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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 25, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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two live campaign stop, both expected any minute. john kasich to speak in nand and ted cruz. and on the heels of this bombshell announcement over the weekend, this new kasich-cruz alliance. donald trump just wrapped up another event where he spoke out reacting to this unprecedented union. >> if you collude in business or if you collude in the stock market, they put you in jail, but in politics, because it's a rigged system, because it's a corrupt enterprise, in politics you're allowed to collude. they colluded. actually, i was happy. because it show house weak they are, shows how pathetic they are. takes two guys long-time politicians to try and get together to try and beat trump and yet they're way behind. said to myself, that's pretty bad. that's pretty bad.
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and here's the key! i've only been doing this for 10 months. i haven't even been doing it very long. >> donald trump with his first on camera remarks out of rhode isla island, earlier today. the goal of this new campaign coordination is to stop donald trump's efforts, secure those 1237 delegates that would secure the nomination. by clearing the way for each other in three upcoming conte contests, john cruz in indiana and kasich in new mexico and oregon, that would prevent this from happening. both men responded to questions about this new deal their campaigns put together this morning. >> after discussions with the kasich campaign we made a decision about allocating resources. we decided to allocate our time and resources on the state of nand and governor kasich decided to allocate his resources elsewhere. >> i don't have danny war bucks behind me giving me all this money. i have to be careful about my
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resources. >> our road warriors have the 2016 race covered in pennsylvania and beyond. in the northeast part of pennsylvania in wilkes-barre, where trump will hold his final rally tonight before primary day tomorrow. katie, we just saw donald trump hammering away at what he calls collusion, the word of the day from the trump campaign. tell me a little more what we're hearing from his staff and suppo support e supporters. >> reporter: you saw him at that 1:00 p.m. rally in rhode island. he used that word 10 times. that's what the campaign is trying to do, plant the seed of some kind of criticminal activi. if it's not oh vertly criminal,
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questionable, and what they want to paint this alliance into. it plays into their talking points in a number of ways. for some time we have been hearing the candidate himself talk about how this is a rigged system, out to get an outdoor cider the establish that chooses the candidate and not the voters. he says he's trying to disenfranchise those that don't vote in states like colorado and states he won like louisiana. this jives well with their message. as for supporters, donald trump supporters agree with this. they believe he is the one that will change washington. they believe he is the one sp k speaking for them. they give donald trump the benefit of the doubt like no others do. they feel they can trust him on
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something even if he's not s saying what they want to hear. they will believe he's a conservative regardless his statements might be. if they believe he will change his ways and become more presidential in tone down the line, they may believe it despite what his actions might be. today, we saw him act less presidential than he's acted in the past and last couple of weeks. the campaign and donald trump himself is feeling good about alliance because it does play right into their message and feeling good about the polls now, doing well in the northeast and well in the state of pennsylvania where they hope to 3 pick up delegates and believe they will do well in indiana. >> in wilkes-barre, pennsylvania, thank you. hallie jackson on the road in indiana today where she's tracking the cruz campaign. >> hi there. we're making our way from borden, indiana to columbus where cruz will be holding a
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retail stop at an ice cream parlor, four stops in "the hoosier" state, all coming as he and john kasich reach a coordinated attempt to try and stop donald trump not just here in indiana but oregon and mexico as well. that said, that has opened cruz and kasich to attacks of so-called collusion from donald trump. and i had an opportunity at the rally this morning to ask ted cruz about this. here's that exchange, listen to it and we will talk about it on the other side. >> reporter: donald trump is y saying you are colluding and expect to hear that again and again. >> i understand donald will lie. that's what he does. donald is a sore loser. when he lost five states in a row in landslide elections, donald threw a tantrum. his response is to attack the voters and people. >> reporter: that's cruz piv pivoting to this attack he's been laying out a while, that trump is a whiner and sore loser and not directly addressing the
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question of so-called collusion, the attack line we're hearing from trump today. if you look at the math, cruz, when it comes to recent polling, is trailing donald trump in this state. if in theory you add john kasich support to cruz that would be enough to take trump. in practice that's now how it works. 1 in 5 kasich supporters backs donald trump. it's not for sure this alliance will beat donald trump. a battleground state for the stop trump movement, where they hope to take donald trump down and make it a repeat from wisconsin. even if he loses to ted cruz, if ted cruz ends up with a domin e dominating victory, it is not enough to knock trump out of this race. instead, you have to look to california, the next key battle grounds june 7th. >> all eyes on california for
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june 7th. we're not even into may yet. nbc peter alexander got to ask john kasich directly about the charges from donald trump of collusion. >> reporter: is this collusion? >> collusion. what does that even mean? does he know what that means? >> reporter: the two of you are teaming up to compete against donald trump. >> the two of us are competing to win the nomination and steward our resources so we can stop hillary clinton. >> reporter: msnbc's kasie hunt is in rockville where a rally is under way at this hour. good to see you. kasich telling reporters there, not really talking about the collusion so much, what stuck out he never told his supporters in indiana to not vote for him and wasn't telling them they should instead vote for ted cruz, which seems to undermine
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this alliance we're hearing so much about. >> reporter: if anything, it was the opposite. john kasich in some ways shr shrugging this off. ted cruz calling this a huge deal, kasich saying this is a little thing ted cruz and i are doing, it shouldn't make any difference. here's what kasich chatsed he would tell his voters in indiana. >> i never told them not to vote for me. they ought to vote for me. i'm not over there campaigning and spending resources. we have limited resources. >> reporter: there you have it a fairly straightforward reply from john kasich. if his voters do go to the polls, vote for him instead of ted cruz. that would ultimately undermine this overall strategy of trying to prevent trump from getting the nomination. you have to look at this in the broader scheme of things. the stop trump movement has been very frustrated, particularly with john kasich's insistence
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continuing to run in indiana. this is in some ways kasich s d seeding ground to ted cruz. not talking about other states but a heavy focus on indiana. part of the recognition that the only way to stop trump from getting this nomination is make sure you eliminate his path to 1237. it wasn't possible to do that if cruz is not able to win in indiana. it's a very very critical piece of this puzzle. not enough. stop trump force have to figure out whether or not this agreement will continue to some other states. california really is the place where this ultimately is going to happen or not. it's a very complex state that has to be fought congressional district by congressional district. at this point we're waiting to see how the third party groups will strategize. sounds like john kasich's super pac continuing whether or not to
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continue airing negative ads in oregon. maybe that's the most effective but maybe this pact between these two candidates will prevent that. still looking to strategy questions. >> fascinating to see how it's all changing and all the states even at this point are so relevant this year. a lot of states don't often feel that way in campaign years. kasie hunt for us this afternoon. we mentioned in his first appearance of the day, donald trump hit home the two campaigns are colluding. you heard that word multiple times. counting at least 10 references in this his rally in the last h. take a listen. >> did you see the news today? did you see where they band together, where they collude? it's collusion. you know, if you collude in business, if you collude in business or the stock market, they put you in jail. in politics, you're allowed to collude. so they colluded and actually i
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was happy because it shows how weak they are when two long time insider politicians establish guys whether you like it or not, have to collude, have to get together to try and beat a guy that really speaks what the people want. >> the national spokesperson for the trump campaign. she join us this afternoon. nice to have you with us. as we said earlier, this is clearly the word of the day, collusion. we're hearing a lot about that. i want to look at these policy in indiana. your candidate is in the lead by a few points, in three of the latest polls. are you concerned at all about the departure of john kasich in indiana and how that could affect your candidate's chances for delegates in indiana? >> i'm not concerned at all. one thing we heard about this entire campaign cycle. we started with 16 candidates,
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as they dropped out we were told support would fall away from donald trump. that has not been the case and i think that will be county. not all kasich supporters are ted cruz supporters and we will see that play out in indian as well. this is an interesting situation that has come up, the collusion, secret agreement these two campaigns have made really goes to show how desperate that they are. you have two establish candidates now trying to stop a candidate from winning the nomination. in one case, donald trump is beating ted cruz by 2.5 million votes and john kasich by 5.5 million votes. i think it's safe to say at this point, these two campaigns are no longer running against donald trump, they're running against the republican primary voters. that's pretty sad. >> you're saying they're running against some of the voters, if we look at the national polling, your candidate still has very high unfavorable numbers. with this deal, it could
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potentially push this and we heard from ted cruz saying this will push us to a contested convention come july for the republican party. is donald trump ready for the fight at that contested convention? >> absolutely. i will say unfavorables don't translate into no votes. you look at the national polls as far as who the gop voters want, donald trump is still ahead and ted cruz has dropped 10 points in just the last month. the argument of electability and who the voters want is still donald trump. we are going to get to the delegates that we need before the convention. donald trump is going to secure the nomination. even if we get to that convention, erica, he's going to win, because then it does become matter of electability. donald trump is the only candidate that can win in the northeast, the south and west. he's winning all the polls moving forward including california. there's simply no argument to be made for any other candidate, who in john kasich's case is 1 for 40 and in ted cruz's case
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won only three primaries outside his home state. the argument for electability will come into play. >> you mentioned going for delegat delegates. we know the campaign has hired a senior campaigner to support in the words of the campaign, delegate operations team. looking at this, it seems now, the decision has been made to go after delegates perhaps more in the way ted cruz has. what specifically will ken mckay be doing? what does it mean about delegate operati operations? what will you be doing differ t differently now? >> essentially making the case. mr. trump has already expressed his distaste for the idea you have to wine and dyne aine and delegates. now he will make the case where the party is for delegates today and viability in november and we have to have someone not afraid to go up against the clinton machine or even the media machine and from the beginning,
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that has been donald trump. we will be making that case to the delegates themselves, not just at rallies and interviews, but to the delegates themselves. >> you'll be actively going after specifically those unbound delegates? >> absolutely. >> katrina for the trump campaign, thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> we are asking you, can the ted cruz john kasich alliance stop donald trump? here's a look at the results so far this hour. the pulse is live. you continue to vote. 97% of you -- talk about an overwhelming response saying the alliance cannot stop donald trump. you can still make your voice heard, log onto and we will share your responses later on. up next, hillary clinton looking toward november, the democrat now directing fire at donald trump. >> he tends to misfire. what we have with him is the
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clinton wrapped up an event where she hit donald trump on minimum wage. >> donald trump says wages are too high in america and doesn't support raising the minimum wage. i have said, come out of those towers you made for yourself and actually talk and listen to people. at some point, if you want to be president of the united states, you got to get familiar with the united states. >> clinton democratic rival bernie sanders is scheduled to speak at 2:30 p.m. eastern 10 minutes from now. that's happening in pittsburgh. a rally this morning in connecticut, he riled up the crowd with his prediction of a win. >> nbc's kristen welker is
11:21 am
following the clinton campaign. she joins us live from wilmington, delaware. we are seeing more and more signs, kristen, especially the last couple of days, that hillary clinton is really shi shifting her focus to the general election. does this mean there is more talk and more solid discussion of potential vp picks? >> reporter: it seems like there's a lot more buzz about potential vp picks, aimed at a signal to the sanders campaign the clinton campaign sees this race as all but over. let me give you a sense of top names we are hearing as potential vp picks. i will start with sharon brown, cory booker, sharon brown, ohio senator. and would help her with that critical battleground state. the hud secretary and castro would help her with latino, the first person mentioned as vp
11:22 am
pick and tim kaine and deval patrick, former governor of massachusetts. and thom perez, labor secretary and mark warner, helps her in a critical region and elizabeth warren perhaps the most interesting name on the list, she would help her rally the progressives to bring over the sanders supporters. as you well know, warren has yet to endorse any candidate and there's a sense there's not a lot of warmth between warren and secretary clinton. there are other signs secretary clinton is pivoting to the general election. as you pointed out, she has been hitting donald trump hard on the campaign trail and she released a new ad aimed at drawing a sharp distinction with him. take a look. ♪ spread a little open love now ♪ ♪ we need to make sure he gets a chance to know how to do that ♪ ♪ walking on together now
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♪ america is stronger when we are all supporting each other ♪ >> the add is entitled "love and ki kindness" to you ni the country opposed to divide it, trying to make the case trump is the more divisive candidate. i spoke with a clinton campaign official who said there is one more aspect to get ahead of donald trump slowly shifting and pivoting more to the middle as he gets closer potentially to the general election. what happens tomorrow will tomorrow whether secretary clinton can fully pivot or whether she's still locked in this primary battle. >> we'll be watching for that. joining us live from wilmington, delaware. thanks. check out msnbc's bernie sanders town hall followed by the clinton town hall coming up at 9:00. as we leave we will show you
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that's why we're adding 20% more chicken to our chicken pot pies with golden, flaky crusts. that's my mom. now serving... a better banquet. happening now a federal appeals court has reinstated tom bradys suspension that happened over the deflategate scandal. the suspension had been overturned just before the kickoff. this came as a surprise to a lot of people. was it a surprise to you to see this? >> well, i didn't feel surprised one way or the other because i'm not a big football fan and i don't bring the football rigor many people do. >> i meant legal, ari.
11:28 am
>> a district court ruling tends to usually in most cases be the final word. you have the right to appeal but it takes a higher standard on appeal to reverse something. i would say this kind of judgment is somewhat numbunusuad tell you why they felt the tom brady suspension should stand. in their collective bargaining agreement the players and the league mutually decided many years ago the commissioner should investigate possible rule violations and should impose appropriate sanctions and may preside at arbitrations challenging his discipline. in other words, whether you like the suspension or not and what you think about the so-called deflated football, the court is saying not whether it's right or wrong, this is something within the authority of the commissioner. >> within the authority and basically, it follows the rules, almost some parallels in
11:29 am
politics. this means it sticks, correct? >> correct. here, you have the second circuit court of appeals you usually see handling really big cases around international finance or criminal appeals, they're getting involved to say this stick, as you put it. the only way it could change now if it went to the highest court in the land the supreme court. i can tell you that is very unlikely. >> msnbc's chief legal correspondent and avid football fan, ari. you are counting down the days until the season kicks off. >> that's right. >> thank you. still to come, we're turning back to the race for 2016. this new bombshell alliance between ted cruz and john kasich. we will take live to indiana, a state cruz called earlier today the crossroads. what will the new alliance mean in "the hoosier" state and how is it being received by some also hoping to stop trump? a member of our principles pack
11:30 am
weighs in with us. next. but first we're in pittsburgh, the "steel city," got that when pittsburgh produced more than half the nation's city. in fact, pittsburgh made steel was used to build national historic landmarks including the empire state building and golden gate bridge. fun fact to get you going on a monday afternoon membersh. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you.
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ happening now in ohio, an intense manhunt is under way for the killer or killers what police are calling pre--planned killings. of eight family members killed execution style, a 4 day old, 6-month-old and 3-year-old survived those shootings. we want to get right to our reporter following this for us and joins us live now. gabe, i know we're starting to get more details from the
11:34 am
police. what's the very latest? >> reporter: hi there, erica, good afternoon. this is a wide ranging investigation, the attorney general office telling us police are sealing off the crime scene indefinitely while the investigation progresses. we got a new police report just released from one of the crime sce scenes, what's interesting in that report, the officer says, there were no signs of forced entry. we also just spoke with the father of one of the victims, 37-year-old dana rosen. her father suspects the person or persons who did this must have known the family because there were two pitbulls on the property that would have atta attacked any strangers. he says his other daughter is the one that walked in and found two of the victims. he's absolutely devastated. >> it's hard to cope with. i've got a daughter ain't eating
11:35 am
because she found the bodies. i mean, you know, it's bad. bad. >> reporter: as i mentioned, erica, this is a very wide ra e ranging investigation. investigators have revealed several marijuana grow operat n operations have been found at several crime scenes here but would not speculate if that could be a potential motive. the attorney general says they're looking at everything whether this could have been revenge, drug related. frankly at this point, the attorney general says they just don't know. they're looking at other social media posts saying a potential threatening message posted on facebook against one of the victims. a 25,0$25,000 reward is being r offered for any information leading to an arrest. authorities are scouring the woods in this area, trying to find any more evidence as this community mourns the loss of eight members of this same extended family. >> so many questions. gabe, thank you.
11:36 am
as we turn our attention back to the race for 2016, john kasich is holding a town hall in maryland this hour. you heard a little bit of it. a short time ago, you're looking at live pictures from rockville. kasich and cruz are defending this new alliance their campa n campaigns put together, an unprecedented effort to stop donald trump from clenching the republican nomination. >> i don't see this as any big deal other than the fact i'm not going to spend resources in indy anna. he ae's not going to spend them other places. so what? no big deal. >> it makes sense and devoted to the principle of beating hillary clinton in november and turning this country around. >> right now, proteste erers ar ready to meet donald trump at his next rally in westchester, pennsylvania. earlier, trump accused kasich and cruz of colluding against him. >> you know, if you collude in business or the stock market,
11:37 am
they put you in jail. in politics, because it's a rigged system, because it's a corrupt enterprise, in politics, you're allowed to collude. they colluded and actually i was happy. it shows how weak and pathetic they are. >> there's a lot of attention on pennsylvania and the next stop is indiana, now ground zero when we talk about the stop trump movement. that state has more than 63,000 absentee ballots, more than twice the number four years ago. at the marion county clerk's office in indianapolis, early voting taking place and you were talking about record-setting numbers earlier, what do you hear from voters in terms of their reaction to this new cruz-kasich alliance? >> reporter: two big issues with the cruz-kasich alliance. first is reaching voters in
11:38 am
time. 64,000 republican ballots already turned in. if there's any indication, 24,000 are likely kasich voters and they're sunk. kasich will still be on the ballot and even if he's not, they're getting resources to indiana. the other question, are the kasich voters going to listen? we talked to five or six so far and doesn't look like it. they are deep believers to john kasich and can't bring themselves to cross over and vote for ted cruz. one of them said i have to vote for the guy, not the game. one is the only person we talked to said he doesn't like it but he's going to do it. this leads to the trump campaign saying this is just what they've been fighting, back room deals and cheating and unfair play. >> they are failing individually and they're trying to drag him down with them.
11:39 am
it's just dirt slinging now. nothing but desperation on their part. >> reporter: desperation on their part, erica. the really painful detail we picked up, we talked to two kasich reporters who turned off by the alliance, they flipped not to cruz but to trump. back to you. >> that is not exactly what they had intended, is it? tony joining us from indianapolis this afternoon. thank you. former 0 ohio secretary of state ken blackwell is one of those in the principles pack. we just heard from tony the word "desperation" from one of the other voters we spoked to and learning two voters so turned off they're now going to vote for trump. that is not exactly the outcome this alliance had intended. you look at this plan put
11:40 am
together by the cruz and kasich campai campaigns, is it too little too late? >> i don't think so. at the end of the day, this is about mutual self-interest. those campaigns saw it in their mutual self-interest to stop donald trump where they can do it individually most producti productively. so, in fact, they decided where they would spend their resources and where they wouldn't. as a consequence, this is all about 1237 and stopping donald from getting there. i think that will happen. i think he will not get to 1237. he's going to have a decent day tomorrow where there are 118 delegates at play. but then, as you have mentioned in your reporting, indiana is ground zero. i think donald has hurt himself. it seems to be a more conservative electorate. i think his embrace of a big
11:41 am
government effort, in terms of healthcare and his attack on religious liberty and his fundamental history of having supported liberal democrats will not play to his interests in na indiana a week from this coming tuesday. as a consequence, i think this will play out just fine. cruz had a good weekend. i think he'll have a good week next week, in indiana. then, it's a full-scale operation in california. but let me underscore something. this is about mutual self-interest. i think what john kasich is doing is he's made a decision to drive his stock up. he wants to get to as close to 300 delegates as he can possibly get. he then becomes more attractive to both trump and cruz as a
11:42 am
vice-presidential pick. so i think what he has done -- >> you think this is about setting himself up. >> to pick the strategy to drive up his stock. go ahead. >> you talk about the mutual self-interest. you say this is really for both of them to stop trump, that is the goal of the hour principles pack at this point. it's pretty clear the stop trump movement has lost steam at this point. there was not a big momentum in wisconsin and big decision not to spend money in new york. you say this isn't too little and too late combining for cruz and kasich alliance. is there too little too late for stop trump movement as a whole. it seems like it's just lost steam. >> look, you can tell it hasn't lost steam because trump is whining and complaining and trump is pounding a table. there's an old lawyer's line, if you can't win on the farkts, pou -- facts, pound the table.
11:43 am
trump understands his trajectory to get to 1237 is not increasing, it is in fact decrea decreasing. he's topped out at about 40% of the votes cast. he needs to win 58% and there is nothing that indicates his attack on rank and file republicans and his attack on the republican party platform will do anything to get him at that 58%. this is a brilliant use of resources period. >> ken blackwell joining us from the our principles pack. appreciate your time this afternoon. thank you. >> good to be with you. >> let's get you an update on today's microsoft pulse question. we asked you can the ted cruz john kasich alliance stop donald trump? your answer until about a quarter to the hour. about the same. 96% saying, no. the pulse remains live. keep the conversation going, log onto why do so many businesses
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happening live right now, john kasich holding a town hall in rockville, maryland. on the other side of your screen, bernie sanders rallying voters in pennsylvania. not too far from us, we're in pittsburgh today. we will be here tomorrow at the urban tap, right down the street from one of of the sanders campaign office. we stopped early to talk to people and see how they're feeling about tomorrow. there's only one person in the office sending everybody over to this event happening in pittsburgh. let's listen. >> stand with me and i appreciated that very much. [ applause ] >> bernie bernie bernie -- >> i want to thank all of you
11:48 am
for being here today. i want to thank the homeless gospel choir. kevin, marjorie kruger, kendrick sampson and josh fox. [ applause ] and senator jeff merkley of oregon for being here today. we have some important things to talk about. a lot of it has to do with your future. when we began this campaign about a year ago, there was a general feeling young people and students were not really interested in government, were not interested in politics, but a lot has changed in the last year. what young people have shown is that they understand that they are the future of our country
11:49 am
and they intend to play an active role in shaping that future. what young people have also shown is they understand a lot more than the pundits and so-called political experts think they understand. >> bernie sanders is speaking in pittsburgh this hour. you hear him talking about the young people, getting more people, younger voters involved in this process and getting them interested how important they've been and talking about younger voters in this campaign. we look at the state of pennsylvania, the biggest of the pri prizes, you look at the republican side, one of the talking points are these 54 unbound delegates, 71 up for grabs here but 54 unbound. donald trump has proven to be
11:50 am
one of the delegate system's biggest critics, we heard him talk about calling this process rigged. it could mean the difference between winning and losing the republican nomination. joining us from philadelphia, our own delegate hunter, jacob, with more on how this plays out in pennsylvania and has a lot of people fascinated inside and outside this state. talk to us more about these unbound delegates a day out from pennsylvania's primary. >> reporter: it is fascinating, erica. it really is. it didn't occur to me today we are essentially in the home of american direction whe-- democr where msnbc town halls will be tonight. and.trump says it's rigged and corrupt and says the delegates that go to the republican
11:51 am
convention in july and could make or break his campaign. i have been following them where they will be picked on the ballot alongside the candidates tuesday. who are they and what are they about? i got new interviews and sound with them. take a look at this. i made to it andy's diner in pennsylvania. i'm here evnot that i'm starvin for a slice of pie. this is delegate radio headquarters because there is a radio program in here to see who they support at the convention in cleveland. you're a delegate and you guys are voters, start? you might be supporting somebody? >> i am a trump supporter. i think trump will win the 13th con conventi conventi conventional, i'm excited about that. >> reporter: you signed the paperwork? >> i don't know how to tell you any more than this. >> barry casper. >> running for three spots
11:52 am
basically unopposed. >> reporter: this guy is going to the convention in july. who will you support once you get there. >> i am uncommitted at this point. >> can't we let the voters vote. >> reporter: where are you running? >> eighth district in bucks county. >> reporter: who are you going to vote for? >> basically still waiting, it's trump. >> reporter: so far how much has your campaign cost? >> to 30,00$30,000 bucks. >> 30,000 bucks for two days at the convention? >> yes. and then it will be the end of my political career. >> reporter: are you going to pledge to ted cruz no matter what happened at the convention? >> that's correct. >> reporter: even if your constituents vote the other way? >> that's correct. whether it's a small minority or large minority, i'm voting the represent the people of the second district that are supp t supporting senator cruz.
11:53 am
i've been public about it. any that wants to support cruz can vote for me. >> reporter: does it say who you will support on the ballot? >> no. >> reporter: have you ever thought about you might be one of those that could stop trump if he's just short of 1237. >> yes, i thought about that. >> reporter: you're like one of the most important people in american politics nobody knows about it. >> reporter: celebrity, you said it. >> yes. >> reporter: that's the reality, erica. she is going to be a celebrity if she makes it. on the ted cruz lane. she can help stop donald trump in his tracks. they are coming out of the popular vote here and has voters frustrated but the candidates have their eye on those 54 for sure. >> that, they do. jacob, thank you. we want to talk now to one of the potential delegates from harrisburg, pennsylvania, a candidate for delegate, who has pledged his support to donald
11:54 am
trump. thanks for being with us today. as we learned from jacob, when people choose their delegates, it will not say on the ballot whether or not they're suppo supporting someone. how many people do you think in your area know in fact you're intending to cast your vote for donald trump? >> thank you, erica, for having me on. i really have no idea what the answer to that question is. i will tell you i've been sho shouting from the rooftops in every manner possible i'm suppo supporting donald trump. i've done radio and television. the trump campaign is doing robocalls, we have palm cards and pulling out all the stops so the voters in my congressional district know i'm supporting donald trump. >> have you spoken personally to donald trump or the campaign and have they tromtz you anything? >> i've spoken to donald trump. i've worked with the campaign since december of 2015. they have promised me nothing. this is something that i decided to do on my own because i think
11:55 am
donald trump is the best candidate to put america back in its proper place as the leading country in the world. >> the campaign, as we know, donald trump has been very critical of this delegate process, it being used to pick the candidate for the highest office in the land. do you agree with it? >> i think the process is fine in pennsylvania. we don't live in a direct democracy, we live in a representative republic where we elect our vote others to go to harrisburg or washington, d.c., and entrust them to vote what's in our best interests. that's the way i have considered my role as digit egt to the republican national convention, i think it's in the best interest to the fourth district or people in pennsylvania that donald trump be the republican nominee. >> when you heard news of this
11:56 am
alliance of cruz and kasich campai campaigns, what was your first thought? >> collusion. the establish getting together to do everything in its power to derail donald trump. i have long been saying the establish will get behind ted cruz and use him as a stalking horse to deny trump the 1237 he needs on the first ballot. that's exactly what's happened. lindsey graham and jeb bush have gotten behind ted cruz and now we see the embodiment of the establish colluding to deny donald trump the nomination. >> we will see what happens. thank you. >> thank you, erica. >> that will wrap up this hour live from the urban tap in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. be sure to join us at our two town halls. bernie sanders with chris hay
11:57 am
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use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. being a non-smoker feels great. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. m i'm kate snow live at the inner harbor of baltimore, maryland. beautiful out today. one of five states voting. desperate times for desperate measu measures. the bombshell, john kasich and ted cruz united to take down donald trump. the two underdogs have a bold new plan, split up some upcoming conte contests. >> it is big news today, john kasich decided to pull out of indiana to give us a head to head with donald trump good for


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