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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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we are back and the wall speaks for itself. that's five for five tonight. the house o' trump, complimently beer, wine, and breadsticks. and so far, here is the democrats. maryland, delaware have been awarded and the rest you can see the notations. too early, too early, too close to call. critical difference. and a lot of attention right now being forced on a place i found it difficult to pronounce before the break, the trump tower in midtown manhattan, where in the lobby, just like the last time we went through this ritual, donald trump will appears at a
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podium to an audience. you see the press corps in the foreground there on the tables, at their laptops. and then it's kind of a standing crowd of invited guests and other types. but we'll be hearing from donald trump -- >> and that's the escalator that donald trump descended -- >> famously z lly descended. >> all of it famously understated. >> the democratic race this year will end in philadelphia. the republican race will end in cleveland. that's where the two parties are holding their conventions this july. but tonight, all eyes are on pennsylvania and on philadelphia, because of the weird role that pennsylvania has in the republican race, with its unbound delegates. the state-wide delegates in pennsylvania will all go to donald trump. the question of what happens to this huge number, more than 50 of unbound delegates elected from congressional districts across the state is the big republican question of the
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night. jacob soboroff has found one of these elusive delegate candidates in pennsylvania. jacob? >> reporter: so, we're over here now, moved over to northeast philly, rachel. and he's no longer an unbound delegate count. chris vogueler is now an unbound delegate going to the republican national convention in cleveland this july. and that is because, not only did he beat everybody, but he didn't have to beat anybody. he was running unopposed. so you're going and you are staying uncommitted, you're telling me right now. >> yes, i am. i am staying uncommitted currently. >> reporter: and why are you doing that? it looks like donald trump, according to our results, will have taken this state. and according to what we're talking about, he may have taken your area as well. >> i believe he's going to win the first district. the question is what the margin's going to be. but in the end, as i've said publicly, the main consideration is who's going to win in the fall? who is the best candidate in the fall? and i want to talk to the candidates and make that determination. and there's a number of policy issues i think that i would like to talk them about that are specific to our district.
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>> you are in this incredible position of power after 20 million folks who have voted on the republican side. 54 unbound delegates and 150 or so that come from colorado or north dakota are going to have this influence in picking the nominee. you've talked to donald trump. you met with him. what did he say to you, what did you ask for from him or the other candidates? >> well, the meeting with donald trump was very short. it was more or less a picture and a few brief words. got to talk more in-depth no governor kasich and senator cruz. but i'm sure we'll be meeting with donald trump and his people again, i guess. >> reporter: you're the guy who's going to stop trump, possibly, or send him to 1,237 on that first ballot and get the nomination. do you feel powerful? >> no. i feel that it's, it is a great responsibility. i'm very happy that pennsylvania, as a swing state in the fall, matters in the spring in the republican party, because it's something that's long, long overdue. but that's how the process is. i personally think in future years that iowa and new hampshire shouldn't have this influence every four years. >> can i ask you a question.
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what do you do for a living? what's your day job? >> i'm a consultant. >> and as a consultant, thinking you may be the guy to pick the president of the united states, how's that feel? >> i feel very privileged that the voters of the district chose to send me to cleveland. it's a great privilege. it really is. and a great responsibility. >> well, congratulations to you and enjoy the party here. and brian, rachel, i'll send it back to you from the election night party, republican party of philadelphia. >> jacob soboroff, thank you. >> so much to discuss. and speaking of pennsylvania, look at that. another projection. democratic primary to hillary clinton. must say, as expected, in the state of pennsylvania, so politically complex, so geographically disparate, so interesting, just heard a fantastic example of the philadelphia regional accent, and so much other material there. >> yeah, this is -- this is a big -- obviously, this is a big night for the front-runners. donald trump having swept all five states. we've got democratic wins for
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hillary clinton in maryland, in delaware, in pennsylvania. we're still keeping an eye on connecticut and rhode island, which we knew at the outset would be the states that bernie sanders had the best shot in tonight. but pennsylvania and maryland were the huge delegate pots, basically, on the democratic side tonight, and for hillary clinton to be taking both of those, with what we're describing in maryland as a significant win, we'll wait to see the size of the win in pennsylvania, this is just another really big night, a big, big night for hillary clinton. >> if you're the director of advance for the clinton campaign and it was on you to choose the ballroom in philadelphia tonight for the victory celebration, you just decided to have a cocktail and celebrate yourself. kristen welker is there for us tonight. kristen, has this been shared with the crowd? >> oh, absolutely, brian. the crowd has erupted a number of times, as these wins have been coming in. i've been talking to clinton campaign officials who describe
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the mood inside the campaign right now as buoyant. this was the type of night they were hoping for, as you point out, we're still waiting for two more states to come in. but so far, strong convinced wins in those 30 states. and of course, pennsylvania carries the most delegates. important to talk about the optics here. and you all have been touching on this throughout the night. this is, of course, the city where the democrats will hold their convention this summer. that is not lost on the clinton campaign. so part of the strategy tonight aimed at sending a message, that with this win, she effectively gets much closer to becoming the democratic nominee. now, the questions that we still have yet to answer are, how many delegates will she ultimately break up tonight? will it be enough to put this race mathematically out of reach for senator sanders? and if that happens, how does she begin to unify the party? that's something that rachel spent a lot of time discussing with her last night.
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the clinton campaign making the point that the first step in that is for senator sanders to really scale back some of his heated rhetoric. no indication that he has any plans to do that yet. this race will go all the way to california. if you talk to both candidates, by the way, i've been talking to top democrats who say that's important. they want secretary clinton to fight this race all the way to california and through d.c. those final primaries in the democratic contest. brian, rachel? >> kristen welker, who always manages to be able to make sense after incredibly long hours and an incredible amount of noise in the background. it would seem that we're about to see hillary clinton. we'll keep an eye on that. i wanted to bring you a moment that just happened, that we have turned around on tape. and that is that katy tur at trump tower prior to seeing donald trump has grabbed cory lewandowski, the head -- how do we? >> campaign manager still,
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technically, yes? >> yes. for an interview. let's air that. >> reporter: how are you guys feeling about tonight? >> it was a big election night, obviously. and the voters in the five northeast states spoke that mr. trump's message of make america great again, re-do these terrible trade deals, cut spending, bring back jobs to our country resonates not just in the northeast, but across the country, and he's the only candidate who has a proven ability now to win in every geographic region of the country and i think that's something necessary if you want to be successful in november. >> reporter: how many delegates are you hoping to get? >> i don't know. i don't want to make a prediction, but i think the early indications are that we had a very good night tonight. we'll see what the final tally is when it's all said and done. final projections say mr. trump will be victorious in all states. we had a great night last night in tuesday night where we had a big election victory there. and we'll see what the voters say, but right now we're very pleased. >> reporter: how are things looking in indiana for you? it seems to be the next place where ted cruz could potentially pose a threat. >> well, ted cruz was mathematically eliminated
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tonight from being the nominee on the ballot. donald trump will achieve 1,237. so we would encourage ted cruz and john kasich to unite behind the front-runner and help us defeat hillary clinton in november. that's what we would love them to do. >> when do you start running a general election campaign, regardless of whether ted cruz or john kasich drops out? >> i think you have to to secure the nomination first and that's whatwear doing. tonight was a great step forward in that. we had a great night last tuesday night. and once we have 1,237 delegates or more, we will be focusing on the november election. but the point is, the party has to unify. we have to bring people together right now, we need to make sure that we have a unified effort, so we don't have four more years of a democrat in the white house. >> if this was jeb bush, john kasich, ted cruz who had all of these wins and delegates under their belt and this amount of voters, do you think there would be a question of whether there would be an open convention at this point? >> i can't speak to that, but what i can say is donald trump has won millions and millions of more votes over his next closest
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competitor. that number increased tonight. and we are solely focused on bringing this party together and bringing it right to hillary clinton come november. >> what is the main attack on hillary clinton that will be coming from you guys in the general election? >> well, we'll wait for that, but i think there's enough fodder out there. you have a person who's created private sector jobs potentially running against a person who's never created private sector jobs. and i think this country needs jobs, and that's what trump will bring. >> how is the campaign evolving from now until july? >> we have to grow. this campaign has been very small and lean and we're bringing in great talent between ken who we hired today and rick and the family and paul, right, we are growing so we are prepared for a general election matchup between the democrat machine, which has hundreds and hundreds of people already onboard. and we're going to grow and make sure we have the ability to be successful. >> reporter: can you change donald trump? >> i would never want to change donald trump. >> reporter: the let trump by trump motto, we talked about this really, really early on, it's worked extraordinarily well up until now, i mean, it's worked over and over again. people say they like his
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chutzpah more than anything else. are you worried that maybe giving him a teleprompter or refining his speeches is going to take anything away from that? >> now, donald trump has now won 27 states and is the front-runner for the republican nomination, no question about it. and when he's speaking to an audience of 20,000 people as he did last night in pennsylvania, it's a very different audience when you're speaking and giving a detailed foreign policy speech as he will tomorrow. so you have a well-rounded candidate who can speak to a private crowd in a smaller setting or a large, more rambunctious crowd and he has the ability to excel at both. >> is tomorrow going to be the trump doctrine. >> i think you'll see a detailed foreign policy speech. >> and how is he feeling tonight -- >> notable we can see and hear from cory lewandowski at all. that's fodder for a later conversation. let's go to the philadelphia conversation center. this is live. this has hillary clinton. >> thank you governor wolf,
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thank you, senator kasich, thank you congressman kirkright, and thank you so much, for your great help. >> some bad news for her campaign. very good news for the sanders campaign. this was a slow mover but we started giving indications that given the political state in rhode island, bernie sanders was going to have a good night. a fellow new englander has captured the democratic projected vote in rhode island. again, more fodder for more conversation. let's go back inside the ballroom, the convention center in philadelphia. >> -- the most votes and the most pledged delegates. >> and we will unify our party to win this election and build an america where we can all rise together. an america where we lift each other up instead of tearing each other down.
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so we need you to keep volunteering, keep talking to your friends and neighbors. please join the more than 1.1 million people who have already contributed at look, i know there are still too many barriers holding too many americans back, but despite what other candidates say, we believe in the goodness of our people and the greatness of our nation. and if anyone doubts that, just let them travel across this country, as i've done in this campaign the past year, hearing people's stories, learning about their struggles. listen to the quiet determination of the working parents i met last week in engi
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jenkintown, pennsylvania. they are doing everything they can to provide opportunities to their children in an economy where there still aren't enough good-paying jobs. listen to the mothers who lost children to gun violence and encounters with the police. they're turning their sorrow into strategy and their mourning into a movement. a movement for justice and dignity. listen to the nurse i met this weekend in new haven, connecticut, who worked for years to build a middle class life and raise a family. but then her luck changed. she was diagnosed with breast cancer and used up all her savings and her sick time. soon she was facing foreclosure and the prospect of losing the home she loved for more than 20
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years. my daughter and i live in the fear of the day that we might come home and have a lock on the day. we're in pain, we're hurting, we were and are the backbone of this country, the middle class. we're not asking for a handout, we just want to be treated fairly. and she is speaking for so many people across our country, who feel beaten down, left out, and left behind. people who have worked hard and done their part, but just can't seem to get ahead and find it tough even to get by. now, underneath all these worries, together, we are going to come together and we are going to solve t problems we face. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! >> you know, i am aware that too many people -- too many people feel at the mercy of forces too big for anyone to control. and they just worry that those of us in politics put our own interests ahead of the national interests. the faith that we can make things better, that we can give our kids a better future than we had is at the heart of who we are as a nation. it's one of many reasons that being american has always been such a blessing. and our campaign is about restoring people's confidence in our ability to solve problems together, by delivering results that help people follow their own dreams. that's why we're setting bold progressive goals, backed up by
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real plans that will improve lives. after all, that is how progress gets made. we have to be both dreamers and doers. and as a great democratic president once said, there is nothing wrong with america that can't be cured by what's right with america. so here's what i believe. i believe that we can create more good jobs with rising incomes. jobs that provide dignity, pride and a middle class life. we can renew our democracy by overturning citizens united. we can lift up people and places who have been left out from our inner cities to appalachia.
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in every manufacturing town, hollowed out when the factory closed, every community scarred by substance abuse and addiction, every home where a child goes to bed hungry, that's what we democrats believe in. that's what we know is possible. so we will build on a strong progressive tradition from franklin roosevelt to barack obama. and i applaud senator sanders and his millions of supporters for challenging us to get unaccountable money out of our politics and giving greater emphasis to closing the gap of inequality. and i know together, we will get that done. because whether you support
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senator sanders or you support me, there's much more that unite us than divides us. we all agree that wages are too low and inequality is too high. that wall street can never again be allowed to threaten main street. and we should expand social security, not cut or privatize it. we democrats agree that college should be affordable to all and student debt shouldn't hold anyone back. we democrats agree that every single american should and must have quality, affordable health care. we agree that our next president must keep our country safe, keep our troops out of another costly
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ground war in the middle east. and bedemocrats agree that climate change is an urgent threat. and it requires an aggressive response that can make america the clean energy superpower of the 21st century. and we democrats agree on defending all of our rights, civil rights and voting rights, workers' rights and women's rights, lbgt rights and rights for people with disabilities. so in this election, we will have to stand together and work hard to prevail against candidates on the other side, who would threaten all those rights and pit americans against each other. they would make it harder to
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vote, not easier. they would deny women the right to make our own reproductive health care decisions. they would round up, they would round up millions of hard-working immigrants and deport them. they would demonize and discriminate against hard-working terror-hating muslim americans, who we need in the fight against radicalization and both of the top candidates in the republican party deny climate change even exist. now, the other day mr. trump accused me of playing the, quote, woman card. well, if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in!
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>> hillary! hillary! hillary! >> so, my friends, if you are a democrat, an independent, or a thoughtful republican, you know their approach is not going to build an america where we increase opportunity or degrees inequality. so instead of letting them taking us backwards, we want america to be in the future business. that's why i want you to keep imagining a tomorrow where instead of building walls, we're breaking down barriers. we are making it more likely that americans will be part of a prosperous, inclusive, decent society. we're imagining a tomorrow where every parent can find a good job and every grandparent can enjoy a secure retirement. we're matching a tomorrow where
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no child grows up in the shadow of discrimination or under the specter of deportation. and where every child, every child has a good teacher and a good school, no matter what zip code that child lives in. and imagine a tomorrow where any young person can graduate from college, debt-free. we're going to imagine a tomorrow where hard work is honored, families are supported, streets are safe, and communities are strong. and where love trumps hate. [ cheers and applause ] that is -- that is the future i want. i want that future for my granddaughter and for all of our
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children and grandchildren. now, think of this. our nation was born right here in philadelphia our declaration of independence and constitution were signed just a few blocks away and ever since, even through dark and difficult chapters of our history, the idea of america has shown through. at our best we are, as robert kennedy said, a great country, an unselfish country, and a compassionate country. but, america's greatness is not a birthright. it must be earned by every generation. so please join us, join us. go to, text
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join 47426. volunteer, contribute, compete! let's go forward, let's win the nomination and in july, let's return as a unified party! thank you all so much! ♪ this is my fight song ♪ take back my life song >> hillary clinton at the convention center, joined now by her husband, the former president, and the governor of pennsylvania. by any measure, a good night for the clinton campaign, as we were here looking at our computer screens, as she started to speak, rachel pointed to the associated press lead. the headline of which was, in effect, she could lose everything from here on out and still get the nomination. >> that's right. just while she was starting to speak, the ap ran the headline, "clinton could lose every remaining contest and still win the nomination." she has not won rhode island tonight. rhode island, the projected winner is bernie sanders. we've got one other race tonight
6:27 pm
that is still too close to call in connecticut, but with those three wins, maryland, delaware, and the big delegate prize of pennsylvania, she has, effectively, put this out of reach for senator sanders. there's within a lot of discussion tonight about whether that "new york times" article we were talking about earlier with the sanders campaign will be reassessing after tonight whether that was "the new york times" doing wrong by the sanders' campaign. whether they will be reassessing, but the math is unavoidable now, that she is almost inescapably going to be the democratic nominee for president. and the way this race ends is now the only remaining democratic question left. and she clearly, in a speech tonight which was a new speech for hillary clinton, not just a version of her old stump speech, she clearly has moved on to running against republicans. she is running against donald trump and/or ted cruz and that's what you're hearing from her tonight. this is a different part of the race for hillary clinton than it was before today.
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>> well done on the part of the crowd captains and advance people tonight. the complaint had been at some of the clinton rallies genuine enthusiasm had been absent during the slog of the race, but i think we can safely say that was a genuinely pumped up crowd. in just a moment, our attention is going to be whipsawed from the philadelphia convention center to midtown manhattan, not far from here, to the lobby of the trump tower, as donald trump will speak to his reporters. it's py arobabl good time to see if nicole wallace has an update for us on the trump campaign, on all things republican party. >> i'm told that he is going to be arriving there, straight from the time 100 dinner, which is a celebration of "time" magazine's top 100 movers and shakers, and donald trump certainly qualifies
6:29 pm
for that list. >> he's at a gala across town and he's heading there -- >> as one does. >> yes, but when you run as a big guy from new york city -- i'm also told something interesting. we've been talking a lot about the unbound delegates in pennsylvania and have seen some of them interviewed. and i am told that chris christie was endorsed by or has a very strong relationship and was endorsed by the pennsylvania gop chairman, the state party chairman is a guy named rob gleason. obviously, chris christie, one of the only establishment figures to have helped donald trump, helping him with all of his -- >> i see where you're going with this that would explain why the trump campaign is less nervous than everybody else about those unbound delegates in pennsylvania. >> they feel very good about their ability to put in a ground game in pennsylvania. >> let's bring in steve kornacki. >> we have some news about how these results are looking. and this is tentative. we have scattered results coming in from pennsylvania, so this is by no means final or official, but this gives you a sense of
6:30 pm
what we're seeing early in these returns. these candidates for the 54 unbound slots we've been talking about, we told you the campaigns, the super pacs, they all sent out index cards here telling you, these are our slate, vote for these. the never-trump people sent out a list of delegates, they want people to stop donald trump by voting for. there are results at least partially in now for unbound delegate races in pennsylvania involving 32 of the never-trump recommended delegates. of those 32 right now, 27 of them are losing. some of them, many of them are losing badly. five of them at this point, tentative, preliminary, this by no means final, but only five of the 32 never-trump delegates right now, if we froze everything at this moment, would be elected from pennsylvania. >> steve kornacki, thank you. that's very specific and very important. obviously, donald trump was projected to be the winner of all five of these states. what we're watching is his march towards 1,237, that's pretty devastating. >> the other thing we're going
6:31 pm
to watch over the next hours is the margin of victory in the five states he won tonight. >> stunning. >> they look huge. they look truly huge. he seems to be over 50% in every state. 60% in some states or close to 60%. i'm sorry, but i don't think -- unbound delegates, bound delegates. i don't think any delegates are going to ignore these sorts of margins. i just don't believe -- >> i'll just update you right now, what you just guessed at is exactly right in connecticut. right now donald trump at 60% in delaware, he's at 61%. in maryland, he's at 54%. in rhode island, he's at 64%. those are massive, massive numbers. all of this nonsense from the beltway media about how donald trump has an obviously ceiling, well, the ceiling ended up being made of sugar and it's raining. >> he's also not a normal politician, because he doesn't brag -- he likes to keep some things secret. this is the joke about his foreign policy, he says, i'm not going to tell you all the things
6:32 pm
i'm doing, i'm going to keep some things secret. on his ground game, he doesn't brag about it, but clearly he has one. people have underestimated him at their own peril. >> there is a gop primary, maryland, we've been going through the states. we wanted to let you know that as should donald trump start speaking, we will bust out of this next break and go right to the ballroom in new york, where carl cameron is checking his e-mail. we will fit in a break and we be right back with donald trump from the lobby of trump tower. man 1: you're new.
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man 2: i am. woman: ex-military? man 2: four tours. woman: you worked with computers? man 2: that's classified, ma'am. man 1: but you're job was network security? man 2: that's classified, sir. woman: let's cut to the chase, here... man 1: what's you're assessment of our security? man 2: [ gasps ] porous. woman: porous? man 2: the old solutions aren't working. man 2: the world has changed. man 1: meaning? man 2: it's not just security. it's defense. it's not just security. it's defense.
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bae systems. shoah, ha ha.ew artist. show me top male artist. my whole belieber fan group. it's not a competition, but if it was i won. xfinity x1 lets you access the greatest library of billboard music awards moments, simply by using your voice. the billboard music awards, live sunday may 22nd, 8/7 central, only on abc. . so we have here a busy tuesday night in electoral politics again, at least the primary process that will get us from here to there. a sweep by donald trump. that's just the pile, the list of states of tonight that he has
6:36 pm
won, been projected to win. on the democratic side, a little bit more complicated story. >> on the democratic side, three wins for hillary clinton and one win for bernie sanders, but that's only four states and five are voting tonight. there's one state still outstanding that has yet to be called and that's the democratic race in the great state of connecticut. steve kornacki, what's going on there and why is it too close to call? >> you have bernie sanders ahead in the vote count that's in right now. that's about a 2,200 vote-lead he has. the good news is if you're a hillary clinton supporter, looks like she's doing much better in the cities. only half of hartford is in. she could make up another 1,500 votes or so. not much from bridgeport. the largest city in the stay. she's doing well in new haven, the home of yale university, but also, it's a good -- excuse me, it's a good city for her there tonight. the city of waterbury, nothing from there yet, nothing from new britain. plenty of opportunities for hillary clinton to make up that gap. one other thing i could show
6:37 pm
you, quickly, on the republican side here in connecticut, talking about this, donald trump at 60%. what does that mean? that means he's easily going to clear that 50% threshold and get all 28 delegates from connecticut on the republican side. and also, i told you this at the start of the night. i said, i didn't think this would come into play. but what kind of a night is this for donald trump? almost all the votes are in rhode island right now. he is running at 65%. the trigger for him to get extra delegates in rhode island, 67% in individual districts. we are looking right now to try to find that breakdown by congressional district in rhode island. there is a chance he's done so well there that he could hit that 67% threshold in one of those districts, which would be amazing. >> steve kornacki, can i ask you one detail about that democratic race that's too close to call in connecticut? we showed about a 2,000-something vote difference between the two candidates. we also showed 2,000-something votes uncommitted. what's up with that? >> uncommitted's an option, on the democratic side, you can go in there and cast a ballot for uncommitted.
6:38 pm
and in these states, the threshold rules apply. if uncommitted breaks, you know, 15%, uncommitted starts getting delegates to the convention. it's sort of a relic of the old days, where you have -- the idea would be for these state delegations to go to the convention and be controlled by brokers, who would make deals a to the convention. they would have a pile of uncommitted delegates or they would have a pile of delegates for the favorite son candidate and they would bargain at the convention. it remains an option, not many people choose it, but you do see 2,500 people in connecticut picking that option. >> and somebody may yet change their name to uncommitted, so as to enjoy those delegates and all the perks they will get. let's bring our friend, andrea mitchell, who's been watching tonight's results. andrea, top line right now, we've got five states called for donald trump. three states called for clinton, one for bernie sanders. we're waiting for donald trump to speak at trump tower. what's your takeaway tonight, thus far? >> reporter: so far, hillary clinton in coming out here tonight basically gave a general election speech.
6:39 pm
she praised bernie sanders for his calls for getting money out of politics. that's one of his biggest arguments. she won california with strong support from women and from african-americans. she had a very diverse vote in maryland. she's going to make the argument that she is the best candidate to go up against donald trump. she did name-check trump by saying earlier this week, he called her out for playing the gender card. and she said, okay, if i am guilty of calling for health care for women, equal rights for women, equal pay for women, then deal me in. so she's obviously going to make a big deal out of gender, if she's running against donald trump. and what she's doing here tonight is really soft-pedaling any disagreement with bernie sanders. sanders, in his speech, also did not really call out clinton. he talked about how he really hasn't appealed to the super delegates, saying that he would be the better candidate to run
6:40 pm
against trump, because he appeals to independents and to young people. they know in the clinton world that she's got a problem with young people and with independents. but this was not the hillary clinton that you interviewed last night, where she was very aggressively saying, i'm the winner, literally, i'm the winner. i've got more votes, i've got more pledged delegates. tonight, she was being much more conciliatory towards bernie sanders. clearly hoping that they could try to at least pull this party together, with the big challenge of going up against a much-stronger donald trump. rachel? >> andrea mitchell joining us for a very pumped up room in philadelphia. andrea, thank you so much. two pieces of business for us tonight. this is video just in from how donald trump spent his evening. if it's tuesday, it must be black tie. that was a very tight shot of his lips. but this is the "time" 100 gathering where the magazine honors 100 people a year.
6:41 pm
it's gone back probably about a decade or more now. they can be politicians, popular culture, scientists, astronauts. but this is usually over at lincoln center in new york, but this is how he spent the night. there's a press kind of rope line and there's a more formal dinner, where we're apparently waiting for him to return from that, to appear in the lobby of his building. and hallie jackson is standing by for us. out in indiana, where tonight, the candidate she covers, senator cruz, has talked to his supporters. hallie, we found it curious that during the portion of his remarks that we kind of dipped in and joined live, it was another criticism of all things east coast. and not just new york, but it is a portion of the country whose support he will need, should he open to top the gop ticket, of
6:42 pm
course. >> reporter: right. and if he makes to it a general election, the support that he will need in order to beat the democratic nominee, potentially hillary clinton. but cruz is not focused ton the east. he doesn't want to after the night he had. instead, he's trying to turn to what he believes is more favorable territory, like indiana here, even though polling shows he is trailing donald trump in this state. that is a major concern for his campaign, or it should be, at least, because indiana is a place where cruz must do well and where the stop-trump movement needs to prove they actually can. i had a chance to catch up with the senator after he left his speech here at the hoozier gym. i want to play a clip and we'll talk about it after. >> is indiana a must-win for you, senator? senator, you spent a while hitting the media, we wanted to give you an opportunity to explain why you think -- >> indiana is a wonderful state. and i'm very glad that we're headed to indiana next. i've got incredible faith in the common sense good judgment of the people of indiana, the people of the hoozier state and
6:43 pm
i believe the people of indiana and the people of america want no unite behind a positive, optimistic, forward-looking, conservative campaign, based on real policy solutions facing this country. >> must you win? >> it is a very important state. take care. >> reporter: so there's cruz, refusing to say whether indiana is, in fact, a must-win for him, but he will be spending a lot of time here over the next six days, probably all of his time trying to make sure he beats donald trump here and takes home for delegates. a strategist affiliated with the stop-trump movement is telling me tonight, frustrated with the idea that the stop-trump movement isn't doing enough, saying that the cruz campaign specifically needs to show more leadership here, needs to get it close, pointing out that outside groups simply cannot do it alone. and that the cruz campaign has to put their foot on the gas. here's the problem for ted cruz, though, moving into the rest of the race. rachel, i heard you talking about some of these manner mart donald trump has been winning these states by over 50%.
6:44 pm
that undercuts the argument that ted cruz has been making on the campaign trail, that donald trump can not win a majority of conservatives. he's been using that majority line for weeks now, even after trump won new york state decisively, he said to me, well, that's his home state, of course he has to win big now. now trump seems to be dominating in states beyond his home state and states across sort of a p k spectrum of the east, which is going to be important in a general election. the question for cruz is how he makes the argument that he can, in fact, beat donald trump, not just for the nomination, but in a general election, especially with john kasich still in this race, guys. >> hallie jackson in the gym where basketball has resumed after the rigging and polls and flags and barns have -- >> and it feels great, thank god basketball's back. >> they're playing basketball again in indiana. let's go to katy tur in trump tower. >> reporter: a significantly different mood here at trump tower. the lobby of the trump tower that's filled with press and donald trump's friends and
6:45 pm
family. the campaign right now is feeling extraordinarily good about the results this evening. i just spoke with the campaign manager, cory lewandowski, and he said that ted cruz has been matmatically eliminated. there's no way for him to get to 1,237. and to get to the nomination on the first ballot. same thing goes for john kasich. so he's calling for both of those candidates to not only to drop out, but to drop out and unite against donald trump. also the rnc, to unite behind donald trump. i spoke to a senior campaign aide earlier today, and they said after next week, after indiana, and they believe they're going to win indiana, basically, they'll be running a general election campaign. what does that mean? that means they'll be focusing more on their attacks on hillary clinton, but they're also going to be a lot of stuff behind the scenes, trying to work with state gop chairmen to formulate a plan going into the general election. they believe that they are the ones that -- they're the ones that are going to get this nomination.
6:46 pm
they believe that donald trump has millions of voters, he has the voice of the people, and that it would be disastrous if the party were to take away the nomination from him. i also asked cory lewandowski if he feels another candidate, someone like john kasich or ted cruz or jeb bush in this race, if they were at this point right now where they had won this many states, where they had many millions of votes, where the other candidates could not actually make it to 1,237, would they be assumed to be the presumptive nominee? would that be the general feeling? and lewandowski declined to comment on that. that's a real change from something lewandowski might have said a couple months ago, whereas the campaign might have lashed out at the rnc, lashed out at the gop in general. now they're saying, we're not going to get into that. we're going to put our heads down and try to get the number of delegates we need. of course, that's different from donald trump himself, who has been complaining over and over
6:47 pm
again on the campaign trail that this is a rigged system, that this is a system that is set up for an outsider to lose. that the establishment wants an insider to win, so they can uphold their interests, uphold their values, instead of the interests of the american people so far they are winning very much with that argument when it comes into the northeast. indiana might be a little bit more difficult for them, but again, their polling -- the polls they're looking at seems to show that they have a very strong chance of taking that state as well. brian? >> katy tur down at trump tower. and if you're looking at this picture on the left, what's going on here is, crowd gathered and in place. in fact, cory lewandowski has been walking up and down that center aisle, making sure everyone is in place, ef-every reason to believe that donald trump's motorcade has gone from the time 100 event and over to the trump tower and he is minutes away. we'll go to a break. if he comes out during said break, we will come out and show you instead the live coverage of
6:48 pm
his remarks. donald trump will be celebrating a big night. five for five.
6:49 pm
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6:51 pm
lewandowski. first of all, here in the big board, the senate race. van holen from the house, goes on to be the democratic nominee.
6:52 pm
>> this is an interesting situation in maryland, it is a very blue state. two sort of power house democratic house members, vying in this primary to try to replace the senator, who is the shortest giant in the senate. mccull ski retiring. they are giving up their house seats in order to compete for the senate seat. the general election will be anezzier seat. than beats donna edwards was tonight. less close than a lot of people thought. donna edwards ran a good campaign. chris van hollen. >> she would be the second -- i thought that race would be
6:53 pm
closer. >> it will be interesting to see what happens to donna edwards, having made a big national splash, having attract tlad support. some other big funders, it will be interesting to see what is her next chapter. bernie sanders' style politics. she has a lot of appeal. she didn't win that race. she will be a next chapter democratic party candidate. >> number one, you have seen, at the bottom of the screen, our friends at "morning joe" have paul ryan and donald trump. that may well prove to be compelling morning television, if you are so inclined. and this for john kasich followers. our election unit determined when all is said and done, he would have finished second in connecticut, delaware and rhode island and as we bring chuck into this conversation.
6:54 pm
were this a normal year in quotes, and john kasich came in to new england a top the pack, it would have been a lay out to win connecticut, so consitutionally aligned. >> and delaware, and bringing in my mini panel here. my philly boys. former governor of pennsylvania. quick. to brian's point there. john kasich. this should have been. >> it would have been his super tuesday in any other scenario. >> in a scenario where he campaigns? >> yes, you have to do that. >> as big of a night as you expected for hillary clinton? >> yes, she will win connecticut, wins four out of five. big in pennsylvania. our goal is to top the margin in
6:55 pm
new york. we may still get it. >> those who think that new york is somehow the capital of the corridor. never mind that we created the american democracy around the corner from this bar. we can stick that to the new yorkers. >> not in this conversation. >> you were with senator clinton, what do you want to hear from bernie sanders? this is hard to lose? >> i want to say, look. we are going to carry on this campaign. talk about those differences. let me be clear. hillary clinton will reach our goals better than donald trump or ted cruz, period. >> why aren't more republicans accepting the idea that trump is in a strong position now? >> let's clarify what you are talking about. the official republican, intelligence, whatever that is. the rank and file clearly have.
6:56 pm
they have for some time. this is now part of the game where you call catch up. the leadership has to catch up to the base. the base made it clear. tonight, 60%. everybody was complaining about us getting to 50. 61, 62. >> now you see one of those guys. >> the good news is. we are coming back. we will chat. we have to do a quick brachblth let's do that right now.
6:57 pm
we are back, having busted out of a commercial break for this scene. you see chris christie behind him. donald trump, flankd by his wife, and the governor of new jersey, and a larger entourage. making his way down the center aisle. we are told he will take questions from a sizable press corps that had all night to assemble. taking place a few blocks from rockefeller flaza in new york. ♪ start me up ♪ ♪
6:58 pm
>> this is is not our doing, the campaign has yet to turn the volume down on the music and the volume up on the podium microphone. so we are in this with you. ♪ >> they said, don't worry about it. in other words, they are politicians. i want to thank everybody. this is a far bigger win than we even expected. all five. that is something that is really -- and not only is it all five, it is all five whether it is 60 or just about 60 and even i see one upon up there at 66 and 67. you have to remember this. i say it all the time to the pundit, i say it all the time. there are three people.
6:59 pm
when you crack 60, as we did last week, with our great city and great state of new york, when you crack 60 with three people, that is hard to do. chris can tell you, if you crack 60 with two people, that is called a massive landslide. we have three. strange things happened. last night, it was strange, when i watched this group get together. it was a strange moment. i got a call at 11:00, we talked, i said, i think that is a good thing. it shows weakness, ineffectiveness, it shows failing campaign. in business, they put you in jail for collusion, at politics, you are allowed to get away with it. i thought it was a weak signal. the republican party needs something different than that thank you. we will be going to indiana, leaving tomorrow afternoon, for
7:00 pm
just a long stay. it is a great state. i have many, many friends there. and i have a coach, bobby knight, the great bobby knight. we will be spending a lot of time with bobby. and bobby is an amazing guy. he is tough, sharp and smart, he knows how to win. bobby has endorsed me. we are going to spend tomorrow night and the next day, i think, with bobby. it will be fun. it is called the gold standard for indiana, bobby knight has to be the gold standard, so many others endorsed us there. it will be great. we will be spending numerous days in indiana. it will be something really, really special. so, i wanted to thank the media. they have covered me fair for the last two hours. they have been very fair over the last few weeks. it has been amazing wha


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