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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 28, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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indiana's next primary is on tuesday and it's seen as a must win for ted cruz in order to stop donald trump from clinching the republican nomination. on "morning joe", carly fiorina talked about teaming up with her formal rival. >> we began to have serious conversations with this over the past week or so. i think ted cruz wants to be sure that the people of indiana and people of this nation understand the choice in front of them. on the one hand you have cruz and fiorina and the other hand you have donald trump and hillary clinton and i put them in the same category because they are the same category. >> harsh words about cruz from former house speaker john boehner. he tore into the candidate during a speech at stanford university calling the texas senator quote lucifer in the flesh and quoted as saying, i get along with almost everyone
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and but never gworked with a moe miserable sob in my life. the tweet, chosen a vp candidate who failed badly in her own effort. on the "today" show, the republican front-runner doubled down on the position that hillary clinton is playing the woman card and would not get the vote if she were a man in his eyes. >> all i'm doing is bringing out the obvious, she's done a terrible job in so many ways. you look at libya and some of the things that she's done are just absolutely disaster out. i would say the primary thing that she has going is that she's a woman and she is playing that card like i have never seen anybody play it before. >> over on the democratic side, the big news today, bernie
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sanders campaign confirming it is laying off 225 staffers while keeping on 300 others. on "morning joe" senator sanders wife and political adviser insisted they are still in this race to win it. >> absolutely in it to win it. you remember in mid-march after a string of losses the media wrote his political o bbituary d we came back to win eight in the row. we're expecting to do the same here. >> sanders and john kasich will campaign today in oregon which hoilds its primary on may 17th and donald trump holds a rally in indiana and will head to california for the primary held june 7th. ted cruz is in indiana. he'll be holding three events in addition to the three total we're watching the one right now waiting for first one as we said to begin. as always, we have all of this covered with our team of correspondents across the
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country. we're going to start off with hallie jackson covering the cruz campaign. hallie, you spoke with carly fiorina last night. sources close to the campaign have conceded that the move to add carly fiorina was designed to change the conversation, try to undercut the momentum that done auld trump has. that does seem to be working. at least when we look at the headlines this morning. how does it seem to be playing out on the ground? >> well, when you look at the headlines and local papers, we were just in indianapolis and the front page was a picture of carly fiorina and ted cruz talking about candidates coming to indiana to blan ket the hoosier state five days before what will be a crucial primary, not just for ted cruz but that stop trump movement. you will see on the stage behind me, he and carly fiorina with first campaign rally since he announced that she would be on his ticket if he were to win the republican nomination, and in our conversation, carly fee
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over-rena and i talked about this attack line coming from the trump campaign. you heard paul manafort talk about that this morning, it is desperate, this is an act of desperation for cruz to be naming fiorina his running mate without having locked up the nomination. there is historical precedent, you think back to ronald ragen in 1976. the argument coming from team cruz this is an unprecedented race. it's an unusual race, it's not out of the ordinary that something like this, early naming of a vp pick would happen. the cruz campaign was looking at vice presidential options after the win in iowa. they had 40 or so people on the long list that got whittled down to 17 and ultimately five of those potential candidates were vetted by the campaign. but fiorina when she endorsed cruz, has been on the campaign trail for the the last seven weeks most loyal surrogates and it became clear she was going to
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be the obvious pick for this vp choice if in fact cruz does get the republican nomination. we'll see them on stage together here. we expect fiorina will play the role of attack dog and hopefully help them bolster his support among republican women here in indiana given that the campaign believes that is a vulnerability for donald trump. that said it is going to be an uphill battle. he's up by 6 or 7 points. so ted cruz only has about five days left to close that gap, to get out and do that the politicking. let's put in perspective, it's more important for cruz and stop trump movement to win indiana than cruz to win indiana. if cruz loses here it will be a psychological blow. if trump loses, he can still move on and get to california and pick up delegates in these
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western states and still have a shot at locking up the nomination outright. it's easier if he does it with the delegates out of indiana, but it's not an easy road ahead for ted cruz, that's what his campaign is up against. >> i'm curious, have you been able to get reaction from the now cruz fiorina campaign. we heard explosive comments from ted boehner. i won't repeat it because it's take your kid to work day. is they saying anything about what boehner said there. >> reporter: i'm checking ted cruz's twitter page, but we haven't seen him on camera this morning. we reexed out to the campaign for reaction and comment. ted cruz and john boehner have no love lost between the two. boehner was never a fan of ted cruz on capitol hill. it's no surprise he would make these comments now. it is very personal, right, when you talk to other republicans outside strategists that that,
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one of the things you hear, this is very personal for john boehner, for the former speaker, so it's no surprise that those feelings have not diminished even though he's been off the hill for a little while. we'll be expecting to hear when he speaks to the media in a couple of minutes. it will happen this hour. hopefully we'll take it to you live. >> we're looking forward to that and i have a feeling we'll hear more about that and if he doesn't, you'll ask him about it because you get us all the good stuff. hallie jackson covering the cruz/fiorina campaign. jacob rascon joins us from evansville, indiana, where the republican front-runner is set to hold a rally, his happening in about two hours. donald trump saying he got the greatest endorsement in indiana history, which came from a very well known guy, bob knight and jacob, he allowed him to upstage him a little bit. >> reporter: he did. as you talk to the crowd out here, been asking him, who are the bobby knight fans and one
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man looked at me in disbelief, are you kidding? this is indiana. he could run for president and he would win. one opiniperson's opinion. as hall lie was pointing out, more important for cruz to win than him. look at where mr. trump is spending his time, after his event right here he's going to california. he's already moving out there and he'll be there for a couple of days. cruz will be spending all of his time here. that's part of what trump's thinking is in indiana, he's already ahead, though only by single digits. he thinks he's going to be doing well and he's headed to california where it's really at. we know because of our very smart political director and others put together the numbers. even if mr. trump was shut out in indiana, he still has a path
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to 1,237, it's remarkable how well they did in the northeast states. he is in his campaign is as confident as they've ever been. erika? >> i know you've been talking to voters there and i saw you earlier speaking with a man talking about the foreign policy speech that donald trump gave earlier. he liked that donald trump made him appear more presidential. has that speech been generally well received by his supporters there or was there something they didn't hear that they were hoping to? >> so this is something we find over and over around the country that we ask a lot of folks questions like that. and the overwhelming majority have not paid attention and it's just because they are not -- every second every day, they didn't even know a lot of them that he was having a foreign policy speech, which we find very interesting. but just a day to day folks we're talking to, we talked to some who are here because they
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are losing their job. we talked to others who are here, never been to a political rally in their lifetime. a lot of them are very excited about trump but they don't follow the every day or the changes day by day wherefore us sometimes you don't check your e-mail for an hour and the whole campaign has changed. they don't follow as closely. those who did and did follow and watch are excited about a new tone, some even said they really weren't happy with a lot of things that came out of his mouth off the cuff and they hope he'll use more teleprompters, which is not likely, of course. i would say that i see two tones from donald trump, when he talks to a lot of people at a victory speech he's more presidential and doesn't say lyin'ted, for example. then out on the campaign trail, he's somebody different and on purpose, as if he's with a group of friends and just wants to speak off the cuff sean get that give and take from the crowd. i don't think that's ever going to change. >> that is a lot of what we've
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heard from you, jacob and people you've spoken to from other correspondents on the trail that they like when he speaks to them he feels like they get them and they are sort of in the same group there. jacob rascon with the trump campaign. for more on this stop trump movement which we've been talking about, kasie hunt joins us from indianapolis. when we look at the stop trump movement, there's been a lot of criticism, frankly since wisconsin that it sort of stalled and it's not worth spending money in places where we can't have an impact. is there still momentum with the movement at this point? >> this is really the last stand in so many ways for the stop trump movement, erika. they are of course continuing to be up on the air here in some cases trying to help ted cruz, in other cases with negative ads against donald trump but i want to go back to something you were talking about a minute or so ago and that's these remarks that john boehner made and the reason
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why this matters here in indiana is that you know, john boehner and ted cruz, it's not just they don't like each other. ted cruz want to the mexican restaurant to essentially plot a revolt against john boehner and would go into private meetings on the senate side and take stands that frankly alienated all colleagues, this is more than just they don't get along. there's active dislike. that matter here because a lot of people who don't like ted cruz are the ones who could pull the traditional levers of power on his behalf. for the most part that means money and the stop trump movements is that they don't have enough cash to do this. a lot of those donors willing to help jeb bush, willing to help marco rubio and saw it go anywhere, it's just not willing to get off the sidelines to help ted cruz be the person that
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beats donald trump. it's still an issue in indiana and part of that is because ted cruz needs a group of voters that actually represent that segment of the party. there's a lot of people i was talking to here in indianapolis yesterday and who were basically saying, there's no waeightait i ever vote for donald trump but i don't think i could stomach voting for cruz because he did things in washington that left such a bad taste in so many of these people's mouths. the question for cruz, looking at the broader landscape in the state, whether or not he can unify both his natural voters, a lot of social religious conservatives who are natural ted cruz supporters in the northeastern part of indiana, they'll be on board with him. the issue is this group of mod ral republican and we would have called them tea party republicans an election cycle or two ago, but blue collar voters
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angry with how things have been run in washington. it started with the bailout and continued on. there's a sense here on the ground that those people are really going to be trump voters and it's just not clear that ted cruz can pick off enough in these other two groups that don't naturally go to him that he could win. the sense from the people i've talked to on the ground. if this elections were held today -- he still has five days, if it were held today donald trump would come out on top. >> you talk about moderate republican voters and folks that can't stomach trump and can't vote for ted cruz, do they plan, from the folks you've been talking to, to go to the polls and vote or is this the kind of thing saying i might sit it out? >> reporter: i think, erika, the people who are members of the party who have been involved in politics for a while and there's a sizable group of them here in indiana. they have a strong long tradition of party infrastructure. they are going to go and vote
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and a lot of them are the kind of strategic voters who think, okay, the most important thing here is stopping trump but there are a lot of people who are going to show up and vote still for kasich. i think there's questions how that alliance is playing out. if you talk to the folks working for kasich and have a good sense who his supporters were, they'll tell you they are talking to some people who are going to make that strategic choice and jump over to cruz but also talking to other people who say there's no way i could ever vote for ted cruz. i'm going to vote for kasich anyway. the effect whether they stay home or vote for kasich is the same. that's more likelihood that donald trump wins here in indiana. >> gets more interesting by the day, doesn't it. >> kasie, thanks. in washington, d.c., trump campaign representatives held a closed meeting with members of congress. luke russert joins us from capitol hill with more on those development and you spoke to paul manafort, did he give insight how did the meetings go? >> reporter: he told me they are
8:16 am
very positive and that at the first meeting this sort of the last few weeks there was about eight members of congress who had supported trump that showed up today it was 16. after the big night trump had on tuesday it doubled. a few new endorsements to roll out, bill shuster of pennsylvania, chairman of veterans affair committee jeff miller of florida and mike kelly of pennsylvania now an ardent supporter of donald trump. manafort had an interesting line about the selection of carly fee ov overyor rena, he says it's an act of desperation but then he said it was a very odd move from ted cruz ahead of the indiana primary because carly fiorina at her time at hewlett-packard was the quote/unquote queen of outsourcing. i suspect you'll hear that line through the duration of the time he's there until tuesday. other interesting things talked about in the meeting with
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members of congress where they were on the delegate count as kasie mentioned, they still have a very good chance when this go out west to california. other states still left like new jersey, they think they can win there. also, this idea that the nomination of donald trump is inevitable. if you're a member of congress it's time to get on board. it's especially time to get on board if you're a member of congress who represented one of these districts that went so overwhelmingly for trump. today you saw endorsements from pennsylvania members. i wouldn't be shocked if more come out through the duration of this week. you have members of congress that may not like donald trump, they are districts and counties went overwhelmingly for them at this stage in the game if they go against their constituents, it can prove bad in november. i think it's fair to say the flood gates may have happened to pick up real endorsements in the coming weeks. >> we know you'll bring them to us and interesting to hear what
8:18 am
paul manafort told you. i think you previewed the trump line. >> developing now, ted cruz as we mentioned is set to speak. he's going to speak with reporters before he holds this campaign rally in fort wayne, indiana, that will happen any moment now. hallie jackson is on the ground there. cruz's new running mate carly fiorina will also attend. we'll bring you their comments live as soon as they happen. >> could this new ticket help stop donald trump in indiana. i'll speak to the chairman of the indiana committee. stay with us.
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we're back with a live look
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inside the convention center in ft. wayne, indiana. ted cruz is set to speak with reporters at any moment before his rally there. with five days now until the primary in indiana and what amounts to the last stand for this never trump movement. it's one of the first time in decades the state has played such a crucial role for the party's nominating process. joining me no indiana republican party chairman jeff cardwell. >> thank you for having me. >> give us a sense, we heard in the reporting about this quan dri that some republicans in your state feel. state senator jim merit telling the new york times he was inclined to back kasich but said i have no idea if i'll vote for a presidential candidate. i'm very disappointed. are they feeling that same way or happy with their choices? >> i think you see a lot of great excitement like i've never seen across the state of
8:23 am
indiana. i can tell you the anticipation for these candidates barn storming our state is unprecedented. we're excited to welcome them here across indiana. i can tell you that i know senator cruz is in fort wayne and mr. trump in evansville. our phoneses are ringing off the hook at headquarters. >> you're remaining neutral? >> yes, we're just excited to have this opportunity to let the voice of the people of indiana to be heard on may third. >> we heard governor mike pence has not endorsed yesterday. do you think the governor will in fact throw his support behind one of the candidates before tuesday? >> he's made it clear, very clear that he's open to meet with any of them and he has met with all three of the candidates that they've come to indiana. i think at this particular time, he's going to continue to keep an open door and let the people
8:24 am
of indiana make that decision on may 3rd. >> how do you think ted cruz naming his running mate six days before indiana voters go to polls, are you seeing that's having an impact? >> i can tell you, carly, was extremely well liked when she came through our state here in indiana. she's a great example of the great american dream. she's lived it. so i'm sure that's going to create more excitement across the state. all of that is healthy and good for indiana voters. >> early voting in the state has more than doubled since 2012. there's been a lot of focus on what's happening there among the republicans, i want to play a little bit of what donald trump had to say when he spoke on the "today" show. he was asked specifically and pressed on comments about women involving hillary clinton. let's take a listen. >> 70% of women this this country have a negative view of you.
8:25 am
do you even care? >> of course i care. nobody respects women more than i do. i wasn't playing the woman's card. it's true, she's playing the woman's card and said everything she says is about the woman's card. and frankly, all i'm doing is bringing out the obvious, without the woman's card hillary would not be a viable person -- >> you're saying they vote based simply on gender? >> i don't think they vote on gender, no. i think they vote for security. i think they vote for jobs and that's why i'm doing so well. >> is there concern that donald trump is alienating female voters in the state of indiana with his comments? >> i think that's more the reason why it's very important for him to spend time here in indiana so he can introduce himself personally to the people across our state and he's doing just that today. he did it yesterday. he's continuing to meet with indiana hoosiers all across the state. i think he'll continue to do that and we'll let the people decide on may 3rd on tuesday.
8:26 am
>> you're going to let the people decide. we're spending a lot of time in your state, personally i'm a big fan, married to a hoosier. anything that you think folks across the country may be surprised about when it comes to the most important issues? what would you say is the most important issue? we're talking about the economy and jobs. is that it? >> economy and jobs. jobs is certainly the most important issue across our state. we've continued to have a great leadership by pence, great environment here. washington, d.c. having an devastated impact with regulations on business environment and business growth across our state. we need a partner in the white house that can help us to continue our growth pattern. >> we will continue to watch how things roll out there in the state of indiana. jeff cardwell, thanks for your time, sir. >> thank you very much. >> bernie sanders wife says the campaign is in it to win it. this is just one day after the
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even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. >> any minute now ted cruz will speak to reporters in ft. wayne, he's expected to get questions about comments from john boehner who referred to him as lucifer and his freshly announced pick of fiorina. and we'll bring that to you of course as it happens. there's big changes in store for the bernie sanders campaign. more than 200 staffers nationwide we're learning will be laid off. the campaign had more than 1,000 stafferers in late january. these cuts were bring the total
8:31 am
down to just over 300. most of the layoffs will be states that already held primaries, allowing sanders to focus resources on upcoming contests in states like california. this morning bernie sanders wife and adviser jane sanders told us they are still fighting for the nomination. >> absolutely, in it to win it. you remember in mid march after a string of losses, the media wrote his political obituary and came back to win eight in a row. we're expected to do the same here. >> oregon will hold its primary on may 17th. kristen welker has the latest for us now from washington. she's of course been covering the clinton campaign extensively. as we look at what we're hearing too in terms of the sanders
8:32 am
campaign the clinton campaign said he should stay? >> they have been insistent he stay in as long as he wants to and that goes back to 2008 in part when then senator clinton stayed in the race until the very end and then she helped campaign with then senator obama and that's what they are essentially asking for of senator sanders. they want him to stay in the race as long as he wants and also asking for him to scale back his attacks against her though. chris jansing asked if some of his rhetoric could become part of the gop talking points and he essentially defended his tactic, saying he still has a right to layout his proposals as he sees them making the point he stayed away from thorny topics like e-mails. those will be seized upon by donald trump, already begun to do that. what we're seeing emerge is two different campaigns, senator sanders out on the trail today stumping in oregon and then
8:33 am
heads on to indiana where secretary clinton as you pointed out is off the trail, it's an indication that she's resting and really resetting as she sets her sights towards the general election. and underscoring this point take a look at their ad spending in these upcoming states? senator sanders putting all of his money into these states, take a look. california, indiana, kentucky, west virginia, he's spending big whereas secretary clinton not spending a dime. having said that, she is competing in those states. she has been campaigning in indiana and i'm told she has staffers there and stastaffers california. they want to win those states at the same time she wants to save her money as she again begins this pivot to the general election setting her sights on donald trul p and upcoming democratic convention in july. >> kristen, thank you. happening now on capitol hill, top u.s. military officials are
8:34 am
testifying on the fight against isis. defense secretary ashton carter saying he's increasingly concerned with the challenges overseas as vice president joe biden makes a surprise visit to iraq this morning. a political crisis divides that country. up next we'll look at the mission of the vice president's first visit there in five years. sir, this alien life form is growing at an alarming rate. growing fast, you say? we can't contain it any long... oh! you know, that reminds me of how geico's been the fastest-growing auto insurer for over 10 years straight. over ten years? mhm, geico's the company your friends and neighbors trust. and deservedly so. indeed. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. her long day as anne. hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when...
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senator ted cruz has now arrived as you see with carly fiorina by his side. let's listen in. >> the common sense midwestern judgment of the hoosier state is going to play a pivotal role in this republican nomination. the eyes of the entire country are looking to indiana. and indiana has the opportunity to make a decision not just for the republican party but for the country. do we want to go down the road of nominating a campaign based on yelling and screaming and cursing and insults? or do we want to unite behind a positive optimistic forward looking conservative campaign based on solid policy solutions to the real problems facing this country based on bringing jobs back to america, bringing manufacturing jobs back to indiana, raising wages for the
8:36 am
working men and women of this country? yesterday we made a major announce many, that i'm if the republican nominee, my vice presidential nominee will be carly fiorina. the reaction has been tremendously positive. carly is a remarkable leader and incredible successful business leader who started as a secretary and climbed the corporate ladder to become the ceo of the largest technology company in the world, the first female of a fortune company in history. spent her entire life shattering glass ceilings. in naming a vice presidential nominee that may be the most serious decision a presidential candidate has, you look for someone prepared to do the job from day one. the most important job of a vice president is if the president is
8:37 am
incapacitated, to be prepared to step in and lead the country and deal with the challenges facing america, the economic challenges bringing jobs back to america. you want to nominate someone who has the knowledge, both domestic economy and world to do the job. someone who has the judgment, someone who has measured in careful not hot headed and not rash and popping off at whatever the latest twitter storm is. but instead who is a serious leader we can trust to be commander in chief. you want someone with character. you want someone who is honest and trust worththy and who can be counted on to fulfill the promises made to the american people, all of us are furious with politicians who say anything and play a role, who play a part and pretend on the campaign trail and then go to washington and they become part
8:38 am
of that same corrupt washington system that enriches big business and enriches wall street and lefrz the working men and women indiana out in the cold. enough of that already. we need leaders who will fight for the hard working men and women of this country. and i will tell you you could not ask for a clearer contrast than the contrast between carly and me on the one side as conservative tested trusted leaders that you can count on to fight for you, versus on the other side, donald trump and hillary clinton. donald and hillary are flip sides of the same coin. hillary has made millions selling power and influence in washington. and donald has made billions buying politicians like hillary clinton. hillary and donald are the system. if you're fed up with the corruption of washington, that's why so many hoosiers and so many
8:39 am
republicans and why so many americans are uniting behind our campaign because we want instead real solutions to the problems facing this country. carly? >> well, it's fantastic to be here in indiana. obviously i was very humbled and honored to accept the offer and it's very exciting as we barn storm back in the bus with the girls, but i think he talked about hillary clinton and donald trump being two sides of the same coin, part of the system. boy is that ever true. boy is that ever true. all you've got to do is look at the amounts of money donald trump has given, whether to the d.c. c or john boehner super pac, he's bought off politicians all his life. and that system, that corrupt system of insiders and double dealing and crony capitalism is
8:40 am
why the people of america, the vast majority of the american people, 80% of us have now concluded the federal government is incompetent and corrupt and that we have an insider system that works for some and works for people like donald trump, he's big and powerful and wealthy and we will connected but it doesn't work for most of us. what you have here is a fearless fighter who as a conservative understands that the thing that ails us is too much money and too much power concentrated in the hands of too few. we need to put money and power back where it belongs. >> senator, two-part question, how do you combat the criticism that this move, naming her your running mate is an act of desperation and part two, can you answer that? >> ask them both. >> part two is john boehner calling you in his words the most miserable sob he's ever worked with and lucifer in the
8:41 am
flesh. how do you square that with the necessity to pull together -- >> let's start with the first point, it surprises presisly nobody that donald trump's comments were to engage in insults. he yells and screams and curses or insults. i suppose you could start a drinking game on which one of the four donald is going to respond to any given stimulus that might occur. but the one he does most frequently is the insults, he insults everybody and anybody he encounters, of course he would scream desperate. that is donald trump, the only way he knows how to operate. yesterday when we gave the announcement, i gave the announcement why we made it, it is certainly unusual to make it before the convention. but if this is if anything an unusual presidential cycle. as i explained yesterday, the reason for making the
8:42 am
announcement was several fold number one to unite the party. our party is fractured, if we remain fractured, we will lose. donald trul p keeps trying to divide the party to tear us into bits. if we're fraukt toured we lose. if we unite, we'll win the nomination and general election and beat hillary clinton. i think carly is a powerful leader to help unite this party and bring us all together. but secondly, i think it's important for the people of indiana for the american people to know exactly what you're going to get and give a clear choice. donald trump and hillary clinton are virtually indistinguishable. they both have come out in support of raising taxes and i think the pay of indiana pay too much in taxes already. as president i'm going to cut your taxes and we'll adopt a simple flat tax and abolish the
8:43 am
irs. donald trump and hillary clinton both support the individual mandate in obama care. i think obamacare is the biggest job killer in america. by the way, if you're concerned about jobs and economic growth, raising taxes and keeping obama care individual mandate as hillary clinton and donald trump want to do will kill small businesses and drive jobs overseas. they both support allowing illegal immigrants to become u.s. citizens. donald would fly them home first then let them come back as u.s. citizens. as president i will stop amnesty and secure the borders and end sanctuary cities. donald trump and hillary clinton on foreign policy both think we should be neutral between israel and the palestinians. as president i will not be neutral, we'll stand unapologetically with the nation of israel. donald trump and hillary clinton both think we should keep this iranian nuclear deal.
8:44 am
donald gave a speech yesterday saying we have to keep the deal and keep our word. that's what hillary clinton says too. that's what people who do not understand the radical islamic terrorism say, as president i'll rip to shreds this nuclear deal. if the republican party allows the choice in november to be a choice between two new york big government liberals, we will have failed the american people. we will have failed the american people badly because both donald trump and hillary clinton are washington insiders. indeed, donald trump's entire campaign like hillary clinton's is run by washington lobbyists. donald's lobbyist campaign manager just last week told the top officials at the rnc donald was simply quote, playing a role. playing a part he doesn't mean anything that he's saying that
8:45 am
this is all fake, that he's a phony. we know hillary clinton is a phony. i suppose i'll give donald's lobbiest campaign manager credit for candor, donald is telling us he's lying to us. this announcement gives a clear contrast. you could not ask for a clearer contrast than the contrast between carly and me on one side and donald and hillary on the other. i think the people of indiana want a positive optimistic conservative message going forward. a clear contrast. donald and hillary believe in more government is the solution to every problem. i think government is the problem. as president, i'm going to get the federal government off of your backs, off of small business's backs and we'll bring back jobs and raise wages and expand opportunity. and we do that by getting govern off of our backs. >> not a desperate move is what
8:46 am
you're say sng. >> no, donald's attack is false, i know that's a shocking statement. but donald -- there's a reason donald wants everyone to think this race is over. you know, donald strutted out to stage after the last election and declared himself the presumptive nominee. i know that act of hue millty was an astonishing thing from donald. donald wants this race to be over because he cannot earn a majority of the delegates who have been elected by the people. donald had a good week. he had a good week in the northeast, where he lives and he's very worried because this race shifted to much more favorable terrain. i think indiana will be a pivotal state for the entire country. he sadly aided and abetted by media network executives all liberal democrats rooting for hillary, are quick to say the race is over. donald desperately wants it to
8:47 am
be over. it's the same reason donald won't debate. because he cannot defend his left wing policies that he agrees with hillary clinton on. indeed in the last debate, i asked him name one instance you ever stood up to washington. you're nearly 70 years old, point one time you stood up to washington. he could not point to a single instance in his life that he stood up to washington because donald trump is a washington insider. washington is corrupt. donald trump is corrupt. hillary clinton is corrupt. they are all part of the same corrupt system of buying power and influence to get rich at your expense. it's the working men and women who get left out in the cold. why do you think so many working men and women are saying their wages held down? because washington is corrupt and they sell us down the river.
8:48 am
it's why people ar are angry. john boehner didn't abbreviate, he was more expressive -- he allows his inner trump to come out. i will say this, if you're wondering who actually has stood up to washington i think john boehner has made it crystal clear. john boehner in his remarks described donald trump as his texting and golfing buddy. so if you want someone that's a texting and golfing buddy, if you're happy with john boehner, speaker of the house, you want a president like john boehner, donald trump is your man. by the way, donald trump gave john boehner's super pac $100,000 a few years ago. donald trump has been funding john boehner and also been funding nancy pelosi and harry reid. if you like what john boehner and nancy pelosi and harry reid have done, donald trump is your
8:49 am
guy. let me reveal a little bit of how washington operates. boehner's comments he said something like he's the worst sob i ever worked with -- something like that. >> lucifer in the flesh. >> there was that too. the interesting thing he said that i've ever worked with. i've never worked with john boehner. truth of the matter is i don't know the man. i've met john boehner two or three times in my life. if i have said 50 words in my life to john boehner i would be surprised and every one has consisted of pleasantries, good to see you, mr. speaker. i've never had any substantive conversation with john boehner in any respect. and indeed, this is something that's not publicly known. during the government shutdown i reached out to john boehner and i offered for us to come over and work with the speaker, can
8:50 am
we resolve this and actually get something meaningful done to stop the disaster that is obamacare? john boehner's response was i have no interest in talking to you. what possibly could be accomplished by having a conversation, no, i will not meet. so when he says that i'm the worst guy he's ever worked with, he's never worked with me. the thing to understand about washington -- boehner's comments reveal everything you're angry with. when he calls me lucifer, he's not directing that at me. he's directing that at you. what boehner is angry with me for is not anything i've said to him. he's angry for standing with the american people and energizing and encouraging house conservatives to stand with the american people and actually honor the commitments we've made. what boehner is angry with is
8:51 am
conservative said if we promise to repeal obamacare let's stand up and fight obama care. what boehner is angry with, if we promise to stop amnesty, let's honor our promises. we said if we promise to stop the debt bankrupting hour kids and grand kids and do something meaningful to honor those commitments and keep this country safe, let's do something real to stop president obama's misguided plan to bring tens and thousands of syrian muslim refugees in the country that may be infiltrated with isis terrorists. the american people holding them accountable, the corrupt system that boehner and hillary have been enmeshed with for years, funded by donald trump, writing checks to boehner and hillary, funding the corrupt system, it is unaccountable to the people.
8:52 am
what made john boehner mad is that i led a movement of the people to hold washington accountable. donald trump is playing a part, playing a role to use the words of his lobbyist campaign manager, pretending to be an outsider. donald trump is the ultimate washington insider, i lobbyist who has gotten rich, to hammer the little guy and working men and women. donald trump pretends to be tough on immigration,ize the only candidate with a $1 million court judgment against him for hiring illegal aliens and pretends to be tough on illegal immigration he says americans aren't willing to work as waiters and waitresses he's abusing the system to take advantage of american workers while bre tending to be siding
8:53 am
with american works. he told the new york times editorial board that everything he said on immigration is a lie and doesn't believe it, he's not going to build a wall. he's not going to deport anybody. if donald didn't say this, he should wants the tape released if it would exxon rate but it wouldn't. he said the same thing that the new york times that the lobbiest campaign manager said and impact of that we're tired of politicians who don't tell us the truth. >> what shape is this alliance in? >> i recognize that the media is all eager to talk about an alliance. there is no alliance.nomination.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
that means donald trump believes that hillary clinton will be made a good president. donald trump is described hillary as one of the best secretary of states in history. i thought hillary clinton was a disaster. the obama foreign policy did not work. donald trump gave over $100,000 to the clinton's foundation. those scandals are scandals that donald trump understands very well. because he's been apart of the corruption. you know it was striking when jonh boehner was attacking me. and praising donald trump.
8:57 am
the other person he chose to praise was hillary clinton. if you like john boehner, he made clear that hillary clinton and donald trump was both acceptable. that guy cruz who does what he says and stand with the working people, he's terrible. that conveys everything you need know. you know there is as reason bill clinton and hillary clinton came to donald trump's wedding. donald and hillary is flip sided to the same coin. people in indiana wants an optimistic and fresh new campaign. based on leaders who'll do what they say and who'll fight for the working men and women in this country. my top priority as priority as jobs and economic growth, we'll bring manufacturing jobs back to the state of indiana. >> last question.
8:58 am
[ inaudible question ] >> the number one priority is seeing economic growth again. we look for carriers leading into indiana and going into mexico. that's the manifest station of failure of the obama's administrati administration. donald trump and hillary clinton respond to something like carrier, we are going to punish carrier. we are going to use government power and punish. that's what big government liberals do. they use government power to punish anyone who spresponse to the policy. i don't intend to use government power to punish america citizens or american job creators or companies. that's not the goal of
8:59 am
government to be a bully and punish. the obama's administration is driven carrier out. this is why it is so important that we have a debate. it is been 48 days since the republican debate. it has been 48 days. the democratis have a debate. the people in indiana deserves a debate before me and donald trump. i accepted two debates here in indiana. donald cannot answer the question, how you bring jobs other than he said he wants to punish carrier. here is what i am going to do. i understand that jobs come when you redeuuce the burden on taxe. the results is millions and
9:00 am
millions of new high paying jobs. i intend to follow the same path as reagan. as president, i am going to reveal every word of obamacare and abolish the irs and bring in the federal regulators and including the department of energy which issued 200 rules of regulations and some 50 applied to carriers. we are going to stop amnesty and end sanctuary city. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," show stopper with the curtains about to fall on their campaign. ted cruz's under study, will she hit the right


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