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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 28, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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jobs. i intend to follow the same path as reagan. as president, i am going to reveal every word of obamacare and abolish the irs and bring in the federal regulators and including the department of energy which issued 200 rules of regulations and some 50 applied to carriers. we are going to stop amnesty and end sanctuary city. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," show stopper with the curtains about to fall on their campaign. ted cruz's under study, will she hit the right note?
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>> the women's card. donald trump playing a game of gender politics against hillary clinton. >> he's playing the women's card. everything she says is about the women's card. frankly, all i am doing is bringing out the obvious. >> do you understand why some people find that is a demeaning comment? >> no, i find it to be a true comment. the only thing she got going is the fact that she's a woman. >> bernie sanders laying off hundreds of campaign staffs. is this the beginning of the end? >> we are in this campaign to win but if we do not win, we intend to win every delegate that we can. so that when we go to philadelphia in july, we are going to have the votes to put together the strongest progressive agenda that any
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political party has ever seen. and good day, i am andrea mitchell in washington. donald trump's foreign policy speaks still causing waves after 20 hours later. he tells the virtual of unpredictability of foreign policy. donald trump on the "today show." >> some american voters are a bit nervous of this unpredi unpredictability -- >> i have the total detail far greater than just about anybody
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else i can tell you. >> our senator bob corker is joining us. thanks for being with us. >> good afternoon andrea. >> what about, first of all, him saying that he wants to be an unpredictable commander and chief. that goes against most conventional thinking. i don't know what you think about it. >> well, andrea, i looked at the speech as a whole and i have not made comments about things that presidential candidates have said. i looked at it and polls. andrea, you know this well because you are in washington. i don't think people across america understand ths that whe people are talking about establishments, they are not talking about elected officials. they're talking about think tanks and groups that are part of washington that freeze things
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in place. what i like about a speech is that it challenged foreign policy here in washington. let's face it, it had gotten it wrong now for a couple of decades. i like the fact that he challenged the foreign policy establishment here. i think that's appropriate. as far as him being unpredictable. i read a headline yesterday, a publication that you and i both read, it talks about the fact that people in other parts of the world fear from. after recent years that's some what refreshing to read. look, i don't want to put too much into one word. i thought overall, it was a step forward. i really did. it moved away from the angry rhetoric that we have seen throughout this campaign, got into some details need to be fleshed out. i thought it was a good step
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forward. i enjoyed the speech and i liked the speech. i think what you are saying is someone who's involving. you know as candidates you are drinking through the fire hose and you are learning as you move along. i was building shopping centers in my previous life. i was a mayor came here and in policy for nine years and three months and know a lot today than i diplomdn't know then. with this evolution of this speech yesterday of a real transition of our heroes. i look forward to know more of his objectives. >> do you think it is a mistake to focus on america first without acknowledging the origins of that term, that was the group during the 30s, you know, lindbergh and others trying to keep it out of the war and getting americans involved in world war ii. >> look, i don't penalize the
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candidates who's been in business all of their lives, maybe has not look back at history to see what charles lindbergh was doing at the time. we americans are not taking care of our balance sheet and we are not going to have a foreign policy around the world unless we deal with the financial crisis that we are creating. i mean, it is the number one national security issue that our nation faces and that's our in ability to deal with our federal deaft deaf defic deficit. again, i like that part. to have a businessman who's not been in this arena maybe did note go to some foreign policy institute to see what did not happen, that's not relevant to me candidly. >> he stroke a cord to the people on the left and right when he's talking about not doing iraq and afghanistan and not thinking of consequences.
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with that said, when he says he's going to get rid of isis without saying how, does that suggest more foreign engagement and balancing the budget and getting rid of our debt, how did he do that without spending more money? >> again, i didn't write the speech and i don't know what he's thinking. i was asked to comment on the speech itself. again, i thought the speech was a very positive step forward. i look forward to hearing more as far as the details, of cou e obviously, there is more that needs to come. i thought it marked a big transition in this campaign. i thought the speech was very good speech. the status quo here in washington, establishment needs to be challenged and that's what he's doing and i am thankful for that. i look forward to hearing more.
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again, i have not endorsed any candidate, i am the chairman foreign relations committee. i am just telling you, i like the speech. >> why won't you endorse him now? it seems as though he's a no, ma'am -- nominee he says so. >> i want the people of america to speak, we still have primaries under way, i have been meticulous about not choosing side. i have pushed back against quotes, i don't know who the establishment is here, andrea. when people trying to redistrict things and say no matter what the american people will say, this is what we are going to do with the convention, i am repulsed by that. i may change my mind. i have been meticulous by not trying to choose side. i am the chairman of the foreign
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relations committee. a the speech was given and i liked it. i want to hear more about it. >> thank you, senator corker. now to indiana which cruz deciding on a republican contest next tuesday. ted cruz and carly fiorina are rallying support today in fort wayne. nbc halie jackson is there with the latest. we saw you questioning ted cruz and asking him in particular about john boehner of the former speaker of the house and what he said and some of the comments he made and of course, his reactions today calling boehner and -- stanford say he's lucifer in the flesh. oh, i want top pl play a little of his reaction when you asked him about that just now. >> boehner had some interesting comments last night.
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he did not abbreviate. he was a little bit more expressive. he allowed his inner trump to come out. i will say this, if you are one who actually stood up to washington and i think boehner has made it crystal clear. boehner and his remarks described donald trump as his texting and golfing buddy. if you want someone that's a texting and golf buddy and if you are happy with john boehner, speaker of the house. boehner's comments, he says something like he's the worst sob that i have will ever worked with. >> lucifer in the flesh. >> well, there was that too. the interesting thing was he said i have ever worked with. i have never worked with him. i don't know the man, i met boehner two or three times in my
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life. if i have said 50 words in my life to boehner, i would be surprised. when boehner called me lucifer, he's not directing it at me. he's directing it at you. halie, what's your take away? >> remarkable remarks from senator cruz in that news conference pointing out the distance between himself and speaker boehner. i want to hear something between the time you heard those comments from cruz and the time that we are chatting now. carly fiorina took the stage behind me and she brought it up unprompted to her speech here. she talked about the breaking news of the boehner's remarks and portrayed him and it seems to be a new strategy and a new line of a pact for boehner tied in with donald trump and hillary clinton and the washington establishment. with that said, this illustrates one of the key issues moving
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forward nol to coalesce. it is interesting to see his response to this, today talking about how when boehner calls him lucifer in the flesh, he's actually calling the american people lucifer. dramatic moments here in the campaign. this is the place ted cruz needs to do very well. he's hoping that this endorsement, this running mate plan where carly fiorina will help propel him over donald trump in indiana. it is critical for him. more important for the cruz campaign. trump has a mathematical possibility even if he's shut out. for cruz, it would be a psychological blow if you will.
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andrea. >> halie jackson on the scene of ted cruz's rally. donald trump took another swipe at hillary clinton. >> mr. trump for you to say if she's not a woman, she would get 5% suggests that the only thing she has going for her is she's a woman and not that she's a lawyer or a secretary of state, do you understand why people find that to be a demeaning comment? >> no, i find that to be a true comment. the only thing she got going is the fact that she's a woman. joining me now is hillary clinton's supporter who has a lot going for her and not just that she's a woman. i want to talk about what donald trump is doing. a lot of people and even republicans are questioning the politics of this and given the gender gap. with women and he has about an 8
9:14 am
point advantage. that does not and nearly help him get over the gender gap that he has with women. why is he going there? >> well, you have to ask his people what he's doing that every single time mentions an accomplished women such as hillary clinton and megan kelly, he's insulting every single women most of who will never reach that level but fighting for equal pay and work right in the workplace as we speak. either trump spent too much time in his trump tower and has no clue of what's happening or he truly dislike women and threatened by them. either way, i don't know what words to say, i put out a tweet after he insulted hillary who was the most qualified in this field by far, male or female.
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i sent a tweet that says he's 70% unpopular with women, is he going for 100%? i don't know what to say about that. >> we talked to halie jackson about this, criticizing donald trump on the gender issue, let me play it for you. >> you noknow, i think donald trump has a problem with women. the week we had the terrorist attack in brussels, he attacked heidi cruz. i think sometimwould say vote f for ted because you think that i am qualified or our principles. i am offended when democrats talk about this issue. every women that's faced with
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this nation is a woman's issue. >> that's the most disingenuous comment i have heard. she agreed to be the vice presidential running mate of ted cruz. i understand she does not have the nomination yet. he has one of the worst records on women's issues. he would make it a crime for women to exercise for reproducti reproductive, he did not support for wages of the same-sex. she has not held office via senate, house or state legislature or local government and not a minute's worth and her claim is running a large corporation which she practically destroyed, hewlett-packard. it went down 50% of her
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leadership. all of her comments are off phase including saying vote for me because i am a woman. she says the opposite. vote for me because i am a woman, understand that we'll make history, vote for me because of what i stand for. the whole thing is disingenuous. it shows that ted cruz has no judgment. >> ted cruz and his rally just said carly fiorina is terrified of hillary clinton. i can picture of hillary thinking of fiorina, tossing. >> let me say this. all of that of the campaign has to do if fiorina is on a ticket which i doubt is just to show the commercials we ran of people who are fired by her and their jobs were sent over seas and she
9:18 am
forced them to train replacement and had no compassion and demanded a huge, huge severance package when she was fired, $21 million. she is the face of corporate grieve. if she's on a national ticket, that would be really good for the democrats. we showed in the worse years of democrats and i mean it. >> i beat her by one million votes. she blamed me for the recession and the fact that it is raining or was not raining. we just showed her record when she was at hp and how selfish she is as as human being. for her to go after hillary clinton and claimed that hillary is saying, vote for me because i am a woman, she cannot even vote that point. >> senator boxer, thank you so much, thank you for being with us. >> okay. >> coming up next, more reactions on capitol hill on the recent attack of ted cruz while
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can indiana be the nail for ted cruz? >> tough talks from donald trump. an exclusive interview with luke, he joins me now. he's speaking with congress lining up behind donald trump. he's confident, is he not? >> he is, he also had tough
9:23 am
words for ted cruz and carly fiorina saying it was an odd selection for cruz to make ahead of indiana because that's a state that lost a lot of jobs. he also got the endorsement from mike kelly and former autodealer there. expects more congressional endorsements to come especially because of the fact that donald trump has done so well and so many of the states and counties that it is a matter of time before the members of congress have to decide do they do against their constituents who supported trump to heavily,nd yy andrea. >> we know so many of them are lining up behind trump. they're fwoigoing to fall low t
9:24 am
constituent. paul ryan, you caught up with him, a busy day for you, luke. >> yeah, this is something that paul ryan did not want to talk about. it was bring your children to workday here on capitol hill. he did not go with the explicit of boehner. this is the role that ryan has to play, he's the umpire and in charge of following through all the rules. take a listen of what he said about his predecessor's comment regarding ted cruz. >> lucifer in the flesh. >> there are children here, watch what you said next. >> i have a much better relationship than senator cruz. look, my job is to help unify our party. it is to take all pieces of the conservative movements and help stitch them together especially after the primary. i have a good relationship with both of these men. i am going to keep it that way.
9:25 am
>> so andrea, the question is, how does paul ryan unify the republican party which was so fractured. one of the other things you are seeing at capitol hill is trump reporters. there is a lot of cruz's supporters. if paul ryan does see himself as a unifier, that's going to be a heck of a job come july in cleveland. >> i think i saw nancy's little girl on take your children to workday in that workshop. so nice to see the kids there. keep it clean on capitol hill today. >> luke, thank you. >> the campaign manager is joining me next on a"andrea
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♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. we have terrible news out of syria, at least 14 people were killed whof an air strike. two doctors were killed. eight doctors and 28 nurses worked at that facility. it houses intensive care unit and on operating theater. it is not immediately clear who's responsible for this
9:34 am
attack. joining me now is bill neally who's joining us from new york. this is the greatest horrific accident and this one is particularly cruel in that part of the area. >> thwe just had in the last fe minutes a statement from staff, they say this hospital has been an operation since 2012 so for the last four years, it was well known both to the regime and rebels. they say it is impossible that it was known to syrian air force and they are directly blaming syrian air force or forces
9:35 am
allied with the raging within the last few minutes. it was a small hospital of 34 beds and as you said, eight doctors, it serves a quarter of a million people. there is not only one pediatric hospital left. you know a city that was home to millions. it is not only a ghastly event but it is a war crime. it is causing the un a lot of headaches because we have a sensation of hostility formally but it looks like there is nothing like that. >> the president, vladimir putin just weeks ago talked about this problem. he fired the russians. russian supported regime air strikes as well. we don't know if it is involved in this case. also, doctors without borders traditionally, i don't know if that's the case here. they put giant red crosses on
9:36 am
their roots. they certainly had in afghanistan if it was an american mistake or an american air strike and that report is coming from the pentagon tomorrow. we understand there is no criminal action but there is going to be a lot of disciplinary action. >> yes, echoes of the attack which you say the knowledge was a mistake and president obama apologized for that and we'll know more details from a 3,000 page report that'll be released on that attack. if it appears an accident, the regime is targeted places where people gather. bakeries, marketplaces and increasingly, medical facilities and hospitals where they think rebels are being treated. they do it partly to destroy the
9:37 am
morale of the people left in the area. you can see pictures just before midnight of a horrific time. we know that children are killed and we know many bodies are in the rubble. this is catastrophic for them and what do we do? >> the sensation of hostilities remember it was never agreed truce or a cease-fire. it is holding by a thread and he's appeal to the u.s. and to russia to revive those peace talk. as you pointed out, it maybe a syrian air force strike but they are supported by russian planes. when you are calling on russia which is involved and owe by the way obeyed on the sideline.
9:38 am
it is difficult to see. >> bill neally, thank you very much. we'll stay on that and watch on all your reporting today and watch on tonight's news. we'll be right back. what brand of makeup
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we have breaking news now in california. the fbi is serving warrants. this case is tied with the san bernardino attack. >> pete williams is joining me right now. what do we know about these? >> first thing first, andrea, these were not terrorism charges. to some extent these arrests have been expected. you may recall that the only person that's been charged with connection with the attack is enrique marquez, the friend of faro farook. we knew authorities already accused him in entering a sham marriage with a woman from
9:42 am
russia. the authorities said that she was paying him $200 a month to allow her to stay her of the marriage. she was one of the people cha e charged here today according to officials we talked to. her sister titiana was married to syed farook's brother. >> no information on the iphone or any information they have been getting on the case. >> yes, this was all known before the iphone ever entered in the picture. that's all been worked out under immigration records independently of the iphone. while we are at it. authorities have been clear that they have found no ah-ha evidence of that iphone.
9:43 am
it is still being exploited and they're getting data out of it and they got outside organizations helping them analyzing the data. they want to ring everything they can out of that phone especially since they paid almost $1 million to get into it. >> indeed. >> making their money's worth. thank you very much pete williams. coming up, trump and cruz making big plays for the hooser state. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc.
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they said harry truman was not presidential and dam, he went on being one of the best presidents in the united states' history. [ applause ] >> and he will at some point will be one of those also. >> donald trump called the
9:47 am
support from coach bobby knight. an aggressive player for hooser hearts. while his rival ted cruz trying to rebound committing a major foul. joining me now is nicklas and msnbc kasie hunt in indiana. kasie, first, to you, you don't get much better than bobby knight when you are trying to make the play for loser. >> reporter: that's for sure, andrea. i have to tell you having been out here over the course of 24 or 48 hours, it feels like donald trump has the edge here. now, his basketball moves have actually, you know, they have been successful than ted cruz so far. i think you can also feel that in talking to sources and people who are close and watching what's going on here. the party here in indiana is such that you know there are three key groups these guys have
9:48 am
to try to figure out how to put it together. >> that's where he's campaigning today and there are a lot of republicans we might have called them tea party republicans before in hard hit manufacturing areas here indiana. that could have been a coalition for ted cruz, instead a lot of those voters are going to donald trump. you have moderate people who would have supported luger for example. that's a strong tradition here in indiana. many of those people are with john kasich or withere. can ted cruz figures out how to pick enough of those. you are seeing that amnimosity. some of the bridges he burned as a senator in washington coming
9:49 am
back to bite her in indiana could hurt his chance of getting the things he wanted the most. to all of you here indianapolis ted cr is ted cruz on election night. trying to replicate the famous movie and not quite getting it right. >> we are here on the hickory basketball court. [ cheers ] >> bruce who's traveling with me. bruce, i want to ask you something, do you have a tape measure with you? >> how far? >> ten feet. >> i think you will find of the same measurements of our gym in hickory. >> here in indiana, it is the same hooieight as it is in new k city and every other place in the country. >> i don't know, i have never seen a basketball ring.
9:50 am
>> how does he recover from that? >> ted cruz went after him last night. let's watch. >> donald trump went after ted cruz last night, excuse me. >> lying ted. i mean the guy is going one after another and after another. of course, last night, he called the rim the ring so he doues no know too much of the basketball world. i cannot watch him for a long period. i have such a headache watching this guy. [ laughter ] >> i think the -- no one has ever said basketball ring ever before last night or two nights ago. >> no one has ever referred to it that way and donald trump is right. there is -- i know this is strange coming, we are talking about a billionaire in new york city and has his own plane.
9:51 am
there is a sort of authenticity factor with trump. it does feel like he does watches basketball and knows about sports in ways that cruz does not. we all make mistakes. calling it a ring speaks to the fact that he never really watched basketball in his life. which is fine, don't act as if though you have. >> he played basketball with ted cruz in princeton when they were in undergraduate. i don't know, whatever. >> what about this ted cruz/carly fiorina roll out and the alliance with john kasich, all sort of smack of desperation attempt as we get closer to indiana and the real show down there. >> yeah, it certainly does.
9:52 am
the john kasich cruz alliance was over. the fiorina moves, it is taking one candidate who could not beat donald trump and putting her with other candidates who's struggling to beat donald trump. the only question is goodwill for her in california where she won the senate primary in 2010 probably by spending a lot of money. it is conceivable there. trump has always done well actually in these blue states. cruz has struggled in those kinds of blue states. i think it is an uphill battle and i think the basketball thing, it lays out bare of the staginess of the whole thing and how fake it is. >> kasie, you are out there and
9:53 am
you are picking up -- trump is getting a heck of support today. >> they clearly reflected the fact that he won in every county. >> that's right, look, i think a lot of this is is at the end of the day, people want to back a winner. they went into a saying, we know it is going to be a bad night and we have known it forever. the reality is it was about as bad as it could be and it had the effect of making donald trump's team inevitable. that's something we have seen reflected in the washington establishment that just has been so rukt taeluctant to come on b with donald trump. they are supporting where they basically would have no choice to start to kind of you know come around to this idea. that's the story line that we'll be following in the next week or two if in fact donald trump
9:54 am
comes out in top here in indiana, sort of reckoning among the gop itself. i saw some questions abowhether not it is going to splinter. mitch mcconnel is going to be a key figure to watch and all that because his job is to keep and hang onto the senate, republicans are going to be tough and they have to figure out whether to mary donald trump or run against him. we are moving in that direction as opposed to moving towards some sort of solidifying support to make sure that cruz is winning here in indiana. >> meanwhile, donald trump, was on capitol hill today. luke also asked him with his controversial comments with many that hillary clinton was playing the women's card and she only had a 5% support.
9:55 am
>> hillary clinton is going really card now. [ inaudible ] >> so i mean -- they're not fact what you saw donald trump do on the "today show" this morning. >> is that good politics for the general election? >> well, it is short term good politics, not great long-term politi politics. kasie is right, okay, donald trump is likely to be the nominee so what's next. if you want mechanic connecconnr or if you want the establishments behind you rather than looking for escape paths is
9:56 am
to not do do idea. >> if they are not for donald trump, they're going to be for him in the near future. the issue is there are not enough of those people to win a majority election against hillary clinton. he has to find a way to yes, to go to the republican base but turn it out and reach out to some folks who are not members of the republican base. it is starting to get late for that pivot to begin. >> chris and nick and kasie hunt out there in indiana. thank you very much. that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports," remember to follow the show online and facebook and twitter. peter alexander is up next as we await for donald trump's rally coming up on evansville right here on msnbc.
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hello everybody, i am peter alexander, you are watching msnbc. we are watching the crowd in indiana, that's when donald trump will be taking the stage, he will be joining by bobby knight. here in the nation's capitol. trump passed the nomination. well, it is getting a little easier and he's now picking up some speeds as well. we are 24 hours into this new political effort to try to bring he and carly fiorina together as a unit. yesterday ted cruz topping up what many are calling a hell mary with carly fiorina. today, cruz is fighting back with boehner who


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