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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  April 27, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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$3.5 million. he only paid half of it. individual "a" wants the rest. the story of the longest serving republican speaker of the house ever in american history turns out to be upsetting and disgusting and tragic, but it also turns out not to be over yet. watch this space. that does it for us tonight. now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. >> this is the day where i heard the phrase hail mary more than i've heard since any super bowl game. >> guilty. >> i want to kind of reclaim it. hail mary was the very first prayer that the sisters of st. joseph's taught me in first grade and that's not a whiff of desperation in that prayer. not a chwhiff. it's a lovely little child's prayer, nothing pleasantry
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in it. i'm not sure what the desperation prayer is, but it isn't hail mary. >> from here on out let's call it hail carly. >> there you go. much better. well, dumponald trump's note only one who thinks that ted cruz's performance with carly fiorina today reeked of desperation. >> we're just about ready to put it away folks. >> his candidacy just got five states less. >> now we're down to two stragers. >> what's john kasich's game. >> john kasich is polling very lie in the state of denial. >> a new relationship has started, cruz and carly. cruz can't win. >> our girls have come to adore
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carly. >> i know two girls that i just adore. i'm so happy i can see them more. >> it's a desperate act of a desperate campaign. >> this is a fight for the soul of our party and the future of our nation. >> they talk about the elite in washington. you think they have a better plan than i have? i don't think so. >> i don't think donald trump has any plan whatsoever. >> who do you want? let me look. we know. >> we get to play. we get to play. >> hillary clinton and i agree we will do everything we can to make sure that a republican does not win. >> me, i don't back down. >> this is the last word on campaign 2016. we begin tonight with rule number one for desperate political campaigns. that rule is do nothing,
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absolutely nothing, that looks desperate. the ted cruz presidential campaign broke that rule today in absolutely spectacular fashion. >> an extraordinary leader, my friend and the next vice president of the united states, carly fiorina. >> today ted cruz found the only way he could have made last night's big win by donald trump seem even bigger, choosing a vice presidential candidate 82 days before the republican convention when he is far behind the front-runner in delegates and states won and ted cruz chose for his vice presidential nominee who will never be the republican vice presidential nominee a candidate who cannot add one ounce of fuel to the
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cruz campaign. judging by resumes alone carly fiorina is the least qualified choice for a vice presidential nomination since sara p palin. >> today i'm in the plane and p i see on television they have a new relationship has started. cruz and carly. he's mathematically eliminated. he has set a record, though. he is the first presidential candidate in the history of this country who's mathematically eliminated from becoming president who chose a vice presidential candidate. >> well, at least he got his place in history. last night donald trump passed mitt romney's primary from four years ago. donald trump has over 10 million votes and is on track to break the record for most presidential
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primary votes for any republican candidate in history. donald trump is still more than 2 million votes behind hillary clinton's vote total in the presidential primaries. today donald trump continued to attack the ted cruz/john kasich alliance in which john kasich has agreed not to compete in indiana this week and ted cruz has agreed not to compete in two states voting later in the calendar. >> cruz, when they did this little marriage of the two of them, boy did that backfire, right? what a disastrous. they were embarrassed. they're getting trouble press and it's an acted of collusion. in business when you co lewd they put you in jail. politics is such a rigged deal that it's probably one of the few places you can co lewd and get away with it. it's a bad idea. it shows weakness. neither of them have a path to
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victory. we're going to win as you know. >> joining us now is the columnist of the boston globe and with us is the former republican senator from wisconsin. he supports donald trump and tim miller, senior adviser for our principals and anti-trump pack. michael, when you look at the list of possibilities for ted cruz to choose a vp, very very short list because no one in their right mind would ever take it. >> i think the first person who said yes was how carly fiorina would get the job. you're not going to get the job. >> it seems to me it just emphasized the trump big win last night. instead of the move you're supposed to make is something that seems like big news for you after your bad night, it seems
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to be the opposite. >> this has made cruz look desperate and this is a move that doesn't make any sense. he was mathematically eliminated last night to win the the nomination before the convention so why is he a picking a vice presidential candidate. >> the pressure is on more intensely than ever before. the job looks more difficult. where does it stand now. >> i think you under estimate the value of adding a woman to the ticket. >> i guess we do. >> carly took on donald trump better than anybody else in the presidential primary debates and i think is that she deserves credit for that and i think she is going to be an asset to ted over the next week. indiana is of course important and donald trump underestimates the fact that he has not reached the 1,237 delegate mark and so there is still a campaign ahead of us. we have five weeks until
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california in june where there are a lot of delegates at stake and donald trump has demonstrated he can make plenty of mistakes between now and june 7th that would give us an opportunity to beat him in indiana with ted cruz and looking forward to states like nebraska and california. >> there are three faces to the stop trump movement, ted cruz and carly fiorina and john kasich. what does that change. >> it's been a great 48 hours. both these marriages, whether it's the cruz/kasich marriage, which was two or three news cycles ago and now the cruz/fiorina marriage both of them have backfired. both of them make cruz look desperate as we've talked about and both of them have basically set cruz back half a step. the emphasis is shifting once more on to the results and look at what happened in five different states last night with huge victories. so the fact is that yes cruz might have gotten a news cycle
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here or there, but the important fact is that donald trump is winning day after day and in fact i think today cruz helped donald trump a lot by making these mistakes in terms of trying to somehow or another change the subject and unsuccessfully change the subject from the fact that donald trump is winning and ted cruz is losing. >> if you look at the clips you played today they are obsessed with talking about the political process because he offers nothing of substance and he was supposed to do his presidential pivot today with a foreign policy speech that had absolutely no substance at all. he might as well have pant mined the speech and it was completely contradictory on a number of levels. so i think that demonstrates just how shallow his candidacy is and that's the best he has to offer at this point. >> you have to look at what's happening. look and see the results. >> michael, i want to be fair to
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the cruz/kasich alliance. it was aimed at indiana, it had nothing to do with what happened last night, but donald trump gets to declare it a failure because of what happened last night. >> there was no hope for kasich or cruz to win anything last night. >> it was announced way too late to effect anything that happened last night, but the test of it is in indiana. >> absolutely. i think it doesn't matter. even if he doesn't get 1,237, there's no way you can deny him the nomination if he has the most delegates and he will have the most delegates. i think the republicans who think they can stop trump or find someone else to come in and be the nominee, either trump's the nominee or they basically upset all of the trump supporters and probably lead to a third-party run from trump. >> trump won't do a third-party run. it will be too late. we won't be able to do it and he can't afford it.
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the problem i think that you're saying that the party has is it either goes down in some sort of figurative flames by denying trump with the nomination even though he has almost enough delegates or it goes down in flames by letting him have the nomination. >> right. look, trump as nominee would get massacred by hillary clinton in the general election and poll after poll shows that he's losing to hillary in arizona by eight points. arizona only two times in the last 100 years has a democrat won arizona. i think it's interesting that we always have to worry about disenfranchising the people that voted for trump. what about the over half of republicans in the party in the conservative base that has said no to donald trump throughout this process. he is not consolidated before last night in any state over 50% and he needs to do that throughout the whole country to get the majority of delegates like every other republican nominee has done.
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>> bob, if you're candidate donald trump does get the nomination, he will have done so as the weakest nominee in terms of success in primaries and delegate collection of recent memory and he will also be getting it apparently in the face of polling that shows him losing substantially to the democrat. >> i think both are changing. the fact is that donald trump has been underestimated from the very beginning. his job was to win in a group of 17. he's done that. we're now moving into the general election. we're moving toward the race against hillary clinton and i think it's important to look at what happened just last night in pennsylvania when large numbers of democrats and independents registered as republicans. there's a possibility now that a lot of labor union blue collar democrats and independents are coming over and joining the trump coalition. >> there's no evidence of that. >> i think overall we're seeing
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a tremendous amount of consolidation already. it's going to start to happen when we get to cleveland. it's going to start to happen before we get to cleveland. >> trump says it's happening right now. >> we got your point, bob. michael you're saying that's wishful thinking. >> there's no evidence at all that he's appealing to anybody but republican voters. democrats and independents overwhelming view him unfavorab unfavorably. there's no evidence of blue collar voters that will vote for him. it's not going to happen. he inflames minorities and women and he's a toxic candidate. anybody who thinks he's going to beat hillary clinton is crazy. >> general election doesn't bring amnesia with it. these voters have seen him for the past year. he's been on tv every night and these voters don't like him. his unfavorable ratings are at unprecedented levels. that's not going to go away
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because donald trump tries to change his persona. >> step by step and win by win. >> bob, let me ask you this. we have never seen a candidate perceived successfully to a nomination and let's presume for a moment that donald trump is proceeding successfully to a nomination, while at the very same time doing more damage to that candidacy in the general election and driving up a general negative feeling about him in the country we've never seen anything like it, we've never seen a disapproval rating of a candidate as high as his in the history of polling, how can that candidate if he somehow pulls off that nomination by a couple of delegate votes in cleveland how can that candidate possibly make up the ground by november? >> i think he's making up the ground already. i think he's made up ground between january and today and i think the results in pennsylvania last night showed
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that. to win all the countries? to win 60 different countries. i know this is a republican primary campaign right now, but the change, the growth, we're now down to -- the movement is going in the right direction and i think there were some numbers today that i was looking at showing trump and clinton very close in florida. there are a number of things that are happening. it's happening fast. the change is taking place. the movement is in the right direction and you first of all have to look at the winning votes last night. >> all right. bob is going to have to get the last word tonight. thank you all very much for joining us tonight. >> thank you. coming up, a republican will join us who sees the trump campaign this way. this is his quote, the trump campaign is a test of character and many americans are failing it. and why did the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee praise donald trump's
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and then there's isis. i have a simple message for them. their days are numbered. i won't tell them where and i won't tell how. isis will be gone if i'm elected president. >> that was donald trump reading a foreign policy speech on a teleproper teleprompter in washington today. here's what donald trump thinks about that kind of speech. >> i don't use teleprompters. maybe when you run for president you shouldn't be allowed to use a teleprompter. >> donald trump didn't just have a simple message for isis, he had a simple message for russia and a simple message for everyone else in the world, a message that would have been laughed out of any senate foreign relations committee hearing, but was publicly taken
7:21 pm
seriously by the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee today. >> i was very pleased with what i heard. i thought it was a great step in the right direction. i thought it was full of substance. >> senate bob corker knows his reelection two years from now in tennessee depends on donald trump. you can expect to hear more supportive words from states where donald trump's supporters are the strongest. >> your reaction to the trump foreign policy speech today? >> for someone who claims he was trying to look presidential you had to dig really deep to find a statement of policy somewhere in
7:22 pm
there. i found one. i did found one. you had to dig and it was sort of towards the end and the policy was essentially that we will strengthen and promote western civilization, not anything that remotely looks like universal values. that i think was very important. that's where his so-called foreign policy such as it is links with his anti-immigrant fob beea. the anti-muslim rhetoric, the anti-mexico rhetoric, the claims about building a wall, that's where all that fits in. we're not talking about any longer a foreign policy that acknowledges whether we want to agree with them or not that there are such things as international law, the united nations, human rights, those are after the agenda. what's on the agenda is america first as we've been hearing and this notion that america will be strong and a reliable ally and i'm not going to tell you how
7:23 pm
i'm going to do it. it was recommend necessary ent of nixon who said i have a secret plan to end the war and that turned out to be escalation. although it's clear that somebody like trump does not come to this, he doesn't come to this moment with an ongoing commitment towards regime change as the default position of u.s. foreign policy as some other candidates do, but he does have an absolute inability to articulate anything recent believing what diplomacy might look like, what a non-military approach might look like, what a successful way of dealing with isis might look like, so one has to wonder if he were in a position of power, what we would then see is i think an immediate grip towards the military.
7:24 pm
that would be his instinct because he didn't have anything else. >> his secret plan to make isis instantly disappear when he becomes president is not the only secret wrapped into this speech. let's listen to what he said about making a deal with russia. >> some say the russians won't be reasonable. i intend to find out. if we can't make a deal under my administration, a deal that's great, not good, great for america, but also good for russia, then we will quickly walk from the table. it's as simple as that. we're going to find out. >> and what we didn't find out is what would the deal be about. is it a trade deal? is it a negotiation about arms? is it about ukraine? we have absolutely no idea and professor you get the impression that donald trump believes that the united states of america has
7:25 pm
deals just these things called deals with all the big countries and maybe all the countries in the world and you just negotiate that deal and then that country's taken care of. >> i think she's being too kind. she found a message in there and i found nothing. that's imposing order on a speech that was chaos. i think trump has never expected to get this far. i think this is a candidacy that got far down the pike much further than his advisers or he expected to and i think a bunch of his advisers got together and said we're this far down and you're supposed to give a foreign policy speech and say that you'll make everything awesome, you'll make deals, you'll fix it, you won't be president obama and you're going to be awesome and that's his
7:26 pm
foreign policy. there was nothing to hang anything on in there. that's what i thought about the deal with russia. we'll makes with deals with china and -- there's no content to any of this as is true of most of trump's statements. >> there's a spot where we'll make a deal with china because china is going to like donald trump better and then there's the spot where we will have a trade war with china. >> this goes to the question of substance. there's no clarity, there's no actual policy here. it's interesting. this is coming from a man who thinks that isis is getting rich off libbian oil when anyone that knows anything knows that the oil that isis is able to sell comes from syria. in libbia the isis forces those who claim to be part of isis are nowhere near any oil production.
7:27 pm
so he doesn't seem to know the difference between libya and syria. >> i seriously doubt that donald trump can find those places on a map. >> tom, you've written speeches, drafted speeches for republican senators in the past about foreign policy issues. when i look at this and i realize there was staff involvement in writing it, i can't imagine what that was or who those people are and it certainly feels like there was a heavy editing hand by donald trump to make it simpler than whatever it was they delivered to him. >> he clearly went off script in a couple of places, he was going to make in great deals and his believe me and the speech itself read like people had just cut up articles from various conservative journals and the new york times and the washington post and whatever they read that day and threw it in a hat and picked it up and past fed it on a teleprompter.
7:28 pm
when donald trump gives a speech and he's not talking about himself and the polls and how awesome he is he gets lost very quickly and i i don't think he understood half the things he was saying in that speech because i think most of those subjects are over his head. >> thanks for joining the discussion tonight. appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up, in the war room the trump strategy for the general election, but first what you might have missed on the campaign trail today. from one provider. (dad) are not we your providers? do we not provide you with this succulent jackrabbit pie? this delicious graywater soup? and a single lick of the family lolli every harvest moon? (vo) don't be a settler, get a $100 reward card when you switch to directv.
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so donald trump has now encourages bernie sanders to run as a third-party candidate. donald trump knows that is never going to happen exhibit b, but g to inflame the democratic party. that's part of his general election strategy and that's coming up tonight. but first here is the way it looked today on the campaign trail. >> politics is very strange and funny things happen. >> moments from now donald trump will deliver a formal foreign policy address. >> our foreign policy a complete and total disaster. >> it will be scripted. >> we must as a nation be more unpredictable. >> he will use a teleprompter. >> believe me. >> this was written for mr. trump.
7:33 pm
>> lindsey graham said that the speech made no sense. >> what we'll be looking at is the presidential persona almost as important as the content as what he says today. >> lying ted. >> cruz is hoping to change the conversation. >> the next vice president of the united states, carly fiorina. >> i have such a headache. you get a headache watching this guy. >> hello, indiana. >> critics are calling the timing of this announcement desperate. is it? >> no, it's not. >> have you guys seen the hoo hoosiers tonight. >> he called the rim a ring. >> how do you respond. >> it's a hoop. >> he sat down exclusively just a few moments ago. >> we are the underdog, but i think we have a narrow path to victory.
7:34 pm
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time for tonight's war room. the war room is of course the most important place in the presidential campaign. that's where the senior campaign strategists plan their next movers and their defenses against attacks. tonight the trump campaign war room is focussed on winning indiana. has to be, but it has to be focussed on the fight for california because that's the only state in the end that can deliver him enough delegates to win the republican nomination on the first ballot at the convention and there's one more little thing that the trump war room has to be focussed on every day and every night, something that seems to have been ignored and that is the general election battle to actually win the presidency in november. the latest poll presuming hillary clinton and donald trump are the nominees has hillary clinton beating donald trump by 11 points, 50 to 39. last night we got a peek at one of the trump strategies for the
7:38 pm
general election, try to keep the democrats divided. >> the democrats have treated bernie very badly and frankly i think he should run as an independent. i think they've treated him very badly. >> joining us tonight where the only rule to get in this war room is you have had to have worked in a real war room. trump wants bernie to run as an independent which of course he knows is a joke, but he wants to do everything he can to keep the division that hillary versus bernie division in the
7:39 pm
democratic party. >> i think that's actually a smart play. i would think this is a trump an tick, but this is what he's trying to do is definitely stop the potential coalescing behind the nominee. if i was a strategist on the hillary clinton campaign, my concern would be hey, i want to make sure that we do not allal n allenate sanders voters. we have to make sure these guys are able to cross over and go to hillary clinton if she's the nominee and once that happens at the convention and there's a couple of ways of doing that as a strategy. number one she needs to continue talking about her story of 2008 and how she was able to go into the trenches and convince her supporters who said they wouldn't vote for obama and say i did it and i know i'm not your
7:40 pm
number one pick and i'm not your number one choice, i did it for obama and sanders can do it for me and they're doing a mini campaign going to college campuses and bringing back chelsea clinton because she helps to humanize her and bring back val on saturday night live. that seems to have worked as well and one last thing is the white house correspondents dinner is happening this saturday. obama did a great job doing his dinners and maybe she can get a cameo there and we saw him donald trump. >> donald trump said on morning joe today about using the bernie divide. let's listen to this. >> i'm going to be taking a lot of things that bernie saiden an
7:41 pm
using them. i can get some very good material. he said in many ways she shouldn't be there. he said some things about her that are actually surprising that essentially she has no right to be running and she's got bad judgment. when he said bad judgment i said sound bite. >> robert, i always watch these primaries with an eye on what have the republican candidates said that can be used against the republican nominee, what have the democratic candidates said that can be used against the republican nominee, i have never heard more ammunition unloaded against donald trump if he's the nominee than what has come from the republican campaigns themselves this year. marco rubio with the con man line and right down the line. you could fill up the democratic party advertising with just sound bites of republican candidates talking about trump. >> of course. when you're in the war room it's
7:42 pm
us against them. what are you saying about yourself, what is your opponent saying about you, what is your opponent saying about others and what are others saying about your opponent. we like to say that ronald reagan that though shall not speak ill of another republican, but you are really in a fight with your breath rens, whether it be jeb bush or ted cruz, you have to think that donald trump is a true conservative and so they're saying to themselves what's going on here. i can't believe i'm losing to this guy. i have better ideas and more substantive ideas and i'm going to take him down. obviously they've failed so far because donald trump has ignited something in this country, but the reality is it's a survival of the fittest and when you're in the war room you're trying to make sure you're the last man standing and as of right now it looks like it's donald trump,
7:43 pm
john kasich and ted cruz. >> hearing what trump said today about bernie sanders, it's the first time that he seems to me to have actually been saying something that shows he's thinking a little bit about the general election. prior to now he's always been thinking about next week and nothing beyond next week. >> he said two things last night which i think were interesting. the first thing he said is i presume i'm the presumptive republican nominee so he's clearly pivoting to the general election and that's no the a bad thought because he's trying to contrast some stuff with hillary clinton. the second thing he said this morning was trying to pivot to a deep foreign policy speech which in my opinion wasn't very deep, but he's trying to appear much more paesresidential. but i don't think what he said this morning was original. i think this was a carbon copy. what he should be doing is
7:44 pm
contrasting himself why am i different from hillary clinton from a policy standpoint. how can i convince voters in these battle ground states of michigan, ohio, florida, virginia and north carolina and maybe colorado, how do i make sure those states flip to the republican column, so donald trump needs to can about how he's going to contrast himself on the issues with hillary clinton. talking -- if i was a strategist talking about yourself and about how you're number one and the whole nine yards, it doesn't matter. what really matters here is the substance and that's what donald trump and i think his advisers really need some help on. >> the republican war room, the trump war room has a problem that i don't see at this point in the hillary clinton war room which is donald trump's going to have to change in many ways who he is in order to appeal to a majority of voters. in the clinton war room tonight
7:45 pm
are they looking at the general election saying here are some of the fine-tuning adjustments we need to make from the primary message to the general election message. >> definitely. i r i think it's been happening for some time now. >> give me an example of that. >> trump said the woman card today and she said deal me in last night. i think -- his negatives are at 69%. that's a great place to go to start really thinking about how are we really going to push that? what's the opposition research that's out there that's still out there on trump. who are some surrogates that we can put out there. i think mad listen albright was on the internet today tweeting about donald trump and everything he's saying about women and i think that's one way that they need to continue to explore and really take that on. >> can i say something?
7:46 pm
>> go ahead. >> i think this is important. what hillary clinton did this morning and last night was absolutely brilliant. what she did is is she took a personal attack that donald trump made about her and she turned it about all women. so in other words you attack me, you're not attacking me, you're attacking a huge swath of people. so yes, you're attacking me as a women, fine. if you're saying that i'm standing up for equal pay and for women's rights to choice, so she's personalizing in a way that all women can say that's my girl, she's fighting for my believes. >> and turned it into policy, which is the thing trump would never be able to do. thank you both very much for joining us in the war room tonight. appreciate it. >> thank you. up next, voters share their deepest, darkest -- this is really weird stuff, i'm telling
7:47 pm
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time for tonight's election confessions. we have a secret ballot in this country, but how secret are you about how who voting for this year. it seems more people are keeping more secrets about this election than ever before and election confessions, an experiment is collecting those secrets. now, to tonight's sample. we should dim the lights for this. can we take this down a little more intimate thing here? okay. it's -- this stuff is amazing. here is a small sample of what
7:51 pm
we've collected for tonight and this first one is i am 57. my husband is 75. been together for 35 years. he said he is voting for trump. i told him if he does, i will not take care of him when he gets older. boy, this is getting tough. then there's this, i never really liked hillary before, but now i find i am pulling for her to win and i am a registered republican. what is happening? and our next confession, i'm going to vote for a woman president even though i know that bernie is the candidate who supports what i believe in. and our last confession for tonight and there's plenty more to come, usually vote democrat, but voted for trump. sanders is a charlotten and
7:52 pm
hillary might have legal issues and i want the republican party implode having lots of fun watching it all. by the way, have two degrees and voted for trump. you can see more election confessions at election coming up, a republican who doesn't want anyone voting for trump and who is finding some of his friendships strained because of it. henry! oh my. good, you're good. back, back, back. (vo) according to kelley blue book, subaru has the highest resale value of any brand. again. you might find that comforting. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. helps preparey themng right for a healthy future. but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients ... ...from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's ... ...complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and magnesium to help support healthy blood essure.
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this quote is from a republican. if my opposition to trump is going to cost me friends then all i can say is so be it. sounds like one of those thoughtful republicans as hillary clinton put it that she was addressing last night. that republican joins us next. ♪ ♪
7:55 pm
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that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? have you ever lost a friendship over politics? i never have. i have democratic friends, republican friends, liberal friends, conservative friends, socialist friends, hillary friends, but i have not been put to the ultimate test of friendships surviving friendships because i don't have a trump friend. i don't have any good friends supporting donald trump. that doesn't mean i'm is isolated from society. only 10 million people have
7:57 pm
voted fror donald trump in a country of over 300 million m m people, but for members of the party the trump candidacy have hit a tough spot. our next guest is a republican who says if my opposition to trump is going to cost me friends, then all i can say is so be it. back with us tom nickols. tom, i want to read a part of what you wrote about this and about trump supporters. you said the trump candidacy isn't really about politics which is why it divides people so deeply. trump in his views are gastly in a way that goes beyond politics. they challenge our human decency. that's why they test not only our political associations, but our friendships.
7:58 pm
tom, we've never seen anything like this in politics. >> well, we've had highly divisive kinds of candidates before. remember if you went back to the 1970s and watched a comedy like all in the family, every episode was over nixon. what's difference this time is it's not about policy. donald trump's character is fronts and center because that's all he has. he doesn't have policies. he's made this into a ref endumb on himself where people feel they know him and so it strains friendships because trump does things that we would never accept from anybody else and it causes a lot of tension because people then end up arguing about the terrible things trump has done rather than any kind of policy or any kind of question about what he would do as
7:59 pm
president. i think that that is something that is unique and i think especially the fact that it's being fought out on social media where everybody is just ruder and louder than they would normally be i think has added to that and trump is the loudest and rudest voices on social media. >> you make a distinction between some people who would vote for trump as the lesser of two evils, and then you ko concentrate on the trump supporters. you see trump supporters are like war drunks in a bar fight, people you might have tried to reason with, but are now lashing out at everyone. it puts distance between trump supporters and the rest of us. we do see that on social media and elsewhere. >> the kind of arguments we might have had and at least some of us in the conservative movement had with trump
8:00 pm
supporters back in august we're different because people back then could say, well, i know he's outrajus, but maybe deep down he'll be presidential and he'll change. tonight on "all in". >> my vice presidential nominee carly fiorina. >> the amazing thing is that basketball ring here in indiana. >> he called the rim a ring so he doesn't know too much about the basketball world. >> then the sanders campaign la


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