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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 26, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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coming out of the trump tower, ma pennsylvania, maryland, connecticut, delaware and rhode island, on the democratic side, all by rhode island for hillary clinton. and there we go, bernie sanders' long victory of the night. he had gone on to west virginia. we saw live coverage of a rally with him. but a solid night for hillary clinton. as i said, we heard from donald trump earlier this evening and he went on the attack against hillary clinton, but mostly, he took the bait on a question about where he stands right now in the gop. >> i consider myself the presumptive nominee, absolutely.
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to be honest, senator cruz and governor kasich should really get out of the election. they have no path to the electi election. honestly, they should get out of the race. >> sorry about the quality of the audio there, we're all in the same boat, those of us covering it in that room. he considers himself the nominee. he went into in the late stages, a detailed attack on hillary clinton, if she were a man, this race would be inconceivable. she said her husband had destroyed this country economically. early in the evening after winning four or five, hillary clinton spoke to her supporters. >> the other day, mr. trump accused me of playing the, quote, woman card.
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well, if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in. >> it strikes me that in an audience where her resume is well known, that old chesnutt, if she were a man, i don't know how that is going to come out. >> ands our colleague and friend nicole loss pointed out this evening, donald trump does have an election problem, even if he gets this election, if everything goes for him the way he wants it to in the primaries, to say about the woman that he's running against is the only reason she's some favor is being paid to her as a woman, that as a human being, she is patently
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unqualified, when she's a two-time senator from new york and has been secretary of state and has the experience she has, i think a lot of democratic women will read that wrong. the big question today, are we going to get nominees tonight. in technical terms, in real politics, yes, we have nominees. in these five states for donald trump, are a lot of delegates, and it does destroy the myth that there's some artificial celling that he can't get through. i think john kasich has the worst night, because this is the kind of night that john kasich should have been looking forward to, instead we have him being able to have bragging right that he's finished 40 points behind donald trump. he did a private fundraising event in indiana and he's going to be back home in ohio.
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john kasich has disappeared. ted cruz was absolutely blank tonight and has to convince everyone that tonight didn't matter in order for him to still seem viable. on the democratic side, very interestingly, about one year ago exactly, one year ago this week, bernie sanders launched this campaign, expecting himself, what everybody else expected of this campaign, is that it would be an asterisk, i'm not sure that we knew that everybody else would drop out. but nobody including bernie sanders thought he would push it this far with her. he wins rhode island, she wins all four other states. at this point, the path for bernie sanders technically still exists, but it is possible, and i think the headline that will mean the most going forward, is tonight the ap was able to say,
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without any sort of fudging it at all, that hillary clinton will lo could lose every remaining state on the map and still win the nomination. how it will end, how the character of this race is going. >> if you're so inclined to use math in this election season, maybe people can find a way out, maybe there's an exigency, maybe it's done in both parties. >> and the democratic party now has a challenge on its hands. at the end of every primary, you wonder if they are going to unify. but bernie ran a different kind of campaign and excited a huge number of people. the difference between his expectations for him and what he was able to accomplish is something to be reckoned with in
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the democratic party. i think that hillary clinton thinks she has changed the democratic party, if the democratic party is going to be more reflective of his image, she wasn't willing to hear it, but i think the party as a whole is going to have to think about who they want to, people who were so moved by bernie sanders that will give hillary clinton a run for her money in this race. >> our keeper of the numbers is standing by at the big board. ste steve, who was right about so much tonight, by laying out and telling us what to concentrate on. >> i want to return to this. at the start of the night. i said the absolute ceiling for donald trump, if he got everything he could possibly hope for tonight in terms of bound delegates, the absolute ceiling would be 109. let's take a look at what happened tonight. we're going to addition card the delegates, that's a separate
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conversation. he got all 16 by winning pennsylvania, he got all 16 by winning delaware, he easily cleared 50% here in connecticut. maryland looks dicey, he won the state easily, he won seven of those congressional districts, one district right around washington, d.c., that could go to kasich, so there's a chance here for trump, if things go all his way, if everything breaks his way this is what happens. funny thing happened here in rhode island, they do the vote by congressional district. the flesh holds looking so -- ted cruz failed to crack 10% it looks like in one of these districts in rhode island, which is going to mean a bonus delegate for trump. so if you can gut it out in this eighth congressional district in maryland, it looks like in stead of 109, he's going to take 110 tonight on the republican side. >> that's.
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>> i'm going to start out >> how the other campaigns are writing, what happens next? >> it was fascinating to see both on the republican side, the top two. outline the contours of this race. trump, what we heard tonight was a political analyst, and republican front runner trying to define the race on his terms as he nears that tles hold.
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>> in terms of the prognostication, that triumph is doing, acting as analyst, and candidate. what he is saying tonight, i think he put it in his words, i can quote him directly. as far as i am concerned, it is over. every candidate who is leading wants to say that. is there any meaningful sense that is much more true tonight than it was before tonight? >> speaking to trump campaign associates in the last hour. they are getting calls from the washington insider, from elected officials on capitol hill, we are willing to work with you. we may not have been on your side. we seed the end is near in terms of the primary race. there is a shift in the upper echlon in the republican party tonight. indiana is still important. the conservative rite. they will give cruz a shot there. there is a sense in washington, that trump is likely to be the
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nominee. >> as we are sort of recognizing that republican party is looking at donald trump, and seeing their nominee for november. one of the thing that is makes more important is how donald trump performs as a candidate. how he runs his operation. notake the insider discussions about his staff, whether they are fighting with each other. whether he is running a smooth operation there. it makes it more important, taking it to the general. >> insight as to what is going on, with cory lewandowski getting high profile interviews, paul manafort being publicly rebuked, saying donald trump was playing an act in terms of how he is behaving? >> if you think of the trump organization, the trump campaign as a company, in terms of my reporting, the internal politics of that group, it is almost like he is the new ceo, but cory
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lewandowski is the cfo, the board of directors is trump, he is listening to both men at this time. he is trying to reand to earn trump's trust, he has had stumbles here or there. >> robert cost athank you very much on the news you have been able to break on the many, many tuesday nights, the endless -- >> you said it, not us. >> to include members of our immediate nuclear family. that is not eugene, and nicole wallace, a veteran, communications director of the bush years, a surviving veteran of the mccain years, who runs a small political psychotherapy
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practice. no more than 12 hours a day. >> that is another story. >> a couple of observations from tonight. it seems to me, what trump's sweeping victories did make indiana important to him. not in a negative sense but a positive sense. you know, we came in to tonight looking at indiana as the place where the stop trump movement. the idea was far fetched. maybe they can stop trump. trump can lose in indipd. >> it is wisconsin. >> but, he can basically knock cruz out. he can -- >> if he does win indiana? >> even as an irritant.
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the other thing. we are talking about cruz has an obvious problem with women. we have seen results and polls, it is one of many negatives that he has. he has the highest negatives of any prumptive party nominee ever. you know, according to traditional political math, that would mean, he is vulnerable in the general election, and hillary clinton would be highly favored. if even the high negatives, how does he get to 57% in a state like pennsylvania? which is a fairly represent state. >> diverse place. >> yes -- >> republicans, in pennsylvania are there are a lot of them. how does he get to 57% there? how does he get to 60% in some of the other states. there is something going on there. tonight makes me wonder whether
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the tradition al. >> if it matters to republican voters, there would be three different people standing. none of the three would still be there it i think that e le electability. >> it is a polling metric that changes with the circumstances, anybody talking about head-to-head november matchups right now. >> what is this all about. equal and ops reaction to mitch mcconnell? >> this is a reaction to i
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think, probably 12 years of washington republican -- failures, i think when you get to the why, i am sure we will get to them. when you try to get to the why, it is because the leaders, it started under my boss says, under george w. bush, we would try to sell a trade deal. get members of congress to support it george bush believed it was the right policy. it might have been. that was the beginning of the fracture, and a prescription drug benefit, and we plowed through. put on top of that immigration reform. he believed it was the only way to do anything about the illegal immigration. path way to citizenship. it didn't matter that it was the right thing to do.
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it broke faith with the base. they haven't felt listened to in over a decade. they haven't felt like the foreign policy by republican elites is responsive to their grave concerns, and the communities, the republican elites do. it is a total fracture with the people that send us to washington, and this total, i used the word disembodiment. many, many weeks ago, get a new establishment. you cannot get a new republican base. this was the standoff between the republican establishment and the republican base it is a good thing the base won. >> the most ignored american, is a seven-tour member of the military and his or her family. the people we ask the most of. we should be listening to. and trump is winning them since
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south carolina. we pulled that number out, all four of us, that is the first number we pulled. his wacky 9/11 comments, we pulled that active military number out. >> first presidential -- >> see, i told you, too much information for one night. all agree to stay here, keep talking until tomorrow. >> i am kidding. another break. they found out who's been hacking into our network.
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who? guess. i don't know, some kids in a basement? you watch too many movies. who? a small business in china. a business? they work nine to five. they take lunch hours. like a job? like a job. we tracked them. how did we do that? we have some new guys defending our network.
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new guys? well, they're not that new. they've been defending things for a long time. [ digital typewriting ] it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems. >> look at tht night for the democrats, 4 out of 5 for hillary clinton. she was not asked and didn't
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respond on donald trump the presumptive nominee. the math is on her side. there is more than a path for him. steve has the path and all of it for hillary clinton. steve. >> look at the delegate race, the name of the game, pledge delegates, forget about the super delegates, can bernie sanders catch her in the pledge delegate count. he was down about 240, the campaign, needs to make up ground. won rhode island, hillary clinton won delaware, wipes out the gains in rhode island, three state that hillary clinton won. this is a rough guess, three delegates by winning that state. pennsylvania, counting is slow here, the margins, this could be 15, 20 more delegates, a gain of
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20 more delegating, maryland, a monster of a victory for hillary clinton. destroyed sanders in this state. probably net 30 out of there. you started the night with bernie sanders, with difficult odds, a gap in the pledge delegates. what will happen. i say conservatively, she will be leading by 280 or more when this night finishings. all of these states off the board. fewer opportunities for sanders going forward. really, there is no path at this point, short of a complete, total change in the race it is something unforeseen. that is the level we are at when you see numbers like this. >> we have a statement from the sanders campaign. what is going on, which i think reflects a bit of that stark truth that you just laid out there. congratulating secretary clinton, the people in every state in this country should have a right to determine who they want as president, what the
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agenda should be. and that is why this campaign is going to the democratic convention to fight for a progressive party flat form, calling for a $15 minimum wage, medicare for our health care system, and making public colleges and universities tuition free. and address the climate change. the sanders campaign, committed to stay in the race until the end. saying the reason they will go to the convention is to fight for the platform. no longer making the case that they will win at the convention persuading super delegates to support senator sanders. a lot of people will be mad at me for saying that, with that statement, it is fair to say that democratic contest is effectively over. even though there will be two people remaining, and every
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contest between now and june 14th in washington, d.c., this is the sanders campaign to say, they don't have a plan to be a way to win the nomination. their goal is something different. out to chuck todd. >> so, i have got the gang of pennsylvania-based reporters. casy hunt, now, on the stop trump movement. and an dre'a mitchell. here is the point. sanders, concede? it is the closest thing to a concession we might get. >> it comes a few hours after they sent out an e-mail, fundraising e-mail, that caughted her a traitor for the way he has -- she has been campaigning, and showed a picture of the clintons all
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smylying with the trumps at the trump wedding. one of the roughest e-mail they sent out. i think that cooler heads prevailed tonight. the fact is, they are not dropping out. he will be in it for june 14th, he told me today. it is for all intents and purpose it is, he will fight for the platform, he wants the levera leverage. he said he will be better against trump. he has the young people. she gave a general election speech tonight. she congratulated sanders on what he says about wall street, and income equality and campaign finance reform. she walked about yiting, not dividing. >> when you heard donald trump speak tonight, you heard him, how does he get the 30% of
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sanders' supporters, adamant for not supporting her in the general lection. very insistent they will be able to get the sanders' supporters on board. you heard her try to do that tonight. talking about the importance of partyuity. saying senator sanders and i have similar goals. >> over the last 48 or so hours, it has been donald trump focusing on bernie sanders. did it in this race. i love it if you ran as a third party. >> he cares so much about bernie sanders. >> there was a split that had been on-going, how to effectively land this plane. if this would be the result. it doesn't seem, i am not sure it is because of the way --
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>> the release. jeff weaver. >> attaching photos. >> i mean, that is exactly it. i think there was -- >> any way they think they can get the young people on board is donald trump. the risk here is that donald trump has shown cross over appeal. >> i have been shocked, from iowa, to across the country, how many people, in particular, young people, that you would never think -- you say, who would you support? bern or hillary. . >> bernie or maybe dopald trump it is something i have seen over and over again. >> the trump message is that i am going to shake it up. i am dumping the table over. that is a good message to some of them. >> i mean, when i was going to all of the bernie sanders' rallies. looking at polling, 30% of bernie supporters won't support
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hillary. i talked to moms there with their kids. millennium kids that drag them to the rally. hillary clinton did a lot for women, i identify with that the daughters would say, absolutely not. i would never consider voting for her. >> there was a moment that donald trump had tonight, of course, is he going to step on, if hillary clinton were a man, she would get 5%. >> of course, it helps them make their argument, is that she is the candidate that will stand up for women, fight for their rights, she has been running as a i am a mom p i am a grand mom. and it allows her to galvinize
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supporters. >> i know what you are saying. i feel we said the sanl thing over and oench. all women are not going to like donald trump. >> i do think that his cross over appeal, less so with women. these are the anti-trade. similar to the berpie sand irz message. >> now, when you have the delegate hunter here. we have unbhound delegate that is he had his musket out. saw jacob roaming. >> always. the white safari hat.
8:30 pm
>> if it is 36 of the 54. 67% of the delegates are trump supporters or those based on the congressional district vote. >> i was talking to someone who was helping to wrangle the trump potential trump delegates here. it could get higher than that. >> the cruz people, got massively out organized tonight. i think we will find out. >> i think that goes to show that while we have seen a public tuszle between the cory lewandowski and how he conducted himself. you saw the first attempt at professionalized campaigning. >> building with trump. he delivered tonight. it looks like, if he delivers half these unbound delegates that is a big build of trust.
8:31 pm
>> i think that in one of the delegates in the second sdktd that, that cruz allegiance back fired. those pledging to kasich. people switched over to trump. >> we saw in the interview with john kasich. he couldn't answer the question. who should the indiana voters vote for? >> he never got off the ground. it didn't work. >> the next test for jump, 12:00 noon -- >> 29 minutes. he will be at the national press conference, with a grown up teleprompter, that is the foreign policy mannesto of
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donald trump. how is he going to handle nuclear weapons for japan, and south carolina, and i believe this has to be a rational, reasoned speech. i know some of the people writing it for him. >> jump tonight, maybe i am being cynical tonight. when he was doing his presser. you know all that paul got me to tone it down. i am going to show everybody, i am the same guy. sorry paul, i call the shots. >> i will never say you -- there was discontent from trump, and others who are close to him. about the remarks that were leaked out at the meeting, and just to show he was playing a
8:33 pm
part. that was clearly something that hit off kilter. he comes up and there there was a morn al obgigz. we have learned earlier, new york, is the capital, not the birthplace of american democracy, i will be here with all the fighty phillies fans, they had a big night, unfortunately for my nats. >> by the time we fortune.
8:34 pm
the evening is over in philadelphia. they are cleaning up. we are trying to give you the hint, too. wrap it up. the whole new york is the capital of pennsylvania thing, that was howard's fault. >> if you have seen him, have you seen him? very concerned. i will go down to the liberty bell, they have been finding new stuff under there. maybe we will find howard there. >> thanks, to alnother break fo us. we will be right back. clsh
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. welcome back. you would be forgiven if you thought tonight was five people running for voters afekdss, election nights are about more. >> one of the few with both an important race in the presidential race and down ticket races as well. a few of them to go through here. the first one, would be in maryland. there is an important senate seat. barbara retiring, two powerful
8:39 pm
well-regarded members of the house, gave up their seat to compete. chris van hollen over donald edwards, hard-fought compain. van hollen will likely have a chance to hang on to that seat in september. the democratic race here was, the mayor of pennsylvania, john fetterman. and catie mcginnity, chief of staff to pennsylvania's democratic governor, tom wolf, she had a lot of establishment support. she will be the candidate for that senate seat it against paut
8:40 pm
tomby in the fall. we don't talk about house raceos nights like this this is a historic race. chaka fattah. is a bit of a special case. he was indicted on 29 counts, including racketeering, mail fraud, for misusing hundreds of thousands in campaign money. facing significant jail time if convicted, his trial starts in three week, he has lost his seat tonight in the sem democratic primary p dwight evans served in the littlure for four decadings. he will hold the seat this fall. interesting democratic down ticket stuff. we haven't had a lot to talk
8:41 pm
about. tonight, these are races. >> van hollen winning that senate seat in maryland. >> someone i know l she is afternoon exceptional person, incredible politician, someone who shocked the political world when she challenged to beat an enbum bent out of no where. she was not greeted with a ton of plaudits, not psyched how she barged into the united states congress. there was the race was fairly similar. ultimately. tonight, the democratic establishment is much stronger
8:42 pm
than the republican establishment i think at this point. the democratic establishment candidates have an easier go of it, it hurts them in some places, not a fatal. it speaks to the two parties in terms of how orderly, how intact they are. a lot of it has to do with holding the white house, the president at the top of of the ticket, and very popular amongst democrats, holding it together. we saw it play out tonight. >> you are seeing that in the mcginny race. for reasons, pennsylvania specific and personality specific. we saw a huge out-powering, mcginn ginty. the vice president for her directly. >> she is the chief of staff of
8:43 pm
the governor. this is someone, without those connections, it was hard to see her in the position that she is in. able to propel her by the actual voters. >> maryland's vacated seat. someone who spent $12 million, wasn't able to win the seat. the voters ultimately get a say on election day. >> the prospects between sanders and clinton, we have a statement from sanders, and the results. we heard it four out of five. has it crossed the rubicon here? >> yes. in that state. they can do math like anyone else k to sell them on a story
8:44 pm
that is improbable. it seems absent of a shocking event. i think they are saying, it will be interesting to see, we have know seen consolidation, several weeks, she won momo, illinois and other others. with this admission that it mission here is not to elect sanders, the nominee. instead, to push hear his adjusta. can they maintain the purpose they have had throughout, without that being the implied understanding. >> too know that big prize is not at the end of this. good to have you here.
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>> i hear that, are we presidential, we are not presidential? i am not playing a part. i started off with 17, i am down now, winning it, it is over. as far as i am concerned, it is over. these two guys cannot win. >> bring that point past another campaign professional, mike murphy of council to us through
8:48 pm
the season. a man with experience of things bush and romney. i want your opinion of that statement and in general, tonight's news and the trump appearance. >> the statement was typical trump t doing it and denying he did it. the remarkable gi ablpolitical . he blew through his region, pushing 60%. mathematically, i am not sure he will have that lock going in. he has something almost important, momentum. the momentum helped him. now, he is heading to indiana with momentum. cruz and kasich have to score big against him in indiana, it
8:49 pm
looks tougher tonight. >> we got senator cruz out of him early on. then, we got the full attack on hillary clinton at the end. the statement that began with, if she were a man. talk about that in terms, say the mathematically path is cleared. >> i don't know any real professionals of the republican parties that don't think he is at a huge disadvantage. to the words of sir edward gray, the lights are going out on the republican party, we may not see them until the next general election. maybe i will be wrong, i am not positive he will be nominated. things are going in his way in the primary now.
8:50 pm
i think trump's method will be to turn on the insult, his move to playing the victim. and trump seems to alinate swing noters. we will see how it turns out. >> throwing surprises in our i paths, you are off a super pack effort. emp we have the quality one candidate, that didn't sell in the primaries, jeb was the anti-trump. you look at trump's numbers, it is daunting, even if he loses, the guy number two, probably has the most support on the floor, cruz. he will have a hel of a time in general election, two. kasich cagent --
8:51 pm
>> finished second in three states, the best kags it could do. >> in the 20s. >> mike, thank you very much. a pleasure to talk to you. that sums it up. >> the joun kasich thing, i think that stop struck. there has to be someone else who wins if it is not going to be him. >> we lack proof that kasich has not tried to get arrest. back with more after this.
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craftsman. when it matters. >> we are back, there is the board, states won, five for five for trump, and hillary clinton didn't win rhode island, bernie sanders did. steve, the keeper of the numbers needed. >> i want to say, i said something that donald trump needed two of three big things to break his way, he needed the bulk of the unbound delegates, a win in indiana or the lion's share of the delegates out of california. it looks like he will get what he needed, from the unbound delegates, if he can get indiana a week from now, he will have two of the three big
8:56 pm
things, that point, we would look at donald trump to say he is the likely nominee. he regards this as over, the math is starting to look like it is on his side. this time, next week, on to indiana, it will matter on both sides. want as much as ted cruz wants it to. it will be an important night. after indiana, all eyes on california. >> for this portion of the coverage, laurence o'donnell. our family members will get through it. >> get you right home. ta. >> that is what family is for.
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good evening. continuing our coverage of the northeast primaries. the most important political news this hour has just come in a written statement from bernie sanders' campaign. we'll bring you that in a moment. on the republican side, donald trump swept all five states by very big margins tonight. hillary clinton won four out of five states. bernie sanders won rhode island tonight. but that was not enough to slow hillary clinton's momentum toward the nomination. the sanders campaign has issued


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