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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 26, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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have a lot of scienigners. you don't do it by yourself. >> colleges were crazy about it. >> last time i heard, there's quite a few colleges here in pennsylvania. >> all right. good to see you. don't move, folks. we got a lot more to come up right here from philadelphia and across the northeast. our full special primary coverage starts right now. nobody's going to get enough delegates. >> this whole thing with dell gal delegates is rigged. >> with clinton surging ahead, is sanders out of time?
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>> to all the people who supported senator sanders, there is much more that unites us than divides us. >> can we do it? you're right we can do it. independents all in philadelphia. we're live there tonight and among other places. i'm brian williams along with rachel maddow. five states, rhode island, a pa, maryland, connecticut and delaware. the delegates in one of those states may hold the key to the entire gop nomination. big question heading into tonight is will we witness a sweep by the race leaders and when tonight is over, will we see the two major party nominees emerge. the sanders campaign faces a critical night for its survival.
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about that stop trump movement, can it do enough damage tonight or any damage at all raising the stakes higher next week into indiana. we have the very best team in political coverage standing by. our reporters across the region and some of the best political minds with us in the studio. beginning with my partner and where is your mind tonight? where is your thinking? >> it was interesting. i realize that i'm having -- i'm a liberal. i look at it from a liberal perspective. i can't escape that. even with that or maybe because of that, i don't know what blue states mean to the rest of the country. we saw this a little bit last week with new york. new york was one week ago tonight we had one big primary in the big blue state of new york, the fourth most democratic state in the country. the state went hugely for the two front runners for donald trump and hillary clinton. tonight we have five states.
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they're all blue. nine of the ten senators are democrats. they all endorsed clinton. four of the five states have democratic governors. looks like we'll have another big night for the front runners. the question at this point in the primary is when the front runners win these big, blue states, does that just tell us something about blue state america or does that tell us something we can extrapolate to the country at large and the swing states? that's something we don't yet know. it will be interesting to see donald trump's margins. i think everybody is expecting him to win hugely, forgive the phrase and probably in all five states. on the democrat side there's suspense about rhode island. we'll watch and see what happens tonight. we'll watch the margins. it will take a while before we know what the blue state results mean. >> so much information to pass along. poll closings in just two hours. two of these states favored fact
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of the night are at a million population or less. as rachel says, bernie sanders is hoping to pull off something in rhode island tonight. chris matthews is off tonight attending to family business. chuck todd is in center city philadelphia. a stones throw away from that building right there. chuck, what a battleground you're in now. set the scene for us. >> i will. i feel like i didn't do chris matthews justice if i didn't say you do get goose bumps when you're walking around the square and you realize democracy was born here, and now we're having to report on what some people think is a perversion of democracy, which is the way we select our president in various weird nominating ways and all of that. that's why we're here in philadelphia because pennsylvania is sort of a
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multi-levels. it's like three dimensional chess. pennsylvania is home to these n infamous and unbound voters. the voters don't know, unless somebody told them, if the delegate has pledged support to somebody. these 54 people, may be more important tonight than the actual candidates themselves at some point. these 54 unbound delegates are going to be -- we're going to be tracking them in ways we've probably never tracked this modern era when it comes to what matters in this nominating process and all that. while the results may seem like a land slide on one hand, what happens beneath the surface in these elections of these unbound delegates are what will have us talking all night and perhaps
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trying to figure out what this means going forward in the republican side and the fight to cleveland. >> chuck, while we have five of them to cover, you're so right. pennsylvania, fascinating state. more like several states. it's large enough to have its own philadelphia regional accent and pittsburgh has its own accent in the western part of the state and in between it's just something for everyone. >> chuck was talking earlier in his broadcast about how the down ticket races are fascinating. we have a down ticket race in philadelphia that's going to be fascinating tonight. another one out in the western part of the state which will be a totally different thing than the most republican district in the state. >> almost too much. >> it's just enough. >> it's almost too much. >> pennsylvania is a big state. it will be an unusual delegate allocation process there. s >> you're being kind. >> it's funny because delaware has the smallest number of delegates. people writing off delaware in its impact here.
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it's going to be exciting. because it's complex, we need somebody very, very smart like steve to tell us what we should be watching for tonight and what's on the to do list for somebody like donald trump looking ahead to tonight. it will probably be a good night. >> you'll have to settle for me. thst three things on donald trump's to do list. we say it's monopolize the delegates. you say there's this break down in pennsylvania. 1754. let's put the 54 unbound. you're looking at the delegates that can be won by winning these states. donald trump could take all the delegates in four of these states. you win pennsylvania, you get these. maryland is a little trickier. you have to win statewide and each one of the eight congressional districts. if he gets tripped up in maryland it's going to be right around washington, d.c. in these highly educated suburbs. if he wins them all, he sweeps
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maryland. win it by a vote, get all the delegates. connecticut, imagimagic number 50%. he doesn't get tripped up down here in the gold coast of connecticut, again affluent, highly educated. what's going to keep him from sweeping, rhode island. he may get his best percentage out of rhode island but social security to proportional. it's probably going to get ten. the best flight for donald trump from these delegates, he gets 109. i'd say if he gets anything south of 90 tonight, you have to call that a disappointment. you hear this from his opponents. they say donald trump has a plurality support everywhere. he never breaks 50%. he broke 50% in new york. he has chance tonight in every single one of these states to break 50%. he could be saying after a great night tonight, he could be saying i've broken 50% in six
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states. so many of these delegates have said they will honor how their congressional district votes tonight. if trump wins big, if kasich wins big, they have said they will go with the winner in their district. you have color coding here. 18 congressional districts in pennsylvania. we'll be watching to see who is winning these districts. that's going to be an awful lot of pressure to honor those. >> can i ask a clarifying question? >> yes. >> trying to think about the different ways they doing their states tonight. in delaware it's winner take all. three other states it's kind of what we have seen where there's statewide delegates.
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is rhode island allocating their delegates the way the democrats too? >> yes. basically, i would call it is most proportional state in the country and how they do this. there's two congressional districts in rhode island. each is getting three delegates. if you have three candidates breaking 10% in those districts and that's likely to happen even if trump is winning land slide. they give them out one, one, one. here's the catch. if one of those candidates breaks 67%, if donald trump broke 67% in one of rhode island's two districts, he would get two delegates. that's the catch there. otherwise the statewide, you have 13 statewide delegates. they will give out proportionally to anybody who breaks 10% statewide. the irony is this could be, if you look at it demographically,
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this looks like it could be trump's best state in the country. he may have to share the delegates 50/50. >> if you look away you're endangering coverage for the entire evening. let's check in with some of campaigns. to start off their night with what they are looking at. >> high expectations for how they will we are form tonight. if they wake up with 80 delegates, they'll have happy. the prospects having them doing much better. going into indiana, if they're able to win there, that's when they will be running a general election campaign. a senior aide telling me that regardless of whether ted cruz or john kasich are still in this
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race. they are focusing on the 54 unbound delegates in pennsylvania. the free agents that can vote for whomever they want at the convention. they presented a slate of delegates on the ballots. donald trump has reminded folks to vote for those delegates. that he were handed flyers saying vote for donald trump and these three delegates. these 54 people, the trump campaign is away they could have an out sized role come the convention. these 54 voices could be the difference between trump getting the nomination on the first ballot or walking away a loser to someone like ted cruz or john kasich. >> quick question. what's the venue and the estimated time when we will hear
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from donald trump tonight? >> same venue as last week in new york. we'll be in the lobby of trump tower. we're expecting him to come out around 9:00 once the races are called. last time he was about 20 minutes after 9:00. sometime in the first half of the 9:00 hour. as you can see there's a will the of tourists on fifth avenue lined up to see what's going on. they will be disappointed to find out donald trump will not be coming outside. he'll be giving his speech inside in the lobby. >> thanks. next to the cruz campaign. >> i spoke with the campaign aide for senator cruz. i said how are you feeling about tonight's primary in northeast and mid-atlantic. the response, we're looking forward to indiana.
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that's what the cruz campaign is focused on. there's an acknowledgement that tonight will be rough for them. maybe there's an outside shot of getting maybe six delegates in maryland. they know that come tomorrow, tomorrow and thursday, as has been told to me, very important days to try to reset the narrative with six and a half days to go before the indiana primary and this is a place where ted cruz is really putting all his marbles. you'll see him all over the state over next six days. we'll be working to try to lock down the delegates here. he needs to prove he wants this head to head match up with donald trump. in this new world where he and kasich have this tentative license, there is ted cruz' opportunity to show he can beat donald trump.
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kasich's team is saying he met with the governor today. it was a cordial and substantive conversation that wrapped up within the last hour. a kasich source saying they are expecting to get second place except in pennsylvania where they think there's an outside shot cruz come come in second. for the cruz team, all the focus is on indiana. how is this alliance being received in this state. take a look. there was a ladder placed underneath that basketball. the possibility that you may see a reenactment of that gene mackman scene. it's still ten feet. >> every advanced person's nightmare. be careful when candidates use a hat or ladder. that could be some interesting
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viewing tonight. thanks very much. to casey hunt we go. she's this center city philadelphia. i'd like to talk about the stop trump movement in the new york times hands the headline would read wither the stop trump movement. question mark. this was the week we saw this alliance. like two of the five families getting together to what end? >> to what end indeed? possibly a quick one. we should know in the next week or two. this is a critical period for the stop trump movement. the problem is none of these groups or candidates have never been able to get on the same page. you remember a year ago scott walker getting in and dropping out this race saying we need to get together if there's any hope of stopping donald trump. no one listened until kasich and cruz just getting together to try and figure out how they can
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make sure cruz wins indiana. it's become so clear that donald trump is likely to get 1237, that all important number of delegates. the reality is, these groups are still splintered. even the announcement of that deal didn't prompt unified tv advertising or polling or even a unified push here in pennsylvania to get these undeclared delegates to not necessarily go for trump. the question now, they'd have to keep this coordination tight through california. it's been very clear from the body language of those candidates, ted cruz john kasich, he's not happy where this goes. i have trouble seeing this holding up at this point. >> thanks. the time until poll closings will be at the bottom of your screen. we will have our first characterizations at poll
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closing, top of the 8:00 p.m. hour. this is more than just a night for junkies. this is getting important tonight. will the two nominees emerge from tonight? when we come back, we will talk with one of the most important americans as we look at where rocky made his bones. one of the most important americans in the presidential selection process this year. this person is not a candidate or a correspondent. we'll talk to them right after this.
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there's the man of the hour. our delegate hunter. this is why this key northeast regional primary. one of them, pennsylvania, that's where a certain category of delegate may hold the key to the republican presidential nomination. jacob is standing by with one
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such delegate. >> reporter: it's an extraordinary thing. the 54 unbound delegates coming out of this state has more power than almost anybody else in the political system. i'm going to interrupt, so rudely is dr. seth coffer, md. by day and by night, one of the most famous people in politics. you're unpledged. why have you decided not to commit to any candidate? >> today is election day. i'm one of thousands of votes. we'll seehat the voters say. >> you're going to go to cleveland and the candidates will come after you more than anyone else. have you heard in any of the candidates? >> a bit from each. in the past week i've met each of the three. i'm gotten calls from their surrogates, wives, v.i.p.s of
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the candidates. >> they have not been able to sway you. when you go into the polling place, you had to pick a preference for your own vote. are you going to go with that same vote when you get to clevela cleveland? >> not necessarily. it's about me. i'm going to do the right thing so we win in november. >> not to call you out, i was with you and you got a lot of heat from a voter who said shame on you. you said declare instead of keeping this power for yourself. what do you say about that? >> once i talked to him more, he realized it's beneficial for the district to be uncommitted and for the state. we're in a good position. we're hearing from the candidates. we're in the center of everything. let the voters have their say today and we take it from there. >> reporter: again, the center of everything. back to you. >> gastroentorology may have a lot to do with this election cycle. >> there should be a rule that
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all the unbound delegates should have those skills to be able to. >> they will by the end of it. >> we're telling you how it works. there's 54 total. there's three each that will come out of every one of these con gre congressional districts in the states. if he's struggle anywhere, it will be 7, 6, 8, 13 around philadelphia. these more affluent, highly educational areas. elsewhere, trump these polls say it's looking strong. let's look at one of these. the congressman is a republican named tom moreno. he's already endorsed trump. this is what voters, republicans in the tenth district are looking at when they go into the
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voting booth. this is the reference vote. they add all of these upstate wide. which ever candidate gets the most gets 17 of the delegates statewide. the unbound, it's over on this side of the ballot. this is what you're looking at. the top tleet vohree vote gette become unbound. a lot of these delegates have been contacted and indicate what they think they will do. in this district of these 14 names, four have said they are four donald trump. if they are elected they will vote for donald trump. six have said they will vote for the winner of the district. which ever candidate over here gets the most, six of these candidates say that's who i'll vote for at the convention. another one, one candidate says for ted cruz. two others say they are
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uncommitted. one of them says just uncommitted. no further information. one says uncommitted, never trump. one says he will vote for the district winner as long as the winner isn't trump. what you get is that donald trump has a very good shot at winning loyalties from the bulk of these candidates provided he wins this district. again, if you look at the polls, this is a pretty good example of the kind of district in pennsylvania trump is expected to do well in. his campaign thinks of these unbound delegates as a potential secret weapon for this reason. what we just took you through here, this we're seeing in a lot of districts around the state. >> that's what the ballot looks like. all that information you just gave about some of these people will vote the way the district goes, some are never trump. some are trump. voters don't have any of that information in front of them when making that decision. >> we have svarying reports on how aggressive and organized.
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they are cards they mail out. they say you're for ted cruz. these are names you need to be check off. you're for donald trump, these are the names you need to be checking off. that information can reach voters. we had one candidate for unbound delegate who told us the trump campaign had sent out, in his congressional district, 30,000 pieces of literature, postcards to 30,000 perspective republican voters in that district. this is the fourth congressional district saying this is the trump slate. a lot of people will go into the voting booth. they will have no idea who the names are. the thing that trump has going in his favor, if that's what's happening here, roughly half of these delegate candidate who is have been contacted are saying i'm going with twhe winner of m district. there's a good chance people are picking random names off here, that's the kind of delegate getting in there. that's good news for him. >> at least we really
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streamlined the process of printing ballots. ask president rubio, bush or president carson. maybe this will result in some updating in the way we vote for people. a quick break. when we come back, members of our immediate family. nicole wallace will join us. join in our discussion, 1:31:59 and so on until polls close.
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. you're looking live at one of the places in baltimore, maryland. just one of the stories we're covering tonight with just under an hour and a half until polling close. as promised, members of our immediate family are here with us tonight. nicole wall los rejoins us. a veteran of the bush white house as communications director. veteran who lived to tell about and eugene robinson and pulitzer prize winner from the washington post. from time to time we like to check in on the mental health of nicole wallace. what if donald trump will be the
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nominee of your party. >> in my defense, it was written about how the whole party is having their 2016 moment. >> she said i know this doesn't sound like a column but deal with it. >> she was having an emotional experience. >> i've had to have on tv. thank you, guys. i know we start many the deep end with the smart people but if i could bring it down a bit. >> i think this ends up with you as the president trump communications director. >> let's start. >> leader of the resistance. >> let he start by saying i did point out this morning that because of donald trump, positions like mine will never exist again in the republican. >> there won't be communications directo directors. there may never be speech writers again. two things to put us in this moment and time. a week ago, trump rolled into
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megavictory in new york. it was based on tweaks and adjustments he made after wisconsin. what has happened since. he won. what has he done? he's reverted back to the big man on campus. he's now sort of what became old is new again. he's now engaged in what is the most sort of brightest flashing red light warning signal. he's involved in campaign turmoil again. there's more reports about power struggles within his campaign. he will have a huge night. he will be the republican nominee. he does not do this this any way that's conventional. there's no signs of a healthy campaign. it's all about trump's appeal. >> you're saying that -- in the past tweweek, what we saw was t speech where he talked about senator cruz. we were like where is lying ted? he's back. he's making fun of the way john kasich eats. >> it started with the food.
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>> it's going to be a long night. >> we only have 13 hours here. >> you're saying in addition to that what's going on behind the scenes in trump land is also more turmoil and craziness? >> it's just more of the same. he's likely going to win five states tonight. these wins will affirm that what people love about trump is trump. we had michael reagan talking about how his father would be appalled about the comparisons of his father and trump. the reason it works is because he's wired sort of the belief system and impressions i think he's be strong. it emerges.
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>> this year has i'm understanding what's going on in donald trump's head. a veteran political fixer guy to beat ted cruz in the delegates election process. cruz is snatching all these delegates who have to vote for trump on the first ballot who then could vote. he hires manafort to do that. he comes in starts taking over the whole campaign. >> fixing trump. >> and does not have a good record of snatching those delegates away from cruz. >> the delegates hasn't gotten any better. >> cruz is still much better on the ground. i think if i'm donald trump, oh, geez, i just said that. >> you're going to need therapy. >> if i'm donald trump, i'm going to say, i hire this guy to do a job. he's not doing the job. he's doing this other thing that i don't want him to do.
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>> saying he's going to change me. saying he's bringing me in. >> i would anticipate manafort may be a bit more marginalized. >> whatever donald trump is doing, starting with the totally nonprofessional campaign, bringing on the professionals, the turmoil between the professionals, stopping his late night tweeting, restarting it, the one constant is he's winning and by a lot. >> exactly. >> whatever he's doing, he's smarter than us. >> he's figured some stuff out. political scientist will spend years studying. i want to up point one thing out, ted cruz is saying it's all about indiana. indiana is key. the whole thing, the weight of the nation rests on the apex of indiana. it's 57 delegates.
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tonight there's 172 delegates. nothing to see here tonight. just move on. they might get creamed. >> did i mention we were a family and we're awfully proud we have kids this much in touch with their emotions to talk about all of it. when we come back, our look at some of the first wave of exit polling information. what folks are telling us as they cast their votes in these critical five states tonight. you shouldn't have to go far
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to get the help you're looking for. that's why at xfinity we're opening up more stores closer to you. where you can use all of our latest products and technology. and find out how to get the most out of your service. so when you get home, all you have to do is enjoy it. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. we haven't seen a candidate like sanders. this is an exciting election. i'm glad this is the first election i'm voting in.
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there's a lot of exciting things happening. >> i voted for john kasich. i voted for him because trump and cruz kind of scare me a little bit. >> i voted for trump because i think he'll do a good job. i do not want another politician in there. it's just nothing gets done. i'd like to give him a chance. >> would listen to that all night long because those people are members of our family, neighbor, friends all along the five states voting. one of them, young first time voters for sanders. to hear the grown ups talking on cable and other places move on, get with it, fall in line. no. they're not wired that way. they just came to the process. i know i'm not the first person. >> that's the nuts and bolts reason that it's frustrating. some of the impediments to make
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voting harder to make it harder take away same day registration. in a lot of states it's like the hoops they make people jump through. so many of the states are voting for, you had to have changed your party to the party you're voting for by the end of march or by the beginning of april because they needed to make sure that you were put in your lane well before anybody campaigned in your state or you got interested in this contest. those kind of politically motivated hurdles are the things that turn young people off that could be enthused about this stuff. it makes me crazy. >> among those young people, steve. >> we got some exit poll data we can take you there. on the republican side we're looking leads to if donald trump wins the nomination or one of these other candidates somebody will have to. can this party unify. this is from three states tonight, pennsylvania, maryland, connecticut. they're the only three states we have exit polls from. we merged the data from that and
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looked at the republican primary. we asked republicans would you definitely vote for it. 57% said they would. if you had those together you got 76. that's an alarming sign from one standpoint. if cruz is the nominee, 36 of republicans say i'm not voting for him. if john kasich is the nominee, 28% said i'm not voting for him. if donald trump is the nominee, he's so unacceptable to big chunks of the republican party they'll never be able to unite. the flip side is these other candidates, these other candidates are also unacceptable to the trump half of the party. >> it will also be interested to see if those change. we saw numbers that were incredibly stark on that front between obama and clinton in
3:45 pm
2008, for example. each side saying they will never support their non-chosen candidate if they got the nomination and unify has a way of sneaking up on people. >> a party never looks less unified than it does now at this point in the process. i can show you one other bid. check this out. we asked people today in pennsylvania, we asked democrats has this campaign energized or divided your party. look at that. more than 70% of the democrats say this has energized our party. only 24% say it's divided. look at numbers on the republican side. this is pennsylvania only. 39% say it's energized them and nearly 60% say it's divided them. parties reacting differently to what they are watching. >> back to nicole wallace. that's the nicole wallace effect right there. >> if you did pundi to the best of my recollection wisd -- pund
3:46 pm
wisdom, that's what people say. let's go back to chuck todd. >> thank you. if you're upset at how the voting laws work, we can blame old fashioned urban machine politics from 30, 40, 50 years ago where they wanted to do all that straight ticket business and they did want to make it hard for new voters to show up and participate. these new ones augought to get of the laws. pennsylvania, you guys are causing us so many headaches here trying to understand this process. how's this played itself out? >> it's complete chaos. i was talking to somebody who is a long time republican leader out in cumberland county. he's running for delegate. he was out campaigning and he realized i'm going to get killed
3:47 pm
because everybody was coming in to the polling place with a trump card. >> they have their cards. the trump people, real ground game. >> a little bit of a ground game but i'm hearing it might really be sort of grass roots because the trump campaign is -- >> you know they don't do this. >> they don't do this well. it's trump's mouth and trump's tweets. that's the campaign. >> you saw the exit poll numbers. what's interesting about it is while we in the elite press wondering is this party going to go around trump, that looks like voters coalescing around a nominee. >> i think most people are saying they will support him. >> the voters are coming around to it. >> i think part of that is the fact that he's winning. he's probably going to win big
3:48 pm
here. also ted cruz doesn't sell in this part of the country. this is not the bible belt. we're in the center city philadelphia. the quakers. this is quaker territory. this is low church. this is not bible belt. this is not houston baptist. >> there's some truth to that. >> it's not as religious. >> no, no. i think more secular. >> he wasn't talking about bible belt church. new york really is the capital, with all due respect to philly, of this region. this is home territory for him. >> we shall see. if howard fineman can get out
3:49 pm
alive by dissing philadelphia. new york is the capital of the northeast corridor. whatever, howard. i don't know you. i'm trying to get out of philadelphia alive. >> that's my hometown pittsburgh resentiment of philadelphia. >> that would be like me talking about giants versus eagles, and you know i never would. let's get to a break. when we come back, the sanders campaign. big bad story for them in today's new york times. they came back at it with a vengean vengeance. we'll have it for you on the other side of this break.
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we thought we would spend a little time talking about the sanders campaign. they are not expected to have a big night. they did not need a big negative story in today's new york times hinting at a reassessments of their effort. they lashed out. specifically the big sandy super store arena in huntington.
3:54 pm
>> they're pushing back hard. jane sanders, says no. he's not getting out or reassessing this race. i had long conversation with jeff weaver, his campaign manager, who said he's in this to stay. they said there's some big pow wow that's planned tomorrow because they are thinking they will go 0 for 5 is just not true. even if we go 0 for 5 we're not going anywhere. we're going on the california and d.c. he's got a busy schedule ahead that will take him to indiana, oregon and to california to all the states that are left in this campaign. they're thinking about expanding the floor space. finally, i will tell you they sent out a pretty harsh fund raising e-mail against hillary clinton today. they are looking to raise more
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money to keep going. >> let's run this by two veterans. they are the hosts of "with all due respect" on msnbc. mark, starting with you, what are you looking for tonight? what would you add to the reporting you've seen on air? >> on republican side, republicans know that indiana will be the big showdown. trump could finish on the top end of the projections of where he might end up. it would be a whiep out if the does that for kasich and cruz. kasich putting more stock many the northeast than cruz did. that would send him into indiana with momentum. we talked about momentum in the early part of the contest, momentum still matters. trump will go out of this week with a lot of momentum. on the democratic side i think sanders has faced fewer calls to get out than the math would
3:56 pm
argue for. then new york times story i thought was a little unfairly written to be honest. he's going to face a tougher choice after tonight and more pressure along the lines of that time's story. the math is she performs as donald trump likely to. the reassessment is because it's harder for him to argue he can still be the no, ma'minee. >> if trump has the kind of night that not just winning all five states but winning them with really big margins, he could put himself where he's close to having to win only 50, 51% of the remaining delegates. you go to indiana where you can over emphasize anyone getting the state. this is a huge contest coming
3:57 pm
out of new york. it will take a lot of psythe psychological wind out of their sails. >> thanks. they are gentlemen. they'll be with us throughout the evening to opine as we get a sharper point on this coverage tonight. a final break before the last hour. before polls close as we head into what's being billed the third or fourth super tuesday of this cycle.
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voting tonight. we also have live pictures of a polling place in baltimore city, maryland. they are voting in rhode island,


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