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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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with hyaluronic acid it plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena it's sort of funny. i watched cruz this morning. he's all mixed up because he's losing so badly. when he's under pressure he's like a basket case. so he's stuttering and stammering and i watched him and he's saying, i want jobs and i want the economy and i want this and i want that. all stuff i've been saying for years. and he just started saying it. he doesn't know anything about the economy. he doesn't know anything about jobs. he was a failed senator. couldn't get anything passed. look at his legislation. he got nothing passed and now he wants to be -- all he is is a guy that will go down and stand and filibuster for a day or two. and the other senators all look, when is he getting off the
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floor? he's a pain. when is he getting off the floor? >> i guess trump is more of a washington insider than we think because that's what people said it ted cruz. >> right. >> okay. trump, you talked about this. he's in midseason form. you look at -- forget the poconos. forget vegas for a week. you look at his swing through connecticut and rhode island. the donald trump spring new england 2016 comedy tour, right? we need to get t-shirts and put on the back -- you look at his events, not being more presidential. this is a guy who you get a sense feels like i'm up 30 points. i'm just going to throw fastballs and see if they can hit them. >> michael beshlos will write, they are the unique comedy stylings of donald j. trump.
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that is schtick in the best sense. >> nicolle who has worked for politicians and carefully preparing them and doing one draft after another draft after another draft. let's take this line out. it sends the wrong message to the 25 to 54 demo and hispanics west of the mississippi. let's test it. this is an improv act. >> all due respect. we never did anything like that, but the people who had jobs like i have like selecting media interviews, making communications strategy will be completely unemployable in a trump world. doesn't need a spokesperson. doesn't need a communications director. doesn't need a speech writer. those people are rendered irrelevant and not needed in his world. and what's so interesting and you can even say this about all the democrats in office and running, there is no one who is
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main lining the reaction of their supporters more than donald trump. and the reason it's working is because they are just plugged into eachripping off of them. you can hear them shouting to him, you know, while he's talking and he gets sort of that direction and the cue and can react to it. this is a foerpance art. it's fascinating. >> this year we've seen political candidates that have been so calculated. and it's been so prerehearsed and so buttoned up and so starched. and they come in there and read lines. they practice it in their heads. and it is the opposite of somebody who like ronald reagan could grab a microphone in 1980 in a gymnasium saying i paid for this microphone or bobby kennedy in 1968. jeff greenfeel says one of the coolest things he did to the
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speechwriters is deliver the greatest speech of his life the night after martin luther king was assassinated because it was all off the top of his head. and read the audience, read the moment and gave what i still believe may be one of the greatest political speeches of the 20th century. in trump you have a guy far different, obviously, than both of those. but who, like nicolle said, can read the audience and play off the audience without having people running behind with a stack of papers. it makes a campaign agile. >> if you spend the amount of time, and we have, going to trump's rallies, a couple of things are clearly noticeable. there have been funny candidates. john mccain was funny in 2000. but both had a sense of inhibition about them. donald trump is totally uninhibited on the stump. and the other key thing is, you know when you go to a movie?
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you go to a movie and pay attention. the second time you pay less attention. trump's crowds are riveted by trump because it's different every time. there's always a little different wrinkle in each presentation. >> you see it in bernie sanders crowd as well. it's extraordinary. both the groups of crowds. that's what's i thought was so interesting about "the new york times" article talking about the impact trade deals. you go into the communities most impacted by free trade. unfettered free trade and globalization and the opening of china and you find communities that are hurt economically and you also find communities that have a lot of trump and sanders supporters. >> they want to change from the status quo. i have to dissent from one thing. mccain 2000, not a lot of inhibitions in that rosace. >> very few. >> trump has to overcome his
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high negatives but there are now groups of people starting to think about this style that nicolle talked about. management style, performance style. there are people like the military, foreign leaders, corporations, lobbyists who have to price into the stock here, maybe trump will win. people are starting to think about it. what does it mean for those communities? what does it mean for a president who gives a state of the union without a text or a foreign leader who shows up for meetings wut s with heads of st without a speech. >> where we are now and you see it play out each and every day is no more and no less than the delayed fuse of what occurred in this country in 2008. that's what it is. >> this all starts september 15th, 2008. a day every bit as significant as september 11th. what about 1,237.
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a week removed from the last time we talked to you before the huge new york rout. we expect some huge routs across the northeast. how are you feeling now about trump hitting 1,237 and winning on the first ballot? >> if you were betting money, you'd have to bet he's going to do it. you'll be able to tell if he gets 90 to 95 tonight. indiana is a must win. if he comes up with those two, then california becomes sort of icing on a cake at that point. >> really? so big wins tonight if he get s 90 to 95 delegates tonight. >> he'll have to do well in california. people will be going in trying to pick off congressional districts. 39 of the 53 congressional districts in california are held by democrats. so they are susceptible to a ground game. but so far nobody seemed to be able to play the ground game terribly well. >> don't you consider the
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pennsylvania delegates who said thaul vote with their district or with the statewide result which will be for trump, don't you consider those basically pledge delegates if they've said that? >> no. >> the chance that they switch -- >> on a first ballot you're -- >> i've dealt with the unbound delegates on rules things. they are a group who say that and absolutely mean it here in april. how they are on the floor of the convention in july is a little different. it's hard to imagine anyone running as an unbound delegate in pennsylvania saying i'm going to ignore what my voters say. i'm just going to ignore it. if a reporter is sticking a microphone in their face and asking them what to do. i think it's more open than that. >> on the campaign trail, john kasich returned to mckees rocks, pennsylvania, ahead of the east coast primaries. while in pennsylvania, governor kasich was asked about donald trump who called his pact with ted cruz a desperate move.
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bite first and then we'll hear what the governor said this morning on the "today" show. >> desperation soon? >> no, i'm not desperate. are you? are you desperate? because i'm not. >> are you telling indiana voters, if you want to stop trump, you should vote for cruz, don't vote for me. >> no, what i'm telling people -- i'm not tell be anybody anything in indiana because i'm not campaigning in indiana. but i don't tell voters what to do. voters are smart enough to figure out what they want to do. >> this grand strategy, it's not really as -- >> you guys listen. listen. you guys are the ones confused and upset. we're not. >> kasich. are you desperate? i'm not desperate. you desperate? with us from washington, msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt who is covering the latest in the cruz/kasich alliance. seems to be off to a rocky start. what's the very latest?
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>> it seems like the latest in this, joe, is this alliance is, in fact, fraying at the edges but it's also not necessarily built for success. there are these signs that trump is starting to beat cruz in particular at his own game. so i was talking to some trump folks yesterday who are literally sitting down going through the map looking at these state conventions, doing all the things the cruz campaign has been doing all the way along. we're now expecting trump himself to show up potentially in virginia over the weekend. i think ben ginsburg would have plenty to say about that and the california state convention coming up this week. you have to stack that up against two guys who don't really seem to have a full understanding. i tried to push kasich on just what this alliance would mean. and it really would have to be significant all the way through the end of this calendar if they'll hope to make this work. take a look at what kasich had
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to say. this agreement that you've reached -- truce, whatever you -- >> it's a matter of allocating resources where we think we have the best chance to be able to do well. and our whole purpose is to stop hillary clinton from being president. >> how far does it go? >> for whatever it is our team's agreed to. i approved the fact he could do this. we didn't spend a lot of resources in wisconsin. we knew we weren't going to do well there. we figure out where we can do our work and get the most amount of votes. i assume this will be fine through new mexico and oregon. and i can't tell you after that. we have to see. >> looks like we didn't quite get that exactly right, but the body language that kasich had on display yesterday was nowhere near the happy warrior that you often get or even the facade he puts up of happy warrior. i'm out here having a great time. that did not seem to be the case. and ben touched on this a minute
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ago that district by district breakdown of california. that's what it's going to take for these two to stack up against trump. they'll not just need a broad agreement. they'll need an in-depth careful strategy if they're going to pull it off. you're talking about these numbers. the campaigns in private are more looking at lukike, it's possible we'll come out of tonight with trump essentially having this locked up and with these paths just so narrow. and cruz and kasich only having one path to many for donald trump. >> time is running out. kasie hunt, thank you so much. we're starting to hear as far as learning to play the inside game, members of trump's family calling unpledged delegates with some success, asking for their support. also in pennsylvania, they are spending money. they'll have poll workers out to make sure that trump supporters that come in know which delegates to vote for and what lines to vote for. something they haven't done.
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the big investment for the first time, on the ground investment in pennsylvania. we'll see if it works out. still ahead -- more of our interview with bernie sanders from this morning. we'll ask him about the narrative that his candidacy could damage the democratic party. plus, faces in the crowd. we'll hear from some of the 10,000 people at trump's event in pennsylvania last not. and tomorrow, donald trump joins us live as does house speaker paul ryan. you're watching "morning joe." we'll be right back. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ dad, yoh no,'ll take you up to me off rthe front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine.
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x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. donald trump campaigned across pennsylvania yesterday ending with a massive rally last night at mohegan sun in wilkes-barre township. on the ground to see how trump supporters are feeling about
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their candidate. >> it's the eve of the pennsylvania presidential primary. we're in wilkes-barre at a trump rally. not a bad crowd for a monday night. ♪ >> and we love the state of pennsylvania, and we're bringing it back. >> what about trump has galvanized you to come out? >> i think it's his honesty. he's not afraid to say what's on his mind. >> a lot of people like the idea of trump. >> he's not a politician. he's not a lawyer. >> i like his attitude, his gumption and he's got a lot of guts. >> we're getting this direct guy that speaks his mind, says whatever he wants to say. he doesn't care about being politically correct. >> both parties hate him.
6:19 am
that is what's made me support trump. >> if you add up the delegates of cruz and kasich, i'm beating them by a lot. by a lot. >> what do you think about john kasich and ted cruz forming an alliance to try to stop trump. >> i don't think it's against the rules. they're trying to do what they've got to do. >> it's an act of desperation. people know when they're beaten. they resort to things like that. some don't know how to lose gracefully. >> i've heard about ted cruz and kasich making the unholy alliance. i've got news for them. trump is going to beat them in pennsylvania. >> haters going to hate. >> haters going to hate. >> i feel the whole delegate system is broken and whoever has the most delegates should be able to win. >> i wasn't the biggest supporter at first but he's better than cruz and kasich. >> it's going to backfire on them. >> really? >> yes. >> it's collusion. it's not acceptable in a political race. >> collusion. i guess everything is fair, but
6:20 am
i don't think they're doing themselves any favors. >> he puts pancakes this big in his mouth and is shoving them in. >> do you think trump needs to make a turn to be more presidential? >> yes, especially on an international stage. >> why should he? i like him the way he is. >> that's what i'm here to see in person. is he ready to be president of the united states or is this a show like his celebrity apprentice. >> there's plenty of time for him to be presidential once he's the president. right now he needs to swing back at those swinging at him. that's why america is getting behind him. a man putting up a good fight. >> i say he gets more aggressive. >> what do you like about that? >> aggressiveness. that's america, baby. >> do i think he acts presidential? does it matter? we need somebody from the outside. >> i think he should be who he is. i think that speaks for the common man. >> i absolutely like to see a more presidential donald trump but there's no taming that man.
6:21 am
this is why he has such popularity is because he is who he is and doesn't try to pretend to be somebody and doesn't try to fit into a mold of a politician just to make people happy. >> i love you. thank you. thank you. >> it's amazing. >> there you go. that sums it up right there. >> on message. it's as if somebody ran a $100 million political ad buy on tv. >> exactly. >> and repeated the same ads for a month and stamped it on their supporters -- >> except that didn't happen. >> nicolle, you were talking about with every one of these people saiying, it's on message. >> to have been in the communications business in politics, this is like the fantasy, right? your supporters have heard your message. >> coast to coast. >> and he has so imprinted his brand, and it's what he does. you guys know him pre-politician. he's so successful imprinted
6:22 am
every nuance of his candidacy on everyone at that event. a stunning communications feat. >> ask anybody to name ted cruz slogan, bernie sanders slogan, hillary clinton, no one can. ask donald trump's and then say where does he stand on the wall, china, mexico, on the issues he talks about. everybody knows. ask them anything about any of the other candidates, no idea. >> i think that piece really summed up so much of everything we've been talking about on this show for months. and anyone, especially those who have really had a hard time understanding how this could be happening, watch it online. listen to these people. it was incredible. >> watch that. this is sort of the tale end of what mark and john did in their bloomberg/new hampshire focus groups. back in august maybe? september? it was the first time people came up to me and said, okay, oh, my god, i think i might get
6:23 am
this. i see the trump voters. and middle class, working class and there's some upper middle class entrepreneurs out there, too. >> our party's failure to see them, the word you just used. not only didn't hear them but see them. >> a crowd even half that big at a clinton or kasich or cruz rally, which you won't. but let's say you could cobble together the people. could you get such on message, such brand, such repeat of her words, his words? >> you couldn't. >> you couldn't even get close. they couldn't even find the words. >> when they recognized it, scott walker recognized the power of the message. jeb bush did. the absolute inability to co-opt his voters. when ross perot was a threat in '92, bill clinton figured out what his message was. >> i think bernie people -- >> why hasn't that talken off?
6:24 am
>> why hasn't what? >> bernie. he's getting as big a crowd. >> simple. donald trump for most of the campaign had 17 people running against him. bernie has had one. if bernie sanders had four other people splitting up the vote, bernie sanders would be where donald trump is right now. >> interesting. >> it's just been a one on one battle. in fact, bernie has had higher percentage takes from most of the states he's run in than donald has, and hillary would have been splitting up the establishment vote and bernie would have been on his way to the nomination. >> the face of politics. coming up, live to pennsylvania. the state with the biggest delegate haul today. chris jansing and kristen welker join us from the trail. plus former governor ed rendell. "morning joe" is back in a moment. the extended version. the call just came in. she's about to arrive. and with her, a flood of potential patients.
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at that time, 40% of my supporters said they would not support him. so from the time i withdrew until the time i nominated him, i nominated him at the convention in denver. i spent an enormous amount of time convincing my supporters to support him. and i'm happy to say the vast majority did. that is what i think one does. that is certainly what i did, and i hope we'll see the same this year. >> that's was hillary clinton at last night's msnbc town hall speaking about how in 2008 she worked hard to convince her supporters to support then senator barack obama. joining us from philadelphia, democratic presidential candidate, senator bernie sanders of vermont. good morning. welcome back to the show. we'll start right there, senator. a lot of people, especially in the clinton campaign say you're hurting the party and you're hurting her chances of going into the nomination -- >> i'm hurting the party?
6:29 am
>> well -- >> there was just this study that came out from harvard yesterday which suggests the sanders campaign is turning around millions of young people, getting them to be more progressive, getting them into the democratic party. i think a vigorous debate on the important issues facing the american people is not only exactly what democracy is supposed to be about. at the end neof the day it driv up voter turnout and progressives and democrats win elections. so let me be very clear -- go ahead. i'm sorry. >> no, it's all right. you can't argue, though, if she is close to clinching this, if there is no path for you, then you are just hurting her as on the road to the nomination and she goes into it more damaged maybe some would argue. >> first of all, i do not accept that there is no path for us. let's not count our chickens before they are hatched. there are five contests today,
6:30 am
the state of california. last i heard, the largest state in the united states of america that has not yet cast a ballot. all the people of this country have a right to participate to determine who the depp krmocrat nominee will be and what the agenda will be. it will be healthy for democracy and the democratic party when we have the debate, the platform debates at the convention. should they join every other country and guarantee health care to all people? should we provide paid family and medical leave? should we address the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality? should we deal with the fact that we have more money in jail than any other country? a lot of good debates to take place. and if i do not win the nomination, trust me, i will do everything i can to make sure that some republican does not end up in the white house. >> bernie sanders speaking with
6:31 am
us earlier this morning on "morning joe." joining us from philadelphia, nbc news senior white house correspondent chris jansing covering the sanders campaign. and nbc's kristen welker covering the clinton campaign. kristen, we'll start with you. what is the clinton campaign outlook for today? the candidate herself was very clear last night that he should be backing down. >> absolutely. the clinton campaign is feeling very confident heading into tonight. one of the most confident notes that they have hit heading into one of these primary nights. the reason is the polling shows them up in a lot of these states up by 15 points here in the critical state of pennsylvania which carries the most delegates. maryland, delaware, connecticut. it's likely, possible that senator sanders will pick off a state or two. possibly rhode island or connecticut. but, still, they think that they are poised to have a strong night. and to your point, mika, this debate about what should happen if and when secretary clinton
6:32 am
does clinch the nomination or puts this race mathematically out of reach which could happen after tonight. what you're going to see if she has a strong night, the clinton campaign is going to ramp up its calls for senator sanders to scale back some of his heated rhetoric. the very thing you were discussing with him. they'll never call for senator sanders to get out of this race. secretary clinton was in this race until the very end back in 2008. they think it's important he should go through all of these states, but you'll see the pressure increase from not only the clinton campaign but from her surrogates on senator sanders to try to unify the party. the campaign is indicating if she has a strong night you could see a much stronger pivot to the general election after tomorrow. when i talked to campaign officials and i say what's the plan for the days after tuesday, the response i'm getting is, we'll have to reassess our strategy if she does, in fact, have a strong night. that's an indication they're not
6:33 am
necessarily looking at the individual states moving forward but their broader strategy heading into what could be the general election. >> kristen welker, thank you. let's turn to chris jansing. any indications that today's results will impact bernie sanders moving forward? he seemed defiant this morning on "morning joe." >> he was absolutely. you'll not see a different bernie sanders. his campaign thinks their path is the same whether or not he's on a path toward the nomination or a path on continuing what they call this revolution. and that is very simple. get as many votes as you can get and delegates. get as many people in these crowds as you can get. get as many folks registering as you possibly can. they think either way that's how they get to where those two places go. one case it's the very, very, very long shot of winning the nomination. they're not unrealistic about that. but how do you make this?
6:34 am
people have done this before. when you think about people that have drawn huge crowds, the howard deans, ron pauls, how do you take that energy and enthusiasm and move it forward? that's why he will go to california. you'll see him go to california probably in early may because as you know they have early voting there. they think they can register tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of young voters. look at the crowds. the crowds he attracts so much -- so many young people. and you had the harvard professor on this morning. he's winning 70% of millennials. so their idea is they'll keep going forward no matter what because it serves both of their potential outcomes. >> chris jansing, thank you very much. now to former chairman of the democratic national committee and former governor of pennsylvania and nbc news political analyst ed rendell. he's supporting hillary clinton for president. so i would -- i guess add thinks bernie sanders should back down. >> do you think bernie sanders should back down or does he have
6:35 am
the right to keep fighting as hard as he wants to in thus democratic process until the convention? >> he absolutely has the right to fight in any way he wants. he's earned that right and has done a great job bringing new people into the party. he's focused the national attention on issues we should be concentrating on. he has every right to do what he wants to do. but i would appeal to senator sanders if i could talk to him, assuming hillary clinton has a good day today and say, look, keep fighting. keep talking about the things you want to get done. keep talking about the issue differences you have with secretary clinton. keep talking about all of that stuff but don't start attacking her judgment. don't start attacking her character. don't start attacking the vote in iraq. that was a long time ago. just concentrate on the issue differences. be strong, vigorous. go all the way to the convention. not only trying to win those issue battles in the platform committee but i think bernie sanders has an enormous opportunity to reshape politics
6:36 am
in this country. he should take his pac and transform it into his election pac, transform it into an issues pac and support progressive candidates going forward. not just in november but for years to come because he can raise money and be a dominant force in democratic politics and maybe in politics in america. >> governor, if it was hillary clinton versus donald trump, what odds would you give of hillary clinton winning? >> well, i have learned to never say never in politics, but i think it's extraordinarily hard for a republican candidate to win nationally without getting 40% of the hispanic vote. i don't see donald trump getting anywhere close to that. i don't see him getting more than 4%, 5% of the african-american vote. and i see he's going to have a difficult time with single women. i wouldn't say the odds are good but never say never in politics. >> if bernie sanders goes to the
6:37 am
convention, hillary clinton is the nominee, which states would you like to see, or do you think bernie sanders will be most effective in campaigning for hillary clinton in the fall? >> well, obviously you want to put bernie into states that are going to be contested. in this election, a lot of states are up for grabs. i'd want to see him in new england where he's very strong. where there are a lot of colleges and universities. i want bernie back in pennsylvania. we have over 105 colleges and universities here. which is why i think bernie can do a little better today than the polls are showing. so i'd want him back in pennsylvania, in ohio, in california 7. >> governor. >> a lot of states. >> governor, how do democrats feel when they hear donald trump picking up the message from bernie sanders about hillary clinton's lack of qualifications and lack of personal ethics. is that jarring? >> it is jarring. and when bernie sanders,
6:38 am
assuming he's not the nominee, when he endorses hillary clinton, if i were the trump campaign, the next day i'd have the ads on talking about some of -- showing senator sanders questioning her judgment, questioning her character. so i think a lot of that damage has been done. but then you open yourself up to a sanders commercial where he says, look. i had some differences with hillary clinton. but they're minute compared to the differences with donald trump. boom, boom, boom, minimum wage, income inequality, immigration reform, boom, boom, boom. getting rid of citizens united. you know, it's a little bit of a double-edged sword. >> governor ed rendell, as always, we love having you on. >> see you guys. still ahead, the legacy of ronald reagan. hardly a day goes by where one of the republican presidential candidates doesn't invoke reagan's name. did you see the trump supporter wearing the reagan/bush?
6:39 am
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that's something ronald reagan understood. that's something jfk understood. that if you cut taxes and pull back regulations, millions of jobs will follow. and i intend to follow the path blazed by reagan and jfk and do the very same thing. >> ted cruz looking for cross-party appeal while campaigning --
6:46 am
>> appeal? >> someone who knows a lot about one of the presidents. michael reagan, lessons my father taught me. the strength, integrity and faith of ronald reagan. i've always been a huge fan of your father. one of the reasons i got involved in politics. and i'm driven crazy by how many people throw around your father's name. >> oh, really? >> it's got to drive you batty. >> are you? >> if i had a penny for every time they mentioned my father's name, i'd own this show. it's really interesting to watch it all happen. we wrneren't looking for abraha lincoln when we elected my father. we were looking for a leader. we were lucky to have my father for the years we had my father and the great job he did. i've talked to so many liberals. one of them came up to me one day and said, i miss your father. i said you miss my father? you voted against him every time he ran for election. i know, but i was with some
6:47 am
friends the other night and i miss your father because he had a good soul. and what's this country is missing today is that soul. i think i really write about that in the book. >> you talk about that and the time on the ranch where your father would teach you how to ride, how to shoot a gun, how to do so many things. and so many of these life lessons that ronald reagan taught you, he taught you at the ranch. >> taught me at the ranch. my parents broke up when i was 3 but my father never forgot that side of the family, even when he married nancy. he never forgot maureen and myself. and we'd see my father at the ranch. pick us up on a saturday morning, drive to the ranch. regale us with every known story known to mankind. sing every song of every military organization that there was. and just tell stories and get out to the ranch and we'd do chores or he'd teach us how to ride. you want to spend a lot of time with ronald reagan? learn to ride a horse.
6:48 am
learn to swim. learn to chop firewood. you'll spend more time with ronald reagan than anybody. >> that's what nancy reagan always said as well. she knew if she wanted to be with ronald reagan, she had to go to that ranch. >> absolutely right. in the early '50s they were talking to nancy and said, mrs. reagan, how do you like riding a horse? she said, i learned to ride a horse to capture her husband. >> that's one way of looking at it. so what would -- is it okay to ask what your instinct is about what your father would think of trump? >> i think my father at this point would really be appalled the way this whole campaign is going. i think he would look at all the years he put in, the things he accomplished and really worry about seeing all those things turned upside down. and because he really cared about this country. he doesn't like the
6:49 am
name-calling, the personal attacks. 11th commandment. when you run for election, you have to get more than one group on your team to win a national election. and you don't spurn the other groups around you. i think that would certainly upset him. i tweeted a couple of weeks ago when people keep on saying, he's so much like your father. and i says if ronald reagan were anything like donald trump, nancy never would have married him. >> okay. >> you have some lessons here. love your family. say i love you out loud. listen to your family and make time for your family. >> yeah. >> again, lessons your father taught you. >> that is so very important to do that. we all get so busy we forget we have a family at home. we forget to tell our children we love them. and that can hurt a child. how many children wake up or go into adulthood and blame their parents for their failures? and i made that mistake for a long time because i was waiting
6:50 am
for the i love you and then realized one day, how about i tell my father i love him? you know, i didn't tell my father i loved him until the 1990s. i wass. i was waiting for him to tell me. and then i decided, you know, i'm going to tell my father i love him. you know what my father said? well, i love you too. and i went, wow, that's all i ever had to do. and so it's so important to me, and i do this with my family, my wife, colleen, we've been married 40 years, my son, cameron, who's now married, we just got our first grand baby, marilyn paige, our daughter, it's important for me to tell them i love them every day. i was able to do that with my dad when he had alzheimer's. and at the end days for him that we had this relationship and he knew that i loved him, i knew that he loved me. >> the book is "lessons my
6:51 am
father taught me." michael reagan, thank you so much. >> come back if you can. >> we'll be right back with more. >> do you get here often? >> listen, for you, joe, i will. >> i love it. >> we'll be right back with more on this extended edition of "morning joe. ter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement and now owns the sleep number bed. his sleep number setting is 25. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. try your favorite ranch with a fresh taste so crisp, you'll be surprised it doesn't crunch. hidden valley cucumber ranch. just one of our delicious ranch flavors.
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6:54 am
welcome back to "morning joe." talk about what we learned today. >> an hour later this is what we learned, claire mccaskill is tweeting. put it up, alex. it's a little -- it's a little, what's the word? she says john kasich considers his vp pick my 3-year-old grandson is considering his career in the nba. >> can't really evaluate that tweet without knowing how good her grandson is. >> he might be really good. >> i learned that the candidates escaped new york without making any food mistakes and all of a sudden food is back as the primary -- >> he's an eater. >> nicolle? >> i learned that it isn't any
6:55 am
safer for men to eat. i feel like women have known for a long time they shouldn't eat on tv. >> i think it's endearing. >> i was amazed at how much they all consumed in the two weeks leading up to it. >> halprin. >> speaking of food, the team at "morning joe" is outstanding but in four hours they could not produce for me filafel or chinese food. >> he's complaining. mike barnicle. >> i learned that i agree with donald trump on at least one thing. leave tom brady alone. >> all right. >> wow. >> and for michael reagan on and off the air that he gets very frustrated when every politician comes on and uses his father's name in vain, so to speak. "lessons my father taught me," great book. tomorrow morning donald trump and paul ryan join us. steve kornacki picks up the coverage after a quick break. vo: across america,
6:56 am
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6:59 am
good morning, i'm steve kornacki. topping our agenda right now, the deal that has donald trump crying collusion. well, it may be crumbling apart. the john kasich and ted cruz campaigns trying for a divide and conquer strategy to stop trump. the idea was to give cruz a clear shot at trump in indiana. but kasich is now telling people to go ahead and vote for him anyway, even in indiana. >> you guys are the ones that are confused and upset, we're not. i mean the fact of the matter is i'm going to be going on thursday to oregon. ted cruz is not going to oregon. >> cruz and kasich now all but giving up on the five contests taking place today.
7:00 am
cruz putting all his chips in indiana. that's going to be the next one to come after today, next tuesday, may 3rd. cruz also teasing a possible vice presidential pick before that pick contest in the hoosier state. details on what he's saying on that front in just a minute. also on the agenda, putting the party back together. democrats wrestling with how to retain bernie sanders' supporters after the primary and sanders saying it's not going to be that easy. >> people think, you know, bernie sanders is going to snap his fingers and will who votes for him, oh, now we're going to vote for hillary clinton. bernie said so. that is not the way the real world works. >> unity for the democrats looks like it could be a very tough task after this primary season. new comments from last night's msnbc town halls still ahead. rounding out our agenda this morning, donald trump gets an assist from the general. >> i have one of the great endorsts


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