up in 2012. it is on page surpassing 2008 as well. we need te even if they liked the alliance and they want to play alon with the game, a lot of them have already cast their ballots and there is nothing they could do. >> a lot of the supporters agreed with him 100%. this proves that we always know what's going on. we also spoken to cruz and john
10:49 am
kasich's supporters. we have been asking them over and over again, are you agreeing to this alliance and are you changing your vote to cruz. they said we are not, we got to vote for the guy and not the game. that one could catch on. we also spoke, this is wild, we spoke to john kasich's supporters who are so convince of this last act is desperation that they switched their vote from john kasich, not to cruz but to trump because they think he's the strongest candidate and most likely to win. a lot of voters are not reached by this new alliance because they already cast their ballots. other voters are doing opposite of what the cruz/kasich campaign would like. >> msnbc tony dokoupil , thank you so much. >> the family tamira rice has
10:50 am
been settled. rice was shot by a police officer in 2014. a grand jury by police officers in 2014 and they agreed to bring charges against the officer and a civil rights investigation is pe pending. a manhunt is intensifying in ohio for the killer or killers who shot and killed eight members of the same extended family execution style. no arrests made so far. police believe the family was targeted in a pre-planned murder. authorities found marijuana grow operations at three of the four crime scenes but haven't conf m confirmed if they're related to the killings. the sheriff is imploring the remaining family members to protect themselves. >> i cautioned them they were a target and to be armed. if you need to protect yourself or family, do so and contact the
10:51 am
local law enforcement to come respond to it. >> so far, it is expected to finish the autopsies on the victims later today. we're back after this. gh your morning is nothing new. ...your nose is the only thing on your mind... ...and to get relief, anything is fair game. introducing rhinocort® allergy spray from the makers of zyrtec®. powerful relief from your most frustrating nasal allergy symptom* ,all day and all night. hasn't your nose been through enough already? try new rhinocort® allergy spray. muddle no more® ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them.
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hey, everybody. welcome back. thomas rockets here on the streets of battle -- thoms roberts here on the streets of baltimore as we're broadcasting. it is a beautiful day, 70 degrees on the day before baltimore. and they know i'm going to talk to them. i think you were fooling around there pretending i will jump upon you. you are local residents. you live in baltimore county? >> perry hall. >> perry hall. who do like in this primary season? >> hillary? >> she's for the women, she's for everybody. she's faithful. i just love her spirit.
10:55 am
her attitude towards everything. >> how about for you? >> i think i will go with bernie. >> bernie? why? >> because he's old and won't be -- whoever his vice president is will take over. >> you live here in the city? >> yes, i do. >> there's a big race going on for mayor, for senate, the presidential primary, is all of that resonating with you and helping you go out tomorrow? >> yes, it is. >> for bernie, he's been here. he went to sandtown and walked to cvs. did that impact you? >> yeah. i like the way he talks, the fact he's get higgs money from the people, the grassroots, not getting millions and trillions of dollars from corporations. >> does that bother you, though? she's showing some shade at you. that's directed towards hillary. >> i can't comment on that. >> no? >> no. >> she's going to vote for who she wants to vote for and i'm going to vote for her. >> do you think that type of money, those donations would
10:56 am
influence a candidate clinton? >> of course it would. but it's a race, like you say it is. it's a race made in the best person win. >> i feel like hillary had her chance. she's been in the white house. >> she's experienced, you know. she's been at the big tables. you know, she don't get crazy when things start to dom head, you know, she's calm. >> lady, thank you very much. >> thank you. bye. have a good day. >> that will wrap up our show from the inner harbor. we'll be back, kate snow at 3:00 and me at 4:00. stay tuned. much more after this.
10:57 am
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to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you good day on this monday, i'm erica hill. we're here in the steel city, pittsburgh, pennsylvania. we're waiting at this hour on
11:00 am
two live campaign stop, both expected any minute. john kasich to speak in nand and ted cruz. and on the heels of this bombshell announcement over the weekend, this new kasich-cruz alliance. donald trump just wrapped up another event where he spoke out reacting to this unprecedented union. >> if you collude in business or if you collude in the stock market, they put you in jail, but in politics, because it's a rigged system, because it's a corrupt enterprise, in politics you're allowed to collude. they colluded. actually, i was happy. because it show house weak they are, shows how pathetic they are. takes two guys long-time politicians to try and get together to try and beat trump and yet they're way behind. said to myself, that's pretty


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