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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 28, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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disgusting and tragic, but it also turns out not to be over yet. watch this space. that does it for us tonight. now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. >> it's thursday, april 28th, right now, the donald gets knighted as the front-runner. sets his sights on indiana while ted cruz tries to control the day with his vp pick who offered the crowd this unusual little number. ♪ i know two girls that i just adore ♪ ♪ i'm so happy i can see them more ♪ then to new york city and the largest gang take down in the big apple. facebook controls an hour of every user's day as mark zuckerberg got $4 billion richer. mother nature had a rough week. "first look" starts right now. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us today.
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i'm betty nguyen. it was a day of bombshells. less than 24 hours after donald trump swept the gop primaries in the northeast, ted cruz threw a hail mary pass picking former hewlett-packard ceo and one-time presidential opponent carly fiorina as his potential running mate. the surprise move shows cruz is actively trying to inject some juice into his presidential bid in an effort to force trump into the contested convention. >> an extraordinary leader, my friend and the next vice president of the united states, carly fiorina. [ cheers and applause ] >> and trump made sure to hit both cruz and fiorina on the move. >> today i'm in the plane, i see on television they have a new relationship that's started. cruz and carly. he's mathematically eliminated. he has set a record though. he's the first presidential
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candidate in the history of this country who's mathematically eliminated from becoming president who chose a vice presidential candidate. >> cruz is hoping his fortunes fare better than ronald reagan's big 1976 gamble when he chose richard schweiker in a dance at his party convention and lost. while cruz enjoyed yesterday's news cycle, trump attempted to pivot to the general election. he delivered his much anticipated foreign policy speech in washington, laying out his view of america. >> my foreign policy will always put the interests of the american people and american security above all else. has to be first. has to be. that will be the foundation of every single decision that i will make.
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>> former secretary of state and ardent hillary clinton backer madeleine albright said it was bellicose rhetoric strung together with contradictory statements. meanwhile bob corker praised the speech to msnbc's chris matthews. >> i was very pleased with what i heard. i thought it was a great step in the right direction. i thought it was full of substance. >> trump also got a big hoosier endorsement in indianapolis. legendary basketball coach bobby knight threw his support behind the self-described presumptive gop nominee. >> there has never been a presidential candidate prepared to the length that this man is. and let me say something too. i'm not here to represent the republican party. and i'm not here to represent any organization that deals with politics. i think -- i think the most
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important thing in the world is that we vote for the best man there is for this job and you've already met him. >> yet as trump made his best effort to present his vision for america, he remained in a war of words with hillary clinton over his accusations that she played the quote woman card to further her political aspirations. her campaign fired back on social media yesterday. carly fiorina jumped into the fray, taking trump's words head on after her vp announcement but not before turning heads with this little song ♪ i know two girls i just adore ♪ ♪ i'm so happy i can see them more ♪ ♪ because we travel on the bus all day ♪ ♪ we get to play we get to play ♪ >> i won't bore with you any more of the song. >> while the clinton camp fund raises off of trump's words, bernie sanders' campaign let
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over 200 staffers go. quote, we no longer require many of the loyal and dedicated state and national support staffers who helped us in places like new york, connecticut and rhode island, maryland, delaware, pennsylvania and other states where the nominating contest have been completed. he went on the say, we will have a strong and dedicated staff of more than 300 workers who are going to help us win in california and other contests still to come. after shooting some hoops with nbc's chris jansing, sanders reiterated his campaign is in the race until the end. >> the question is, do i consider myself the underdog? you know, when we began we were 60 points behind hillary clinton. we have now won 17 states. i think we'll win in indiana. we're the underdog. we'll fight for every vote we can get to make the victory happen. >> sanders is expected to campaign in oregon today along
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with john kasich. ted cruz will keep his focus on indiana. trump is expected to hold events in both indiana and the crucial state of california. all of this as clinton spends the day off the trail. meanwhile, trump advisers will be on capitol hill today. they're holding closed door meetings with various members of congress as he edges closer to the nomination. new york police they are calling it the largest gang take down in the city's history. nearly 700 police officers and federal agents busted the gang members. they want wanted for on ranges throughout the city. they were members of two rival gangs that operated in the bronx. those gangs went by the names of two fly and the big money bosses. in a stunning fall from grace, former house speaker dennis hastert has been sentenced to 15 months in federal prison. he's charged with paying hush money to a man that said he
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sexually abused him. he had a dressing down from the judge, nothing is more stunning than having a child serial molester and speaker of the house in the same sentence. prior to the sentencing prosecutors asserted that hastert had sexually molested four boys. one of the survivors scott cross said he never told anyone about the darkest secret. >> he stood understood and spoke the truth of what mr. hastert did to him as a boy, how the coach abused him, violated his trust and in doing so permanently scarred him. >> the statute of limitations on the alleged sexual abuse has expired, but the judge considered the allegations in giving hastert in nearly three times the sentence the federal prosecutor had recommended. baltimore police are investigating the officer involved shooting of a 13-year-old boy. the teenager was shot in baltimore yesterday afternoon. police say he was carrying a replica semiautomatic pistol in his hand when he was approached
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by two baltimore police officers. the boy fled and he was chased by the officers. after continuing to hold the gun despite being asked to drop it by officers they fired. the boy was taken to the hospital where he reportedly has nonlife threatening injuries. his mother is being questioned by investigators. let's get down to business with cnbc's landon dowdy. good morning. >> hi there, good morning to you. well, let's see if you like this one. facebook shares are surging after the social media giant reported strong quarterly earnings. mobile devices now account for more than 80% of facebook's ad revenue. ceo mark zuckerberg says users average 50 minutes a day on facebook and messenger and instagram. the surge also boosting zuckerberg's fortune by $4 billion pushing him past larry ellison on the list as the world's richest people. the department of education is helping people to find the best repayment option for the student loans and part of an
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effort to enroll more people in programs such as the government's pay as you earn which caps the monthly payments at 10% of the monthly income. federal student loan debt tops $1.3 trillion. and today is national superheroes day and krispy kreme is celebrating with free doughnuts. customers who buy a dozen get a second dozen to share with all of the heroes in their lives. costumes are encouraged but not required. betty, back over to you. >> i hope people wear costumes. that would be fun. just ahead, season ticket holders, get ready for the ultimate season pass. plus, a horrific plane crash captured on surveillance video. you're watching "first look." (engine winding up)
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oh, it was another round of severe weather in the midwest yesterday. at least 15 confirmed tornadoes in nine states. this one, this is a decent sided one too. this is in western iowa. did cause scattered damage.
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we like to see them out in the open fields. well, residents in western kentucky are cleaning up, strong winds blow a mobile home apart. two people were inside and the two residents they were safe. and parts of indiana were left under water by heavy rain. this was some flash flooding in -- they say turn around. those people didn't listen. that's how you ruin your car and get yourself in trouble if the water is moving too fast. yesterday, 19 report of tornadoes, a lot were north of kansas city and north into areas of central illinois. north of st. louis. also the winds yesterday at this time around houston. who has the worst weather, downpours in chicago and indianapolis, more heavy rain with saturated soil. and then further to the south right along the virginia/north carolina border, steady rains continue as you're driving down through i-95 south of washington, d.c. for today, about 8.5 million people are at risk of severe
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weather. one will be this afternoon, so isolated strong storms, raleigh, up towards the border there with north carolina. isolated strong storms, atlanta, montgomery, birmingham, down in charleston. tonight we reload. this is a new storm that we'll be dealing with in texas. that has large hail with it late tonight. then a stormy friday, saturday for you in areas in texas. so enjoy this dallas-ft. worth and oklahoma city. we have stormy weather. a major lawsuit launched against a teen and snapchat has a district -- put that distracted driving front and center. this was a scene of a high-speed wreck. 18-year-old crystal mcgee allegedly drove over 100 miles an hour and crashed into another man's car. she used a snapchat filter and it tracks how fast the people are going. the man has permanent brain damage and is holding snapchat
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liable. petitions on have backed the calls to back it. snapchat said we actively discourage people from using the speed filter while driving. nbc news has not received a comment pfrom mcgee. a pilot made a lucky escape from a plane crash. it was shortly after the aircraft plunged into the trees. bystanders rushed to help him out of the wreckage. the pilot walked away with only minor injuries to his hands. first lady michelle obama was spotted in times square yesterday. she took part in fencing lessons and passing drills with olympic athletes. it celebrated the 100 day countdown to the summer olympic games in rio. it debuted mrs. obama's latest initiative to introduce olympic sports to millions of children
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18 minutes past the hour. here's your thursday edition of "scrambled politics." president obama's supreme court nominee merrick garland spent much of wednesday on capitol hill meeting with various members of the senate. garland sat down with democratic senator bill nelson of florida. republican senator mike rounds of south dakota, and he had an unconventional joint meeting with oklahoma's republican senators jim imhoff and langford. it was almost 21 years to the day since the oklahoma city bombing a case that then associate deputy attorney general garland prosecuted. imhoff and langford wanted to thank him for his service during that difficult time. 16 republican senators said they're open to meeting with garland. he has met with 14 of them. on the other side of the capitol, the house armed services committee required women to register for the
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military draft. it passed 32-30 and comes a few months after the defense department lifted all gender based restrictions on front line combat units. it comes as america's first female infantry officer is set to graduate. the measure will be included in the 2017 defense budget that will be taken up by the full house soon. meanwhile, tennessee's republican governor bill haslam has signed a law that allows mental health and therapists to refuse to treat those on beliefs. it can open up discrimination against the lgbt community. the legislation was called an unprecedented attack on the legislation. and amal clooney, the wife of george, talked about the presidential election, specifically one donald trump. >> as an -- there's an ad on the tv where they went through the
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statements he made against women. you watch that and you think, gosh, surely, he has a high negative rating. i don't think he's get much of the women's votes as a result of that. if at the end of this, he gets beaten by the person who becomes the first female of the united states that would send a positive message from the de electorate as to what they think of him. >> her and george recently held a dinner for hillary clinton. jonathan allen is joining me now from washington. good morning to you. >> good morning, betty. >> all right, ted cruz chose carly fiorina as the running mate. he hasn't secured the nomination yet. is this a smart move or a sign of desperation? >> i think both. a sign of desperation for sure. i think what cruz is trying to do is make sure that fewer people consider this nomination already in the bag for donald trump. one way to do that is to pick a
2:22 am
vice presidential candidate. there's some thought that she might be able to help him in california in some of the congressional districts to pick off delegates. >> fiorina, will she help cruz get the female vote and donald trump, a lot of females have been turned off by his metric -- rhetoric. is fiorina going to counter that? >> when you see a ticket mate, there's not a lot of evidence that the vice presidential candidate is the person that voters are voting for. i'm not sure that carly fiorina helps him, other than to message that he would run with a woman at time when donald trump is saying so many offensive things about women. >> were you surprised by this yesterday? >> not terribly surprised. it had been foreshadowed a little bit. but it is a very unusual -- very unofficial for a candidate to pick a running mate before they get nominated. in the case of ted cruz he probably won't have an opportunity to pick a running mate. >> get it in now while you can,
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i guess, is the thought process? >> exactly. >> well, donald trump gave a big foreign policy speech yesterday. how are experts rating his strategy? >> the general cast of this is that it was not particularly substantive. not particularly coherent. you know, i watched yesterday and listened to the speech actually and, you know, my take on this is that it actually wasn't that bad. what it was was a perfect distillation of the conflicting impulses in the republican party on foreign policy. that is to say, half of what he said is what you would hear from establishment republicans who are a little bit hawkish and the other half is what you hear from the grass roots that is more wary of war and is likely to disprove of international trade. >> yesterday on msnbc's "morning joe" trump said he'd name experts to chart the global strategy. any word on when he will or who he'll name? >> he has to find people who are
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willing to be associated with him. >> quick and to the point. all right, jonathan, thank you so much. we'll stay tuned for what trump announces. all right, just ahead, jimmy fallon gets modeling lessons from giselle bundchen. and joe biden heads to the vatican for divine intervention in his moonshot battle against cancer. rtals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing? cliff jumping! human resources can work bter. with xerox. which allergy? eees. bees? eese. trees? eese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! patient care can work better. with xerox. that's it.
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so when you get home, all you have to do is enjoy it. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. 27 minutes past the hour. leading the news on chyna's death from accidental overdose. the manager of the former wwe star claims she was misusing medication for two to three weeks. her official cause of death has
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not been determined by a coroner. and joe biden do give talk at vatican conference on friday. he'll arrive in rome to attend a conference on regenerative medicine. hid talk on friday will talk about the moonshot initiative which aims to accelerate cancer prevention. on "the tonight show," jimmy fallon talked to giselle bundchen about her retirement from modeling. he got pointers on how to wow them on the runway. >> so put the chest forward, squeeze the stomach in. and shake the hips. shake the hips. then turn. >> oh, my gosh. ♪ oh, yeah. >> you know the only thing he's missing are the angel wings, right? >> now, there's an idea. >> victoria's secret angel.
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>> have you practiced that before? don't lie. exactly. >> i'll admit, every girl practices it. but never get to do it for real. i'm betty nguyen. this is "first look" on nbc. "way too early" starts right now. how are two people who have not been able to beat donald trump yet better than one person who hasn't been able -- >> actually, ted cruz has beaten donald trump a lot of times. >> not nationally. >> but he's won in a lot of states. i know the media wants to forget about that. donald trump has lost to ted cruz in a lot of states and also importantly he's lost to ted cruz when only republicans are allowed to vote. so donald trump has lost yes, he's racking up delegates so is ted cruz. i actually think the person you should be asking this question to is john kasich. he didn't get the memo. when you can't win you need to get out. >> carly fiorina vigorously defending the move to join ted
2:30 am
cruz's ticket even though he's not the nominee and not even the front-runner. is it the beginning of the end for bernie sanders? he's now laying off staff and is also talking about his intentions if he does not win. and plus the nation's longest serving house speaker admits to sexually abusing a minor. the judge called him a quote, serial child molester and then sentenced the 74-year-old to more than a year in prison. it is 5:30 here on the east coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." ♪ hey, there, good morning. it's thursday, april 28th, i'm alex witt. it was a big win for donald trump as some of pennsylvania's unbound republican delegates identified their choices yesterday. and nbc news found of the


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