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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 28, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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hidden valley cucumber ranch. just one of our delicious ranch flavors. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ hi, everyone. i'm kate snow in new york. let's begin with politics. both donald trump and hillary clinton have started to pivot to the general election.
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unless one or both of them decides to surprise everybody and quit this race in the next few days, we're likely to have our november matchup right now. by that doesn't mean the competition is giving up. ted cruz is deploying every strategy, stunt, and scheme to try to turn a make or break indiana into a race-changing victory for him. that includes making a vp pick while sitting firmly in second place. on top of that, last night, john boehner called ted cruz lucifer in the flesh. and if you can believe it, that is not even the worst thing that the former house speaker said about the texas senator. we just got the audio. take a listen. >> how about ted cruz? [ laughter ] >> lucifer in the flesh. [ cheers and applause ]
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i have -- [ inaudible ] -- along with almost everybody. i have democrat friends, republican friends, i get along with almost everybody. but i've never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch. >> you could just make out the audio there. trump himself is in indiana. it's been a busy day for his reps in washington, trying to rally support for trump on capitol hill. picking up two key endorsements, jeff miller and pennsylvania congressman bill shuster. luke russert is live on capitol hill. let me go back and start with john boehner. you hear him saying some choice things about senator ted cruz. these are two men who by the way haven't seen eye to eye for a long time. >> reporter: no, they haven't,
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kate. i think it's very important that people know the back story here. october of 2013 was arguably the most difficult three-week stretch of john boehner's entire speakership. that was due directly to one man, and that's ted cruz. this was during the government shutdown. ted cruz told a conservative bunch of house republicans to hold out, that if they stuck together, they could get president obama to somehow agree to appeal obamacare. a lot of members thought that was a cam kazcy strategy to say the least. one of the things that boehner had to continually deal with, he would often think he had gotten a deal with the white house, that he had gotten something more conservative passed to be the government funding bill, they would get some wins here and there. he'd bring it to his conference and these republican house members emboldened by cruz would say, we can't do it, and he'd be
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stuck again. he eventually had to make a deal fully on with democrats to alleviate the shutdown. by the way, there are dozens upon dozens of other house members that have not forgotten about that either. ted cruz went out and got all his fundraisers and conservative groups from the outside and his people got them to train their fire on establishment republicans or those conservatives that had good relationships with the establishments. so there are a lot of grudges still held against ted cruz. when you hear john boehner, i think he's speaking not only for himself. >> why don't we play the ted cruz sound that came in this afternoon responding to what john boehner said last night. take a listen. >> it was striking. when john boehner was attacking me and praising donald trump, the other person he chose to praise was hillary clinton. if you like john boehner as speaker of the house, he's made
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clear hillary clinton or donald trump are both acceptable to him. he said hillary was terrific, was talented. but that cruz, who stands with the working people, he's terrible. that conveys everything you need to know. >> this is tough, though, for ted cruz. he sort of needs washington right now in order to have any potential for winning at a contested convention. >> reporter: if you look at who makes up the never trump movement, you also have a lot of operatives that were very much close with the establishment and pretty much just held their nose and moved forward with ted cruz. but i got to remind people of this. ted cruz took a victory lap when john boehner eventually left here in the speakership. he also i think it's fair to say when he was here, one of the things that he did was that he made boehner have to move less conservative legislation. and when boehner said in the last few weeks here before the
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pope came and visited was i would love to go with president obama as a united conference between the house and senate republicans. unfortunately because of people like ted cruz and the freedom caucus, i have to negotiate with nancy pelosi and use her to get anything passed. i would rather not do that, but my own team won't support me. ted cruz if this fight were to go on, boehner has a lot more in his arsenal, i'm told. you will hear more from boehner down the road. he's got an itch to get back in the game a little bit. >> let me ask you about what we mentioned at the top. donald trump's allies have been on capitol hill today. they've been holding meetings. you had a chance to speak with paul manafort today. is it working? is trump getting a critical mass of legislators to finally switch to him? >> reporter: i don't know if it's a critical mass yet, but i can tell you there is this idea of it's inevitable.
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that you better get on the trump train before it leaves the station because more likely than not your district or your state went for trump or is very supportive of trump for a lot of these members. i spoke to manafort about this. >> can indiana be the nail in the coffin for ted cruz like chris collins said it could be? >> last tuesday was the nail in the coffin. indiana is where you realize he's inside it. >> what do you make of the fiorina pick? >> it's desperation, last minute. it's not going to change anything. the issue in indiana is about jobs and outsources. i don't see how it helps. >> hillary clinton is going far now with donald trump and playing the woman card comment. >> i'm comfortable with the campaign messages that he's communicating are working. you saw that on tuesday. you're going to see it again
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next week. >> reporter: there you heard more manafort that indiana would be cruz realizing that the game's already over. but i got to say this. if they can have a big win in indiana, i think that they will see a lot more members of congress come over to their side. and then that creates a real wave ahead of california and really helps in the contested convention. paul ryan said, look, my job is to try and unite the party. well, it becomes a lot more difficult to do that when you have members of congress who are going to be fighting amongst each other, be it the cruz camp and the trump camp. more likely than not, they would rather see some sort of finality ahead of the convention. if trump has another good few weeks, you'll likely see that. >> luke, thanks for all of that. meantime, trump is already in indiana. that's where we find jacob
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rascon. trump just wrapped up his first event of the day. what did we hear? >> reporter: yeah, he talked lot about of course indiana's manufacturing jobs. we've just moved outside only because a lot of the supporters are now yelling back and forth with some protestors. just moments ago, one of the protest ors was arrested for indecent exposure for mooning the officers. but about that indiana rally. inside, sort of saying this is all wrapped up. we've heard him say it before. before florida, he said, if we win florida it will really be over. of course he won florida and it wasn't over. after the big east coast sweep, he said it was basically over. now he's saying if we win indiana, it's over. and he may be right there. an nbc news analysis of the numbers shows that he could even
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be shut out of indiana at this point and still make it to 1,237. >> jacob, thanks. we are at a critical moment then for the stop trump movement. they might have just these five days left to keep trump from winning the gop nomination. kasie hunt has been tracking that movement. give us a reality check on all of this. does the stop trump movement end with indiana? >> reporter: hey, kate. that's definitely the sense here on the ground in indiana. and i apologize. we're having some very difficult weather. >> fix that, fix that. your safety is more important than any report. >> reporter: i think we're good. but, you know, hey, our actual weather is about how the political landscape here in indiana. i spent the last 24 or so hours talking to operatives and voters here in indiana. there's definitely sense that
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not only is this make or break for the cruz campaign, but it's likely he's really at a point where he's going to have to come from behind. there's a sense that donald trump really in the driver's seat here. i think that was underscored by some of these moments we had where ted cruz called it a basketball ring. donald trump following that up with an appearance by bobby knight, the indiana basketball legend. the challenge for cruz is how to unite two different pieces of the indiana republican electorate here. he's got a base up in the northeastern part of the state. they're social conservatives very much inclined to go for him. a lot of those tea party conservatives, they're a tougher sell and they're more likely at this point to be with donald trump. that's going to leave kind of the republican establishment voters who maybe were backing john kasich, they're not necessarily comfortable with cruz for all of the same reasons
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john boehner isn't. winning them over is frankly a challenge for cruz. it's not clear he's going to be able to pull it off. >> kasie hunt, thanks so much. let's touch back now on ted cruz and some of those comments that we mentioned at the top of the program. we said it was last night at a q&a at stanford university where john boehner didn't hold back after being reminded that the event wasn't being taped on video he was asked to be frank about what he thought of ted cruz. that's when you heard lucifer in the flesh. hallie jackson is covering the cruz campaign. we caught up with her at cruz's last event in fot. wayne, indiana. >> reporter: ted cruz and carly fiorina are out barnstorming indiana. their first day on the campaign trail together since he said he would name carly fiorina as his running mate. the two of them have some ground to make up in indiana. donald trump leads in the hi
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hoosier state by six or seven points. cruz is going to have to overtake trump here, he's going to have to make up ground in order to try to take down trump. a loss in indiana for the cruz campaign would be a psychological blow. trump could stand a shutout in indiana because he would have a mathematical path forward even if he were to lose indiana. for cruz, it is a very important five days for him as he looks to get out there and do some of the retail politicking that he did in places like iowa, perhaps save some of the southern parts where trump looks stronger. cruz, a tough road ahead tuesday. critical for his campaign. kate? >> coming up, we check in with the sanders campaign. his campaign is shrinking with staff layoffs. the numbers not looking so good, but do not tell that to folks in
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as we mentioned, we're waiting for bernie sanders to take the stage any moment now. a rally in springfield, oregon, after a string of losses to clinton on tuesday. sanders still says he plans to go all the way to the convention. let's get out to springfield. my sister lives north of you in portland, oregon. so much of that state is sanders country. that's probably the biggest hot spot of sanders supporters outside of burlington, vermont. >> reporter: it's got to be close. we can show you. as many people as you see here,
12:18 pm
there's at least as many it seems to me behind this podium or this set we have the tv cameras. even on weekdays, thousands of people coming out. and you can hear their enthusiasm. by lie what we saw in the polls. he's close here. he's also close in indiana, which is coming up. the reality is, it's virtually statically impossible for him to win the nomination. we heard from his wife this morning. we've heard from him. he has been acting like a candidate who can still win this. he's putting a lot of his money into california, a state where he thinks they can pick up a lot of delegates. they're going to do a major sweep there trying to register voters. they actually have tv ads that they're going to be running. hillary clinton has already moved onto the general election. and there are some signs within the sanders campaign of the change that has come. they have reduced the number of staff yesterday, calling hundreds of staffers and laying
12:19 pm
them off. at one point, they had 1,000. now, 325 that are in the states that are yet to vote. you're also seeing a little bit of change in sort of the messaging here, although i have to tell you, the campaign sort of said to us this morning, expect something today. so we're looking for what does he have to say that might be a little different today than we've heard before. he hasn't gone far off his stump speech. he hasn't backed off significantly over pointing out the differences between him and hillary clinton. so it's going to be an interesting day here again. the polls very close here. he's within the margin of error in the three polls out in indiana. so the campaign is still feeling good about setting the agenda. for the last couple weeks, they've been talking to the dnc. they want more representation on that platform committee. in some ways, they're running
12:20 pm
this campaign on two parallel tracks. one which -- [ cheers and applause ] -- it's easy to get these folks riled up. they would love to see a minor miracle if not a major miracle that he challenges all the way to the convention, but more likely that he's able to move that platform to a more progressive line. >> you got my attention, they told you to expect something. now i need to know what. >> reporter: exactly. well -- here comes bernie sanders by the way. >> okay. >> reporter: what he has -- what his campaign has said is that there's going to be some sparks, something fiery. whether that's something directed at hillary clinton, donald trump, they were just giving us a little tease. i'm going to step aside one more time and let you close this out. but again, thousands of people on a weekday morning here in
12:21 pm
oregon for bernie sanders even as his campaign staff is winding down. >> all right. as we watch bernie sanders walking in there. this is springfield, oregon, just outside eugene. i think we'll move on for the moment, but keep an eye on this. if indeed there is something different, something that will catch our attention, we'll go back to it. up next, a new ad attacking trump. zero spending in upcoming primary states and no events on her calendar today. we're talking about hillary clinton shifting her focus maybe completely to the general election? stay with us. hey!
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because no one kills germs better than clorox. wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you so we've been following breaking news out of baltimore. our affiliate wbal reporting that the building where the local fox and cw tv affiliates are located, that building was evacuated. that happened around 1:00. what we knew at the time was it
12:25 pm
was due to a suspicious person. our affiliate saying this person came in wearing a mask and sunglasses and po sunglasses and purportedly said he had a bomb or some sort of explosive device. that's why the building was cleared. station officials confirming that everyone is a little worried, but they are safe. also reporting that they saw the suspect and heard some loud popping sounds. let's go to pam wood on the scene there. she joins me by phone. pam, what have you been able to learn? >> you described it very well what happened here. we were all standing out here when the man who was not only wearing a mask and sunglasses, but he was wearing a jump suit like a panda suit. he walked out of the building. there were officers in some
12:26 pm
s.w.a.t. or tactical gear also out with him. suddenly we heard four loud b g bangs of some sort. the man is down in the street right in front of the fox station here in baltimore. we're waiting to see what happens next. >> so there doesn't appear to be any further threat because authorities believe this was the only man involved in the threat? >> we have not gotten official word from police or fire either way on that. it does appear just from observation standpoint out here that this is just one person. but they are keeping us very far away from the building. >> are you able to tell whether the building is still kind of in a lockdown situation or are people coming and going and everything is sort of back to normal? >> the building is still evacuated. there's police tape up around on the block surrounding the building and we are all being
12:27 pm
kept back, including all of the station employees who are out here with us covering a story on their own station. >> sort of a strange situation to be in. that's the local fox and cw television affiliate where they are housed. it's wbff television in baltimore, our local affiliate. pam woods saying there appears to be a suspect down outside. we will try to get more details, understand better what happened there. let's move back to politics now. after hillary clinton's big wins on tuesday, there are more signs today that she is pivoting to a general election strategy against donald trump. take a look at these new ad spending numbers. clinton's team literally spending no money in the primary states against bernie sanders. not in indiana, kentucky, oregon, west virginia, or california. she is spending zero. she does still have to win of course enough delegates in those states beginning with the 83 delegates at stake in indiana next tuesday. the latest fox news poll out of
12:28 pm
indiana showing hillary clinton with just a four-point lead over bernie sanders. for now, let's turn to the national political reporter for the "washington post." nice to see you as always. >> thanks for having me. >> would you put it the same way, that she seems to be pivoting, given the fact that she's not even spending money on these primary sns. >> absolutely. there are still 14 contests to go and she needs to pick up delegates from them, as you said, but she doesn't need to spend the same kind of resources or energy or time going head to head against bernie sanders that she has been forced to spend for the last couple of months. that contest went on longer, took more money, and really forced her to campaign harder and differently this spring than they had expected. but now she can turn the full force of her attention to the general election, at either trump or cruz. >> and she is actively going after donald trump.
12:29 pm
i want to play a new online ad and then we'll talk about it. >> everything i say i'm going to do folks, i do. okay? i will get rid of gun-free zones on schools. my first day it gets signed, okay? planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. get rid of obamacare. i will build a great, great wall. you're going to have a deportation force. a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. when you get these terrorists, you have to take out tear families. >> those seem to be the quotes that are attractive to donald trump supporters, actually. in a general election setting, is she going to be able to peel away trump supporters with ads like that? >> that sort of is confirmtory right, that he's talking to one group of people and she's talking to another. my theory on that ad is largely
12:30 pm
that it is to rally her own base and perhaps disaffected women or moderates, independents who are already turned off by trump. it's certainly a proving rallying point for democrats and they're trying to use that. that coupled with the other ad released recently, soft focus all about how she would make the country, stand in counterpoint to the vision they're trying to paint of what a trump america would look like. >> trump spoke to matt and savannah this morning on the "today" show. he once again went after hillary clinton. i want to play a bit of him talking to matt. >> 70% of women in this country have a negative view of you. do you even care? >> of course i care. nobody respects women more than i do. and i wasn't playing the woman's card. it's true. she is playing the woman's card.
12:31 pm
everything she says is about the woman's card. frankly, all i'm doing is bringing out the obvious. >> you wrote about this, you wrote, clinton allies and the campaign itself have been startled by what some call trump's unsubtle line of attack which stands in the dramatic contrast with the more subtle presence of race in president obama's election eight years ago. go to the part where you said they've been startled. are they startled? isn't this just the beginning? won't he go even harder on her in a general election? >> the startled part is by degree. they are startled at how, in the words of one clinton supporter, how brazen trump has been on attacking her on the gender issues and that they sort of expected to this to be more subtext than a regular full part of the political conversation at this point. but trump took it there. and the clinton people say,
12:32 pm
fine, we're ready for that. we always knew that this would be an element of the campaign. if that's the fight he wants to have now, they're ready to have it. >> always great to have you with us. thanks so much. >> thank you. ted cruz's move to name carly fiorina as his running mate months before the convention when it's mathematically impossible for him to clench the nomination. unconventional? yes. unprecedented? no. coming up, we have the historic perspective. ly love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®. ♪
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12:36 pm
history and looking at what others have done. >> that's right. this is obviously desperate. reagan's move in '76 was widely reported immediately as desperate as well. the idea being if you're in second place, it seems odd to start naming -- >> i could name a vice president right now. >> yes, you could. we looked at the numbers. cruz is currently behind about 400 delegates and the voting hasn't even ended. reagan was only down 100 and the voting had ended. meaning, it was known they were heading toward an open convention. also, cruz is doing this 82 days before any of this would ever be resolved. reagan by contrast was 21 days out. so just three weeks before the convention. both of these candidates have acknowledged this is a little odd. let's take a look at the comparison. >> i am today departing from tradition and announcing my
12:37 pm
selection. >> some might ask why now. it's tradition that is vice presidential nominee is announced at the convention. it is unusual to make the announcement as early as we're doing so now. >> and so you see there that political strain and history shows it didn't work for reagan. it was seen as desperate. and indeed we know it wasn't his only way of doing things because when he came back in 1980, he did wait when he was number one, when he was not trying to change things up, until the convention to name george bush sr. the theme of that engineer -- year's convention, the theme was make america great begin. >> is that right? i did not know that. always teaching us things. if you saw the "today" show this morning, matt and savannah spoke to donald trump. they also asked him about his foreign policy speech yesterday. to ask him some of the questions
12:38 pm
people might have still had. >> you said in your speech yesterday that isis will be gone very quickly in a trump administration. can you be more specific? are you envisioning a massive ground troops presence in syria and iraq to get rid of isis? it seems that would be necessary if you want to get rid of them quickly. >> one of the tenants of my speech yesterday, and it's gotten great reviews, as you know, one of the -- >> but people are casting votes. so they should know whether or not a vote for you means a massive military presence in the middle east. >> but if i get elected president, i don't want isis to know what i'm going to be doing. >> some americans voters might be nervous that this call for unpredictability is a way of masking anne understanding of t issues or grasp of the details. >> i have a total grasp of the details. far greater than anybody else, i
12:39 pm
can tell you. >> joining us now, pollster and a member of the strategy team at the our prince pls pac. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> i want to ask about the clip we just played. doesn't he have a point that when we telegraph too much that might show our hand too much? >> he does have a point. but in a presidential election, at least you want to have a stronger sense of what direction you are going. maybe without the specifics. the one other comment he made about being -- making speeches that were more presidential, he said, i don't want to do that because i'd be boring. as i watched that speech yesterday, i kind of shook my head and nodded my head and thought, you're right. because he certainly isn't as entertaining as he is when he's on the stump and talking at his rallies. but it was -- >> well, it was meant to be a serious policy speech. >> it was also lacking the
12:40 pm
specifics. he talked in very broad strokes, very broad generalities. and quite frankly, 90% of what he said are things that other candidates have also been saying. so really nothing unique coming from a conservative perspective. >> we've been talking about trump's comments on hillary clinton and playing the woman card. one of your colleagues, tim miller, he told the guardian yesterday, trump will be the least popular nominee with women voters since they achieved sufficient rarage suffrage. how do you suggest women should vote? >> well, we already see how they're leaning. one of the things you have in a trump-hillary matchup, both of them have historic highs in terms of negatives. they both started off in the 55% unfavorable. hillary's still at 55, he's now
12:41 pm
at 65. a lot of that is being driven by women. for all the talk about how he did with women vote in the primaries the last couple of weeks, when we did an analysis of how much of the female vote did hillary get, how much did he get, she got 70% of the vote between the two of them coming from the female vote. >> if you can't succeed in stopping trump and the choice becomes trump versus clinton, what do you tell women to do? >> part of the problem in the negatives that trump has that we've seen since the very beginning, he had this initial one-third of republicans that intensely really liked him, but he had a third that had a very visceral reaction to him, many of them women, to his style that was more crude, more crass, more bullyish. all he's done is add brush strokes to that picture for those women. i think it's going to be a major
12:42 pm
problem. when we looked at a ballot of hillary versus donald trump, he's losing the female vote by almost 19 points. >> ed, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. vice president joe biden on his way back to the u.s. after a surprise visit to iraq today. the vice president met with iraqi leaders to deliver an in-person plea for an end to that country's ongoing political crisis which the u.s. fears is distracting them from the fight against isis. senior u.s. officials traveling with biden say the political crisis could slow down that progress. the vice president also met with u.s. personnel stationed in iraq. a hospital emergency room intensive care unit and operating room all destroyed by a syrian government air strike in aleppo, syria. doctors without borders says at least 14 patients and doctors were killed in that strike.
12:43 pm
we are joined now with the details. what do we know? >> we learned this morning from the doctors without borders organization that one of the hospitals that they support in the northern part of the country in aleppo was struck last night. they fell short of assigning blame, but said that it was a as a result of an air strike and saying there were several buildings in the neighborhood also hit. however, the u.s. state department today had different take on it. a john kirby, take a listen. >> it sure bears the hallmarks of the kinds of strikes the regime has done in the past on treatment facilities and first responders. >> 14 people were killed including two doctors. among the doctors killed was a pediatrician providing care to children in the city of aleppo. this has received very strong condemnation, including the red
12:44 pm
cross as well as some other syrian human rights organizations. now, in addition to this particular air strike, the syrian government says that as a result of rebel rocket fire coming from aleppo into neighborhoods that are controlled by the regime, nine people were killed, and all of this underlines the fact that the cease-fire that had been agreed to between some of the sides in the seyrian conflict seems to be unraveling by the hour. >> thanks so much. keeping an eye by the way on the situation in baltimore. up next, though, the feds called into help with the investigation into prince's death after prescription painkillers were found on the singer after he died. straight ahead. (vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our heating
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12:48 pm
painkillers were found on prince at the time of his death. officials told my colleague pete williams the dea's role will be to determine things like where the medications came from and what prescriptions prince had obtained. authorities have not said whether prescription drugs played any role in prince's death. family members are no a court battle now for rights to the artist's assets. a probate hearing is expected to take place next week. >> we want to bring you up to date on the story that made national news. in flint, michigan today, the michigan civil rights commission held the first public hearings into whether the water crisis was the result of discrimination. they will look into what role it played into the decision to switch to the flint river as a primary water source. president obama will visit flint next week. and the first to know, this little girl who asked for a meeting with the president last
12:49 pm
month. >> my mom said you will be too busy with more important things, but there is a lot of people coming on these buses. >> the president didn't get to see her when she came on those buses to capitol hill for a hearing. but he wrote that yes, presidents are often busy, but he wants to see her next week in flint. we'll head back out to indianapolis where we'll get an update on candy polling. we're going to explain. and what he's finding might surprise you. ♪ (music plays throughout) ♪ uh oh. what's up? ♪ ♪ ♪ does nobody use a turn signal anymore? ♪
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12:52 pm
polling is not an exact science. what we see before a presidential primary may widely from the result, doim mnald tru may hold a lead but after tuesday, it could turn into a double digit win for the front-runner or a slim win for ted cruz. we have to wait and see.
12:53 pm
cal perry has been conducting his own fascinate, unscientific hoosier poll. cal perry from indianapolis. cal? >> reporter: yes, a little bit like our food fight, right, but combined it. we want empirical data on indiana. live voters here. they're going to come in and vote. before they do, let me explain. the democrats for one jar, i've got donald trump for the middle and your cruz/kasich alliance here. trying to draw out the kasich voters. see how we do. do your democratic duty, civil duty. >> there you. >> another one. democrats landslide here in indianapolis. who do you like? >> also democrats. do you have a particular candidate on the democratic side? >> sanders. >> sanders. any of the republican candidates interest you at all? >> no. >> why not? >> i don't trust them. >> you don't trust? >> their policy, i don't trust
12:54 pm
their arguments. >> indiana's a conservative state. how do you explain this? indianapolis? >> yes. you're in the city. >> come here, nathan, why have you voted on the democratic ticket? >> i just -- i really enjoy the progressive views that both those two guys hold -- guy and lady when it comes to social issues. obviously economy's in my forte but i can see what specifically affects people that i live around here. that ease why i love indy, progressive city, versus the rest of state of indiana. >> sure, like a blue dot in a red sea. is there any candidate on the republican ticket who would force you to vote for them instead of the democrat or are you definitely going to vote sanders and/or clinton. >> definitely democrat. >> definitely democrat? >> yeah. probably the same. >> so not unusual here in indianapolis. i will say, trump, about 2-1, kate, 0en a margin, beating
12:55 pm
cruz/kasich ticket. reminder, this is not official. still vote on tuesday. they're going to count the votes there. they're not going to count the jelly beans. >> cal, thanks so much. i wonder who's going to eat those candies when you're all done. i want to turn back to serious breaking news for a moment. we've been updating you throughout the hour on the situation in baltimore at local affiliate there, wbff. we told you there was a man who entered the building, made a threat to the employees there, and the building was evacuated. what we've learned the suspect is not deceased. we had a report he was down. not deceased. we're told not cooperating with police as well. more details as soon as we know them. that's it for this hour. see you back here tomorrow. chris hayes picks up coverage after this.
12:56 pm
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york. i'm chris hayes. not since 1944 have two general election candidates called new york home. 27 years after fdr/dewey, hillary clinton, donald trump are primed to do it again. the republican front-runner held a rally in indiana. state that even ted cruz admits is going to decide the race. we are talking to hoosiers, there is perhaps no more valuable name than former indiana basketball coach, bobby knight. his blustery demeanor makes him something of a donald trump of the sports world. that was apparent in his endorsement yet today. >> i was very, very selective with players during the time i was here and i'll tell you one thing, that man that was just up here a moment ago, i'll tell
1:00 pm
you, that son of a bitch could play for me. >> our team of reporters are stationed across indiana today, as well as washington, d.c., and oregon, where bernie sanders is wrapping up a huge rally. let's turn to the gop front run, donald trump, nbc's jacob rascon in evansville, indiana with the trump campaign. i called bobby knight's endorsement the least surprising endorsement of the cycle yesterday. i think i stand by that. >> reporter: yeah, you give an interesting introduction and he rambled on and on and said things like donald trump created more jobs than any american that ever lived and the crowd was loving everything this person said. even after he sat down and donald trump took the stage, he came back on one point and put his arm around trump during an awkward exchange and said, let's quit it with the presidential crap, and went on and i didn't understand the story he was telling. but the crowd seemed to l


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