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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 27, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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hi. i'm kate snow. imagine yourself the top dog in the stop trump movement. you're in an expensive suit in a corner office on k-street. the headlines you're facing today, trump swept all five sta states, won every county and every congressional district yesterday, his smallest margin of victory was 30 points. he has now surpassed 10 million votes this election. what do you do? to answer that, remember that bullet list trump needed to do to clench the nomination, his 109 delegate haul yesterday was well beyond the goal of 90 to 95. msnbc is doing research into those unbound delegates from pennsylvania to see what's up with them and looks like he will win more than two-thirds support
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there. the stop trump campaign left with more than one item trying to beat donald trump in indiana. >> the amazing thing is that basketball ring, here in indiana, it's the same height as new york city and every other place in this country. in high school, when i played basketball in high school, when we did something wrong the coach would have us run laps and laps and laps until we fell over. i think my campaign after i messed up the reference to hoosier, i think they wanted to have me run laps. >> what we are saying is that ted cruz meantime is going to be making a major announcement this afternoon. nbc news has confirmed he will name carly fiorina, a vice-presidential running mate. our nbc producer captured video of her entering the building a short time ago and that after this whoops moment last night
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when cruz flubbed a basketball met for in "the hoosier" state where that sport is everything. >> that was the sound that we already just heard. i apologize, we're having technical difficulties here. we will dig into that cruz announcement in just a moment. hallie jackson is with us and we have a lot of other political headlines, our team of reporters covering trump's foreign policy speech for us, kelly o'donnell previewing the republican front-runner speech scheduled for this evening. let's start with hallie jackson. i apologize, i'm holding a microphone in my hand now because we lost my mike. ted cruz is trying to make a big mark today, at least look like he's got presidential ambitions, he's naming a vice president. >> reporter: he's trying to get everybody to talk about something other than donald trump decisive victory in the
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northeastern states, not just winning but winning big and coming out with this announcement he will be talking about carly fiorina on his ticket if he gets the nomination. this is something cruz has been trying to drum up intrigue all day today. he came out about 9:30 this morning and announced that announcement and refused to say what that would be because he wanted folks to show up and see for themselves. this is a line of people waiting to get into the event set to start at the top of the hour, 4:00 p.m. in indianapolis. if we talk about fiorina, i know you were with her and covered the campaign in the fall before she went on a hot streak before she dropped out. look at her favorability ratings. back in january, 45% of republican voters told our pollsters they could see theirselves supporting her for president and 44% said they could not. you look at her rating with
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women, this was in october, 54% indicated they viewed her favor bri. that is where she could be an asset for ted cruz. where could she be a weakness? possibly what dogged her on her own primary race, her business record laying off a number of employees at hewlett-packard, something her rivals came at her again and again and expect donald trump to do the same thing. already, he is previewing and foreshadowing attacks on cruz and fiorina. he said he believed cruz naming her to his kick would be a dump move because he said she didn't prove she could win and winning is a key part of donald trump's campaign messages moving forward. a lot to talk about for cruz, but the key thing to remember, this is his opportunity, he h e hopes to change the conversation heading into what may be the most critical six days of his campaign so far.
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he has to do well in indiana. if he does not, if the stop trump movement does not, it will be very very difficult to keep donald trump from locking up that nomination. on the flip side, if he does well in indiana he can move to california and have a shot at slowing trump down with fiorina's help. the two of them will be heading to the convention to lock up delegates together in case this goes to a contested convention in cleveland. >> if we didn't say so already, we have to ask everybody to stick around until the top of the hour when that announcement will come. can i ask you that basketball clip we botched it at the top of the show, the clip of him saying a ring? >> reporter: a basketball ring, which is not the phrase you want to use. >> even i know that. >> reporter: at hoosier's gym last night. it's a hoop. you saw cruz have his body man measure the rim, the hoop, here i am saying it myself.
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cruz was asked about it. he laughs it off. he said his basketball coach from his high school younger days would have been very mad at him and made him run laps. his campaign staff wanted him to run it off. he laughs it off, a slip of the tongue, one of those things you misspeak. he knows it's a hoop and feels badly for misquoting one of his favorite movies, which is "hoosiers." >> and now to hawhere trump delivered the foreign policy speech and it was clearly written out. de dare we say presidential? >> reporter: somewhat presidential. he needs work reading that teleprompter. donald trump does best when he's speaking to a crowd and feeding off their energy and speaking off-the-cuff. this was a departure for him. it was a written down speech.
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we're told donald trump rewrote the speech and not sure who wrote this first draft. he read from a teleprompter, another example of what senior aides tell me the candidate evolving for a general election. they told me last night if they won big and they did, they won very big and if they win in indiana they will be running a general election campaign reg d regardless whether ted cruz or john kasich are still in this race. as for this speech it's getting mixed reviews, as you would imagine. nobody coming out and really hating it except for people like lindsey graham who have been in a well-known and ongoing fight with donald trump. he said it made no sense. i think the gist if you like donald trump you thought this speech was good and if you don't like donald trump you did not think this speech was good. that being said, senator bob corker of the senate relation committee plauded it and said it
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was a very good foreign policy speech and laid out his vision for american engagement in the world. i spoke to a source at the rnc, said this was a step in the right direction when it came to smoothing things over with the establish, it sounded more moderate, down the middle more what they were expecting from a presidential candidate. they brief this is an example how or hoping at least, this is an example how donald trump will conduct himself come the general election. that being said, you watched his speech like i did, kate last night, and that was anything but presidential. >> katy tur in washington, d.c. washington, d.c., joining us to break down the speech a little bit more. andy, staff of the "washington journal" and our very own from new yofrom -- let's talk about the speech and problems he talked about outlining the problems that he sees with u.s. foreign policy.
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he said our foreign policy is a complete and total disaster, i'm quoting, no purpose, no direction, no strategy. he talked about what he said were the biggest problems. let's play that sound. >> first, our resources are totally overextended. secondly, our allies are not y paying their fair share. thi thirdly, our friends are beginning to think they can't depend on us. fourth, our rivals no longer respect us. finally, america no longer has a clear understanding of our foreign policy goals. >> andy, you've done a lot of reporting about trump. are those points consistent with what he's always felt about foreign policy? >> there are watered down sof n softened almost moderated version what he has said about foreign policy and his diagnosis if you will have foreign policy in the last eight years in this country.
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what you didn't hear in the speech today were any details or proposals or thoughts about what he would do to address those points. he sort of brought out the same citizens, mostly vague he has for the duration of this campaign so far. >> you heard the part where he talked about isis and what he calls radical islam. the u.s. needs a long term plan to halt it. let's play the bite about isis in particular and then i want to ask you about it. >> and then there's isis. i have a simple message for them. their days are numbered. i won't tell them where and i won't tell them how. we must -- [ applause ] >> we must, as a nation, be more unpredictab unpredictable, we are totally predictable. we tell them everything. we're sending troops we tell them. we're sending something else, we have a news conference.
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we have to be unpredictable and we have to be unpredictable starting now. >> unpredictable means she's not giving us a cloue how he will fight isis. how's this being received overseas. >> more welcome than expected is the part donald trump was saying as a result of the void created in the middle east, isis was able to rise. that is something that will be echoed by leaders in some parts of the arab world who have been a little critical of the u.s. policy saying because of the void in some arab spring countries and collapse in institutions and misadventures like the iraq war the rise of isis was made possible. there will be acceptance of that but not in particular how the trump administration will take on isis, i don't think that will be received very well. there's limited resources the u.s. can deploy if it won't commit its troops or boots on
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the ground. woe have seen the u.s. with special operations with drones and the air force in coalition of muslim force something donald trump has called them to play a larger role on. with those already in this u.s.'s toolbox already have been deployed or used it is hard to imagine what is left behinds boots on the ground. >> andy, right after the speech, richard engel made this point, buy it or not he laid out a vision, trump did, about his policy. talked about new voices to the table and tonly the u.s. militay can fix it. and if we're looking at a general election between clinton and trump, it seems like they're very different in terms of their views of foreign policy. fair? >> they are. especially a matter of experience and record. hillary clinton, agree with her or not, she is a hawk without a
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doubt, you know -- and the people in the pentagon, in this state department and our intelligence agencies know what they're going to get if there is a hillary clinton president and clinton administration. with trump, it is so up in the air and uncertain. in my reporting talking with folks in these agencies, current and former members of the military, it's that uncertainty that has people so unnerved, has them so concerned when they see what donald trump is saying and when they dare to contemplate a trump administration. >> thanks for being with us. appreciate it. all eyes are on indiana where voters head to the polls tuesday. donald trump holding his first rally in naps where kelly o'donnell is standing by. cruz trying to stop trump and how is he trying to win over those hoosiers? >> reporter: one big way is
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bring the crowds out. there have been people lining up three hours to go before the rally. this line snaked all around the fairgrounds in indiana, just about 30 seconds ago they started to line up in the ticket windows to sart of get themselves in the chute for all the security that comes. we have seen big big crowds and this is a big time commitment for anybody coming to one of these events because of all the security and needing to be here early. the bigger picture part of what they're going to see is one of indiana's favorite figures, someone donald trump hinted he wanted to try to get on his team when i was covering one of his events on rooild, kihode island have basketball coach bobby knight. he will be here tonight. we think of political endorsement and trump unconventional in many ways, he is bringing out one of the most
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famous indiana figures and that is something that may play very well with this crowd. basketball and indiana, you know the lure and the importance that it has. in terms of what to do. obviously ted cruz is making a big play trying to break big big news today right after trump has won five big contests and when he is coming to this sort of arena, you get a feel for how many people are here. trump will go back to his message to get people excited about his candidacy. what happened in washington today with a formal foreign policy speech not really intended for these folks but much more in terms of clearing a hurdle for donald trump with the party establish, with those who are observers on foreign policy, experts in that area, to test him on that. here, expect him to go back to more of the rally style donald trump, no teleprompter, no formal remarks, more of the red meat, what we expect in a couple
12:16 pm
hours. >> basketball is becoming a theme of this show today, i will mention that. thanks so much. you'll see why. up next, bernie sanders uphill battle for the nomination. we keep saying it keeps getting steeper and steeper but you wouldn't know it from the interview he just did with chris jansing, his first since last night and first time since pl playing basketball with chris jansing. right back. >> if i am not the nominee we will fight for every last vote and hope to become the nominee. now you just book a seat, right? not quite. sometimes those seats are out of reach, costing an outrageous number of miles. it's time to switch... to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline and use your miles to cover the cost. now that's more like it. what's in your wallet? ♪
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bernie sanders has a message that's interesting. i will be taking some of the things he said and review some of his speeches and get some very good material.
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he said in many ways she shouldn't be there and said some things about her that are actually surprising, essentially she shouldn't even be running and she has bad judgment. when he said bad judgment, i said, sound bite! >> that was donald trump talking to mika and joe this morning. they had a chance to catch up with him by phone on "morning joe." he was saying he will use some of bernie sanders attacks on hillary clinton. it was not a great night for bernie sanders. he took rhode island, while clinton won big in pennsylvania, maryland, delaware and connecticut. clinton building on her delegate lead. you can see it here. those numbers mean she is on track to clench the nomination, maybe as soon as may 17th, maybe as late as june 7th, after california votes. either way, the math does not look good for bernie sanders. he would need 80% of remaining delegates in order for him to win the nomination. nbc's chris jansing just had a chance to talk with bernie sanders for the first time since
12:21 pm
last night's losses. we will get to your basketball skills in a moment swell. tell me first what he's saying today about the road forward. >> reporter: a lot of people thought on the democratic side he might back off on his attacks on hillary clinton or if he was seriously thinking about getting out of the race or as one headline suggested yesterday, he was reassessing. none of that today at purdue, a big crowd, thousands of students. he went after her and had choice words for donald trump. he's obviously no fan. he had a reaction for me to what trump had to say about the fact he will use stuff from bernie sanders's speeches against hillary clinton. here's bernie sanders reaction to that. >> the republican party will have dozens of oppositional researchers. they don't need my speeches to
12:22 pm
talk about hillary clinton. they will go after hillary clinton, by the way, in ways that i have never ever gone after hillary clinton. things like the clinton foundation, or things like the e-mail situation. i don't talk about that. i have never talked about it one word on this campaign. i suspect very much donald trump and the republican party will go after her in many many ways we have not. >> reporter: he also said more unequivocally than i have ever heard before that he will support her, whoever the democratic nominee is, he is going to make it his business to make sure donald trump is not elected president of the united states. having said that, he wants to go into that convention with as many votes and delegates as he possibly can. he has a progressive agenda he believes these huge crowds are responding to and wants to make sure that's heard by the democratic party. >> remember yesterday we had jane sanders on. right then the "new york times" came out with a headline they
12:23 pm
would be reassessing the campaign and she said, no, no, no. i assume you're hearing the same thing from the candidate, no reasse reassessment, moving forward all the way. >> reporter: he has to adjust to the fact right now hillary clinton has 89% of delegates she needs to get the nomination. he knows anything he has to say about we're in this to win, exactly what he said today, is the longest of possible long shots. they have always said to me they think their two paths are exactly the same, you win the most votes, you win the most delegates and whether that helps you become the nominee or strengthens your hand when you go to the convention and say, look, we want people on the platform committee and these are issues we think are important and need to be included in the democratic platform are one and the same. he will keep going, a lot of travel ahead and to indiana and we're going to oregon with him
12:24 pm
today. >> i'm not letting you go without talking basketball. you ended up shooting hoops with bernie? >> reporter: we were in indiana on a basketball court and i will say he highly illegally elbowed me. i will say that flat out. any watching this with a critical eye can see that's what happened and it was emb babarrag all around. >> you're looking pretty good. better than i could do. coming up, donald trump accuses hillary clinton of pl playing the woman card. did you see the look on mrs. cristie's face? we'll talk about all that, talk about trump's approval rating with women and how that attack might play out in a clinton-trump general election. there she is, after a quick break. i have a blog called
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. i think the only card she has is the women's card. she has nothing else going. fra frankly, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the woman's card. the beautiful thing is women don't like her, okay? look how well did with women tonight. >> donald trump catching heat for those comments about hillary clinton last night, this as trump's poll numbers are already pretty dismal among women, 69% of women have a negative view of donald trump. in a head to head matchup against trump, sticks% of women said they would -- 66% of women said they would support clinton and 34% donald trump. we bring in an independent conservative and former speechwriter for former majority leade leader. his numbers are already not great among women and he says
12:29 pm
things like this. there has to be a reason. does he think this plays to all the men that support him or what is it? >> i think he's trying to be tough and say, i'm not going to let hillary clinton play the gender card. you saw what happened to mitt romney in 2012, republicans had a war on women. trump, as we know, he likes to go on the offense, does not like to be on his foot on the defense. this is his strategist, i don't know it will work with female voters, 51% of republican women have an unfavorable view of him. >> does he think he does not need them? >> i think the talking tough has worked for donald trump. he's not going to be put back into a corner, no one puts baby into a corner. >> oh, "dirty dancing." >> this moment we can show it, donald trump is delivering the line. look at the wife of governor
12:30 pm
chris christie. right there. you sort of see what looks like a little discomfort. >> i think she knew it was the mike drop moment of the night and perhaps what she was rea reacting to. to have a women in the shot when he was talking about the women card is uncomfortable. i don't understand what he means. at what point did the women card help any women running for president. the women card hasn't quite been defined by donald trump. wow, i don't think i got my women card in the mail or things like that. >> let's be honest. in the presidential sweepstakes, the women card is played oftentimes by the democratic party. even hillary clinton said, hey, i'd like to play the women's card, i will deal? >> she was reacting to him. >> madeleine albright said there's a special place in hell for women who don't support other women. >> there's something those folks shouldn't have said and she did
12:31 pm
apologize. on the other hand, you said, kate, trump is so far behind among women not just because of something he would say to hillary clinton a political rival of him. in this he said about women's bodies and faces, carly fiorina, our new vp candidate. >> we think at 4:00. >> he talked about that face. he's very old-fashioned when it comes to talking about women and thinking about women. that was another example last night. >> you were making the point, i think what he's saying she -- his allegation is she's using the fact that she's a woman to be the first women president as an advantage. >> right. she's been explicit about breaking the gas ceiling, being the first female president in american history. ask bernie sanders supporters, all those young women who aren't buying it. i talked to many of them. they said hillary clinton being a woman does not matter to me whatsoever. i want bernie sanders. we saw last night in maryland bernie sanders won over 70% of
12:32 pm
the youth vote. i think hillary clinton has a tough thoil climb with younger women who don't care. >> not with older women or women of color for whom it is a big break through. i think hillary clinton covered this pretty well this time. i covered her in '08. she ran away from being the first woman president and it's crept in her language. >> you agree with trump she has been playing the woman card. i don't agree, i don't know what it would be. she's talking about being the first woman president, which she would be. >> she reacted last night, mr. trump accused me of playing the woman card and if fighting for healthcare and equal pay is the woman card, deal me in. >> thanks so much, guys. up next, the unbound 54. the lel team reached out to those most sought after pennsylvania delegates. who is going to get their votes, when we come back.
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last night in pennsylvania, donald trump won 17 delegates outright. then there are 54 unbound delegates, so-called free agents who can vote for anybody they want on a first ballot this summer in cleveland at the convention. the nbc legal unit and political unit talked to a majority of these newly elected delegates, donald trump appears to be the big winner. here to straighten us out how the 54 are breaking down. >> that's exactly right. the 54 are crucial because they can do whatever they want. they're special. we learned with a lot of repo reporting, calling them, most are for trump. 34 of these delegates are telling us over the last day and half, now that we know the results of pennsylvania, therefore, trump. what is that? a bigger digit haelegate hall t
12:37 pm
states. that's not nothing. the cruz campaign everyone has heard about has been pretty good at the on the ground organizing, not so in pennsylvania. not so from this delegate said i have no idea why the cruz campaign put me on their slate. he is not a cruz delegate, currently uncommitted, likely to go with trump because of the democratic results there. i just spoke today with christopher vogue ler on a couple of news networks talking, says he's uncommitted and probably go with trump because of the results. he said i received threats on my home phone last night people y saying i better do what i know is good for me. my 17-year-old daughter was upset. he received 6-10 of those calls last night and did say he doesn't say he thinks that's reflective of the campaign and trump supporters and you look at the attention and he wanted to
12:38 pm
put out word that is inappropriate. >> they were on lists for one team, a list for the other team. both teams claiming the same people. you actually called every single one of them. >> yes, cruz is good in places there's a lot of places to choose from, this is trump country, i don't care how good you are at organizing, most people leaning trump, we learned people have received calls from heidi cruz, ivanka cruz, both trump's sons and they have definitely upped their game. >> switching gears, dennis hastert has gone from one of the most powerful positions in washington, speaker of the housetop felon. a judge handed down the sentence 15 months in prison and hastert was ordered to enroll in a sex offender treatment program and there were no sexual abuse charges but he plead guilty to
12:39 pm
making cash withdrawals to pay off one of his accusers. we go to chicago. i used to cover dennis hastert on the hill, a former teacher, coach, beloved on capitol hill. today, to hear that survivor talk about the abuse he suffered, it was painful. >> reporter: painful indeed. this is an exclamation point to a real stunning fall from grace with the powerful former speaker of the house. you mentioned his time in yorkville as a high school wrestling coach also very popular in the '60s and '70s coaching champions, i think one of his teams won the state championship, sentenced to 16 month in prison, quarter million dollar fine. he will be released, supervised released and cannot have any contact with the victims in this case. before that sentence was imposed. the speaker made a brief statement, 74 in failing health. federal court, no cameras. i apologize to the court and people of the united states and stand here ready to accept the sentence you're about to impose
12:40 pm
on me. before that sentence was imposed on him, there were two victim impact statements made, one by a women the sister of a late man who went to that same high school, claimed he was abused swell. he died back in the mid 90s. the second person previously identified in court papers as individual d. also spoke. he identified himself in open court, 53-year-old scott cross, married father of two in the chicago area. here is his statement. he said i always felt what coach hastert had done to me was my darkest secret. i had trouble sleeping and working and this entire experience has been painful for me and my entire family included his brother, tom, a powerful gop leader in the illinois legislature, his brother, tom, issued a statement swell asking for everyone to respect his brother's privacy at this time. it's very painful for him to get on the stand today and at one point he did break down and once his testimony finished some applause inside the courtroom.
12:41 pm
all in all a very difficult day for the former speaker, those two people who got up to speak before he was sentenced to 15 months in prison. a surrender date will be announced a little bit later. the bureau of prisons will have to assign him to a facility and mentioning a facility in rochester, minnesota, that has health facilities there that might be able to attend to the former speaker. and news on another republican once a rising star, the former governor of virginia is appealing a corruption conviction all the way to the supreme court, a case that could impact the way politicians do business and how they help constituents and supporters. pete williams is in washington. he will explain more about that. hey, pete. >> reporter: it was a good day for bob mcdonnell here today, kate because it appears the supreme court will at least order a new trial or perhaps erase his conviction completely and narrow the scope of federal
12:42 pm
bribery laws. you know what he was convicted of, taking 175,0$175,000 worth cash and gifts from a virginia businessman who wanted the governor's help to get the state to do studies of a dietary statement he wanted to market and wanted the fda's approval. mcdonnell's lawyers say he ever did anything, no act in favor of the businessman who got the research done by the universities. no official act so therefore his lawyers say he can't be convicted of bribery. the supreme court justices today didn't seem to have a lot of sympathy for bob mcdonnell but did say the government's concept of what an official act is potentially way too broad. justice stephen briar said the government could make it a crime any time a member of congress writes a letter they do hundreds of day or anybody who bought them lunch or took them trout fishing or did any kind of favor for them and many members of the supreme court said the government is overreaching with
12:43 pm
these bribery laws, it gives very little guidance to public officials about what is actually illegal and the law is too vague. a good day for mcdonnell, kate. >> pete williams, thanks so much. coming up, we watched him grow up in the water, michael phelps heading to his final olympic games. before all that, he sat down with matt lauer and it turned into an incredibly personal interview. you will want to stick around. ? i was about to be the first 3rd grader to jump the cook county creek. jump 50 feet over the rapids and i crash land. mom patched me up. check out my scar. there's nothing there! you didn't jump the creek! what? now there's a new neosporin antibiotic that keeps her protected and minimizes scars. new neosporin plus pain itch scar (vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our heating and cooling systems so reliable.
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12:47 pm
change. >> about that incident. nobody uses the words alcoholic or drinking problem. so are you an alcoholic? >> i don't know. i honestly don't know. i know i have probably moments i have gone off the deep end where i shouldn't. i would say binge more than anything else. >> so drinking problem. >> no. like, i mean, you can put a beer in front of me or an alcoholic drink in front of me and i won't feel the urge to drink it. >> so you checked yourself into the meadows for 45 days. you say you don't know if you're an alcoholic, maybe have a binge problem. did you check yourself into treatment because you had a drinking problem or public relations problem. >> i checked myself in because i think i was at a point in my life something needed to change and needed to figure things out. i thought of myself as just a swimmer and nobody else. i don't know if it was afraid of letting go and showing who i am
12:48 pm
or what it was. i finally was like, screw this, i'm not hiding behind anything nominee. i am who i am. if you don't like it, it's really not my issue and it's not my problem. >> since completing 45 days in rehab, phelps says he's a changed man, ready to do what it takes to compete in his fifth olympic games. >> how's training going now? what's the difference? >> i want to be here. that's the difference. i have no desire to go to workout before. i want to retire how i want to retire. i have a great opportunity to do that. >> fascinating interview. coming up, we're just minutes away from ted cruz's rally in indianapolis where he's expected to announce carly fiorina will be his vice-presidential running mate. first, the countdown on 100 days, which means we get to hang out with bob costas again, the man who has covered 11 olympic
12:49 pm
games on nbc checking in with rio, how ready that city is for 10,000 athletes and hundreds of thousands of visitors. we'll head there in just a few minutes.
12:50 pm
owen! hey kevin. hey, fancy seeing you here. uh, i live right over there actually. you've been to my place. no, i wasn't...oh look, you dropped something. it's your resume with a 20 dollar bill taped to it. that's weird. you want to work for ge too. hahaha, what? well we're always looking for developers who are up for big world changing challenges like making planes, trains and hospitals run better. why don't you check your new watch and tell me what time i should be there. oh, i don't hire people. i'm a developer. i'm gonna need monday off. again, not my call.
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12:52 pm
the countdown is on, we are officially 100 days until the olympic games in brazil, which of course will be broadcast right here on msnbc and nbc. the olympic flame is already making its journey to rio de janeiro. it was officially handed over to rio organizers in athens, greece, just this morning. and today in times square, u.s. olympians gathered to celebrate the countdown. crews in brazil continue to work around the clock, while lingering concerns about health and safety surround these games. my very special guest, bob costas, joins us now from rio with a preview. great to see you, bob. >> reporter: hi, kate.
12:53 pm
how are you? we as you can see, are here on the famed copacabana beach. overcast day, little bit of drizzle, but such a beautiful setting. the summer olympics get under way exactly 100 days from now. we've been here a few days, checking out preparations, talking to officials to the issues you mentioned leading up to these games. among them, the recent political turmoil, which could lead to the president's impeachment, the concerns about the zika virus and water quality as well. plenty of stars are returning to the games. phelps, kerri walsh jennings, they're expected to lead the way for team usa and usain bolt will be among the most notable international athletes. all of this takes place in one of the most beautiful and welcoming cities in the entire world. almost everywhere you look, you see a postcard, which has you keeping your fingers crossed that the rio olympic organizers can surmount their obstacles and
12:54 pm
pull off a successful olympics. >> so given all that, what do you think the legacy of these rio olympics will be? >> well, it depends on how successful they are. when august arrives, it's winter technically in brazil, and so they believe that minimizes, doesn't eliminate, but minimizes the threat of the zika virus. the mosquito population is diminished. they believe that through treating some of the bodies of water where some of the water competition will take place, with chemicals and diverting sewage, they have mitigated that problem. security is always a concern. the central government here has partnered with international forces and again, that is always something you hold your breath about. if none of those things intrude upon and spoil these games, then what they hope the legacy will be, not only great athletic competition, but a three-week long party and then useable facilities. everything that they have built in terms of stadiums and arenas
12:55 pm
and housing, will then be converted into useable facilities that will enhance rio as a city and not simply leave a a two and a half week memory behind with nothing useful in its wake. >> how has the turmoil impacted preparations? >> in speaking to the head of the olympic committee, he makes a point. even before the politics took hold, the only thing they asked the central government to do were two things, security and power, the electrical grid. apart from that, the government is not involved in the preparations. it's all the olympic organizing committee. so their feeling is, they will be able to proceed at pace even as the government sorts itself out. but there could be drama up to august 5th, because whoever is the official head of state in a
12:56 pm
country hosting the olympics, has the honor of declaring the game open. we may not know who that is. >> let's hope they find somebody before 100 days from now. bob costas, thanks so much for taking time out of your day to join us. appreciate it. >> thank you, kate. take care. at this moment, we are waiting for ted cruz in indiana, where he will be joined by carly fiorina in. in the last hour, we have confirmed that cruz has tapped fiorina to be his running mea n. my colleagues picks up from that in washington, right after a quick break. stay with us.
12:57 pm
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washington. next stop, indiana. the stop trump movement has one last chance, you might say. ted cruz has to win the hoosiers state. donald trump won all five states. yesterday he won every county, every congressional district yesterday in all five states. so today, a bold and uncommon move for ted cruz. nbc news has confirmed now, he will announce former gop candidate, former hewle hewlett-packard ceo, carly fiorina, as his running mate. let's go straight to downtown indianapolis where that announcement is happening and nbc's hallie jackson. hallie, it's happening, right? >> reporter: yeah, chris. it's gonna be happening sometime in the next couple of minutes. we expect the program to get under way, to see ted cruz and carly fiorina on this stage together, according to what a high level source is confirming to me. this caps really speculation that began back in early march when fiorina first endorsed cruz in a surprise appearance at a
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