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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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what's that? the number of units we'll make next month to maximize earnings. that's a projection. no, it's a fact. based on hundreds of proprietary and open data sets folded into a real-time, actionable analytics model. nine. eight. three. five. two. you're not gonna round that up? you don't round up facts. powerful analytics driving decisions for the world's most valuable brands. ♪ and good morning, i'm steve kornacki here in new york. topping the agenda right now, a monster night for donald trump, and now he's calling himself the presumptive republican nominee. the math says he may be right. >> we don't have a ceiling.
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you know what our ceiling is? i think it's 100%. we don't have a ceiling. >> five states on the board last night, five trump landslides. the closest margin, 29 points. the stop trump movement scrambling to downplay what it all means. but don't kid yourself here, donald trump exceeded even the most wildly optimistic expectations last night. and now that path to 1,237 has opened up wide for him. this morning all eyes already on indiana. trump now with a chance next week to break ted cruz and the stop trump forces once and for all. we are going to set the stage for what could be the climactic gop primary showdown and we're going to show you new comments from trump just this morning. we'll show those to you in a minute. also on a jend -- the agenda t morning, is bernie sanders now raising the white flag.
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>> we have now won 16 primaries and caucuses all over this country, and with your help, we're going to win here in west virginia. >> sanders saying all the right things in his speech last night, but a statement from his campaign after losing four more states to hillary clinton sure makes it sound like he can read the writing on the wall. so what does he do now? and finally on our agenda -- >> if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the woman's card. >> if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in! >> you can get ready for a lot more of that with a trump-clinton race looking more likely than ever. trump making it clear last night just what kd of campaign he wants to run against her. plenty of republicans think that
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kind of rhetoric will ruin him in the fall. we'll ask one of his top supporters if trump needs to dial it back a bit. but we begin this morning with our top story. huge wins last night for hillary clinton and for donald trump. take you through here on the democratic side what we're looking at. you can see hillary clinton winning four of the five states last night. delaware, pennsylvania, connecticut, maryland. one win for bernie sanders. he won rhode island, the ocean state, so it's four for hillary clinton, one for bernie sanders. on the republican side there's no gray area here. these were just five states, five landslides. donald trump winning more than 60% of the vote in some of these places. absolute crushing margins for donald trump. again, the expectation had been that this would be a good night for donald trump. nobody expected it would be as good as it was for him. and just how good, let's take a look here at the big board and take you through what the numbers show you about the scale of this victory.
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let's start in pennsylvania, two different kinds of delegates here. we'll talk about them both. by winning the state, that's simple, donald trump gets 17 delegates. the 54 unbound, i'll return to those in a minute. it's a little more complicated. but the rest of the states, maryland, 38 for 38, delaware he goes 16 for 16. connecticut he goes 28 for 28. rhode island, this is his best state in the country so far. the problem for trump is the way they give out the delegates here, very proportional. there's still a little bit of uncertainty exactly how it's going to break. looks like he could get 10 or 11 out of rhode island, but you add all these together, donald trump could just from the numbers i circled end up with 111 delegates last night. there were 118 that were at stake last night. that's enormous. and then these 54, this is the story everybody was talking about, these unbound delegate candidates. they got elected all over the state last night. some of them had said they were
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for trump, some said they were for cruz, some said they were for the district winner. so we've taken a look, the preliminary rundown of how the ones elected last night are going to vote. so you have donald trump, 36 of them either say they're for donald trump or they're going to vote for the winner in their district and trump won all these districts, so that would be donald trump. 12 of them said they're for ted cruz or they were on a list that was provided by the never trump movement. another 1 is for john kasich, five more uncommitted. so you see right there, 36. that's two-thirds the total, 36 at a baseline level here look like they're for donald trump. and here's the other thing we can add. of these 12 that are cruz or never trump, some of them had indicated, four of them had indicated publicly, you know what, they would like to go with the winner of their district. they were hoping the winner would be ted cruz maybe, but trump won their district. so that 36 could get higher. but you add all this up together, donald trump, when you
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take the delegates from these states, when you take what it looks like he's going to get from the unbound in pennsylvania, donald trump could be sitting up close to a thousand delegates after last night. remember, 1,237 is the magic number. donald trump just a couple of weeks ago after wisconsin, all that talk of an open convention, ted cruz closing the delegate gap, not after last night. this is an enormous lead for donald trump in the delegate fight on the republican side. much more on what that means for later, for the rest of this contest, ahead in the show. meanwhile, though, new comments from donald trump this morning, the morning after these monster victories for him. a new interview on "morning joe." trump called for his top two competitors, for kasich and for cruz to drop out of the race. also talked about what he's thinking about when it comes to the vice presidency. take a look. >> donald, are you feeling more presidential this morning? >> yes, yes. >> oh, stop it with this. >> hold on, hold on, hold on. he's going to sound
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presidential. sound presidential for us. >> i get more and more presidential as i have victories, absolutely. >> it sounds like he's lying in bed. >> no, i'm not. >> okay. >> you sound really excited to be on "morning joe." >> i am. it's always exciting. >> what a night, huh? talk -- okay, he's being presidential. >> all right. >> intentionally boring. it's wonderful. the first time it's happened. all right. so should ted cruz and john kasich drop out of the race? >> they should have. in fact i heard they were having a news conference last night to drop out of the race and they cancelled the news conference. they have to play their game. john is now 1 for 47. and ted is, you know, a disaster. i guess i'm 3.5 million votes up on him or something. it's a crazy thing. it's crazy. and they have no highway. it's over. so i think we're doing very well. i think we're going to do very well in indiana. we have the great bobby knight endorsing me tonight, which i
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look forward to. and it's going to be exciting. >> so can you -- are you ready to predict that you're going to get the 1,237 and more when it comes to delegates? >> well, i've been saying that for a month. i think we're going to get it. i think we're going to get it fairly easily and i think we're going to have an amazing -- i think we're going to do great in indiana, i think we're going to do great in california and i think there's some states in between that we're going to get. >> are you going to start turning your attention now to hillary clinton and the general election? >> a little bit. i want to finish off the final two leftovers. you know, two guys that shouldn't be here. for the sake of the republican party they shouldn't because we want to unify the republican party. but i have two people that are still here hanging around, as the expression goes. not going to get anywhere. but it's going to take time. you know, it's the price, you have to wait a week and wait another week. instead of that, we could be raising money for the republican party, a lot of it. i have a lot of friends who want to give a lot of money to the
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republican party. and, you know, they're not going to do it until they find out whether or not i win. i have friends that are going to give tremendous amounts of money to the republican party. >> are you at this point -- you have to be thinking about vice presidential picks. are you starting in your mind? >> i am in my mind but i don't want to talk about them because i don't want to think about it until this is over. i heard cruz is going to start to think about vice president -- you know, vice presidential picks. he may pick carly fiorina. and i see rhode island, i'm just looking at your screen, rhode island is 64. that's a good number. >> donald, listen, by the way, we wanted to talk to you about that. that appears to be your ceiling. >> yeah. >> and maybe you should just kind of drop out of the race. >> i know. and it's my ceiling with three people, joe. don't forget if i had two people, the 64 would have been 80. >> all right. that's donald trump on "morning joe" this morning. he's making a call for ted cruz and john kasich to both get out of this race. he says for the good of the republican party.
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cruz, of course, having none of that right now. he's been on the ground in indiana for a few days already, but this is it. next tuesday indiana, the stand-alone contest, if ted cruz is still to have any chance, any chance at all of turning this thing around, if the stop trump movement is going to have any chance, any chance of still somehow pulling this out, an absolutely essential thing for them to do right now is somehow win indiana, to beat donald trump there next week. that is absolute low essential. they need a lot more than that but it has to start there. hallie jackson following the cruz campaign in indianapolis. hallie, he is up against it right now. cruz said it's friendlier turf in indiana, absolute must-win for him. what is their plan to do that in indiana next week? >> how do they do it, right, steve? they do it by getting out and getting ted cruz's boots on the ground and turning it into something similar to iowa, turning it into something similar as wisconsin.
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they hope the last place where the stop trump forces notched a win but it is an uphill battle here. indiana doesn't have the same kind of conservative, it's a different kind of state and cruz is still trailing donald trump in the polls. you are very emphatic when you talk about how this is a must-win for ted cruz, and it is, but he refuses to say that. here's an exchange that we had last night as he was leaving his rally in knightstown, getting on his bus to head out. watch. >> indiana is a wonderful state and i'm very glad that we're headed to indiana next. i've got incredible faiths in the common sense, good judgment of the people of indiana, the people of the hoosier state, and i believe the people of indiana and the people of america want to unite behind a positive, optimistic forward-looking conservative campaign based on real policy solutions to the great problems facing this country. >> must you win here? >> it is a very important state. take care. >> watch for cruz to really blanket indiana over the next six days. what may be the most critical
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six days of his campaign as he looks to pull out the win here. there's an issue, though. you talked about some of those numbers trump has, how dominant his performance was, about 50%, above 60%. for a long time cruz has said trump cannot win over a majority of conservative support. well, trump did that last night. he did it in new york too. when i pressed cruz about that, he said, well, listen, that was his home state. he may come back against that. some sources outside of the campaign, gop operatives, perhaps you will see cruz make the argument that donald trump was winning in states that hillary clinton would carry in the general election in the fall, so we'll see how cruz comes back at this after what was a tough night for him. the campaign had been bracing for it, steve. now the challenge is for them to turn the page, pressure on to perform in indiana. >> boy, that's an interesting argument if that's where they start going, hallie. pennsylvania is one republicans talk about every four years. they talked about it as part of their future, for flipping pennsylvania. for cruz to get clobbered and
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then to say we're going to lose it anyway, if they go in that direction, that's an interesting talking point. hallie jackson, thanks for that. hoping to move past ted cruz in the fight for the republican nomination, trump going after hillary clinton in that victory speech last night. >> if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the woman's card. >> and trump continuing along those lines this morning here on msnbc in that "morning joe" interview calling clinton, quote, a shouter and saying he would pick up a few pointers from her opponent, bernie sanders. watch. >> donald, last night hillary clinton spoke about you during her victory speech, and it was specifically about gender. take a look. >> the other day mr. trump accused me of playing the, quote, woman card. well, if fighting for women's
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health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in! >> it seems that would be the one area where perhaps you -- i don't know -- you say you have plans for hillary, but i would say she's incredibly strong on those issues. >> well, i haven't quite recovered, it's early in the morning, from her shouting that message. i know a lot of people would say you can't say that about a woman because of course a woman doesn't shout. but the way she shouted that message was not -- ew, that's the way she said it and i guess i'll have to get used to a lot of that over the next four or five months. >> what about issues pertaining to women that she discussed, including equal pay and the right to choose. >> we're going to do very well. we're going to do very well with hillary and with women as soon as we start our process against her. we're going to do very well. i don't even know if it's going to be hillary. we're all waiting to find out
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what happens with the e-mail scandal. i don't know, what's going on with the e-mail scandal. it's taking longer and longer. she's guilty. everybody knows she's guilty. but they don't want to go after her. it's going to be an interesting thing, but she's got a problem because people that did far less are sitting in jail cells. >> you said hillary was shouting her message. bernie sanders shouts his message too, right? >> well, bernie sanders has a message that's interesting. i'm going to be taking a lot of the things that bernie said and using them. i can re-read some of his speeches and get some very good material. he said in many ways she shouldn't be there. he said some things about her that are actually surprising, you know. that essentially she has no right to even be running and that she's got bad judgment. when he said bad judgment, i said, sound bite. bernie has been very effective, been treated very bad lly by th
6:16 am
democrats and by the democratic party. frankly, he should run as an independent, i think. >> let me bring in now pennsylvania congressman tom merino, a supporter of donald trump. big night for the campaign you're supporting in your state last night, congratulations to you on that. let me start with this, that speech donald trump made last night, i think it surprised a lot of people, it certainly surprised me when he went after hillary clinton the way he went after her last night on gender, basically saying if she weren't a woman, she'd be down at 5% in the polls. are you comfortable if donald trump is the republican nominee going against hillary clinton, are you comfortable with him saying that? >> donald trump has been defying the odds from day one from what he's saying and i'm not going to tell donald trump what to say or what not to say. although i can say this. hillary clinton has so much baggage that the luggage industry is going to name a line of suitcases after her, so we'll deal with that later on.
6:17 am
my main goal now is getting donald trump to be the republican nominee and we are well on our way to that, taking nothing for granted, just moving ten yards at a time. >> but do you think there has to be -- i mean he's spent -- he's done a great job with this, we'll give him credit. he's done a great job appealing to the republican electorate, finding a way to put himself in position to win this nomination. but it is a different challenge, isn't it, trying to win a general election? doesn't he have to sound a little different, change the tone a little bit to appeal to a different audience? >> there's always a game change when you move into a general election, steve. but thank goodness for good, credible reporters like you. you're getting the message out there to the american people. look, in my state donald trump won almost 900,000 votes, double of what governor romney did. he does very well with the women in my state. i do very well and sure, women should absolutely have equal rights. when i was a prosecutor, i had women on my staff who were
6:18 am
heading divisions. so we'll continue to build that relationship with women. they are a critical, major part of determining who's going to be the president. >> we just heard from haley hal jackson who said they were picking up some chatter that maybe one way they would downplay the results is say, look, these are big wins for donald trump, but these are big wins in blue states. these are going to be hillary states in the fall. these are not the states that should be worrying republicans right now. >> well, i'm standing in the rotunda and there's a statue of will rogers behind me. i real in reality, not fantasy issues. in my state alone, almost 80,000 democrats switched over to republican to support donald trump. and again across my state, not only in my state, independents, unions are coming out to support donald trump. women, and this is a revolution that has changed the face of how politics run. people are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the establishment and the political
6:19 am
bosses, and those days are over. and i can say this, i've told it to you before, that if i see any move on the part of the national or here in washington or the state trying to steal this election away from the american people, i'm going to be the first guy out there letting the public know who these people are and what they stand for. and as far as the delegates are concerned, i have two of the three delegates in my district who have -- there's been a group out there who took my delegates, who support trump, and put them on a list that said they support cruz. fortunately, my delegates won my a very wide margin and donald trump took all 67 counties in the state of pennsylvania. >> let me just ask you this in terms of your congressional colleagues. donald trump has not received too many endorsements, i think the number is nine from members of congress. just based on what happened last night and what's been happening in the last few days, have you had conversations privately with fellow republican members down there who are thinking of
6:20 am
saying, all right, it's time for me to come out and say i'm a trump supporter? are you having those kinds of conversations right now? did that pick up last night? >> it surely did. over the next week you're going to see these individuals coming out. many of these people do support trump for one reason or other. they haven't decided to come out publicly, but we're going to see that change not only in the state of pennsylvania but across all of congress. >> all right, tom marino, supporter of donald trump, thanks for the time. >> you're welcome. coming up, it was also a huge night for hillary clinton. big enough to make her the presumptive nominee. we'll show you the math and then look ahead to indiana. ted cruz has been in that state for days now. this could be his last stand. >> we're here on the hickory basketball court. amazing thing is that basketball rim here in indiana is the same highlight as it is in new york city and every other place in this country. >> cruz is talking about
6:21 am
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with your help, we're going to come back to philadelphia for the democratic national convention. whether you support senator sanders or you support me, there's much more that unites us than divides us. >> that's a triumphant hillary clinton last night making the case for party unity after she beat bernie sanders in four of the five primaries. sanders, though, he's still vowing to fight this thing all the way to the convention. clinton, to remind you, she scored decisive victories in
6:25 am
pennsylvania, in delaware, in maryland, connecticut. sanders did take rhode island last night. a lot of chatter that what this means is that clinton is now the presumptive nominee. is she? well, the short answer is i think it's safe to call her that. let's take a look at the numbers and tell you why. coming into last night, the gap that bernie sanders faced with pledged delegates, these are the delegates you can actually win in primaries and caucuses was about 240. his campaign rests on erasing that deficit during the primary season. he was already running out of options coming into last night. let's look at what happened last night. the good news for bernie sanders, look at this, he got the win in rhode island. the bad news, as soon as hillary clinton won delaware, it wiped out rhode island in terms of gaining any delegates. connecticut, it was close, that's going to basically be a push when it comes to splitting up those delegates. clinton might win one or maybe two or three more delegates than sanders there. not a big difference either way. the big differences you do see, maryland, landslide clinton win.
6:26 am
she's probably going to gain a net of about 30 pledged delegates out of there. pennsylvania, solid clinton win. she's probably going to net about 20 out of there. you take a look at this, rhode island cancels out delaware, connecticut is a push. there's your two gains. about 50, about a 50 net delegate gain for hillary clinton. she comes into the night up 240. she exits the night with a bigger lead. she's added to the lead. it's close to 300 after last night. these are all the states that are still to come. and yes, you can point to some states on here that bernie sanders could still win. but to erase a gap of 290 delegates in these states, take california as an example, even if bernie sanders won there, even if he won 52-48, 53-47, he's making up a dozen, maybe two dozen delegates. he needs basically 300 at this point. this is the dirty secret of delegate math on the democratic side. it's not whether you win the state so much as it is do you
6:27 am
win the state by a landslide. it's landslides when you have a proportional system like this, it's landslides where you rack up the delegates and that was the difference last night for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. he won one, she won four but she won two landslides. that's where she gets the gains in the delegates and that's why you can say she is well, well on her way this morning to the democratic nomination. now, despite that bleak outlook for sanders, he still is refusing to go anywhere. this was his statement last night, a little defiant. he said we are in this race until the last vote is cast. that is why this campaign is going to the democratic national convention in philadelphia with as many delegates as possible to fight for a progressive party platform. well, let's go to philadelphia, the city brotherly love. kristen welker is following the clinton campaign. she joins us from there now. kristen, that statement we just read is key. it's defiant in a way, but also he says now we're trying to win as many delegates as possible. that is different than saying we're going to win this
6:28 am
nomination. a lot of people looked at that statement last night and said bernie sanders is finally bowing to reality. is that how the clinton campaign is reading it? >> reporter: that is how they're reading it and it's a marked shift in tone, you're absolutely right about that, steve. he talks about fighting for the party platform. he still wants to clearly have a big influence over that. the question today, will he match that statement in his remarks that he makes when he has a rally, and that's what we're going to be listening very closely for. of course the clinton campaign for quite some time has been urging him to scale back some of those personal, sharp attacks that he's been waging against her. is he going to do that today? that's a big question mark. he certainly indicated that that's the direction he's going in in that statement that you just read. and what we heard from secretary clinton last night, steve, was effectively a general election speech. she more robustly called for party unity, mapped out all of the ways that she and senator sanders are on the same page. called for party unity for democrats. she also aggressively took on
6:29 am
donald trump. this is something she has been doing in recent days and recent weeks. it is clear she's going to only ramp that up. interestingly after secretary clinton spoke, of course we had those comments from donald trump in which he said if hillary clinton were a man she couldn't get 5% of the vote and that she's been running on the woman's card. guess what, secretary clinton has already been firing back on that woman's card remark from donald trump. take a listen to what she had to say last night in philadelphia. >> mr. trump accused me of playing the, quote, woman card. well, if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in! >> reporter: the clinton campaign has long been telling me, steve, that they are going to use each and every one of these comments that could be seen as offensive to women by
6:30 am
donald trump against him, and those comments last night are no different. one clinton official telling me they plan to fund raise off of those comments today. they're going to aggressively push back on that statement that he made. and if you look at the matchup between secretary clinton and donald trump, she outpaces him by more than 20 points among women and is unfavs are above 50%, so he's got a real problem there. the clinton campaign knows it and they're planning to exploit it as they prepare for this general election matchup or at least what looks like it's going to be a general election matchup. secretary clinton will be off the trail today, but her campaign preparing to respond to donald trump's foreign policy speech. again, i anticipate we'll hear a whole lot more about those controversial comments he made regarding women. steve. >> all right, kristen welker on the clinton beat in philadelphia. thank you for that, kristen. we'll squeeze a quick break in. when we come back, i said at the top of the show that donald trump's path to a first ballot nomination opened up wide last night. we are going to show you just
6:31 am
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treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. but this is diverse. you go rhode island, then you go maryland, then you go connecticut, you go pennsylvania. i mean the whole thing, delaware, and every one of them was conclusive and every state is so different. >> all right. donald trump now after those big wins last night. he is trying to get to 1,237, trying to get to that first ballot majority. our most important number of the day is 10. 10 is our most important number. and why? ten, that's the number of states that are left to go. donald trump now has ten states to collect enough delegates to push him over that finish line to get the first ballot nomination, to avoid the
6:35 am
contested convention. the good news for donald trump, we've been saying this all show, the path to doing that opened up wide last night. when you take those big wins in those states and then you add in that it looks like he's going to get a bunch of those unbound delegates from pennsylvania, a bunch of trump supporters got in there, a bunch of people pledging they would honor how their district voted, all the districts voted for trump, it looks like donald trump will come out of last night with roughly 990. when you add those altogether. what would that mean? that would mean he's got to come up with 247 in these romai rema ten states to get there. if you look at these ten states, it is very doable. indiana, just winning that state, even if you win by a single vote, even a narrow win, trump would take probably 48 of those, maybe more. in a big win, he could take all of those. west virginia, this is a state that sets up very well for trump. if you look at the kinds of places he's been winning, he could take the lion's share of those delegates. new jersey, this looks great for
6:36 am
trump. better news for trump, it's winner take all. win it by a single vote, get all 51 delegates. we head out west, new mexico, they give them out proportionally there. he'll get a chunk of those. he'll get a chunk in oregon, he'll get a chunk in washington. here's a wild card. here's something to think about after last night, though. these three states right here are winner take all primary states. we have been looking at them for a month or two and saying ted cruz has been doing well in this area of the country roughly speaking. these will probably be cruz states. i think when you see the margins that donald trump racked up last night, you have to call that assumption into question. are these really ted cruz states or can donald trump be competitive in these? particularly, you look at montana, you look at the kinds of demographics in that state. that could be a better match for donald trump than we think. if he picks up 27 there, that really changes the math. then of course it all ends up in california. but here's the thing, we've been talking about how important california is. trump will probably need that to get over the number.
6:37 am
he will definitely need delegates out of california to get over the number. but if he's hitting big numbers in all these other states, he's not going to need the gigantic number out of california that we thought he was going to need before. that's what having the kind of not donald trump had last night, that's what it can do for you. the math opens up for him. that's the situation for donald trump. 1,237 has never looked better as it does right now. when we come back, we'll talk to a republican luminary, cnbc's larry kudlow is standing by. what does he think about where the race stands right now? we'll talk to him right after this. its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain.
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you can fly across welcome town in minutes16, or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪ a live shot there in indianapolis. that's right outside of a restaurant in that city. ted cruz expected there any minute now. we'll be talking to the press about where his campaign goes from here, we will bring that to you live when ted cruz makes that appearance, keeping an eye on it right now. meanwhile, cruz not calling indiana must-win.
6:41 am
he will not use those words, even though everybody else is right now. that's certainly the consensus, is that ted cruz and the entire stop trump movement now absolutely must beat donald trump next tuesday in indiana if they're going to have any chance now. members of the stop trump movement were in spin mode after last night's results. here's an e-mail from the never trump movement. they said that indiana offers, quote, a real opportunity to deny trump delegates and change the narrative of the race. they said signs of cooperation between kasich and cruz and more challenging terrain for trump as reasons for optimism. where does this republican race stand right now? no one better to turn to than larry kudlow. larry, donald trump calls himself the presumptive nominee. is he being presumptuous? >> i think he earned it. last night was huge as you described in your excellent report coming off new york. just as a representative number, three weeks ago when trump lost wisconsin to cruz, in
6:42 am
pennsylvania, which i call a real state, he was in the 30s. last night he had nearly 60% in the republican primary. >> trump won the last three weeks, he gained ground. >> massive increases. >> what happened? what do you chalk that up to? >> a couple of things. number one, i think cruz and kasich are running terrible, terrible campaigns. in particular, senator cruz defending the delegate process, which is indefensible in the republican party, looks like a pillar of the establishment and trump painted him that way. trump, on the other hand, killed it, crushed it, kept arguing it was corrupt and would say, oh, by the way, that's just like those guys hurt you on trade, hurt you on immigration, hurt you on jobs. he put cruz in a big corner. cruz has not yet been able to climb out of that. >> he made ted cruz the establishment guy. >> absolutely. really very clever piece of politics, to tell you the truth. and then of course this cruz-kasich deal really did a lot of harm to both of those guys.
6:43 am
but here's the thing. cruz is completely off message. what is he telling you? what is he saying? it's all this little tactical stuff. trump on message, growth, jobs, trade, border security, i'm going to crush iran. that's good, he's back on message and today he's got a foreign policy speech. i think which will put him on firmer message footing. >> you are well connected in the republican world. what are the conversations like that are taking place right now? because i got the sense that maybe a month ago it was, you know, open convention. >> yeah. >> there's going to be stop trump. are the conversations changing behinds the scenes right now? >> yeah, they are. there's a shift going on but what i'll call regular republicans, you can call it establishment republicans, are now coming to trump, okay. they're dealing with trump. they realize the handwriting is on the wall. they're moving in his direction slowly, but i think it's going to gathea lot of steam. having said that, having said that, when you look at the exit polls last night, donald trump has issued. he's got issues.
6:44 am
for example, excited, excited, happy that trump will be the nominee, 61. concerned, scared that he'll be the nominee, still 37% of republicans. >> and these are in states where he's killing it. >> this is pennsylvania i'm using because it's like a real state. 22% of republican voters in the exit poll said they will not vote for donald trump. so trump is working his way into the republican party, but he has more work to do. >> what's the most important thing he can do to unify the republican party, to get those who say they won't vote for him now on board? >> i think he has to do several things. mostly, i think, his message and his countenance and vis aage ar very important. he has to say i am serious, i am winning, i do know about these issues. i'm now going to give you serious policy speeches and my organization is improving. i think there's a lot behind that. they're fanning out to talk to a lot of these delegates. that's what he's got to do. he's got to reassure, but he's
6:45 am
got to prove. he's got to bone up on the issues. i can be president, not just as a media star, which he is and he's done that brilliantly, but i can be president on the issues. by the way, he matches up really well on the issues. i mean the gop exit voters, they want tax cuts and deregulation for the economy. they don't like trade taking their jobs, they want border security. that's trump's bread and butter. i may not agree with everything he always says. the fact of the matter is he's winning the party's minds and hearts over those issues as long as he stays on message. >> well, that's the question. by the way, as we look at that ted cruz bus pulling up outside that restaurant in indianapolis, when he gets gets off, if he speaks to the press, we'll bring that to you. you say as long as he stays on message. in that speech when he turned and started talking about hillary clinton, what he calls the woman card, saying if she weren't a woman, she'd be at 5%. is he hurting himself with that? >> don't know if i would have put it that way. don't know if i would have put it that way.
6:46 am
however, later in the speech i think he hit it. women are worried about economy and jobs. women are worried about national security and terrorism. i think trump is very strong on both issues. i think he has an advantage over mrs. clinton on both issues. she's a taxer, she's a regulator. in her speech last night i was curious, she said we're going to create more opportunity with less inequality. that sounds like a high tax the rich, anti-growth message. she's got to do better than that. her husband was much better on that. so when trump talks to women as though they're people, economy, checkbook, finances, kitchen table and terrorism, he'll do better. if he starts slapping her down on women, i just think that's the wrong approach myself. >> can he help himself, though? that's the question i think a lot of republicans who i've talked to who i put them in the camp of they weren't for trump at first but they would like to get behind him at this point, that's the concern that comes back over and over again.
6:47 am
ultimately this guy standing on the stage with hillary clinton in the fall, can he help himself in moments like that. >> oh, i believe he can. i'm not an intimate of his. actually i've not endorsed him, although i do like his tax plan. look, he's a very smart guy, a very clever guy and pretty good politician, judging from what he's done in the last few weeks. however, he's got serious hard work to do. a lot of these republicans are using a show-me attitude. and they are leaning to him this morning. far more than they were just a few three, four weeks ago. but donald has to keep up. he's got to have discipline. discipline is very important in a politician. i worked for a guy named ronald reagan. he won massive races and the election with three or four key bullets, on the economy, on inflation, on beating communism. and he was so disciplined as a message guy. donald trump needs discipline. >> while we keep an eye, thank you for bearing with us, larry, keeping an eye on this ted cruz bus. not sure what's going on in the
6:48 am
bus but when they get out and talk to the press, we'll take that to you. but let's keep talking about this republican race. here's the other question right now and this is interesting because ted cruz has been teasing this idea of maybe naming a vp right now, naming a running mate right now. i'm not sure who would say yes to cruz at this point in the campaign. but in terms of trump, in terms of a vp, who do you think he could look to? who would say yes to donald trump? >> i really hate the speculation, i was afraid you were going to ask. >> we ask this about every presumptive nominee. >> if he gets way ahead of himself, which he's not. cruz is just way ahead of himself, makes him look worse. he's just -- you're right about indiana. i think that's going to be the key. i happen to think trump is going to win that going away. at that point, as he said last night, he's going to set up a committee to start vetting certain candidates. will john kasich be on that list? probably. chris christie could be on that list. for all i know ted cruz could be
6:49 am
on the that list. you think that's unlikely, but jfk didn't love lbj many, many, many years ago when we were kids. actually you weren't born, i was a kid. >> i've heard the stories. >> cruz -- look, here's the thing that i'm not sure i get. senator ted cruz is a very smart man. a brilliant man in many respects. he has a strong economic platform. he's not using it. he's not showing us his driving force. trump swept all the conservatives last night. the very conservatives, the moderate conservatives. that shows you how badly cruz is losing. ted cruz needs desperately not to worry about vice presidents, not to worry about faux alliances with john kasich, but to get back on his message and to rally the conservative wings of the republican party and try to make a go of it in the last couple weeks here. he's really faltered on that. he's a smart guy and he's just really faltered. >> and part of it too, when you look at what the cruz game plan
6:50 am
was at the very beginning of this campaign, where they thought they would do well, the south, for instance. the s.e.c. would be the ted cruz primary. when you look back to the start of this campaign and see where we are now, everybody looked at this, whether republicans, analysts, whatever, everybody looking at the republican party a year ago, what were we missing? >> there's no question that the party regulars and the establishment people missed the revolt. the revolt of the masses, the revolt of the middle class. >> what are they revolting against? >> they haven't had a wage increase by some measures since the year 2000. business investment hasn't increased since the year 2000. they are furious. they also don't trust the establishment on the war. they think we've been wussie with respect to isis. some of that is obama problem, some of that is just a generic problem, some of that is a george w. bush problem. there's a revolt going on and there's a lot of anger, by the way continues to show up in the exit polls.
6:51 am
the gop leadership completely missed it. all the governors who ran, some terrific people like scott walker, for example, rick perry, they missed it. they just missed it. trump saw it. and that's a pretty good political instinct, somebody can see that. he was way ahead on that and they have never caught up. >> by the way, interrupt you, larry, but he's ted cruz talking to the press. let's take a listen. >> so i'm wondering, did you guys draw straws? how did you beat everyone out? john is looking a little tired here. >> senator, what did you do last night and early this morning? what's the big announcement today? >> good morning. it is great to be with you. last night was donald trump's night. and today is indiana's day. indiana now has the chance to speak not only for hoosiers across the state but for people across this country that value midwestern common sense, that value good judgment.
6:52 am
indiana has an opportunity to make a decision that is going to impact the republican party, it's going to impact the country. it's a decision of which path we should go down. do we want to go down the path of a campaign that is based on yelling and screaming and cursing and insults, or do we want to unify behind a campaign that is a positive, optimistic, forward-looking, conservative campaign based on real policy solutions to the challenges facing this country. i am thrilled, heidi and i together are thrilled that the people of indiana will be making that choice. and we are barnstorming this state, traveling across the state and seeing tremendous support from the people on the ground. now, as you mentioned, john, we have an event this afternoon, 4:00 p.m. at the pavilion at pan am. we'll be making a major announcement at 4:00 p.m., so i encourage folks, come join us at 4:00 p.m. hope to see all of y'all there. it will be inside, you won't need your jackets.
6:53 am
>> is this an endorsement? >> is she joining you on the stage? >> have you made your decision on a vice president? >> if we were making an announcement at 4:00 p.m., it wouldn't make sense to announce it at 10:00 a.m. so the entire thing is you should come and find out. >> you made the argument for weeks -- >> what are the attributes that you would be looking for? >> i have said from the beginning the most important attribute for any running mate is that he or she should be prepared to step in and fulfill the role as president. the commander in chief, keep this country safe. and champion jobs, freedom and security. my number one priority as president is jobs, freedom and security. i think those are the priorities of the people of indiana and the priorities of this country. we've got real problems in this country. you look at jobs, the people of indiana are hurting. carrier has moved hundreds of jobs to mexico.
6:54 am
wages have been stagnating. there have been two incredible governors, mitch daniel, mike pence, that have reduced taxes, that have reduced regulations and that has helped the job situation here in indiana. but indiana struggles with the 800-pound weight of the federal government still holding down job growth. my top priority as president is jobs and economic growth. reducing the burdens of the federal government on small businesses, cutting taxes, and allowing small businesses to thrive, bringing manufacturing jobs back to the state of indiana, raising wages for working men and women. that's my priority and i think the priority of the men and women of the state. >> donald trump cannot win over a majority of conservatives. you have said that again and again. that he has a ceiling of the last night he did break through that ceiling and did win a majority in states other than his home state so how do you argue against him now? how do you say that he can't bring republicans together? >> hallie, i recognize that the new york media executives.
6:55 am
>> that's not the question. >> you get to ask it, i get to answer it. i recognize that the new york media executives and the washington lobbyists running donald trump's campaign both want the campaign to be over. they're desperate for it to be over because they recognize that this campaign has now moved onto much more favorable territory. >> i didn't suggest the race was over. >> hallie, i'm not going to debate you. i'll answer your question but i'm not going to debate you. i recognize that donald trump did well at home. that's fine. the choice for this country is which road do we go down. as i laid out last night, donald trump and hillary clinton are flip sides of the same coin. hillary has made millions of dollars selling power and influence in washington. donald trump has made billions buying politicians like hillary clinton. and on issue after issue after issue, donald trump and hillary clinton are indistinguishable. on jobs, hillary clinton and
6:56 am
donald trump both support raising taxes. donald said just last week on the "today" show that he supported raising taxes. i disagree with donald trump and hillary clinton. as president, i'm going to cut your taxes. donald trump and hillary clinton both support the individual mandate in obamacare. obamacare is the biggest job killer in this country. i disagree with donald trump and hillary clinton. as president, i'm going to repeal every word of obamacare. and you know today donald has planned a big foreign policy speech. it will be interesting to see what donald says in his foreign policy speech, whether he highlights the fact that donald and hillary both agree that america should be neutral between israel and the palestinians. i disagree with that position. as president, i will not be neutral, america will stand unapologetically with israel. donald trump and hillary clinton also both agree that the iranian nuclear deal should stay in place. that is a profoundly dangerous
6:57 am
left-wing position of donald trump. as i understand it, donald believes the deal should be in place, but he's going to negotiate it to make it better. i don't know, maybe he'll make it great. anyone who thinks that, does not understand the nature of the ayatollah khamenei. as president, i will rip to shreds this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal. and i would note his campaign is run now by a washington lobbyist who was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to lobby for saudi arabia against israel and against moving the american embassy to jerusalem. as president on the very first day in office, i will begin the process of moving the american embassy in israel to jerusalem. >> last question. >> last night the uproar over that statement, that comment you made. >> well, listen, it was wonderful to be in the hickory
6:58 am
gym. "hoosiers" is one of my favorite movies of all time. i have no doubt that my high school basketball coach was horrified that i stumbled in speaking and called the rim the ring. sometimes when you're speaking and you guys have cameras in your face, you say things, you stumble over words. i know nobody in the media has ever stumbled over a word, you've never said anything on air that was the wrong word at the wrong time. i'll tell you, in high school when i played basketball in high school, when we did something wrong, the coach would have us run laps and laps and laps until we fell over. i think my campaign team after i messed up the reference to "hoosiers," i think they wanted to have me run lap, but thankfully the coach wasn't there to enforce that. let me say the purpose of that reference right there when i asked bruce to climb up and measure the height of the rim, as gene hackman so power fully said, i think you'll find those are the exact same measurements. now, of course they do that in
6:59 am
the big city gym to show the big city gym is the exact same size as the gym there in hickory. but the point of that observation is that the power brokers in washington want this race to be over and the media over and over again is repeating donald trump's spin that the race is over. washington and new york want this general election to be between two rich liberal new yorkers who agree on virtually every issue. indeed, that's not surprising given that donald trump contributed repeatedly to hillary clinton, to her presidential campaign. it is not surprising that washington and new york want both of the candidates, the supposed republican and the democrat, to be supporters of hillary clinton's presidential campaign. that's called heads i win, tails you lose. but the point i made is you will
7:00 am
note that basketball rim is the exact same distance, ten feet, and here in indiana, the people of indiana have good sense. the people of indiana have good judgment. the people of indiana i don't believe are simply going to say manhattan has spoken. therefore, we must get behind a new york liberal. i don't believe the people of indiana want to do that. and i think anyone who wants to be elected president owes it to the voters to do what i'm doing here. heidi and i, we are barnstorming the state. we are on a bus tour traveling throughout the state to look voters in the eyes, to answer their questions, to show the humility to subject yourself to the scrutiny of hoosiers. donald trump doesn't like to do that. donald trump likes to parachute in like mick jagger, show up at a football stadium, give some performance and then


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