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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  April 27, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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our constitutional balance of power. [ cheers and applause ] our entrenched political system, our system of crony capitalism now, it works if you're a big company, but it didn't work if you're a small company. it works if you're wealthy or powerful or well connected like donald trump or hillary clinton, just as a for example. but it doesn't work for the rest of us. ours was intended to be a citizen government. and now we must restore and a president ted cruz will restore. power back where it belongs, in the hands of citizens and communities and the states of this great nation. [ cheers and applause ] what is at stake now is the
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future of our nation, the potential of our nation. will this be a nation where every american, regardless of their circumstances, has the opportunity that comes from their god-given gifts. will we be one nation indivisible under god with liberty and justice for all or not? our country is being taken away from us by the elites, by the crony capitalists, by the special interests that have captured both parties. they want to take away, they are taking away. not only what we treasure about this nation, but what has made this nation great. what has made this nation a place of possibility for so many people. my fellow americans, people of indiana, it is time. we must take our country back. [ cheers and applause ]
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this, this, is the fight of our time. and i believe ted cruz is the man to lead that fight. and i am prepared to stand by his side and give this everything i have, to restore the soul of our party, to defeat donald trump, to defeat hillary clinton, and to take our country back. [ cheers and applause ] and so, my fellow citizens, you must stand with us. you must fight with us. we must restore the potential of this nation. we must restore what has made
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this nation great for so many people regardless of their circumstances. so the possibilities of this nation, the opportunity of this nation, the rights and liberties of this nation can extend to every american. ladies and gentlemen, this is the fight of our times. ted cruz is the man to lead that fight. i will stand proudly by his side. i want you to stand with us as we fight. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back the next president of the united states, ted cruz! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> well, that's of course ted cruz who has been here this afternoon giving a lengthy speech, followed by his designee as his running mate, if you will, even though the conventions have not been held
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to nominate either he nor his proposed running mate. chuck, what do you think the impact will be of this, well, i guess it's today's story. >> i think all the campaign cares about, does it move the number in indiana at this point. they did it in indianapolis, for that obvious reason, hoping to generate local excitement and enthusiasm. i don't know. what i don't get, doesn't help on the money front, and it doesn't help on the delegate front. why would you do something like this? it goes back to what we discussed earlier, right, chris, when is reagan and sh wild card ert. it was delegates. i don't know what she brings on that front. but what did you make of her speech? >> it was not an attack speech against hillary clinton. i thought that was definitely on the way. maybe that's tomorrow's story. there was some of that but basically it was very religious, appealing to religious conservatives, evangelicals, if you will, a lot of reference to
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god. i thought that was important to look at. i thought it lacked any kind of context. i don't think carly fiorina is a major national figure. i think everyone knows ted cruz is in trouble in terms of winning this nomination, so i didn't see anyone bringing help the way someone would bring help to someone in trouble. i don't know who was the strong partner even at this point. she's lost three contests, one when she was removed as ceo as hewlett-packard, when she lost in california. and then when she ran for president. she's not a winner. and i think people noticed that. chuck, it's over to you now. >> we'll see you at 7:00. chris, thank you very much. with that, let me kick off tonight's "mtp daily." we are 82 days now away from the republican convention. and you just heard, if there is a ted cruz nomination, he wants
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carly fiorina to be his running mate. so he decided to try it early, call it a hail mary. with cruz's path to the nomination crumbling after trump's primary sweep last night, the cruz campaign is desperately trying to change the narrative. and moments ago, cruz made a nearly unprecedented move for a campaign that trails in the delegate race, announcing a running mate early. that running mate would be former hewlett-packard ceo and presidential candidate from this cycle, carly fiorina. in his address, cruz confronted the elephant in the room, which is, why now. >> let me tell you where we are right now. where we are right now, nobody is getting to 1,237 delegates. why make this announcement now? well, for one thing, if we are to win, number one, win the nomination, but number two, even more importantly, win the general election, we must unite. [ applause ]
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and carly is a vice presidential nominee who i believe is superbly skilled, superbly gifted at helping unite this party, bring us together so we stand united as one. [ applause ] >> well, after a lengthy introductory speech, and it was lengthy there by senator cruz, fiorina took the stage and laid into trump and sang to cruz's two children, and she praised cruz for the enemies that he's made. >> the only way you solve festering problems is you actually have to challenge the status quo. and i'll tell you something about challenging the system and the status quo. you do more than ruffle feathers, you do more than rock the boat, you make enemies. so i am reassured and i am proud of some of the enemies that ted cruz has made. >> so there you have it, folks.
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in anticipation of this announcement, donald trump unloaded a pre-emptive strike on cruz this morning. >> first of all, he shouldn't be naming anybody because he doesn't even have a chance. he's millions of votes behind. he's hundreds of delegates behind. i mean, what is he, four or 500 delegates behind? he's got no path to victory and he's naming a vice presidential candidate. i guess that's cute. to me, it looks ridiculous. he's not going to get the nomination. >> then of course there's the other half of cruz's supposed alliance. the john kasich campaign is aggressively dismissing today's news, saying, quote, carly fiorina ran an honorable campaign, but most republicans will meet this decision with a collective shrug. and kasich super pac is digging up all the dirty laundry between cruz and fiorina. when she attacked a cruz surrogate who used sexist language against her. so kasich and cruz, they
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announced an alliance on sunday, right? it's not gone well. a said, this is why ted cruz cannot beat hillary clinton. you have to put this announcement in context. it comes after trump dominated last night's primaries and it comes when he's mathematically from getting the nomination without taking it to a contested convention. got an all-star panel lined up to help us make sense. we had donald trump's foreign policy speech as well. hallie jackson is in indiana with the cruz campaign. she'll be interviewing carly fiorina live here on this show later in this hour. i'm also joined by super lawyer ben ginsberg, rick tyler, and presidential historian and reagan biographer craig shirley. the last time a president tried something like this, it was
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ronald reagan. he named dick swik ert as his running mate in an attempt to try to pick off delegates at an open convention that year. but let me move over and check in with hallie jackson and see what the crowd, the reaction in the room, how big was it, it looked good on television. hallie, what's it sound like in the room? >> reporter: looked good on tv. a couple hundred people filling the space. i want to see if we can get our camera man to pan over, as fiorina prepares to do some interviews, including one with us that we'll be doing in a couple of minutes. they had these signs ready, cruz-fiorina. the website is already redirecting to as the campaign tries to fund-raise off today's announcement. it felt like this event was put together fairly fast. the room was not entirely full. it's a large room and they set up the risers close to the
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stage. but a couple of key moments to note. ted cruz gave a lengthy introduction, seemed to be making the most of his moment in the political spotlight today. setting her up as a real attack dog for donald trump. nearly every attribute that he listed favorably about carly fiorina was unfavorably against donald trump. that gives you an indication of how he sees her role in the campaign moving forward. fiorina came out to a lot of applause, people were exciting to see her, they were chanting her name. and she talked about what she would do for the cruz campaign. you heard cruz come back against the idea that he was picking a vice presidential running mate too early. he said this race has been unusual, which is why he made this move. there's some question marks about how fiorina could help him. you said, she's not going to help him on the money front and the delegate front, then what is this all about? it feels like it's about narrative, changing the subject away from the dominant wins of trump last night and trying to put the spotlight on something else.
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cruz has got to make a difference the next six days in indiana and apparently his campaign believes that fiorina will help him do that. we'll see. >> all right, hallie jackson, go get ready and we'll check back with you when you have carly fiorina on camera. let me start with you, rick tyler. you used to get paid to spin for ted cruz. there's obviously been an interesting cruz-carly fiorina connection at least on the super pac front. i have to say, i'm suddenly more intrigued than ever by that news, i think it was six months ago when one of the cruz super pacs gave half a million dollars to a carly fiorina super pac to prop up her candidacy. how tight is cruz and fiorina, tighter than we might imagine? >> to this day, i'm not really clear about the super pac. it was probably about a donor. i was at a few events with carly fiorina and ted cruz and i got the sense they didn't know each other that well. they were cordial to each other, very nice.
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so i don't think there's a long history. i think they've both known each other, but as of late, it looks like they're getting along quite well. >> is it fair to call this a hail mary? >> a lot will be made that he's eliminated mathematically from the convention. so you could do nothing and that would be dumb. or you could do something and this is smart. so i think this is smart. so far it's been successful. she's come out, they've done an effective rollout. they even had signs, and it still hadn't leaked out. and she gave an aspirational speech, i think she's a good complement to senator cruz and juxtaposition with donald trump. she's got a business sense. she is schooled on foreign policy. we saw today that donald trump, not so much. >> one thing you got to remember, she became a very good, after a rough start to a candidate, she got better and better, probably more so than anybody else on the campaign trail from start to finish. ben ginsberg, what do you make of this?
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do you view it as a hl mary, good idea, bad idea? >> well, it's a hail mary and i'm not sure where the positive is. she doesn't appear to have any natural strength in indiana. a candidate wants his or her vice presidential pick to be somebody people can see in the oval office. the republican primary voters greeted carly fiorina in the oval office with a very large yawn during the primaries and the voters in california handed her a 9-plus point defeat. so it's not immediately clear why this is so good, other than the changing conversation. but you should give him credit for coordinating ted cruz's tie with carly fiorina's dress. [ laughter ] >> fair enough. craig shirley, you've written extensively about the '76 reagan campaign. we know what reagan's motivation was, but it didn't work. do you think it didn't work in
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'76 because voters didn't like the presumptiveness? i've been curious. why do you think it didn't work, and what lesson can cruz take away from this? >> actually, chuck, it worked and it didn't work. john sears, who was reagan's campaign manager, found out that cbs news, which had an enormous political unit at the time was doing a count by count of every delegate and alternate in america, to find out where they stood. this was three weeks before the convention. now, sears believed that reagan was competitive, but that cbs might come up with a tally that would say there was enough for a first ballot nomination. at the time, cbs had a 55 share, which meant more than half of the country watched walter cronkite. if he announced that ford had enough ballots for a first nomination, reagan's campaign would be over. the way to do it was to change the story line and the way to do it was to pick senator richard
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swik ert and it worked brilliantly, because cbs killed the story. it got them to kansas city, kept the campaign leave, to try to work on wavering delegates from pennsylvania and other states. >> that's fascinating. let me ask you this, craig. when -- it didn't bring -- so it changed the narrative for the moment, but it didn't bring delegates, and it didn't -- did it just not work because it's a sitting president and gerald ford was able to promise the moon, take them, you know, we've already read about all the different anecdotes we've heard, 4th of july at the white house to watch the bicentennial, is that why it didn't work? >> that was in part. ford had the majesty. he had a very capable delegate hunter and he used everything he could to get the uncommitted delegates to support gerald ford. reagan was very popular, but he was simply a former governor.
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he had assets like jimmy stewart and john wayne and things like that. but in the end, reagan was always behind, and that's what people need to understand. ford was the incumbent president, unelected, but still the incumbent. he had state parties, all the resources of the national party behind him, plus the white house, plus his own election committee, the president ford committee. so it was always an uphill struggle worry ronald reagan. that he came so close and took it all the way to the convention is in itself a small miracle. >> perhaps that's what ted cruz is thinking, fight, fight, fight and get into the best position he can for 2020. rick tyler, in the last 72 hours, it's been throw spaghetti at the wall mind-set with the cruz campaign. after weeks of begging by the kasich campaign, the cruz campaign agrees to it, to get kasich out of indiana.
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and the whole thing seems to come apart. now we have this running mate deal which seems to throw the kasich alliance out the window as well. >> lack of communication. this was not an alliance. this was a tentative detente and it was designed to keep kasich out of indiana and it worked. kasich is not going to spend money in indiana, not going to appear in indiana. that allows cruz a free shot at indiana to get potentially all 57 delegates in indiana. so i think there was a lot made of they were somehow working together, but no, it was really an allocation of resources. i have limited resources, you have limited resources. where can you stop trump, where can i stop trump. i think that's what they did and i don't think it went beyond that. it clearly didn't. >> no. and ben, i'm also curious, hasn't cruz set himself up that if he loses indiana by a point, that's it, it's over. he's now throwing everything against the wall here.
2:19 pm
got rid of kasich, named a running mate, did it in indianapolis, treating indiana as if it's going to be his, you know, the state that relaunches his candidacy. and if it's not, how does he go on? >> i think he's got a real problem. he may win the next week in nebraska, but he has staked it all in indiana. it's a state where he needs to win statewide. and if not, he's got a real problem. so the question is, what does carly fiorina bring particularly in indiana? because that's got to be his focus and his main job now. and if it's a california play, the last state, she's lost there. so that doesn't make a lot of sense. >> just curious, what's the financial implication when you have a ticket, is there anything new that they change? or is she essential liely a surrogate for now? >> if she has money left in her account, there's a way to set up
2:20 pm
an account for a vice presidential candidate. but you saw her campaign using the super pac to an unprecedented extent. >> border line, legally questionable, if anybody wanted to challenge it. >> yes. >> and you as a lawyer would have a hard time defending what they did? >> i would be happy to try and defend it without knowing all the facts yet. >> anyway, well, this is quite the -- it was quite the event today. i still don't know what to make of it. i still will happens find out on indiana primary night whether this was a good idea or not. anyway, thank you all. coming up, the other big story of the day, the world according to donald trump. the reviews are in on the candidate's long awaited, extensive foreign policy speech. plus, the what, what, where, when and why of this year's down-ballot battles. and don't forget. hallie jackson will get a live interview with carly fiorina. that will air in this hour. stay tuned. encil and paper. the surface pro is very intuitive. i can draw lightly,
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we got a special down-ballot edition of the ws because last night was the first big down-ballot night. starting with a who. it's pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah. he's now officially the first incumbent to be defeated in a primary this cycle. the long-time philadelphia democrat was indicted last year. he's facing charges ranging from bribery to bank fraud and his federal corruption trial starts next week. but he had a crowded primary and many people thought he could survive. he did not. long time state legislator dwight evans won that primary. staying in pennsylvania, for the what. it's a victory for the obama-biden political shop. katie mcginty beat former congressman joe sestak for the democratic senate nomination. she'll now face pat toomey in the fall, a seat democrats are hoping to flip, it will likely be one of the closest contests in 2016. now to the where. maryland's 8th congressional district, the home of the most
2:24 pm
expensive congressional race in the country. the record-breaking $12 million that david trone spent on his own campaign, did not get the win. state senator jamie raskin came out to top. now to the when. still yesterday, an apparent narrow escape for house transportation bill schuster, after a tough challenge from a tea party-backed candidate who has never held public office. turn-out was nearly twice what it was when the two faced off in 2014. schuster keeps surviving primary challenges like his dad and still seems to sit there. now to the why, chris van hollen beat his challenger donna edwards. he's all but assured to take the place of barbara mikulski. edwards was looking to become the second black woman to serve in the united states senate. and race did play a role. african americans made up half of the democratic electorate in maryland, but van hollen won a
2:25 pm
larger share of the black vote and the white vote obviously than edwards did on either side of the aisle. going to be interesting. chris van hollen usually starts as an underdog. did so in his race against the kennedy machine, won that in an upset, and sort of did this one with work ethic and he won this one too and he'll now be a united states senator. we'll be right back after the break. ma'am. this isn't an automated computer... operator! ma'am. i'm here. i'm live. wait. you're real? yeah. with discover card, you can talk to a real person in the u.s. day or night. plus, we're not going to waste your time trying to sell you a bunch of other products you don't really need. that is really nice of you. i feel really bad about shouting at you. oh, you weren't shouting. you were just speaking in all caps. at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. 100% u.s.-based customer service. here to help, not to sell. ♪ gaviscon is a proven heartburn remedy that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief. it immediately neutralizes acid and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours.
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for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor-recommended gaviscon. >> after declaring himself the presumptive nominee last night, donald trump delivered his first major address on a serious issue, and he did so on foreign policy this afternoon. it was an overhaul on trump's style and tone delivered in washington speak, no less. before today, though, this is how trump has often talked about foreign policy. >> i would bomb the [ bleep ] out of them. they asked me, what do you think about water boarding, mr. trump? i said, i love it, i love it. >> i think it's going too lead
2:27 pm
to nuclear holocaust. >> they talk about free trade, it's not free trade. it's stupid trade. >> here's today's donald trump. he read off a teleprompter, a much more measured tone, rarely seen on the trump stump. >> there's isis, i have a simple message for them. their days are numbered. i won't tell them where, and i won't tell them how. iran cannot be allowed to have a nuclear weapon, cannot be allowed. >> a strong and smart america is an america that will find a better friend in china. >> our goal is peace and prosperity, not war and destruction. the best way to achieve those goals is through a disciplined, deliberate, and consistent foreign policy. >> obviously, if you're wondering why trump seemed to be looking off-camera, you know the way the teleprompters are left and right.
2:28 pm
but as you know, trump had not spoken off a teleprompter very often. his address comes at a time when he's received poor marks from 64% of voters in dealing with an international crisis. even republican voters have issue with that. 37% gave him poor marks, versus 42%. but on this day, trump did win some positive reviews. bob corker said, quote, donald trump delivered a very good foreign policy speech, in which he laid out his vision for american engagement in the world. let's dive in. i'm joined by max booth, foreign policy adviser to marco rubio and said he'd prefer hillary clinton over trump. mr. boot, after hearing -- welcome to the show. after hearing donald trump today, do you have any second thoughts about that proclamation that you would take clinton over trump on the world stage? >> not at all, chuck. this was a standard trump temper
2:29 pm
tantrum that had a teleprompter. that was really the only new element here. it was a typically contradictory, even bizarre performance by donald trump. when he was actually attacking president obama for abandoning our allies, in the next breath, saying he's going to abandon our allies, south korea, nato. he's saying president obama is not engendering confidence on the world stage, at the same time he's saying he's going to be unpredictable and have a secret plan to deal with isis that nobody knows about, he's going to work closely with the muslim world at the same time he's going to ban muslims from coming to the united states. he was introduced by a muslim who would never have been allowed to come to this country if trump were president. this is not a man who engenders any degree of confidence as a potential commander in chief. this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. and today's speech, i think, just reinforces how ill prepared
2:30 pm
he is to deal with the responsibilities of the high office to which he now aspires. >> are you concerned that some people got snowed a little bit by trump's tone and said, well, he had a measured tone, so it must have been a better speech? >> you know, trump has set expectations so low, that if he can go a whole speech without talking about lying ted or crooked hillary or throwing out four-letter words, people think, he's being so presidential. if this speech was given by any other candidate, it would have been dissected and laughed out of the room. but people have such low expectations for trump that he's now being applauded for being quasi presidential, which he isn't in the least and he doesn't know what he's talking about. i had to laugh when he couldn't even pronounce tanzania correctly. couldn't even read it off the teleprompter. >> some may watch this and say
2:31 pm
max doesn't like his policy, if there's a coherent string of thoughts from trump, it's that he's an isolationist, doesn't want to intervene to much, that that is the string that ties all this together. so some might say, you just don't agree with that philosophy. >> you're right, i don't agree with the philosophy of isolationism and protectionism. the last time we tried was that in the 1930s. it's sdriking to me that donald trump describes his philosophy as being america first. doesn't seem to realize that was the isolationist movement in the 1930s that was sympathetic to nazi germany. we learned from that disaster, took a new tack and now he wants to take us back. i couldn't imagine him implementing those policies.
2:32 pm
>> i assume you'll be writing speeches for hillary clinton. >> i'm not writing speeches for anybody, but i'm not voting for trump. >> and now to hallie jackson with carly fiorina. >> on the other hand, you have ted cruz and carly fiorina who are going to fight the system and who know what this fight is about, and we're going to go it cleveland and win the nomination. >> you dropped out of your own race earlier this year. ted cruz has not been able to catch trump in the delegate count. so my question is, how are two people who haven't beat him yet better than one person? >> ted cruz has beaten him many times. >> he's trailing in the delegate count. >> but he's won a lot of states. the media wants to forget about that. donald trump has lost to ted cruz in a lot of states. and also importantly, he's lost when only republicans are allowed to vote. the majority of republicans don't want trump as their nominee. it shows up in every single
2:33 pm
poll. the last time i looked, it's the republicans' job to nominate our republican president or nominee for president. yes, trump is racking up delegates. so is ted cruz. i actually think the person you should be asking this question to is john kasich. he can't win. he should get out. >> are you the attack dog for ted cruz? oh. >> oh for heaven sakes, you've followed me on the campaign trail and you know i've been clear on my criticisms of hillary clinton as she's traveled hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe, so have i. but flying is not an accomplishment and she will not bring trustworthiness to the oval office. you've heard me say that and be very critical of donald trump since the week he announced his candidacy. i've said he doesn't represent me and he doesn't represent my party.
2:34 pm
so am i going to be critical of hillary clinton and donald trump? you bet. am i also going to talk about what we need to do to restore promise and opportunity and prosperity and potential to this nation? yes, i am. >> one of the things i've heard you say is that ted cruz is like any other politician. he says what he has to to get elected. so were you wrong? >> yeah. that's why i voted for him in the voting booth before i ever had a conversation about endorsing him. i went into the voting booth in my hometown in virginia and voted for ted cruz. why? because i think we need a conservative in the white house who understands that it is the system of crony capitalism and insider dealing that is bleaching away the prosperity and opportunity and potential of this nation. and i also think we need someone who is going to fight. and ted cruz is a fighter. i have come to know this man.
2:35 pm
he is who he says he is. he will do what he says and i'm proud to stand by him and have this fight. >> three more quick ones before they pull me off the stage. is indiana a must-win for you and the senator? >> indiana is very important and i think we're going to do really well. >> donald trump criticized hillary clinton, saying that she's playing the gender card. do you agree with him? >> you know, i think donald trump clearly has a problem with women. clearly. i mean, the week we had a terrorist attack in brussels, he attacked heidi cruz. so i think hillary clinton sometimes says to people vote for me because i'm a woman. i would never say to somebody, vote for me because i'm a woman. i would say vote for me, vote for ted because you think we're qualified and principled. i'm offended frankly when democrats talk about women's issues. because we're the majority of the nation and every issue that faces this nation is a women's
2:36 pm
issue. >> your singing went viral, it had a buzz on twitter. >> well, that's interesting. it has four verses, that song. i only made people listen to one. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> good to see you. >> there you heard it, hallie jackson, carly fiorina doing a round robin of interviews. we thought we'd do something that others hadn't done yet, which is give it to you, as much as we can of it, live there. probably the most intriguing comment is her response to hallie's question about the criticism donald trump made of hillary clinton, that she wouldn't be doing what she was doing as well if she were a man, essentially was the criticism and carly fiorina made it clear she thinks donald trump has a problem dealing with women. still ahead on "mtp daily," we'll go back to donald trump's foreign policy speech. the clinton campaign, believe it or not, max boot was not representing the clinton campaign, but conservative
2:37 pm
foreign policy folks who were critical of donald trump, well, we'll hear from ambassador wendy sherman who was here to respond to trump's critique of clinton in that speech. stay tuned. ooh... >>psst. hey... where you going? we've got that thing! you know...diarrhea? abdominal pain? but we said we'd be there... woap, who makes the decisions around here? it's me. don't think i'll make it. stomach again...send! if you're living with frequent, unpredictable diarrhea and abdominal pain, you may have irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea or ibs-d - a condition that can be really frustrating.
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the legacy of the obama-clinton interventions will be weakness, confusion, disarray. a mess. hillary clinton also refuses to say the words "radical islam." after secretary clinton's failed intervention in libya, islamic terrorists in benghazi took down our consulate and killed our ambassador and three brave americans. clinton blames it all on a video, an excuse that was a total lie. proven to be, absolutely, a
2:41 pm
total lie. >> that was trump during his foreign policy address today, unloading on the democratic front-runner, hillary clinton. joining me now to respond to the clinton attacks and clinton ambassador wendy sherman. she served under secretary john kerry and hillary clinton. embarrassed, welcome ba ambassador, welcome back to the program. >> good to be with you, chuck. >> let me ask you about his attacks this way. the main thrust of his hit on her when it comes to libya, has to do with the fact that a lot of people believe that intervention was a mistake. that the intervention, not being followed up by any sort of boots on the ground, whether american, european, or anybody else, is what created an unstable situation. forget how donald trump put it, isn't it pretty fair to hold candidate clinton accountable for her being on one side of that issue in libya? >> well, i think that it really simplifies what went on in libya. this was a situation where the
2:42 pm
british, the french, the italians, all said, we need to do something. we were asked for help by the citizens of libya who had form a group, an alliance to pull together. gadhafi was a brutal dictator. this wasn't a regime change that we brought about. this is what the people inside of libya wanted. i think in all of these circumstances, we of course learn things. skret clinton has talked about what is necessary. president obama has talked about what is necessary. you know what's interesting, chuck, max boot and i disagree on many national security and foreign policy issues, but as you said -- >> i joked. i didn't know who was the clinton surrogate. >> it was terrific. when donald trump says the obama-clinton administration was weak, confusing, in disarray, that was a perfect description of his speech. i've never heard more slogans, more inconsistency, fewer details. and besides the very scary part
2:43 pm
about america first, as max pointed out, the last time "america first" was used, it was seen at not only pro-nazi but anti-semitic and that building walls around america would lead us to protect our security interests. and in addition, donald trump talking about being unpredictable, reminds me of nixon saying that he had a secret plan for vietnam, and we know how that turned out. hillary clinton says loose cannons misfire. this loose cannon not only misfired, but he aimed at america's national security. >> ambassador, it seems like the challenge quite frankly that a lot of foreign policy realists like yourself, max boot, you may disagree on ideology, but you're both sort of in the, america has to be involved in the world, america has to play a role, how they play it, that's for the debate and all that stuff. but the american public is sort
2:44 pm
of against intervention of any kind. and i think the challenge you face and the clinton campaign faces is that it may be all slogan airing from trump, it may be inconsistent, but the idea of pulling away, the idea of pulling our soldiers out is actually quite popular. how do you deal with that, public opinion and foreign policy usually don't go very well hand in hand. >> it's very interesting, because donald trump wants both. he wants to get in a better position with our allies, when i think we're in quite a strong position with our allies. but at the same time, he says, if they don't do what we want to do, they're on their own. he said he wants to work with allies in the middle east, with the muslim community and at the same time, he says muslims shouldn't come to america. no one is talking about committing thousands of american troops on the ground. everyone knows that the american public is exhausted. unless it is in america's national security interests in a very profound way, i don't think anybody's talking about big intervention around the world. but i can tell you this, whether
2:45 pm
it's president obama or a president clinton, what is going to count here, to use all of the tools that we have, all of the smart power that we have, to make sure america's national security interests are protected, america people, american jobs, and american national treasure. i believe we are strong and we can always be stronger, but we are a strong -- we are a country that is indisenpensable in this world for our own and for others' interests as well. >> appreciate it. now to the cnbc market wrap. >> thanks, chuck. stocks mixed today. the dow climbed 51 points. a s&p adds three. the nasdaq falls 25. the federal reserve leaves
2:46 pm
interest rates unchanged. and it warned economic activity is slowing. facebook shares higher after hours. easily they crushed analyst estimates. social media giant also proposing a new class of stock which allows mark zuckerberg to retain more control. about one in five earthlings uses facebook. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. atand that in a new house,tee a fyou probably don't sharece, the same tastes as the previous owner. ♪
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2:51 pm
about the question on the reach of federal bribery laws that were used to prosecute him. his attorneys say his conviction on federal corruption charges criminalizes day-to-day politics. he was accused of accepting more than 165,0$165,000 in gifts ands in exchange for promoting a dietary supplement. a decision is expected by june. he face a two-year prison sentence. >> as i said for the last 39 months that never during any time in my 38 years of public service have i ever done anything that would abuse the powers of my office. great. correct! ma'am. this isn't an automated computer... operator! ma'am. i'm here. i'm live. wait. you're real? yeah. with discover card, you can talk to a real person in the u.s. day or night. plus, we're not going to waste your time trying to sell you a bunch of other products you don't really need. that is really nice of you. i feel really bad about shouting at you. oh, you weren't shouting. you were just speaking in all caps. at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you.
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♪ i know two girls that i just adore ♪ ♪ i'm so happy i can see them more ♪ ♪ cause we travel on the bus all day ♪ ♪ we get to play ♪ we get to play >> i won't bore you with anymore of the song. >> welcome to the lids. that's what's gone viral from the carli fiorina septembaccept speech. welcome. >> it's a simple question. what does ted cruz get out of what happened today? >> i don't know.
2:56 pm
besides fund raisraising, perha bit of bump in the news cycle, i don't get it. >> that's the only thing he gets out of it. >> the next state is indiana. >> what does she do? she's a failed candidate like twice over now. >> holding the event in indiana matters. >> yeah. >> winning a news cycle five days before the primary, is not -- >> it's not nothing. we have lowered the bar. >> maybe ted cruz can do much better than women that perhaps it helped. i don't know. >> one thing that struck me in listening to hallie's interview is when she asked about trump's attack on clinton, she immediately tooked that and attack donald trump. almost as a clinton surrogate.
2:57 pm
she's making the case to republican women why donald trump is bad. if she's not on the national ticket for the republican, doesn't that help hillary? >> yes, i think it does. i think the clinton campaign is like great, we have another surrogate we didn't know. this is first time this has happened when a candidate announced his v.p. choice without being the nominee. >> not since reagan in '76. >> it's phenomenal. today has been an interesting day on the gop side. >> reagan did that back in '76. he was too conservative. >> it was a more pragmatic reason too. >> we learned about them yesterday. everybody knows about the unbound delegates in your weird state there. >> that's right. >> pivoting to that, maybe it's cruz's strategy. >> he's not going to get enough. >> i'm thinking out loud here.
2:58 pm
>> to me, i go back to, if you're wonder is this a delegate strategy, i think she has one or two, maybe. >> i'm talking maybe influencing other degrlegates. >> is it a donor strategy? maybe some will kick in more money. >> it's just about holding on to the convention now. that's the hope of him and kasich running. nobody talked about him today. >> did cruz inadvertently pressure donald trump now to make sure he name a woman as a running mate? >> i'm not cruz would do anything to help donald trump. >> i'm not saying he's trying to help him. i guess we'll find out. >> actually, i think it will be chris christie. i'm serious. they do have some chemistry. chris christie is a pretty good
2:59 pm
attack dog when he wants to be. i'm not sure who else can be donald trump's running mate. >> if it's chris christie, i can't see that either. >> i don't know who else it could be. >> i don't know. i'm still amazed we're talking about the fact that donald trump is the gop nominee. >> i'm bemused by the conversation because you don't know what to make of everything. >> no, i don't. >> other than ted cruz is doing anything he can to not end this race. i admire the fact when campaign says, you know what, we're going to leave it all out in the field. >> what's interesting about this, i love john kasich to death but him being in the race this long hurts cruz. cruz has one shot at this and john kasich being in the middle is actually hurting cruz. >> very quickly, i assume if you were hillary clinton, do you wait until the republican convention is over before you name your running mate? >> i would. >> you want to see what he does.
3:00 pm
>> you have to wait and see. >> i totally agree. >> what a time to be alive. >> i just love it. you were literal, it was fun to watch you think in realtime. we'll be back tomorrow. we're all scratching our heads. "with all due respect" starts right now. "with all due respect" to the veeps day etiquette that escalated quickly. hello from washington, d.c. on this very newsy wednesday. ted cruz and donald trump spent the day duelling for media domination.


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