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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 26, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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cruz and kasich have just joined force. that's called collusion. collusion. how pathetic is it when they use collusion. >> i don't respond to donald trump. what are you kidding me? >> a stubborn guy who either like a slob shouldn't have press conferences while he's stuffing
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stuff down his throat. >> i understand that donald will whine. that's what he does, donald is a sore loser. >> lying ted! he's lying ted! do i look like a president? how handsome am i, right. how handsome. does hillary look presidential to you? was she there at 3:00 in the morning to answer the call? no. >> come out of those towers named for yourself and actually talk and listen to people. go make a big speech and insult everybody you can think of. >> i did not put down conditions, i didn't say, you know what, if senator obama does x, y and z, maybe i'll support him. >> people think bernie sanders is going to snap his fingers an everybody who votes for him will vote for hillary clinton. that is not the way the real world works. >> a feisty final stretch comes down to today. hi, everyone. i'm erica hill broadcasting live from the urban tap in pittsburgh. donald trump is looking to deliver a knockout punch today.
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he is aiming for a five-state sweep. today's northeastern primaries mark the beginning of a critical 7-day stretch for the nomination that is the week that could make or break trump's march to that magic number of 1237 delegates. here's how msnbc first gamed out the path. number one, win 90 to 95 of 118 pledged delegates up for grabs today. two, grab two-thirds of this state's pennsylvania's unbound so-called wild mccardell gakar . there are 54 up for grabs. >> and get naindiana's vote, a week from today. and john kasich spoke about the union today. >> i'm not telling anybody anything in indiana. because i'm not campaigning in indiana. i don't tell vote what to do.
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voters are smart enough to figure out what they want to do. >> the people in indiana, your primary message is to vote for -- >> i'm not getting into that, matt. things are not so plain and simple. >> meantime on the democratic side, hillary clinton looking to expand her delegate lead over sanders. sanders isn't ready to negotiate the surrender. we have it for you in the primary race and beyond. we want to kick things off with nbc's peter alexander, who joins us from philadelphia. taking a look where we stand now for donald trump, obviously, a lot of focus today and talk about a five state sweep. i'm guessing the campaign feels confident about it. what's their plan for today? >> they feel strongly. those unbound delegates are critical, free agents that can
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change their mind before we get to the convention in cleveland. they are always and continue to be about that first ballot in cleveland, 1237 number they feel strongly they will hit before the convention. indiana is crucial. donald trump some have said has been reigned in by his campaign managers has been letting loose the last 46 hours, i guess the temporary truce between he and his rivals, tweeting it's a joke of a deal, saying it's very dumb. here's how he responded when asked about it this morning. >> do you see this potentially backfiring on them? >> i think so. when i first heard about it, i said, you've got to be kidding, they're not going to do that. it will make them look very weak and looks like collusion. it proves my words it's a rigged
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system. >> donald trump doesn't think it's just the republican system rigged, perhaps in an effort to stir the pot for rivals on the democratic side he tweeted today the fact bernie sanders in his e eyes, has been treated quote terribly by the dems and says sanders should show them and run as an independent, clearly were that to happen and were trump to be the republican nominee, if you split the democratic and independent voting effect between sanders and clinton, it would probably help donald trump himself pretty well. erica. >> indeed it would look to do that. nbc's peter alexander in philadelphia today. thank you. hallie jackson is in indianapolis where ted cruz is focused on next week's primary that will happen a week from today. good afternoon to you. ted cruz is focused on next week. how is he taking advantage of this so-called alliance, not sure we can use that word
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anymore, his alliance with john kasich. >> reporter: i think you said it best, a kind of frayed alliance at this point. you are seeing cruz try to take advantage of kasich conceding campaigning in this state by calling on kasich's supporters to come behind ted cruz. here's what cruz had to say at a rally last night. >> for those supporters of john kasich, either here or at home, there may be issues on which we disagree but more unites us. if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee, if you don't want to see hillary clinton as the next president i ask you to join us because this is the only campaign that can and will beat donald trump and then hillary clinton. >> reporter: now, listen, cruz has been calling on supporters of other candidates to back his campaign for really months now before we started seeing some republican candidates drop out. that's not new. what is new is this public pact now between cruz and kasich.
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that is why perhaps to some, cruz's words may have more resonance. that said, remember about 22% of kasich supporters according to the latest poll would pick trump as their second choice, not cruz. as we've been here in indianapolis looking at tonight's primaries focused on next week's battleground indiana. we've spoken with folks who said i wish this number one so-called alliance wasn't so public, wish it was more hidden because they feel it cheapens the message here. this man a registered republican that wants to stop trump. he after hearing the "today" show is leaning more towards ted cruz but will make his decision in the week to come. >> he has a few days, i guess, now, six or seven, depending how you count them. hallie jackson in indianapolis for us. kasie hunt is following the stop trump movement, also taking a look at this stop trump alliance.
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it is not about stopping trump so much but is it expected to impact any of these stop trump efforts at all? >> reporter: that's where there's a little bit of confusion, if you're an naindia voter, you have these two candidates saying we will work together to try to accomplish this common goal, then saying i'm not ready to tell my supporters who to vote for. john kasich was on with savannah guthrie and matt lauer earlier this morning. he had a hard time answering that question. it's possible we do not have that sound. you ref reynolds on the "today" show he wouldn't say necessarily who indiana voters should back in this upcoming primary. talking to sources on the ground in indiana, the question that they're asking, particularly those who have been working on
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behalf of kasich is whether or not this deal is going to influence those voters. they say as they talk to people, they're getting a couple different reactions. they're getting at first sound disappointed and come around and say, okay, practically speaking, that might be good. there are other people who say, hey, there's a reason why i w t wanted to support john kasich and i just can't see myself supporting ted cruz. you have to remember, of course, they are really from very different factions within the republican party. that there is going to be some trouble for some voters on that particular question. erica. >> kasie hunt for us today. thank you. she did mention part of that interview this morning on "today" with matt and savannah. i think we do now have that sound bite and want to play it before we get to the next guest. >> are you telling indiana voters if you want to stop trump you should vote for cruz, don't
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vote for me? >> no, what i'm telling people -- i'm not telling anybody anything in indiana because i'm not campaigning in indiana. i don't tell voters what to do. voters are smart enough to figure out what they want to do. >> so john kasich there. we want to turn to trent duffy, the communications advisor for the kasich campaign. good to have you back. help us clear some of this up. governor kasich was asked very clearly a couple times by both savannah and matt to explain how does this alliance actually work. we heard ted cruz say he wants kasich vote others to vote for him. john kasich will not tell his supporters in indiana to make that reciprocal, intern vote for ted cruz. if there is some sort of alliance here, why not? >> hi, erica. the basic fact is john kasich has canceled campaign events in indianapolis and focusing efforts and turning sights to
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the west, new mexico and oregon. that's part of the agreement. it's interesting everybody aside from the two parties that entered into this agreement are complaining about it or sugge suggesting it's fraying. you are seeing mit ing neither or cruz side saying to the contrary. this is about giving 63% of republicans who do not want donald trump, a chance to have their voices heard in cleveland. it's moving along as we had expected it to. >> i would venture to say it's not a complaint, simply a confusion because it's not as plain and simple as it's been made out to be. we just heard from our own hallie jackson speaking to voters there, one republican voter said they wish this had been a little more in the sha w shadows. when it is out front and center like this it doesn't feel like in some way. how would you respond to that criticism, by putting this out there, it sort o tarnishes the
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alliance. >> this is about stopping hillary clinton and he gets crushed by hillary clinton. we lose seats in ohio, pennsylvania, elsewhere, we lose the senate and lose the supreme court and probably lose electoral majority for not just this cycle, a couple cycles to come from the irreparable daniel caused by a trump nomination. remember, 67% of americans view him negatively. those are sky high negative ratings. the rnc, when they held their meeting last week in florida, they all got this briefing by pollsters inside the rnc and outside polling organizations that showed this electoral bloodbath the party would suffer. that's starting to sink in and why there's a unity of purpose not just stopping hillary clinton but making sure trump doesn't deliver the keys to washington to the democrats.
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>> in terms of the five contests we're looking at today, 172 delegates up for grabs, if your candidate does not do well, could this mark a turning point? does this change at all as what you see as your path to the convention? >> no. i think we're looking to do pretty well. sure, donald trump will have a good night tonight. i don't think he will have a great night. we are looking favorably in congressional districts in maryland and also have delegate pickup opportunities in pennsylvania and rhode island and connecticut. at the been part of the strategy because governor kasich's brand of optimism and working across party lines to get things done and make washington work for the american men and women of this country plays better in the northeast and in the west. that's what we're seeing and we're expecting to have a decent night and pick up delegates as we go along. that's the strategy. >> trent duffy, joining us today. appreciate your time. thank you. >> you got it. for today's microsoft pulse
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question, we're asking you if you think the kasich-cruz alliance is too little too late. here's your response now about a quarter past the hour. 47% of y 47% -- 87% of you saying, yes, you think it is too late on that kasich-cruz alliance. the pulse remains live and you can cast your vote at a reminder for you, don't miss our special primary results coverage begins at 6:30 p.m. eastern tonight with brian williams and rachel maddow and chuck todd. the place for politics. still to come, the road for stopping trump may run through indiana. is ted cruz and john kasich, is their strategy with that state too little too late? what we were asking you in the pulse question and we will dive in deeper this hour as we continue our coverage live from here at the urban tap in pittsburgh.
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nand has been thrust into the political spotlight this year. hoosiers are taking notice. early voting in the republican primary are about twice what they were four years ago, there's a lot riding on those ball ballots, a total of 57 delegates are up for grabs all being aw d awarded to the winner of next tuesday's primary. for ted cruz and john kasich, that divide and conquer strategy may be their last hope to sto g stopping donald trump. tony, give us a sense one week out now how are voters feeling? what do they say? >> reporter: hey, erica. hamilton county should have been john kasich country. you have the seal behind me.
11:19 am
it's a very affluent county and very well educated county and graphics john kasich tends to win. we came here to talk to voters about this cruz-kasich alliance and see if they are changing their voting accordingly. after a long morning finding nobody going with the plan. this is diane, a kasich at heart but cruz voter based on the strategy. how did it feel voting for cruz today? >> it's interesting. i think this will help in the long run. the way they decided kasich isn't going to be campaigning here at all, maybe there's hope for cruz to win this whole state. i think this is important to vote for him today. >> reporter: you have a great family story here. your son is away at medical school. he didn't get the signal in time so he cast a ballot for kasich? >> he did. he voted for kasich. my husband's going to vote for trump, supposedly. >> reporter: so in your
11:20 am
family -- >> unless i do something. >> reporter: you've got one trump voter, you ha one kasich voter and you have one cruz voter but really kasich supporter. you have two twins yet to vote. they will be the tiebreaker, how do you think they can come down? >> if they can do it after finals, i hope they vote for cruz. >> reporter: donald trump is y saying this is a desperate act, collusion, not fair. what do you think about that? >> i think it's a good idea. trump has been running the show pretty much a lot of times and winning a lot of places, so this is their big chance. i think it was a good idea to get together and try to make it work and win. >> reporter: all right, diane, thank you very much. erica, what we have there is the chaos of the republican race in a single family. one trump voter and cruz voter and really for kasich, really confusing times. back to you.
11:21 am
>> that they are. thank you. nearly 50 million people in the midwest, we were talking about indiana, looking at the broader midwest in the plains states, nearly 50 million people at risk today and tomorrow. some schools in oklahoma canceled classes to make sure no one was caught in the storm. michigan already pounded with heavy rain and lightning strikes. dangerous tornadoes and hail in the forecast. steve joins us. give us a sense, where and when is this storm system expected to hit the hardest? >> right, we're expecting condition to get bad 4 or 5:00 in the afternoon. oklahoma and dallas through southern nebraska. the setup is the old-fashioned dry line. if you live in that part of the country, you know what i mean, it's tropical ahead of that and will fuel heavy thunderstorms this afternoon. not a lot to talk about. thunderstorms north of oklahoma city. you will sea to storms fie the
11:22 am
west of i-75. damaging storms possible, huge hailstorms and gusty winds. now this is time to review your severe weather plan so you're not caught off guard later today. the atmosphere is getting ready, like baking a cake, you need all the ingredients together. they are coming together across the midwest. after 4:00 or 5:00, midnight tonight. second severe weather threat across pennsylvania today jurors south of the turnpike in important counties like montgomery county possible this afternoon this evening, talking hailstones and damaging winds and heavier rain through the rush hour. northern new england and chilly conditions, it does look like the severe weather threat will be in those key states of delaware, maryland and pennsylvania through the evening hours. >> can you keep an eye on it for us, thank you, steve. to come this hour on msnbc, the democrats and donald trump
11:23 am
weighing in with new advice for bernie sanders and his fight to stop hillary clinton's march to the nomination. for his part, bernie sanders showing no signs ready to bow out and back her. >> if we end up losing, and i hope we do not, and if secretary clinton wins, it is incumbent upon secretary clinton to reach out not only to my supporters but all of the american people with an agenda. >> i'll talk about with that and hillary clinton supporter former pennsylvania governor ed rendell. next. ♪ (music pl ♪ throughout) uh oh. what's up? ♪ ♪ ♪
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11:27 am
case and certainly elizabeth is one of the strongest advocates for working people in our country. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they're talking about the importance of having women in their potential administrati administrations, should they be elected president. this comes as bernie sanders looks to shut out -- and he's getting sympathy from an unlikely source, donald trump on twitter tweeting bernie sanders has been treated terribly by the democrats. he should show them and run as a an independent, a move many see as potentially helping donald trump. nbc's chris jansing is live in philadelphia. what are we hearing this hour in terms of response from the sanders camp. are they weighing in on that? >> reporter: yes. i just got off the phone with the senior advisor, who had a good laugh.
11:28 am
bernie sanders said he would run as a democrat, he's running as a democrat. if he doesn't win the diabetic n democrat -- democratic nomination, and trump is trying to create controversy because he lives off controversy. that's what he does. they are dismissing anything from donald trump that he would mount a third party run. in the meantime, we are hearing on the campaign trail obviously not just bernie sanders but other folks talking about the possibility of who would they name as their vice-presidential running mate. i think he got pressed on that on "morning joe." i think he has been circumspect. a list is out there and nbc talking to folks in the clinton camp. he can say elizabeth warren, and clearly there is interest on a woman who might be on the ticket. republicans have talked about that as well. she is obviously somebody ideologically aligned with
11:29 am
bernie sanders, someone who would not give offense by using that name to supporters who believe in these same kind of progressive issues. they're long-time friends and known each other before she was in the senate. it's not a surprise right now. he is hyper focused what will happen tonight, what that means for his campaign going forward. five states we've been talking about all day, he won't be in any of them tonight. in a short time i'm getting on a plane with bernie sanders, we're heading to west virginia as he looks ahead to the other states that still have contests. erica. >> nbc's chrisanchrisan -- chri jansing in pennsylvania. thank you. we just heard from chris he is moving on to other states. last night, in two exclusive town halls on nbc. both candidates spoke about their campaigns and their paths forward. >> i have 2.7 million more votes than he has. i have more than 250 more ple e
11:30 am
pledged delegates. i'm very proud of the campaign that we have run and the support we have gotten. of course, we're going to work together. as i said, i share a lot of the same goals. we are going to work together. but i am ahead. >> what this campaign is about is bringing millions of people into the political process. i'm very proud of the success we have had to do that. at the end of the process, if we're behind in pledged delegates, i think it's very hard for us to win. >> joining me now, former pennsylvania governor and msnbc news analyst, governor rendell supporting hillary clinton. nice to see you and here in your state of pennsylvania, i should say, too. >> it's a beautiful day so far. we don't know if it will hold. beautiful voting weather. >> we are enjoying the weather in pittsburgh, i can tell you that.
11:31 am
as we're look at what we're hearing today, we talked so much about the path forward. bernie sanders says he doesn't really want to get out. we just heard from chris jansing got o the phone with ted divine, he said bernie sanders will support the democratic nominee, we heard tonight, bernie sanders says hillary clinton will have to work harder for those votes. how much is the focus winning over sanders' supporters if in fact she does become the nominee. is that already a focus? >> i think it's already a focus. i think you've seen the secretary herself tone down the rhetoric. there was a time they were sw swapping charges and name-calling. i think that stopped. i think the secretary underst d understands we will need a large percentage of the sanders voters to vote for secretary clinton in the fall. she's changed her rhetoric. our hope is if this is a good night for hillary clinton and the path to victory becomes mathematically impossible for senator sanders, he stays in the race. he owes it to his supporters.
11:32 am
people in california have been working for bernie two or three months. they deserve to have their day, their election day, they deserve to cast their votes for him. he should be nominated at the convention and he has every right to do that. he should stop personally att k attacking the secretary. he should talk about their differences on issues. that's fair game. he should fight hard. we expect that. we honor that. secretary clinton fought all the way to the last primary in 2008. senator sanders should do the same, but he shouldn't give grist for the republican mill. you say he should stay with this. secretary clinton backed off a little bit. we see her taking direct aim speciespecially at donald trump. in your home state of pennsylvania, sanders is ahead of trump by 20 points compared to 15 by hillary clinton. he beats ted cruz by 22 points. clinton wins by 11. sanders beating kasich by 6, clinton does by 3.
11:33 am
the sanders campa alals sacampao says that may be better in a general. >> here's an easy explanation for that. senator sand ears wonderful guy but yet to have one negative ad against him. secretary clinton hasn't run a negative ad against him and republicans haven't run a negative ad against him. secretary clinton has 23 years taking shots. if bernie sanders were to become the nominee, when the negative ads start he wants to increase federal spending by 33%, wants to raise several federal taxes, things like that. when those things start you will see those numbers plummet. you're comparing apples to oran oranges. you're comparing secretary clinton brutalized by negative ads 23 years to senator sanders who hasn't been touched yet. there's an explanation for that and people that understand politics understand that. >> you say secretary clinton has been brutalized. we know she has been a target
11:34 am
for donald trump some time now. he called her out again on fox news this morning. i want to take a quick listen to some of what he had to say. >> i call her crooked hillary. she's crooked. the only thing she's got is the woman's card. that's all she's got. it is pandering. it's a disaster. remember the famous call at 3:00 in the morning, she was sleeping. it was her ad, who would you like at 3:00 in the morning. the phone rang and she was sleeping. >> how is the campaign comparing for po tensal matchup with donald trump and dealing with those kind of attacks. >> if donald trump says all that. he has to explain -- i have seen tapes of him saying hillary clinton did a great job as secretary of state, a wonderful leader and great senator. he will have as we say in philadelphia, some explaining to do. i'm not worried about those attacks. hillary clinton has dealt with negative attacks before and will do very well responding.
11:35 am
that's the advantage of having been the target of negative attacks for 23 years. remember, how did she do in those benghazi hearings? how did the republicans do trying to rough her up in the benghazi hearings? not so hot as i recall. >> former pennsylvania ed r rende rendell, thank you for sharing your time with us today. thanks. >> my pleasure. up next, this hour, we continue our coverage from pennsylvania, we will take a closer look at the republican side and these wild card delegates arguably some of the most powerful players in the race for 2016 because they could make or break donald trump. msnbc's delegate hunter, jacob soboroff is next. we will have much more from pittsburgh at the urban tap. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think ruiyour insurance companyrd. would cut you some slack, right?
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11:39 am
process, called it a corrupt system, says it's rigged. he made need those delegates more than ever. of the 162 people who would like to be one of those 54 unbound delegates in pennsylvania, 33 are saying they would support donald trump. nearly half who responded say they will vote for whichever candidate wins their district or state. trump tweeted out a call for voters or delegates who have in fact pledged their support to his campaign. jacob soboroff in philadelphia, our own delegate expert. what are you hearing today? >> reporter: we are in the second congressional district, moving around in the mt. airy section of northwest philadelphia. there are three slots in every district that will go to the republican convention. one is this gentleman, calvin tucker. he's standing there. why don't we track him down there.
11:40 am
nice to see you, how are you? >> same. thank you very much. >> reporter: walk over here, mr. tucker. i want to show everybody at home the actual ballot here. basically right here are the candidates for unbound delegate. there's you and there are three other people, four total. only three of you will survive like a reality show and go to the convention. >> absolutely. hopefully it's tucker, has abey and ginsay. >> reporter: you are uncommitted. why did you make that decision? >> i am truly unadmitted. the bylaws of the republican party say 54 people will be unbound uncommitted and go to the convention that way. >> reporter: have you felt a lot of pressure from the other candidates, donald trump, john kasich and ted cruz to come to the other side. they need you more than ever before. you have a lot of power right now. >> no, i haven't felt pressure. they have contacted me. i had an opportunity to talk to donald trump and kasich and haven't talked to ted cruz, but
11:41 am
many of his surrogates so it's a great courtship. >> reporter: after you talk to me, you will go through that door there and vote for yourself, i would hope. for president of the united states have you decided pers personally who you will vote for? >> i will vote for calvin tucker, 115, my first priority, then i will consider whether i will vote for one of the three. as an individual, whomever i vote for will not be the determining factor of who i'll vote for if the voters elect me. >> reporter: sorry to interrupt you, one of the most important things everybody is asking of the unbound candidates, will you support the folks in the second congressional district who they pick ultimately for president? >> absolutely. that's one of my major considerations and inputs into the decision i make who i vote for on the floor. >> reporter: not the only one it sounds like. i appreciate it, sir. thank you very much. i will let you go in there now as i throw it back to erica. i know you have to vote for yourself. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: erica, back to you.
11:42 am
>> jacob soboroff, thank you. switching gears we want to bring tube this out of ohio, autopsy results just being released in this multiple murder investigation. those results shedding new light into what happened the night eight family members were murdered execution style. blake mccoy joins us from pike county, ohio with more results and what they're telling us. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon to you, erica. the biggest question outstanding is a motive for this brutal family massacre. unfortunately the results do not shed light on that. they tell us each of the eight family members was shot anywhere from 1 to 9 times. there was some soft bruising of tissue found on some of those bodies, indicates signs of a struggle. authorities are following up on more than 300 leads in pike county. reports of illegal activity at the three homes that these people were found dead in. the attorney general, saying he saw signs of cock fighting and
11:43 am
potential rooster breeding at one of the homes and they did find marijuana grow operations at all three of the homes, leading to a lot of speculation in this community these killings may have been drug related. all of that is speculation at this point with no official motive and no named suspects in this case. the search is very much ongoing and could be a very long investigation. erica. >> sounds like it will be, blake mccoy for us this afternoon. thanks for the update. we want to get to this breaking news of prince and his estate. his sister saying the superstar had no known will. prince's only living full sister filed paperwork asking a minnesota court to appoint a special administrator to oversee his statestate. there are differing estimates but they value it and nearby properties in the $30 million range. recent disputes may raise questions whether money may have been tight at prince's sudden
11:44 am
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for me... it's aleve. today begins a 7-day stretch for the nomination. it could help propel donald trump to the nomination. john kasich and ted cruz are trying to slow down the nomination with this alliance or deal in which cruz is focused on indian and kasich with two other delegate rich states. that fraying has been fraying since announced. here's what his supporters say -- >> your message for the primary is to vote for -- >> i'm not getting into that. things are not so plain and simple. i don't tell my voters what to do. first of all, i don't have vote voters. there are people who live in
11:48 am
indiana have to make a conclusion, is john kasich over here voting or or if he's not. >> donald trump appeared to relish the back and forth when asked who his voters should support in indiana. >> kasich this morning said, what are you talking about? i want people in indiana to vote for me. in other words, he broke the deal. he broke the deal. this is politicians, folks, they're all talk, no action, they'll never get you there. >> an nbc political analyst, attorney and member of the republican party and an authority on the rules of july's republican convention. nice to see you as always. we've been talking a lot about -- and donald trump brought it up, in some ways this deal or alliance pulls a page in some pages about the establish colluding against him. when you look at this deal and
11:49 am
what we know of it, what is the scenario where this really works in their favor? >> the scenario where it works in their favor, ted cruz has indiana, he does well there, wins the state, gets more delegates out of it than donald trump. next week is nebraska and west virginia, which apparently is not part of the deal. nebraska is ted cruz territory because he won the neighboring states. west virginia has perhaps the most confusing delegate rules in the country so may be difficult to tell who won there. they go to oregon the next week on the 17th. that's john kasich territory. washington is not part of the deal. it awards delegates proporti proportionately. i guess they'll split them up. the real pay off, if there is a deal, would be in california. a big diverse state, a very democratic state, get as many
11:50 am
delegates for winning the most democratic district as the most republican district. it is one where if they play their cards each can specialize in certain of the districts. >> we're just learning today donald trump will not be atte attending this week's convention held by virginia republicans. that came to us as a statement from the virginia republican party. originally we heard donald trump would try to attend. there's been a lot of talk about his team's delegate strategy and how it's changing. are you seeing any changes there? if so, what's the impact? >> i think there are changes there. i think they certainly recognize the importance of going to the state conventions and winning delegates. the thing about virginia is the process started long ago, is a much more local conventions and so by the time you get to the state convention, it's a little bit baked into the cake. there's not as much impact. i suspect if donald trump went to the convention, the
11:51 am
expectation would be he would win it and do very well there and perhaps they got a cautionary reading on the convention. >> you touched on this. i want to go back for a second. a week from today we will all be talking about indiana. i'll be in indianapolis. what is the impact of a trump win in indiana moving forward? >> well, there are two phases to this now. one is momentum and one is the delegate math. obviously, if he beats ted cruz, the first time ted cruz has a one-on-one matchup with him, that is a big momentum boost for donald trump. on the delegate mathematic side, it's a winner take all statewide and winner take all by congressional district, so that if he gets a big haul of delegates that obviously makes it's easier for him to get to 1237. >> there's a lot to watch both today and in the coming weeks. msnbc republican analyst rules committee expert, penguins beb n
11:52 am
appreciate your time. the kasich-cruz alliance, is it too little too late? a reminder you can vote at we'll be right back. welcome to the world 2116, you can fly across town in minutes or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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11:55 am
welcome back. as you can see we moved outside from the urban tap in pittsburgh. you can see behind us the southside market house, the polling place for two different districts. they say they have seen better than average turnout, about a quarter by lunchtime today. a republican we met cast his vote for john kasich but not happy about this new alliance. >> i reacted kind of negatively.
11:56 am
i don't like people ganging up on somebody else, a candidate. yet, at the same time, right now, i'm not ready to accept donald trump. i think if he is the candidate for the republican party, i'll consider it again, and hopefully by then he changes his position, but right now, i'm not ready to vote that way. >> i'm kind of torn between hillary and bernie. i want to see republicans and democrats go all the way up to the convention. if they do that, we'll see more stuff and more stuff will be exposed. we as the public will learn more stuff about each and every one of them. >> i will vote for bernie sanders. he is what america needs. >> reporter: if bernie sanders is not the nominee, would you support hillary clinton in a general election? >> reluctantly? i think it would be the lesser of two evils as long as donald trump is not in the office. >> people are making a big deal
11:57 am
about hillary versus bernie. what a great choice we have for the democratic race. >> it's been fairly bizarre, the most bizarre presidential campaign i can ever remember. >> reporter: just a snapshot of some voters from earlier this morning. this area tends to be predominantly either seniors or young people, between the ages of 25 and 35, some of the millions of voters casting their votes in pennsylvania today. we're wrapping up our coverage from pittsburgh at the urban tap and thanks to those who have been so warm and welcoming and we enjoyed our time here. we will definitely be back. our coverage does not end this hour. my colleague, kate snow picks things up the next hour and then we will have special coverage from capitol hill. msnbc, the place for politics.
11:58 am
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